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Updated: Saturday 18 November 2017, 00:13:10

Canada / Alberta Nearly one in five city employees say they've been harassed, report shows [CBC] 2017-11-17

Sweden More than 4,000 women working in Swedish law speak out about harassment in the industry [The Local] 2017-11-16

South Africa / Gauteng Yende family considering civil case against Eskom [The Citizen/ANA] 2017-11-16

UK Nursing staff stretched to breaking point over pay [RCN] 2017-11-16

UK Seventeen nurses a day applying for payday loans to make ends meet [Mirror] 2017-11-16

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UK Higher wages for council employees would save the Treasury money, says UNISON [UNISON] 2017-11-16

UK New workwear for Royal Mail women [CWU] 2017-11-16

Taiwan Far Eastern Flight Attendants’ Union Alleges Sexism From Management [New Bloom] 2017-11-16

Global / Sri Lanka IndustriALL Executive Committee takes strong stand against corporate greed and violence against women [IndustriALL] 2017-11-16

Global Violence against women: not in my union, not in my workplace [IndustriALL] 2017-11-16

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Middle East Domestic workers who flee their abusive employers in the UAE and Oman could be charged with a hefty fine and sent to prison [MiddleEastEye] 2017-11-15

Middle East / Tanzania Domestic workers from Tanzania 'working like robots, [DW] 2017-11-15

Oman / Tanzania Maid abuse: 'How my boss threatened me with acid in Oman' [BBC] 2017-11-15

Middle East / Tanzania Migrant Domestic Workers in Oman, UAE Abused [HRW] 2017-11-15

Canada Domestic Violence is a Serious Issue in the Workplace [Teamsters] 2017-11-15

Asia Nike’s Sexual Harassment Record in Asia: Think Roy Moore Times 100s Per Year for 35 Years! [Counter Punch] 2017-11-15

USA Worker Abuse Is Rampant, and Sexual Harassment Is Just the Start [Slate] 2017-11-15

UK Groundbreaking Report Shows Lifting Public Sector Pay Cap Would Cost 43 per Cent Less than Previously Thought [GMB] 2017-11-15

Hong Kong Domestic helpers union stages rally outside Philippine consulate in Hong Kong over labour ban [The South China Morning Post] 2017-11-15

Global Social Justice Unionism: Labor Can Make Change [Solidarity Center] 2017-11-15

France Employees of Big French Cleaning Company Win Sexual Harassment Case [NY Times] 2017-11-14

India Google honours trade union leader Anasuya Sarabhai with a doodle [Times Now] 2017-11-14

India Google doodle celebrates Anasuya Sarabhai, India's first female union leader [ANI] 2017-11-14

Ireland Social Protection Minister U-turn on pension guarantee [Irish Examiner] 2017-11-14

Pakistan Protest threatened over delay in women teachers’ promotion [Dawn] 2017-11-14

USA / Connecticut Norwalk school library aides fight elimination of positions [Nancy on Norwalk] For more info 2017-11-14

Canada Statement on proposed harassment and sexual violence legislation [PSAC] 2017-11-14

Canada / Saskatchewan SFL calls for adoption of Bill 605 to give survivors of domestic violence paid leave [SFL] 2017-11-14

USA / Illinois Hotel Workers Union Celebrates Anti-Harassment Ordinance [CBS] 2017-11-14

USA In an Industry Where Abuse Is Hidden, Domestic Workers Set Sights on Federal Protections [Slate] 2017-11-14

Canada UFCW launches 16 Days of Action to End Gender-based Violence campaign [UFCW] 2017-11-14

Canada New USW Women’s Committees Course Pilot a Huge Success [USW] 2017-11-14

Kenya Ban on Domestic Workers to Saudi and Qatar Should Stay [COTU] 2017-11-14

USA / California Teamsters Hold Day Of Action Against Gender Pay Discrimination At Theatre Supplier Warehouse [Workers Independent News] 2017-11-13

UK / Wales GMB Secure commitment from Cardiff Airport to pay a living wage [GMB] 2017-11-13

UK Bullying At Work: Signs You're Being Bullied And Tips On Taking Action [HuffPost] 2017-11-13

UK Violence, threats and abuse against shopworkers is rising - an Usdaw survey reveals [USDAW] 2017-11-13

UK Use our pay calculator to pile pressure on government [PCS] 2017-11-13

Canada Unions welcome legislation on workplace harassment and violence [CLC] 2017-11-13

Japan Court nullifies Emirates’ dismissal of three female workers [Japan Press Weekly] 2017-11-13

Indonesia Jakarta Governor urges workers to find jobs in Sharia-compliant hotels [ABC] 2017-11-13

India SEWA women join national stir, demand worker rights [The Times] 2017-11-12

Malaysia Get rid of discriminatory hijab ban for hotel workers, says civil society group [Insight] 2017-11-12

Canada / Ontario Unions celebrate Ontario government’s support for paid domestic leave [CLC] 2017-11-11

UK Parliamentary staff ‘no confidence’ warning over harassment and bullying working group [Unite the union] 2017-11-11

Ireland Brother of Minister criticises €7,500 award to woman quizzed on marriage and children during interview [Irish Independent] 2017-11-11

UK NUJ taking action for equal pay on behalf of more than 100 journalists at the BBC as new survey reveals disparity [Press Gazette] 2017-11-11

Canada / Ontario Unions celebrate Ontario government's support for paid domestic leave [CLC] 2017-11-11

