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Canada Saskatchewan Labour unites around Unifor 594 after arrests at refinery lockout

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Australia Climate Change is union business [NTEU] 23-01-2020

Canada Saskatchewan Labour unites around Unifor 594 after arrests at refinery lockout [Rank and File] 23-01-2020

Qatar End of Abusive Exit Permits for Migrant Workers [Human Rights Watch] 20-01-2020

Albania The difficult birth of an independent labour movement in Albania [Global Labour Column]  ActNOW!  17-01-2020

Ukraine Unions mobilize against legislative assault on trade union rights [IUF] 15-01-2020

Global Worker organising can counter labour abuse in the Global South [Al Jazeera] 13-01-2020

France Macron Scraps Proposal to Raise Retirement Age in France [The Times] 13-01-2020

Hong Kong Workers flock to labour unions as new protest tactic [The Financial Post] 10-01-2020

India World’s largest strike stops India: 250 million workers out against Modi [Asia News] 08-01-2020

India Trade unions to hold nationwide strike tomorrow against govt’s ‘anti-people’ policies [The Indian Express] 07-01-2020


Thursday, January 23, 2020:
Labour at World Economic Forum in Davos / Unions want the global rules to change
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LabourStart photo of the week.Trade unions have been organizing in support of popular protests in Hong Kong. In turn workers have been joining unions in huge numbers since the protests began. (Photo: HKCTU). Click here for more news from Hong Kong.
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Today in Labour History

1911 Japan Influential Japanese anarchist Shusui Kotoku is hanged along with ten others after conviction on circumstantial evidence [more]

1919 Ireland Staff barricaded themselves inside the Monaghan Lunatic Asylum and declared a Soviet. They also made demands on pay and working hours, including equal pay for women. They won their demands in February.

1979 Canada The first bank strike in Canadian history begins when workers picket branches of La Banque d'épargne de la cité et du district de Montréal.[more]

1986 United Kingdom Print workers at Rupert Murdoch's News International went on strike against the new, open shop, no-strike plant at Wapping in London. They were all sacked and replaced by scabs and after a year they declared their strike lost.

2009 Canada Le Journal de Montréal declares a lockout in an attempt to “gigify” the workers' collective agreement. The dispute lasts for 764 days.[more]

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AlbChrome Company breakes again the labour code [United Miners of Bulqiza] 23-01-2020

Calling time: Unions and Bargaining Representatives say it's time to ask employees to vote on Emirates' offer [ASU] 23-01-2020

/ Tasmania Worker missing in mine collapse on Tasmania’s west coast [The New Daily] 23-01-2020 15 more labour news stories from Australia today

March for justice for victims of Vale’s crime [IndustriALL] 23-01-2020 1 more labour news stories from Brazil today

/ Ontario Toronto Uber drivers apply for unionization [CanIndia] 23-01-2020 17 more labour news stories from Canada today

Calls to set up a professional football players trade union [CLB] 23-01-2020 1 more labour news stories from China today

Fresenius avoids taxes just like Amazon and Google [UNI] 23-01-2020 1 more labour news stories from Germany today

Entry into Force of the Montreal Protocol 2014 [IFALPA] 23-01-2020

Honduran Workers Fight Union Busting Multinational [Progressive] 23-01-2020

Hong Kong
Education Bureau finds protest-related breaches by teachers in 60 per cent of complaints [The South China Morning Post] 23-01-2020

Iranian oil workers protest against unpaid wages [IndustriALL] 23-01-2020

Teachers' Union 'expects a lot of schools to close' during strike action [The Journal] 23-01-2020 2 more labour news stories from Ireland today

Union confronts workers’ rights violations at Petro Oil [IndustriAll] 24-01-2020 1 more labour news stories from Kenya today

Korea (South)
Busan factory ends partial shutdown after strike [JoongAng Ilbo] 24-01-2020 1 more labour news stories from Korea (South) today

A thought for social workers in Lebanon during ongoing ‘week of rage’ protests [PSI] 23-01-2020

Unions calls for reformed labour code [IndustriAll] 24-01-2020

South Africa
/ Eastern Cape Aspen joins long list of firms cutting jobs [Business Day] 24-01-2020 31 more labour news stories from South Africa today

Far right seeks to ban educational content [Education International] 23-01-2020

Deadlock sets Turkish metalworkers en route to strike [IndustriAll] 24-01-2020

Unions highlight shortcomings of Ofsted report on ‘stuck’ schools’ [educatio International] 23-01-2020 5 more labour news stories from UK today

Miners' protests yielded first results but union leaders won't stop hunger strike For more info Image [KVPU] 23-01-2020

/ USA / California  VIDEO  AFSCME 3299 UC Workers and Students Unite Against Union Busting/Contracting Out At Regents UC SF Misson Bay Meeting For more info [LVP] 23-01-2020 10 more labour news stories from USA today

Doctors end strike after billionaire's offer [BBC] 23-01-2020 0 more labour news stories from Zimbabwe today