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Updated: Saturday 18 April 2015, 09:14:44

Oman Working mums seek improved child care units in Oman [Times of Oman] 2015-04-18

Canada The Canadian Media Guild committed to working with CBC to ensure a safe and harassment-free workplace [CWA] 2015-04-18

Turkey Turkish Airlines CEO advises single pilots to tie the knot [Today's Zaman] 2015-04-18

Turkey Turkish Airlines Urges Pilots to Marry to Prevent Accidents [Bianet] 2015-04-18

Bangladesh Lily Gomes, Champion of Bangladesh Garment Workers [Solidarity Center] For more info 2015-04-17

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Asia / Pacific Empowering women, youth and migrant workers are key challenges for unions in Asia and the Pacific [BWI] 2015-04-17

Nigeria Education community concerned about girls still missing after one year [Education International] 2015-04-17

Hong Kong / Philippines Overseas Filipino Workers: Organizing for Fairer Conditions [The Diplomat] 2015-04-17

USA Women in the world: Where the U.S. falters in quest for equality [CNN] 2015-04-17

Australia Jess gets the drum on print skills [AMWU] 2015-04-17

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USA Maternity Leave Benefits in US Much Less Than Many Countries [Voice of America] 2015-04-17

UK TUC blasts Iain Duncan Smith over zero-hours contracts remarks [TUC] 2015-04-17

Ireland Woman’s miscarriage likely a result of ‘work conditions’ [Irish Times] 2015-04-16

Fiji / New Zealand National Council of Women wants Fijian women included in NZ Seasonal Workers Scheme [Radio Fiji] 2015-04-15

Afghanistan What’s the future for women’s rights in Afghanistan? [Equal Times] 2015-04-15

USA On Equal Pay Day, Mind the Gap, All $431,000 of It [AFL-CIO] 2015-04-15

USA Equal Pay Day a Reminder It’s Time to Close the Gender Pay Gap [UFCW] 2015-04-15

Global It’s time to stop ignoring the link between women, work and poor health [Equal Times] 2015-04-15

USA 14 Facts You Should Know on Equal Pay Day [Blue Nation Review] 2015-04-15

Fiji Journalist and women’s rights advocate killed at home [IFJ] 2015-04-14

India Women activists win major breakthrough in Indian road union [ITF Global Union] 2015-04-14

Australia Woman takes on IBM and loses $150,000 in return-to-work case [Fairfax Media] 2015-04-14

Fiji / New Zealand Employment Ministry queries NZ bosses intake of males only in Seasonal Worker scheme [Radio Fiji] 2015-04-14

Australia Employee allegedly faced 'bias and aggression' in appeal for Comcare funded breast reduction [HC Online] 2015-04-14

Australia / Liberia / Australian Capital Territory Health care worker tests negative for deadly Ebola virus [ABC] 2015-04-14

Middle East / USA Some American Airlines’ flight attendants disagree with their union leader on the Nicole Kidman-Etihad Airways brouhaha [Dallas Morning News] 2015-04-14

Hong Kong / China Only free union in China demands drop ALL charges after five feminists released [HKCTU] 2015-04-14

Ireland Scientist who won equality case claims she is being ‘punished’ [] 2015-04-14

Israel WAC-Ma'an union official honoured for opening work places for Arab women and safeguarding their rights [WAC Ma'an] 2015-04-13

Australia WIMDOI - Women in Male Dominated Occupations & Industries Conference [MUA] 2015-04-13

USA Why women construction workers earn less than men [Construction Dive] 2015-04-13

USA Civil War changed women's roles for the better [Burlington County Times] 2015-04-13

UK Unequal Trapped & Controlled [TUC] 2015-04-13

China State Workers with 'Secret Children' to Be Fired [Women of China] 2015-04-13

USA Legions of Women Workers in U.S. Still Lack Minimum Wage and Labor Protections [The American Prospect] 2015-04-13

Asia Feminism May Be In Fashion, But The Women Making The Clothes We Wear 'Live In Poverty' [Huffington Post] 2015-04-13

New Zealand Christchurch sex-workers: no toilets make us feel like scum [Fairfax media] 2015-04-13

Canada New report promotes plan to combat income inequality [TUAC] 2015-04-13

Australia / Victoria Drastic improvement needed to close gender pay gap: Andrews government [Fairfax Media] 2015-04-11

Egypt Media reacts after Egypt reporter brings child to work [Al-Arabiya] 2015-04-11

Nepal Handover of Responsibilities to Newly Elected Women's Committee [GEFONT] 2015-04-11

Mexico Women show the way in Mexico [IndustriALL Global Union] 2015-04-10

United Arab Emirates Etihad responds to claims made by American Airlines’ flight attendants union [Dallas Morning News] 2015-04-10

India Let Us Open Our Eyes To Invisible Women Workers [HuffPo] 2015-04-09

Ireland Industrial action looms at Donegal Women’s Domestic Violence Service [Highland Radio] 2015-04-09

UK Tory National Minimum Wage Cheats [GMB] 2015-04-09

USA Unions are a woman's best friend [] 2015-04-08

Ireland Parental leave plan ‘must not alter existing rights’ [Irish Examiner] 2015-04-08

Pacific Still a long road ahead for Pacific gender equality [Radio Australia] 2015-04-07

