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Updated: Wednesday 5 August 2015, 10:25:01

UK Acas offers new equality guides [Morning Star] 2015-08-05

Hong Kong / Philippines ​Hong Kong Democrat Emily Lau discusses foreign domestic workers’ rights in Manila [Coconuts Hong Kong] 2015-08-04

South Africa South Africa’s domestic workers gain a minimum wage… [Equal Times] 2015-08-04

Global Bad housekeeping: the plight of domestic workers [New Internationalist] 2015-08-04

Hong Kong / Dominican Republic Organizing Key to Assisting Migrant Workers [Solidarity Center] For more info 2015-08-04

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Hong Kong Working moms who breastfeed seek change [HK Standard] 2015-08-03

Hong Kong Better hours key to unleashing female labor force [HK Standard] 2015-08-03

Australia Transgender sex workers share stories of daily struggles and discrimination [ABC] 2015-08-03

Japan Number of Japanese women in work reaches record high [FT] 2015-08-03

India Working with India's women debt collectors [BBC] 2015-08-03

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Vietnam Female workers to escape humdrum routines in 2035 [Tuoi Tre News] 2015-08-03

Global Progress of the World’s Women 2015-2016: Transforming Economies, Realizing Rights [UN Women] 2015-08-03

India LS TV women staff raise safety issue [The Hindu] 2015-08-03

Sri Lanka After 2 year struggle Sri Lanka's first women’s trade union close to registration [Sunday Times] 2015-08-02

Burma Jolie, Suu Kyi visit Myanmar female factory workers [Associated Press] 2015-08-02

Bangladesh Domestic workers need the law on their side [The Tribune] 2015-08-02

Hong Kong / Philippines Emily Lau to visit Manila to discuss foreign maids’ plight [ejinsight] 2015-08-01

Iran Longer maternity leave could lead to job losses [Radio Zamaneh] 2015-08-01

Australia Crossbenchers lobbied to sink Fairer Paid Parental Leave Bill [The Australian] 2015-08-01

USA Paid Leave This Week: Millennial Dads Discover That Work-Life Balance is Hard [New Republic] 2015-08-01

Hong Kong 72% of Hong Kong domestic workers don't like the term 'helper' [COCONUTS Hong Kong] 2015-07-31

Hong Kong Tales from Victoria Park: A New novel based on the lives of Hong Kong’s foreign domestic workers [COCONUTS Hong Kong] 2015-07-31

Australia / Queensland Farm employers 'manipulate' female backpackers into sexual acts in return for Australian visa sign-off [ABC] 2015-07-31

New Zealand Union pushes for equal pay rises [Radio New Zealand] 2015-07-31

Australia VIDEO: The gender pay gap [United Voice] 2015-07-31

Global “Breastfeeding and Work- Let’s Make it Work!” [ILO] 2015-07-31

Global Ending the hidden scourge of violence against women at work [Equal Times] 2015-07-30

USA Teamsters Women’s Conference Registration [Teamsters] 2015-07-30

Australia / New South Wales Family violence takes centre stage at Nurse Union conference [NSW Nurses and Midwives Association] 2015-07-30

USA There’s Another “Equal Pay Day” We Should Be Talking About [UFCW] 2015-07-30

Australia Paid Parental Leave Survey Report: Key Findings [ANMF] 2015-07-30

New Zealand Woman wins battle for paid parental leave [NZ Herald] 2015-07-30

New Zealand ANZ to top up KiwiSaver for staff on parental leave [Business Day] 2015-07-30

Malta Right to parental leave [Times of Malta] 2015-07-30

China Henan company proposes fining workers for 'unapproved' pregnancies [Fortune] 2015-07-30

USA Women and older workers are staying in jobs longer [Management Today] 2015-07-30

Greece Teachers’ union gets first woman chief [eKathimerini] 2015-07-30

Hong Kong US report urges Hong Kong to enhance protection of foreign maids [ejinsight] 2015-07-29

Hong Kong / USA For 6th straight year Hong Kong fails to comply with human trafficking standards [COCONUTS Hong Kong] 2015-07-29

Hong Kong / USA Human trafficking report by US State Dept rebutted by Hong Kong [ABS CBN] 2015-07-29

Russia Leadership workshop in Russia inspires women unionists [ITF Global Union] 2015-07-29

Australia Unions challenge business to work together to boost retirement incomes for women [Unions NSW] 2015-07-29

Australia FSU welcomes new ANZ ‘annual super payments’ for Women [FSU] 2015-07-29

New Zealand Women host vigil to mark health and safety reforms [3News] 2015-07-29

USA / Rhode Island Union rallying for higher minimum wage for caregivers [The Journal] 2015-07-29

UK 300,000 more women seeking work than men, says TUC [TUC] 2015-07-28

Korea (South) Labor activist from South Korea's dark past finally finds justice [UPI] 2015-07-28

Italy / Nigeria ‘I was a slave': Nigerian women escape sexual bondage in Italy [PBS NewsHour] 2015-07-28

UK More women than men looking for work, claims TUC [BT] 2015-07-28

UK Frances O’Grady: The first woman general secretary of the TUC on industry, strikes and leadership [Director] 2015-07-28

Australia / Victoria Workers burn'd. Grill'd Burgers sacks worker who speaks out over unfair pay [United Voice] 2015-07-28

Russia / Bulgaria Leadership workshop in Russia inspires women unionists [ITF] 2015-07-28

