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Updated: Tuesday 27 September 2016, 15:47:41

India / Maharashtra Women's workplace issues must be board-level agenda [Economic Times] 2016-09-27

USA Labor Is A Women’s Issue [Motto] 2016-09-27

UK UNISON launches UK-wide campaign to celebrate public service champions [UNISON] 2016-09-26

India / Delhi Delhi has the worst working conditions for women: Study [BS] 2016-09-22

Pakistan LHWs stage demo in Nankana [The News] 2016-09-22

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UK Government must act to head off family courts crisis [PCS] 2016-09-22

UK Pension enrolment up but adequacy still needs addressing urgently, says TUC [TUC] 2016-09-22

India / Tamil Nadu Women Construction Workers Demand Enhanced Maternity Benefits [tnlabour] 2016-09-21

India Religions with most educated women have the most non-working women in India [Livemint] 2016-09-21

India Paternity leave gaining prevalence in India: Mercer [BS] 2016-09-21

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Zimbabwe Novel gives voice to domestic workers [The Herald] 2016-09-21

UK Workers Push Lidl To Recognise Trade Union [Morning Star] 2016-09-19

Canada / Ontario UFCW Canada activists Take Back the Night in Brampton [UFCW] 2016-09-19

UK Public wants zero hours contracts banned [Unite] 2016-09-16

USA / New York Building Bridges: Women Day Laborers Fight for Their Rights [WBAI Radio] For more info 2016-09-15

Cambodia Cambodia acknowledges the victims of forced marriages [Equal Times] 2016-09-15

UK Owen Smith pledges protection for workers after Usdaw highlights the extent of violence and abuse [Usdaw] 2016-09-14

UK / England UNISON takes biggest ever homecare legal case for seven members [UNISON] For more info 2016-09-14

India Employees accused of sexual harassment can be transferred, says government [PTI] 2016-09-13

India / Tamil Nadu Over 100 women workers demand wages [The Hindu] 2016-09-13

USA / California Janitors go on hunger strike, spotlight rape on the job [KCRA] 2016-09-13

Australia / Victoria MEAA members unite to address gender inequality [MEAA] 2016-09-12

Hong Kong / Indonesia Maid says boss sacked her over pregnancy, seeks HK$500,000 [Ejinsight] 2016-09-12

Canada Pay Equity for All! [CUPW] 2016-09-12

India For Noida’s Asha workers, strike also about respect [Hindustan Times] Image 2016-09-11

Libya Sharif - 1st Arab woman to assume Presidency, lead union federation [ATUC] 2016-09-11

Bahrain Anti-trafficking laws incapable of protecting foreign domestic workers [ATUC] 2016-09-11

Canada / Newfoundland and Labrador Frontline workers at Iris Kirby House support review process, but concerns remain [CUPE] 2016-09-11

Canada / Ontario Ottawa restaurateurs embrace anti-harassment training [CBC] 2016-09-11

Canada / British Columbia An ‘Entirely Different Kind of Labour Union’ [The Tyee] 2016-09-11

Canada What’s wrong with this picture? : Dr. Amanda Coles shines a light on gender inequalities facing women directors in Canada [ACTRA] 2016-09-11

India / Kerala 50 women contract sanitation workers released on bail [The Hindu] 2016-09-10

Canada / Ontario Historic Recognition Agreement Reached! [LAO Lawyers Association] 2016-09-10

Canada / Newfoundland and Labrador Women, Unionized Shelter Workers Face Uncertainty [VOCM] 2016-09-10

Canada Pay equity fight at Canada Post heads to review process [The Star] 2016-09-10

UK / New Zealand Can UK emulate New Zealand and ban zero-hours contracts? [Guardian] 2016-09-10

Australia / Victoria Melbourne childcare centres shut early in pay dispute, forcing parents to leave work early [ABC] 2016-09-09

Australia / Victoria Childcare workers walk off the job for first time in 30 years to campaign for better pay [Melbourne Herald-Sun] 2016-09-09

Australia / Victoria Childcare union United Voice warns of more strikes if pay issue isn't resolved [Fairfax Media] 2016-09-09

India / Kerala Nurses’ night duty issue settled [The Hindu] 2016-09-09

Bangladesh ‘Get Bangladesh women in unions to improve worker rights’ [Prothom Alo] 2016-09-09

Australia It's Equal Pay Day. It took us 69 extra days to catch up to the men [Guardian Australia] 2016-09-08

USA / Global Apple, Facebook, Other Major Companies Commit To Paying Women The Same As Men [Huffington Post] 2016-09-08

Australia 'Long way to go' to pay equality: minister [] 2016-09-08

Australia Happy Equal Pay Day! Relax and enjoy, just don't spend too much [Women's Agenda] 2016-09-08

Australia Men continue to claim lion’s share in law [Lawyer's Weekly] 2016-09-08

Australia Closing the gender pay gap won’t just help women. It’ll help men too [Sydney Daily Telegraph] 2016-09-08

Australia / Victoria Childcare workers to walk off the job on Equal Pay Day [AAP] 2016-09-08

Australia It’s time to take equal pay seriously, Mr Turnbull [ANMF] 2016-09-08

Australia Equal Pay Day a wake-up call for Michaelia Cash in unique role as Minister for Employment and Women [ACTU] 2016-09-08

