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Updated: Thursday 27 July 2017, 10:41:56

New Zealand Women will fight hurdles to equal pay [NZEI-te Riu Roa] 2017-07-27

Kazakhstan Trade Union Leader Convicted [HRW] ActNOW! 2017-07-27

Kazakhstan Sentencing of Union Leader a Travesty of Justice [ITUC] ActNOW! 2017-07-27

Australia Women unionists lead protest against violence in the workplace [CFMEU] 2017-07-26

Kazakhstan Leader Of Defunct Kazakh Union Sentenced On Embezzlement Charges [RFE/Radio Liberty] ActNOW! 2017-07-26

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Kazakhstan Trade Union Leader Punished With 4 Years of 'Limited Freedom' [EuraAsiaNet] ActNOW! 2017-07-26

Tanzania Union leaders support efforts to achieve gender equality [Education International] 2017-07-26

UK Ministers vow to end employment tribunal fees after court defeat [The Guardian] 2017-07-26

Haiti Haiti: Garment Workers March for Better Wage [Solidarity Center] For more info 2017-07-26

UK Victory on employment tribunal fees: this is what justice feels like [Guardian] 2017-07-26

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UK UNISON criticises government announcement for social care providers [UNISON] 2017-07-26

Ireland Let us keep gender pay gap private, firms plead [The Times] 2017-07-25

UK / Ireland Mary Turner tributes: Irish dinner lady who became GMB union president dies aged 79 [Irish Post] 2017-07-25

Kenya Hundreds Join Migrant Worker Forum in Mombasa [Solidarity Center] For more info 2017-07-25

Ireland Taoiseach welcomes RTÉ’s gender pay gap review [Irish Times] 2017-07-25

Ireland NUJ calls for independent review of RTÉ pay and contracts [Irish Times] 2017-07-24

Burma / Australia Textile workers pay the price for Australia's fast fashion addiction [ABC] 2017-07-23

UK Top BBC women demand immediate action on gender pay gap [Sky News] 2017-07-23

Pakistan Beacon for working women. Comrade Shanta Bukhari lived and died fighting for the rights of women workers [The News on Sunday] 2017-07-23

Pakistan Women Workers Alliance formed to campaign for safer workplaces [The Nation] 2017-07-23

Australia The power and passion of union boss Sally McManus [Guardian Australia] 2017-07-22

India / Maharashtra Civil engr, labour contractor booked for death of woman labourer [TNN] 2017-07-22

India / Delhi Noida: Union’s call for boycott of Mahagun society by helps falls on deaf ears [The Times] 2017-07-22

Canada / Ontario Today is the last day to help improve the domestic and sexual violence workplace accommodation legislation in Ontario [rabble] 2017-07-22

Pakistan Women’s alliance formed for safer workplaces [Dawn] 2017-07-22

Cambodia Chung Fai Workers Demand Justice [Clean Clothes Campaign] 2017-07-21

New Zealand Brighter future? Pay gap low on the agenda [Radio New Zealand] 2017-07-21

New Zealand Minister's guidance misses the 'U' word [NZCTU-Te Kauae Kamahi] 2017-07-21

UK 'Double Bite' Of Austerity As Pension Age Rises [GMB] 2017-07-21

Australia The retirement system is failing our mothers [The New Daily] 2017-07-21

Australia Women's superannuation not looking so super [SBS] 2017-07-21

Australia / Victoria Luba Grigorovitch: Oh, the places you won’t go with Metro [Melbourne Herald-Sun] 2017-07-21

Korea (South) 'Blind-hiring’ to combat appearance-obsessed culture [Al Jazeera] 2017-07-21

Russia Journalist’s house attacked [IFJ] 2017-07-21

New Zealand 'Just absolute nonsense' Maxine Gay on Warehouse's red shirt community programme [95bFM] 2017-07-20

Australia New report reveals retirement is not so super for women [ASU] 2017-07-20

Australia Flawed by design: why superannuation fails women [Fairfax Media ] 2017-07-20

Australia I will be stuffed': How superannuation sells women short [Fairfax Media] 2017-07-20

Australia Thanks for caring, now your Superannuation’s worth half as much as men [Women's Agenda] 2017-07-20

Australia Superannuation retirement savings pay gap revealed [ABC] 2017-07-20

Australia Backpackers reveal stories of sexual assault, exploitation while working on Australian farms [ABC] 2017-07-20

Australia / Queensland Rocky's golden apprentice girl faces 'uncertain future' [Morning Bulletin] 2017-07-20

Australia Just five cents a day: the real cost for business to provide paid family and domestic violence leave revealed [ACTU] 2017-07-20

USA / Massachusetts This Massachusetts Nurses’ Union Is Reviving the Strike Weapon [The Nation] 2017-07-20

USA / California San Francisco Wants to Eliminate the Pay Gap for Women in This Generation. But Will It Work? [Fortune ] 2017-07-20

UK BBC salaries report reveals broadcaster could face sex discrimination suits, lawyers warn [The Independent ] 2017-07-20

UK The BBC pay gap reveals an ugly truth [CNN] 2017-07-20

UK Woman’s Hour host Jane Garvey says female presenters must demand more after shocking gender pay gap exposed at BBC [Mirror] 2017-07-20

UK Reality Check: The gender pay gap [BBC] 2017-07-20

UK Why all women need to know what their colleagues earn [Guardian ] 2017-07-20

India / Kerala A momentous day for striking nurses [The Hindu] Image 2017-07-20

Kenya ‘When My Children Spit on You, Don’t Complain’ [Solidarity Center] For more info 2017-07-20

