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Global A global footprint: How LabourStart works to support unions and their members

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Global A global footprint: How LabourStart works to support unions and their members [Left Foot Forward] 30-11-2021

Global Nursing unions around world call for UN action on Covid vaccine patents [The Guardian] 29-11-2021

Palestine #PalestineDay: ITUC calls on UN to update list of companies backing illegal settlements [ITUC] 29-11-2021

Global COVID-19: Global Unions call for universal access to vaccines, healthcare products and medical technologies [ITUC] 29-11-2021

Global RadioLabour World Report for Friday 26 November 2021 - Labour's Day of Action against Amazon [RadioLabour] 28-11-2021

Global Global unions call for universal access to Covid-19 vaccines and health products and technologies [IFJ] 26-11-2021

Egypt Authorities fail to protect striking workers from reprisals [Amnesty International] 25-11-2021

Qatar / Global New era of transparency for the ILO and Qatar in support of workers’ rights [ITUC] 24-11-2021

Myanmar Violence Spikes As Myanmar Garment Workers Say Factories Are Colluding With the Junta [VICE]  ActNOW!  23-11-2021

USA New York Starbucks launches aggressive anti-union effort as upstate New York stores organize [Guardian] 23-11-2021


November 30, 2021:
Imagining a world of worker power / Organzing unions for American workers
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LabourStart photo of the week.Public sector workers in Valparaíso Chile found ways to safely protest the lack of progress in negotiations for a new collective agreement last week. At the same time their union, the CUT, is playing a key role in the process of writing a new constitution for the country and in the national elections that are under way. (Photo: CUT) Click here for more labour news from Chile.
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Today in Labour History

1944 Senegal In the early hours of the morning French troops attack the unarmed African troops in Thiaroye with machine guns. The mutineers had demanded payment of their salaries and equality with White soldiers. 3 to 400 die.[more]

1946 United States of America 130,000 Oakland, USA workers go on general strike.[more]

1948 Australia The long ACTU-led campaign to win more time off for workers led to the imposition of the 40-hour work week and the 2-day weekend.[more]

1955 United States of America Rosa Parks refuses to give up her seat on a bus, sparking the Montgomery bus boycott.

1997 France Committees of the unemployed occupy Assedic branches and ANPEs in the provinces and in Paris demanding a reassessment of social minima. The movement will continue until June 1998.

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Taliban’s new directives will further muzzle press freedom [IFJ] 30-11-2021

/ Victoria Report highlights need for sweeping ambulance Victoria cultural reforms [UWU] 30-11-2021 7 more labour news stories from Australia today

BWI demands the resumption of investment in low-income housing in Brazil [BWI] 30-11-2021

/ Ontario Ontario invests in GO Transit Bi-level Rail Coaches [Ontario gov't] 30-11-2021 9 more labour news stories from Canada today

Rise in employee monitoring prompts calls for new rules to protect workers [Computer World] 30-11-2021 4 more labour news stories from Global today

MFRR to hold press freedom mission to Greece [EFJ] 30-11-2021

/ Martinique Minister in talks with unions on troubled Caribbean islands [Yahoo] 30-11-2021

Solidarity with harassed TV reporter Greta Beccaglia [EFJ] 30-11-2021

New Zealand
Timaru Port workers issue strike notice [RMTU] 30-11-2021 1 more labour news stories from New Zealand today

Formalizing Africa's domestic workers remains an elusive dream [DW made for minds] 30-11-2021 5 more labour news stories from Nigeria today

South Africa
COSATU statement on unemployment numbers [COSATU ] 01-12-2021 12 more labour news stories from South Africa today

Post-Black Friday crunch shows why workers in Switzerland want #RespectAtDPD [UNI Global Union] 30-11-2021 1 more labour news stories from Switzerland today

Death threat against labour union chief [MEMO] 30-11-2021

Vice chancellors misled over pension cuts by own employer body [UCU] 30-11-2021 11 more labour news stories from UK today

Ex-Google workers sue company, saying it betrayed 'Don't Be Evil' motto [NPR] 30-11-2021 5 more labour news stories from USA today

/ China Govt urged to enforce rights of mineworkers on Chinese [Bulawayo24 News] 30-11-2021