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Updated: Wednesday 21 February 2018, 00:29:41

UK The Pimlico Plumbers case is a big challenge to Britain’s gig economy [Economist] 2018-02-20

USA Trumka: Labor has a special responsibility to stop sexual harassment [Labors Edge] 2018-02-20

UK Pregnancy discrimination scars lives and careers, says TUC [TUC] 2018-02-19

UK Tuition fees review ‘needs to support wider access’ [UNISON] 2018-02-19

Hong Kong Hong Kong: Migrant Domestic Workers Must Live In [Solidarity Center] For more info 2018-02-16

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UK 150,000 extra children of public sector workers pushed into poverty, says TUC [TUC] 2018-02-15

UK Johnson's Brexit vision 'casually casts aside' workers' rights [Morning Star] 2018-02-15

UK Half a million kids of public-sector workers will be living in poverty by spring [Morning Star] 2018-02-15

Pakistan All Pakistan Labour Federation joins campaign to end violence at work [PSI] 2018-02-15

Malaysia UNI MLC achieves win for Women Muslim Workers in Hotel Industry [UNI Global Union] 2018-02-15

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New Zealand / Pacific No informed consent from nurses for CPTPP [Together] 2018-02-14

UK Screen industries launch new policy on bullying and harassment [BECTU] 2018-02-14

France / Europe The ‘invisible’ risks facing working women in France [Equal Times] 2018-02-13

UK Unite statement on Oxfam [Unite the union] 2018-02-13

UK Government inaction is leaving living standards falling, says TUC [TUC] 2018-02-13

South Africa Parliament's women's caucus to host sex work summit [News24] 2018-02-13

South Africa The power of speaking out: an interview with pioneering activist for domestic workers’ rights [Open Democracy] 2018-02-12

Iceland / Global What Iceland can teach the world about gender pay gaps [BBC] 2018-02-12

Global Act to stop violence at work! [IFJ] 2018-02-12

Global Why unions must act on violence and harassment against women [IndustriALL] 2018-02-12

UK / Wales University of South Wales cleaners win tribunal case [UNISON] 2018-02-12

UK / Ireland / Northern Ireland Women footballers claim their expenses are not being covered [RTÉ] 2018-02-11

Global EI World Women's Conference: Education unionists speak up against sexual violence and harassment [Education International] 2018-02-10

UK New sanctions against bullying and harassment at Westminster announced [NUJ] 2018-02-09

UK Heart Unions Week: love PCS and hate the pay cap [PCS] 2018-02-09

UK Acas not exempt from employment rules, tribunal says [Morning Star] 2018-02-09

USA / New York An Inside Look At The NYC Stripper Strike [Huffington Post] 2018-02-09

UK / Scotland Glasgow women to march in their fight for equal pay [UNISON] 2018-02-09

Australia / Victoria Third woman makes sexual harassment allegations against Sovereign Hill 'Employee X' [The Age] 2018-02-08

Australia / Victoria Workplace culture at Sovereign Hill must change now [MEAA] 2018-02-08

UK Unite welcomes steps being taken to resolve bullying and harassment in parliament, but more needs to be done [Unite the union] 2018-02-08

UK Britain needs higher wages, not higher interest rates, says TUC [TUC] 2018-02-08

Pakistan ‘Provinces need to formulate inclusive labour policies’ [Dawn] 2018-02-08

Brazil Brazil Ratifies Domestic Worker Convention [Solidarity Center] For more info 2018-02-08

UK Fight For Equality Far From Over [GMB] 2018-02-07

UK Taylor review is a chance for the PM to make good on her promises of reform [TUC] 2018-02-07

UK Tesco 'facing record £4bn equal pay claim' over pay of shop assistants versus warehouse workers [Evening Standard] 2018-02-07

UK Scottish undercover policing report to be published [BBC] 2018-02-07

Global EI World Women's Conference: Finding a way through the labyrinth [Education International] 2018-02-07

Latin America We the unions are vital forces for equal pay [PSI] 2018-02-07

Canada UFCW Canada launches the #NoMore campaign to help end gender-based violence [UFCW] 2018-02-07

Australia / Victoria Female staff at Sovereign Hill make sexual assault allegations [9 News] 2018-02-07

Australia Equal Pay rules are broken for women: ACTU [ACTU] 2018-02-07

UK Tesco – Equal Pay [USDAW] 2018-02-07

Australia / Victoria Sovereign Hill gold rush museum sex assault claims probed [The Australian] 2018-02-07

Australia / Victoria Sovereign Hill CEO denies there is a 'misogynistic culture' at tourist attraction [ABC Online] 2018-02-07

UK Conference votes to oppose the tax credits rape clause [UNISON] 2018-02-06

Global STOP Gender-based violence at work! [PSI] 2018-02-06

Global Women leadership: from the beginning, of utmost importance for EI [Education International] 2018-02-06

Australia Unions lose equal pay case for childcare workers [AFR] 2018-02-06

India Workers clash with fashion bosses [The Australian] 2018-02-06

USA Been Harassed? Vote Yes. How Unions Are Leveraging #MeToo To Organize Female Workers [Lexology] 2018-02-06

