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Updated: Tuesday 28 March 2017, 12:07:00

USA Women lag behind in US news media [IFJ] 2017-03-28

USA / New York Never Forget the Triangle Factory Fire—It's Why We Have Unions [New Republic] 2017-03-28

Jordan Migrant domestic workers in Jordan run the gauntlet between abuse and jail [The Guardian] 2017-03-28

Canada Niagara Catholic elementary school teachers back to work after lockout [Canadian Labour Reporter] 2017-03-28

Australia / Victoria Viv Colmer: Come celebrate a life well lived [CPSU] 2017-03-27

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Israel Yacimovich: I Can Do A Great Deal As Histadrut Leader [Yeshiva World] 2017-03-27

Israel Airports Authority workers committee chairman will support Shelly Yachimovich as head of the Histadrut [YNet News] 2017-03-27

Australia / New South Wales Thanks to MUA: Culture shift at Sydney’s ports as women ditch traditional careers for a job on the wharf [Southern Courier] 2017-03-27

Mexico Open season on journalists as 3rd journalist killed in a month [Amnesty] 2017-03-26

Israel Shas supports Yachimovich as head of the Histadrut labor union [Israel National News] 2017-03-26

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USA Remembering a radical Jewish tradition. 106 years after the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire [Jacobin] 2017-03-26

Vietnam Partnership to benefit 45,000 female factory workers [Viet Nam News] 2017-03-26

Japan JAL decides to stop discrimination against pregnant FAs on job assignments [Japan Press Weekly] 2017-03-26

UK Unite response to Jess Philips’ call for candidates to back a women’s charter [Unite] 2017-03-26

Nigeria To Comrade Bene at 70 [The Tribune] 2017-03-26

UK Solidarity that cuts across racial and gender lines: reflections upon the Grunwick strike [LSE British Politics and Policy] 2017-03-26

Bangladesh / Australia How your bad shopping choices affect my loved ones in Bangladesh [SMH] 2017-03-25

Colombia All-Women Childcare Union Emerges as National Player [Labour Notes] 2017-03-25

Italy Italy set to offer 'menstrual leave' for female workers [independent] 2017-03-25

Ireland Parents paying high fees for low-paid childcare workers, says union [Breaking News] 2017-03-25

Australia Malcolm Turnball V Sally McManus: Why he picks on workers but not corporates [Melbourne Age] 2017-03-24

New Zealand Red salute to Teresia Teaiwa [International Socialists] 2017-03-24

New Zealand Another win for Kiwi women-equal pay legislation to go before parliament [PSA] 2017-03-24

UK UK in the relegation zone for decently-paid maternity leave in Europe, warns TUC [TUC] 2017-03-24

Ireland Republic one of worst states in Europe for maternity leave [Irish Times] 2017-03-24

Australia / South Australia ANMF commemorates Gayle Woodford’s life and tragic death [ANMF] 2017-03-23

Indonesia Farmers Protest against Government Plans to Build Cement Factory [laht] 2017-03-23

Indonesia Indonesia still struggles to close gender equality gap: UNDP [JP] 2017-03-23

Uzbekistan Human trafficking activist Urlaeva held in psychiatric ward [RFE/RL] 2017-03-22

Australia Women in AFL Players Union make grand gesture for homeless youths [Fairfax Media] 2017-03-22

Australia Amber Harrison Fair Work claim alleges top executives breached confidentiality agreement [The New Daily] 2017-03-22

USA / New York Building Bridges: The Triangle Shirtwaist Fire & Its Legacy [WBAI Radio] For more info 2017-03-22

Indonesia Cementing options for people Kendeng farmers prepare to put their feet into concrete blocks [JP] 2017-03-22

Canada / Global CUPE member Yasmeen Mirza speaks at the UN Commission on the Status of Women [CUPE] 2017-03-22

Uzbekistan Leading rights defender confined to 'psychiatric treatment' for seeking to expose forced labour in cotton fields [IUF] 2017-03-22

Uzbekistan Release Elena Urlaeva! [ILRF] 2017-03-22

Uzbekistan Campaigner against forced labor in Uzbekistan cotton fields arrested [Reuters] 2017-03-22

Cambodia UN Delegate Shares Personal Experience in Cambodian Garment Factory [cornellsun] 2017-03-22

Cambodia Cambodian labor organizer and delegate to U.N. Conference on the Status of Women to speak at Appalachian March 30 [news.appstate] 2017-03-22

Middle East / Global Raising Arabic female teachers’ voices [Education International] 2017-03-22

Canada / Quebec Maggie MacDonnel receives Global Teacher Prize [Education International] 2017-03-22

New Zealand Midwife shortage at major hospitals 'emergency' situation [Fairfax media] 2017-03-21

India Thousands of Anganwadi workers took to the streets, demanding a hike in their wages [deccanherald] 2017-03-21

USA New report sheds light on the human trafficking of domestic workers [Open Democracy] 2017-03-21

Australia / New South Wales Culture shift at Sydney’s ports as women ditch traditional careers for a job on the wharf [The Daily Telegraph] 2017-03-21

Australia / Western Australia This is the real value of the female workforce [The West] 2017-03-20

India Maternity Benefit Bill: Well begun, (not) half-done [dailyo] 2017-03-20

Australia / Western Australia Perth boss under fire for 'telling pregnant woman to resign' [Perth Now] 2017-03-20

