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Updated: Thursday 26 April 2018, 09:19:39

Iran / Global FIFA Called on to Enforce Human Rights and non-Discrimination Policy [ITUC] 2018-04-26

UK Female postal delivery workers disproportionately affected by lack of toilets [Morning Star] 2018-04-26

Global Two garment factory disasters a century apart show how globalization has sapped labor’s power [Quartz] 2018-04-25

Japan #MeToo Japan: What happened when women broke their silence [BBC] 2018-04-25

Iran FIFA Called on to Enforce Human Rights [ITUC] 2018-04-25

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USA / USA / California Oakland Education Association Teachers, Students & Parents March For A Contract-A 1% Pay Offer After A Year Of Negotiations [LVP] For more info 2018-04-25

UK Shopworkers enforcing age-restricted sales need better protection say Usdaw delegates [USDAW] 2018-04-24

UK Police admit to collusion in blacklisting, paving the way for claims by up to 40,000 workers [The Canary] 2018-04-24

UK Usdaw launches a policy document on insecure work and under-employment [USDAW] 2018-04-24

UK / Northern Ireland Belfast City Council defers their decision on extending Sunday trading, which Usdaw welcomes [USDAW] 2018-04-22

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USA Union leader faces members' protest over sexual misconduct claims [The Guardian] 2018-04-22

Canada / British Columbia ‘Sexist’ Server Wage to Be Abolished Within Three Years [The Tyee] 2018-04-21

Pakistan LHWs in Mohmand protest non-payment of salaries [Dawn] 2018-04-21

Canada / British Columbia Good-bye to the discriminatory server wage - BCFED applauds commitment to end lower wages for liquor servers [BCFed] 2018-04-21

Bangladesh / Asia “They have forgotten the lessons of Rana Plaza” [Equal Times] 2018-04-20

UK / Global World Bank recommends fewer regulations protecting workers [Guardian] 2018-04-20

UK Third Of Parents On Less Than £8.75 An Hour ‘Forced To Skip Meals’ [HUFFPOST] 2018-04-20

UK One in three working parents unable to afford meals, study finds [Morning Star] 2018-04-20

Canada / New Brunswick CUPE NB's Submission ON Domestic Violence Leave [CUPE] 2018-04-20

South Africa Mark Lamberti urges ‘sensitivity and humility’ in redressing the past [Business Day] 2018-04-20

Europe Report calls on EU states to collaborate with journalists’ unions for gender equality [EFJ] 2018-04-19

UK / Northern Ireland Opinion is shifting decisively against longer Sunday trading in Belfast [USDAW] 2018-04-19

Global PSI statement on UNCSW62 [PSI] 2018-04-19

UK Overworked healthcare assistants not given proper training or supervision [UNISON] 2018-04-19

South Africa Adila Chowan: I fought for women [Business Day] 2018-04-19

Argentina Interview with Marta Pujadas, President of BWI Women LAC Regional Committee [BWI] 2018-04-19

South Africa DETAWU calls for mark Lamberti's resignation [Eyewitness News] 2018-04-18

Europe / UK Discrimination against men at work: Experiences in five countries [Eurofound] 2018-04-18

Austria Men and Reconciliation of Work and Family: Supporting the Path to Gender Equal Distribution of Parental Leave and Working Time [Forba] 2018-04-18

UK Lynn Henderson’s STUC election shows women on the rise in Scotland’s trade union campaigns [PCS] 2018-04-18

South Africa 'Mark Lamberti destroyed my career’ [Business Day] 2018-04-17

South Africa / Western Cape Axed nurses fight Karl Bremer hospital’s dress rule [Sunday Times] 2018-04-17

Canada UFCW activists participate in Equal Pay Day actions [UFCW] 2018-04-17

Global Tackling gender-based violence in the world of work – experiences in the health sector [PSI] 2018-04-17

UK British workers are still £14 a week worse off than a decade ago [Morning Star] 2018-04-17

UK Workers still £14 a week worse off than a decade ago, says TUC [TUC] 2018-04-17

UK Stronger trade unions, improved regional policy and an end to austerity [Guardian] 2018-04-16

Global Proper childcare helps poor working women – and it can boost economies [Equal Times] 2018-04-16

Sri Lanka Cleaning Workers Strategize On Gender Equality [The Tribune] 2018-04-16

Nigeria NLC advocates skill training for women in Borno [The Daily Trust] 2018-04-16

USA New Legislation Forces Sex Workers Back to Streets [AlterNet] 2018-04-16

Bangladesh ‘They Have Forgotten the Lessons of Rana Plaza’ [Solidarity Center] For more info 2018-04-16

UK / Ireland / Northern Ireland Conductor 'indecently assaulted' on train [BBC] 2018-04-16

USA L.A. Times Union Finds Longstanding Racial Pay Gap [Journal-isms] 2018-04-15

Korea (South) Dark side of play for S Korea’s female game makers [The Bulletin] 2018-04-15

USA / USA / Illinois West Virginia Teachers And The Lessons Of Their State Strike [LVP] For more info 2018-04-14

Bangladesh What the Rana Plaza Disaster Changed About Worker Safety [Racked] 2018-04-14

Africa Meeting recommends policies to end women workers’ rights violations in Sub Saharan Africa [IndustriALL] 2018-04-13

