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Cambodia Cambodia's Naga casino denies union busting as strike continues

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Cambodia Cambodia's Naga casino denies union busting as strike continues [Nikkei Asia]  ActNOW!  25-01-2022

Global RadioLabour World Report - Corporations taking over world bodies [RadioLabour] 22-01-2022

Kazakhstan Unions push for labour reforms to address public unrest [BWI] 22-01-2022

USA District of Columbia The first unionized bookstore in Washington, D.C. [UNI Global Union] 21-01-2022

Cambodia Cambodian government is ‘playing with fire,’ defiant labor leader says [Radio Free Asia]  ActNOW!  20-01-2022

Georgia In 'bitter irony,' Georgian social workers go on strike [Eurasianet] 20-01-2022

Tunisia Workers facing repression as crisis deepens [ITUC] 18-01-2022

Kazakhstan / Russia A Communique by the Confederation of Labor of Russia (KTR) on the events in Kazakhstan [KTR] 17-01-2022

Cambodia Free LRSU leaders now and drop all charges [IUF]  ActNOW!  17-01-2022

Australia Unions to demand new Covid safe plans from all employers, free RATs for community and will take action to ban unsafe work [ACTU] 17-01-2022


Tuesday January 25, 2022:
Bangladesh workers need a living wage / What can be done to help the campaign
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LabourStart photo of the week.Members of the Free Trade Zone & General Services Employees Union of Sri Lanka have remained active during the pandemic. They have taken on offensive employer behaviour, including strip searches of workers entering and leaving a so-called free trade zone, and recently won a global supply chain agreement in concert with other unions. (Photo: IndustriALL) Click here for more union news from Sri Lanka.
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Today in Labour History

1981 Canada Some 16,000 Ontario hospital workers, members of the Canadian Union of Public Employees, take part in an illegal strike. CUPE President Grace Hartman later goes to jail for supporting her members.[more]

1983 Canada Instructors at Quebec CEGEPs walk out, beginning a Common Front strike against rollbacks in collective agreements introduced by the Parti Québécois. Primary and high school teachers and other public sector workers join the protest.[more]

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PFA supports Uluru Statement from the Heart [PFA] 25-01-2022 4 more labour news stories from Australia today

Only dialog can end the national crisis [Scoop World] 26-01-2022

Christian Workers Union on Port of Belize crisis: ‘It did not have to come to this’ [BreakingBelizeNews] 26-01-2022

Striking Casino Workers in Cambodia Protest Union Leaders' Arrests For more info  ActNOW!  [Solidarity Center] 25-01-2022 1 more labour news stories from Cambodia today

/ Ontario Unifor joins new skilled trades agency board [Unifor] 25-01-2022 10 more labour news stories from Canada today

UN Global Compact on Migration [PSI] 25-01-2022 1 more labour news stories from Global today

New Zealand
Bus marshalls: Auckland Transport on board safety officers after vicious assault [Stuff] 25-01-2022 2 more labour news stories from New Zealand today

NGO: Israel uses 'organized terrrorism against Palestinian media [Press TV] 25-01-2022

South Africa
Solidarity attributes PetroSA retrenchments to mismanagement, poor political will [Engineering News] 26-01-2022 8 more labour news stories from South Africa today

Unite vows to fight Royal Mail's plans to axe 700 jobs [Morning Star] 26-01-2022 2 more labour news stories from UK today

MLB, players’ union meet in person for first time since lockout [Registration required] [Washington Post] 25-01-2022 4 more labour news stories from USA today