Women workers march in Turkey, 2007.
Turkey: Women workers on the march.

Women workers on strike.

What is International Women's Day?

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Saturday 28 February 2015, 14:54:40

Working Women: Daily News

Indonesia / Hong Kong Employer in Hong Kong jailed six years for abusing Indonesian maid Erwiana [Reuters] 2015-02-28

Cambodia Domestic workers say Gvt dragging its feet on worker rights ILO convention [Phnom Penh Post] 2015-02-28

Ethiopia Rising to the top of the footwear industry through Decent Work; IWD 2015 [ILO] 2015-02-28

Hong Kong / Indonesia Employer of Erwiana gets six years in prison [RTHK] 2015-02-28

Australia The gay pay gap: men earn less, but women earn more [Fairfax Media] 2015-02-28

Bahrain Teacher Union honoured for standing up to repression [Solidarity Center] 2015-02-28

Australia Gender pay gap hits record high, prompting calls for Government action [ABC AM] 2015-02-27

Australia Gender pay gap hits new high while Abbott Government waters down workplace gender reporting [ACTU ] 2015-02-27

Lebanon Migrant Workers Push for Union [VoA] 2015-02-26

Israel Kahlon calls to enforce equal pay for women [The Post] 2015-02-26

Lesotho Is the garment industry an ‘ethical alternative’? [Equal Times] 2015-02-26

UK / England Strike ballot as Tory-run Bromley council plans to dramatically slash its workforce [Unite] 2015-02-26

UK Zero hours figures expose hand to mouth existence of millions behind the UK’s ‘job miracle’ [Unite] 2015-02-26

UK Zero-hours contracts sum up what has gone wrong in the modern workplace, says TUC [TUC] For more info 2015-02-25

UK Zero-hours contracts in four charts [Guardian] 2015-02-25

UK Council and NHS employers must do more to limit zero-hours contracts [UNISON] 2015-02-25

Hong Kong / Indonesia Abused Indonesian Maid Urges Fellow Migrant Workers in Hong Kong Not To Suffer in Silence [Global Voices] 2015-02-24

Australia MUA Youth and Women Demand Jobs [MUA] 2015-02-24

UK Minimum wage increase needs to be bolder, says TUC [TUC] 2015-02-24

UK More prosecutions needed for minimum wage cheat bosses, says TUC [TUC] 2015-02-24

Global Comptez avec nous ! - Déclaration de la CSI à l’occasion de la Journée internationale de la femme en 2015 [CSI] 2015-02-24

Bangladesh Sex workers are beginning to organize in a bid to improve their harsh, abusive working conditions [The Diplomat] 2015-02-24

UK In parts of Britain half of jobs pay less than the living wage [TUC] 2015-02-23

Canada Des militant(e)s se rassemblent aux quatre coins du Canada pour rendre hommage aux femmes disparues et assassinées [TUAC] 2015-02-23

Global Count Us In! - ITUC Statement on International Women’s Day 2015 [ITUC] 2015-02-23

Canada / Quebec La FTQ réagit à l’annulation du volet régional du concours Chapeau, les filles! pour 2015 [FTQ] 2015-02-22

Bangladesh Countdown to second Rana Plaza anniversary: Benetton pay up on Rana Plaza compensation! [IndustriALL Global Union] 2015-02-20

UK Low pay settlements remain a concern, says TUC [TUC] 2015-02-20

Colombia Fecha espinosa para las trabajadoras [Semanario Voz] Image 2015-02-20

Asia Travel ban on Indonesian maids would worsen risk of abuse - labour leader [Reuters] 2015-02-19

Kenya One Woman's Quest to Polish Image of Domestic Workers [allAfrica] 2015-02-19

Cambodia Three More Women Faint as Factory Reopens [The Daily Post] 2015-02-19

Hong Kong Female domestic workers emerge from the shadows to fight abusive employers [The Guardian] 2015-02-18

Australia Industry Super Australia farewells super pioneer Mavis Robertson [Industry Super] 2015-02-18

Pakistan Women workers favour local governance for issues’ redressal [Labour Watch] 2015-02-18

South Africa Women take stance against big coal [Equal Times] 2015-02-18

Asia Don’t mention the apartheid: caste discrimination and poverty in South Asia [Equal Times] 2015-02-18

Australia Mothers Day Classic founder Mavis Robertson dies [The New Daily] 2015-02-18

Australia Paid leave for workers experiencing domestic violence [ABC Radio National] 2015-02-17

Ireland The childcare problem: We need to listen to what workers are telling us [Irish Times] 2015-02-17

Australia Women managers paid up to 45% less than their male peers: new data [Fairfax Media] 2015-02-17

Australia Unions say new mothers returning to work need more protection, but the business lobby disagrees [The New Daily] 2015-02-17

India / Tamil Nadu Domestic workers demand fixed wages in Madurai [TNN] 2015-02-17

Australia Push for new workplace rights on pregnancy discrimination and domestic violence [ACTU] 2015-02-16

Australia ACTU calls for greater work rights for mothers [Fairfax Media] 2015-02-16

Australia ACTU claim seeks right for workers to return part-time after parental leave [Guardian Australia] 2015-02-16

Hong Kong Wages rise for local helpers amid shortage [HK Standard] 2015-02-16

Hong Kong Domestic helpers rights at the fore [RTHK] 2015-02-16

Australia Bosses need to support women returning to work after pregnancy [ACTU] 2015-02-16