UK PCS tells chancellor use budget to end pay misery [PCS] 2017-11-11

USA / USA / California SF Community Labor Rally Defends SFSU Professor Rabab Abdulhadi Against Zionist Lawsuit [Labor Video Project] For more info 2017-11-10

New Zealand 'Hobbit law' change vindication for late union leader [Radio New Zealand] 2017-11-10

Australia / Australian Capital Territory UnionsACT Submission to ACT Family & Domestic Violence Inquiry [Unions ACT] 2017-11-10

UK Gender pay gap widening for women in their 20s, data shows [Guardian] 2017-11-10

Ireland Minister cannot remember if he posed family question to male candidate [RTÉ] 2017-11-10

Ireland Human rights chief Emily Logan disappointed at Minister's response [Irish Examiner] 2017-11-10

South Africa More allegations of racism at Old Mutual [Cape Times] 2017-11-09

Global IndustriALL’s Women’s Committee calls on unions to take pledge to combat violence against women in the workplace [IndustriALL] 2017-11-09

Canada / Ontario Windsor hospital nurses, personal support workers at great risk of violence [CUPE] 2017-11-09

Honduras Honduran Unions to Be Honored at 20th Anniversary Event [Solidarity Center] For more info 2017-11-09

UK / England London - Unite and Citizens UK team up to challenge Holiday Inn owners over broken Living Wage promise [Unite the union] 2017-11-09

Ireland Minister 'has no problem' paying €7,500 compensation out of own pocket [RTÉ] 2017-11-09

Ireland Anti-harassment measures for arts sector announced [Irish Times] 2017-11-09

Ireland Woman awarded compensation after Minister asked discriminatory questions [Newstalk] 2017-11-09

UK / Scotland Warm words are not enough - Usdaw calls on the Scottish Government to do more to protect shopworkers [USDAW] 2017-11-08

UK Unite statement on parliamentary branch meeting with the Prime Minister [Unite the union] 2017-11-08

UK Former Dynasty star highlights UNISON’s Pay Up Now! campaign [UNISON] 2017-11-08

Canada Unions welcome legislation on workplace harassment and violence [CLC] 2017-11-08

Canada Federal Workplace Harassment Legislation is a Necessary Step [Unifor] 2017-11-08

Ireland Taoiseach calls for ‘no tolerance’ of workplace harassment [RTÉ] 2017-11-08

Global World Players Association launches declaration to protect child athletes [UNI Global Union] 2017-11-08

UK Join PCS to fight for pay justice [PCS] 2017-11-08

Turkey Unpaid labourers are 'slipping pleas for help into Zara clothes' [Independent] 2017-11-07

Australia / Iceland What Australia can learn from Iceland on gender equality [Fairfax Media ] 2017-11-07

UK Usdaw welcomes an uprating of the real Living Wage [USDAW] 2017-11-07

South Africa / North West Lonmin says sexual harassment of women “common and pervasive” [] 2017-11-07

Canada / Ontario Restaurant workers gather to combat harassment [CBC] 2017-11-07

Canada Public inquiry needed to address sexualized violence in policing and corrections system [The Lawyer's Weekly] 2017-11-07

Ireland Former staff reject email offer by Gate [Irish Examiner] 2017-11-07

UK Living wage risen to £8.75 an hour across the UK and £10.20 an hour in London [UNISON] 2017-11-07

Global Another 217-year wait for equal pay [Business Report/Reuters] 2017-11-06

South Africa / Mpumalanga Political parties unite to condemn alleged rape, bestiality acts against domestic worker [eNCA] 2017-11-06

UK Reserved (low pay) seat threshold for 2017/18 [UNISON] 2017-11-06

UK More companies should become Living Wage employers, says TUC [TUC] 2017-11-06

Canada / Prince Edward Island Join the Purple Ribbon pinning bee! [NUPGE] 2017-11-06

USA Dolores Huerta, the Mexican-American Activist Who Invented 'Yes We Can,' Is Still Fighting [Vice] 2017-11-03

Canada / Quebec Big day for pay equity for thousands of women [CUPE] 2017-11-03

UK Make the NHS a living wage employer says UNISON [UNISON] 2017-11-03

UK ‘Outrage’ as Council Closes Last 14 Community Daycare Nurseries in Birmingham [GMB] 2017-11-03

USA / New York New York City bans questions on salary history [RTÉ] 2017-11-02

Ireland RTÉ told to be more open on pay deals [Irish Examiner] 2017-11-02

Canada / Quebec Burkas and Bill 62 - Standing Up for Minority Rights [Our Times] 2017-11-02

UK Ms Smith Goes to Westminster [UNISON] 2017-11-02

Canada / Saskatchewan Sexual harassment victim says faith in truth restored by Sask. labour board decision [CBC] 2017-11-02

Canada FAFIA pushes to end discrimination in Indian Act [NUPGE] 2017-11-02

New Zealand E tu welcomes the demise of National's pay equity bill [E tu union] 2017-11-01

UK Second round of pay day protests send another clear message to the government [PCS] 2017-11-01

Canada / Saskatchewan Union discriminated against women who filed sexual harassment claims: Sask. Labour Board [CBC] 2017-11-01

Kenya / Brazil Brazil, Kenya Women Leaders on Frontline of Change [Solidarity Center] For more info 2017-11-01

Canada / Ontario ACTRA Toronto vows to do more to protect members in a post-Weinstein world [Metro] 2017-10-31

India Domestic workers face abuse without legal protection [Death Rattle Sports] 2017-10-31