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Puerto Rico / USA Privatizers Attack Puerto Rican Union

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Puerto Rico / USA Privatizers Attack Puerto Rican Union [Democratic Left]  ActNOW!  17-10-2021

Italy UNI to march in solidarity with CGIL after far-right attack [UNI] 16-10-2021

Italy Trade unions hold Rome rally against fascism [Wanted in Rome] 16-10-2021

Turkey / Global Protest works! Turkish political prisoner is freed on bail but still faces trial with over 100 other leaders and activists [Morning Star] 15-10-2021

USA Striking Kellogg’s workers show the country what solidarity looks like [Real News Network] 15-10-2021

USA 100,000 workers take action as 'Striketober' hits the US [BBC] 15-10-2021

Korea (South) Umbrella union to hold large-scale rally during next week's one-day general strike [The Korea Times] 14-10-2021

USA 10,000 John Deere Workers Go On Strike [Huffington Post] 14-10-2021

Mexico Interview: A Mexican Auto Worker on the Fight for a Real Union at GM's Silao Plant [Labour Notes] 14-10-2021

Global / Korea (South) Ex-Foreign Minister Kang’s ILO leadership bid stokes debate [The Herald] 14-10-2021


October 15, 2021:
Unions and the 15% minimum corporate tax rate / Unvaccinated teachers are dying daily / The LabourStart report about Canadian union events / And: 'My Accent'
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LabourStart photo of the week.On Saturday a large crowd of fascists and anti-vaxxers attacked the CGIL national headquarters in Rome. (Photo: Anon.) Click here to see more union news from Italy.
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Today in Labour History

1860 France Worker Henri Tolain calls for a workers' delegation to be sent to the International Exhibition in London.

1922 United Kingdom Unemployed workers’ march from Glasgow to London.

1939 United States of America Labor activist Warren Billings is released from California's Folsom Prison. Along with Thomas J. Mooney, Billings had been pardoned for a 1916 conviction stemming from a bomb explosion during a San Francisco Preparedness Day parade. [more]

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Activists Resist Corporate Water Privatisation as World Bank Meets [PSI] 16-10-2021

/ Pacific Educators in Asia-Pacific call for an urgent commitment to quality climate change education [EI] 16-10-2021

Labour's take on constitutional review [The Monitor] 17-10-2021

/ Quebec Nurses refuse mandatory overtime this weekend as pandemic adds to pressure [CBC] 17-10-2021 12 more labour news stories from Canada today

ETUC position on the EU strategic framework on health and safety at work 2021-2027 [ETUC] 16-10-2021

Drop the Covid-19 patents you grasping parasites! [John Minto] 17-10-2021 5 more labour news stories from Global today

CITU condemns the Modi government's anti-national decisions to hand over the national aircraft carrier Air India to the Tata group [CITU] 17-10-2021

Teachers celebrated as the cornerstone of a sustainable society [EI] 16-10-2021

Workplace return in doubt as deputy CMO calls for people to keep working from home this autumn and winter if possible [Irish Independent] 16-10-2021 2 more labour news stories from Ireland today

Tens of thousands demonstrate in Rome against fascism [Al Jazeera] 16-10-2021 3 more labour news stories from Italy today

SG Remarks During the Launch of the ILO-All Hands Project. [COTU] 16-10-2021 1 more labour news stories from Kenya today

Things fall apart at Tsepong [Lesotho Times] 17-10-2021

New Zealand
Lockdowns have shone a light on employers bad behaviour [Stuff] 17-10-2021 1 more labour news stories from New Zealand today

NLC warns Governor Ayade of escalating the industrial action in Cross River State [Nigerian Labour Congress] 17-10-2021

DWRC implements a series of awareness meetings about occupational safety and health [DWRC] 16-10-2021

/ Fiji Filipino seafarers exploited by Fiji’s Goundar finally make it home [ITF] 16-10-2021

Puerto Rico
/ USA Privatizers Attack Puerto Rican Union  ActNOW!  [Democratic Left] 17-10-2021

Saint Lucia
Unions Opposing Vaccination Accuse Employers of Creating Joblessness [News] 17-10-2021

South Africa
Unions urge gov’t to join global call against asbestos use [BWI] 16-10-2021 1 more labour news stories from South Africa today

BWI holds three-day visit to Turkey, strengthens ties with affiliates [BWI] 16-10-2021

/ Europe Overhaul of U.K.’s Human Rights Act would include 'mechanism' to 'correct' rulings by the European Court of Human Rights [Politico] 17-10-2021 10 more labour news stories from UK today

/ Hawaii Amid failed contract negotiations, Kaiser workers begin vote on possible strike [Hawaii News Now] 17-10-2021 13 more labour news stories from USA today