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Belarus / Europe Prison sentences demand strong EU stand for trade unions

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Belarus / Europe Prison sentences demand strong EU stand for trade unions [ETUC] 28-03-2023

Israel Histadrut declares 'historic' general strike [Times of Israel] 27-03-2023

Israel Employers and employees in Israel join forces in historic strike against controversial legislation [Histadrut] 27-03-2023

France ‘Working till we drop’: why women are on the front line of French pension protests [The Guardian] 26-03-2023

Canada ACTRA Launches Boycott of Union Busting Brands [ACTRA] 25-03-2023

USA The Problems With the Amazon Labor Union [The American Prospect] 24-03-2023

Georgia Georgian mineral water company agrees to striking workers’ demands [OC Media] 22-03-2023

Norway Oil service company threatens to fire employees who participate in the strike [Industri Energi] 22-03-2023

Turkey Workers fight union busting in ORGE Furniture [BWI] 21-03-2023

Kenya Content moderators sue Meta over alleged 'union-busting' [Saltwire] 21-03-2023

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Tuesday March 28, 2023:
Unions and the four-day work week / Would it help work-life balance? / Does anybody want it?
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LabourStart photo of the week.Portugal is just one of dozens of countries facing a tsunami of wage strike as unions react to the rise in the cost of living. Last Saturday the CGTP organized a massive march through Lisbon, one of a series of actions protesting low wages and growing inequality. (Photo: CGTP) Click here to see union news from Portugal.
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Today in Labour History

1909 France Mounted gendarmes charge a procession of button workers on their way to Méru, injuring twenty, most of them women. Protesters strike back with volleys of stones.

1914 Russia General strike in Saint Petersburg. 45,000 unemployed people and workers form rallies and sing revolutionary songs.

1920 Italy State of siege in Turin, riflemen and royal guards occupy factories, cavalry, machine guns and armoured vehicles patrol the streets. The bosses want workers to recognize "the foremen appointed by management" as the sole authority in the factories.

2006 France Demonstrations bring together 3 million people against the 'first hiring contract' which guts young workers' rights.

2010 China Following a flood, 153 workers find themselves trapped in the Coal Mine 18 of Wangjialing, in Shanxi province. At least 3,000 volunteer miners participate in the rescue by pumping approximately 2,000 m3 of water per hour.

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Quality inclusive education must be guaranteed, and publicly funded, top African education unionists say [Education International] 28-03-2023

Youth academy builds strong network of activists in South East Asia [IndustriALL] 27-03-2023

Unions question Labor over AUKUS nuclear submarines [The New Daily] 28-03-2023 12 more labour news stories from Australia today

/ Europe Prison sentences demand strong EU stand for trade unions [ETUC] 28-03-2023 1 more labour news stories from Belarus today

/ Newfoundland and Labrador Global People Power: Building Worker Solidarity in a Global Economy [CUPE] 28-03-2023 22 more labour news stories from Canada today

Strikes, protests in Europe over cost of living, pay and welfare [Saltwire] 28-03-2023

Dates and sectors of upcoming pension strikes [Connexion] 27-03-2023

Nearly 5,000 workers gathered in Berlin to demand a pay rise [Turkiye] 27-03-2023 2 more labour news stories from Germany today

Chinese power company bashes Ghanaian union [IndustriALL] 28-03-2023

/ India VIDEO  AIRF/SCRMU Holds Huge Protest Rally Against NPS at Jammikunta For more info  ActNOW!  [AIRF/SCRMU] 28-03-2023 2 more labour news stories from Global today

Legal Aid Condemns the Passing of Job Creation Perpu Into Law [Tempo] 27-03-2023 1 more labour news stories from Indonesia today

Iraqi unions demand input on draft social security and retirement law [IndustriALL] 28-03-2023

Histadrut calls general strike [ITUC] 28-03-2023 11 more labour news stories from Israel today

New Zealand
Let Ports of Auckland do its job [MUNZ] 28-03-2023

Will NLC strike end cash crunch? [The Nation] 27-03-2023

South Africa
Concerns as Stanger sugar mill enters into business rescue [Zululand Observer] 28-03-2023 16 more labour news stories from South Africa today

Global education union community solidarity helps teachers and other education staff [Education International] 28-03-2023

/ Syria Urgent support needed for hundreds of thousands of workers after Türkiye and Syria earthquakes [ILO] 28-03-2023

Food prices: The British public are hostages to ‘greedflation’ [Unite the union] 28-03-2023 13 more labour news stories from UK today

/ Israel U.S. Union Leaders: We Support the Fight for Democracy in Israel [Jewish Labor Committee] 28-03-2023 3 more labour news stories from USA today