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Updated: Tuesday 24 January 2017, 12:06:28

USA Working Women Play Key Role In Nationwide Women's Marches [AFL-CIO] 2017-01-24

UK The Gender Pay Gap [NUT] 2017-01-24

USA / New York NYC domestic workers united against Trump [New Yorker] 2017-01-24

Hong Kong Gov’t plans to strengthen regulation of employment agencies serving Hong Kong domestic workers [HK Free Press] 2017-01-24

Malawi BCCEAWU elected a women President at its 5th Quadrennial Congress [BWI] 2017-01-24

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Canada Momentum Builds for Domestic Violence Leave in Workplace Contracts [USW] 2017-01-24

Australia Obituary - Carolyn Allport [ACTU] 2017-01-23

USA / Missouri Bill introduced to give unpaid leave to victims of domestic and sexual violence [] 2017-01-23

Canada / Alberta Union in Alberta reaches deal that includes domestic violence leave [Canadian Press] 2017-01-23

USA / Alabama One Of The Most Conservative States Could Soon Offer Equal Pay [Huffington Post] 2017-01-23

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Germany New equal pay laws to narrow the wage gap [Politico] 2017-01-23

Australia / Queensland Toowoomba event honours legend for working women [Toowoomba Chronicle] 2017-01-23

Canada / Alberta Domestic violence paid leave highlights union deal [CBC] 2017-01-23

India / Chhattisgarh Female Railway Clerk Refuses To Sing Duet With Manager, Gets Transfer Notice! [India Times] 2017-01-23

USA Millions March In Global Protest Against Trump [WIN] 2017-01-23

Canada #WhyWeMarch [CLC] 2017-01-22

India / Andhra Pradesh Women workers take out rally for minimum wage [The Hindu] 2017-01-21

India / Kerala Women in Ernakulam district to be sensitised against workplace harassment [New Indian Express] 2017-01-21

Bangladesh Release arrested garment union leaders now! [Industriall] Image ActNOW! 2017-01-20

USA Nurses Face More Violence From Hospital Patients [US News] 2017-01-20

Global Investing in Care in Emerging Economies – Jobs and Inclusive Growth [ITUC] 2017-01-20

Hungary Global unions back reinstatement of Hungarian union leader [IndustriALL] 2017-01-20

USA We’ve Had Enough Quiet Acceptance [Medium] 2017-01-20

Singapore NTUC urges Singapore to support ‘returnship programme' for women workers [SBR] 2017-01-20

USA Unionism and Feminism [Huffington Post] 2017-01-20

Trinidad and Tobago Union advocates for law against sexual harassment [Loop] 2017-01-20

Canada / Ontario OFL joins Women’s March on Washington [Ontario Federation of Labour] 2017-01-20

Canada / Alberta Steelworkers Win Domestic Violence Leave [USW] 2017-01-20

Canada / USA Thousands of Canadians Expected to March in Solidarity with the Women's March on Washington [Women's March] 2017-01-20

UK BHS administration costs higher than expected, Usdaw questions why more wasn’t done to save jobs [USDAW] 2017-01-19

Australia / Queensland Hotel chain to pay thousands after 'serious and shocking' sexual assault [Fairfax Media] 2017-01-18

Turkey Grannies to get state salaries for grandchildren’s care [Al-Monitor] 2017-01-18

Cambodia A trusted intermediary to minimise risk of human trafficking [Equal Times] 2017-01-18

Australia / Queensland Toowoomba event honours Emma Miller, legend for working women [QCU] 2017-01-18

UK Nurses, teachers and firefighters facing falls of thousands in real pay by end of decade [TUC] 2017-01-18

Singapore NTUC lays out roadmap to get women, seniors back to work [Today] 2017-01-18

Canada Activists build momentum to close the gender wage gap [UFCW] 2017-01-18

USA AFL-CIO proud to partner with the Women's March on Washington [AFL-CIO] 2017-01-18

Australia Vale Carolyn Allport, NTEU foundation National President [NTEU] 2017-01-17

Korea (North) Silk, steam and slogans: Inside a North Korean factory [Associated Press] 2017-01-17

UK The Legacy of Eleanor Marx [Jacobin] 2017-01-17

India Budget 2017: India’s Missing Women Workers [Bloomberg] 2017-01-17

Russia Anger at moves which say if a woman suffering domestic violence does not need workplace sick leave then it's not a crime [BBC] 2017-01-17

Hungary Equal pay in Hungary still a half century away, suggests report [Budapest Business Journal] 2017-01-17

New Zealand World's top women's golfer Lydia Ko drives for equal pay for women [SuperSport] 2017-01-17

Japan Equal pay law likely to be delayed [Japan Times] 2017-01-17

Pakistan Sindh approves policy to regularise home-based workers [The News] 2017-01-17

Canada / Ontario CUPE women step up the fight on the picket lines [Rank and File] 2017-01-17

Canada / Ontario PHOLine: OPSEU appeals pay equity ruling [OPSEU] 2017-01-17

Bangladesh Bangladesh: Campaign to Silence Garment Workers [] For more info 2017-01-17

