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Ecuador: Reinstate Jimena Lopez this International Women's Day
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Updated: Saturday 4 July 2015, 19:01:24

India IndustriALL women members demand respect of women rights in India [IndustriALL Global Union] 2015-07-03

Greece Sex Industry in Greece Grows Amidst the Financial Crisis [Greek Reporter] 2015-07-03

Australia Together we can save paid parental leave [ANMF Victoria] 2015-07-03

USA CWA wins, announces T-Mobile to offer workers paid parental leave [The Hill] 2015-07-03

USA Navy triples maternity leave to 18 weeks for women [Reuters] 2015-07-03

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Canada for finding safety when escaping violence [UFCW] 2015-07-03

China Henan company fines female workers who get pregnant outside of specific timeframe [Shanghaiist] 2015-07-03

Australia Nurse writes open letter to Tony Abbott: 'We miss weekends with our families to take care of yours' [Australian Women's Weekly] 2015-07-02

Global Women’s dire working conditions brought to light at IndustriALL ICT conference [IndustriALL Global Union] 2015-07-01

Global Textile and garment industry director needed at IndustriALL [IndustriALL Global Union] 2015-07-01

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Australia Domestic violence leave can make a difference [This Working Life] 2015-07-01

South Africa After Marikana Report, the Widows Talk About Life of Hardship and Pain [Daily Maverick] 2015-07-01

Australia / Tasmania Government boards in Tasmania to be 50pc women in five years [ABC] 2015-07-01

Hong Kong Maid toilet in luxury apartment too small to sit down in [ejinsight] 2015-07-01

Kuwait New Law a Breakthrough for Domestic Workers [Human Rights Watch] 2015-07-01

Iceland Anti govt protests tonight over labour disputes [Morgunbladid] 2015-07-01

Iceland Health cuts threatened after mass resignations [Morgunbladid] 2015-07-01

Iceland 285 nurses resign since strike ban and pay agreement [Iceland Review] 2015-07-01

Greece Grexit crisis: Thriving sex industry shows austerity has violated women's rights [IB TImes] 2015-07-01

Lebanon Hotline for Women Domestic Workers to Report Abuse [Ya Libnan] 2015-06-30

Canada Sex abuse case highlights vulnerability of workers on visas [CBC] 2015-06-30

Ireland Equality Review in the Higher Education Sector [IHREC] 2015-06-30

Iceland Nurse dispute resolved, 18.6% rise [Morgunbladid] 2015-06-29

Iran Human Rights lawyers demand for right to work succeeds - licence suspension reduced [Radio Zamaneh] 2015-06-28

USA / Michigan Grace Lee Boggs' 100th birthday celebrated in Detroit [Detroit Free Press] 2015-06-28

USA / Massachusetts 35,000 Home-Care Workers in Massachusetts Became First In US to Achieve Starting Wage of $15 an Hour [Uncover Michigan] 2015-06-28

USA / California Hard-hatted women: Modern-day Rosie the Riveters featured in photo exhibit [Florida Times-Union] 2015-06-28

Norway 'Ban au pairs to stop abuse': Norway national union centre [The Local] 2015-06-28

Turkey News Website Fined 5,250 Turkish Lira for Insulting Female Unionist [Bianet] 2015-06-28

USA Nurse bullying and hazing [Marie Claire] 2015-06-28

Global Housekeepers around the world speak out in new IUF video [IUF] 2015-06-27

Liberia Law Boosts Rights of Informal-Economy Workers [Solidarity Center] 2015-06-27

Lebanon Immigrant domestic workers remain vulnerable to abuse [al Jazeera] 2015-06-27

USA / California Farmworker Activist Dolores Huerta To Be Featured At Smithsonian [NPR ] 2015-06-26

Cambodia Garment Workers' Lives Are Worth More Than Fashion Industry Profits [Huffington Post] 2015-06-26

USA / California LA photo exhibition brings ‘Rosie the Riveter’ era of Second World War women workers into modern times [Associated Press] 2015-06-26

South Africa Marikana: Broken promises add insult to injury for the miners’ widows [News24Wire] 2015-06-26

Iceland Parliament slammed for ignoring nurses [Morgunbladid] 2015-06-26

Iran National broadcaster denies reports of workplace gender segregation [Radio Zamaneh] 2015-06-25

USA Under cover of darkness, female janitors face rape and assault [Reveal] 2015-06-25

Australia / Queensland Response to the report of the Taskforce on Domestic and Family Violence in Qld [QNU] 2015-06-25

Australia Abbott Government begins forcing new parents back to work early [ACTU] 2015-06-25

Asia Women under-represented at all levels of media in Asean, report finds [The Nation] 2015-06-25

Philippines / Malaysia How distressed overseas Filipino workers in Malaysia find their way home [JP] 2015-06-24

Saudi Arabia Lifting the Veil: How Working Women Are Remaking Saudi Arabia [Der Spiegel] 2015-06-24

Indonesia Activists call for more female leaders [JP] 2015-06-24

Lebanon Launch of Hotline for Women Domestic Workers to Report Abuse [Ya Libnan] 2015-06-24

Iran Leader tells broadcaster to separate workers by gender [Radio Zamaneh] 2015-06-23

Indonesia / Hong Kong Lawyers Seek New Ways to Help Hong Kong’s Human Trafficking Victims [JG] 2015-06-23

