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Chancellor must not leave social security uprating linked to this month’s low inflation, says TUC


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Chancellor must not leave social security uprating linked to this month’s low inflation, says TUC [TUC] 2020-10-21

Flawed 2021 exam arrangements will lead to inequality, say education unions [Education International] 2020-10-21

COVID-19 vaccine must be managed by NHS and public bodies, says UNISON [Union News] 2020-10-17

Trade union advisory group no substitute for proper engagement with unions and employers [TUC] 2020-10-17

What can we do about Amazon's treatment of its workers? [TUC] 2020-10-15

Joint statement on the Internal Market Bill [TUC] 2020-10-14

‘Influencers are being taken advantage of’: the social media stars turning to unions [The Guardian] 2020-10-10

Job Support Scheme expansion will protect jobs in lockdown areas but ministers must do more [TUC] 2020-10-09

GDP: sector support and a job creation plan still needed, says TUC [TUC] 2020-10-09

TUC: government must do more to end inequality 10 years on from Equality Act [TUC] 2020-10-06


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Outsourcing debate highlights PCS ongoing campaigns 2020-10-22 [PCS]

A national care service is needed urgently to reform social care, says UNISON 2020-10-22 [UNISON]

'Nonsensical' Network Rail contract changes risk track safety and jobs in Nottinghamshire, Sheffield and Scotland 2020-10-22 [Unite the union]

Joint call by mayors, MPs, councillors and trade unions for comprehensive financial package from Chancellor 2020-10-22 [Unite the union]

Government u-turn on immigration bill welcome, now we need action 2020-10-22 [GMB]

Cortes challenges Sturgeon 'Follow Welsh Government's lead and nationalise ScotRail' 2020-10-22 [TSSA]

Welsh rail to be nationalised 2020-10-22 [ASLEF]

Northern Ireland Coronavirus: More than 2,700 health workers are self-isolating 2020-10-22 [BBC]

Thousands of people refused universal credit 'turning to food banks' 2020-10-22 [The Guardian]

Construction firm NG Bailey accused of ‘union busting’ in wage dispute 2020-10-22 [Unite the union]

PCS demands more workplace safety measures as Covid restrictions increase 2020-10-22 [PCS]

Unite members will be forever grateful to Andy Burham for fighting low-waged corner 2020-10-22 [Unite the union]

UK shipbuilding would be to confirm these ships will be built in UK yards 2020-10-22 [GMB]

MPs' report on Universal Credit five-week wait welcomed by Usdaw 2020-10-21 [USDAW]

Extra support for NHS staff welcome but high vacancy levels don’t help 2020-10-21 [UNISON]

Proposed Transport for London funding deal punishes poorest Londoners 2020-10-21 [Unite the union]

TUC calls for support for jobs in Greater Manchester ahead of new restrictions 2020-10-21 [TUC]

Transport for London punishment 'nakedly political' says TSSA 2020-10-21 [TSSA]

Reports that Government are threatening a total takeover of TFL 2020-10-21 [RMT]

Overhauling care sector is the answer to staff shortages 2020-10-21 [UNISON]

Walsall demonstration to protest at Chamberlain and Hill Castings pay cuts 2020-10-21 [Unite the union]

More PCSOs would be best way to ensure public comply with COVID rules 2020-10-21 [UNISON]

Epidemic of ill health revealed at Heathrow as company presses ahead with huge pay cuts 2020-10-21 [Unite the union]

RMT pledges all-out fight to protect pensions at TfL 2020-10-21 [RMT]

Chancellor must not leave social security uprating linked to this month’s low inflation, says TUC 2020-10-21 [TUC]

Agriculture Bill: Lords win vote to protect post-Brexit standards 2020-10-21 [BBC]

Britain's GCHQ only abolished its colour bar in 1980, the spy agency's authorised history reveals 2020-10-21 [Morning Star]

Internal Market Bill defeated in the Lords 2020-10-21 [Morning Star]

Flawed 2021 exam arrangements will lead to inequality, say education unions 2020-10-21 [Education International]

Machines to 'do half of all work tasks by 2025' 2020-10-21 [BBC]

Northern Ireland Derry Royal Mail staff to return after deep clean 2020-10-20 [BBC]

Save Union Learning 2020-10-20 [NUJ]

PCS seeking clarity over future of government comms workers 2020-10-20 [PCS]

BALPA - sale has been agreed for business and assets of Flybe Limited (in Administration) ('Flybe') 2020-10-20 [BALPA]

Let’s make future Black history a positive one 2020-10-20 [UNISON]

Wales Usdaw urges governments and employers to work with unions to safeguard jobs 2020-10-20 [USDAW]

Unions call for transparency in trade agreement negotiations 2020-10-19 [NZCTU-Te Kauae Kamahi]

Unions and Bristol Waste strike deal 2020-10-19 [GMB]

Industrial discontent looming in construction as out of touch employers impose a pay freeze on workers 2020-10-19 [Unite the union]

Tentative welcome for agreement for Flybe being bought out of administration 2020-10-19 [Unite the union]

Employers and unions unite in call to protect 'brilliant' and 'vital' Union Learning Fund 2020-10-19 [TUC]

RMT responds to the Fatal Accident Inquiry into the Sumburgh helicopter tragedy 2020-10-19 [RMT]

Deliveroo workers strike again 2020-10-19 [Workers liberty]

World Menopause Day: urgent workplace action needed 2020-10-19 [GMB]

Government urged not to scrap learning at work 2020-10-19 [ASLEF]

FBU join fight to save union learning programme 2020-10-19 [FBU]

Axing Union Learning Fund is ‘short-sighted and self-defeating’, says Unite 2020-10-19 [Unite]

Privateer's failure hits as Liverpool's hospital beds fill up 2020-10-19 [Morning Star]

The ballot to elect UNISON’s general secretary 2020-10-19 [UNISON]

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This month in labour history

4-10-1936 At Cable Street, London, thousands of trade unionists, socialists and communists throw up barricades to block the British Union of Fascists from marching through the Jewish neighbourhoods of the East End. [more]

6-10-1913 The conference of the Miners Federation passes a motion in favour of a general strike in Britain to support Dublin's locked out workers, with only one vote against. [more]

25-10-1895 Socialist and feminist Edith Lanchester captured by her family and institutionalised for opposing the institution of marriage [more]