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Updated: Friday 1 July 2016, 17:11:13

India / Delhi 26-week maternity leave for women employees soon in private sector [TOI] 2016-07-01

India / Kerala NHRC notice to Kerala govt on textile retail sector women employees [TOI] 2016-07-01

Global Moving beyond export-led growth towards securing women’s rights [Equal Times] 2016-06-30

India / Delhi Women could be employed on night shift soon [TOI] 2016-06-30

UK Three million part-time women workers excluded from workplace pensions, says new TUC report [TUC] 2016-06-29

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Global How export-led growth hampers women’s rights [Equal Times] 2016-06-29

Global Moving beyond export-led growth towards securing women’s rights [Equal Times] 2016-06-29

UK Unison women join protest against pension inequality [UNISON] 2016-06-29

Canada / Ontario Female firefighter in Toronto alleges years of abuse and harassment at Toronto Fire Services [CBC] 2016-06-28

Australia Migrant women workers in Australia fight back against exploitation [Equal Times] 2016-06-28

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Vietnam Jobs for sale in Vietnam [Equal Times] 2016-06-28

Asia / Pacific Women renew demand for 40% representation [IndustriALL Global Union] 2016-06-28

UK Three million part-time women workers excluded from workplace pensions, says new TUC report [TUC] 2016-06-28

India / Karnataka Now, paternity leave for Kronos staff [BL] 2016-06-27

Canada / Alberta Police must deal with those who put female politicians in the crosshairs [AFL] 2016-06-26

Canada / Alberta Labour group calls for police to take action on ‘toxic rhetoric’ aimed at female politicians [Global] 2016-06-25

Taiwan Spokeswoman seen as the driving force behind successful strike action [The Times] 2016-06-25

India / Karnataka One in seven women in Bengaluru garment factories faces sexual violence: Report [Zee News] 2016-06-25

India / Andhra Pradesh Shift to AP turns women employees' lives upside down [TOI] 2016-06-25

USA / California Sex Workers Say California Bill Gives Police Too Much Power [CBS] 2016-06-25

Asia Migrant domestic workers left out of policy [East Asia Forum] 2016-06-25

Hong Kong Employment agency fined HK$9,000 for overcharging maid 30 times [ejinsight] 2016-06-24

New Zealand Marg Jones: the matriarch of good causes [The Daily Blog] 2016-06-24

India / UK TUC Aid and ETI improving the conditions of women textile workers in South India [TUC] 2016-06-24

USA / Pennsylvania Longtime health-equality advocate named Union Woman of the Year [] 2016-06-24

India / Karnataka KSRTC suspends officer for harassing woman colleague [TOI] 2016-06-24

India / Tamil Nadu Plea to rescue woman from Oman [The Hindu] 2016-06-24

Australia / New South Wales Wollongong Art Gallery hosts 'Feminist Panel of Women in the Workforce' [Illawarra Mercury] 2016-06-23

India / Delhi How Narendra Modi govt tailored labour reforms in textile policy garb [Financial Express] 2016-06-23

India / Andhra Pradesh Women staff to get hostel accommodation [The Hindu] 2016-06-23

India / Saudi Arabia Domestic help from Tamil Nadu breaks back trying to escape Saudi employer [Reuters] 2016-06-22

India / Karnataka KSRTC staffer charges senior with sexual harassment [TOI] 2016-06-22

Hong Kong Cabin crew protest over divisive pay contract [HK Standard] 2016-06-20

Australia Unions press for domestic violence leave commitment [Financial Review] 2016-06-20

India / Kerala Anti-harassment cells at workplaces still on paper [The Hindu] 2016-06-20

UK / Global Unite celebrates International Domestic Workers’ Day with renewed call to end tied visas for domestic workers [Unite] 2016-06-19

Hong Kong Union launches campaign to end exploitation of Hong Kong’s domestic workers [The South China Morning Post] 2016-06-19

Turkey European and International Trade Unions Demand Immediate release of DISK General Secretary [ITUC] 2016-06-18

Turkey Union head released after being detained for ‘insulting Erdoğan’ [Hurriyet Daily News] 2016-06-18

India / Saudi Arabia / Tamil Nadu Tortured in Saudi Arabia, Chennai woman comes home to safety [The Hindu] 2016-06-18

Europe ETUC Action programme on gender equality 2016-2019 [ETUC] 2016-06-18

Egypt Daughter of Hisham Geneina to take legal action against her dismissal [DNE] 2016-06-18

Kuwait / Zimbabwe 14 Zimbabwean women return from Kuwait where they were subjected to slavery [Zimbabwe Herald] 2016-06-18

Middle East / Ethiopia Escaping the Heat Into the Fire - Migration of Ethiopian Women Domestic Workers to Middle East Countries [Pambazuka News] 2016-06-18

New Zealand Decision to veto Paid Parental Leave shows Bill English's real priorities [NZNO] 2016-06-17

India / Telangana Domestic workers seek their due [The Hindu] 2016-06-17

Canada / New Brunswick Pay-equity raises going to CUPE school workers [CBC] 2016-06-17

Canada / New Brunswick Pay equity on the horizon for some public sector workers [Global] 2016-06-17

Turkey Union Secretary General Detained over ‘Insulting President’ [Bianet] 2016-06-17

India / Tamil Nadu Teenagers' escape from Indian spinning mill prompts crackdown on labor abuses [Reuters] 2016-06-16

