Women workers march in Turkey, 2007.
Turkey: Women workers on the march.

Women workers on strike.

What is International Women's Day?

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Tuesday 29 July 2014, 08:39:16

Working Women: Daily News

Pakistan Gender dimensions of bonded labour in brick kilns [Labour Watch] 2014-07-28

Australia Report: pregnancy and return to work discrimination costs everyone [Human Rights Commission] 2014-07-25

Australia Pregnancy discrimination highlights need for changes to workplace laws [ACTU] 2014-07-25

Australia Human Rights Commission study finds widespread workplace discrimination against pregnant women [ABC] 2014-07-25

Australia / New South Wales Gvt must address high levels of discrimination faced by workers taking parental leave [Unions NSW] 2014-07-25

USA VIDEO: Mary Poppins (Kristen Bell) is working for minimum wage, and really needs a raise [Funny or Die] 2014-07-25

China Teacher sues employer after being suspended for having a second child [China Labour Bulletin] 2014-07-25

Australia / Australian Capital Territory Anglicare may close Parliament House childcare centre, citing security, paid parking [ABC] 2014-07-24

China Shenzhen factory workers rally to support dead colleague [China Labour Bulletin] 2014-07-24

Australia / New South Wales Taxpayer money should go toward improving childcare, not subsidising nannies [Unions NSW] 2014-07-22

Australia / Queensland Your Work Your Time Your Life 2014 Summary Report [QNU] 2014-07-21

Saudi Arabia 6 in 10 Saudi women find work hours inconvenient — survey [Arab News] 2014-07-21

UK Lords debate workers selling alcohol, Usdaw calls for Peers to support greater protection [Usdaw] 2014-07-21

Turkey Domestic house workers union pushing parliamentary changes [Bianet] 2014-07-20

Canada Powerful, influential, transformative: How one woman's campaign team transformed the CLC [rabble] 2014-07-19

Spain Una victoria para seguir luchando [CNT] 2014-07-18

Cambodia Female workers are . . . easier to control.Management has more power to violate rights of the [female] workers. [Phnom Penh Post] 2014-07-17

UK First ever poll of minimum wage workers confirms poverty pay pricing people out of the economy [Unite] 2014-07-17

USA African American Women Disproportionately Suffer From the Wage Gap [Huffington Post] 2014-07-17

USA The New Right-Wing Idol: Working Moms [Daily Beast] 2014-07-17

USA At This Rate, Women Won't Make As Much As Men For At Least 75 Years [Huffington Post] 2014-07-17

Saudi Arabia No to favoritism for working women [Saudi Gazette] 2014-07-17

Australia Rural women concerned about paid maternity plans [ABC] 2014-07-17

UK Action needed to tackle pay gap for workers [TUC] 2014-07-17

South Africa ‘Current maternity protection unfair on women’ [SABC] 2014-07-16

India Mean and petty labour reforms [The Hindu] 2014-07-14

Global Report says it will be 75 years before equal pay [RTÉ] 2014-07-14

Russia Moscow university professors and LGBT activists protest against dismissal at NArFU. [KTR] For more info Image 2014-07-14

Iran Noam Chomsky calls on Iran to release female journalist [Radio Zamaneh] 2014-07-13

Canada Survey on workplace effects of domestic violence: can work be safe when home isn’t? [PSAC] 2014-07-13

Canada [AFPC] 2014-07-13

Nigeria Abducted schoolgirls must not be forgotten - Global Union [IndustriALL Global Union] 2014-07-11

Australia How much are you worth at work? [Daily Life] 2014-07-10

UK Women are on strike against institutional sexism [The Guardian] 2014-07-10

Canada / Mexico UFCW Canada Calls on Mexican Government to Stop Gender-Based Discrimination Against Migrant Agriculture Workers [UFCW] 2014-07-10

South Africa Women workers draw attention to maternity protection [Cosatu] 2014-07-08

Japan Foreign women also face ‘maternity harassment’ [The Times] 2014-07-07

India / Tamil Nadu Percentage of dependent women in working age highest in Tamil Nadu [TOI] 2014-07-07

South Africa Maternity leave benefits under the spotlight [SABC] 2014-07-06

Iraq / India Nurses from India released from Iraqi captivity by Islamist militants [Radio Australia] 2014-07-05

UK New ONS research shows Britain needs living wages, says TUC [TUC] 2014-07-04

UK Latest Poundland ruling shows 'cruelty and arrogance' of government [PCS] 2014-07-04

UK More health professionals needed to tackle FGM ‘national scandal’, says Unite [Unite] 2014-07-03

Canada Peter MacKay and the trouble with women [MacLean] 2014-07-03

South Africa Women Workers Draw Attention to Maternity Protection [allAfrica] 2014-07-03

Canada / Alberta Child care workers offered no wage increase for five years [CUPE] 2014-07-01

Spain Manifestación Koñus Kristi contra el “integrismo católico del Gobierno y sus amigos” [CGT] 2014-07-01

Cambodia Workers Faint En Masse At Coat Factory in Bavet [The Cambodia Daily] 2014-06-30

Vietnam Labor Activist Jailed For Backing Strikes is Freed [Radio Free Asia] 2014-06-30

