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Updated: Sunday 29 November 2015, 16:50:36

Global Global Gender Gap Will Take Over A Century To Close [Teamsters] 2015-11-29

Global Worldwide action from transport workers committed to ending violence against women [ITF Global Union] 2015-11-28

USA / Global Facebook Expands Parental Leave to Match Mark Zuckerberg’s Plans [WSJ] 2015-11-28

Canada / Prince Edward Island Domestic violence and the workplace: A bargaining guide [CUPE] 2015-11-28

UK Black Friday caused a two-thirds increase in abuse against shopworkers last year says Usdaw [USDAW] 2015-11-27

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Burma / Thailand Domestic Worker Rescues Sister from Decade of Slavery [The Irrawaddy/Reuters] 2015-11-27

Australia Gender pay gap holds at $27,000 [AAP] 2015-11-27

Vietnam When the struggle for justice is a family tradition [Women's Rights Asia] 2015-11-27

Australia Taking a stance against online trolls [MEAA] 2015-11-27

India 26-week maternity leave for working women coming soon [BSE] 2015-11-27

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Pakistan 100 Women 2015: The Pakistani who has been cotton picking for 50 years [BBC] 2015-11-27

India Three SEWA women give healthcare, leadership lessons to Harvard students [Express News] 2015-11-27

Canada / Nova Scotia Post employees allege firing unfair [The News] 2015-11-27

Middle East Where Maids Are Treated Like Slaves [Broadly] 2015-11-27

UK Having women in the boardroom REDUCES number of female workers [METRO] 2015-11-27

Middle East The health toll on female migrant workers in Gulf countries [HealthCanal] 2015-11-27

UK UNISON survey shows scrapping of student nurse bursaries will lead to major shortages [UNISON] 2015-11-27

Global Acting to end violence against women [IndustriaLL Global Union] 2015-11-26

Libya / Global ITF unions act to end ‘scourge of violence against women’ [ITF Global Union] ActNOW! 2015-11-26

Australia / Queensland North Burnett council becomes first in Queensland to introduce domestic violence leave [ABC] 2015-11-26

Australia / Queensland North Burnett council becomes first in Queensland to introduce domestic violence leave [ABC] 2015-11-26

Australia Gender inequality still rampant in Australian workplaces, pay gap remains high: repor [ABC] 2015-11-26

Australia TWU to push for Domestic Violence Leave in Workplace Agreements [TWU] 2015-11-26

Australia / Tasmania Domestic Violence - A tragedy which still efects our family [AMWU] 2015-11-26

Australia Unions NSW calls for mandatory gender pay audits [Unions NSW] 2015-11-26

Australia Gender Pay Gap Inches Closer, But There's A Loooooooong Way To Go [Huffinfron Post] 2015-11-26

Australia Baby steps - why the gender pay gap remains [ABC ] 2015-11-26

Global Women will not achieve equal pay until 2133? [IndustriALL Global Union ] 2015-11-25

Australia Commitment to paid domestic and family violence leave must be a Turnbull government priority [ACTU] 2015-11-25

UK Campaign to stop violence against women [NUJ] 2015-11-25

New Zealand MUNZ members take the white ribbon pledge [MUNZ] 2015-11-25

Global World Economic Forum estimates that women will reach income equality by 2133 [NUPGE] 2015-11-25

Australia / South Australia Public servants to get domestic violence leave [IN Daily] 2015-11-25

Australia / Queensland 10 days' leave for public servants affected by domestic violence [Fairfax Media] 2015-11-25

Australia Turnbull to consider domestic violence leave [AAP] 2015-11-25

Australia Paid domestic violence leave ‘worth considering’ [The New Daily] 2015-11-25

Australia MUA Takes Part in White Ribbon Day [MUA] 2015-11-25

Russia Moscow's Filipino Domestic Staff: No Longer An Expat Preserve [Beyond the Headlines] 2015-11-24

Hong Kong Documentary project 'Sunday Girls' shares domestic workers' stories, hobbies and dreams [COCONUTS Hong Kong] 2015-11-24

Antigua and Barbuda Women meet to support workers’ rights cause [Observer] 2015-11-24

USA / California Commission on Status of Women backs female worker, picketers in allegations against Shore Hotel [Santa Monica Daily Press] 2015-11-24

USA / Washington Women urged to rebuild male-dominated industry [KIRO Radio] 2015-11-24

UK Co-operative women's guild’s campaigning past reminds us why this movement will be missed [Co-operative News] 2015-11-24

Ethiopia / Zimbabwe Meet the female pilots who are taking over Zimbabwe and Ethiopia’s skies [Quartz] 2015-11-24

Rwanda / USA Gender equality is now better in Rwanda than in the US [Quartz] 2015-11-24

UK Midlands women paid £90 a week less than men [Express & Star] 2015-11-24

Japan As workforce shrinks, career walls for Japan’s women crumbling [Japan Times] 2015-11-24

Japan ‘Fed up’ postal worker stashed 29,000 undelivered items at her home [Japn Times] 2015-11-24

UK The autumn statement is a chance to right a wrong for low-paid working families, says Usdaw [Usdaw] 2015-11-24

UK Fears Of Collapse In Care Sector [GMB] 2015-11-24

Australia Submission into the economic security of women in retirement [FSU] 2015-11-23