Australia Talitha Cummins sues Channel Seven after losing job while on maternity leave [Guardian Australia ] 2017-01-16

Sweden Study predicts the Swedish women poised to close gender pay gap first [The Local] 2017-01-16

Israel Union goes into bat over 'immodest attire' ban for Parliament workers [Ha'aretz] 2017-01-16

Palestine DWRC undertake a series of legal clinics in cooperation with Women’s Center for Legal Aid and Counselling. [DWRC] 2017-01-16

Trinidad and Tobago Union, Angostura workers send warning: Balgobin must go over sex harassment [The Express] 2017-01-15

UK TUC praises Royal College of Midwives leader as she announces retirement [TUC] 2017-01-15

China Why sexual harassment persists in the workplace [China Labour Bulletin] 2017-01-13

Australia / Victoria Labour hire company fined $60,000 after an Irish backpacker scalped in pear packing shed [ABC] 2017-01-13

Canada NWAC Releases Report Card on the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls [NUPGE] 2017-01-13

USA It's time to care about childcare [DOL] 2017-01-12

USA Workers at Puzder's Restaurants Report Wage Theft, Sexual Harassment [Democracy Now] 2017-01-12

Australia Not just wiping noses: Childcare worker writes open letter to David Leyonhjelm [ABC] 2017-01-12

Canada / Global Barbara Byers appointed to UN Women advisory group [CLC] 2017-01-12

Australia / New South Wales Female tradies promote 'male-dominated' jobs to school leavers [ABC] 2017-01-12

Australia Demand Federal Education Minister stand up for childcare workers [United Voice ] 2017-01-11

Australia Outrage as senator reduces childcare workers’ roles to 'wiping noses”' [Women's Weekly] For more info 2017-01-11

UK Right to paid holidays and parental leave under threat after Brexit, says UNISON [UNISON] 2017-01-11

UK Minimum wage rates go up in April [UNISON] 2017-01-11

USA Survey of Workers at Labor Secretary Nominee's Company Uncovers Rampant Harrassment and Other Violations [Workers Independent News] 2017-01-11

Malawi Stop Gender Violence Against Women - Mctu [MNA] 2017-01-10

Vietnam Female workers’ clubs boost solidarity, confidence [Vietnam News] 2017-01-10

India / Kerala Government promise on jobs abroad for nurses, maids [New Indian Express] 2017-01-10

UK / Global Bike courier wins 'gig' economy employment rights case [BBC] 2017-01-10

Australia / Victoria Stacey Tierney deserved the same right to a safe workplace as any of us [Guardian Australia ] 2017-01-10

UK / England Support Staff Unpaid for THREE MONTHS [GMB] 2017-01-10

USA / Connecticut Danbury Hospital nurse testifies at OSHA meeting in D.C. [WLAD-AM Radio News] For more info 2017-01-10

Zimbabwe In Drought-Hit Zimbabwe, Women's 'Second Shift' Burden Grows [Reuters] 2017-01-09

Hong Kong Domestic helper gets HK$562,000 compensation after rape trauma [Ejinsight ] 2017-01-09

Canada U of T expands outsourced cleaning services [The Varsity] 2017-01-09

India / Kerala Informalisation of labour affects women badly, says Planning Board expert [TNN] 2017-01-09

USA / Kentucky GOP Supermajority Just Gutted Women's, Workers' Rights [Common Dreams] 2017-01-09

India / Karnataka Women Congress protests against demonetisation [Deccan Herald] 2017-01-09

Australia Meet our female bosses destroying the image of 'union thugs' forever [Guardian Australia] 2017-01-08

Saudi Arabia Divorce and workingwomen [Saudi Gazette] 2017-01-08

USA Women’s March, Like Many Before It, Struggles for Unity [The American Prospect] 2017-01-08

India The warp and weft of exploitation [The Hindu] 2017-01-08

UK Why I don’t think women should be allowed monthly menstrual leave [Metro] 2017-01-08

USA Women Know When Negotiating Isn't Worth It [The Atlantic] 2017-01-08

UK Gender pay gap down to 5% among UK workers in their 20s, study finds [Guardian ] 2017-01-08

India / Tamil Nadu Women workers at crematoria get bikes [The Hindu] 2017-01-08

Australia / Western Australia Domestic violence leave for WA workers [Perth Now] 2017-01-08

Austria Public sector workers 'must be BANNED from wearing Islamic veils at work' claims minister [Sunday Express] 2017-01-08

India / Tamil Nadu The warp and weft of exploitation [The Hindu] 2017-01-08

Pakistan Domestic workers’ plight [Daily Times] 2017-01-08

Australia Workplace leave may be introduced for domestic violence victims [Stock and Land] 2017-01-08

UK Margaret Bondfield - the Chard woman who became the first woman minister in Parliament [Somerset Live] 2017-01-07

UK / Scotland Union seeks views from members on the role of women [Herald] 2017-01-07

UK Ada Nield Chew: England’s forgotten suffragist [History Extra] 2017-01-07

Syria The Kurdish woman building a feminist democracy and fighting ISIS at the same time [Independent] 2017-01-07

Austria Minister calls for headscarf ban for public servants [RNS] 2017-01-07