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Global ILO: Urgent need to revitalize trade unions

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Hong Kong / China HKJA reveals alarming decline in press freedom [IFJ] 27-09-2022

Iran 14 journalists detained amid protests [IFJ] 27-09-2022

Global ILO: Urgent need to revitalize trade unions [Arthur Svensson Prize] 27-09-2022

Iran Educators' Union Calls on Iranian Teachers and Students to Go on Strike [Iranwire] 26-09-2022

Haiti Despite political and economic instability, Haitian unions continue to fight for better wages and working conditions [Equal Times] 25-09-2022

Russia 18 journalists arrested during anti-war protests [EFJ] 23-09-2022

Iran Six journalists arrested and internet shutdowns [IFJ] 23-09-2022

Pakistan Union leader targeted in car accident [IFJ] 22-09-2022

Ukraine Coal miners defy national protest ban to go on strike [Brave New Europe] 22-09-2022

Sweden Labour market policies a challenge for government negotiations [Nordic Labour Journal] 22-09-2022

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Today in Labour History

1918 Switzerland Zurich bank employees start a 48-hour strike, supported by a local general strike by the Workers' Union.

1919 USA 237 associated with The Progressive Farmers and Household Union of America, a new African American union for sharecroppers in Phillips County, Arkansas, are murdered by a sheriff's white "posse" during an organizing meeting[more]

1962 United States of America Cesar Chavez, with Dolores Huerta, co-founds the National Farm Workers Association, which later was to become the United Farm Workers of America [more]

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Tunis declaration calls for inclusion of labour provisions in the African Continental Free Trade Area agreement [IndustriALL] 29-09-2022

/ New South Wales Serco prison officers walk off the job [AAP] 30-09-2022 9 more labour news stories from Australia today

Botwana Post, Manual workers in toxic relationship [The Monitor] 30-09-2022

Increased minimum wage for Cambodia’s garment workers [IndustriALL] 29-09-2022

/ Alberta Strength in Numbers – Olymel Steward Numbers Grow [UFCW Canada] 30-09-2022 23 more labour news stories from Canada today

King Mswati's police shot peaceful protestors in Manzini for demanding a political dialogue [The Swaziland News] 30-09-2022 1 more labour news stories from Eswatini today

ITUC response to the World Bank’s Social Protection and Jobs Compass [ITUC] 30-09-2022 2 more labour news stories from Global today

Oil industry’s official workforce supports Iran’s mass protests and threatens to go on strike For more info Image [SZAC] 29-09-2022

Middle East
Textile unions in MENA campaign for social protection Add to favourites Read this article in: English 29 September, 2022IndustriALL affiliates in Morocco, Jordan, Tunisia, Egypt and Palestine have launched a campaign to fight for social protection [IndustriALL] 29-09-2022

New Zealand
Senior doctors expecting disruption if nurses turn down shifts [Radio New Zealand] 30-09-2022 6 more labour news stories from New Zealand today

South Africa
Zingiswa Losi re-elected for a second term as Cosatu president [Inside Politics] 30-09-2022 22 more labour news stories from South Africa today

UK isolated as EU agrees windfall tax on energy firms [The Guardian] 30-09-2022 11 more labour news stories from UK today

/ Global Ukrainian unions: understand our situation! For more info [European Network for Solidarity with Ukraine] 29-09-2022

New *Striketober* looms as US walkouts increase amid surge in union activity [The Guardian] 30-09-2022 23 more labour news stories from USA today

Economy is now stable, govt must increase PAYE threshold to K8,000 – ZCTU [Diggers News] 29-09-2022

Trade union paints bleak picture of economy [The Zimbabwe Mail] 29-09-2022