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Egypt Imprisonment of Uglu Factory workers for 15 days

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Iran Protesting Workers Battered By Security Forces [Radio Farda] 18-09-2019

Egypt Imprisonment of Uglu Factory workers for 15 days [CTUWS] 18-09-2019

USA A decade after GM's bankruptcy, UAW members say they have sacrificed long enough and now want a part of the company's hefty profits [NY Times] 17-09-2019

Zimbabwe ZCTU Statement On Dr Magombeyi Abduction [ZimEye] 17-09-2019

Global Countries heed call to ratify labour conventions [ILO] 16-09-2019

Zimbabwe Doctors protest over 'abduction of strike leader' [AUDIO] [BBC] 16-09-2019

USA 46,000 auto workers strike, shutting 33 plants and 22 warehouses [Detroit News] 16-09-2019

Global 'We Must Be Bolder Than Ever': Labor Federation Representing 30 Million Workers Calls on All Unions to Join Global Climate Strike [Common Dreams] 13-09-2019

Philippines New harassments and threats against teacher unionists [Svensson foundation] 12-09-2019

Global The long and winding road to respecting workers’ rights in supply chains [Equal Times] 12-09-2019

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Wednesday, September 18, 2019:
Helping young unionists in Asia / PSI regional conference being held in Bali / APRECON 2019 attended by 350 union leaders
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LabourStart photo of the day.From Argentina to Zimbabwe, workers and their unions are fighting attempts to roll back and reduce their pensions. Here Spanish workers, organized by CCOO, UGT, CNT and CGT march in solidarity with retired workers (Photo: M. Roldán ) Click here for more news from Spain.
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1981 United States of America More than 400,000 unionists march in Solidarity Day demo in Washington, DC, for sacked striking air traffic controllers.

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Super amnesty whitewashes decades of corporate theft [ACTU] 18-09-2019 5 more labour news stories from Australia today

Workers at Brazil planemaker Embraer could begin strike on Monday [] 19-09-2019

/ Quebec Frustrated Gatineau nurses stage 2nd sit-in in 2 days [CBC] 19-09-2019 23 more labour news stories from Canada today

Journalist arrested and fined for satirical tweets [EFJ] 19-09-2019

New OECD-ITF report: Subsidies in European shipping industry are failing European taxpayers and workers [ITF] 19-09-2019 3 more labour news stories from Europe today

Trade union confederations see the planned state budget as a step forward, but not big enough [Trade Union News from Finland] 19-09-2019

/ Brazil Amazonie : le contre-feu écolo de Macron n'est pas crédible [CGT] 18-09-2019 1 more labour news stories from France today

Appropriate funding for ICT in educational settings still needed [Education International] 18-09-2019

Reasserting the rights and duties of journalists with the IFJ’s new Global Charter of Ethics [Equal Times] 19-09-2019 7 more labour news stories from Global today

Seamen's union calls 24-hour ferry strike for September 24 [Kathimerini] 18-09-2019 1 more labour news stories from Greece today

MeToo Conference Opens in Iceland [Monitor] 19-09-2019 1 more labour news stories from Iceland today

/ Karnataka Karnataka garment workers demand agreed minimum wage [IndustriALL] 19-09-2019 4 more labour news stories from India today

PDForra step closer to ICTU affiliation [Irish Examiner] 19-09-2019 4 more labour news stories from Ireland today

Alpart anger - Workers cry foul, union points finger at local managers for ills [The Gleaner] 18-09-2019

Teachers vow to fight on for long-promised raises [al Jazeera] 18-09-2019

Korea (South)
GM's South Korean workers to stage partial strike [] 19-09-2019 1 more labour news stories from Korea (South) today

FNV trade union targets 5% wage rise, CNV wants to scrap freelancer tax break [Dutch News] 18-09-2019

New Zealand
Cotton On Pay Inequality w/ Jarrod Abbott September 18th 2019 [95bFM] 18-09-2019 5 more labour news stories from New Zealand today

Peru: mining strike met with violence and arrests [IndustriALL] 18-09-2019

South Africa
Clover denies job losses claims [Business Report] 19-09-2019 18 more labour news stories from South Africa today

Trinidad and Tobago
Steel Workers Union still open to partnerships [Newsday] 18-09-2019

/ Ireland / Northern Ireland Nurses to be balloted on strike action [BBC] 19-09-2019 12 more labour news stories from UK today

Court rules to block access to 17 online media [EFJ] 19-09-2019

GM stops paying for health insurance for striking union workers; talks continue [Reuters] 19-09-2019 21 more labour news stories from USA today

Union suggests three more public holidays [VN Express] 18-09-2019

ZCTU blames Mugombeyi abduction on paid hooligans [New Zimbabwe] 18-09-2019 1 more labour news stories from Zimbabwe today