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Updated: Saturday 30 May 2015, 22:18:19

Australia ACTU calls for domestic violence leave [AAP] 2015-05-30

Australia / Victoria Unions urge Victorian Family Violence Royal Commission to recommend domestic violence leave [ACTU] 2015-05-30

UK TUC welcomes Royal College of Midwives’ application for membership [TUC] 2015-05-30

Philippines Labor party dares PNoy to certify bill criminalizing OSH violations [PM] For more info Image 2015-05-29

Australia ACTU Congress: Women in unions - room for improvement [AMWU] 2015-05-29

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Australia AMWU welcomes Rosie Batty support for union domestic violence push [AMWU] 2015-05-29

Canada Rates of unionized workers falling; more women than men in unions [The Star] 2015-05-29

Ireland HEA begins third-level gender equality review [Irish Examiner] 2015-05-29

UK TUC welcomes Royal College of Midwives’ application for membership [TUC] 2015-05-29

UK Royal College of Midwives applies for TUC affiliation [RCM] 2015-05-29

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Hong Kong / Philippines Filipina maid photographs 'modern slavery' in Hong Kong [ABS-CBN] 2015-05-28

Canada / Ontario Temporary foreign workers' vulnerability noted in sexual harassment case [CBC] 2015-05-28

Ireland Gender inequality ‘a systemic issue for higher education’ [Irish Times] 2015-05-28

Australia Unions will work with business over unfair cuts to paid parental leave [ACTU] 2015-05-27

Australia TWU backs ACTU demand for domestic violence leave [TWU NSW] 2015-05-27

Australia Shorten backs violence leave, sort of [AAP] 2015-05-27

Vietnam Getting tough on sex harassment at work with first-ever conduct code [Thanh Nien] 2015-05-27

Palestine Violations against female Palestinian journalists triple since 2010 [Ma'an News Agency] 2015-05-27

Australia Unions reject parental leave changes [AAP] 2015-05-27

Australia ACTU wants paid leave for domestic victims [AAP] 2015-05-26

Turkey Turkish women form trade union platform network [industri all] For more info 2015-05-26

Australia Rosie Batty endorses union push for domestic violence leave [ACTU] 2015-05-26

New Zealand / Indonesia Slavery on New Zealand seas: Rape, bonded labour and abuse widespread in fishing industry [Fairfax media] 2015-05-26

Australia Domestic violence leave push gains new backer [This Working Life] 2015-05-26

Australia Rosie Batty backs ACTU call for mandatory leave for domestic violence victims [ABC] 2015-05-26

Australia Rosie Batty backs ACTU push for domestic violence leave [The Australian] 2015-05-26

Australia Rosie Batty backs domestic violence leave [AAP] 2015-05-26

Iran Yarn factory closure throws 100 more women out of work [Radio Zamaneh] 2015-05-26

Turkey NGO helps mothers return to work [Al-Monitor] 2015-05-26

Australia Rosie Batty backs ACTU's call for domestic violence leave [AFR] 2015-05-26

Australia Low-paid mums lose thousands [West Australian] 2015-05-23

Malaysia 'We should not work alone!' declare Langkawi hotel housekeepers [IUF] 2015-05-23

Hong Kong Cathay Pacific flight attendants plan strike August 18-31 [ejinsight] 2015-05-23

Hong Kong Retail shop employee exposes spy cameras in locker room [ejinsight] 2015-05-23

Australia / New South Wales Government must consider Labor’s measures to end workplace discrimination [NSW Labor] 2015-05-23

USA / USA / California UTR West Contra Costa County Teachers Fight For Living Wages And Against Charters And Privatization [Labor Video Project] For more info 2015-05-23

Hong Kong / China Cathay pushing flight attendants union into strike , leader warns [RTHK] 2015-05-22

Hong Kong / China Cathay flight attendants plan strike in August [RTHK] 2015-05-22

Australia Canberra women undeserving of attacks by Prime Minister Tony Abbott [Fairfax Media] 2015-05-22

Hong Kong Cathay crew's protest continues as deadline nears [RTHK] 2015-05-21

Hong Kong Cathay cabin crew to step up protest [HK Standard] 2015-05-21

Hong Kong Flight attendants move mass protest - now in Day 3 - to Cathay HQ [RTHK] 2015-05-21

Global Women World Conference plans revealed [IndustriALL Global Union] 2015-05-20

Hong Kong Cathay flight attendants start marathon sit-in [RTHK] 2015-05-20

Hong Kong CX cabin crew launch sit-in protest [HK Standard] 2015-05-20

Hong Kong Cathay Pacific cabin crew stage marathon sit-in at Hong Kong airport [SCMP] 2015-05-20

Hong Kong Several hundred Cathay Pacific flight attendants hold sit-in protest at HK airport [Associated Press] 2015-05-20

Hong Kong / China Hundreds of flight attendants hold mass sit-in at Hong Kong airport [HKCTU] For more info 2015-05-20

Hong Kong Cabin crew union urges 65 as retirement age [RTHK] 2015-05-19

Korea (South) Protect Babies and Pregnant Women [AMRC] 2015-05-19

Australia Paid parental leave changes a rort on women [ANMF Victoria] 2015-05-19

China Three Police Officers on Trial For Beating Death of Woman in Pay Dispute [Radio Free Asia] 2015-05-19

