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Usdaw wins landmark pay deal for Morrisons supermarket workers


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Usdaw wins landmark pay deal for Morrisons supermarket workers [UNI Global Union] 2021-01-15

TUC poll: 7 in 10 requests for furlough turned down for working mums [TUC] 2021-01-14

Trade unionists can help with the country’s vaccine effort [TUC] 2021-01-07

Ministers must make the economy fair, says TUC [TUC] 2021-01-06

Education unions say governmental failure is responsible for new national lockdown in England [Education International] 2021-01-06

Education unions: Don't reopen schools; vaccinate school staff now [NASUWT, GMB, NAHT, NEU, UNISON and Unite] 2021-01-04

Education unions’ joint statement on the safe reopening of schools [TUC] 2021-01-04

Teachers take legal action as chaos grips England's schools plan [Guardian] 2021-01-03

England COVID-19: Teaching union to hold emergency meeting as PM faces calls to close all schools in England [Sky] 2021-01-02

TUC New Year message: ‘Make Britain’s goal for 2021 full and decent employment’ [TUC] 2020-12-31


Today's labour news

Northern Ireland Coronavirus: Moy Park firms to introduce rapid testing 2021-01-15 [RTÉ]

How the Assange extradition threatens journalism 2021-01-15 [IFJ]

Usdaw wins landmark pay deal for Morrisons supermarket workers 2021-01-15 [UNI Global Union]

Self-isolation compensation ineffective, CIPD calls for review 2021-01-15 [HR Magazine]

Government promised it would strengthen workers’ rights – not weaken them 2021-01-15 [TUC]

Unite condemns government’s post-Brexit plans to attack workers’ rights 2021-01-15 [Unite]

Plan to rip up workers’ rights will be confronted, says GMB 2021-01-15 [GMB]

Brexit: No plans to dilute workers' rights, minister says 2021-01-15 [BBC]

RMT calls for Grant Shapps to intervene in Hitachi dispute 2021-01-15 [RMT]

Blunt warning to the whole of BT Group as industrial action ballot commences in Openreach 2021-01-15 [CWU]

Centrica trading update underlines British Gas has been and remains a profitable business 2021-01-15 [GMB]

RMT calls for lifetime bans for bandit capitalists 2021-01-15 [RMT]

Gateshead International Paint strikes suspended after pay offer accepted 2021-01-15 [Unite the union]

UNISON urges government to stop meter readings 2021-01-15 [UNISON]

Ministers must give proper support to student nurses, says UNISON 2021-01-14 [UNISON]

Union deal saves Rolls-Royce Barnoldswick 2021-01-14 [IndustriALL]

Norwegian Air job losses ‘another devastating blow’ for Gatwick 2021-01-14 [Unite the union]

Norwegian Air redundancies are yet more devastating news for the air transport industry 2021-01-14 [BALPA]

Minister steps up pressure on UK firms over home working 2021-01-14 [Guardian]

Banking union calls for face coverings to be mandatory in bank branches 2021-01-14 [Unite the union]

Calls for public enquiry as Carillion bosses face disqualification 2021-01-14 [GMB]

‘Let down and forgotten’ construction workers call for pause in non-essential work amid rising infections 2021-01-14 [Independent]

Move to bar Carillion directors from boardroom roles welcome – but should have come sooner, says Unite 2021-01-14 [Unite]

Dire Government failed to hold Carillion to account 2021-01-14 [GMB]

Three victims of trafficking and modern slavery to sue Biffa 2021-01-14 [The Guardian]

Unions have become stronger during pandemic, increasing members and helping to protect jobs and improve workplaces 2021-01-14 [Morning Star]

Ground-breaking deal by Unite saves Barnoldswick’s Rolls-Royce factory and 350 jobs 2021-01-14 [Unite the union]

CWU Response To Complaints About Mail Delays 2021-01-14 [CWU]

RMT demands end to 'fire and re-hire' in UK offshore wind industry 2021-01-14 [RMT]

RMT members to strike at rail infrastructure firm Clarke Chapman 2021-01-14 [RMT]

Santander blasted for misjudgement in otherwise well-intended Covid response 2021-01-14 [CWU]

Teachers top priority in next vaccine phase 2021-01-14 [NEU]

Unions have become stronger during pandemic 2021-01-14 [Morning Star]

TUC poll: 7 in 10 requests for furlough turned down for working mums 2021-01-14 [TUC]

Northern Ireland Education minister challenged on staffing levels amid absences at special schools 2021-01-13 [Irish News]

Towards telecoms strike in BT? 2021-01-13 [Workers liberty]

A probe called for into the boss of Preston firm where workers are owed up to £170,000 in unpaid wages 2021-01-13 [Unite the union]

Lowest paid in UK have suffered the most financially in the pandemic, report finds 2021-01-13 [The Guardian]

England Morrisons to be first UK supermarket to pay minimum £10 an hour 2021-01-13 [The Guardian]

London bus drivers ‘once again in eye of coronavirus storm’ need vaccine and protection priority 2021-01-13 [Unite the union]

School workers' union calls for urgent free school meals action 2021-01-13 [GMB]

The Government can't claim to protect disadvantaged students while they routinely let them down 2021-01-13 [NEU]

Where do UK writers stand post-Brexit? 2021-01-13 [WGGB]

Betrayed by BT: Individual redundancy injustices that unmask management’s lost moral compass 2021-01-13 [CWU]

Who exactly are Labour representing? 2021-01-12 [BFAWU]

A trade union is considering disaffiliating from Keir Starmer's Labour 2021-01-12 [The Canary]

Women in UK face rising online abuse from co-workers, survey says 2021-01-12 [Opendemocracy]

The workplace is still key to Covid transmission 2021-01-12 [Morning Star]

Bezos can give each Amazon worker £43k covid bonus 2021-01-12 [GMB]

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11-01-1831 Dozens of workers are convicted of machine-breaking during the agricultural workers' rebellion commonly known as the Swing Riots [more]