Australia Labor pushes paid domestic violence leave [AAP] 2015-07-27

Australia / Victoria 'Landmark' Fair Work ruling over family violence victim sacked after husband allegedly abused her [ABC] 2015-07-26

UK New report shows many employers are in denial about pregnancy discrimination, says TUC [TUC] 2015-07-25

UK Job insecurity fuels women’s reluctance to complain about pregnancy discrimination, says Unite [Unite] 2015-07-25

Palestine Report: Palestinian female labor participation among world's lowest [Ma'an News Agency] 2015-07-23

USA / USA / California CWA AFA UAL SFO Picket, AFT Pres Weingarten & Clinton Endorsement With Candi Peters WTU Gen VP & Recology & Hanging Nooses [WW Radio] For more info 2015-07-23

Canada / British Columbia TSSU Back to Grade Withholding [Burnaby Now] For more info 2015-07-23

Hong Kong / China Mainland man gets 3-week jail term for groping flight attendant [ejinsight] 2015-07-22

USA / California Cheerleaders get workplace rights [Daily Kos] 2015-07-22

Israel Wafa Tiara, Kufr Qara’s 'First Feminist' [WAC Ma'an] 2015-07-21

Hong Kong / Indonesia Domestic helper dies of hanging in Ngau Tau Kok [ejinsight] 2015-07-21

Hong Kong Live-in maids policy review ruled out [HK Standard] 2015-07-21

Sierra Leone Maternal deaths to rise sharply as number of health workers who lost their lives in Ebola outbreak reaches 12% [Concord Times] 2015-07-21

Turkey Uproar in front of Confederation of Progressive Trade Unions [Bianet] 2015-07-21

Oman Ramadan work hours continue round the clock for maids [Muscat Daily] 2015-07-21

Azerbaijan The Reporting That Jailed Khadija [RFE/Radio Liberty] 2015-07-21

Canada / Ontario Why are most teachers' unions still run by men? New women in charge talk [The Star] 2015-07-20

Ireland Former European commissioner and Fianna Fáil minister to head third-level gender equality review [Irish Times] 2015-07-20

Canada Sex work isn’t like Pretty Woman [Now] 2015-07-18

USA / USA / California Contract Now! CWA AFA UAL SFO Flight Attendants, Teamsters and Other Workers Demand Contract [LVPSF] For more info 2015-07-17

Global Nearly a quarter of UN states want a female secretary-general [Jakarta Post] 2015-07-17

New Zealand / UK Woman had to leave New Zealand with unborn child after unjustified dismissal [Fairfax] 2015-07-17

New Zealand CTU womens' awards [PSA] 2015-07-17

USA / California Healthcare workers rally for strong workplace violence prevention protections [California Safe Care Standard] For more info 2015-07-17

USA / California Nurses decrying workplace violence flood CAL/OSHA board meeting in Pasadena city hall [Pasadena Now] 2015-07-17

Nigeria NLC Union Centre Condemns Boko Haram's Continued Killing of Nigerians [Vanguard] 2015-07-16

Middle East / Cameroon In Search of Jobs, Cameroonian Women May End Up as Slaves in Middle East [IntePress Service] 2015-07-16

UK Organise like the Chainmakers [ ] For more info 2015-07-16

UK If the Tory press cares about women’s pay, why is it attacking trade unions? [Left Foot Forward] 2015-07-15

Australia Women need super security too [This Working Life] 2015-07-15

New Zealand Profile on Helen Kelly union leader [TVNZ] 2015-07-14

Canada / Newfoundland and Labrador Outspoken fisheries leader, women's advocate to seek NDP nomination in Fortune Bay–Cape La Hune [CBC] 2015-07-14

Kenya To pay or not to pay your house help Sh11,000? [The Star] 2015-07-14

UK Closing gender pay gap is vital, says TUC [TUC] 2015-07-14

Philippines On the 2nd Month of the worst factory fire in the PH: Tragedy of Kentex Workers, a tragedy of every Filipino contractual worker [EILER] For more info Image 2015-07-13

India / Maharashtra From rags to union riches in India [Equal Times] 2015-07-13

Canada / Quebec Fighting for retirement equality: What women need to know [rabble] 2015-07-13

Sri Lanka Domestic Workers Ignored! [The Leader] 2015-07-12

India / Nagaland YUK concerned over violence on domestic workers in Kma [The Post] 2015-07-11

Hong Kong Employment agency fined for overcharging foreign domestic workers [COCONUTS Hong Kong] 2015-07-10

Bangladesh TUC Aid and NGWF programme trains over 500 women workers in organising and labour rights in Bangladesh [TUC] 2015-07-10

Kuwait Rights for Kuwait Domestic Workers: ‘Cautiously Good Step’ [Solidarity Center] For more info 2015-07-09

Ireland Mother loses maternity benefit action over surrogacy [Irish Times] 2015-07-09

USA / California Speak out! [California Safe Care Standard Campaign] For more info 2015-07-07

Bangladesh Bangladesh Women Workers Increasingly Empowered [Solidarity Center] For more info 2015-07-07

Macau Women’s Association petitions for 90-day maternity leave [Macau Daily Times] 2015-07-06

Global Turf row spark as world players’ union opens to women [The Daily Times] 2015-07-06

Sri Lanka Sick and tired: domestic workers fight back against violence [Open Democracy] 2015-07-06