Women workers march in Turkey, 2007.
Turkey: Women workers on the march.

Women workers on strike.

What is International Women's Day?

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Thursday 18 September 2014, 09:38:38

Working Women: Daily News

Canada / Bangladesh Over 50 organizations call on Canadian government to support survivors of Rana Plaza tragedy [Maquila Solidarity Network] 2014-09-16

Malaysia Gender equity crucial to quality education [Education International] 2014-09-14

Canada / USA Professional cheerleading 'should be abolished' [CBC] 2014-09-14

Pakistan LHWs threaten fast unto death for salaries, dues [Labour Watch] 2014-09-13

Pakistan Two years on, families of victims yet to get justice and compensation [Labour Watch] 2014-09-13

Australia Abbott budget to leave poorer women worse off [Fairfax Media] 2014-09-12

Australia Woman loses compensation claim over colleagues wearing perfume [ABC] 2014-09-12

Israel SodaStream in spat over working hours for Bedouin women [Haaretz] 2014-09-12

Africa 'The Key to Development in Africa Is Empowering Women' [Solidarity Center] For more info 2014-09-12

South Africa / Gauteng Health worker brutally attacked, assaulted and raped at Hospital [Cosatu] 2014-09-11

South Africa / Gauteng NEHAWU shocked by the escalating attacks on health workers inside health facilities across province [Cosatu] 2014-09-11

Pakistan Workplace harassment of women [Labour Watch] 2014-09-10

Russia Ольга Ананьина: «Не бойтесь бороться за свои права» [КТР] 2014-09-10

Australia Sorry Tony, but after a year, you still don’t get me [Working Life] 2014-09-09

South Africa / Western Cape Domestic Workers will again protest against racist [Cosatu] 2014-09-09

UK / Wales Midwives could strike over 'deeply disappointing' pay offer [The Journal] 2014-09-09

Dominican Republic / USA Tech apparel garment workers to speak [The Times] 2014-09-09

Pakistan Nurse shares harrowing tale of sexual harassment [Labour Watch] 2014-09-09

Pakistan LHWs demand regularisation [Labour Watch] 2014-09-09

Pakistan Rights under labour laws demanded for domestic workers [Labour Watch] 2014-09-06

Australia Equal pay day: women must work an extra 64 days to equal mens' pay [Daily Life] 2014-09-05

Australia Tony Abbott must take responsibility for the gender pay gap [ACTU] 2014-09-05

Pakistan Woman workers face discrimination [The News] 2014-09-05

Australia Super freeze hits nurses and midwives hardest [ANMF] 2014-09-04

France Jeudi 11 septembre à 14h Présentation du livre de Rachel Silvera sur les inégalités de salaires femmes-hommes [CGT] 2014-09-04

Iran Chief stirs controversy over women working in coffee shops [Radio Zamaneh] 2014-09-03

Macau / China Single mom leads protests on working conditions in Macau's casinos [Washington Post News Service] 2014-09-03

Canada Gender Block: Women in the labour movement [This Magazine] 2014-09-03

UK A record number of people are looking for extra hours to top up their wages [TUC] 2014-09-03

UK NHS Jarrow marchers on final push to parliament [Unite] 2014-09-03

Pakistan LHWs block road to demand regularisation [Labour Watch] 2014-09-02

Macau Single Mom Fights Billionaires With Macau Casino Protests [Bloomberg] 2014-09-02

Germany H&M will Betriebsrätin zum Schweigen bringen [ver.di Heilbronn] For more info 2014-09-01

South Africa / North West COSATU deplores stripping of women at Sun City [Cosatu] 2014-09-01

Canada Take Action on Aboriginal Women Crisis, Demand Provincial and Territorial Federation of Labour Presidents [OFL] 2014-09-01

Bangladesh In garment factories, workers face an uphill battle for better safety [The Post-Gazette] 2014-08-31

USA Lily Eskelsen Garcia, new president of the largest union in the USA [LA Times] 2014-08-31

USA / Pennsylvania Woman found dead in SUV in public parking lots between jobs to get a few hours of sleep [NBC Philadelphia] 2014-08-30

UK TUC: Majority of women workers 'earn less than living wage' [BBC] 2014-08-29

UK TUC: Majority of women workers 'earn less than living wage' [BBC] 2014-08-29

UK / England Care UK strikers lobby Bridgepoint again [UNISON] 2014-08-27

Canada / Ontario Hamilton Health Services to pay $7.3 million in pay equity deal [Metro] 2014-08-26

Turkey 94 pct of female agricultural workers unregistered [Zaman] 2014-08-26

Canada Unifor calls for inquiry into murdered and missing aboriginal women, renewed health accord [Unifor] 2014-08-26

Jordan Migrant women workers in Jordan face abuse [Lebanon Daily Star] 2014-08-25

South Africa Lack of options drives women miners to face discrimination underground [The Independent] 2014-08-25

Ukraine / Ukraine Працівниці Львівської вугільної компанії провели ніч на рейках [КВПУ] For more info 2014-08-21

Brazil Expanded labour rights for domestic workers [The Times-Union] 2014-08-21

India / Karnataka Domestic Workers Union calls for abolishing employment of children in domestic work [Citizen Matters] 2014-08-21

