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Belarus International union campaign in support of BITU activist

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Global Women workers in the front lines [IndustriALL] 23-05-2020

Belarus International union campaign in support of BITU activist [BITU]  ActNOW!  23-05-2020

Australia Poll shows less than 10% of workers have basic COVID protections at work [ACTU] 21-05-2020

Global International union coalition demands action to combat sexual harassment at McDonald's restaurants [IUF] 19-05-2020

Global Global Unions Statement: LGBTI rights are a union issue [ITUC] 18-05-2020

Cambodia Government should immediately release union leader [IndustriALL]  ActNOW!  17-05-2020

Global BWI launches COVID-19 Solidarity Initiative [BWI] 16-05-2020

Belarus Four journalists sent to prison just for doing their job [EFJ] 14-05-2020

Global We Don’t Need Empty Praise: Nurses’ Unions Demand Better Protection, Rights [Newsclick] 13-05-2020

Global VIDEO Climate and Employment Proof our Work #CEPOW [ITUC] 09-05-2020

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Tuesday, May 26, 2020:
Artificial Intelligence and Big Data / Being used to control workers / How to fight back with worker power
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LabourStart photo of the week.On 22 May millions of Indian workers, organized by most of the country's union centres, struck, protested, marched and started hunger strikes against the gutting of India's labour laws under cover of COVID-19. (Photo: CITU). Click here to read more labour news from India.
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Today in Labour History

1919 Canada Thousands of workers in Calgary and Edmonton go on strike in solidarity with their Winnipeg counterparts.[more]

1937 United States of America UAW organisers are attacked and beaten by Ford security men in Dearborn, Michigan, in an incident which greatly increases support for the union.[more]

1941 France Beginning of the strike by miners in the Nord / Pas-de-Calais region, one of the first acts of collective resistance to the Nazi occupation.

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West African countries alert for child labour spike [Thomson Reuters] 26-05-2020

Morrison looks to overhaul industrial relations in the wake of covid-19 [ABC] 26-05-2020 20 more labour news stories from Australia today

Journalists in Dhaka protest sackings during pandemic [Dhaka Tribune] 26-05-2020

Trade union manifesto urges different approach from Bolsonaro [Education International] 26-05-2020

Canada wants national sick leave plan in place for second wave of the coronavirus pandemic [CNN] 26-05-2020 23 more labour news stories from Canada today

Colombia: Agricultural trade union SINTRAINAGRO illustrates ways agricultural workers should be protected throughout the pandemic [Business and Human Rights Resource Centre] 26-05-2020

Democratic Republic of the Congo
Strike ends at Tenke Fungurume after workers agree “isolation bonus” following lockdown [MiningMX] 25-05-2020 1 more labour news stories from Democratic Republic of the Congo today

EU Commission urged to prevent 'mass unemployment' of airline pilots [RTÉ] 26-05-2020 1 more labour news stories from Europe today

Amazon France [Opendemocracy] 26-05-2020 1 more labour news stories from France today

COVID-19 outbreak among migrant workers at slaughterhouse [Business and Human Rights Resource Centre] 26-05-2020

ILO C190 pushed to address COVID-19 violence against women [BWI] 26-05-2020 4 more labour news stories from Global today

Honduras: 6,500 workers on Fyffes’ melon plantations report ongoing labour abuses, chemical exposure & union busting [Business and Human Rights Resource Centre] 26-05-2020

Hong Kong
/ China Proposed national security laws could extinguish dissent [IFJ] 25-05-2020

Is totalitarianism on the rise in the East? [Opendemocracy] 26-05-2020

Mumbai hospital workers protest as employee at Covid-19 ward dies after allegedly being denied leave [Scroll] 26-05-2020 8 more labour news stories from India today

Religious holiday allowance should not be deferred [IndustriALL] 25-05-2020

Haft Tappeh charges dropped: Esmail Bakhshi, Mohammad Khanifar and Ali Nejati amnestied For more info Image [SZAC] 25-05-2020

SIPTU calls on cleaning companies to honour 'agreed' 40 cent per hour pay increase [The Journal] 26-05-2020 6 more labour news stories from Ireland today

/ Global Workers are at the forefront of this battle [Davar] 26-05-2020

Four-hour strike at Italian ArcelorMittal sites brings results [IndustriALL] 26-05-2020 1 more labour news stories from Italy today

Migrant workers' plight worsens as crises multiply [CITY] 26-05-2020

Unions in Madagascar protest against forced leave [IndustriALL] 25-05-2020

Education union pivots to address new situations caused by COVID-19 crisis [Education International] 26-05-2020 2 more labour news stories from Malaysia today

Chief editor jailed for false Covid-19 report [IFJ] 25-05-2020

Striking workers block doors of Tata Steel plant [] 26-05-2020

New Zealand
Drivers ruled employees but $80k still owed [Otago Daily Times] 26-05-2020 5 more labour news stories from New Zealand today

UNTH restates commitment to improve workers’ welfare [The Guardian] 26-05-2020 3 more labour news stories from Nigeria today

Unions fight wage and benefit cuts, rights castration [BWI] 25-05-2020

South Africa
Unions threaten mass strike action if public servants are forced back to work next week [All4Women] 26-05-2020 28 more labour news stories from South Africa today

Sri Lanka
Tripartite agreement to protect Sri Lankan workers [IndustriALL] 25-05-2020

53% of migrants lost jobs in Tunisia in COVID-19 lockdown [Infomigrants] 26-05-2020

Unions and business support Sunak's 'last resort' bail out plans [Guardian] 26-05-2020 17 more labour news stories from UK today

‘Incredibly disposable’: Adjuncts, the ‘gig workers’ of higher-ed, fear losing livelihoods [WITF] 26-05-2020 30 more labour news stories from USA today

Labour Update #61 [TinyLetter] 25-05-2020

Urban council workers demand $2 500 basic pay [Newsday] 26-05-2020 1 more labour news stories from Zimbabwe today