Pakistan Home-based workers stand up for their rights [LabourWatch] 2017-03-20

Iran Reformist Journalist Hengameh Shahidi on Hunger Strike after Arbitrary Arrest [Radio Zamaneh] 2017-03-19

Morocco The Dramatic Story Of The ‘Mule Women’ Of Morocco [EurAsis Review] 2017-03-19

Global Women, gender and work: Social choices and inequalities. Volume 2 [ILO] 2017-03-19

Ireland Cork early years educators encouraged to form union [96FM] 2017-03-19

Afghanistan This Kabul restaurant boosts the dreams of Afghan women [PRI] 2017-03-18

Palestine Female beauty salon workers & hairdressers establish a trade union in Gaza [DWRC] 2017-03-18

Malaysia A trade union activist now fights to save forests [Star2] 2017-03-18

Sweden Why these Swedish construction union bosses wore pink pussyhats for gender equality [The Local ] 2017-03-18

Global Education unions’ leading women pave the way for women’s economic empowerment [Education International] 2017-03-17

Australia 'Sally McManus has nothing to apologise for’ [The New Daily] 2017-03-17

Australia One in five women miss out on super payments with $450 monthly limit [The New Daily] 2017-03-17

Australia / New South Wales Greenacres move to support workers experiencing DV [Illawarra Mercury] 2017-03-17

Australia 'Not much we can do with her': Malcolm Turnbull says he can't work with new ACTU boss Sally McManus [Fairfax Media] 2017-03-17

USA / New York Babeland campaign leader wins Women in Labor award [RWDSU] 2017-03-17

Global / Cambodia ‘We Can’t Wait for Men to Help Us. We Women Have to Do It’ [Solidarity Center] For more info 2017-03-16

Australia / Victoria Bill Shorten rejects ACTU leader Sally McManus' view on breaking unjust law [The Age] 2017-03-16

Australia Anarcho-Marxist claptrap: Liberals slam ACTU boss Sally McManus over law-breaking comments [Sydney Morning Herald] 2017-03-16

Australia Why union boss Sally McManus endorsed unlawful strikes [Guardian] 2017-03-16

Australia Sally McManus has guts. Who cares if the Liberals moan about her? [Guardian] 2017-03-16

Australia Crumlin Congratulates Sally McManus Following Her Election As ACTU Secretary [MUA] 2017-03-16

Australia ACTU boss Sally McManus called out by Bill Shorten over union law-breaking comments [ABC] 2017-03-16

Australia ACTU secretary Sally McManus called on to withdraw comments on breaking 'unfair' laws [Financial Review] 2017-03-16

Australia After being led by capitalists, the ACTU turns to a class warrior [Financial Review ] 2017-03-16

Global Women's Pay Gap 'Biggest Robbery in History': UN Women [menafn] 2017-03-16

Netherlands In the shadows of the red light: Why Holland isn't the sex worker haven you think it is [The Independent] 2017-03-16

Australia ACTU own goal: Bill Shorten needs Sally McManus like a hole in the head [Fairfax Media] 2017-03-16

Global IndustriALL women out in force for IWD 2017 [IndustriALL] 2017-03-16

Poland / USA Women on strike [Political Eh-conomy] 2017-03-16

Canada / British Columbia Green Leader Introduces Bill to Stop Sexist Dress Codes in the Workplace [The Tyee] 2017-03-16

Canada / Ontario Union slams ‘sexist, inaccurate’ portrayal of Tillsonburg pay equity win [OPSEU] 2017-03-16

Canada / Saskatchewan Labour Movement Applauds Bill That Supports Victims of Domestic Violence [SFL] 2017-03-16

Canada / Saskatchewan UFCW Saskatchewan Women’s Conference 2017 [UFCW] 2017-03-16

Canada By the Numbers: Pay equity and the gender wage gap [UFCW] 2017-03-16

Australia New leader of Australian unions vows to take on corporate greed [Guardian Australia] 2017-03-15

Australia Sally McManus becomes the first female ACTU secretary [Fairfax Media] 2017-03-15

Australia New ACTU chief Sally McManus to put heat on Bill Shorten [The Australian] 2017-03-15

Australia Peak union body gets new female secretary [AAP] 2017-03-15

Global Women around the world stand up for social justice. Enough is enough. [PSI] 2017-03-15

Europe EU court's workplace headscarf ban ruling hailed by the Right [Guardian ] 2017-03-15

USA / Global / New York The Human Right to Peace: Women, Labour and Public Services in Conflict Zones [PSI] 2017-03-15

Europe EU workplace headscarf ruling could force hijabis out of work [BBC] 2017-03-15

Australia Welcoming Sally McManus as first female ACTU Secretary [ANMF] 2017-03-15

Australia Sally McManus Elected Secretary of the Australian Council of Trade Unions [ACTU] 2017-03-15

Israel Nurses, health care workers strike after nurse burned to death [Jerusalem Post] 2017-03-15

Israel Health system to go on 2-hour strike following nurse's murder [ YNet News] 2017-03-15

Asia South Asia unions commemorate IWD [BWi] 2017-03-15

Global BWI contributes to new report on Violence and Harassment against Women and Men in the World of Work [BWI] 2017-03-15

Finland Women still earn 17% less – but who should fix the wage gap? [YLE News] 2017-03-15

Denmark / Europe Danish debate to be reignited as EU court rules headscarf ban is legal [The Local] 2017-03-15

Germany What the EU Court ruling on headscarf bans means for Germany [The Local] 2017-03-15

France French firms told they can ban staff from wearing Muslim headscarves at work [The Local] 2017-03-15