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Updated: Wednesday 7 October 2015, 14:23:56

Indonesia Two other maids of lawmaker confirm abuse: Police [JP] 2015-10-07

India Labour Department should take action against BPO: Police [The Hindu] 2015-10-07

UK Keep free school meals for infant children: - sign the petition [UNISON] 2015-10-06

Malawi In Malawi, women bear the brunt of climate change [Equal Times] 2015-10-06

Indonesia Government acts on pledge to ban overseas domestic work by 2017 [] 2015-10-05

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India / Kerala Hunger strikes intensify in Munnar [The Hindu] 2015-10-04

India / Delhi A Long Way to Equal Pay - Delhi’s women workers earn less than the minimum wage — and it’s not changing soon [The Express] 2015-10-04

Canada This election, let’s make justice a reality for missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls [CLC] 2015-10-04

Canada October 4 Sisters in Spirit Vigils demand action on violence against Indigenous women and children [NUPGE] 2015-10-04

Canada Sisters in Spirit commemorates 10 years of vigils [PSAC] 2015-10-04

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Hong Kong ‘Measly’ HK$100 wage increase for domestic workers ‘disappointing’, says activist [Hong Kong Free Press] 2015-10-04

Canada / Ontario Toronto Oct 3: Working for each other, working for ourselves: a revolutionary worker-organizer summit; Hosted by Toronto IWW [Toronto IWW] For more info Image 2015-10-03

New Zealand Women's pay drops further behind men's [NZ Herald] 2015-10-03

India / Kerala TUs up the ante, field women for Munnar agitation [The Hindu] 2015-10-03

Jamaica Simpson Miller moves to extend rights of domestic workers [The Gleaner] 2015-10-03

Asia Improving maternity protection in South East Asia [IndustriALL Global Umion] 2015-10-02

Indonesia Indonesian domestic worker slams UN's Global Goals as 'rebrand of monopoly capitalism' [] 2015-10-02

New Zealand Gender pay gap grows 19% in one year-action needed from govt [PSA] 2015-10-02

India / Kerala Plantation workers’ strike continues [The Hindu] 2015-10-02

New Zealand 'Bro' culture keeping women in debt longer [NZ Herald] 2015-10-02

Pakistan Misogyny on the streets: Harassment, lack of facilities leads female wardens to quit field tasks [LabourWatch] 2015-10-01

New Zealand Its a man's world even when it appears its full of women [Fairfax Media] 2015-10-01

UK Minimum wage increase is undermined by cuts to tax credits, says TUC [TUC] 2015-10-01

UK National Minimum Wage £6.70 Per Hour - Not A Living Wage Says GMB [GMB] 2015-10-01

Canada Domestic violence affects workplaces, too [The Globe and Mail] 2015-10-01

India / Kerala Munnar stir takes a violent turn [The Hindu] 2015-10-01

Canada Attend a Sisters In Spirit vigil: Events planned in communities nationwide [CUPE] 2015-10-01

Hong Kong Minimum wage for foreign domestic helpers raised [RTHK] 2015-10-01

India / Kerala Plantation workers’ strike: Poor pay and strong union [The Express] 2015-09-30

India / Kerala Discussions fail, stalemate in plantation sector to continue [The Times] 2015-09-30

France Striking room attendants at luxury Paris hotel hold ‘fashion week for the poor’ [The Mail] 2015-09-30

Australia Women face a 65-day gender pay gap [TWU] 2015-09-29

New Zealand Consultation on changing cervical screening test [ASMS] 2015-09-29

Canada Up for Debate campaign changes gears [UFCW] 2015-09-29

Canada / Ontario Up for Debate addresses women's issues at Toronto panel [UFCW] 2015-09-29

Uganda / Global Dedicated trade union leader appointed to new Commission on financing global education [Education International] 2015-09-27

Global Women seafarers’ top health and wellbeing concerns revealed [ITF Global Union] 2015-09-27

Bangladesh Sramik Awaaz: Workers Voices Documentary Short [Law at the Margins] 2015-09-26

Iran Beyond glass ceiling, Iranian women face iron fence [Al-Monitor] 2015-09-26

India / Kerala Tea estate workers gear up for indefinite strike [The Times] 2015-09-26

Australia Malcolm Turnbull’s women agenda under question [ACTU] 2015-09-25

India / Kerala Munnar a shocker for corrupt union leaders [onmanorama] 2015-09-25

USA Invisible Labor: Centering Black Women in the U.S. Domestic Worker Movement [Law at the Margins] 2015-09-24

Global Women at IndustriALL unanimously adopt quotas and Equality Charter [IndustriALL Global Union] 2015-09-24

USA Yvonne Craig: Batgirl star was a caped crusader for equality and fair pay [The Guardian] 2015-09-23

Mauritania / Saudi Arabia Stop the trafficking of Mauritanian women to Saudi Arabia [Equal Times] 2015-09-22

Saudi Arabia / Mauritania Stop the trafficking of Mauritanian women to Saudi Arabia [ITUC] 2015-09-22

USA Meet with Margie-fired for being gay [] 2015-09-21

Cambodia Garment Workers Demand Cambodian Government Resolve Employment Issue [Radio Free Asia] 2015-09-21

