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Updated: Tuesday 25 June 2019, 06:38:16
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UK Fighting sexual harassment and standing up for disabled workers [Unison] 2019-06-24

New Zealand Will more babies be born on the side of the road? [Fairfax Media] 2019-06-24

Canada Deal Between Feds, Unions Gives Paid Time Off For Domestic Violence [Huffington Post] 2019-06-23

Canada Pride month: Nia's story [PSAC] 2019-06-23

Canada Deals reached on paid time off for domestic violence victims the ‘beginning of a wave’: Expert [Global] 2019-06-23

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India Helping women secure justice and dignity [The Statesman] 2019-06-23

Global ILO: New Treaty to Protect Workers from Violence, Harassment [HRW] 2019-06-22

Canada / Manitoba State of the unions [The Free Press] 2019-06-22

UK / Scotland Lap dancers sign union deal with Glasgow club employers [BBC] 2019-06-22

UK / Scotland Scots lap-dancing club workers gain right to union membership [The National] 2019-06-22

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Ireland Padraigín Ní Mhurchú obituary: Formidable workers’ representative [The Irish Times] 2019-06-22

USA / Iowa A nurse was beaten unconscious. Now, more workers attacked at Iowa mental health facility [State Farmer] 2019-06-22

Australia Disaster of Sopranos proportions: the Setka tipping point for ACTU [The Australian] 2019-06-22

Australia / Global Historic global Convention to eliminate violence and harassment at work passed [ACTU] 2019-06-22

China Violations of women workers’ rights widespread says Guangzhou court [CLB] 2019-06-22

Global ILO renews social contract with Centenary Declaration, adopts anti-violence Convention and holds governments to account for violations [ITUC] 2019-06-22

UK Greater use of employment tribunals could reduce sexual harassment in PR and comms [PR Week] 2019-06-21

Global Why women workers in global garment supply chains are saying #MeToo [Ethical Corporation] 2019-06-21

Canada / British Columbia Hospitality workers demand safer working conditions [CTV] 2019-06-21

USA What the US Women’s Soccer Team Wants [Counter Punch] 2019-06-21

India Trade unions to take up migrant women workers’ issues [The Hindu] 2019-06-21

Ireland Women pilots told ‘terminate your pregnancy or employment’ [The Irish Times] 2019-06-21

UK Lap dancers sign union deal with Glasgow club employers [BBC] 2019-06-21

South Africa / North West NUMSA Members Stage a Sit In At Mines To Protest Against Sexual Harrasment Of A Worker [Polity] 2019-06-21

South Africa / North West Numsa stages underground sit-in at Lanxess mine in Rustenburg [ANA/The Citizen] 2019-06-21

USA / USA / California On Juneteenth, SF City Workers Demand Firing Of HR Director Micki Callahan [LVP] For more info 2019-06-20

UK Social workers say they are no longer able to do their jobs effectively because of years of repeated cuts [UNISON] 2019-06-19

Canada / Nova Scotia Health authority ordered to do safety review after pregnant nurse attacked [CBC] 2019-06-19

Australia 50 years after Australia’s historic ‘equal pay’ decision, the legacy of ‘women’s work’ remains [The Conversation] 2019-06-19

Australia Equal pay fight continues fifty years after landmark case [ACTU] 2019-06-19

Australia Preschool teachers demand $100000 salaries in Fair Work Commission [The Morning Herald] 2019-06-19

Australia Professionals Australia marks 50th anniversary of equal pay case [Professionals Australia] 2019-06-19

Australia / Tasmania Anna Stewart Memorial Project 2019 Applications Open [Unions Tasmania] 2019-06-19

USA 13M workers have more than one job; women more likely to have multiple jobs [U. S. Census Bureau] 2019-06-19

India Forced to enter ditch by contractors, worker’s child dies as walls collapse [India Today] 2019-06-19

UK Care staff forced to sleep in offices and not wash [UNISON] 2019-06-18

UK Third of public sector care workers leave job every yeargmb [GMB] 2019-06-18

UK Business department workers continue strike action for better pay [Guardian] 2019-06-18

Global UNI Global Union to Alphabet investors: Vote to punish sexual harassment [UNI] 2019-06-18

Australia Statement on John Setka [NTEU] 2019-06-18

Australia / Tasmania Women's Conference 2019 [Unions Tasmania] 2019-06-18

Sudan Awadeya Mahmoud Koko: From tea seller to union leader to 'mother of the revolution' [] 2019-06-17

UK On Track With Diversity 2019 Report [ASLEF] 2019-06-17

UK Just 6.5% of drivers in England, Wales and Scotland are women, and 8% are an ethnic minority [Guardian] 2019-06-17

Ireland Garda Commissioner and Minister for Justice apologise over pregnancy inquiry [BBC] 2019-06-17

South Africa Domestic workers want to be covered for occupational injuries [GroundUp] 2019-06-17

India / Andhra Pradesh Behind ASHA Workers’ Victory in Andhra, A 10-Year- Long Relentless Struggle [Newsclick] 2019-06-16

India / Nagaland Domestic workers continue to battle for minimum wage [The Eastern Mirror] 2019-06-16

Australia John Setka scandal: Australian Workers' Union joins calls for CFMMEU leader to quit [The Guardian] 2019-06-16

