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Updated: Saturday 25 February 2017, 12:37:03

Australia Vile High Club:why is sexism so prevalent at 40,000 ft [TWU] 2017-02-24

New Zealand 'Do you want me to hityou again?' Burger King employee alleges assault by manger [Western Leader] 2017-02-24

Sri Lanka / Asia Dynasty And Double Standards: Women Leaders In South Asia [] 2017-02-23

UK Women are making trade unions relevant again [Guardian] 2017-02-22

UK Government must ‘up its game’ to stamp out gender pay gap, says TUC [TUC] For more info 2017-02-21

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India / Maharashtra Three women among four workers killed in factory fire [TNN] 2017-02-20

UK Pensions consultation must help more workers access good quality workplace schemes, says TUC [TUC] 2017-02-20

Australia / New South Wales Restoring flexible work for dads [Unions NSW] 2017-02-17

UK Usdaw calls on Camelot not to pull the rug from under The Food Retailer as administrators seek a buyer [USDAW] 2017-02-17

UK Ford sewing machinists’ strike in 1968 was not for equal pay [Guardian] 2017-02-16

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UK Time to prosecute minimum wage cheats, says TUC [TUC] 2017-02-16

Global Vile high club: why is sexism so prevalent at 40,000ft? [Guardian] 2017-02-16

Canada / USA Trudeau talks trade with Trump as Ivanka promotes women workers [AFP] 2017-02-15

USA / New York Love comes to Babeland just in time for Valentine’s Day [Brooklyn Daily Eagle] 2017-02-15

USA Legislation Would Provide Parental Leave to Federal Workers [Maui Now] 2017-02-15

USA Who is Dolores Huerta? How the Chicana activist changed the world [ESPN] 2017-02-15

USA / Texas Asti Suspends Lunch After Employees Leave In Light of Immigration Raids [Austin Eater] 2017-02-15

New Zealand Govt urged to support domestic violence paid leave bill [Radio New Zealand] 2017-02-15

USA Labor Dept. employees urge vote against Puzder nomination [Washington Post] 2017-02-15

UK / Scotland Women face 50 year battle over equal pay [Herald Scotland ] 2017-02-15

Europe Istanbul Convention: a minimum standard and a tool for eradicating gender violence [Equal Times] 2017-02-15

USA / North Dakota Kandi Mossett: “For indigenous people, this is literally a question of life or death” [Equal Times] 2017-02-15

Australia Sally McManus firms as first female secretary of the ACTU [Fairfax Media] 2017-02-14

USA / New York How This Sex Toy Store Is Protecting Women & LGBTQ Workers [refinery29] 2017-02-14

USA / New York Sex-Toy Shop Workers Getting Raises Under Union Contract [dna] 2017-02-14

Global Gender equity: Call for entries for IFJ graphic and slogan contest [IFJ] 2017-02-14

India / Tamil Nadu Repeated Sexual Harassment and unsafe conditions lead to women workers’ protest at American Subsidiary Venture Lighting India Limited [tnlabour] 2017-02-13

Jamaica / Caribbean Caribbean Sub-regional Women’s Advisory Committee meeting - SUBWOC (Jamaica) [PSI] 2017-02-13

Taiwan Foreign workers stage 'One Billion Rising' protest in Taipei [Focus Taiwan] 2017-02-13

India / Tamil Nadu Road Block by workers in MEPZ [tnlabour] 2017-02-13

Australia CPSU's Nadine Flood for the Senate? Maybe not this time [Fairfax Media] 2017-02-13

India Solapur: Noteban, tech push hit beedi workers’ income [New Indian Express] 2017-02-13

Canada / Ontario OPSEU to take Community Living Tillsonburg to court over pay equity issues [Global] 2017-02-12

Israel Histadrut challenger Shelly Yacimovich labelled a new-Bolshevik [Ha'aretz] 2017-02-11

India Labour Department elicits views on employment of women workers in textile mills [The Hindu] 2017-02-10

Australia / Victoria Anna Stewart Scholarship program for women unionists [AEU Victoria] 2017-02-10

Australia / Queensland A woman's losing battle for asbestos compensation [Brisbane Times] 2017-02-10

USA New York Department of Labor Clarifies Pay Transparency Provisions in Equal Pay Act [National Law Review] 2017-02-10

USA / Louisiana New Orleans takes steps to require equal pay for women in city jobs [Times-Picayune ] 2017-02-10

Australia Fashion models at risk of underpayment and exploitation in gig economy [Fairfax Media] 2017-02-10

Australia / Queensland Joint media release: Call for end to misleading criticism of midwifery [QNU] 2017-02-10

Australia Jobs market highly gender-segregated, little change over past 20 years [ABC] 2017-02-10

UK The Food Retailer is to enter administration having failed to secure a Company Voluntary Arrangement [USDAW] 2017-02-10

India Workplace Sexual Harassment Complaint [Mandaq] 2017-02-10

Australia ANMF urges Senators to reject Government’s sneaky cuts to PPL [ANMF] 2017-02-09

Australia Domestic violence leave a small cost to employers but priceless to victims - [MUA] 2017-02-09

Canada / Ontario OPSEU vows legal action over pay equity at Community Living Tilsonburg [NUPGE] 2017-02-09

Canada / British Columbia Sexism off the Menu: Seven Ways to Protect Servers from Abuse [The Tyee] 2017-02-09

Canada / British Columbia How BC Laws Fuel Sexism on the Job [The Tyee] 2017-02-09

Canada / British Columbia Inside BC’s Sexist Restaurant Industry [The Tyee] 2017-02-09

