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Updated: Sunday 23 April 2017, 10:03:22

Canada / Bangladesh On Rana Plaza Anniversary, Transparency Needed from Mark's, Sport Chek [USW] 2017-04-22

New Zealand 11 tears after the first KFC strikes, why Sana is striking [Youtube] 2017-04-21

USA Everything we know so far about Uber’s sexual harassment scandal [TechCrunch] 2017-04-21

USA Uber Has Extended Its Sexual Harassment Investigation [Reuters] 2017-04-21

Australia Players Union won't strike but promise 'some form of protest' over Netball board actions [ABC] 2017-04-21

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UK Government should scrap tribunal fees so workers can challenge sexist dress codes, says TUC [TUC] 2017-04-21

UK Health visitors and school nurses to prepare election checklist to ringfence public health budgets [Unite] 2017-04-21

Bangladesh ‘A Union Is the Road to Worker Rights’ [Solidarity Center] For more info 2017-04-21

Russia Unpaid Wages Protest. Hunger Striking Female Construction Worker Hospitalized In Siberia [RFE/RL] 2017-04-20

Australia Australian netballers threaten rebel league, strike, national team boycott over board room stoush [Sydney Morning Herald] 2017-04-20

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Australia Flight Attendants Lose Discrimination Suit Against Russian Airline Aeroflot [Moscow Times] 2017-04-20

Indonesia Indonesian Women Risk Health to Supply Palm Oil to the West [pulitzercenter] 2017-04-20

UK / England Woolwich Ferry staff set to strike over secretary’s ‘sexual harassment ordeal’ [The Standard] 2017-04-20

UK Marks and Spencer - store reorganisation starts with six closures - Usdaw calls for talks [USDAW] 2017-04-20

USA / USA / California NEA UTR Kristyn Jones On The Fight Against Privatization and Charters [Labor Video Project] For more info 2017-04-20

New Zealand Victoria equal pay settlement for unions [NZNO-Toputanga tapuhi kaitiaki o Aotearoa] 2017-04-19

New Zealand Budget funds must be allocated for pay equity claims [NZEI-te Riu Roa] 2017-04-19

New Zealand Pay equity deal a monumental step forward for social justice [Fairfax media] 2017-04-19

Australia Netball Australia may take backward step on 'landmark' pay deal [ABC] 2017-04-19

Egypt How Egyptian cleaning service seeks to protect migrant workers [Al-Monitor] 2017-04-19

Bangladesh Dedicated Bangladesh Union Organizer Targeted for Work [Solidarity Center] For more info 2017-04-19

New Zealand Big pay rise for women:Deal likely to alarm private sector [NZ Herald] 2017-04-18

New Zealand Wage hike likely for female service workers as part of historic pay equity deal [Fairfax media] 2017-04-18

USA Women Ironworkers Will Get Six Months Of Paid Maternity Leave [BuzzFeed News] 2017-04-18

India / Karnataka The Bengaluru garment workers who stitched your branded clothes have probably still not been paid [Scroll] 2017-04-18

New Zealand Government announces historic pay equity deal for care workers [NZHerald] 2017-04-18

New Zealand Historic pay increase for workers in female dominated industry [Stuff] 2017-04-18

India Labour participation rate of women in India visibly low [World Bank] 2017-04-17

USA Pregnant Uber driver with no maternity leave not alone in America [dailyherald] 2017-04-17

Haiti / USA Workers build up strike for mayday [Rapid Response Network] 2017-04-17

Canada / Saskatchewan Domestic Violence Changes a Step in the Right Direction, Much More Action Required [SFL] 2017-04-16

Canada UFCW delivers recommendations to Status of Women committee [UFCW] 2017-04-16

Canada / Ontario Activists unite at Equal Pay Day action to end the gender wage gap [UFCW] 2017-04-16

Australia Coles ditches ‘I’m free’ slogan after worker complaints [The New Daily] 2017-04-15

Australia Coles Ad sex harassment. Companies urged to put staff safety first when considering new marketing [Fairfax Media] 2017-04-15

Nepal GSG Saudi recues two Nepali women [GEFONT] 2017-04-15

Palestine Gaza Ministry of Interior to begin hiring female security officers [Maan News Agency] 2017-04-14

India / Tamil Nadu Vijay Garments workers receive compensation; Return to work [Tnlabour] 2017-04-14

Morocco Rosalie, Domestic Worker from DRC, Champions Migrant Worker Rights in Morocco [Solidarity Center] For more info 2017-04-14

Canada / Ontario Bus driver suspended for refusing bus with anti-abortion adverts [My Kawartha] 2017-04-13

UK 'Horrifying' Number Of Carers On Zero Hours Contracts [GMB] 2017-04-13

Canada / Ontario Equal Pay Day: Standing Up for Equality [Our Times] 2017-04-12

Pakistan I was a victim of verbal sexual harassment at work and blamed myself for it [LabourWatch] 2017-04-12

UK Brave Care Worker Reveals Battle With Depression [GMB] 2017-04-12

UK Public sector staff still bear the brunt of low pay rises, says UNISON [UNISON] 2017-04-12

UK Real earnings growth has ground to a halt, says TUC [TUC] 2017-04-12

UK UK wage growth slows as higher inflation starts to bite [BBC] 2017-04-12

Canada Critics say Liberal government is dragging its heels on pay equity promise [The Sun] 2017-04-11

