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Updated: Wednesday 23 August 2017, 21:39:54

Canada / New Brunswick New members of NBU sign first contracts that include domestic violence leave [NUPGE] 2017-08-22

USA / Kansas Fran works 6 days a week in fast food, and yet she's homeless [Guardian ] 2017-08-22

Australia / Queensland $200-a-week pizza driver aims to deliver for Domino's underpaid workers [Fairfax Media ] 2017-08-21

India / Delhi Hotel manager accused of molesting staff in Delhi, held [The Hindu] 2017-08-19

Canada / Saskatchewan New report shows long term impacts of Sask Party’s regressive tax changes on women and low income families [CUPE] 2017-08-19

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Nigeria ASUU Strike Will Cause Increase in Prostitution - Sex Workers Association [The Bulletin] 2017-08-19

India / Telangana Tortured, traumatised domestic worker also unpaid for four years [The Express] 2017-08-19

Iran Labor market on path to gender transformation [Al-Monitor] 2017-08-18

Middle East Domestic workers claiming rights under the kafala system [Open Democracy] 2017-08-18

Australia WA gender pay gap better for wrong reasons [Unions WA] 2017-08-18

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Australia The gender pay gap is (slightly) down! [Women's Agenda] 2017-08-18

New Zealand Women rally for equal pay [NewsTalkZB] 2017-08-18

China Women Need Not Apply for China Tech Worker Jobs [WSJ] 2017-08-18

Cambodia Why female workers are prone to sexual abuse in Cambodia [DW] 2017-08-18

New Zealand Standing up for her rights led to better things [Fairfax media] 2017-08-17

Canada 'Hey gorgeous': Meet 2 women sick of sexism and discrimination in mining [CBC] 2017-08-17

India / Haryana Maids in Gurugram’s new sectors say they are underpaid, go on strike [The Times] 2017-08-16

Hong Kong Woman Complains Maid Used AC Without Permission [UNI] 2017-08-15

Hong Kong Politician Called ‘Inhumane’ For Suggesting Domestic Helpers Use Less A/C [AFP] 2017-08-15

Jordan Women academics ‘widely discriminated against’ — report [Jordan Times] 2017-08-15

Jordan Sisters in solidarity: the communal care of domestic workers in the Middle East [Open Democracy] 2017-08-15

Global The International Domestic Workers Movement Is Growing [Truth Out] 2017-08-13

Barbados Gender based violence still prevalent [Today] 2017-08-13

Israel / Palestine Open nurseries in East Jerusalem and enable women to work! [WAC Ma] 2017-08-12

Israel In the bilingual day-care centers and schools of “Hand in Hand” (Yad b’Yad) teachers and workers have organized in WAC-MAAN [WAC-Maan] 2017-08-12

UK / England Strike Ballot Over Coventry Children's Centre Closures [GMB] 2017-08-12

Global Youth Day: ‘We Are the Voice of Today, Tomorrow’ [Solidarity Center] For more info 2017-08-11

UK / Ireland / Northern Ireland Mother accepts settlement over pregnancy discrimination [BBC] 2017-08-10

Ireland Ted Walsh: No pay gap in horse racing industry [Irish Examiner] 2017-08-10

Ireland Gender pay gap issue is not just about RTÉ salaries, says minister [Irish Independent] 2017-08-10

Canada / Nova Scotia Cape Breton union leader Carmie Erickson was ‘at her best fighting for people’ [Local Xpress] 2017-08-10

USA / California Was Google wrong to fire anti-diversity memo author? [BBC] 2017-08-09

USA / California Google's firing of memo writer strikes nerve in Silicon Valley [Reuters] 2017-08-09

USA / California Google Fires Author of Divisive Memo on Gender Differences [Bloomberg] 2017-08-09

Ireland Government departments to work together to tackle gender pay gap [Irish Examiner] 2017-08-09

Tunisia Comprehensive new law on violence against women [IAMAW] 2017-08-09

USA / USA / Pennsylvania Pay Disparity In The Newspaper Industry With Cet Parks ED Of Wash Baltimore NG Local 32035 [LVP] For more info 2017-08-09

Australia / Victoria Union vows two more days of industrial action after 66 workers locked out, including three in Bendigo [Bendigo Advertiser] 2017-08-08

Australia / Victoria Melbourne cafe suggests 18pc 'gender pay gap' surcharge for male customers [ABC] 2017-08-08

USA The gender pay gap in the US is still 20 percent—but millennial women are closing in on men [CNBC] 2017-08-08

USA Why it may be illegal for Google to punish that engineer over his now viral anti-diversity memo [CNBC] 2017-08-08

USA Google VP denounces employee memo’s views on female workers [Salt Lake Tribune] 2017-08-08

USA / Germany Immigrant Workers Accuse German Diplomat Of Providing Horrible Working Conditions [CBS] 2017-08-08

Burma / Singapore Underage maids from Myanmar seek help in Singapore [Al Jazeera] 2017-08-08

Nepal Some Days I Lived, Other Days I Died [Medium] 2017-08-08

UK ‘I go without lunch and tell my colleagues I’m on a diet’ [UNISON] 2017-08-07

Canada / Newfoundland and Labrador We need more women leaders, not fewer [The Telegram] 2017-08-07

Philippines Stop requiring women to wear high heels at work – labor union [Rappler] 2017-08-07

Cambodia Chung Fai Workers Demand Justice [Clean Clothes Campaign] ActNOW! 2017-08-05

