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Updated: Thursday 25 May 2017, 09:00:25

Egypt Empowering Egyptian women by turning homes into factories [Al-Monitor] 2017-05-25

Saudi Arabia Why Saudi Women Are Literally Living ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ [NYT] 2017-05-25

Hong Kong In the World's Most Expensive City, 1 in 10 Maids Sleeps in a Kitchen, Toilet, or Corner of the Living Room [TIME] 2017-05-25

Palestine Gaza women make inroads into driving [Al Monitor] 2017-05-25

Russia The Women of 1917 [Jacobin] 2017-05-25

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Australia New Survey Finds 89 Per Cent of Women Working in Hospitality Are Sexually Harassed [BroadSheet] 2017-05-25

Israel Histadrut vote count stopped by judge because of alleged irregularities [Times of Israel] 2017-05-25

Australia / New South Wales Mark Latham slams Unions NSW for what he’s calling “sex discrimination' against white men [Starts at 60] 2017-05-25

Cambodia Give garment workers paid leave to return home for elections : Unions [Cambodia Daily] 2017-05-25

Middle East Lola and Her Tormentor [The Atlantic] 2017-05-25

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Ireland SIPTU to demonstrate in support of Gender Pay Gap Bill outside Leinster House today [SIPTU] 2017-05-24

Australia Families warned they may risk liability for injuries to au pairs and nannies [Fairfax Media] 2017-05-23

Namibia Unions join fight against GBV [The Namibian] 2017-05-23

USA Women Workers And The Future Of Manly Jobs [WBUR] 2017-05-23

Israel Histadrut elections set for Tuesday [Globes Israel] 2017-05-22

USA / USA / California CWA AT&T Workers Shut It Down At Mobility In SF: $21 K an Hour For CEO $16 An Hour For Worker [LVP] For more info 2017-05-20

Iran Women labor activists declare solidarity with Ismael Abdi - teacher union leader On Hunger atrike [NCRI] ActNOW! 2017-05-20

South Africa New union federation risks failure if it ignores a gendered reality [Business Day] 2017-05-19

Global Union Women from Around the World Keep Meeting to Press for Their Rights. Does It Do Any Good? [HNN] 2017-05-19

USA The Gender Pay Gap Is Largely Because of Motherhood [New York Times] 2017-05-18

UK Labour Party manifesto condemns 'devastating' EHRC cuts [PCS] 2017-05-17

UK Unite warns of Tory ‘wage squeeze’ as inflation outstrips average earnings [Unite] 2017-05-17

India / Tamil Nadu Women workers slam German garment manufacturer for anti worker activities [tnlabour] 2017-05-16

Czech Republic / Europe The battle for gender equality rages on in the Czech Republic [Equal Times] 2017-05-16

New Zealand Three NZ nurses for Florence Nightingale award [NZNO] 2017-05-16

Pakistan 'Lady health workers' to strike [Pakistan Observer] 2017-05-15

Australia Paid parental leave protected for retail workers [SDA] 2017-05-14

India The Surprising Wishes Of India's Sex Workers [Goats and Soda] 2017-05-14

Bangladesh Most Bangladeshi garment workers are women, but their union leaders weren't [The News Today] 2017-05-14

Australia Federal budget 2017: Changes to Paid Parental Leave scheme off the table [ABC] 2017-05-13

New Zealand Equal pay bill a backward step for women [PSA] 2017-05-13

Canada Success for women lies in collaboration, say female labour leaders [rabble] 2017-05-12

India Despite economic progress, gender divide in India’s labour force remains stark [Mint] 2017-05-10

USA / USA / California UESF Teachers & Staff Demand Living Wages at SFUSD Board-Housing Costs Driving Teachers Out Of S [LVP] For more info 2017-05-10

Global Bridging the pension gender gap [Benefits Canada] 2017-05-10

India / Karnataka Garment Workers Won You (Yes, You) Your PF With Their Strike But What about the Police Brutalities They Faced? [The Ladies Finger] 2017-05-10

UK 'Bungling' Jeremy Hunt Doesn't Know Nurses' Wages [GMB] 2017-05-10

UK / Ireland / Northern Ireland Queen's University Belfast criticised over gender pay gap [BBC] 2017-05-09

India / Karnataka Committee finds police excesses during garment workers’ protest last year [The Hindu] 2017-05-08

Canada / Ontario OPSEU names North Bayite a Woman of the Year [OPSEU] 2017-05-08

India / Karnataka Report today on garment workers’ stir [The Hindu] 2017-05-07

Singapore Better insurance coverage for foreign domestic workers from October [Channel News Asia] 2017-05-07

USA / USA / California Wells Fargo Teller Whistleblower Guitron On Criminal Fraud, Bullying, Racism & OSHA Cover-up [Labor Video Project] For more info 2017-05-06

New Zealand / Global Midwives celebrate their day 5th May [NZNO] 2017-05-05

New Zealand Pay equity settlement for 55,000 health care workers signed [Scoop] 2017-05-03

Australia Australian union survey reveals full measure of sexual harassment and employer complacence in the hospitality sector [IUF] 2017-05-03

UK Reform pensions auto-enrolment to provide security in retirement for low-paid workers [USDAW] 2017-05-03

USA / USA / California On May Day 2017 Workers & Their Kids Speak Out In SF - Defend Workers & Immigrants [LVP] For more info 2017-05-02

UK A real living wage for all workers says Usdaw [USDAW] 2017-05-02

UK Domestic abuse victims need greater workplace support [USDAW] 2017-05-02

UK USDAW - Hannett Lambasts Green And His Wife [Morning Star] 2017-05-02

Australia / Victoria Andrews Government secures unique nurses and midwives health service [ANMF Vic Branch] 2017-05-02