Canada Know your history on pay equity [Policy Options] 2017-04-11

Canada / Ontario Province urged to tackle gender pay gap with transparency law [The Star] 2017-04-11

Canada / Ontario Equal Pay Coalition calls on the Ontario government to introduce a new Pay Transparency to Close the Gender Pay Gap Act [Equal Pay Coalition] 2017-04-11

New Zealand Retail workers say opening on Easter Sunday robs them of a break [Fairfax media] 2017-04-11

Colombia Community mothers’ fight for a decent life in their old age [Equal Times] 2017-04-10

Colombia La lucha de las madres comunitarias por una vejez digna [Equal Times] 2017-04-10

UK Minimum wage must reach £10 as soon as possible, says TUC [TUC] 2017-04-10

USA / USA / California 'This Is For The Working Class' CWA AT&T Workers In California Rally Against Concessions & Contracting Out In San Jose [LVP] For more info 2017-04-10

USA Google accused of 'systemic' gender pay gaps [DW] 2017-04-09

Canada Surviving the gig economy — three women's experiences [rabble] 2017-04-09

Namibia Wages of domestic workers reviewed [The Namibian ] 2017-04-08

Middle East The Arab world needs to admit: It's racist [Middle East Eye] 2017-04-08

Kuwait / Ethiopia Maid: My Kuwaiti employer was trying to kill me [Middle East Eye] 2017-04-08

Canada / British Columbia Province ends high heel dress code requirements [BBC] 2017-04-08

USA Women's football: The ongoing battle for equality [DW] 2017-04-07

China Expecting in China: Employee Maternity Leave and Allowances [china-briefing] 2017-04-07

India Mumbai women stand divided on menstrual leave [timesofindia] 2017-04-07

UK / Global Women as Ambitious as Men Unless Companies Block Them: Study [JG] 2017-04-07

Israel Nurses Union threatens strike over violence [YNet News] 2017-04-07

New Zealand Christchurch hospital staff terrified and angry at CDHB response after two assaults in a month [Fairfax media] 2017-04-07

New Zealand Standing togetherin support of the domestic violence victims protection bill [PSA] 2017-04-07

UK Bolder Gender Pay Rules Needed [GMB] 2017-04-07

Australia Simplistic abuse of Sally McManus highlights our political immaturity [Fairfax Media] 2017-04-06

USA The wage gap in the fashion industry [Lim College] 2017-04-06

Israel Yacimovich and Nissenkorn sling more mud in Histadrut election race [Jerusalem Post] 2017-04-06

Israel Israeli women team up for equal pay in tech [timesofisrael] 2017-04-06

Israel Here’s how Israeli women are fighting for equal pay in tech [JTA] 2017-04-06

Ireland Row between FAI and Women’s National Team resolved [Irish Times] 2017-04-06

Australia / Queensland Woman's landmark fight against supermarket giant [QT] 2017-04-06

Ireland Women's soccer comments 'completely wrong' - former manager [RTÉ] 2017-04-05

Ireland Republic of Ireland women's team could go on strike in row over treatment by FAI [BBC] 2017-04-05

Canada Statement for Equal Pay Day 2017 [USW] 2017-04-05

Global International Approaches to Closing the Gender Wage Gap [CPA] 2017-04-05

Pakistan Punjab govt releases Rs90 million subsidy for ‘Women-on-wheels’ initiative [The Tribune] 2017-04-05

UK / England LSE cleaners’ strike: Don’t let Women’s History Month become Groundhog Day [Red Pepper] 2017-04-05

USA / New York Women city workers reach settlement over unequal pay [AM NY] 2017-04-05

Kuwait / Ethiopia Domestic Worker from Ethiopia Survives Fall From Kuwait Building [HRW] 2017-04-04

Vietnam / China Foreign factory fires Chinese manager, vows to improve workers' rights after revolt [vnexpress] 2017-04-04

Jordan Migrant domestic workers in Jordan run the gauntlet between abuse and jail [Guardian ] 2017-04-04

Israel Equality trumps contract in women's equal pay court case [Jerusalem Post] 2017-04-04

USA Check out the gender pay gap in each state on Equal Pay Day/ [Fortune] 2017-04-04

Germany New law allows women to find out what a male colleague gets paid [The Times] 2017-04-04

Germany New law forces German employers to reveal colleagues’ pay [Human Resources ] 2017-04-04

Korea (South) Gender imbalance in the Korean TV industry is no secret. [Variety] 2017-04-04

Italy Parliament could allow 3 days of paid menstrual leave for female workers [Asia One] 2017-04-04

Ethiopia / Kuwait This Horrific Video of an Ethiopian Domestic Worker Falling in Kuwait Must Prompt Change [OkayAfrica] 2017-04-04

Kuwait / Ethiopia Woman who filmed her maid falling from a building and didn't try to help 'detained by police' in Kuwait [The Independent] 2017-04-04

Asia South Asian Govts Take 20 Plus Years to Turn Women's Demands Into Policies [The Citizen] 2017-04-04

USA 5 Things to know about the gender pay gap [NBC] 2017-04-04

USA Trump Pulls Back Obama-Era Protections For Women Workers [NBC] 2017-04-04

China Feminist Folk Quartet Gives Voice to China’s Female Migrant Workers [Sixth Tone] 2017-04-04

USA Women’s strike success in GSO, nationally [guilfordian] 2017-04-03