Women workers march in Turkey, 2007.
Turkey: Women workers on the march.

Women workers on strike.

What is International Women's Day?

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Sunday 21 December 2014, 18:15:16

Working Women: Daily News

Hong Kong / China New dads to get 3 days paid leave [RTHK] 2014-12-19

Pakistan / Germany More than two years after 259 garment workers died in devastating factory fire German retailer KiK targeted by victims' families [IndustriALL Global Union] 2014-12-19

Hong Kong / Indonesia Maid abuse trial to resume next week [Asian Correspondent] 2014-12-19

Hong Kong / China Teacher Union lobbies for early childhood educator improved pay grades [SCMP] 2014-12-16

Australia / Western Australia Government forced to address overcrowding in women’s prison [WA Prison Officers Union] 2014-12-15

UK Grazia, Unite and West End stars combine forces on equal pay [Unite] 2014-12-15

UK Help illegally-underpaid care workers [Unison] 2014-12-15

UK / Global The government should protect migrant workers from exploitation, says TUC [TUC] 2014-12-15

Canada 'Anti-prostitution law' raises fears for sex workers' safety [Guardian] 2014-12-14

Europe International conference ‘Women, Health and Work’ [ETUI] 2014-12-14

South Africa Murder exposes rampant sexism in South African mines [IndustriALL Global Union] 2014-12-13

Kuwait / India Ban on Indian workers looms as spat escalates – Meeting to resolve maid guarantee dispute fails [Kuwait Times] 2014-12-13

Turkey Half of transgender sex workers subjected to police violence: Report [Hurriyet Daily News] 2014-12-13

USA / Europe Why U.S. Women Are Leaving Jobs Behind [NY Times] 2014-12-13

USA Buffalo Bills Cheerleaders’ Routine: No Wages and No Respect [NY Times] 2014-12-13

USA Why American Women Are Leaving Jobs Behind [NYTimes] 2014-12-13

UK Legal Aid For Domestic Violence Victims [GMB] 2014-12-13

Canada / Ontario Human Rights Commission responds to complaint on gender discrimination on farms [Better Farming] 2014-12-12

Canada / Ontario Human Rights Commission Warns Gender Discrimination in Migrant Recruitment a Human Rights Violation [OHRC] 2014-12-12

UK TUC launches guides for would-be parents on new maternity and paternity rules [TUC] 2014-12-12

Canada The CBC, Workplace Harassment, and the Takeaway for Unions [Rank and File] 2014-12-12

Global Global action spotlights campaign for hotel housekeepers' rights [IUF] 2014-12-11

South Africa / Global Union legend Emma Mashinini among heroes honoured in Cape Town [UNI Global Union] 2014-12-11

Finland / Global Ann Selin - leader of Finland's biggest union - elected UNI Global Union President [UNI Global Union] 2014-12-11

Bangladesh 'A union response unlike anything before' - Tansy Hoskins on the Bangladesh Accord [UNI Global Union] 2014-12-11

Canada / Ontario Health care workplace violence an epidemic, says Ontario nurses' union leader [Daily Brew] 2014-12-11

Canada / Ontario Ghomeshi: le syndicat de CBC veut l'immunité pour les participants à l'enquête [98,5] 2014-12-11

USA Struggling for Human Rights, Achieving Women's Empowerment [AFL-CIO] 2014-12-11

USA / Pacific TPP bad for workers, worse for women [Sun Advocate] 2014-12-10

Pakistan Attack on workers: Polio campaign halted in Faisalabad [The Tribune] 2014-12-10

Canada / Alberta Workplaces must tackle violence against women [AFL] 2014-12-10

Canada CLC Video Exposes Workplace Impact of Domestic Violence [OFL] 2014-12-10

Canada UFCW Women's Network empowers through leadership, training [UFCW] 2014-12-10

Canada Les Réseau des femmes des TUAC dynamise par la formation et le renforcement du leadership [TUAC] 2014-12-10

Canada Ironworker promotes skilled trades to female students [UA] 2014-12-10

Bangladesh Struggling for Human Rights, Acheiving Women's Empowerment [Solidarity Center] 2014-12-10

Hong Kong / Indonesia My torturer: Indonesian domestic worker tells court starved and beaten [HK Standard] 2014-12-09

New Zealand Big public service pay gap for women [NZ Herald] 2014-12-09

Bangladesh At the coal face: Mineral processing factory in Bangladesh where the women do all the hard work [Daily Mail] 2014-12-09

Indonesia / Hong Kong Protes terhadap Penyiksaan di Hongkong (Foto) [BeritaBuruhIndonesia] 2014-12-09

Indonesia / Hong Kong Kesaksian Erwiana sesuai hasil visum dokter [BBC Indonesia] 2014-12-09

South Africa / KwaZulu-Natal `Count us in` on the fight against the abuse of women and children [Cosatu] 2014-12-09

Burma Rangoon govt to debate legalising sex work venues [DVB] 2014-12-09

Canada Affaire Ghomeshi: le syndicat des employés de la CBC se méfie [La Presse] 2014-12-09

UK Domestic workers rally on Human Rights Day to oppose the return of slavery in the UK [Unite] 2014-12-09

Canada / Quebec Drapeaux en berne sur les édifices de la FTQ et du Fonds de solidarité [FTQ] 2014-12-08

Canada Remembering the women of École Polytechnique [CMG] 2014-12-08

Canada / Quebec La vice-présidente de la CSN Véronique De Sève participe à la vigile pour les 25 ans de Polytechnique [CSN] 2014-12-08

Indonesia Penyelundupan manusia dari RI 'sudah darurat' [BBC Indonesia] 2014-12-08

