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Updated: Monday 31 August 2015, 06:44:24

Canada / Ontario Toronto Oct 3: Working for each other, working for ourselves: a revolutionary worker-organizer summit; Hosted by Toronto IWW [Toronto IWW] For more info Image 2015-10-03

New Zealand Midwives gearing up for biggest equal pay challenge in NZ history [TVNZ] 2015-08-30

USA / California Rosie the Riveter Day in Richmond [KQED] 2015-08-30

Iraq Listening to Iraq's progressive voices: Unions, feminists and environmentalists [CounterPunch] 2015-08-29

UK TUC raises alarm over new gender pay gap analysis [TUC] 2015-08-29

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UK TUC raises alarm over new gender pay gap analysis [TUC] 2015-08-29

Australia / Victoria Reinstated Grill’d worker Kahlani Pyrah jubilant after settlement with burger chain [United Voice Victoria] 2015-08-28

Global Special briefing meeting on the health and wellbeing of women seafarers [ITF Global Union] 2015-08-28

Qatar First victory for staff rights at Qatar Airways [ITF Global Union] 2015-08-28

Israel Minister pushes for improved gender equality [Al-Monitor] 2015-08-28

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Israel Almost 100 Haredi Kindergarten Assistants Refuse To Be Transferred To Secular Kindergartens [Failed Messiah] 2015-08-28

Australia / Victoria Sacked Grill'd worker Kahlani Pyrah receives payout from burger company | [Fairfax Media] 2015-08-28

USA I Had a Baby and Cancer When I Worked at Amazon. This Is My Story [Medium] 2015-08-27

Israel Intel Israel offers employee bonuses for recruiting women [Globes Israel] 2015-08-27

USA Gender wage gap narrower among unionized workforce, figures show [Al Jazeera America] 2015-08-27

USA Target ‘Screened Out’ Black, Asian, and Women Job Applicants [RH Reality Check] 2015-08-27

USA The Truth Behind the Wage Gap [Money] 2015-08-27

USA What If We Achieved Real Equality for Women? [Demos] 2015-08-27

USA / New Mexico Labor’s Local Legacy - Dolores Huerta [Santa Fe Reporter] 2015-08-27

USA Federal Judge: Home Care Workers Entitled to Minimum Wage and Overtime [AFL-CIO] 2015-08-27

USA Women Deserve a Voice on the Job and at the Ballot Box [AFL-CIO] 2015-08-27

Rwanda Parliament set to extend 100% maternity leave [Equal Times] 2015-08-27

Indonesia / Malaysia Island in focus: Family hails Wilfrida’s acquittal [JP] 2015-08-27

Qatar Qatar Airways will no longer sack cabin crew who become pregnant or marry [The Guardian] 2015-08-27

Ireland 'Changes to law will put sex workers in danger' [Irish Independent] 2015-08-26

USA / Dominican Republic / Washington Building Bridges Radio: Overtime Proposal a Win; Haitian Rights in Dominican Republic [WBAI Radio] For more info 2015-08-26

Indonesia / Jordan Body of Indonesian Maid Murdered in Jordan to Arrive in Indonesia Today [JG] 2015-08-26

Hong Kong / Indonesia Labour Sec urges reduction in agency fees for Indonesian domestic workers [HKFP] 2015-08-26

Australia Pregnant bus driver denied parental leave due to a technicality [Daily Mail] 2015-08-25

Australia / Sri Lanka These condoms are surely having us on [Sydney Daily Telegraph] 2015-08-25

Thailand / China Thailand Arrests Five for Trafficking Women Into Sex Slavery in China [JG] 2015-08-25

Israel Suicide at brothel highlights the status of sex workers [The Post] 2015-08-25

Australia / Sri Lanka Condom maker's sackings not on, say protesting workers [The Age] 2015-08-25

UK More must be done to tackle the gender pay gap, says TUC [TUC] 2015-08-25

Rwanda Parliament set to extend 100% maternity leave [Equal Times] 2015-08-25

Zimbabwe Women Teachers Protest Curb On Maternity Leaves [allAfrica] 2015-08-25

Australia / New South Wales Female bus driver forced back to work after being denied paid parental leave [Fairfax Media] 2015-08-24

Iran Nurses’ groups oppose firing of labour protesters [Radio Zamaneh] 2015-08-24

Indonesia Support crucial for breastfeeding mothers at work [JP] 2015-08-24

Singapore Enhanced Baby Bonus, more paternity leave among measures to give families a boost [ST] 2015-08-24

Australia / New South Wales Health department cuts Sutherland Hospital child care centre because 'not core business' [Fairfax Media] 2015-08-23

New Zealand Council appointments lack women [TEU] 2015-08-23

New Zealand Helen Kelly: Soft safety law-thank big business [NZ Herald] 2015-08-20

Hong Kong Woman sentenced for sick leave certificate fraud [RTHK] 2015-08-20

Hong Kong / Indonesia Jakarta to create ratings to put maid agencies in their place [HK Standard] 2015-08-20

