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Bangladesh Five people killed as police fire at protesting workers in Bangladesh

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Bangladesh Five people killed as police fire at protesting workers in Bangladesh [Guardian] 20-04-2021

Hong Kong Union leader Lee Cheuk Yan and four others imprisoned [ITUC] 19-04-2021

Hong Kong / China Jailing of Lee Cheuk-yan and other opposition figures over protests is violation of international law [Amnesty International] 16-04-2021

Zimbabwe General strike is the only way out: ZCTU [NewsDay] 15-04-2021

USA Labor After Bessemer [The American Prospect] 14-04-2021

Australia / Myanmar ACTU condemns the Morrison Government for pressing ahead with new trade agreement with military regime in Myanmar [ACTU] 13-04-2021

Palestine / Israel New ITUC report on Palestinian workers in Israel [ITUC] 12-04-2021

Belarus / Global The independent trade unions in Belarus is awarded the Arthur Svensson Prize [Svensson Prize] 09-04-2021

USA Alabama Amazon Takes 2-1 Lead in Alabama Union Vote [Bloomberg] 09-04-2021

USA Amazon Election Results - RWDSU Union Loses [NLRB] 09-04-2021


Monday, April 19, 2021:
Reversing the US power structure / More unionized workers are needed / Biden administration seems ready
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LabourStart photo of the week.Governments and employers around the world continue to use the pandemic as an excuse to rollback workers rights and increase profits, even when their actions defy common sense. These healthcare workers in the Dominican Republic are protesting massive layoffs announced last week. (Photo: CLATE) Click here to see more union news from the Dominican Republic.
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Today in Labour History

1902 Belgium The General Council of the Belgian Workers' Party votes to resume work ending the general strike in progress since the 14th. The disappointment in the ranks is immense.

1914 USA Ludow Massacre in southern Colorado, one of the deadliest attacks against striking workers in U. S. history. Tent colony of displaced strikers and their families beaten and fired upon by Natl Guard and private agency. Two dozen men, women, children killed.[more]

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/ Tasmania What's your plan for public transport? [RTBU] 19-04-2021 7 more labour news stories from Australia today

Grameen Telecom Sramik Karmachari Union Members Wins Court Judgement to Get Jobs Back [UNI Global Union] 20-04-2021 1 more labour news stories from Bangladesh today

Strike threat stops labour subcontracting at HeidelbergCement [BWI] 19-04-2021

Federal budget charts a path to recovery for workers across the country [Unifor] 19-04-2021 4 more labour news stories from Canada today

/ Australia Chinese ambassador summons Australian journalists to deny Uyghur abuse [IFJ] 20-04-2021

924 active lawsuits against against journalists and media outlets [EFJ] 19-04-2021

Union and company call on ILO to declare OHS a fundamental right [BWI] 19-04-2021

Comments on the 2021 OECD Going for Growth: Structural Reforms and the Pandemic [TUAC] 20-04-2021

Second hotel votes for union and ILO agrees to investigate complaint [IUF] 19-04-2021

Hong Kong
Media tycoon Jimmy Lai jailed for 14 months [IFJ] 19-04-2021 1 more labour news stories from Hong Kong today

Surge of Covid pandemic-Govt must respond responsibly instead of playing cruel insensitivity toward's people's miseries [CITU] 20-04-2021

Korea (South)
Coupang, the South Korean Amazon, Is Chewing Up and Spitting Out Its Workers [Jacobin] 19-04-2021

Fired QMMH nurses in talks with govenment [Lesotho Times] 19-04-2021 1 more labour news stories from Lesotho today

BWI backs Myanmar’s National Unity Government [BWI] 19-04-2021 1 more labour news stories from Myanmar today

Nantu President dies [The Namibian] 20-04-2021

New Zealand
/ Myanmar Unions call on government to halt ratifying trade agreement with Myanmar [NZCTU-Te Kauae Kamahi] 20-04-2021 2 more labour news stories from New Zealand today

Building Workers Strike [News Express] 20-04-2021 2 more labour news stories from Nigeria today

Somalia recognizes decent work for women and men as the foundation of peace and resilience [ILO] 20-04-2021

South Africa
SAFTU welcomes Constitutional Court rulings on matrimonial property [SAFTU] 20-04-2021 20 more labour news stories from South Africa today

Journalist Ahmet Altan freed after more than four years in prison [IFJ] 19-04-2021

Labour focusses on 'A brighter future for our high streets' [USDAW] 19-04-2021 8 more labour news stories from UK today

/ Oregon Oregon Tech faculty union votes to authorize strike [OPB] 19-04-2021 3 more labour news stories from USA today

All not lost despite 41 years of misgovernance – ZCTU [New Zimbabwe] 20-04-2021