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Belize National Trade Union Congress Takes a Stand: Boycotts IMF Over Austerity Measures

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Global World Day of Social Justice: Change must start with a focus on social justice [ILO] 20-02-2024

Belize National Trade Union Congress Takes a Stand: Boycotts IMF Over Austerity Measures [BNN] 20-02-2024

Israel Histadrut Chairman Calls for Netanyahu to Resign, Elections to be Held [Davar] 19-02-2024

USA The number of striking U.S. workers more than doubled in 2023 [Axios] 15-02-2024

Palestine / Israel 200,000 West Bank workers cannot return to their jobs in Israel [LabourStart Podcasts] 14-02-2024

Latin America / Global Lessons from Latin America on the impact of platform cooperativism and collective bargaining on algorithmic management [Equal Times] 14-02-2024

Turkey Union leader shot in garment factory [Ecotextile] 13-02-2024

Finland Over 100,000 Finnish workers to strike this week: A nationwide shutdown [The Times] 13-02-2024

Georgia Minimum Wage as a Human Right – International Standards and Perspectives for Georgia [GFLP] 12-02-2024

Australia World-first reform to raise standards for gig economy and transport workers [ITF] 11-02-2024

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LabourStart photo of the week.The Joint Platform of Central Trade Unions in India, along with sectoral and independent federations and farmers’ organisations, called a countrywide strike on 16 February to intensify the fight against the anti-labour and anti-people policies of the Indian government. (Photo: IndustriALL) Click here to read more union news from India.
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Today in Labour History

1905 Ukraine Workers at Kerner factory in Ukraine went on strike demanding better conditions. One of the workers was Nestor Makhno, who would later a revolutionary army which would defeat the White armies of generals Denikin and Wrangel.

1919 India Mill owners in Ahmedabad lock out workers who refuse a 20% pay rise, sticking to their demand of 50%[more]

1921 Mexico The CGT is founded by left-wing workers dismayed by the 'yellow' leadership of Mexico's biggest union, CROM.

1927 Japan The first union for Korean casual labourers in Japan was formed: the Casual Workers' Union (Jiyü Rõdõsha Kumiai).

1932 Canada On an international day of protest against unemployment, thousands of men, women and children march in Vancouver, British Columbia to support immediate relief measures and radical social reforms. [more]

1945 France Creation of works councils in establishments with more than 100 employees (and more than 50 the following year).

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Research on Awareness, Knowledge and Challenges of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) among African workers [ITUC Africa] 22-02-2024

Turning around Qantas may be possible under John Mullen [TWU] 21-02-2024 7 more labour news stories from Australia today

DPM supports GoB assisting CWU with PBL-related legal costs [Amandala] 22-02-2024

Unifor’s fightback against Bell [Unifor] 21-02-2024 20 more labour news stories from Canada today

EU celebrates impact of public investment – before cutting it [ETUC] 22-02-2024

BWI presidium calls for global action and solidarity [BWI] 22-02-2024 2 more labour news stories from Global today

Journalists injured, one arrested in eastern states [IFJ] 22-02-2024

 VIDEO  The strike of all Ahvaz steel workers continues against the dismissal of their colleagues and other demands [Free Them Now (FTN)] 21-02-2024

Korea (South)
Doctors strike in protest of plans to add more physicians [BBC] 21-02-2024

New Zealand
NZCTU statement on the death of Fa'anana Efeso Collins [NZCTU-Te Kauae Kamahi] 21-02-2024 1 more labour news stories from New Zealand today

NNN: No retreat, no surrender, by workers [The Sun] 22-02-2024

/ Global Second union meeting with NBIM focuses on advancing workers’ rights, peace [UNI Global Union] 22-02-2024

/ Israel Gaza: Nowhere to go [UNI Global Union] 22-02-2024 1 more labour news stories from Palestine today

BWI stands in solidarity with SUNTRACS amid banking sector’s attacks [BWI] 21-02-2024

Impunity for Jan Kuciak’s murder continues [EFJ] 22-02-2024 1 more labour news stories from Slovakia today

South Africa
/ Free State SAMWU and its members to deliver memorandum of demands to COGTA and NCOP [COSATU] 22-02-2024 12 more labour news stories from South Africa today

Arrested union leaders thank Education International and member organisations for their solidarity [Education International] 21-02-2024

Trinidad and Tobago
CWU boss: Time for PM to intervene, fire TSTT board [The Guardian] 22-02-2024

Union busting at Turkish auto glass company [IndustriALL] 21-02-2024

Regulator provides advice for employers on menopause and the Equality Act [EHRC] 22-02-2024 10 more labour news stories from UK today

/ California  VIDEO  Stripped For Parts & The Destruction Of The Newspaper Industry with Rick Goldsmith For more info [LVPP] 22-02-2024 2 more labour news stories from USA today

Labour blasts govt’s ‘Zionist’ approach to land evictions [New Zimbabwe] 22-02-2024