Australia Finance sector has largest gender pay gap 0f 30.2 percent [FSU] 2016-09-08

Australia #equalpayday Ad Asks Malcolm Turnbull To Prove He's A Feminist [Huffington Post] 2016-09-08

Australia It's time to dispel the myth that women's choices cause the gender pay gap [Fairfax Media] 2016-09-08

Australia 'Long way to go' in gender pay gap: Cash [Sky News] 2016-09-08

Australia Why it’s a depressing day for Australian women [] 2016-09-08

Australia Professionals Australia launches Gender Bias in STEM series [Professionals Australia] 2016-09-08

Australia Early childhood educators call time out [ABC The World Today] 2016-09-08

UK TUC Zero-hours contracts have become an easy way to employ staff on the cheap, says TUC [TUC] 2016-09-08

Canada / British Columbia Coal Mountain: Where Women Paid in Blood [The Tyee] 2016-09-08

Canada / Newfoundland and Labrador Capitalism, feminism, and sex work [The Independent] 2016-09-08

Australia It's time to stop short changing women [Equal Pay Day Alliance] 2016-09-07

Australia Will you be short-changed for another year? [Women's Agenda] 2016-09-07

Afghanistan In Afghanistan’s Farm Belt, Women Lead Unions and Find New Status [NY Times] 2016-09-07

Australia ARU must end 'clear disparity' between men's and women's wages: players' union [Fairfax Media] 2016-09-07

Australia VIDEO: United Voice member explains demands for Equal Pay [The Project] 2016-09-07

Australia The Aussie households drifting back to the 1970s [The New Daily] 2016-09-07

Nepal Lack of laws begets abuse for Nepal's working women [Kathmandu Post] 2016-09-07

USA True grit: Alice Lord demanded respect for working women — and won [CrossCut] 2016-09-07

Korea (South) The Struggles of South Korea’s Working Women [The Diplomat] 2016-09-07

UK / Scotland Nicola Sturgeon, and the truth about midlife miscarriages for working women [The Telegraph] 2016-09-07

USA Ivanka Trump’s advice for working women: change yourselves, not the world [Vox] 2016-09-07

Korea (South) Samsung still under pressure over toxic worker deaths [Equal Times] 2016-09-07

UK Wellbeing of girls a concern amid report citing a widening gender gap among children’s life experiences [Education International] 2016-09-07

Bahrain Ban on journalist should be lifted [IFJ] 2016-09-07

Russia / Ukraine IFJ/EFJ urge Russia to let a Ukrainian journalist return to Kiev for urgent treatment [IFJ] 2016-09-07

USA Fil-Am is US trade unions’ highest-ranking Asian official [The Inquirer] 2016-09-07

USA / Nevada Why Las Vegas Is a Great Place for Working-Class Women [NY Times] 2016-09-07

Fiji Calls to expand Fijian program employing women with disabilities nation-wide [ABC The World Today] 2016-09-07

Australia Happy Equal Pay Day [NSW Teachers Federation] 2016-09-07

Australia John Howard: Women have ‘limits on capacity’ in politics [] 2016-09-07

Australia Gender Pay Gap Fact Sheet [WGEA] 2016-09-07

Australia WATCH adorable little girls' #EqualPayDay message to the PM [United Voice] 2016-09-07

USA / New Jersey Patricia's Story: 26 Years of Working at the Trump Taj Mahal [AFL-CIO] 2016-09-07

USA Hollywood inequality is 'entrenched', study suggests [BBC] 2016-09-07

USA Women Less Than One Third of Speaking Roles in Top Films, New Study Finds – Again [The Wrap] 2016-09-07

Australia Firm announces ambassador ahead of Equal Pay Day [Australian Lawyer] 2016-09-07

India / Tamil Nadu National Strike 2016: Garment workers detained by the police following demo at MEPZ-Special Economic Zone [tnlabour] 2016-09-06

Hong Kong Domestic workers march against window-cleaning after deaths [HK Free Press] 2016-09-06

Hong Kong Foreign maids seek higher pay, ban on high-rise window cleaning [Ejinsight] 2016-09-06

Australia Workplace violence in aged care part of the job? [Safe Work Wrap] 2016-09-06

India 6-month maternity leave a boon: Working mothers [ET Auto] 2016-09-06

Australia Poor Australians being criminalised by social security system [ACTU] 2016-09-06

Australia Gender pay strikes to shut childcare centres [Fairfax Media] 2016-09-06

Australia WATCH this awesome #EqualPayDay message to the Prime Minister! It's time for equal pay for educators! [Big Steps] 2016-09-06

Australia As Women's AFL kicks off demand Equal Pay for Equal Play [Megaphone] 2016-09-06

USA Equal Pay Not So Equal [Truth Out ] 2016-09-06

USA We Should Treat Early Childhood Educators as Valued Employees [TIME] 2016-09-06

USA In Celebration Of Labor Day, A Look At Women In The U.S. Workforce [NPR] 2016-09-06

Australia We Are Union Women [Union Women] 2016-09-06

UK Treated like dirt, these teaching assistants have become the lions of Durham [Guardian ] 2016-09-06