Bangladesh Violence against domestic workers reaches alarming high [Dhaka Tribune] 2017-08-05

Canada / Cambodia Abandoned garment workers deserve justice from Nygard [Toronto Star] ActNOW! 2017-08-05

USA / Rhode Island Prostitution decriminalized: Rhode Island’s experiment [Newsworks] 2017-08-04

Korea (South) Prosecutors: film director investigated in abuse case [News Now] 2017-08-03

Canada / Ontario Pay equity victory for mental health workers [Now] 2017-08-03

Cambodia What’s behind the mass faintings in Cambodia’s garment factories? [Equal Times] 2017-08-03

Australia Cricket pay deal huge for women as Australia's female cricketers get massive windfall [ABC] 2017-08-03

USA Harrison, NY - Two Filipina domestic workers for German diplomat were overworked, underpaid: lawsuit [Daily News] 2017-08-03

UK FT statement on #equal pay [NUJ] 2017-08-03

Australia 'Slave labour' and sexual exploitation: calls for investigation into backpacker abuse [Guardian Australia] 2017-08-02

USA / USA / California Technology, Workers and Silicon Valley-Frontline Views From Silicon Valley [LVP] For more info 2017-08-02

Tunisia Comprehensive new law on violence against women [IUF] 2017-08-02

New Zealand Pay equity for teacher-aides-we're worth it [Youtube] 2017-08-02

New Zealand Why we need a new left-wing party [Sue Bradford] 2017-08-02

Canada / Ontario CMHA Cochrane-Timiskaming: another pay equity victory [OPSEU] 2017-08-02

Ireland 'People have a point to make and now is the time to make it' - former news anchor Anne Doyle on RTÉ's gender pay gap [Irish Independent] 2017-08-01

UK FT Journalists Threaten to Strike As Britain’s Gender Pay Gap Debate Rages On [Fortune] 2017-08-01

UK When data wins in court [UNISON] 2017-08-01

UK Employment tribunal fees: the story behind our success [UNISON] 2017-08-01

UK Financial Times journalists may strike over gender pay gap [Sky news] 2017-07-31

USA Black Women’s Equal Pay Day – The Reasons Their Pay Gap Exists [Workers Independent News] 2017-07-31

New Zealand The firs of many equal pay cheques arrive [PSA] 2017-07-31

South Africa / Gauteng COSATU strongly condemns the searching of women while naked at Sibanye Gold Cooke Operations [COSATU] 2017-07-31

Ireland / UK Sunday Times accused of antisemitism over column on BBC pay [The Guardian] 2017-07-31

USA This Is How Long It Will Take To Achieve Equal Pay For Black Women In Every State [Bustle] 2017-07-31

Australia A very good reason why the gender pay gap isn’t closing [Women's Agenda] 2017-07-31

Ireland / UK Sunday Times confirms Kevin Myers won't write for them again after offensive equal pay column [The Journal] 2017-07-31

UK Bosses are failing to honour minimum pay laws, warns Britain’s job market tsar [Guardian] 2017-07-30

UK Rise from teenage mother and union boss to Labour education secretary [Guardian] 2017-07-30

Palestine Women earn sweet money as pastry chefs [Al Monitor] 2017-07-30

South Africa Mine suspends 52 women who refused to strip [AFP] 2017-07-30

UK Mary Turner, trade unionist and president of GMB union [The Independent] 2017-07-30

Australia Claims super is 'biased' against women are nonsense [Fairfax Media] 2017-07-30

Australia / New South Wales State Labor votes for 10-day DV leave [AAP] 2017-07-30

Australia Pressure for domestic violence leave [Sky News] 2017-07-30

USA / USA / California NIKE: Stop Union Busting & Slave Labor Conditions In SF On World Day Of Action [LVP] For more info 2017-07-30

Iran Women embalmers slam court for demeaning their profession [Radio Zamaneh] 2017-07-30

Swaziland Legalize abortion [Times of Swaziland] 2017-07-29

Nigeria De-criminalize sex work in Nigeria, sex workers urge FG [Vanguard News] 2017-07-29

Nigeria Sex workers clamoring for legalization [Pulse] 2017-07-29

Ireland RTÉ 'preventing staff from talking publicly about gender pay gap controversy' [] 2017-07-28

Ireland Opinion: It's easy to attack RTÉ but the pay gap is an issue where you work too [The Journal] 2017-07-28

New Zealand Women will fight hurdles to equal pay [NZEI-te Riu Roa] 2017-07-27

Kazakhstan Trade Union Leader Convicted [HRW] ActNOW! 2017-07-27

Canada / Newfoundland and Labrador CUPE NL mourns the passing of Sister Susan Shiner [CUPE] 2017-07-27

UK Snatching money from care workers marks a new low for the Tories [Guardian] 2017-07-27

UK Supreme Court ruling on employment tribunal fees - great win for all workers [NUT] 2017-07-27

Mexico Mexican Domestic Workers Launch Job Contract Campaign [Solidarity Center] For more info 2017-07-27

Australia Women unionists lead protest against violence in the workplace [CFMEU] 2017-07-26

Kazakhstan Leader Of Defunct Kazakh Union Sentenced On Embezzlement Charges [RFE/Radio Liberty] ActNOW! 2017-07-26

Kazakhstan Trade Union Leader Punished With 4 Years of 'Limited Freedom' [EuraAsiaNet] ActNOW! 2017-07-26