New Zealand Sexual Harassment [Stuff] 2015-05-18

Jordan ‘No gender pay gap under Civil Service Bureau rules’ [Jordan Times] 2015-05-18

Hong Kong / China HKCTU slams beauty shop chain for ordering workers to attend pro-Beijing reform rally [ejinsight] 2015-05-18

Hong Kong 17% of HK working moms spend less than an hour daily with family : HKCTU survey [ejinsight] 2015-05-18

USA Meet the labor leader who will face off with GM [Detroit Free Press] 2015-05-18

Philippines Jail Kentex, subcon owners! [PM] For more info Image 2015-05-18

Australia Bad news for women – and us all [Fairfax Media] 2015-05-16

Australia PM offends thousands with PPL 'double-dip' debacle [CPSU] 2015-05-16

Australia ‘Double dipping’ public servants will lose out twice [The Conversation] 2015-05-15

Australia / Queensland QCU unions protest parental leave change [AAP] 2015-05-15

Australia How a bullying complaint uncovered vipers in FSU ranks [The Australian] 2015-05-15

New Zealand Women Worse Off - Gender Pay Gap in NZ [PECC] 2015-05-15

Australia Confessions of a double-dipping rorter [West Australian] 2015-05-15

Australia Paid parental leave scheme will not be amended; PM's office confirm Abbott misheard question [ABC] 2015-05-15

Philippines Labor group demands justice for Kentex fire victims [CNN] 2015-05-15

Australia / Victoria Government breaks promise on paid parental leave and turns its back on working mothers [ASU Victoria ] 2015-05-15

USA The top 25 hedge fund managers earn more than all kindergarten teachers in U.S. combined [Washington Post] 2015-05-15

Canada Histories of women in the labour movement [rabble] 2015-05-15

Philippines What compliance?| Kentex’s many violations caused biggest factory fire casualty – labor NGOs [] 2015-05-15

Australia Budget 2015: Women furious at ‘rorts’ slur on maternity leave [The Australian] 2015-05-14

Australia Abbott defiant on budget's 'hell of a turnaround' on paid parental leave [9News] 2015-05-14

Australia Budget 2015: Tony Abbott denies Joe Hockey and Scott Morrison called mums 'rorters and fraudsters' over paid parental leave 'double-dipping' [ABC] 2015-05-14

Australia PM denies calling mums ‘rorters and fraudsters’ [The New Daily] 2015-05-14

Australia Coalition accused of labelling new parents 'rorters' and 'fraudsters' [AFR] 2015-05-14

Australia Federal Budget 2015: Expectant mums face parental leave cash slash [Melbourne Herald-Sun] 2015-05-14

Australia New paid parental leave scheme needs to acknowledge already existing deals, Nick Xenophon says [ABC] 2015-05-14

Australia The real reason Abbott needs women to work [The New Daily] 2015-05-14

Australia Senator Sinodinos blasts colleagues for ‘targeting mums’ [The New Daily] 2015-05-14

Australia / Queensland Unions start campaign to save paid parental leave agreements [Stand for Queensland] 2015-05-14

Australia Turnbull distances himself from claim women workers 'double dipping' committing 'fraud' on paid parental leave [ABC] 2015-05-14

Turkey Both Left and Right trade unions treat women members as inferior [Bianet] 2015-05-14

Indonesia HRW urges end to virginity tests for female soldiers [Tempo] 2015-05-14

UK Unite urges supermarket bosses to save jobs [Unite] 2015-05-14

Australia The price of beauty: the dark side of nail salons [The New Daily] 2015-05-13

Australia Parental Leave ‘Double Cross’ not ‘Double Dip’ [FSU] 2015-05-13

Australia Paid parental leave: more questions than answers [ANMF] 2015-05-13

South Africa Statement by Zwelinzima Vavi on the passing of Comrade Ruth Mompati [NUMSA] 2015-05-13

South Africa A Gallant Fighter; a Revolutionary to the End-Comrade Mme Ruth Mompati [COSATU] 2015-05-13

Hong Kong Rights of Migrant Domestic Workers in HK [HKCTU] 2015-05-13

Turkey Survey: 90 percent of Turkish nurses are in debt [Cihan] 2015-05-12

India The overworked, but underpaid, nightingales deserve better [The Hindu] 2015-05-12

Australia ANMF celebrates International Nurses Day 2015 [ANMF] 2015-05-12

Australia / New South Wales Time to celebrate hardworking nurses, past and present [NSW Nurses and Midwives Association] 2015-05-12

Australia / Queensland Nurses to be recognised today [QNU] 2015-05-12

UK Strike Ballot Rules Deny Democratic Voice Say Midwives [RCM] 2015-05-12

New Zealand Public service women are worth 100% [PSA] 2015-05-12

Australia Working Women Organise For Equality in Male Dominated Workplaces [MUA ] 2015-05-11

New Zealand Pay gap means a lot is missing from women's lives [Dominion Post] 2015-05-11