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Updated: Thursday 1 September 2016, 07:35:05

Australia / Victoria Kathy Jackson charged with 70 counts of criminal misconduct [Guardian Australia] 2016-08-31

Canada / Ontario Bob White Charity Classic golf tournament raises thousands of dollars for Woodstock, London and Ingersoll women's shelters [The Sentinel-Review] 2016-08-31

Canada Feds studying work leave for domestic violence victims in Manitoba, Ontario [The Globe and Mail] 2016-08-31

UK Pregnancy discrimination is happening on an 'industrial scale', warns TUC [TUC] 2016-08-31

USA / Connecticut School nurses at CREC usher in a union [Hartford Business Journal] For more info 2016-08-30

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Canada / Ontario Province must turn gender wage gap recommendations into action [CUPE] 2016-08-28

UK Concern grows amongst BHS staff as the administrators announce a further 30 store closures [Usdaw] 2016-08-28

Japan Sex trade a shaky safety net for Japan’s working-poor women [Japan Times] 2016-08-27

Hong Kong Police investigate sergeant accused of sexually harassing female officers [COCONUTS Hong Kong] 2016-08-27

Canada / Ontario It's Time to Close the Gender Wage Gap With Action [OFL] 2016-08-26

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Hong Kong Saving a Safe Haven for Hong Kong's Domestic Workers [HK Magazine] 2016-08-26

Hong Kong No girls allowed? Hong Kong-based shipping firm backtracks on ‘no interviews for females’ policy [HK Free Press] 2016-08-26

UK This weekend marks the end of an era, but the BHS saga continues says Usdaw [Usdaw] 2016-08-26

India / Delhi More sophisticated bill in future for paternity leave: Maneka [New Indian Express] 2016-08-26

Canada / Mexico Being a Mexican migrant worker and female, a recipe for double discrimination [Equal Times] 2016-08-26

Australia Job security and flexibility - a key to addressing the gender gap [Fairfax Media] 2016-08-25

Indonesia / Iraq Abused Indonesian Migrant Worker Returns Home from Iraq [TEMPO] 2016-08-25

Hong Kong / Indonesia Domestic worker from Indonesian seeks backpay but won’t dishonor employer’s memory [ejinsight] 2016-08-25

India / Andhra Pradesh ANMs stage protest, demand pay hike [New Indian Express] 2016-08-25

Indonesia / Philippines Women trade union leaders in South East Asia develop gender equality and advocacy skills [IndustriALL] 2016-08-25

USA / USA / California CA Injured Workers Face Stacked Deck During Workers’ Comp Appeals Process-Injured Nurse Commits Suicide Due To Anti-Worker Program [NBC] For more info 2016-08-25

New Zealand / Cuba Helen Kelly receives cancer treatment in Cuba [Radio New Zealand] 2016-08-25

China College in China's Lanzhou Says 'Sorry' For Firing Woman Who Died of Cancer [RFA] 2016-08-24

China Guangzhou chef goes to court again in gender discrimination battle [China Labour Bulletin] 2016-08-24

New Zealand Ex-trade union leader Helen Kelly seeks 'magic bullet' cancer treatment in Cuba [Stuff] 2016-08-24

USA / Nevada Why Las Vegas Is a Great Place for Working-Class Women [NY Times] 2016-08-24

Australia National uni survey on sexual assault and harassment launched [Safe to Work] 2016-08-24

Australia NTEU supports national university student survey on sexual assault and sexual harassment [NTEU] 2016-08-24

USA 83% of Registered Black Women Support Equal Pay, and They Vote [AFL-CIO] 2016-08-24

India Cos like Mindtree & GE now allow women employees to bring their young children to work [Economic Times] 2016-08-24

India / Delhi Twitter reacts to Maneka Gandhi's comment on paternity leave [BT] 2016-08-24

India / Karnataka MD sedated, raped and videographed employees [TNN] 2016-08-23

Canada / Ontario Drawing the Line on Sexual Harassment [OHS Canada] 2016-08-23

UK / Ireland / Northern Ireland Gender pay gap: Trend shows women in NI earn more than men [BBC] 2016-08-23

UK Women penalised financially for having children [UNISON] 2016-08-23

UK The motherhood pay penalty is a 'scandal', says TUC [TUC] 2016-08-23

USA Closing global tax 'loopholes' a big benefit to women [Workers Independent News] 2016-08-23

USA / USA / California CTC State Whistleblower Kathleen Carroll Wins Nearly $3.1 Million In Lawsuit against CTC, supervisors and state for retaliation over whistleblowing [WW Radio] For more info 2016-08-22

UK Under pressure, underfunded and undervalued [UNISON] 2016-08-22

UK / England Swingeing government cuts will decimate council services in Bristol, say unions [Unite] 2016-08-22

UK / England Unite serves notice on London’s ‘unethical’ hotel sector with the launch of new report [Unite] 2016-08-22

Pakistan Baldia factory fire: Victims’ families decry PM’s empty promises [The Express Tribune] 2016-08-20

Venezuela Worker Occupied Kimberly-Clark Factory Produces 2 Million Sanitary Pads [Venezuelanalysis] 2016-08-20

USA How Unions Help Women Workers [AFL-CIO] 2016-08-19

India / Andhra Pradesh ASHA workers complain of harassment [New Indian Express] 2016-08-19

UK How trade unions help promote equality and diversity in the workplace [TUC] 2016-08-19

USA Regardless Of Occupation U.S. Women Are Paid Less [Workers Independent News] 2016-08-19

USA Teachers, 70% Women, Paid Less Than Comparable College Grads [Workers Independent News] 2016-08-19