New Zealand Suffrage Day and so much more to be done for women's rights [NZNO] 2015-09-20

UK / England Porn, Sex Positivity, and Working Class Solidarity [Red and Black Leeds] For more info 2015-09-20

India / Kerala Women workers hold manager hostage [Kalmudi Online] 2015-09-19

USA VIDEO - SEIU leader Mary Kay Henry on Pope Francis' visit to the USA [SEIU] 2015-09-19

Global AUDIO: IndustriiALL Global Union holds its first World Women's Conference [Radio Labour] 2015-09-19

Canada / Newfoundland and Labrador NAPE hosts annual Women’s Conference [NUPGE] 2015-09-18

Jordan Migrant Domestic Workers Network a First in Jordan [Solidarity Center] For more info 2015-09-18

China Discrimination and gender stereotyping still entrenched in Shenzhen’s job market [China Labour Bulletin] 2015-09-18

Qatar Masked, gagged Qatar Airways staff protest at London air show [ITF Global Union] 2015-09-18

South Africa The price of gold: The caregivers [The Mail and Guardian] 2015-09-17

India / Kerala Women workers strike in 4 tea estates of Harrisons Malayalam [The Business Standard] 2015-09-17

Bangladesh Most Bangladeshi garment workers are women, but their union leaders weren't. Until now. [PRI] 2015-09-17

UK Liz Snape is the next TUC President [TUC] 2015-09-17

Global Forward ever – backward never! IndustriALL Women World conference [IndustriALL Global Union] 2015-09-17

India / Maharashtra Mumbai alliance to campaign against violence against women transport workers [ITF Glolab Union] 2015-09-16

Global Report sets out women seafarers' health and wellbeing concerns [ITF Global Union] 2015-09-16

Qatar Photo: Cabin crew member protesting at London air show [ITF Global Union] 2015-09-16

UK UCATT demands action on workplace health [UCATT] 2015-09-15

Canada / Ontario Members Support Huron Women's Shelter [ONA] 2015-09-14

Hong Kong Strangers at home – Hong Kong’s domestic worker community from a new perspective [HKFP] 2015-09-13

Hong Kong Haunting images capture plight of foreign maids in HK [ejinsight] 2015-09-13

India / Kerala VS in Munnar to express solidarity with striking women workers [The Business Standard] 2015-09-13

Oman Trade union demands more protection for domestic workers [Migrant Rights] 2015-09-13

India / Kerala V S Achuthanandan in Munnar to express solidarity with striking women workers [PTI] 2015-09-13

USA Black women drive the rebirth of the union movement [Jezebel] 2015-09-13

USA / Pennsylvania 'Red, White and Rosie' review: Women tackle big issues in riveting fashion [PennLive] 2015-09-13

USA UPDATED: Court workers fired 11 years ago ordered reinstate [Macomb Daily] 2015-09-13

Canada / Ontario Threats against women at University of Toronto not credible: police [CTV] 2015-09-12

India / Kerala Another lawmaker feels wrath of striking women [The Gulf News] 2015-09-12

India / Kerala Munnar tea estate stir: Women power to the fore [The Hindu] 2015-09-12

USA Are Women the New Face of Organized Labor? [The Wall Street Journal] 2015-09-12

Mexico Domestic workers form new trade union [The News Daily] 2015-09-12

UK The Labour movement sidelines women all the time [The Guardian] 2015-09-12

Austria / Global Hundreds of women trade unionists gather for world conference in Vienna [Industriall] 2015-09-11

UK EU court’s common sense decision on time spent travelling to work [] 2015-09-11

India / Kerala Women tea workers in Munnar allege union-management collusion over pay [The Financial Express] 2015-09-11

Canada / Ontario University of Toronto subject of online threats against women [CBC] 2015-09-11

Mexico First-Ever Domestic Workers Union Launched in Mexico [Solidarity Center] For more info 2015-09-11

UK / Europe European Court ruling is welcome protection against excessive working hours, says TUC [TUC] For more info 2015-09-11

UK / Europe Travelling to work 'is work', European court rules [BBC] For more info 2015-09-10

Australia Matilda's withdraw from training camp as pay dispute rumbles ahead of US tour [ABC] 2015-09-09

India / Kerala Women workers in unique strike [The Gulf News] 2015-09-09

Iran Workforce participation much lower for women [Radio Zamaneh] 2015-09-09

Australia Australia's Matilda's waltz off on strike after being 'disrepected' by FFA [Fairfax media] 2015-09-08

UK UNISON on latest workforce stats showing women in UK universities mostly in low-paid jobs [UNISON] 2015-09-07

USA You Can Thank Mother Jones for Your Labor Day Barbecue [AFL-CIO] 2015-09-07

Kenya Nairobi health workers go on strike today [The Standard] 2015-09-07

Canada Organize or join a vigil to honour missing and murdered Aboriginal women [USW] 2015-09-07

Global Women journalists on the frontlines [rabble] 2015-09-07

New Zealand Midwives gather at high court to file landmark pay claim [NZ Herald] 2015-09-04

Australia FSU continues battle to reduce gender pay gap in finance industry [FSU] 2015-09-04