Lebanon Lebanon Launches Hotline for Women Domestic Workers to Report Abuse [VOA] 2015-06-23

Ireland NUI Galway staff should undergo gender bias training, report says [] 2015-06-23

Ireland Overcoming unconscious gender bias in academia [] 2015-06-23

Lebanon Country launches hotline for women domestic workers to report abuse [Canadian Labour Reporter] 2015-06-23

Bangladesh Behind the Rana Plaza Win [The New Internationalist] 2015-06-23

USA / California 'Uber driver is employee' [NYT] 2015-06-22

Iceland Women protest (also) against nurse strike ban [Morgunbladid] 2015-06-20

Australia Women and low to middle income workers will lose out thanks to Greens’ pension deal [ACTU] 2015-06-20

Australia 80% of single women retiring in 2055 will be disadvantaged by the Greens-Abbott pension cuts [Industry Super] 2015-06-20

Asia / Global The Sweatshop Feminists [Jacobin] 2015-06-20

Australia PPL: public service women could suffer for years [Fairfax Media] 2015-06-19

Israel El Al's high heel directive kicks up storm [Al-Monitor] 2015-06-19

Global The unstoppable domestic workers’ movement: winning labour rights and protections for 15 million domestic workers [ITUC] 2015-06-18

India On Domestic Workers Day, millions of Indian women continue to work in the shadows [Equal Times] 2015-06-18

Canada CUPE supporting new online resource for women and children escaping domestic violence [CUPE] 2015-06-18

Middle East Domestic Workers: ‘Bought and Paid for in the Gulf States’ [Solidarity Center] 2015-06-17

Australia / Australian Capital Territory Budget bombshell leaves APS paid parental leave policy in a giant muddle [Fairfax Media] 2015-06-17

Qatar ILO finds Qatar guilty of sex discrimination [ITF Global Union] 2015-06-17

Qatar ILO urges Qatar Airways to scrap policy allowing it to sack pregnant cabin crew [Guardian] 2015-06-17

Qatar ILO slams Qatar Airways for sexist policies [Al Jazeera America] 2015-06-17

Qatar Airways CEO says ILO has 'vendetta against Qatar due to discrimination report [Reuters] 2015-06-17

Bahrain ‘Maria’ filmmaker awarded for highlighting domestic helpers plight [Gulf News] 2015-06-17

Qatar ILO condemnation of Qatar likely to have ripple effects [The News Hub] 2015-06-17

India From A Ragpicker To An International Labour Speaker, Here's Suman More's Inspiring Journey! [India Times] 2015-06-17

Global The Campaign for a Domestic Workers' Convention [WIEGO] 2015-06-16

Global IDWF: A Domestic Workers’ Federation is Born! [WIEGO] 2015-06-16

Global ILO adopts historic labour standard to tackle the informal economy [ILO] 2015-06-16

Asia / Pacific How can we get more women in newsrooms? New study on gender and journalism in Asia-Pacific gives media professionals their say [IFJ] 2015-06-16

Israel Angry flight attendants slam airline's decision that forces female cabin crew to wear high heels until take-off [Daily Mail] 2015-06-16

Israel El Al flight attendants sore over new high heels rule [Ha'aretz] 2015-06-16

Israel El Al slammed for new high heels rule for flight attendants [Jerusalem Post] 2015-06-16

India On Domestic Workers Day, millions of Indian women continue to work in the shadows [Equal Times] 2015-06-16

India Domestic workers’ union demands minimum wages [The Hindu] 2015-06-16

India On Domestic Workers Day, millions of Indian women continue to work in the shadows [Equal Times] 2015-06-16

Israel Flight attendants protest El Al's high heel policy [The Free Press] 2015-06-16

Spain Labour activist ' hugging Grandma' sworn in as Mayor of Madrid [France 24] 2015-06-15

Israel Stewardesses sore over El Al heel order [Times of Israel] 2015-06-15

Mexico When I lost my hands making flatscreens I can't afford, nobody would help me [Guardian] 2015-06-14

China Migrant worker mother returns to scene of children's deaths [SCMP] 2015-06-14

Israel Union leader, feminist, Gvt minister Shoshana Arbeli-Almozlino passes away [Ynet] 2015-06-13

China / Hong Kong HKCTU joins calls for freeing of five feminist activists detained ahead of International Women’s Day [HKCTU] ActNOW! 2015-06-12

Australia / New South Wales Mallia named as CFMEU head [AAP] 2015-06-12

UK School dinner ladies win a living wage [UNISON] 2015-06-12

Ireland Gender pay gap getting worse, says summit [Irish Times] 2015-06-12

Hong Kong / China HKCTU on China's five feminist activists detained in lead up to IWD [HKCTU] 2015-06-11

Canada / Nova Scotia Fighting the Boys Club-Former Halifax Firefighter wants level playing field [The Media Co-op] 2015-06-11

Germany MP wants 24-hour care for late workers' kids [The Local] 2015-06-10

Global IDWF receives the Silver Rose‬ Award 2015 by ‪SOLIDAR‬ for its success on Organizing International Solidarity [IDWF] 2015-06-10

UK ‘Queen Bee syndrome’: the myth that keeps working women in their little box [Guardian] 2015-06-10

UK A third of working women say they're discriminated against [Guardian] 2015-06-10

Indonesia Aceh province introduces curfew banning women from work, entertainment venues after 11pm [ABC] 2015-06-10