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Updated: Saturday 10 December 2016, 09:50:42

Australia Sexual harassment in the media [Saturday Paper] 2016-12-10

China Senior manager suspended over sexual harassment [] 2016-12-10

Australia Declining union membership bad news for women and low-paid workers [Fairfax Media] 2016-12-10

Australia Former Honey Birdette worker claims she was fired for ‘not being sexy enough’ [The New Daily] 2016-12-10

Australia Government inaction on DV leave is unconscionable [ACTU] 2016-12-09

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Australia Domestic violence leave put on hold by COAG [AAP] 2016-12-09

Australia / Queensland We need national push on DV leave: Premier [Brisbane Times] 2016-12-09

Australia / Victoria Honey Birdette former employees protest over 'sexist working conditions and policies' [ABC] 2016-12-09

Australia / Victoria Staff At A Melbourne Lingerie Store Are Protesting Against Sexist Work Conditions [Junkee] 2016-12-09

Australia / Victoria Former Honey Birdette workers call out alleged exploitation and harassment [Fairfax Media] 2016-12-09

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UK / England Usdaw steps up the campaign for M&S staff by targeting the flagship Marble Arch store #union4marks [USDAW] 2016-12-09

Australia / New South Wales Nurses and midwives won’t wait for domestic violence leave [NSWNMA] 2016-12-08

Australia / Queensland We need a national push for DV leave: Premier [Brisbane Times] 2016-12-08

Australia Labor Gvt may double domestic violence leave [AAP] 2016-12-08

Australia / New South Wales Dairy co-op Norco leads the way with domestic violence leave [ABC] 2016-12-08

USA / District of Columbia D.C. Council Advances Expansive Paid Family and Medical Leave Rules [AFL-CIO] 2016-12-08

Australia / New South Wales We won't wait [ASU NSW] 2016-12-08

Australia The Push To Make Domestic Violence Leave A National Work Right [Huffington Post Australia] 2016-12-08

Australia Allianz agreement a win for workers - with DV leave included [FSU] 2016-12-08

Australia Time to lose the gender gap [MEAA] 2016-12-07

Australia Early childhood educators fight for pay to boost standardS [Fairfax Media] 2016-12-07

Australia Women sportspeople get better pay deal from footy than cricket [ABC] 2016-12-06

Palestine New initiative aims to protect Palestinian working women [Al-Monitor] 2016-12-06

Canada December 6th National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women [CUPE] 2016-12-06

Canada Facing domestic violence shouldn’t mean losing your job [CLC] 2016-12-06

Canada Vous ne devriez pas perdre votre emploi parce que vous faites face à la violence conjugale [CTC] 2016-12-06

Canada Women of Steel Quilt Block Challenge [USW] 2016-12-04

Canada Remembering and taking action: December 6 [NUPGE] 2016-12-03

Canada / Ontario Former Toronto firefighter's complaints being heard [The Sun] 2016-12-03

India / Uttar Pradesh Homemakers pay maids in 2,000-rupee notes [TOI] 2016-12-02

India Law to regulate working condition of domestic workers demanded [The Indian Express] 2016-12-02

Canada Women and persons with disabilities being left behind on CPP expansion [CUPE] 2016-12-02

Burma Factory Workers Subjected to Terrible Conditions [TeleSUR] 2016-12-02

India / Tamil Nadu In India's 'Dollar City', exploited garment workers are silent - filmmaker | Reuters [First Post] 2016-12-01

UK BHS pension petition delivered to Arcadia HQ by shopworkers' trade union leader John Hannett [USDAW] 2016-12-01

New Zealand Union looks to make more pay equity claims [Radio New Zealand] 2016-11-30

USA Vital work, paltry wages: women’s work in America [Oxfam] 2016-11-30

UK Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence in Schools [NUT] 2016-11-29

UK £250 million is simply not enough for Philip Green to 'sort' the BHS pension scheme - says 100,000+ petitioners [USDAW] For more info 2016-11-29

Canada Domestic Violence Doesn’t Just Affect Home: CLC [VOCM] 2016-11-29

India / Karnataka Govt. to provide better facilities to ASHA workers [The Hindu] 2016-11-28

Canada Workers Facing Domestic Violence – Lobbying for Economic Support [Unifor] 2016-11-28

Global / Thailand Equality and health at the workplace, now! [IndustriALL] 2016-11-28

Canada / Newfoundland and Labrador FFAW-Unifor Women’s Advocate Program [FFAW/Unifor] 2016-11-28

Canada Women and persons with disabilities being left behind on CPP expansion [CUPE] 2016-11-27

Canada “Working so hard and still so poor!” A Public Health Crisis in the Making: The Health Impacts of Precarious Work on Racialized Refugee and Immigrant Women [Ryerson] 2016-11-26

Global The role of unions in challenging violence against women [Stronger Unions] 2016-11-25

New Zealand Law makes it easier for women to bargain over pay equity [Radio New Zeland] 2016-11-25

Australia / Australian Capital Territory ACT Government supports ACTU case for paid domestic violence leave [ACTU] 2016-11-25

Australia / Australian Capital Territory Unions welcome ACT Govt. support for paid domestic violence leave [Unions ACT] 2016-11-25