USA Hotel auditions should be banned, acting union says [BBC] 2018-04-13

Canada / Ontario Investigation launched after sexual harassment allegations by body rub workers [CITY] 2018-04-13

USA Here’s What it Would *Actually* Take for Women to Win Equal Pay [Brit & Co] 2018-04-12

Ghana Union action for more and better jobs for women on banana plantations [IUF] 2018-04-12

South Africa South African business must tackle its deeply rooted prejudice [The Conversation] 2018-04-12

USA Women are leading the wave of strikes in America. Here's why [The Guardian] 2018-04-12

Canada Violence Against Women With Disabilities Is A Huge Issue In Canada [Teamsters] 2018-04-12

USA / USA / Illinois Democracy Depends On Journalism, Journalism Depends On The Union-Digital Media Workers Speak Out [LVP] For more info 2018-04-12

Serbia No discrimination against women in Serbia: Support Danka Simic [BWI] 2018-04-11

Ireland Rural women ‘pigeon-holed’ into low-paid jobs if returning to work [Irish Times] 2018-04-11

UK / Europe 'Keep your promise to the British people' on workers’ rights, TUC general secretary tells Theresa May [TUC] 2018-04-11

Canada How To Be An Ally To The #MeToo Movement [Teamsters] 2018-04-09

Canada UFCW Canada supports Equal Pay Day [UFCW] 2018-04-09

South Africa Mark Lamberti resigns from Eskom board [BusinessLive] 2018-04-09

Nigeria Amalgamated union conference produces first female chairperson [The Daily Trust] 2018-04-09

UK Bid to recognise support staff’s worth [Morning Star] 2018-04-09

New Zealand Education support workers' hopes dashed as pay equity battle looks headed for court [Stuff] 2018-04-08

UK One last attempt to save NHS bursaries, says UNISON [UNISON] 2018-04-07

USA With little notice, Trump Pulls Back Obama-Era Protections For Women Workers [NBC] 2018-04-07

UK Spycop's identity finally revealed [Morning Star] 2018-04-07

UK Metropolitan Police admit role in construction blacklist [World Socialist Web Site] 2018-04-07

USA / USA / California Kentucky Education Worker On The Growing Fight Back and The Attack On Their Pensions [LVP] For more info 2018-04-07

UK / Ireland / Northern Ireland Head of Sport NI takes case for unfair dismissal [Irish Times] 2018-04-07

UK 1,500 companies miss gender pay deadline [BBC] 2018-04-06

USA / Connecticut The Women on the Front Lines of Unionization at the Stamford Hilton Hotel [Truth Out] 2018-04-06

Japan Aichi day care worker’s apology for getting pregnant highlights labor crunch in female-dominated sectors [The Times] 2018-04-06

Ireland Out-of-control students subject teachers to misogynistic attacks [Irish Examiner] 2018-04-06

Canada / Nova Scotia Province needs paid leave for victims of domestic violence [NSFL] 2018-04-05

South Africa Act now on harassment in workplace – commission [The Citizen] 2018-04-05

Middle East UNI MENA Mentoring Program: more women for union growth [UNI Global Union] 2018-04-05

UK Major gender pay gaps in the UK labour market [PSI] 2018-04-05

Bangladesh Women lead push for rights in Bangladesh's fashion factories [Reuters] 2018-04-05

India / Karnataka Factory workers thrashed for joining union [The Herald] 2018-04-05

Ireland TUI hears student threatened to 'kick baby out of' pregnant teacher [RTÉ] 2018-04-05

UK UK companies reporting the biggest gender pay gaps [Guardian] 2018-04-05

UK Delving deeper into the gender pay gap [Guardian] 2018-04-04

Brazil The assassination of Marielle Franco is as much about Brazil’s past as its future [Equal Times] 2018-04-04

South Africa Court to decide on damages for fired employee in Lamberti discrimination case [Business Day] 2018-04-04

Canada / Newfoundland and Labrador Campaign Aims to Shed Light on Wage Gap in NL [VOCM] 2018-04-04

Canada #MeToo and lessons from the unfriendly skies [The Star] 2018-04-04

Italy Ikea didn't discriminate against sacked mother, Italian court rules [The Local] 2018-04-04

UK / Europe Retail slump has put 21,000 jobs at risk in 2018 so far [Guardian] 2018-04-03

UK Government's Easter pay rise is not all it's cracked up to be [Guardian] 2018-04-03

South Africa Sex pest controversy results in apology from Grant Thornton [TimesLive] 2018-04-03

UK / Global Labour trafficking rises across Europe as laws fall short - watchdog [Thomson Reuters Trust] 2018-04-03

UK NEU survey shows workload causing 80% of teachers to consider leaving the profession [NEU-NUT] 2018-04-02

UK Faster progress needed on the minimum wage, says TUC [TUC] 2018-04-02

UK Millions of UK workers at risk of being cheated out of pay, TUC warns [Guardian] 2018-04-02

UK Minimum wage increases welcome - workers need to check they’re paid the new rate or above says Usdaw [USDAW] 2018-04-02

UK Teachers' unions vote for strike action over government pay cap [Guardian] 2018-04-01

UK National minimum wage rise still fails to cover living costs, study shows [Guardian] 2018-04-01

Canada Here Are The Disturbing New Details Emerging From Complaints Made By Air Canada Employees [NarCity] 2018-04-01