Vietnam Jailed Labor Rights Activist Released Early [Vietnam Right Now] 2014-06-30

Oman Hypermarket worker protest in Oman ends after three days [Times of Oman] 2014-06-30

Oman Three day strike ends as Lulu Hypermarket agrees to key worker demands [Muscat Daily] 2014-06-30

Canada Twelve Canadians: Prairie School for Union Women [rabble] 2014-06-30

UK Local government workers to strike over ‘poverty pay’ on 10 July [Unite] 2014-06-30

Qatar / Global Aufruf zur Boykott von Qatar Airways [ver.di] For more info 2014-06-29

USA If Women Want Better Pay, They Should Support Unions [Huffington Post] 2014-06-29

USA / Oregon Monica Wehby Struggles To Answer Whether She Supports ENDA [Huffington Post] 2014-06-29

Ireland Mums feel pinch as wages remain low [] 2014-06-27

Global It Sounds So Last Century, but Cabin Crew Are Still Hassled by Sex Pests [Time] 2014-06-26

Global IndustriALL must lead in women’s representation [IndustriALL Global Union] 2014-06-25

Vanuatu Nurse union makes progress in recovering unpaid wages [RNZI] 2014-06-25

USA Mandated Paid Maternity Leave: It's Time to End the Divide Between the 'Haves' and the 'Have-Nots' [Huffington Post] 2014-06-25

USA Pres Obama: Family-Friendly Workplace Policies Are Not Frills -- They're Basic Needs [Huffington Post] 2014-06-25

USA Barack Obama summit hits Democratic talking points [Politico] 2014-06-25

USA Obama at Working Families summit: ‘These are basic needs’ [MSNBC] 2014-06-25

USA White House Working Families Summit Takes On Salary Negotiations, Job Flexibility, and Work-Life Balance for Women [Glamour] 2014-06-25

USA White House Summit Focuses on Issues Important to Working Women and Families [AFL-CIO] 2014-06-25

USA Obama pushes for family-friendly work policies at ‘White House Summit on Working Families’ [NY Daily News] 2014-06-25

USA Here's What You Missed: The White House Summit on Working Families [White House] 2014-06-25

USA Obama: Americans should have paid maternity leave [Associated Press] 2014-06-25

USA Obama Calls for Maternity Leave Legislation That Will Never Happen [Jezebel] 2014-06-25

USA / New York President Obama surprises Bronx mom at lunch during Working Families summit [NY Daily News] 2014-06-25

USA Did Obama’s Working Families Summit Accomplish Anything? [Slate] 2014-06-25

USA Personal Tack by Obama in an Effort to Aid Parents [NY Times] 2014-06-25

India ‘Temple Slaves’ Struggle to Break Free [Inter-Press Service] 2014-06-25

Rwanda How Rwandan Women are Building their Lives and the Fashion Industry [Inter-Press Service] 2014-06-25

UK Zero-hours workers need greater protection, says TUC [TUC] 2014-06-25

UK Zero hours crackdown misses the mark [UNISON] 2014-06-25

Hong Kong Lawmaker Seeks Employer Liability in Harassment Bill [Bloomberg] 2014-06-25

Tunisia Informal Work in Tunisia: A Factor to be Included in Strategies Addressing Gender Based Violence [Thomson Reuters Foundatiom] 2014-06-24

Tunisia Maternity leave rights in Tunisia - worst in the world [Tunisia Live] 2014-06-24

Kenya Union Wants Cop Protection for Nurses [The Star] 2014-06-24

Australia VIDEO: Keep Super Fair [Industry Super Funds] 2014-06-24

United Arab Emirates / Philippines Hiring Filipino maids in UAE just got tougher [Gulf News] 2014-06-24

UK Unite calls for minimum wage increase as Living Wage Commission exposes in-work poverty [Unite] 2014-06-24

Hong Kong Lawmaker Seeks Employer Liability in Harassment Bill [Bloomberg] 2014-06-24

Australia TCFUA Response to Abetz Anti-Union Attack [TCFUA] 2014-06-23

USA USW delegation of 50 to advocate value of collective action during today’s White House Working Families Summit [USW] 2014-06-23

Switzerland Swiss Parliament votes to ratify Domestic Workers Convention [IUF] 2014-06-22

Ukraine IDWF support women workers in Ukraine [IUF] 2014-06-22

Global ILO Booklet Outlines Indicators of Forced Labour [BWI] 2014-06-22

Indonesia 10,000 Indonesian domestic workers have fled Syria since 2011 [] 2014-06-22

Australia Keep seniors and women working to support ageing population, says minister [Fairfax Media] 2014-06-22

Australia Working mothers hit by high childcare fees [Sky News] 2014-06-22

Malta Working women are assets, not ‘punishments’ [Times of Malta] 2014-06-22

Saudi Arabia Most young Saudis prefer working women for brides, says survey [Saudi Gazette] 2014-06-22

USA / Missouri Local woman heading to White House Summit on Working Families [WLOX] 2014-06-22

USA White House Summit on Working Families: will it make a difference? [Washington Post] 2014-06-22

USA What Women Need On the Table at the White House Working Families Summit [BlogHer] 2014-06-22

USA The Worst States to Be a Working Mom [Bloomberg] 2014-06-22