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Updated: Monday 18 December 2017, 02:16:33

Singapore Centre for Domestic Employees opens new offices to make help more accessible for maids [Channel News Asia] 2017-12-17

UK / Europe Ministers’ plot could slash paid holidays for 7 million workers, says TUC [tu] 2017-12-17

UK Auto-enrolment review is a 'mixed bag', says TUC [TUC] 2017-12-17

Finland Yle survey finds sexual harassment is relatively common in parliament [YLE] 2017-12-15

Germany Wage inequality in Germany now at same level as a century ago: study [The Local] 2017-12-15

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Myanmar Survey fills information gap on Myanmar garment sector workers [Frontier Magazine] 2017-12-15

Bangladesh Progress on fundamental workers rights remain elusive [Solidarity Center] 2017-12-15

Bangladesh Settlement reached with global fashion brand in Bangladesh Accord arbitration [UNI Global Union] 2017-12-15

Australia The case for paid domestic violence leave: ‘It’s overdue and life-saving’ [Women’s Agenda] 2017-12-14

USA Hotel ‘Panic Buttons’ Protect Housekeepers From Predators [Money] 2017-12-14

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USA / California Sacramento County Plan Aims To Protect Hotel Workers From Harassment [CBS] 2017-12-14

UK Equality Network Newsletter December 2017 [TUC] 2017-12-14

Ireland How does abortion affect people as a workplace issue? [Silicon Republic] 2017-12-14

New Zealand Back to the table for DHB Meca [NZNO-Toputanga tapuhi kaitiaki o Aotearoa] 2017-12-13

Australia / Queensland Pressure mounts for 10 days paid domestic violence leave [QNMU] 2017-12-13

Zimbabwe Female Teachers Raise Gender Based Violence Red Flag [The Herald] 2017-12-13

UK UK average wage growth undershoots inflation again squeezing real incomes [Independent] 2017-12-13

Canada / Nova Scotia Halifax fire department admits to systemic gender discrimination [CBC] 2017-12-13

USA Farmworkers demand freedom from sexual violence [Salon] 2017-12-13

Asia The costs of sexual harassment in the Asian workplace [BBC] 2017-12-13

Trinidad and Tobago Workplace sexual harassment a national issue [Newsday] 2017-12-13

India / Maharashtra 130 ASHA women workers risk losing their jobs by going on strike [The Free Press] 2017-12-13

USA / Massachusetts Head of health care union suspended over allegations of inappropriate behavior [The Globe] 2017-12-13

Canada / Alberta “Nixon is walking, talking proof of why we need tougher laws against sexual harassment.” [AFL] 2017-12-13

Canada Update – Our union’s work at CBC/Radio-Canada [CWA Canada] 2017-12-13

Myanmar / Asia Ministry Seeks Agreements With Southeast Asian Countries to Send Maids Abroad [RFA] 2017-12-12

UK Sexism in Schools [NUT] 2017-12-12

Ireland Finally righting a wrong in the fight for the women who worked in Magdalene laundries [Irish Examiner] 2017-12-12

Canada / USA When they met, gay marriage wasn’t legal. Twenty years later, they finally wed [The Globe and Mail] 2017-12-12

Mexico Energy and Roses [Jacobin] 2017-12-12

UK Fighting For Asda Members [GMB] 2017-12-12

UK Local government unions urge chancellor to fund pay [UNISON] 2017-12-12

Canada / New Brunswick Women in Leadership Gala [NBFL] 2017-12-11

Canada / Ontario March 8 Project: Order “Marching ON” pins and posters for International Women’s Day [OFL] 2017-12-11

Brazil / Philippines Modern slavery: 'I had to eat the dog's food to survive' [BBC] 2017-12-11

South Africa 'Sex work must be legal’ [TimesLive] 2017-12-11

Europe Safe at Home. Safe at Work.ETUC Briefing Paper [ETUC] 2017-12-10

Australia / UK 'Get naked if you like': the Australian working holiday from hell [Guardian ] 2017-12-10

Australia Turnbull rules out paid domestic violence leave [AAP] 2017-12-10

Australia / New South Wales State employers no longer able to discriminate against pregnant job seekers [ABC] 2017-12-10

Tanzania / Zambia VIDEO: Women workers in Zambia and Tanzania pledge to fight violence [IndustriALL] 2017-12-10

Canada “Me Too” campaign exposes pervasive problem of abuse against women, including workplace abuse [AFL] 2017-12-10

USA In hospitality industry, sexual misconduct often part of job [The Times-Union] 2017-12-10

Zambia / Tanzania Women workers in Zambia and Tanzania pledge to fight violence [IndustriALL] 2017-12-09

Iraq Nightclubs, cafes still risky workplace for Iraqi women [Al-Monitor] 2017-12-09

Zimbabwe Matrons, Nurses Call Off Strike [The Herald ] 2017-12-09

Middle East #MeToo, Say Domestic Workers in the Middle East [HRW] 2017-12-09

Palestine DWRC calls for protecting Palestinian working women from all forms of violence [DWRC] 2017-12-08

South Africa / KwaZulu-Natal Cosatu members protest after Durban company strips female workers naked [TimesLIVE] 2017-12-08