India Heavy lifting, shift work may harm women’s fertility: Study [The Hindu] 2017-02-09

India Indian garment workers fight for justice after factory injuries [Dna India] 2017-02-09

Australia Child care, paid parental leave, family tax benefit changes introduced in omnibus budget savings bill [ABC] 2017-02-08

Australia Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to extend paid parental leave [Courier-Mail] 2017-02-08

Bangladesh Gvt crackdown on garment workers and their unions intensified [The Fashion Law] ActNOW! 2017-02-08

USA Talk of May Day strike and strike by women against Trump [Independent ] 2017-02-08

India From Vardah, to Jallikattu to Oil Spill, the fish vendors of Nadukuppam struggle to rebuild their lives [tnlabour] 2017-02-08

UK Expert panel provides a welcome opportunity to build on success of auto-enrolment, says TUC [TUC] 2017-02-08

Israel Exposing deep cracks in Labor, party’s former chief runs for head of trade union [Times of Israel] 2017-02-07

Israel Union fight. Shelly Yacimovich’s decision to challenge Avi Nissenkoren for the leadership of the Histadrut labor federation is a positive development [Jerusalem Post] 2017-02-07

Israel Yachimovich to run for Histadrut chief [Globes Israel] 2017-02-07

USA / California Dolores Huerta: little-known militant icon with a big part in history [AFP] 2017-02-07

UK Insecure work up by a quarter since 2011, finds TUC [TUC] 2017-02-07

Australia / Victoria Be Bold For Change - IWD 2017 event [AWU Victoria] 2017-02-07

UK Pensions designed by men for men - TUC Pensions Conference [touchstoneblog] 2017-02-07

Israel MK Shelly Yachimovich to run for Histadrut head [YNet News] 2017-02-06

Israel Yachimovich to run for Histadrut chief [Globes] 2017-02-06

Hong Kong / USA Migrant domestic workers union leads anti-Trump protest in HK [Channel News Asia] 2017-02-06

UK Jayaben Desai and 'strikers in saris': 40 years later, an exhibition marks iconic Grunwick strike [First Post] 2017-02-06

USA Immigrant Women-Led Domestic Workers Are Standing Up to Trump [TeleSUR ] 2017-02-06

Israel Shelly Yachimovich will run for head of Histadrut, Israel’s organization of trade unions [JOL] 2017-02-06

USA Restriction on pregnant Guard, Reserve airmen lifted [Air Force Times] 2017-02-06

Israel Yacimovich joins charged race for Histadrut leadership [Jerusalem Post] 2017-02-06

India / Tamil Nadu Spinning mills of Tamil Nadu: Tales of forced labour and modern day slavery [tnlabour] 2017-02-06

Hong Kong / USA In Pictures: ‘No human is illegal’ – Hong Kong’s domestic workers lead protest against Donald Trump [HK Free Press] 2017-02-06

USA Audi's Super Bowl LI commercial had a strong message about equal pay. [CNN] 2017-02-06

USA Equal Pay Is Women's Top Workplace Issue, Survey Finds [Forbes] 2017-02-06

Israel Former Labor Party Leader to Run for Leadership of Histadrut Union [Ha'Aretz] 2017-02-06

Australia Pulver admits work to be done on equal pay [Rugby] 2017-02-06

India / Delhi 5 AIIMS doctors suspended for death of pregnant nurse [The Hindu] 2017-02-06

India / Maharashtra Pune techie murder restarts debate on safety [TOI] 2017-02-06

Iraq Women dealing with worsening harassment in the workplace [Al-Monitor] 2017-02-05

India Breaking into a male bastion: Delivery girls ride their way to freedom [HT] 2017-02-05

Sri Lanka Beyonce’s Clothing Line Is Paying Sweatshop Workers 54 Cents/Hour, Sources Say [Digital Music News] 2017-02-05

Bangladesh Global Retailers Call for Action on Labor Issues in Bangladesh [WWD] ActNOW! 2017-02-05

Bangladesh / Europe Crackdown on garment unions calls preferential EU trade deal into question [EurActiv] ActNOW! 2017-02-05

Hong Kong / USA Migrant workers union in HK to lead fresh rally against Donald Trump [HK Free Press] 2017-02-05

Brazil Marisa Letícia Lula da Silva, Wife of Former Brazilian President, Dies at 66 [WSJ] 2017-02-05

Bangladesh Prioritising Our Female Migrant Workers [Inter-Press Service] 2017-02-05

Macau / Japan Local domestic workers union members eye new opportunity in Japan [Macau Daily Times] 2017-02-04

Brazil Lula to hold vigil for late wife Saturday In Union Hall where they met [AFP] 2017-02-04

Japan Co-op in Fukuoka applies ‘same work, same pay’ principle [Japan Press WeekT] 2017-02-04

USA / Hawaii Bill would give sex workers legal rights [Associated Press] 2017-02-04

Canada / Alberta Female careworker killed by client shouldn't have been left alone, judge says -- again [CBC] 2017-02-04

India / Karnataka IT and ITeS employees take out rally demanding stringent security [The Hindu] 2017-02-04

Pakistan Time to end attacks on Lady Health Workers in Pakistan [PSI] 2017-02-03

India Indian High Court rules community health volunteers are municipal employees [PSI] 2017-02-03

India / Maharashtra IT staffers seek measures for better security [The Hindu] 2017-02-03

India / Kerala Technopark forum seeks better security for women staff [The Hindu] 2017-02-03

Australia 'Mediscare' campaign director Sally McManus firms as new ACTU leader [AFR] 2017-02-02