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Updated: Tuesday 19 September 2017, 15:19:06

Global Introducing a special theme series on gender-based violence in the workplace [Open Democracy] 2017-09-19

USA / Washington Why we formed an independent farm workers union [Open Democracy] 2017-09-19

USA / New York A powerful display on labor comes to Cornell [] 2017-09-19

India / Tamil Nadu ‘PMK will protect women workers of textile mills’ [Times of India] 2017-09-19

USA What You Should Know About Dolores Huerta, The Civil Rights Icon [Fortune] 2017-09-19

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UK Harriet Harman hits out at unions for backing decriminalised sex work [Guardian] 2017-09-19

USA The gender wage gap just shrank for the first time in a decade [Chicago Tribune] 2017-09-19

Trinidad and Tobago Sexual harassment claims just mischief * [Daily Express] 2017-09-19

USA Dolores Huerta: A Hero of the Farmworker Movement Finally Gets Her Due [Modern Farmer] 2017-09-19

Singapore First woman president of Singapore began her career in the legal division of the National Trades Union Congress [Andalou Agency ] 2017-09-19

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USA / USA / California Kaiser Patients In Danger Because Of Profiteering: CNA NUU SF Kaiser Nurses Demand Proper Staffing [LVP] For more info 2017-09-19

Australia / Queensland AWU heroine buried in Cloncurry [North West Star] 2017-09-19

Hong Kong Domestic helpers in Sheung Wan get highest pay in HK: survey [Ejinsight] 2017-09-18

UK Scrap the Cap [TUC] 2017-09-18

Pakistan LHWs in Mirpurkhas protest over unpaid salaries [LabourWatch] 2017-09-17

South Africa Women Farm Workers' Rights Routinely Violated [GroundUp] 2017-09-16

UK ‘All NHS staff need a pay rise that’s above inflation,’ say RCM and NHS Unions [RCM] 2017-09-15

USA Google Sued by Women Workers Claiming Gender Discrimination [Ad Age] 2017-09-15

UK To reach young workers, trade unionists need to step outside their comfort zone [TUC] 2017-09-13

UK 5 reasons the government’s public service pay cap offer is a con [TUC] 2017-09-13

UK Ministers must stop twiddling thumbs as living standards squeeze continues, says TUC [TUC] 2017-09-13

UK GMB Report Blasts Government for Ignoring 'forgotten’ 3 Million Public Sector Workers? [GMB] 2017-09-13

UK 'Scrap the cap, close the gap' TUC hears [PCS] 2017-09-13

New Zealand Greens equal pay policy will deliver more for women [NZCTU] 2017-09-12

Canada / Saskatchewan SFL partners with Hillberg & Berk to support survivors of domestic violence [SFL] 2017-09-12

UK Local Government Association confirms Universal Credit is a ticking time bomb for working families [USDAW] 2017-09-12

UK Unions demand 5% pay rise for all public sector staff [Guardian] 2017-09-12

UK Mark Serwotka to TUC: let’s unite to secure decent pay rises for all [PCS] 2017-09-12

UK Blog: It’s time for politicians to wake up, stop hesitating, and put pay up now [UNISON] 2017-09-12

UK Government's shameful record of increasing child poverty is condemned by Usdaw [USDAW] 2017-09-12

Canada / Newfoundland and Labrador SHOP Working to Find Safe Solutions for Sex Workers [VOCM] 2017-09-12

UK Policy shift victory by trade unions and first step towards re-evaluating public sector pay freeze [Guardian] 2017-09-11

Burma Yangon government on alert for abuse of domestic workers [Myanmar Times] 2017-09-11

Hong Kong We are part of Hong Kong society’: Domestic workers campaign for HK$5,500 liveable wage [HKFP] 2017-09-11

Iran Moderates aim for gender inclusivity in city administration [Radio Zamaneh] 2017-09-11

Middle East / Indonesia Despite migration ban, Indonesian domestic workers still face forced labour and abuses in the Gulf [Equal Times] 2017-09-11

Global Women Workers Versus Intersectional Exploitation: Striving for Working-Class Feminism [The Hampton Institute] 2017-09-11

Philippines Days of high heels in offices over [The Inquirer] 2017-09-11

Canada Arbitrator Flynn Keeps Pay Equity on Track [CUPW] 2017-09-11

UK TUC Congress commits to challenging insecure work [TUC] 2017-09-11

USA / Illinois Illinois Home Health Care Workers File Lawsuit Against Governor For Withholding Budget Raises [Workers Independent News] 2017-09-11

India / USA Adobe almost achieves gender parity in wages in India, US [IANS] 2017-09-09

Canada / Ontario East Side Mario's waitress complains about manager's demand that she wear a bra [CBC] 2017-09-09

Sri Lanka Strike at Jaffna Uni calling for action against Sinhalese admin officers who sexually harassed Tamil staff [The Guardian] 2017-09-09

Canada Sarah Polley on sexism and abuse in TV and film and the ongoing struggle for gender parity [Now] 2017-09-09

Korea (South) The “Mad Bitches” of S. Korea’s Irregular Workforce Fight Back [Korea Exposé] 2017-09-08

Global A fair wage for global garment industry workers? [EurekALERT] 2017-09-08

Russia Court Tells Aeroflot It Cannot Tell Air Hostesses What Size Clothes To Wear [RFE/RL] 2017-09-07

Indonesia / Asia Despite migration ban, Indonesian domestic workers still face forced labour and abuses in the Gulf [Equal Times] 2017-09-07

