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Updated: Thursday 21 June 2018, 10:37:56

UK / Ireland / Northern Ireland Natalie Fleming talks feminism, socialism and joining a trade union [Derry Journal] 2018-06-20

India / West Bengal Big Win For Domestic Workers In West Bengal; Now Recognised As Trade Union [The Logical Indian] 2018-06-20

Kuwait Philippine domestic workers to cost KD 990 as set by MoCI [The Times] 2018-06-20

India / West Bengal In a First, Kolkata Domestic Workers' Organisation Gets Trade Union Status [The Wire] 2018-06-19

India / Karnataka Bangalore Garment Factory Labourers: Understanding Their Plights And Demands [The Logical Indian] 2018-06-19

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Global Since Rana Plaza, Have Fast Fashion Retailers Actually Materially Improved Conditions For Their Workers? [Huffington Post] 2018-06-19

USA / USA / California Teachers Using Social Media For Organizing Mass Strikes And Fighting Back [lvpsf] For more info 2018-06-19

USA Study: Pay disparity for women making films [The Columbian] 2018-06-18

India Domestic helps helpless for lack of rules [The Hindu] 2018-06-18

India / West Bengal Domestic workers’ body gets trade union status [The Hindu] 2018-06-18

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India / Delhi Domestic workers hold meeting [The Hindu] 2018-06-18

Kenya Kenya marks International Domestic Workers Day amid rising cases of abuse [Xinhua] 2018-06-17

India / Kerala Shrimp industry workers stage dharna seeking better wages [UNI] 2018-06-17

India Which child to school? Tough choice for Indian garment workers [Reuters] 2018-06-16

India / Karnataka Low wages and the garment sector: What can the Karnataka govt do? [The News Minute] 2018-06-16

USA / New York Museum of Sex ads driving female MTA bus drivers crazy [The Post] 2018-06-16

India International Domestic Workers Day: Just another day for the millions toiling away in our homes [The Express] 2018-06-16

Canada / New Brunswick CUPW win for women’s rights moves closer to pay equity for rural postal workers [The Media Co-op] 2018-06-16

Canada CUPW win for women’s rights moves closer to pay equity for rural postal workers [Rank and File] 2018-06-16

India / Haryana Domestic workers harassed daily as cops turn a deaf ear [The Times] 2018-06-16

USA / USA Museum of Sex ads driving female MTA bus drivers crazy [New York Post] 2018-06-16

USA / USA / California SFSUD Protest Against Union Busting SF Kipp Charter, Privatization and The PAR Program [LVP] For more info 2018-06-15

Global UNI’s nominated all female leadership breaking the glass ceiling for trade union women around the world [UNI Global Union] 2018-06-15

Global UNI Women’s Conference: “Denise you made it happen!” [UNI Global Union] 2018-06-15

Global “Sisters, we need to stand together!”: The legacy of UNI Global Union President, Ann Selin [UNI Global Union] 2018-06-15

Global Christy Hoffman To World Women’s Conference – “We Must Take The Opportunity To Eliminate Sexual Harassment” [UNI Global Union] 2018-06-15

Global ICAN’s Dr. Rebecca Johnson Wins Freedom From Fear Award At UNI Women’s Conference [UNI Global Union] 2018-06-15

Ireland Women should all strive to be leaders – Fórsa president [Fórsa] 2018-06-15

USA Epidemic of Discrimination Against Pregnant Women at Work [NYTimes] 2018-06-15

Kenya Domestic Workers Lead the Change [Solidarity Center] For more info 2018-06-15

UK Pimlico Plumbers case is the tip of the gig-economy iceberg [Morning Star] 2018-06-14

USA Eight women allege sexual harassment at XPO Logistics warehouse in Memphis [Guardian] ActNOW! 2018-06-14

Canada / Ontario Order's Up on ending restaurant sexual harassment in Ottawa [The Citizen] 2018-06-14

Philippines Women workers on the picket frontline: Why workers of NutriAsia go on strike [Bulatlat] 2018-06-14

New Zealand Exposing harsh realities of women workers on minimum wages [Stuff] 2018-06-14

Global / UK Making It Happen: UNI World Women’s Conference poised to open in Liverpool [UNI Global Union] 2018-06-13

Global UNI Apro's quest to realise Women’s Equality in the Workplace and Society [UNI Global Union] 2018-06-13

USA Equal pay for women elusive 55 years after landmark law [The Hill] 2018-06-13

China Sexual harassment at Walmart’s stores and suppliers [Open Democracy] 2018-06-13

UK BFAWU Conference ’18 Agency workers lay bare the grim reality of life on zero-hours contracts [Morning Star] 2018-06-12

UK 'We're grateful to Lush for amplifying our message': campaigners defend #SpyCops campaign [PR Week] 2018-06-12

Global ILO calls for an international Convention on violence and harassment in the world of work [IUF] 2018-06-12

South Africa SAPS to help boost female officers' capacity to fight crime against vulnerable groups [News24] 2018-06-12

USA / USA / California Reign Of Terror Against San Francisco SEIU 1021 DPH Members And Other City Workers: Speakout At SF Labor Council [LVP] For more info 2018-06-12

Ireland Sabina Higgins celebrates the 1918 anti-conscription women [Irish Independent] 2018-06-11

India / Rajasthan Adivasi Women Are Coming Together to Assert Their Rights [The Wire] 2018-06-11

India ‘Your Home is My Workplace’: Empowering Domestic Workers [The Express] 2018-06-11

