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Philippines International outrage at attempted extrajudicial killing of education union members

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Philippines International outrage at attempted extrajudicial killing of education union members [Education International]  ActNOW!  16-11-2019

USA Trump Effort to Weaken Union Lawsuit Could Be Unlawful [Gov Exec] 15-11-2019

Global Global economy 'breakdown' seen putting more workers at risk of slavery [Thomson Reuters Foundation] 13-11-2019

Global Convention No 1: A landmark for Workers’ Rights [ILO] 13-11-2019

Korea (South) Workers rally in Seoul to protest lack of fundamental progress in S. Korean labor laws [Hankyoreh] 11-11-2019

Thailand / Global Global action for victimised Thai rail workers [ITF] 11-11-2019

Haiti Unions in Haiti are fighting to save the country and need international support [IUF] 11-11-2019

Canada 2 important cases put gig economy on trial in Canada [NUPGE] 09-11-2019

Zimbabwe Unionists, human rights activists and opposition politicians under siege [IndustriALL] 06-11-2019

Philippines Government crackdown targets unions [ITUC] 06-11-2019


Friday, November 15, 2019:
Former Brazilian president Lula released / Care economies could create millions of jobs / The LabourStart report about union events
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LabourStart photo of the week.As unions and their social partners brought Chile to a halt, winning a process for the creation of a new constitution in the process, unions around the world showed their solidarity. Here HKCTU members are seen at the Chilean consulate in Hong Kong on 8-11-2019. (Photo: HKCTU). Click here for more news from Chile.
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Today in Labour History

1918 Brazil Workers’ insurrection in Rio de Janeiro of 6000 workers & a plot to overthrow Brazil’s government.

1929 Canada At Onion Lake, in Northern Ontario, two Finnish-Canadian lumber camp union organizers are seen for the last time. When the bodies of Viljo Rosvall and Janne Voutilainen are found under the ice in the spring, they are buried as martyrs to the labour cause. [more]

1938 United States of America The Congress of Industrial Organisations elects John L. Lewis as its first president[more]

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Shearing contractors accused of paying in drugs, as workers decry poor conditions [ABC] 17-11-2019

/ British Columbia Striking Saanich support staff and school district reach tentative deal [CBC] 17-11-2019 5 more labour news stories from Canada today

/ Korea AIRF Expresses Solidarity to KPTU For more info [AIRF Communication Centre] 17-11-2019 1 more labour news stories from Global today

Hong Kong
White-collar workers join the ranks of protesters [The Free Press] 17-11-2019

Korea (South)
Train services disrupted as railway workers' prepare to strike [K. Times] 17-11-2019 2 more labour news stories from Korea (South) today

New Zealand
Kiwi women are working for free [NZCTU-te Kauae Kamahi] 17-11-2019 1 more labour news stories from New Zealand today

/ USA US Sen. Bernie Sanders denounces Philippines' rights record [PhilStar] 17-11-2019

South Africa
NUMSA says flying SAA is ‘risky’ as flights are reinstated [Fin24] 18-11-2019 16 more labour news stories from South Africa today

Women's football: Spain's top players on strike over pay dispute [BBC] 17-11-2019

Labour manifesto to promise dramatic shift in workers rights [The Guardian] 17-11-2019

Teachers Unions Have the Cure for What Ails America’s Schools [WSJ] 17-11-2019 0 more labour news stories from USA today