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Updated: Wednesday 12 December 2018, 20:50:48

Australia Two in three women sexually harassed at work [ACTU] 2018-12-12

Australia ACTU surveys shows sexual harassment in Australian workplaces a major concern [Professionals Australia] 2018-12-12

USA / USA / California UBER LYFT We Made You! Drivers Rally and Speak Out In San Francisco [LVP] For more info 2018-12-12

USA / USA / California Justice For Kaiser Patients & NUHW Workers! Stop The Suicides From Profiteering and Cost Shifting [LVP] For more info 2018-12-11

UK 10 things we learned from a new SpyCops report [Left foot forward] 2018-12-10

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Australia Domestic violence leave now an entitlement [AJP] 2018-12-10

Uganda Women NGO wants minimum wage to protect employees [The Independent] 2018-12-10

Uganda Women NGO Wants Minimum Wage to Protect Employees [allAfrica] 2018-12-10

Pakistan Women workers demand same wages, end to harassment [The News] 2018-12-10

Pakistan Home-based workers protest against gender inequality, demand equal wages [The Daily Times] 2018-12-10

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USA Flight Attendants Are Fighting a Culture of Harassment at American Airlines [Care2] 2018-12-10

Malaysia / Global Top Glove vows action after labour rights expose [FMT] 2018-12-10

USA NBA dancers reveal decades-long culture of 'brainwashing,' unfair pay and eating disorders [Yahoo] 2018-12-10

Australia This has got to stop. Fast food workers must be treated with respect [SDA] 2018-12-10

Hong Kong Sexual harassment in the sky: Hong Kong flight attendants fight back [The Standard] 2018-12-09

Australia MUA - CFMEU participates in 16 Days of Activism to End Violence Against Women [MUA] 2018-12-09

Canada / Nova Scotia National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women [NSGEU] 2018-12-09

North America The New NAFTA: A license to discriminate on the basis of sex [NUPGE] 2018-12-09

Canada Remembering Montreal, and all the women's lives lost since [NUPGE] 2018-12-09

Canada / Ontario Government must reinstate programs to end gender-based violence [OFL] 2018-12-09

Canada More action is needed to end gender-based violence in Canada [PSAC] 2018-12-09

Canada Unifor supports Canadian women’s shelters [Unifor] 2018-12-09

Canada / Alberta December 6 is a time for Canadians to recommit to ending gender-based violence [UNA] 2018-12-09

UK TUC leader Frances O’Grady warns MPs against May’s Brexit deal [Morning Star] 2018-12-08

Canada Paid leave can help break the cycle of domestic violence [CLC] 2018-12-08

Canada / British Columbia BCFED Statement on December 6: National Day of Remembrance and Action Against Violence Against Women [BCFed] 2018-12-08

Canada / Ontario PRHC clerical workers to rally against wage freeze at lunchtime Tuesday [The Examiner] 2018-12-07

Nepal Women labourers unite against gender-based discrimination [The Himalayan Times] 2018-12-07

Israel Women hold general strike over increased violence [People] 2018-12-07

India Will NCW's Proposed Policy on Workplace Harassment Really Help Women? [The Wire] 2018-12-07

Global The hidden human costs of fast fashion [Deutsche Welle] 2018-12-07

Pakistan / Germany German clothing discounter KiK on trial for Pakistan factory fire [Deutsche Welle] 2018-12-07

Spain Government tries ‘Swedish model’ to address prostitution’s legal limbo [El Pais] 2018-12-07

Jordan The Jordanian women fighting for labour rights [Equal Times] 2018-12-07

Jordan Malgré leurs diplômes et leur volonté, les Jordaniennes n’accèdent pas au marché du travail et veulent que cela change [Equal Times] 2018-12-07

New Zealand Reunion for Rixen workers almost 40 years after Levin factory sit-in [NZ Herald] 2018-12-06

Canada / New Brunswick December 6 : National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women [events in NB] [CUPE] 2018-12-06

Canada We Will Never Forget. We Will Always Work For Change. [CUPW] 2018-12-06

Canada / British Columbia Union boss says Conservatives are ‘out of touch’ in denying risks to women posed by work camps [The Star] 2018-12-06

Global Men underestimate level of sexual harassment against women – survey [The Guardian] 2018-12-06

Canada / British Columbia Vancouver Art Gallery shoe memorial recognizes lives of murdered women in B.C. [Awesome] 2018-12-06

Israel Demonstrators shut roads, airport as women strike to protest violence [The Times] 2018-12-05

Ireland Workers in HSE-funded agencies back pay equality proposals [RTÉ] 2018-12-05

India / Maharashtra Pune: Labour court directs pharma firm to reinstate HIV positive woman [ Express News Service] 2018-12-05

New Zealand Urgent proactive approach towards assaults on nurses needed, says NZNO [NZNO-Toputanga Tapuhi Kaitiaki o Aotearoa] 2018-12-04

Swaziland Liberate women-COSATU president [Times of Swaziland] 2018-12-04

Jordan / Middle East The Jordanian women fighting for labour rights [Equal Times] 2018-12-04

UK Four million British workers live in poverty, charity says [The Guardian] 2018-12-04

Bangladesh Government to eject safety inspectors brought in after Rana Plaza disaster [The Guardian] 2018-12-04