Australia / Victoria Maternal and child health nurses part of plan to end family violence [ANMF Vic Branch] 2017-05-02

Indonesia The unheard voices of female workers at their workplaces [JP] 2017-05-02

New Zealand Kerri Nuku addresses UN for a Maori nursing workforce strategy [NZNO] 2017-05-01

Bangladesh Call to regain our power as workers [The Daily Star] 2017-04-30

USA / USA / California Blowing The Whistle On Wells Fargo & J.P. Morgan Yesenia Guitron & Johnny Burris Speak Out On 2017 Workers Memorial Day [LVP] For more info 2017-04-29

UK / Europe EU negotiation guidelines offer golden opportunity to secure workers' rights, says TUC [TUC] 2017-04-29

UK Women put at risk by ill-fitting safety gear, warns TUC [TUC] 2017-04-28

Australia Sleaze, assault and even threats of rape are all on the menu for young women who work in hospitality – so why does no one stop it? [Fairfax Media] 2017-04-27

Canada / Nova Scotia Gardiner Mines murder accused to return to court Friday [The Post] 2017-04-27

Global IndustriALL women set priorities for action [IndustriALL] 2017-04-27

Global ITF women pledge action to secure ILO violence convention [ITF] 2017-04-27

UK Hospital staff paying ‘extortionate’ charges to park at work, says UNISON [UNISON] 2017-04-26

Russia Passengers don't want overweight flight crew, say Aeroflot officials after lawsuits [The Guardian] 2017-04-26

Ireland Gender equality court case to be heard next week [Galway Independent] 2017-04-26

UK Health members look to ballot box and beyond to win battle over pay [UNISON] 2017-04-25

Cambodia / Global Brewery giant Carlsberg seeks to punish union for defending workers' rights [IUF] 2017-04-24

Palestine Gaza security releases female Palestinian journalist, activist from detention [Ma'am News Agency ] 2017-04-24

Global Unions worldwide demand an ILO convention to stop gender-based violence at work [IFJ] 2017-04-24

Bangladesh Workers' rights issues remain a challenge [The Star] 2017-04-24

Bangladesh Sewing full-time for 61 euros a month [Deutsche Welle] 2017-04-24

Pakistan Factory workers demand efforts to safeguard labour rights [The News] 2017-04-24

Canada / Alberta Organizing course inspires women in Western Canada [UFCW] 2017-04-24

Canada / Bangladesh Add your voice to the No More Operating in the Dark campaign [CUPE] 2017-04-23

UK / England Launch for unique historical website of Manchester and Salford Women’s TUC [The Star] 2017-04-23

Canada Pay Equity Review On Schedule – Member Focus Groups About To Start [CUPW] 2017-04-23

Canada / Bangladesh On Rana Plaza Anniversary, Transparency Needed from Mark's, Sport Chek [USW] 2017-04-22

New Zealand E tu: proposed Equal Pay bill is not justice for women [E tu union] 2017-04-22

New Zealand 11 tears after the first KFC strikes, why Sana is striking [Youtube] 2017-04-21

USA Everything we know so far about Uber’s sexual harassment scandal [TechCrunch] 2017-04-21

USA Uber Has Extended Its Sexual Harassment Investigation [Reuters] 2017-04-21

Australia Players Union won't strike but promise 'some form of protest' over Netball board actions [ABC] 2017-04-21

UK Government should scrap tribunal fees so workers can challenge sexist dress codes, says TUC [TUC] 2017-04-21

UK Health visitors and school nurses to prepare election checklist to ringfence public health budgets [Unite] 2017-04-21

Bangladesh ‘A Union Is the Road to Worker Rights’ [Solidarity Center] For more info 2017-04-21

Russia Unpaid Wages Protest. Hunger Striking Female Construction Worker Hospitalized In Siberia [RFE/RL] 2017-04-20

Australia Australian netballers threaten rebel league, strike, national team boycott over board room stoush [Sydney Morning Herald] 2017-04-20

Australia Flight Attendants Lose Discrimination Suit Against Russian Airline Aeroflot [Moscow Times] 2017-04-20

Indonesia Indonesian Women Risk Health to Supply Palm Oil to the West [pulitzercenter] 2017-04-20

UK / England Woolwich Ferry staff set to strike over secretary’s ‘sexual harassment ordeal’ [The Standard] 2017-04-20

UK Marks and Spencer - store reorganisation starts with six closures - Usdaw calls for talks [USDAW] 2017-04-20

USA / USA / California NEA UTR Kristyn Jones On The Fight Against Privatization and Charters [Labor Video Project] For more info 2017-04-20

New Zealand Victoria equal pay settlement for unions [NZNO-Toputanga tapuhi kaitiaki o Aotearoa] 2017-04-19

New Zealand Budget funds must be allocated for pay equity claims [NZEI-te Riu Roa] 2017-04-19

New Zealand Pay equity deal a monumental step forward for social justice [Fairfax media] 2017-04-19

Australia Netball Australia may take backward step on 'landmark' pay deal [ABC] 2017-04-19

Egypt How Egyptian cleaning service seeks to protect migrant workers [Al-Monitor] 2017-04-19

Bangladesh Dedicated Bangladesh Union Organizer Targeted for Work [Solidarity Center] For more info 2017-04-19

New Zealand Big pay rise for women:Deal likely to alarm private sector [NZ Herald] 2017-04-18