UK ‘Immoral’ Tyneside car parking charges for key health workers highlight national problem [Unite] 2014-08-21

Canada Carpenter returns to where her career started to promote trades to women [Outlook] 2014-08-21

India ‘Exploitative work contracts making nurses vulnerable to sexual assaults’ [The Hindu] 2014-08-21

Canada An obvious need for a National public inquiry! [NUPGE] 2014-08-21

Canada CBSA’s removal of its female officers for religious travellers is unacceptable [PSAC] 2014-08-21

Canada Voyageurs évoquant des motifs religieux : Comportement inacceptable de l’ASFC envers ses douanières [AFPC] 2014-08-21

Australia FSU submission on domestic violence [FSU] 2014-08-20

UK TUC welcomes spread of pension saving as a result of auto-enrolment [TUC] 2014-08-20

South Africa COSATU condemns rape and murder of lesbian [Cosatu] 2014-08-19

USA / USA / California UESF Teachers And Education Workers Demand Living Wages At Strike Vote [Labor Video Project] For more info 2014-08-16

Australia / Victoria Sex harassment ruling a warning for bosses [Fairfax Media] 2014-08-16

Canada / British Columbia UFCW Canada files Gender Discrimination Complaint in B.C [UNI Global Union] 2014-08-16

Canada / British Columbia UFCW files human rights complaint before BC Human Rights Tribunal [rabble] 2014-08-16

Pakistan Women bangle workers demand facilities [Labour Watch] 2014-08-16

Cambodia Garment workers toiling to the death [IndustriALL Global Union] 2014-08-15

Australia / Western Australia Gender pay gap worst in Western Australia [Unions WA] 2014-08-15

Australia Pay gap between men and women widens [AAP] 2014-08-15

Australia Pay gap will worsen under attack on penalty rates [ACTU] 2014-08-15

USA Working Anything but 9 to 5 [NY Times] 2014-08-15

Australia / Western Australia Wage gap worst in nation [West Australian] 2014-08-15

Australia Women's pay to lag further behind - ACTU [] 2014-08-15

Australia Female firefighters 'still facing professional challenges' [ABC] 2014-08-15

USA / Montana The Women's Protective Union [Montana Standard] 2014-08-15

USA Labor Union Activist 'Sister' Bessie Hillman [Forward] 2014-08-15

Australia Pay gap will worsen under attack on penalty rates [ACTU] 2014-08-15

Saudi Arabia / India Cheated Indian women workers still stranded [Arab News] 2014-08-15

USA Tallying Female Workers Isn't Enough to Make Tech More Diverse [The Atlantic] 2014-08-15

Canada Unions key to fighting violence against women [Unifor] 2014-08-15

Canada La première Conférence d’Unifor sur la condition féminine se prépare pour les élections fédérales [Unifor] 2014-08-15

Canada L’écart salarial entre les sexes nuit toujours aux femmes malgré toutes les années de lutte [Unifor] 2014-08-15

Australia / Australian Capital Territory Unions want breastfeeding rights enshrined in Taxation Office agreement [Fairfax Media] 2014-08-14

UK Domestic violence – not just a domestic issue [TouchStone] 2014-08-14

Australia / Queensland Prison officer United Voice union delegate suspended after airing safety concerns [Fairfax Media] 2014-08-14

USA / Global Starbucks Workers Union releases critical report on Starbucks [Portland IWW] For more info 2014-08-14

USA / New Jersey A Jersey City labor union gets first black female president [] 2014-08-14

Canada Unifor holds its first-ever women’s conference [Canadian Labour Reporter] 2014-08-14

UK Just four companies reveal gender pay gap under coalition scheme [Guardian] 2014-08-14

UK Five myths about unequal pay [Guardian] 2014-08-14

India Saving Indian Migrant Workers on Foreign Soil: Hajra Salam’s Journey [BWI] 2014-08-13

UK Cleaners should have living wages, says TUC [TUC] 2014-08-13

Australia / Victoria Sex worker union member attacks Peta Brady play Ugly Mugs [Fairfax Media] 2014-08-13

UK Female union chief: 'Dinosaur employers need to wake up and value working mums' [Telegraph] 2014-08-13

UK 40% of managers prefer to hire younger men to avoid maternity leave [Fresh Business Thinking] 2014-08-13

UK Managers 'fear maternity leave' [Express and Star] 2014-08-13

UK / Australia One In Three Bosses ‘Would Rather Hire A Man’ Than A Woman [Marie Claire] 2014-08-13

UK Office cleaners face underpayment, mistreatment and abuse, report finds [Guardian] 2014-08-13

UK Campaign launched to fight prejudice against working mothers [Slater and Gordon] 2014-08-13

Canada Gender pay-gap, still keeping women down all these years later [Unifor] 2014-08-13

Australia ANZ threatened to discipline pregnant worker over pelvic exam, court told [Fairfax Media] 2014-08-12

India National Women’s Committee of the Indian Affiliates Committee Strongly Condemns Increased Violence against Women [BWI] 2014-08-12

UK 40% of managers avoid hiring younger women to get around maternity leave [The Guardian] 2014-08-12