Israel Women's strike in protest of domestic violence begins [Ynet] 2018-12-04

Australia Labor promises taskforce on campus sexual harassment [UWN] 2018-12-04

Australia Unpaid leave will not help people escape abuse [ACTU] 2018-12-04

Global Inclusion of women the priority for IndustriALL women’s committee [IndustriALL] 2018-12-04

Bangladesh / Global What is happening with the Bangladesh Accord? [Fashion United] 2018-12-03

Israel Over 200 Israeli Institutions Back Strike Over Violence Against Women [Haaretz] 2018-12-03

Cambodia Union leaders’ trial date set [The Post] 2018-12-03

Japan Human Rights Watch Letter to Labour Policy Council Re: Draft Paper on Combatting Violence and Harassment at Work [HRW] 2018-12-03

India Despite #MeToo wave in India, women in low-wage jobs still suffer widespread harassment [The Times] 2018-12-01

Ethiopia Project helps female garment workers guard against exploitation [Just Style] 2018-12-01

USA Are U.S. hotel workers victims of forced labour? [Reuters] 2018-12-01

Canada / Alberta Government decision banning mandatory high heels in the workplace is great news for workers [AFL] 2018-12-01

UK British Safety Council supports Usdaw's Justice for Injured Workers Campaign [USDAW] 2018-12-01

South Africa Numsa demands ‘equal pay’ for Banyana Banyana [Africa News 24/7] 2018-11-30

Bangladesh / Pakistan Textile workers still unsafe years after Bangladesh, Pakistan factory disasters [Deutsche Welle] 2018-11-30

Australia NTEU calls on the Federal Opposition to include staff in its taskforce looking into sexual harassment at universities [NTEU] 2018-11-30

Canada / New Brunswick Pay equity in the private sector: an uphill battle with the PC government [The Media Co-op] 2018-11-30

UK Reclaim the Night 2018 [TUC] 2018-11-30

Australia The reality for au pairs in Australia [The Age] 2018-11-29

UK Usdaw welcomes the offer of talks with the Home Office about legal protections for shopworkers [USDAW] 2018-11-29

UK Universal credit has been a disaster for the poor and vulnerable [UNISON] 2018-11-29

USA Sex doll brothels are now a thing. What will happen to real-life sex workers? [Vox] 2018-11-29

India / Goa #MeToo has put the spotlight on limitations of law [The Hindu] 2018-11-29

New Zealand Pressure on female doctors highlighted in new research [NZ Doctor] 2018-11-29

Australia Issues women face in the workplace [Professionals Australia] 2018-11-29

USA / USA / California 'We Are Getting Stronger' SF Unite Here Local 2 Marriott Marquis Workers Joined By Teachers On Day 56 [LVP] For more info 2018-11-29

UK Northern Ireland midwives vote in favour of industrial action [RCM] 2018-11-29

Ethiopia Women in the textile and garment sector in Ethiopia trained in labour law [IndustriALL] 2018-11-29

UK Dinner ladies save their jobs after 36 days of strike action [Morning Star] 2018-11-29

Global / Mexico Inclusion of women the priority for IndustriALL women’s committee [IndustriALL] 2018-11-29

Global Unions Demand Paid Leave for Survivors of Domestic Violence [PSI] 2018-11-28

Global Women are most likely to be affected by violence in the workplace, but we are all victims [PSI] 2018-11-28

Canada / Ontario Peterborough Regional Health Centre to freeze wages for clerical staff: OPSEU [Global] 2018-11-28

South Africa Stop violence against women and children [SAFTU] 2018-11-28

India / Tamil Nadu NGO conducts seminar on safety in informal sector [The Express] 2018-11-28

South Africa Stop the violence against women and children, demands SAFTU [SAFTU] 2018-11-28

New Zealand Union: Striking midwives treatment 'patently unfair' [Fairfax media] 2018-11-27

UK 'Stop Domestic Abuse' Pledge For Employers [GMB] 2018-11-27

UK Bus companies putting profit before services [RMT] 2018-11-27

UK Food bank use to soar to record levels over Christmas as UK families struggle to pay basic living costs, charity warns [Independent] 2018-11-27

Global From the boardroom to the factory floor, trade union women say “nothing about us without us” [Equal Times] 2018-11-27

Spain Prostitution takes center stage as Spanish feminists rally to eliminate violence against women [PRI] 2018-11-27

Global International Labour Organisation says women now earn 20% less than men as global take-home pay hits its lowest since 2008 [Pulse] 2018-11-27

Bangladesh VIDEO: Ending Gender Violence at Work with Collective Action [Solidarity Center] For more info 2018-11-27

Global Stop violence against women at work - Support an ILO Convention [ETUC] 2018-11-26

Global IFJ global survey shows massive impact of online abuse on women journalists [IFJ] 2018-11-26

USA WNBA Players Could Soon Be Negotiating a New CBA [Workday] 2018-11-26

Canada / Nova Scotia Union Matters Podcast #6: Empowering NSGEU Women [NSGEU] 2018-11-26

Canada National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women 2018 [ONA] 2018-11-26

UK / Scotland Shopworkers union demands action from Labour on unfair pay [The Herald] 2018-11-25

Ghana Women are most likely to be affected by violence in the workplace, but we are all victims [GBN] 2018-11-25