GMB survey reveals four in five workers fear returning to work

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BA planning to rehire sacked staff on worse terms, union says 2020-05-25 [The Guardian]

Project Birch: Lose no more time to prevent job loss 'tsunami', says Unite 2020-05-25 [Unite the union]

Urgent government action needed to allow safety inspections of key COVID-19 workplaces 2020-05-25 [Unite the union]

Unite, schools, and 1 June 2020-05-25 [Workersliberty]

29,000 claims a year despite 50 years since Equal Pay Act 2020-05-25 [The Guardian]

Johnson confirms his government will continue with plans to reopen schools despite safety concerns 2020-05-25 [Morning Star]

Northern Ireland Coronavirus: Judges appeal over government furlough scheme 2020-05-25 [BBC]

Firefighters demand PM and First Ministers issue national moratorium on fire cuts 2020-05-25 [FBU]

Neither a rigged market nor Vera Lynn will pick the crops 2020-05-25 [Counterfire]

PM on wider opening of schools 2020-05-25 [NEU]

Union urges ministers to bring back health and safety visits for workplaces such as shops and pubs 2020-05-24 [Guardian]

Northern Ireland Coronavirus: HGV drivers 'losing work' over health assessments 2020-05-24 [BBC]

Unite launches UK-wide campaign to save British Airways jobs 2020-05-24 [Union News]

Wrack criticises government’s coronavirus response as firefighters are drafted in to train care home staff 2020-05-24 [Union News]

Union leaders criticise Cummings over Durham lockdown trip 2020-05-24 [Union News]

UCU calls for Immigration Health Surcharge to be scrapped 2020-05-24 [Union News]

GMB survey reveals four in five workers fear returning to work 2020-05-24 [Union News]

Northern Ireland Return to school will be 'complex and challenging' 2020-05-23 [Irish News]

Unite warns furlough changes must not lead to jobs tsunami this summer 2020-05-23 [Unite the union]

COVID-19: Firefighters called in to help stem spread of infection in care homes 2020-05-23 [FBU]

Rising to the COVID-19 challenge in Openreach 2020-05-23 [CWU]

A u-turn from the government and a real victory for our union 2020-05-23 [UNISON]

Four in five workers worried returning to work will put family at risk 2020-05-23 [GMB]

Ministers rejected school reopening plan recommended by Sage experts 2020-05-22 [The Guardian]

It's your right to refuse unsafe work 2020-05-22 [Workersliberty]

Scrapping of NHS surcharge for migrant health and care workers ‘long overdue’ 2020-05-22 [UNISON]

U-turn on fee for foreign health and care workers welcome 2020-05-22 [USDAW]

Assaults against emergency workers spike as overall crimes fall 2020-05-22 [polfed]

Councils throw 1 June schools reopening plan into doubt 2020-05-22 [BBC]

Timet Announcement Potentially Start of 'Redundancy Tidal Wave' for Welsh Manufacturing 2020-05-22 [Unite the union]

Thousands of care workers could be ineligible for £60,000 Covid-19 payment 2020-05-22 [Unite the union]

The NHS surcharge debacle reveals a government both cruel and useless 2020-05-22 [The Guardian]

Unions chief: lack of planning risks chaotic reopening of schools 2020-05-22 [Guardian]

Scientists warn 1 June is too early for schools to reopen in England 2020-05-22 [The Guardian]

COVID-19 heroes threatened with the sack 2020-05-22 [GMB]

RMT demands government action to save over 1000 P&O Ferries’ jobs 2020-05-22 [RMT]

TSSA condemns spitting incident at Mile End tube station 2020-05-22 [TSSA]

Northern Ireland Wrightbus announces Ballymena redundancies as it looks to secure its future 2020-05-22 [Belfast Telegraph]

Northern Ireland Unions give a cautious welcome to Education Minister's timetable for schools 2020-05-22 [Belfast Telegraph]

Scotland Lockdown must not end without greater testing and better protection for workers, Scottish Labour and Greens demand 2020-05-22 [Morning Star]

Slow down US trade talks, CIEH urges MPs 2020-05-22 [EHN]

'Bail me out Branson' hopes for rocket flight this weekend 2020-05-22 [BBC]

Teacher speaks out against government plans for school opening 2020-05-22 [Counterfire]

TfL launches review of bus driver coronavirus deaths 2020-05-21 [East London Guardian]

Northern Ireland Threats against journalists in Northern Ireland must stop 2020-05-21 [EFJ]

RMT responds to new rail performance data 2020-05-21 [RMT]

Northern Ireland Northern Ireland unites against threats to journalists 2020-05-21 [EFJ]

Nominations open for SoA Management Committee elections 2020-05-21 [Society of Authors]

GMB Midland and East Coast Region calls on Rolls Royce to aCt responsibly 2020-05-21 [GMB]

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