Australia / New South Wales Unfair dismissal case: Parramatta Catholic Education Office boss sacked for bullying [Fairfax Media] 2015-11-23

Australia Research reveals Dometic Violence Leave is no beat up [This Working Life] 2015-11-23

Australia Unions say new research backs push for domestic violence leave [ABC] 2015-11-23

Australia New research backs push for paid domestic violence leave in more workplaces [ACTU] 2015-11-23

Cambodia Hundreds More Workers Faint at Factories [Cambodia Daily] 2015-11-23

Australia Women take up family violence leave as ACTU lobbies employers to step up [Fairfax Media] 2015-11-22

Egypt Annual Gender Equality Report Ranks Egypt Tenth Worst [Egyptian Street] 2015-11-22

Nepal Pokhara sex workers demand labour rights [Himalayan Times] 2015-11-22

Canada / Ontario UFCW Canada to participate in consultations on eliminating gender wage gap [UFCW] 2015-11-22

India / Kerala 'Jasmine Revolution' Challenges Male Domination of Tea Trade Unions [Inter-Press Service] 2015-11-21

Cambodia Mass faintings strike Cambodian factories [The Nation] 2015-11-21

Antigua and Barbuda Women meet to support workers’ rights cause [The Observer] 2015-11-21

Bangladesh Three years after Tazreen fire, brands must pay compensation [IndustriALL Global Union] 2015-11-20

Pakistan Workers in Pakistan’s glass bangle industry face starvation [IndustriALL Global Union] 2015-11-20

Australia Unions back calls to include super in taxpayer-funded paid parental leave schemes [AAP] 2015-11-20

Australia Superannuation overhaul proposed to make system fairer for women [Guardian Australia] For more info 2015-11-20

Canada / Manitoba Workers at Agape House women’s shelter prepared to strike for fair wages, support for workers who face domestic violence [CUPE] 2015-11-20

Australia ANMF calls for a better super system for women [ANMF] 2015-11-19

Libya Nermin attack shows need for union action to end violence against women [ITF Global Union] ActNOW! 2015-11-18

Australia / Victoria Legal win for bullied DP World wharfies [Financial Review] 2015-11-18

USA 5 videos to make you laugh so you don't cry about the gender wage gap [BizWomen] 2015-11-18

China The story of Artigas worker representative Wu Weifa [HKCTU] 2015-11-18

UK Tax credit cuts will hit poorest UK regions hardest, TUC research reveals [TUC] 2015-11-18

Japan Women suffer widespread 'maternity harassment' at work [Guardian] 2015-11-18

Canada / Manitoba Paid leave for victims of domestic violence meaningful to Manitoba workers [CUPE] 2015-11-18

UK Pay parity between full-time men and women could still be 50 years away, warns TUC [TUC] 2015-11-18

Hong Kong / Indonesia Maid risks own life to save elderly employer [ejinsight] 2015-11-17

Cambodia Rallying cry: Cambodia's all-female rock band of ex-garment workers promote women's labour rights [SCNP] 2015-11-17

Hong Kong / Philippines Job hunt on for maid sacked in Manila airport bullet scam [HK Standard] 2015-11-16

Libya ITF applauds peace accolade for Libyan port workers’ leader [ITF Global Union] ActNOW! 2015-11-16

Australia / Northern Territory Toilets and tampons: The Northern Territory's female facilities gap in male-dominated workplaces [ABC] 2015-11-16

UK Nearly a third of people are bullied at work, says TUC [TUC] 2015-11-16

Canada The Fruits of Unpaid Labour [GUTS] 2015-11-16

Canada / Ontario Provincial committee consulting on wage inequality to make stop in Windsor [The Star] 2015-11-16

New Zealand Social workers launch historic equal pay claim [PSA] 2015-11-16

New Zealand Social workers 'underpaid for years' file equal pay claim [TVNZ] 2015-11-16

Australia End this national disgrace: 80,000 childcare educators still paid like it’s 1969 [United Voice Victoria] 2015-11-15

Hong Kong Domestic workers not part of the working hours agenda [The South China Morning Post] 2015-11-15

Philippines Proposed law extends maternity leave to 100 days [IndustriALL] 2015-11-14

Canada / Ontario Nurses' Association Marks 10 Years Since Lori Dupont, RN Murder [ONA] 2015-11-13

Singapore New bus operator offers free travel, paid maternity leave to employees [The New Paper] 2015-11-13

Libya ITF calls for action after attempted murder of female union activist [ITF] ActNOW! 2015-11-12

Australia Cindy Gallop criticises creative firm Leo Burnett over all-white, all-male hires [Fairfax Media] 2015-11-12

Australia / New South Wales Sex work and brothels should not need a licence [Fairfax Media] 2015-11-11

Australia / Tasmania Union targets aged care home over removal of paid parental leave for workers [ABC] 2015-11-11

UK The Trade Union Bill isn't just draconian. It's also sexist [New Statesman] 2015-11-11

USA President Obama Mourns the Passing of Equal Opportunity Champion Jacqueline Berrien [AFL-CIO] 2015-11-11

UK Jobs ‘recovery’ being fuelled by insecure, part-time jobs [Unite] 2015-11-11

UK Usdaw has backed police calls for retailers to improve security on Black Friday [Usdaw] 2015-11-11