Ireland Split parental leave ‘could take five years to implement’ [] 2015-04-07

Canada ACTIMS Women In Trades Awards/Bursaries Program [UA] 2015-04-07

United Arab Emirates / USA Actress Nicole Kidman takes heat from flight attendants over her latest role [LA Times] 2015-04-06

United Arab Emirates / Australia Nicole Kidman slammed by airline union for Etihad ad campaign [AAP] 2015-04-06

Australia The questions you should not ask working women [Daily Life] 2015-04-06

United Arab Emirates We need a flexi-time mother’s package for working women [The National] 2015-04-06

UK Forget flexibility. What working women really want is power [Guardian] 2015-04-06

Iraq Challenging tradition in Iraqi Kurdistan [DW] 2015-04-06

Ireland Minister for Children considers one year’s split leave for new parents [] 2015-04-06

USA Unions Are a Woman's Best Friend [AFL-CIO] 2015-04-06

South Africa Domestic worker called the k-word now fights for others’ rights [Biz News] 2015-04-06

Cambodia Domestic Workers Get Organized [Women's e-News] 2015-04-06

Canada / Ontario It’s Never Okay: An Action Plan to Stop Sexual Violence and Harassment [OSSTF] 2015-04-06

Hong Kong FTU unions call for free full-day kindergarten [SCMP] 2015-04-05

Thailand / Ethiopia Top WHO official in Thailand denies maid slavery claims [Guardian] 2015-04-05

Kuwait / Sierra Leone Women from Sierra Leone 'sold like slaves' into domestic work in Kuwait [Guardian] 2015-04-05

Global Domestic workers: 47 million people worldwide denied basic labour rights [Guardian] 2015-04-05

UK A loophole in the slavery bill could allow companies to hide supply chain abuses [Guardian] 2015-04-05

Middle East 'My employer hit me in the face and pushed me down the stairs' [Guardian] 2015-04-05

Thailand Labour rights groups call on UN to rein in errant envoys who use maids as slaves [Bangkok Post] 2015-04-05

South America ITF warns of potential strike action, demonstrations in South America [ITW] ActNOW! 2015-04-05

Canada Challenging sexual harassment and other abuses [CWA] 2015-04-05

New Zealand Christchurch sex workers: life on Manchester St [The Press] 2015-04-04

USA American Airlines union asks Nicole Kidman to stop Etihad ads [Dallas Morning News] 2015-04-03

Lebanon / Kenya Controversial Lebanon maid ad faces Kenya protests [Lebanon Daily Star] 2015-04-02

Australia Unions urge PC inquiry to give more rights at work to casuals and women [ACTU] 2015-04-01

Hong Kong After Another Nightmare Surfaces In Hong Kong's Domestic Worker Community, Will Anything Change? [Forbes] 2015-04-01

UK Royal family faces first ever industrial action by low paid staff [PCS] 2015-03-30

Namibia Namibia: Nunw Blast Uiheni Demand [allAfrica] 2015-03-30

Middle East / USA Airline Unions Send Letter Questioning U.S. Travel Association Support Of Gulf Carriers [Teamsters] 2015-03-29

USA / New York UNITE HERE Remembers the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire [UNITE Here] 2015-03-29

Lebanon Fight against abuse and violence foreign female domestic workers unionise [Al-Monitor] 2015-03-28

Kuwait / India Racket and abuse busting: Nurses to be recruited through govt [Gulf News] 2015-03-28

Australia Home truths on domestic violence [The Saturday Paper] 2015-03-28

USA Women lag in well-paid blue-collar jobs [Marketplace] 2015-03-28

Middle East Unions Criticize Mideast Airlines For Discrimination Against Women, LGBT Community [Buzz Feed News] 2015-03-27

Rwanda Full Pay for Maternity Leave Resumes in July [The New Times] 2015-03-27

Vietnam Nearly 50 pct of sex workers are victims of violence [Thanh Nien News] 2015-03-27

Vietnam Escapee helps police rescue women kept like slaves in Saigon karaoke parlor [Thanh Nien News] 2015-03-27

Australia Why the gap between policy & practice in flexible work is costing women their careers [Women's Agenda] 2015-03-27

Australia All talk and no action on greater workplace flexibility, research finds [Fairfax Media] 2015-03-27

Ireland Never too late to learn from your mistakes: NUI Galway president [Irish Examiner] 2015-03-27

Hong Kong / Indonesia The Islamic State’s success in Indonesia has Hong Kong worried [Quartz] 2015-03-26

South Africa Committee Calls for Registration of Domestic Workers [Parliament of South Africa] 2015-03-26

Indonesia Female police can now wear hijab and trousers [Tempo] 2015-03-26

Global / Saudi Arabia Violence at the Workplace: ‘They Treated Us Like Slaves’ [Solidarity Center] For more info 2015-03-26

USA / California Workplace violence's not rocket science [California Safe Care Standard] For more info 2015-03-26

Mexico Senate Recognizes Human Rights Activist Ancheita [Solidarity Center] 2015-03-26

Global UN Women Backs Out of Uber Partnership Over Security Concerns [Outlook] 2015-03-25

Bangladesh Workers' rights through a gender lens [The Daily Star] 2015-03-25

Lebanon Vital Collaboration in Lebanon, Part Two: An Interview With Farah Salka of the Anti-Racism Movement (ARM) [HuffPo] 2015-03-25