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Scotland Anger that half of Scotland's home care workers have never been tested for coronavirus


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Scotland Anger that half of Scotland's home care workers have never been tested for coronavirus [The Daily Record] 2020-09-13

Scotland Unions make safe return-to-work agreement with Scottish government [Union News] 2020-06-08

Scotland Offshore unions Unite, GMB and RMT warn against plans to de-recognise them [The Morning Star] 2020-02-04

Scotland Equal Pay Glasgow: Trade union boss warns city council could go 'bankrupt' over £250m new claims [The Evening Times] 2019-07-07

Scotland Glasgow City council sends women equal pay offers of up to £100k [The National] 2019-05-25

Scotland Sex workers able to join official Glasgow union for first time [The Evening Times] 2019-03-07

Scotland Union branches out to protect sex workers’ rights [The Times] 2019-03-06

Scotland Glasgow city council workers set for £500m payouts after unions reach equal pay deal for women [The Sun] 2019-01-18

Scotland A New Film Offers Us a Group Portrait of Sex Workers [Hyperallergic] 2018-12-25

Scotland Rail Gourmet workers in Edinburgh striking today [RMT] 2018-12-24


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Scotland Anger that half of Scotland's home care workers have never been tested for coronavirus 2020-09-13 [The Daily Record]

Scotland Initial RMT response to Secretary of State's interim report into Carmont derailment For more info 2020-09-10 [RMT]

Scotland Scottish government urged to explain how it will tackle teachers' ‘unsustainable’ workloads 2020-09-08 [Morning Star]

Scotland Glasgow Ikea workers rally for reinstatement of sacked union rep 2020-09-05 [Morning Star]

Scotland 'Good green jobs' should be at heart of Scotland's recovery, say environmentalists 2020-09-01 [Morning Star]

Scotland RMT call to oppose job cuts at Trump Turnberry 2020-08-21 [RMT]

Scotland Plan to make Highland firth a free trade zone 2020-08-20 [BBC]

Scotland Glasgow NHS workers protest for higher wages outside hospitals 2020-08-18 [Evening Times]

Scotland We can’t afford to put our children’s safety at risk 2020-08-18 [Morning Star]

Scotland Union welcomes National Trust for Scotland's 'vitally important' £3.8m bailout 2020-08-17 [The National]

Scotland RMT further reaction to Stonehaven derailment and fatalities 2020-08-13 [RMT]

Scotland Overhaul of Scottish H&S needed post-pandemic, says report 2020-08-06 [EHN]

Scotland RMT responds to Just Transition Commission report on a green recovery from COVID-19 in Scotland 2020-07-31 [RMT]

Scotland Concerns raised by lack of worker protection at an NHS call centre 2020-07-23 [Morning Star]

Scotland ‘Enough is enough’ warns CWU as Aberdeen outrage vindicates pan-BT fightback 2020-07-17 [CWU]

Scotland Napier staff to be balloted over planned redundancies 2020-07-16 [UNISON]

Scotland Unions thriving amid national crisis 2020-06-22 [The Scotsman]

Scotland UCU criticises Scottish government over “unsafe” university return 2020-06-21 [Union News]

Scotland RMT demands urgent recommencement of railway enhancement works in Scotland 2020-06-09 [RMT]

Scotland Unions make safe return-to-work agreement with Scottish government 2020-06-08 [Union News]

Scotland PCS makes safe return to work agreement with Scottish Government 2020-06-06 [PCS]

Scotland Obituary: John McCormack, principled NUM figure who devoted his life to Polmaise and its miners 2020-06-03 [The Herald]

Scotland Lockdown must not end without greater testing and better protection for workers, Scottish Labour and Greens demand 2020-05-22 [Morning Star]

Scotland Scotland bans Covid support for businesses that use tax havens 2020-05-21 [Morning Star]

Scotland ‘Time has come’ for universal basic income, says Sturgeon 2020-05-05 [Independent]

Scotland Ex-miners asked to sign ‘do not resuscitate’ forms if they contract coronavirus 2020-04-26 [Morning Star]

Scotland ‘Mary Barbour Bill’ lodged to the Scottish Parliament 2020-04-24 [Morning Star]

Scotland We are experiencing first hand the need for a fairer society 2020-04-21 [Morning Star]

Scotland Unions say coronavirus crisis has brought ‘into sharp focus’ the problem of women being expected to wear PPE designed for men 2020-04-16 [Press and Journal]

Scotland Over a third of Scots worried they can't pay for food and rent during lockdown, research finds 2020-04-10 [Morning Star]

Scotland Unite welcomes Scottish construction site guidelines protecting workers’ pay 2020-04-08 [Union News]

Scotland Scots prostitutes risking lives by continuing to work during coronavirus lockdown 2020-04-06 [The Daily Record]

Scotland Trade unions write to Sturgeon over inconsistent approach to coronavirus by local authorities 2020-04-02 [Morning Star]

Scotland ‘inconsistent’ approach to Covid-19 across local authorities as first minister’s intervention is sought 2020-04-01 [Unite the union]

Scotland Unions call for Diageo to halt production 2020-03-30 [the drinks business]

Scotland Trade union makes appeal to public to treat council staff with respect 2020-03-29 [Glasgow Times]

Scotland Coronavirus: Evidence demanded over not closing schools 2020-03-17 [TES]

Scotland Highland postal strike not ruled in row over treatment of disabled Royal Mail staff 2020-03-10 [Inverness Courier]

Scotland Trade union warns North Sea workers at risk over oil industry's 'race to bottom' plan 2020-03-05 [Daily Record]

Scotland Union boss ‘not surprised’ by North Sea contractor flight 2020-03-04 [Energy Voice]

Scotland Shopworkers' union Usdaw tells MSPs to act on violence and abuse 2020-03-04 [The Morning Star]

Scotland Nearly 70 jobs axed as north-east fish processor goes bust 2020-02-21 [Press and Journal]

Scotland Mossmorran: Workers to return after wildcat strike in Fife 2020-02-21 [BBC]

Scotland SNP Government blasted by trade unions over 28,000 green jobs 'pipe dream' 2020-02-21 [Daily Record]

Scotland Unite ballots members at Dundee Independent Advocacy Support 2020-02-12 [Unite the union]

Scotland Offshore unions Unite, GMB and RMT warn against plans to de-recognise them 2020-02-04 [The Morning Star]

Scotland Union in legal fight after 107 jobs axed at API Foils 2020-02-04 [The Herald]

Scotland RMT calls for action now from Freightliner and Scottish Government 2020-02-03 [RMT]

Scotland 'Priorities all wrong' GMB slams £100 million security costs for Glasgow COP 26 2020-01-15 [GMB]

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