Australia / New South Wales Calls for domestic violence leave stop the nation [Unions NSW] 2016-11-25

Australia Launch of 16 days of action on International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women [NTEU] 2016-11-25

Global Ending violence against women at work [IndustriALL] 2016-11-25

Global International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women [ITUC ] 2016-11-25

India / Uttar Pradesh Working women in Lucknow protest against demonetisation [TOI] 2016-11-25

New Zealand Why National agreed to pay equity [The Herald] 2016-11-25

Canada Increase measures to protect women, says NUPGE on International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women [NUPGE] 2016-11-25

Bangladesh Worker leaders demand punishment for Tazreen Fashions owner [The Daily Star] 2016-11-25

New Zealand Working women celebrate huge win after government agrees to implement landmark Equal Pay principles [NZCTU-te Kauae Kamahi] 2016-11-24

New Zealand Government decision a welcome step towards equal pay for women [E tu union] 2016-11-24

New Zealand A big win for equal pay [PSA] 2016-11-24

New Zealand Educators welcome significant step toward fair pay for women [NZEI-te Riu Roa] 2016-11-24

New Zealand A good day for Equal Pay [NZNO] 2016-11-24

Global Women and war: tackling global sexual violence in the age of Trump [Equal Times] 2016-11-24

UK / England Schools to close as Durham teaching assistants take second two-day strike action [USDAW] 2016-11-23

New Zealand Nurses memorial chapel to be saved at a cost of nearly $2 million [Fairfax] 2016-11-23

Bangladesh / Global Shawna Bader-Blau: ‘Work Should Be about Dignity’ [Solidarity Center] 2016-11-23

India India’s garment workers continue to fight against exploitation [Equal Times] 2016-11-22

India / Telangana Nod for child care leave to women staff [The Hindu] 2016-11-22

Bangladesh Dying for a Job: The 4th Anniversary of the Tazreen Fire [Solidarity Center] For more info 2016-11-22

Canada / Newfoundland and Labrador Changing Perceptions One Member at a Time [FFAW/Unifor] 2016-11-20

Australia / Victoria Help Catch this Thug . TWU appeal supports female bus driver [TWU Victoria] 2016-11-18

Global International Nurses Statement on Victory against the Trans-Pacific Partnership [Global Nurses United] 2016-11-18

Canada ACTRA National Women’s Committee begins Toronto shoot of short film Women Seen with Amanda Tapping in director’s chair [ACTRA] 2016-11-18

Australia / Northern Territory Domestic violence: Concerns NT victims losing jobs rather than being offered help [ABC] 2016-11-17

Hong Kong HKCTU and FADWU win campaign against modern-day slavery domestic worker agency [HKCTU] 2016-11-17

Australia ACTU commits to gender equality in its leadership [ACTU] 2016-11-17

UK / England More strike dates announced by Durham teaching assistants [Evening Chronicle] 2016-11-17

Australia / New South Wales Premier must lead on workplace gender equality [Unions NSW] 2016-11-17

Norway 124 year old rail union elects first woman leader [ITF Global Union] 2016-11-17

UK GMB Accuses May of 'chilling Callousness' over Fresh Benefits Attack on 40,000 Single Mums [GMB] 2016-11-17

India / Punjab Nursing staff protest takes ugly turn [Tribune India] 2016-11-17

India / Tamil Nadu The Story of the Export Garment Workers’ Wage: A Cartoon [tnlabour] 2016-11-16

Sweden Condescending ‘mansplaining’ to women triggers union hotline [The Irish Times] 2016-11-16

Sweden Campaign against 'mansplaining' by major trade union triggers social media backlash [The Local] 2016-11-16

UK Women in work: has the progress come to an end? [TouchStone] 2016-11-16

New Zealand Working for free [NZCTU-te Kauar Kamahi] 2016-11-15

New Zealand Lift pay of women in schools to that of prison officers [NZEI-te Riu Roa] 2016-11-15

Hong Kong Cathay cabin crew demand 5pc pay rise and wage freeze for managers who made wrong call on fuel prices [The South China Morning Post] 2016-11-15

UK 1 in 10 of shopworkers have been assaulted and nearly one-third don’t report it - an Usdaw survey reveals [USDAW] 2016-11-14

Australia / Western Australia More women unable to find working hours they want [West Australian] 2016-11-14

Australia Case for paid family and domestic violence leave commences at Fair Work Commission [ACTU] 2016-11-14

Australia Paid family violence leave heads to court [AAP] 2016-11-14

Australia Join the Fight. Support Family Violence Leave for ALL Workers [ACTU] 2016-11-14

Kenya NOTU, FIDA at odds over poisoned flower farm workers [New Vision] 2016-11-14

India / Andhra Pradesh Nurses' strike continues for second day [TOI] 2016-11-14

Ireland Women actors paid less, Tom Vaughan-Lawlor acknowledges [Irish Times] 2016-11-14

Ireland Feminist pressure group holds theatre organisations to account [Irish Times] 2016-11-14

Bangladesh Tea Workers Protest Creation of Economic Zone Over Their Cultivated Land [Law at the Margins] 2016-11-13

India Maternity Benefit Bill: 26-wk paid leave to be mandatory for employers [Financial Express] 2016-11-11