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Updated: Wednesday 10 February 2016, 07:38:33

Cambodia Workers collapse at footwear factory for second day [Khmer Times] 2016-02-10

Iran TV network investigating female anchor’s harassment claims [Radio Zamaneh] 2016-02-10

Australia Flexibility means always being on [Financial Review] 2016-02-10

India Government working on 50% quota for women in local bodies, says Venkaiah Naidu [The Indian Express] 2016-02-10

Japan Was falling pregnant a mistake? The question faced by Japanese women [Japan Today] 2016-02-10

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Australia / USA Birth of a nation: how Australia empowering women taught the world a lesson [The Conversation] 2016-02-10

Kuwait Progress on domestic workers rights [HRW] 2016-02-09

Israel Tel Aviv service offers cleaners priced by ethnic origin [+972 Magazine] 2016-02-09

Global Share how you achieved a win for women transport workers [ITF Global Union] 2016-02-09

Global Young and female: A double 'strike' for women entering the workforce [ILO] 2016-02-09

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Hong Kong Domestic worker Erwiana’s former employer to pay HK$200k after failed judicial review application [HK Free Press] 2016-02-09

USA NFL Cheerleader Pay: Ongoing Fight For Minimum Wage Underscores Inequality During Super Bowl 2016 [International Business Times] 2016-02-08

Bangladesh Rehana: Empowered to Get Justice at Bangladesh Factory [Solidarity Center] For more info 2016-02-07

Cambodia Family of 'Trafficked' Women Appeals to Cambodian Government, Rights Group For Help [Radio Free Asia] 2016-02-07

Burma Women Demand Support for Burma’s Working Mothers [The Irrawaddy] 2016-02-07

USA Woman's Letter Defending Her Right to Be a Working Mom Goes Viral [ABC] 2016-02-07

UK Because It Is 2016, British Airways Finally Agrees Female Employees May Wear Pants To Work [Think Progress] 2016-02-07

Italy Boss who groped female workers found not guilty of sexual harassment [Guardian] 2016-02-07

Canada / Newfoundland and Labrador There’s no moving on, Mr. Minister [The Telegram] 2016-02-06

India The women strike back: the protest of Pembillai Orumai tea workers [openDemocracy] 2016-02-05

UK British Airways joins 21st century and drops trouser ban for female cabin crew [Unite] 2016-02-05

UK Naming and shaming of minimum wage cheats must continue, says TUC [TUC] 2016-02-05

New Zealand The dildo thrower has been found (Josie Butler on the TPPA) [TVNZ] 2016-02-05

Australia / New South Wales Flag of Convenience workers replace Kanahooka mum and other Australian crew members [Illawarra Mercury] 2016-02-04

China Nurses in several Chinese cities strike over low pay and benefits [China Labour Bulletin] 2016-02-04

UK International Women's Day - Women's Health in the Workplace [TUC] 2016-02-04

Australia / Queensland Women working in resources sector can nominate for awards [Mackay Daily Mercury] 2016-02-04

Guatemala Sex slavery case offers hope for women abused during civil war [The Independent] 2016-02-04

Australia Top women's players meet in Melbourne to push union drive for W-League [Fairfax Media] 2016-02-04

UK Women must not be left behind in pensions revolution, says TUC [TUC] 2016-02-04

UK Government changes to Sunday trading will strangle retailers in red tape says Usdaw [Usdaw] 2016-02-04

Global Share how you achieved a win for women transport workers [ITF] 2016-02-04

New Zealand What was on display at Laneway [The Daily Blog] 2016-02-03

UK Extending Sunday opening hours will be bad for workers and small businesses, says TUC [TUC] 2016-02-03

UK The Government is behaving disgracefully by trying to change Sunday trading by the back door [USDAW] 2016-02-03

Canada CUPE urges MPs to support NDP pay equity motion [CUPE] 2016-02-03

Bangladesh Bangladesh garment factories still not safe [IndustriALL] 2016-02-03

Hong Kong Erwiana's former employer says she was 'framed', jail is 'hell' [COCONUTS Hong Kong] 2016-02-03

Fiji Protect health workers from sexual threats, burglary or faciliities shut down - Minister threat [Fiji Times] 2016-02-02

Cambodia Garment worker dispute continues, turns violent [Phnom Penh Post] 2016-02-02

Bangladesh / UK TUC Aid supports second stage of NGWF leadership training for female garment workers in Bangladesh [TUC] 2016-02-01

Global ILO edges towards anti-workplace violence convention [Equal Times] 2016-02-01

Iran Nursing rep reveals challenging statistics for profession in Iran [Radio Zamaneh] 2016-02-01

Bangladesh / Europe Do more to protect Bangladesh garment workers - EU told [UNI Global Union] 2016-02-01

Japan Court nullifies Japan Post’s dismissal of contract worker [Japan Press Weekly] 2016-02-01

Canada / Ontario Demise of PSW registry gives province opportunity to get it right and end exploitation of racialized, female workforce [CUPE] 2016-01-31

Canada Links between freelancing and gender inequality highlighted by Chronicle Herald labour dispute- [J Source] 2016-01-30

Canada 100 years since women’s right to vote won in Manitoba, but battle for equality still rages [CUPE] 2016-01-30

Global Leaked ITUC emails put General Secretary Sharan Burrow in tight spot [Storify ] 2016-01-30

Global Women play crucial role in battle over climate change: Sharan Burrow [Huffington Post] 2016-01-30

Global Sharan Burrow - charting a course for equality in 2016 [Huffington Post] 2016-01-30