Europe Gaji wanita Eropa lebih sedikit dari pria [BBC Indonesia] 2014-12-08

Pakistan Pakistan’s Women Cotton Pickers Find Power in Uniting Over Wages [JG] 2014-12-08

Indonesia Fewer Work Hours for Female Civil Servants Ineffective [Tempo] 2014-12-08

Indonesia Perempuan sebagai Kekuatan Pembangunan [BeritaBuruhIndonesia] 2014-12-08

Indonesia / Hong Kong Crippling agent fees force migrant workers into debt bondage [] 2014-12-08

New Zealand Battle to close th pay gap [NZ Herald] 2014-12-08

South Africa / Free State COSATU hosts a gender workshop as part of 16 days of activism program [Cosatu] 2014-12-08

South Africa / North West Memorandum on sixteen days of activism against violence on women and children campaign [Cosatu] 2014-12-08

Indonesia Pengurangan Jam Kerja Perempuan Diskriminatif [BeritaBuruhIndonesia] 2014-12-08

Hong Kong / Indonesia Employer in maid torture case pleads not guilty [RTHK] 2014-12-08

Canada / Ontario Unifor Local 444 calls for end to violence against women [The Star] 2014-12-08

Canada / Alberta UNA marks National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women [UNA] 2014-12-08

Canada La violence faite aux femmes a mille visages, constate la CSQ [CSQ] 2014-12-08

Canada Workplace supports can help women leave violent partners [The Star] 2014-12-07

Australia Childcare: Money welcome but it can’t be a Magic Pudding solution [United Voice] 2014-12-07

Canada Journée nationale de commémoration et d’action contre la violence faite aux femmes [TUAC] 2014-12-06

Canada Domestic violence follows victims to work [The Chronicle-Herald] 2014-12-06

Canada Journée nationale de commémoration et d'action contre la violence faite aux femmes [SCFP] 2014-12-06

Canada / Quebec Commémoration du 25e anniversaire de la tragédie de Polytechnique [SCFP] 2014-12-06

Ireland Five female lecturers claim NUI Galway overlooked them for promotion [] 2014-12-05

Canada CLC leader: We all have a role to play in ending violence against women [The Star] 2014-12-05

Canada / Ontario Power Workers Support Women’s House Bruce Grey [Blackburn] 2014-12-05

UK / Europe Redundancy - European Court will give an initial opinion on the Woolworths and Ethel Austin case on 5 February 2015 [Usdaw] 2014-12-05

USA Women’s Equality Coalition Calls for New York State Action to Protect Pregnant Workers after Young v. UPS Supreme Court Oral Arguments [Long Island Exchange] 2014-12-05

Indonesia Cutting women’s work hours: Profit or loss? [JP] 2014-12-04

Ireland SIPTU concern at HEA findings on gender divide in academic appointments [SIPTU] 2014-12-04

UK Employer attitudes towards pregnant women are stuck in a time warp, says TUC [TUC] 2014-12-02

Global UN: WHO Condemns ‘Virginity Tests’ [HRW] 2014-12-02

India Not paid for three months, teachers protest, seek regularisation of jobs [Express News Service] Image 2014-12-01

Australia VIDEO: Equal Pay Day 2014 for ASU Members [ASU] 2014-12-01

Philippines CSC seeks protection of state workers against sexual harassment [PIA] 2014-12-01

Pakistan / Global Hotel Housekeepers Start Global Campaign [Talking Union] 2014-12-01

New Zealand Need for whole of government approach to family violence [PSA] 2014-11-29

Canada Can work be safe, when home isn't? [NUPGE] 2014-11-29

Canada La violence familiale se transporte souvent dans les lieux de travail [SCFP] 2014-11-29

Canada Domestic violence often spills over to workplace: study [CUPE] 2014-11-29

Canada Labour Survey Reveals Domestic Violence is Widespread and Following People to Work [CLC] 2014-11-29

Canada Une Enquête menée par le mouvement syndical révèle que la violence conjugale est largement répandue et qu’elle poursuit les victimes jusqu’à leur travail [CTC] 2014-11-29

Canada / British Columbia BCGEU demands government action against closure of transitional housing for women and children in the Fraser Valley [NUPGE] 2014-11-29

Canada By the Numbers – Violence against women is #NOTokay [UFCW] 2014-11-29

Canada Statement on 25th Anniversary of December 6 [USW] 2014-11-29

Canada Déclaration de Ken Neumann au 25e anniversaire du 6 décembre [Metallos] 2014-11-29

Canada Millions of Canadians want a national conversation on violence against women. Are all of our parliamentarians up for the debate? [IAMAW] 2014-11-29

Canada Des millions de Canadiens réclament un débat national sur la violence à l’égard des femmes. Nos parlementaires sont-ils tous prêts à en débattre? [AIMTA] 2014-11-29

Canada / Ontario Ontarians Asked to Wear Purple Scarves to Support Abused Women and Children [ETFO] 2014-11-29

USA / USA / California Walmart Stop Workplace Bullying and Terrorism On Job On 2014 Black Friday [LVP] For more info 2014-11-29

Australia Transport Workers Union stands with Virgin Australia against violence against women [TWU] 2014-11-28

South Africa / North West COSATU welcomes verdict on murder of Pinky Mosiane [Cosatu] 2014-11-28

Canada Canadian Labour Congress: Employers can help stop domestic violence [CBC] 2014-11-28

South Africa / North West Pinky Mosiane murder case and 16 days of activism [Cosatu] 2014-11-28

South Africa DENOSA supports 16 Days of Activism [Cosatu] 2014-11-28