Switzerland SBB wants to attract part-time female workers [The Local] 2015-02-16

Canada / Quebec Compressions au Conseil du statut de la femme [CSN] 2015-02-16

Hong Kong How Do You Organize Workers Who Live and Sleep in Their Bosses’ Homes? [The Nation] 2015-02-15

Hong Kong / Indonesia Erwiana in One Billion Rising dance campaign to end violence against women [South China Morning Post] 2015-02-15

France Campagne 8 mars 2015 FNME-CGT : le teaser vidéo [FNME - CGT] 2015-02-15

France Calais : la CGT fouille dans ses archives en vue d’une exposition sur les droits de la femme [La Voix du Nord] 2015-02-15

UK / England ITF backs call for talks over pay equality on London’s buses [ITF Global Union] 2015-02-14

Caribbean / Latin America Outstanding women, a publication [BWI] 2015-02-14

Europe European Court of Justice’s ruling in favour of equal wages for posted workers [ETUC] 2015-02-14

Hong Kong / Indonesia HKCTU statement on the guilty verdict of Erwiana’s employer [HKCTU] 2015-02-14

Qatar One of world’s largest airlines makes flight attendants ask permission before getting married [Washington Post] 2015-02-14

Bangladesh Union strength and brand pressure [IndustriALL Global Union] 2015-02-13

Australia BHP refuses to see men as primary carers to newborns [Daily Life] 2015-02-13

Hong Kong / Indonesia Live-in rule for HK domestic helpers under scrutiny [Jakarta Post] 2015-02-13

South Africa Labour Rights for women 2012-2015 Campaign [Cosatu] 2015-02-13

Lebanon / Nepal GSG- NARI Celebrates 2nd Anniversary [GEFONT] 2015-02-13

Australia Babies, bosses and big workplace changes [Fairfax Media] 2015-02-12

Hong Kong / Indonesia Housewife convicted of abusing Indonesian helper [RTHK] 2015-02-11

Philippines Maternity protection top issue for Philippine unions [IndustriALL Global Union] 2015-02-11

Australia / New South Wales Save our Child Care at Hornsby. Speak out on 11 Feb [USU] 2015-02-11

Australia Workplaces in Australia world leaders in addressing domestic violence [Fairfax Media] 2015-02-11

Hong Kong / Indonesia Calls grow for reform of domestic worker policies [RTHK] 2015-02-11

Hong Kong / Indonesia Guilty verdict in migrant domestic worker abuse trial a ‘damning indictment’ of authorities’ failure [Amnesty International] 2015-02-11

Hong Kong / Indonesia Migrant Worker Wins Hong Kong Abuse Case [NY Times] 2015-02-11

Saudi Arabia Women constitute 13% of Saudi workforce: stats agency [Al-Arabiya] 2015-02-11

Ireland SIPTU members in NUI Galway ‘deeply disappointed’ with gender discrimination taskforce [SIPTU] 2015-02-11

Namibia 300 Salini SpA workers on strike [The Namibian] 2015-02-11

Asia / India Asie du Sud : Vous avez dit apartheid ? Pauvreté et discrimination à l’égard de certaines castes [Equal Times] 2015-02-11

Asia / India Don’t mention the apartheid: caste-discrimination and poverty in South Asia [Equal Times] 2015-02-11

Canada / Ontario Ottawa library faces $2.3M pay equity tab [The Citizen] 2015-02-11

Lebanon ew domestic workers trade union fights kafala [Equal Times] 2015-02-10

Hong Kong / Indonesia Erwiana's employer found guilty [RTHK] 2015-02-10

Hong Kong / Indonesia Guilty verdict: Hong Kong woman abused Indonesian maid [BBC] 2015-02-10

Indonesia / Hong Kong HK woman found guilty of torturing Indonesian maid [Rappler] 2015-02-10

Iran Labour minister decries women’s inequality in the workforce [Radio Zamaneh] 2015-02-10

Hong Kong / Indonesia Labour Secretary welcomes court decision on Indon maid abuse [RTHK] 2015-02-10

UK Illegal wage crackdown in care sector must target largest providers [UNISON] 2015-02-10

Pakistan Domestic Workers Long For Low Pay and Overwork to Be a Thing of the Past [IPS] 2015-02-10

Canada Memorial for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women [CLC] 2015-02-10

Canada Marches commémoratives pour les femmes autochtones portées disparues ou assassinées [CTC] 2015-02-10

Indonesia Aktivis Perempuan Nilai Tiga Menteri Jokowi Gagal [CNN Indonesia] 2015-02-09

Indonesia Women’s Minister Vows to Reduce Violence, but Lacks the Data to Follow Through [JG] 2015-02-09

Lebanon A new domestic workers trade union fights kafala [Equal Times] 2015-02-09

Canada Memorial for Missing and Murdered Women – February 14 [UFCW] 2015-02-09

Canada / Ontario Public library loses pay equity case [The Sun] 2015-02-08

Pakistan Consultation meeting: ‘Violence against domestic workers has increased’ [The Tribune] 2015-02-07

Bangladesh Rana Plaza, Tazreen victims still waiting for compensation [The Daily Star] 2015-02-07

USA Happy Birthday, FMLA. Now Let’s Go for Paid Leave [AFL-CIO] 2015-02-06

Bangladesh Assault on garment worker sparks protest [Daily Star ] 2015-02-06

Global Time to close the gap on women’s economic inequality [Equal Times] 2015-02-06

Colombia Despido en Homecenter. Su pecado: afiliarse al sindicato [Semanario Voz] For more info Image 2015-02-06