Global Stopping Sexual Abuse on the Job Begins With Empowering Workers [The Nation] 2017-12-08

UK Sports Direct employment agencies top minimum wage name and shame list thanks to Unite [Unite the union] 2017-12-08

UK Minimum wage shame list should put frighteners on rogue employers, says TUC [TUC] 2017-12-08

UK Spycops' victims take sexism claim to UN [Morning Star] 2017-12-08

Libya / Global Nermin Al-Sharif gets passport back, thanks to global union campaign [ITF] 2017-12-08

UK GMB - naming and shaming minimum wage dodging employers is a poor substitute for prosecution. [GMB] 2017-12-08

UK Full list of 260 firms named and shamed for failing to pay the minimum wage [Mirror] 2017-12-08

Bangladesh Are factories better in Bangladesh after Rana Plaza? That depends on who you ask. [PRI] 2017-12-07

Vietnam / Asia Regional conference highlight female labourers, trade union’s role [VietnamPlus] 2017-12-07

Canada / Newfoundland and Labrador Unifor, Bell Aliant Negotiate Paid Leave for Victims of Domestic Violence [VOCM] 2017-12-07

Canada Unifor donates $146,000 to Canadian women's shelters [Unifor] 2017-12-07

South Africa / KwaZulu-Natal Unions probe claims that Durban factory workers were strip-searched [The Independent] 2017-12-07

Australia / New South Wales State Labor commits to extending paid domestic violence leave to 10 days [Fairfax Media] 2017-12-06

Australia / Western Australia Domestic violence leave will help those affected find independence [The Journal] 2017-12-06

Pakistan Unions make big gains in membership [Solidarity Center] 2017-12-06

USA / New York How Garment Workers Used Fashion on the Picket Line [Racked] 2017-12-06

USA / Florida Labor Organizations denounce 'Union busting' bill [Public Service News] 2017-12-06

Australia Bill Shorten promises 10 days paid domestic violence leave [The Australian ] 2017-12-05

Australia Labor pledges to introduce 10 days of paid domestic violence leave [Guardidian Australia ] 2017-12-05

Australia From unwanted advances to being underpaid: Hospitality workers welcome boss rating app [SBS] 2017-12-05

Australia It’s not just women at the top who are paid less than men [The Conversation ] 2017-12-05

Bangladesh / USA Wear and Tear series: The women who make our clothes [PRI] 2017-12-05

Canada / British Columbia Thorkelson elected president of United Fishermen and Workers Union [Northern View] 2017-12-05

Canada December 6: Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women [OFL] 2017-12-05

Canada National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women – December 6 [UFCW] 2017-12-05

Canada National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women Statement 2017 [Unifor] 2017-12-05

Australia 'Fair Work' plays key role in gender pay gap [Fairfax Media] 2017-12-04

China Beijing’s mixed messages to working women fuels discrimination [] 2017-12-04

Australia Military needs sex workers to 'relieve' soldiers: Army captain [Rockhampton Bulletin] 2017-12-04

Europe EFJ meets MEP Rory Palmer on gender equality in the media [EFJ] 2017-12-04

UK Two-thirds of zero-hours workers want jobs with guaranteed hours, TUC polling reveals [TUC] 2017-12-04

USA GOP Tax Plan Is a Bad Deal for Women [AFL-CIO] 2017-12-04

Australia The time to strike against sexual abuse is now, says ACTU chief [Fairfax Media] 2017-12-03

Ethiopia Unions prioritise women workers' rights in Ethiopia [Just Style] 2017-12-03

USA Electrical Workers Talk Sexual Harassment over Coffee [Labour Notes] 2017-12-03

UK Income inequality is getting wider [Guardian] 2017-12-03

Zambia Fight against workplace Gender Based Violence ZCTU [Daily Mail] 2017-12-02

South Africa Women’s oppression and the potential irony of orange [Fin24] 2017-12-01

Global Women players from across the world battle for equality of opportunity and pay [UNI Global Union] 2017-12-01

Global Decent Work Forum: ‘With a Union, We May Fight Together’ [s] For more info 2017-12-01

Global Unions must do more to fight gender-based violence in their own ranks [Equal Times] 2017-12-01

USA / New York Paid Parental Leave, Except for Most Who Need It [The Times] 2017-12-01

USA / New York Hotel Workers Say These Panic Buttons Help Them Feel Safer [WNYC] 2017-12-01

USA / Washington Univ. Of Washington postdocs: Unionize to stop sexual harassment on the job [People's World] 2017-12-01

Global Forum Opens on Promoting Women Workers’ Rights [Solidarity Center] For more info 2017-11-30

USA Opinion Want to stop sexual abuse in the workplace? Unionize. [The Week] 2017-11-30

Australia Why the SDA supports 10 days paid domestic violence leave [SDA] 2017-11-30

South Africa Businesses must have own sexual harassment codes [Cape Argus] 2017-11-30

Canada #16Days: Take Action to End Gender-Based Violence [CLC] 2017-11-30

Bangladesh 64% RMG workers do not earn enough to meet basic needs [The Tribune] 2017-11-30

UK Premier Inn owners guilty of ‘wage theft’ survey reveals [Unite the union] 2017-11-30