Global Five Years of Progress for Domestic Workers, But Much Still to be Done [ITUC ] 2016-06-16

Asia Supply Chain Countries - the Philippines, Cambodia, Bangladesh and Malaysia - Under ILO Spotlight [ITUC] 2016-06-16

Morocco Domestic Workers See Gains, yet Struggle for Decent Work [Solidarity Center] For more info 2016-06-16

Honduras “Berta Cáceres did not die. She multiplied” [Equal Times] 2016-06-15

Canada / Guatemala / Ontario OPSEU Supports Maternal, Newborn and Child Health for Guatemalan Indigenous Communities [OPSEU] 2016-06-15

Australia / New South Wales One Harvest workers pick union certainty [AMWU] 2016-06-14

Global Going undercover as a sex worker [al Jazeera] 2016-06-14

Japan Japan’s stay-at-home mothers [Equal Times] 2016-06-14

Canada New federal pay equity law one step closer [PSAC] 2016-06-13

UK Universal Credit is a ticking time bomb for many low-paid working families, says Usdaw [Usdaw] 2016-06-12

Jamaica The productivity revolution and Jamaica's household workers [The Gleaner] 2016-06-12

Tanzania Million reasons to treat your house girl humanely [The Daily Times] 2016-06-12

Canada Postal Workers Won't Wait for Trudeau, They're Acting Now on Pay Equity [CUPW] 2016-06-11

New Zealand Women have waited too long for equal pay-Govt needs to hurry up [PSA] 2016-06-11

Global ‘Groundbreaking’ forum sets agenda for tackling violence against women in public transport [ITF Global Union] 2016-06-10

USA / Global Solidarity Center Marks Launch of Global Labor Programf [Solidarity Center] 2016-06-10

Canada MP committee falls short on pay equity plan [CUPE] 2016-06-10

Canada MP committee falls short on pay equity plan [CUPE] 2016-06-10

Global Have your say on gender aspects of Sustainable Development Goals [Education International] 2016-06-10

India / Kerala Women workers at petrol pumps find the going tough [The Hindu] 2016-06-10

New Zealand Equal pay principles big step forward for pay equity [NZEI-te Riu Roa] 2016-06-09

New Zealand Government agrees equal pay for men and women is right and fair [NZNO] 2016-06-09

Malawi / Kuwait Govt says it will now help 20 Malawian girls stranded in Kuwait [Nyasa Times] 2016-06-09

New Zealand Editorial: a blueprint for justice for women in the workplace [Dominion Post] 2016-06-09

Canada / Ontario Standing up for maternity leave: Interview with Gilary Massa [Rank and File] 2016-06-09

South Africa / Gauteng DENOSA mourns the passing of its founding member Mrs Mary Jwaai [DENOSA] 2016-06-09

USA Soccer: US women's team does not have the right to strike: Judge [Reuters] 2016-06-08

Australia / New South Wales Employer accused of withholding government-funded paid parental leave taken to court [ABC] 2016-06-08

New Zealand Caregivers, we're worth it [NZNO] 2016-06-08

Australia / Victoria Deputy-principal sues private school following fallout from calamatous camp [Fairfax media] 2016-06-07

New Zealand / Pacific Obituary: Filamata Fiu: Matriarch of the trade union [Fairfax media] 2016-06-07

Australia / Victoria Guard of Honour greets Safe Schools founder Roz Ward as she returns to work [Fairfax Media] 2016-06-06

India / Goa Goa: Transport poor, no night shift for women [TOI] 2016-06-05

India / Maharashtra More women taking up odd jobs, claims survey [TOI] 2016-06-05

India / Andhra Pradesh Women can now report harassment without being identified [The Hindu] 2016-06-05

UK Workload and Working Time [NUT] 2016-06-04

UK Usdaw urges BHS administrators to redouble their efforts to find a buyer and to fully consult with staff [Usdaw] 2016-06-04

Cambodia Alcohol a risk for sex workers, study finds [Phnom Penh Post] 2016-06-04

Pakistan Industry urged to ensure women-friendly workplace [Dawn] 2016-06-04

Australia / Victoria LaTrobe backs down. Roz Ward reinstated [NTEU] 2016-06-03

Australia / Tasmania State Libs split with feds on public service domestic violence leave [Fairfax Media] 2016-06-02

New Zealand Pay equiy decision looms as aged-care sector warns of potential $500m hit [National Business Review] 2016-06-02

UK / Scotland Equal Pay Breakthrough North Lanarkshire Council [GMB] 2016-06-01

Azerbaijan Journalist Khadija Ismayilova released on probation [IFJ] 2016-05-31

Tunisia IFJ mourns the loss of leading trade-unionist Néjiba Hamrouni [IFJ] 2016-05-31

Norway Amnesty International attacks Norway for violating human rights of sex workers [Huffington Post] 2016-05-31

UK Ladbrokes staff raped and killed as firm saves millions of pounds by forcing staff to work alone [Daily Mirror] 2016-05-31

UK Women in trade unions pamphlet launch and play in Manchester [Salford Star] 2016-05-31

Cambodia / Malaysia Agreement Signed to Protect Cambodian Maids in Malaysia [Khmer Times] 2016-05-31

Cambodia Scores faint at Kampong Speu garment factory [Phnom Penh Post] 2016-05-31