India / Tamil Nadu Govt. denies exploitation of girls under Sumangali scheme [The Hindu] 2016-08-17

India / Maharashtra 114 sexual harassment complaints registered in BMC since 2013 [The Hindu] 2016-08-17

Nicaragua / UK TUC Aid Supports Women Trade Unionists in Nicaragua [TUC] 2016-08-17

Saudi Arabia Pretty maids all in a row: Domestic workers on display causes uproar [Gulf News] 2016-08-16

India Domestic workers to be brought under ESI fold soon: Bandaru Dattatreya [The Indian Express] 2016-08-15

India / Delhi Govt mulling maternity benefit for women in unorganised sector [Financial Express] 2016-08-15

Canada / Ontario Legal aid lawyers locked in legal battle with province over unionization [The Star] 2016-08-15

UK GMB calls for Lidl to abandon court battle to hinder workers’ rights to better pay and conditions at Lidl [GMB] 2016-08-15

India Amendment to Maternity Benefit Act is historic, but more needs to be done for women in India [Firstpost] 2016-08-14

India / Delhi Maternity leave: Maneka Gandhi receives queries from expectant [BS] 2016-08-14

USA / USA / California Santa Clara County Court Clerks Fight For Living Wages & Human Rights [LVP] For more info 2016-08-13

New Zealand Midwives like all working people deserve fair pay [NZCTU-Te Kauae Kamahi] 2016-08-12

India Government plans maternity benefit for 10 crore women in informal sector [The Indian Express] 2016-08-12

India Maternity leave increases to 26 weeks – but only for a small section of Indian women [] 2016-08-12

New Zealand Government in mediation with midwives over gender pay discrimination [Fairfax media] 2016-08-11

UK / England Firm suspends Heathrow airside security passes of 300 cleaners and caterers after two women are arrested on suspicion of fraud [Daily Mail] 2016-08-11

Japan Firms ramp up efforts to help female workers trying to conceive [Japan Times] 2016-08-11

UK List of minimum wage shame the ‘tip of the iceberg’ warns Unite [Unite] 2016-08-11

India / Delhi Maternity bill to motivate women employees to work harder, says Labour secretary [New Indian Express] 2016-08-11

Burma Govt to launch pilot for overseas domestic workers [Myanmar Times] 2016-08-11

UK HMRC need more resources to catch North West minimum wage dodgers [TUC] 2016-08-11

USA Feminism, Teachers’ Unions and the Nomination of Hillary Clinton [Workers Independent News] 2016-08-11

USA NEA Freedom and Justice Conference: Racial, Ethnic and Gender Inequality Threatens Livelihoods Of All Workers [Workers Independent News] 2016-08-11

Australia Want to reduce gender pay gap? Tax the rich [Fairfax Media] 2016-08-10

UK Half of women 'sexually harassed at work' - TUC survey [BBC] 2016-08-10

UK Nearly two in three young women have experienced sexual harassment at work, TUC survey reveals [TUC] 2016-08-10

UK TUC: Level of sexual harassment in workplace is 'shameful' [iTV] 2016-08-10

UK TUC Survey reveals extent of sexism and workplace harassment [Huffington Post] 2016-08-10

Australia Have your say on gender equality and women's rights at work [We Are Union ] 2016-08-10

India / Karnataka How can sex workers negotiate condom use [Guardian ] 2016-08-10

Ghana Extend Maternity Leave to Six Months [The Chronicle] 2016-08-10

South Africa EFF Calls for Review of Women's Salaries [News24Wire] 2016-08-10

India / Delhi Three months leave for victims of sexual harassment: Govt [TOI] 2016-08-10

Europe Closing European cinema’s gender gap [Equal Times] 2016-08-09

Egypt The future is in our hands: why Egypt needs gender equality [DNE] 2016-08-09

India / Tamil Nadu LIC women employees demand child care leave [The Hindu] 2016-08-09

India LIC women employees demand child care leave [The Hindu] 2016-08-09

Canada Glass ceiling — still there [The Telegram] 2016-08-09

USA Work Matters: Injustices against women continue [Albany Times Union] 2016-08-09

Hong Kong Man wrongly abused of maid abuse wants to help others [SCMP] 2016-08-08

India ‘Anti-labour policies will not be tolerated any longer’ [The Hindu] 2016-08-08

Canada PSAC supports calls to strengthen MMIW inquiry [PSAC] 2016-08-08

Canada Amanda Tapping takes director’s seat on ACTRA National Women’s Committee’s short film, Women Seen [ACTRA] 2016-08-08

Canada Help close the Gender Wage Gap today [UFCW] 2016-08-08

India / Maharashtra Sexual Abuse Plagues Female Workers In Maharashtra’s Sugarcane Fields [Ndtv] 2016-08-08

India When Women Garment Workers in Bengaluru Raised Their Voice against Injustice. And Were Heard [The Better India] 2016-08-07

India / Maharashtra 5000 Women Are Fighting for Their Health, Housing and Other Basic Rights in the Dharavi Slum [The Better India] 2016-08-07

Tanzania How to Retaliate Against Sexual Harassment At Workplace [Tanzania Daily News] 2016-08-06

Canada / Ontario How a ‘pay raise’ turned into a nasty pay cut: Hepburn [The Star] 2016-08-06

India Sexual offence: Central government staff can’t move court [ET Bureau] 2016-08-05

Brazil Housemain-turned-rapper voices domestic workers suffering [AFP] 2016-08-05

Canada / Ontario University of Waterloo boosts salaries of female faculty [The Star] 2016-08-05