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Today's news - Scotland

TSSA condemns 'despicable billionaire' Trump for 'pickpocketing' his workers 2019-04-17 [TSSA]

Report: ’Perfect storm’ in care sector forcing workers to choose between ‘fight or flight’ 2019-04-16 [CommonSpace]

RMT's Mick Cash to warn of co-ordinated action over any threat to pensions 2019-04-15 [RMT]

Migrant workers need more support, warn unions 2019-04-14 [The Daily Mail]

Labour and union call for ferries to be brought back into public hands 2019-04-08 [The Daily Record]

Unite slates Scottish government over refusal to bring rail depot into public hands 2019-04-08 [Unite the union]

Scots hospital workers fear losing wages in private contractor payroll shake-up 2019-04-05 [The Daily Record]

SNP must put workers before politics on Brexit 2019-04-04 [Unite the union]

Care workers win split shifts fight against Dundee City Council 2019-04-01 [The Evening Telegraph]

Home carers win 'battle for hearts and minds' 2019-04-01 [GMB]

More than 200 staff at Aberdeen airport could strike in row over pay and pensions 2019-03-30 [Evening Express]

Strike dates announced at Angus council - April, May and June 2019-03-27 [Unite the union]

TSSA warns ScotRail delays will continue despite extra funding for maintenance 2019-03-26 [TSSA]

Latest offshore strike over rota changes taking place 2019-03-19 [BBC]

Unite gives ‘cautious welcome’ to new investment in Annan 2019-03-19 [Unite the union]

RMT warns of dire consequences for life-line Orkney ferries 2019-03-18 [RMT]

Lanarkshire college earns living wage accreditation 2019-03-18 [UNISON]

Bus drivers to be balloted on strike action over what their union branded 'hostile' and 'bullying' 2019-03-18 [Scotsman]

Glasgow Airport: Staff to consider strike 2019-03-14 [The Evening Times]

Shetland Gas Plant workers hold the first of five planned 24-hour strikes 2019-03-14 [The Press and Journal]

Leading trade union urge council to 'get act together' in equal pay scandal 2019-03-11 [Daily Record]

GMB launches Scotland's first sex workers' union 2019-03-05 [BBC]

Findlay tables motion to recognise ‘historic progression’ made in fight against blacklisting 2019-03-08 [Morning Star]

Sex workers able to join official Glasgow union for first time 2019-03-07 [The Evening Times]

Union branches out to protect sex workers’ rights 2019-03-06 [The Times]

Second teaching union announces Scottish strike ballot 2019-03-05 [TES]

Union escalates North Sea dispute, adds two more 24-hour Total strikes 2019-03-05 [Platt's]

Sex workers aim to shape the future of Scotland's prostitution laws 2019-03-05 [The Herald]

North Sea workers in strike vote over hours 2019-02-25 [Evening Express]

Unite calls on all Scottish Local Authorities to rule out parking levy 2019-02-20 [Unite the union]

Unite slams Dundee City Council attack on workers 2019-02-19 [Unite the union]

Protest today as campaign grows to halt closure of Glasgow’s Springburn Rail Depot 2019-02-19 [RMT]

Aberdeen law students to help social workers at risk of being struck off 2019-02-18 [Press and Journal]

ScotRail begs train drivers to come out of retirement 2019-02-17 [Scotsman]

Gender pay gap hits Scottish part-time workers hard 2019-02-10 [The Scotsman]

Fitting tribute to union man Mick McGahey 2019-02-08 [The Daily Record]

‘We won’ – Glasgow women celebrate equal pay 2019-02-07 [UNISON]

Strike action at Queen Margaret University over job losses 2019-02-07 [UCU]

Lecturers' strike cancels West College Scotland classes in Clydebank 2019-02-05 [The Post]

Step towards industrial action at Angus council 2019-02-04 [Unite the union]

Unite exposes cleaning crisis in Edinburgh schools 2019-02-04 [Unite the union]

Post WW1 strike over working hours sparked revolution fears 2019-01-31 [BBC]

Proposals to regulate electricians is good news for workers and public safety, says Unite 2019-01-30 [Unite the union]

Fresh union dispute surfaces over North Sea rota changes 2019-01-30 [Energy Voice]

Unite members vote to reject revised COSLA offer 2019-01-30 [Unite the union]

Independence supporters need to win over trade union members 2019-01-27 [The National]

ScotRail - Vote for More Industrial Action 2019-01-25 [TSSA]

Cab drivers meet over ‘crisis’ in Edinburgh 2019-01-24 [Unite the union]

STUC: Brassica debacle shows employability scheme businesses use public sector to 'launder' unfair work 2019-01-23 [CommonSpace]

RMT welcomes transfer of Argyll Ferries to publicly owned CalMac 2019-01-21 [RMT]

This month in labour history

6-04-1912 After 37 days, Britain's first national coalmining strike ends. It results in the passage of the Coal Mines (Minimum Wage) Act. [more]

6-04-1912 After 37 days, Britain's first national coalmining strike ends. It results in the passage of the Coal Mines (Minimum Wage) Act. [more]

10-04-1984 The House of Commons meets for an emergency debate on the role of police in the miners strike, [more]

15-04-1856 Tom Mann, British syndicalist and a leader of the dock strikes in 1889 and 1911, is born [more]

23-04-1914 First publication of the classic socialist novel 'The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists' [more]