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Turkey Women workers dismissed from SF Trade for union organizing

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Turkey Women workers dismissed from SF Trade for union organizing [IndustriALL]  ActNOW!  11-07-2020

USA / Global U.S. Ranked Worst for Workers’ Rights Among Major Economies [Bloomberg] 11-07-2020

Zimbabwe Government must drop all charges and reinstate nurses now [PSI]  ActNOW!  10-07-2020

Global 2020 Global Trade Union Assembly starts on Thursday 9.7 [TUED / RLS / CUNY] 08-07-2020

Kyrgyzstan BWI demands the immediate release of Kyrgyzstan trade union leader Kanatbek Osmonov [BWI] 06-07-2020

Global / UK British TUC organises global festival of ideas in union organising [TUC] 06-07-2020

Global VIDEO Universal ratification of ILO Convention No. 182 on the Worst Forms of Child Labour [ILO] 03-07-2020

Ukraine Anti-worker legislation delayed in Ukraine following mass protests [Education International] 03-07-2020

Hong Kong / China Council of Global Unions Joint Solidarity Statement - Justice for Lee Cheuk Yan and ensuring fundamental rights in Hong Kong [ITUC] 02-07-2020

Germany Amazon warehouse workers in Germany will strike Monday because of coronavirus infections [The Verge] 01-07-2020

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LabourStart photo of the week.Unions have been both targets of the current Philippines government and leaders in the stuggle against the repression of free speech and of dissent. A favourite tactic of the regime is to label the opposition as 'terrorist'. Trade unions continue to protest new 'anti-terror' laws which will further restrict legitmate dissent. (Photo: SENTRO) Click here to read more labour news from the Philippines.
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Today in Labour History

1918 Canada Birth of Grace Hartman, the first woman to lead a major national union in North America. She was elected president of the Canadian Union of Public Employees in 1975. [more]

1946 Canada In Hamilton, Ontario, steelworkers take on the country's biggest steel producer in a crucial strike for union recognition. With strong community support, they hold the line for almost three months to win an historic victory.[more]

1959 United States of America In Gary, Indiana, more than 500,000 workers went on strike, shutting down the country's steel mills for 5 months.

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/ Western Australia Nurses call for AFL crowd rethink for Optus Stadium clash between Geelong and Collingwood [The West Australian] 14-07-2020 8 more labour news stories from Australia today

Offshore oil workers chilled by coronavirus outbreaks [The Times] 14-07-2020

/ Newfoundland and Labrador  VIDEO  Dominion store employees across province begin strike vote [NTV] 14-07-2020 5 more labour news stories from Canada today

Workers at Antofagasta's Centinela copper mine in Chile vote to strike -union [Reuters] 14-07-2020

Coronavirus: health workers given pay rises worth €8bn [BBC] 14-07-2020

Germany’s sex workers demand to go back to work as coronavirus ban continues [CNBC] 14-07-2020 1 more labour news stories from Germany today

Health Workers Silenced, Exposed and Attacked [Common Dreams] 14-07-2020 2 more labour news stories from Global today

/ Telangana Outsourced employees at Telangana’s nodal center for Covid treatment on day-long strike [The Express] 14-07-2020 1 more labour news stories from India today

Electricity trade unions oppose omnibus bill revisions over privatization concerns [The Post] 14-07-2020

Stress forces 675 ambulance staff off work [Registration required] [Belfast Telegraph] 14-07-2020 11 more labour news stories from Ireland today

Social Workers Strike for Second Week, Finance Ministry Official Calls Demands 'Irrelevant' [Haaretz] 13-07-2020

Prato’s migrant workforce [Le Monde Diplo] 13-07-2020

Hospitals in Japan cut bonuses [The Times] 14-07-2020 1 more labour news stories from Japan today

Garment manufacturer in Myanmar uses Covid-19 to bust union Add to favourites Read this article in: English 14 July, 2020Kamcaine Manufacturing in Myanmar is using the ongoing pandemic as an excuse for union busting in its factory in Yangon, dismis [IndustriALL] 14-07-2020

New Zealand
How to stop SkyCity ripping off the wage subsidy system [Mike Treen] 14-07-2020 3 more labour news stories from New Zealand today

Rights commission begs workers not to embark on strike [The Times] 14-07-2020

Philippines: ABS-CBN denied renewal of franchise left thousand workers with job uncertainty [PLH] 13-07-2020

South Africa
538 textile factory workers fired for unprotected strike over delayed UIF payment [The Citizen] 14-07-2020 26 more labour news stories from South Africa today

Trinidad and Tobago
Privy Council rules in favour of fired garbage collector [Trinidad Guardian] 14-07-2020 1 more labour news stories from Trinidad and Tobago today

Biggest fiscal risk is lack of action by ministers to stop job losses, says TUC [TUC] 14-07-2020 18 more labour news stories from UK today

Ukrainian coal miners win after 11-day protest [IndustriALL] 14-07-2020 1 more labour news stories from Ukraine today

Lift From the Bottom? Yes [CounterPunch] 14-07-2020 17 more labour news stories from USA today

Police attempt to abduct ZCTU President's family [Bulawayo24 News] 14-07-2020 0 more labour news stories from Zimbabwe today