UK Tories’ Trade Union Bill is an attack on women says TUC [Morning Star] 2016-01-29

Canada / Saudi Arabia Thomas to press Minister on male-only colleges in Saudi Arabia [NUPGE] 2016-01-28

Canada Celebrating 100th Anniversary of Women Achieving Right to Vote [Unifor] 2016-01-28

New Zealand Euthanasia debate: 'Why can't I have theoption of assisted dying?' [Fairfax Media] 2016-01-27

Global Joint commitment to preventing sexual harassment at Unilever [IUF] 2016-01-27

Canada / Newfoundland and Labrador CUPE alleges bullying, harassment in Conception Bay South [CBC] 2016-01-23

UK Real wages still worth £2,270 less than in 2008, according to new TUC analysis [TUC] 2016-01-22

USA / Ohio Perry Education Support Professionals Vote to Unionize, Join OEA [OEA] For more info 2016-01-20

India / Maharashtra Pushed to the wall, women employees set to form independent Trade Union in NMC [Today] 2016-01-18

Canada / Ontario Wynne policies widen wage gap for women [OPSEU] 2016-01-18

Global Sex Workers’ Struggles: Trade Unions must accept Workers’ Realities [GLC] 2016-01-18

Gambia Govt Rescinds Directive On Female Civil Servants' Hair Cover [The Daily Observer] 2016-01-15

Iraq Teachers' campaign strives to end violence against women [education International] 2016-01-15

Australia Sexual harassment is serious business [Fairfax Media] 2016-01-14

Australia / New South Wales Bill Shorten on Jamie Clements: 'no tolerance for workplace harassment in any set of circumstances [ABC] 2016-01-14

UK Government Sunday trading reforms must not be a knee-jerk reaction to retail trading results says Usdaw [Usdaw] 2016-01-14

Hong Kong / Indonesia Newly-arrived Indonesian domestic worker, 21, falls to her death in HK [HK Free Press] 2016-01-14

UK / Ireland Accountant Ruth Parks demoted then made redundant after maternity leave settles case for £50k [Belfast Telegraph] 2016-01-14

UK Far more needs to be done to make women visible on the curriculum, says TUC [TUC] 2016-01-13

Canada / Ontario Stop discrimination against Toronto’s female library workers, union head tells city committee [Inside] 2016-01-13

Haiti Earthquake Anniversary: Garment Workers Still Struggle to Survive [Solidarity Center] 2016-01-12

Morocco / Global IFJ women move forward struggle for gender equality [IFJ] 2016-01-12

Canada Inspired by a Mother's Activism [USW] 2016-01-11

Australia Listen to us: sexism in the workplace is not a laughing matter [ABC] 2016-01-10

Bangladesh Tea workers threaten strike [The Financial Express] 2016-01-10

Jamaica Household workers incensed over Government's failure to ratify convention [The Gleaner] 2016-01-10

USA Sarah Silverman creates provocative new video on women's salaries and 'the $500,000 vagina tax' [Guardian] 2016-01-09

UK Axing NHS bursaries will saddle nurses with debt until retirement, warns UNISON [UNISON] 2016-01-09

UK UNISON - Care workers in minimum wage victory [Morning Star] 2016-01-09

UK Pension inequality set for Commons debate [PCS] 2016-01-08

Australia The female bosses destroying the image of 'union thugs' forever [Guardian Australia] 2016-01-07

UK State pension age review for women should be overseen by an independent commission, says TUC [TUC] 2016-01-07

USA / Global Meet 'Sledgehammer Shannon' the union activist who is Uber's worst nightmare [Mother Jones] 2016-01-07

Burma Women affiliates trained in Myanmar [IndustriALL Global Union] 2016-01-07

Somalia Mogadishu airport female employee injured by pistol-wielding assailants [Shabelle Media Network] 2016-01-07

Australia Cuts to vital medical procedures will hit women’s health [This Working Life] 2016-01-07

UK Usdaw welcomes Labour highlighting massive income cuts to hit working families under Universal Credit [Usdaw] 2016-01-06

Pakistan Police take steps to protect female polio workers [The News] 2016-01-06

Middle East / Tunisia Empowering Women, Building Leaders in the Arab Maghreb [Solidarity Center] For more info 2016-01-06

Australia 'He does it to humiliate': Fox Sports journalist Neroli Meadows unloads on Chris Gayle [Guardian Australia] 2016-01-05

USA / New York New group of women union workers looks to lend a hand [Niagara Gazette] 2016-01-05

Pakistan Domestic woman workers to be taken as industrial workers [LabourWatch] 2016-01-05

Australia CPSU urges Government to protect privacy of woman who filed Jamie Briggs complaint after photo leaked to media [ABC] 2016-01-03

Hungary Nurse leader, campaigning for better pay, Mária Sándor, named Person of the Year [The Budapest Beacon] 2016-01-03

Hong Kong ‘Pay Hong Kong domestic helpers more’: worker doing housework for 10 employees a month still total only $8,000 [The South China Morning Post] 2016-01-03

Lebanon / Philippines Holiday revelry contrasts with the difficult daily lives of hotel and household workers from the Philippines [National Catholic Register] 2016-01-02

Hong Kong Migrant worker unions demand apology for property agent’s Facebook post suggesting helpers are Isis [COCONUTS Hong Kong] 2016-01-02

Libya Help make life better for women trade unionists in Libya [Stronger Unions] ActNOW! 2016-01-02

Hong Kong Two Years After Erwiana, Has Life Improved for Hong Kong’s Domestic Workers? [TIME] 2016-01-01