UK Delayed action on inequality at BBC 'dereliction of duty' [NUJ] 2017-07-20

UK Pension age change another blow to public sector workers, says UNISON [UNISON] 2017-07-19

UK Pension age hike risks creating second-class citizens, says TUC [TU] 2017-07-19

USA / USA / California The Fight For Mexican San Quintin Farm Workers & Driscoll's with Al Rojas At San Francisco ILWU Local 10 [LVP] For more info 2017-07-17

Canada / Ontario Altered Lives Project: Jacqueline’s Story [ufc] 2017-07-17

UK ASLEF hits back at Hammond [ASLEF] 2017-07-17

New Zealand Change happens when union women come together [TEU] 2017-07-16

New Zealand NZNO member receives Union award [NZNO-Toputanga Tapuhi Kaitiaki o Aotearoa] 2017-07-16

Bangladesh New Bangladesh Accord will Protect Workers and Improve Bangladesh’s Garment Industry [ITUC] 2017-07-15

UK Equal pay laws could be scrapped after Brexit, women's rights groups warn [The Independent] 2017-07-15

USA Women of color in STEM face greater risks of gender, racial harassment at work [USA Today] 2017-07-15

UK / Scotland Scots women in 'low paid, low quality” work, despite outperforming boys in school [Deadline News] 2017-07-15

South Africa Hamba kahle comrade Emma Mashinini! [Mail and Guardian ] 2017-07-15

New Zealand Victory for women workers [Gisborne Herald] 2017-07-15

Ireland Veteran activist takes a bow [Irish Times] 2017-07-15

UK Lewes FC becomes first to pay men and women the same [The Week] 2017-07-15

USA The gender pay gap has tripled under Donald Trump’s administration [Marie Claire] 2017-07-15

Germany Pay Inequality Law Goes into Effect, But Businesses Still Aren’t Ready [Care2] 2017-07-15

USA Why golf should follow tennis and adopt equal pay for US Open [Guardian] 2017-07-15

Ireland Judge awards female army captain €800k damages over equality case [RTÉ] 2017-07-15

South Africa Scores of mourners gather to bid farewell to Emma Mashinini [Eyewitness News] 2017-07-15

Palestine / Israel East Jerusalem's Palestinian women struggle to get jobs, let alone job rights [WAC Ma'an] 2017-07-14

Australia Vicki makes MUA History as First Female Indigenous Bosun [MUA] 2017-07-14

Australia Robbie Campo moves over to Cbus as brand, advocacy and marketing leader [The New Daily] 2017-07-14

Australia / Queensland Union win for casual nurses, midwives and AINs/PCs [QNMU] 2017-07-14

UK Brexit Threatens Equal Pay Protections, U.K. Women's Groups Fear [Bloomberg] 2017-07-14

USA Why To Read Beyond The Headlines On Equal Pay And The White House [Forbes] 2017-07-14

New Zealand Dilani Perera – a workplace leader for Equal Pay [Scoop] 2017-07-14

Kenya Kenya Domestic Workers Find Hope with Union [Solidarity Center] For more info 2017-07-14

Canada A $15 Minimum Wage Is A Feminist Issue [Huffington Post] 2017-07-14

Cambodia / Cambodia M&S, Bonmarche and Nygard should compensate Cambodian workers after factory closure [CCC] For more info Image 2017-07-13

Global IUF and Sodexo sign international agreement on preventing sexual harassment in the workplace [IUF] 2017-07-13

Canada Understanding domestic violence in rural communities: Elisabeth Ballermann [NUPGE] 2017-07-12

UK Unite warns of ‘wage crisis’ as average earnings continue to fall [Unite] 2017-07-12

Kenya Equal Pay for Equal Work? Kenyan Nurses Push the Envelope [The Sentinel] 2017-07-12

Colombia How do we make labour rights real? [Open Democracy] 2017-07-12

UK TUC said the government must intervene to address the pay squeeze [Guardian] 2017-07-12

Cambodia Sok, 19, Paid Poverty Wages as Domestic Worker in Cambodia [Solidarity Center] For more info 2017-07-12

Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyzstan’s Sherimbayeva: ‘We Are Stronger … Together’ [Solidarity Center] For more info 2017-07-12

China Labour activist says he was arrested due to factory's Ivanka Trump links [Guardian] 2017-07-11

China / USA Is China Trying to Silence the Workers Who Make Ivanka Trump’s Apparel? [The Nation] 2017-07-11

Spain Airline fined over ‘sexist’ pregnancy tests for job applicants [Irish Independent] 2017-07-11

Australia / Australian Capital Territory Territory government to review Canberra sex worker laws and OHS standards [Fairfax Media ] 2017-07-10

Australia / Queensland Mother of murdered backpacker calls on Government to make '88 days' farm work scheme safe [ABC] 2017-07-10

UK Workforce engagement must be at heart of industrial strategy, says TUC [TUC] 2017-07-10

Malaysia / Nepal GSG Malaysia organises Woman Leadership Development Training [GEFONT] 2017-07-09

USA / New York Sex toy shop workers tired of getting screwed vote to unionize [NY Post] 2017-07-08

Ireland / USA Clay from grave of US labour activist to be presented at Cork’s Spirit of Mother Jones Festival [Irish Times] 2017-07-08