Australia Female childcare workers paid 32% less than male workers, new data shows [Guardian Australia ] 2017-09-06

Australia SDA supports new app for women experiencing domestic and family violence [SDA] 2017-09-06

Qatar The Boyfriend System: Migrant Life in Qatar [Rappler ] 2017-09-06

USA / USA / California 'We Built America' DACA Youth, Labor and Community Rally Against Immigrant Bashing In SF [LVP] For more info 2017-09-06

Global Proposed ILO convention on gender based violence - take action now! [IndustriALL] 2017-09-06

Australia Star achiever: Celebrating 100 years of Ruby Payne-Scott - workplace activist [CSIRO Staff Association] 2017-09-05

Australia / Victoria Sexual harassment - not part of the job [Union Women] 2017-09-05

Australia / New South Wales Branxton Preschool among Hunter early learning centres to strike for better pay [Newcastle Herald] 2017-09-05

USA How Eating Disorders in the Fashion Industry are a Labor Issue [Model Alliance] 2017-09-05

South Africa Women Farm Workers Protest Labour Law Violations [Ground Up] 2017-09-05

Cambodia 150 garment workers protest [Khmer Times] 2017-09-05

Cambodia PM to visit factories where workers faint [Khmer Times] 2017-09-05

Latin America Indian union wins safer work for pregnant bus conductors  [ITF] 2017-09-05

Latin America Women transport workers strengthen alliance strategy  [ITF] 2017-09-05

Ireland NUI Galway appoints Prof Ciarán Ó hÓgartaigh as 13th president: incoming president urged to resolve ‘systemic discrimination against women staff’ [Irish Times] 2017-09-05

UK Use gains from AI and robots to bring down pension age, TUC urges [Guardian] 2017-09-04

USA AFL-CIO President: This Labor Day, Fight for Paid Leave [TIME] 2017-09-04

USA Celebrate Labor Day by supporting national paid family leave [Washington Post] 2017-09-04

Australia Equal Pay Day: Women Are Paid On Average $251 A Week Less Than Men [HuffPost] 2017-09-04

Australia Childcare workers to walk off job in largest national protest [Women's Agenda] 2017-09-04

Australia Equal Pay Day: the pay gap causes gender inequality in retirement too [Fairfax Media] 2017-09-04

Australia The stats to know this Equal Pay Day [The Women's Agenda] 2017-09-04

Australia A gender-balanced workforce is not an impossible dream [InDaily] 2017-09-04

Australia Workplace discrimination driving women from engineering [Professionals Australia] 2017-09-04

Australia Almost half of all female engineers report gender discrimination [Fairfax Media] 2017-09-04

Ireland ‘Dramatic rise’ in attacks on sex workers since law change [Irish Times] 2017-09-04

UK Enough about highly-paid footballers, let’s focus on the low-paid workers [touchstoneblog] 2017-09-04

USA / Pennsylvania She didn't quit, she didn't cry, she became a union carpenter [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette] 2017-09-03

USA Changing workforce demographics lead to call for workplace improvements [Workday Minnesota] 2017-09-03

UK / Ireland / Northern Ireland Teachers take action over 'up-skirting' [BBC] 2017-09-02

Cambodia / Saudi Arabia Government Official Implicated in Stranded Maid Ordeal [The Cambodia Daily] 2017-09-01

UK TUC study finds many employees taking time off for childcare are punished by bosses [Guardian] 2017-09-01

UK 3 employment rights that aren’t working for young mums and dads. And 2 rights that they should have [touchstoneblog] 2017-09-01

USA Ivanka Gives Blessing To Trump Freeze Of Equal Pay Rule [Forward] 2017-09-01

USA / USA / California NAFTA & Trump's Renegotiations: Meeting and Testimony In Oakland [LVP] For more info 2017-09-01

UK There’s only one woman on the UK Brexit negotiating team – here’s why that matters [Equal Times] 2017-08-31

UK Pay protests across the UK as civil servants say end the 1% cap [PCS] 2017-08-31

Australia SDA supports right to reduce hours when workers have significant parenting or caring responsibilities [SDA] 2017-08-30

Korea (South) Women Workers and the Fight to Eradicate Precarious Labor [Global Research] 2017-08-29

Canada / Ontario Julliette's Place: Women's shelter workers push back against concessions [OPSEU] 2017-08-29

Pakistan LHWs protest diversion of duties to anti-dengue drive [LabourWatch] 2017-08-29

Zambia Randy manager cause of strike [Watchdog] 2017-08-29

UK GMB Welcomes HC-One £300 Million Bupa By Out [GMB] 2017-08-29

New Zealand Pay equity: what are women's choices at the polls? [NZ Herald] 2017-08-28

Jordan Deadly cost of pregnancy for migrant women workers in Jordan [The New Yorker] 2017-08-28

Hong Kong When local and migrant domestic workers fight together [Open Democracy] 2017-08-25

Hong Kong Human Trafficking: Close and Often Enough [HKCTU] 2017-08-25

Sudan A view from the 1950’s into Sudan’s leading women’s activist [Al-Arabiya] 2017-08-25

Sudan Fatima Ahmed Ibrahim emancipation as a craft [Sudan Tribune ] 2017-08-25

USA Thank a feminist on Women’s Equality Day [Wisconsin Gazette] 2017-08-25

Australia Getting women into the game a key part of PM&C’s cyber resilience plan [The Mandarin ] 2017-08-25