Bahrain GFBTU and IDWF Signed MOU on Protection of Domestic Workers’ Rights in Bahrain [EIN] 2019-06-16

New Zealand Care workers go on strike [NewsHub] 2019-06-16

India / Telangana 65,000 domestic workers of Telangana demand welfare board [Today] 2019-06-16

UK ‘Get angry – then get organised’ to defend social care [Unison] 2019-06-16

Switzerland Swiss women strike and burn bras in protest against sexism [Radio New Zealand] 2019-06-15

Canada / Global CUPE women speak out at Women Deliver conference [CUPE] 2019-06-15

Canada / Switzerland Support the feminist strike in Switzerland! [NUPGE] 2019-06-15

India / Nagaland Domestic workers’ union enacts street play [The Eastern Mirror] 2019-06-15

Ethiopia If you are unhappy resign, Ethiopian workers told [IndustriALL] 2019-06-14

Australia / Victoria McDonalds worker left shaken after 'unprovoked' fire extinguisher attack [7News] 2019-06-14

Ireland Meath mum receives €52,000 after she was sacked from her job for having a baby [Irish Mirror] 2019-06-14

Australia Anthony Albanese insists John Setka will be expelled from Labor despite impasse [The Guardian] 2019-06-14

Australia Julia Angrisano Headlines Women In Super National Road Show [FSU] 2019-06-14

Australia Setka furore opens division within the labour movement – and there is no easy solution [The Conversation] 2019-06-14

Switzerland Women strike in Switzerland for fairer pay, more equality [The Times-Union] 2019-06-14

Switzerland Time to fix the world of work as women take to the streets in Switzerland [ITUC] 2019-06-14

Switzerland Women go on strike as outrage builds over inequality [The Financial Times] 2019-06-14

Switzerland Why Swiss women are back on strike today [SwissInfo] 2019-06-14

India / Tamil Nadu Garment factories found giving illegal pills to women workers to make them work through period pain [Today] 2019-06-14

India / Tamil Nadu Illegal Pills Given To Women Workers In Tamil Nadu Factories To Make Them Work Through Period Pain [Huffington Post] 2019-06-14

USA Construction: ‘It’s Time to Start Designing Women In’ [Construction Equipment] 2019-06-14

Global The two-fronted fight of sex workers against trafficking [Open Democracy] 2019-06-14

New Zealand Female checkout staff at New World can now wear trousers instead of skirts [Stuff] 2019-06-14

Global UNI urges ILO Labour Conference to adopt new global convention to end violence and harassment in the workplace [UNI] 2019-06-14

Switzerland UNI out in force for Women’s Strike [UNI] 2019-06-14

Switzerland Swiss women strike to demand equal pay [The Guardian] 2019-06-14

Switzerland Switzerland Swiss women strike for gender equality [Euronews] 2019-06-14

Switzerland Swiss women strike for more money, time and respect [BBC] 2019-06-14

Switzerland Eleven numbers that tell the story of women in Switzerland today [The Local] 2019-06-14

Switzerland Swiss women strike to protest gender pay gap, inequality [UPI] 2019-06-14

Switzerland Swiss women strike in call for equal pay and rights [SBS] 2019-06-14

Switzerland Swiss women launch second national strike for gender equality [Yahoo] 2019-06-14

Global Prohibiting violence and harassment in the world of work [IndustriALL] 2019-06-13

Canada / Global Canada’s unions play key role in ILO negotiations on addressing violence at work [CLC] 2019-06-13

Canada Prohibiting violence and harassment in the world of work [CLC] 2019-06-13

Australia Stalemate as Sally McManus calls on Setka to resign, but he vows to stay [The Guardian] 2019-06-13

Australia Statement from ACTU Secretary Sally McManus on John Setka [ACTU] 2019-06-13

Australia Statement from CPSU PSU Executive on Gendered Violence [CPSU] 2019-06-13

UK / Ireland / Northern Ireland Inez McCormack-a remarkable life of achievement against the odds [Derry Now] 2019-06-13

USA Strippers Are Turning To Old-School Union Tactics To Fight For Fair Wages [Huffington Post] 2019-06-13

South Africa One Third of Domestic Workers Are Still Not Registered for UIF [allAfrica] 2019-06-13

Iran Female labor activists remain in jail after 40 days [NCRI] 2019-06-13

UK Every worker deserves the right to guaranteed hours, says TUC [TUC] 2019-06-13

Switzerland Thousands of women work in precarious jobs – view [KXAN] 2019-06-13

India / Maharashtra Pune: Frequent nakabandi, raids bad for business [The Times] 2019-06-13

UK More than 5m people in Britain suffer low-paid, insecure work [The Guardian] 2019-06-12

India Indian factories found endangering seamstresses' health with illegal pills [Reuters ] 2019-06-12

Canada / Ontario New data show thousands of Ontario companies violating country’s toughest anti-harassment law [The Globe and Mail] 2019-06-12

Australia Unions divided on Setka comments about Rosie Batty [The Morning Herald] 2019-06-12

Australia Statement from ASU National Secretary David Smith [ASU] 2019-06-12

Australia #OurGoalisNow [PFA] 2019-06-12