Bangladesh Rana Plaza After 5 Years Roundtable [The Daily Star] 2018-06-11

Taiwan Foreign caregivers rally for days off [The Times] 2018-06-11

Canada The #MeToo Movement Needs To Happen in Low Wage Industries Too [Teamsters] 2018-06-11

USA / USA / California W. Virgina, Arizona and Kentucky Teachers On Their Strikes and The Lessons [LVP] For more info 2018-06-11

USA Check out how unions make California's economy more equal [DAILY KOS] 2018-06-11

Global / Global Just an Apology is NOT enough Mr Akbar Al Baker, Plz Change your Attitude & learn to Respect Women. [Gulf Business] 2018-06-10

UK Rising inequality linked to drop in union membership [The Observer] 2018-06-10

Rwanda Labour union demands better safety for miners [The New Times] 2018-06-10

UK Jeremy Corbyn pledges to end 'scourge' of sexual harassment at work [The Independent] 2018-06-10

Canada Fighting for $15 and fairness - Through the eyes of women activista [Our Times] 2018-06-09

India / Tamil Nadu Sanitation workers stage onsite protest in Rippon building complex for 2 days in a row [tnlabour] 2018-06-08

UK / Scotland Miners' strike policing in Scotland to be reviewed [BBC] 2018-06-08

UK The campaign for equality continues 50 years on from strikes at Ford Dagenham [TUC] 2018-06-07

UK Data: why NHS workers quit [UNISON] 2018-06-07

Ireland Strike planned in Roscommon flexi-leave row [Fórsa] 2018-06-07

Global Towards a convention on gender based violence in the workplace [IndustriALL] 2018-06-07

UK FBU Conference - Corbyn: Broken promises to Grenfell survivors show the Tories' ‘heartless contempt for working-class people’ [Morning Star] 2018-06-06

South Africa Senior Equal Education manager dismissed following ‘jobs for sex’ scandal [Mail & Guardian] 2018-06-06

UK MP grills ministers over civil service pay [PCS] 2018-06-06

Europe Victory for European workers as equal pay for equal work in the same place becomes reality [UNI Global Union] 2018-06-04

South Africa / Western Cape “No toilets equals crap wine” farm workers warn [GroundUp] 2018-06-04

UK MPs and lawyers defend Lush against 'spycops' backlash [The Guardian] 2018-06-04

India Help stop domestic slavery in Delhi [Freedome United] 2018-06-04

UK Lush 'using me to sell soap' [BBC] 2018-06-04

UK One In Ten School Staff Experience Sexually Inappropriate Behaviour [GMB] 2018-06-03

USA / USA / California Where's Jane Kim? SEIU Members Want Support For SFLC Resolution Against Racism and Retaliation [LVP] For more info 2018-06-03

UK Lush praised for raising awareness of the spycops scandal [Morning Star] 2018-06-02

Global Gender-based violence uncovered in H&M's and Gap's supply chains [Fashion United] 2018-06-02

USA On International Whores’ Day, let’s talk about why strippers need better labor laws. [Vox] 2018-06-02

UK You are here: HomeNewsroom100s Of Amazon Ambulance Call Outs 100s Of Amazon Ambulance Call Outs [GMB] 2018-06-01

Canada / Nova Scotia Firefighter asked about oral sex wants inquiry, but government says no [CBC] 2018-06-01

South Africa / Western Cape Our rights are routinely violated by farmers, say frustrated women farmworkers [Daily Maverick] 2018-06-01

Pakistan LHWs besiege DC office [LabourWatch] 2018-06-01

Tunisia Naziha Kdimi: Women Must Persist in Breaking Gender Molds [Solidarity Center] For more info 2018-06-01

UK Labour demands Parliament haul in Sainsbury's boss over plans to end workers' paid breaks [Morning Star] 2018-05-31

Turkey My election will help unionization of women workers: Labor union DİSK’s first female chair [Hurriyet] 2018-05-31

Turkey Women from Workers’ Union Stage Demonstration in Support of Flormar Workers [Bianet] 2018-05-31

India / Meghalaya Women’s panel, others condemn nurse’s murder [The Times] 2018-05-31

Global Violence Is Not Part of the Job. For Any of Us [Thomson Reuters] For more info 2018-05-31

Ireland SIPTU calls on members to participate in a day of action on CervicalCheck scandal [SIPTU] 2018-05-30

Global Marriott workers from around the world demand action to combat sexual harassment [IUF] 2018-05-30

Sweden First woman ever elected to the leadership of the Swedish Electricians' Union [BWI] 2018-05-30

Canada / British Columbia BCGEU applauds provincial investment in 1,500 new housing units for women fleeing violence [NUPGE] 2018-05-30

UK TUC and Usdaw launch a petition calling on M&S not to keep their staff in the dark [USDAW] 2018-05-30

Malaysia MTUC welcomes proposed 2% EPF contribution for housewives [The Sun] 2018-05-29

Bangladesh Govt asked to provide protection for migrant domestic workers [The New Age] 2018-05-29

Macau aids warned of fake agency offering jobs in China [MENAFN] 2018-05-29

Global International Effort to End ‘Me Too’ Abuses [Human Rights Watch] 2018-05-28

UK Activist 'never believed conspiracy theories about undercover cops – till I experienced it' [Morning Star] 2018-05-28

Spain Female seasonal workers exploited and raped [Info Migrants] 2018-05-28

USA / Minnesota Construction market gives more opportunities to women [The Star-Tribune] 2018-05-28

Liberia Former Prez Sirleaf, Gov. Weeks, K.Y. Best, Others Honored for Contributions to Tailors Union [The Daily Observer] 2018-05-28

Philippines 5 women activists highlight injustices, oppression in political procession [The Inquirer] 2018-05-28