UK A century after the first breakthrough on votes for women there is still much more to do on equality [USDAW] 2018-02-06

UK Blog: 100 years on, the fight continues for equality and equal representation [UNISON] 2018-02-06

UK TUC calls on government to end 'insecure work free-for-all' [TUC] 2018-02-05

Zimbabwe Wives of Colliery workers bare souls to Mpofu, confess to prostitution due to hunger [New Zimbabwe] 2018-02-05

Ireland Markievicz remembered on 150th anniversary of her birth [Irish Times] 2018-02-05

Pakistan Men’s participation in battle against women harassment stressed [LabourWatch] 2018-02-04

UK Minimum wage whistleblowing doubles in a year [Independent] 2018-02-03

Mexico The precarity of domestic workers [Open Democracy] 2018-02-02

Bangladesh How well are female workers protected by the law? [The Daily Star] 2018-02-02

UK ‘You can be a mother, daughter, sister and engineer if you wish’ [UNISON] 2018-02-02

UK 'I will be with you on the picket lines’ vows Dave Prentis [UNISON] 2018-02-02

New Zealand Nurses deserve a good outcome in district health board negotiations [NZCTU-te Kauae Kamahi] 2018-02-02

Iceland / Europe Now that time’s up on the gender pay gap in Iceland, here’s how other countries can follow suit [Equal Times] 2018-02-01

Global / Europe Gender-equal parental leave: an urgent right, a long way off? [Equal Times] 2018-02-01

UK / England Somerset’s services for families and children threatened by planned shake-up, warns Unite [Unite the union] 2018-02-01

USA / Connecticut Does Vernon Have Too Many Paras? [The Courant] For more info 2018-02-01

Hong Kong From Hong Kong's Migrant Workers to Women Leaders [The News Lens] 2018-01-31

Saudi Arabia The everyday acts of resistance from migrant domestic workers in Saudi Arabia [Equal Times] 2018-01-31

Global Why domestic violence is a workplace issue and how an ILO convention can help [Equal Times] 2018-01-31

Italy Migrant workers in Calabria protest after woman dies in tent city fire [The Local] 2018-01-31

UK BBC on-air report denounced by NUJ analysis as a PR exercise [NUJ] 2018-01-31

UK / Global All workers need unions – including those in Silicon Valley [Guardian] 2018-01-31

UK Government outsourcer Capita launches drastic rescue plan – sending shares down 40pc [Telegraph] 2018-01-31

USA University Administrators: Stop Fighting Real Recourse for Sexual Harassment. Union Rights = Gender Equity Rights [AFL-CIO] 2018-01-31

USA Nine Years Later: Why We're Still Fighting Pay Discrimination [AFL-CIO] 2018-01-31

Jordan / Indonesia Migrant Domestic Workers Seek Rights in the Middle East [Solidarity Center] For more info 2018-01-31

UK Women worst hit by civil service pay attacks [PCS] 2018-01-30

Fiji Sexual harassment in workplace a prevalent issue [Fiji Times] 2018-01-30

Australia Sexual harassment in the workplace: MEAA factsheet [MEAA] 2018-01-30

UK NUJ response to the BBC's PWC review of on-air pay [NUJ] 2018-01-30

UK To end sexual harassment at work, tackling secrecy contracts is vital says Frances O'Grady [Guardian ] 2018-01-30

UK Teaching unions slam ‘predictable and predicted’ academy funding crisis [Morning Star] 2018-01-29

Colombia Allies or obstacles? The role of domestic employers in Colombia [Open Democracy] 2018-01-29

USA / Nevada Housekeepers to Ask Las Vegas Hotels for Panic Buttons [OHS] 2018-01-29

India / Karnataka False Promises and Mobility Restrictions Plague Migrant Workers in Bengaluru’s Garment Industry [The Wire] 2018-01-29

UK Elections for Executive Members [NUT] 2018-01-29

UK PCS reveals 11 of places hardest hit by civil service pay cap [PCS] 2018-01-29

UK / Scotland Equal pay workers' protest set to take place at Glasgow Green next weekend [Glasgow Livei] 2018-01-28

USA Women working in male prisons face harassment from inmates and co-workers [The Post] 2018-01-28

Canada / Ontario OFL Statement on Patrick Brown’s Resignation [OFL] 2018-01-28

USA National campaign for safe RN to patient ratios [National Nurses United] 2018-01-28

USA / Global Work: The Feminist Case for a Universal Basic Income [Slate] 2018-01-28

Canada / Ontario OPSEU welcomes workers from Native Women’s Resource Centre [NUPGE] 2018-01-27

USA When Women Have a Union, We Don't Have to Walk in Alone [Truth Out] 2018-01-27

Philippines Labor group calls on Duterte to declare June 12 as ‘Pambansang Day Off’ [The Bulletin] 2018-01-27

USA / USA / California Women March & AFGE Workers And The Shut Down [WW Radio] For more info 2018-01-26

UK Sexual harassment is rife in hospitality industry, according to preliminary findings of Unite survey [Unite the union] 2018-01-26

UK Harassment in theatres: 'dignity at work should be yours' says BECTU [BECTU] 2018-01-25