Hong Kong / Asia Philippine, Indonesian officials invited to HK on maids’ rights [ejinsight] 2015-08-20

Asia The brutal treatment of domestic workers in Asia [Social Justice Solutions] 2015-08-20

Australia Nurse writes open letter to Tony Abbott: We miss our weekends with our famillies to take care of yours [Opnlttr] 2015-08-20

Australia Women's work: men who do non-traditional jobs [Fairfax Media] 2015-08-20

Indonesia / Hong Kong Hong Kong woman wants foreign maids banned from using BBQs [] 2015-08-20

Australia Kennedy award-winner: Mothers need flexible work arrangements and positive mentors [Women in Media] 2015-08-20

Australia / New South Wales North Shore Private Hospital to cut allowances of nurses and midwives [North Shore Local] 2015-08-20

Hong Kong Foreign domestic workers push HK govt for $4,500 basic pay and food allowance [Rappler] 2015-08-20

Hong Kong / Philippines Filipino Maid accused of theft by employer’s friend jumps to her death [ejinsight] 2015-08-20

Hong Kong / Philippines Filipino domestic worker jumps to her death after employers accuse her of theft, fire her [COCONUTS Hong Kong] 2015-08-20

Global Minding the gender gap in the digital economy [Equal Times] 2015-08-20

New Zealand Ponytailgate correspondence with gossip columist probed [Fairfax media] 2015-08-19

USA Female combat roles in focus as first women become US Rangers [JP] 2015-08-19

Australia Superannuation injustice: Women disadvantaged in retirement [Fairfax Media] 2015-08-19

Australia Kathy Jackson ordered to pay $1.4m in compensation to Health Services Union [ABC] 2015-08-19

Israel Brothel Customers Undeterred by Tel Aviv Sex Worker’s Suicide [Haaretz] 2015-08-19

Hong Kong Group aims for joint meeting over domestic workers [RTHK] 2015-08-18

Hong Kong Kickstarter launched for film about the 'Unsung Heroes’ among Hong Kong’s domestic workers [COCONUTS Hong Kong] 2015-08-18

Hong Kong Migrant Domestic Workers Tell Their Stories [IDWF] 2015-08-18

Hong Kong Filmmakers tap crowdfunding to pay tribute to foreign domestic workers [ejinsight] 2015-08-18

Australia Paid parental leave cuts to hit public service strugglers hardest [Fairfax Media] 2015-08-18

Australia Call to reject backwards steps on Paid Parental Leave [CPSU] 2015-08-18

UK Workplace bullying, sexism, health and safety: Chelsea ticked all the boxes over the Eva Carneiro affair [Herald Scotland] 2015-08-18

Global My Fair Home campaign [International Domestic Workers Federation] 2015-08-18

Indonesia Giant clothespin is displayed urging the government to ratify C189! [International Domestic Workers Federation] 2015-08-18

Pakistan Candidates for lady constable slots subjected to ‘torture’ [Labour Watch] 2015-08-18

USA / Nevada Nevada Culinary Workers Union attacks UFC for paying women less than men, calls for equality [MMA MANIA] 2015-08-17

India Govt readies domestic workers policy, proposes Rs 9,000 minimum pay with benefits [PTI] 2015-08-17

Canada / Ontario OPSEU leaders mark World Breastfeeding Week [NUPGE] 2015-08-17

USA Why the New Overtime Proposal is a Win for Working Women [AFL-CIO] 2015-08-16

Hong Kong / Indonesia Former employer of abused maid Erwiana allowed to seek review for denial of legal aid [COCONUTS Hong Kong] 2015-08-15

South Africa Women of Marikana - Remembering Aug 2012 [The Journalist] 2015-08-15

South Africa Female mine workers – colleagues not sex objects [IndustriALL Global Union] 2015-08-14

Australia / Western Australia Gender pay gap in WA - Australia's worst [Unions WA] 2015-08-14

Australia Shocking analysis shows paid parental leave cuts will hit nurses, ambos, teachers and retail workers hard [Women's Agenda] 2015-08-14

USA / New York Hotel Trades Council Endorses Rebecca Lynch in Queens Council Race [Observer] 2015-08-14

USA Paid Parental Leave Shouldn’t Be Just for the Elites [Valley News] 2015-08-14

Korea (South) Migrant hostesses in South Korea: when the anti-trafficking framework runs out [Open Democracy] 2015-08-14

USA How Are Women Still Being Treated Like Second-Class Workers? [RH Reality Check] 2015-08-14

USA New Study Says Chilly Offices Hurt Women Workers' Productivity, Health [NPR] 2015-08-14

USA Nearly Half of Currently Exempt Single Mothers and Black and Hispanic Women Workers Will Gain Coverage Under DOL's New Proposed Overtime Salary Threshold [Charleston Chronicle] 2015-08-14

USA Overtime Rules Undermine Workers--Especially Women [Forbes] 2015-08-14

Ireland Pregnant and working? You may still face discrimination [Irish Times] 2015-08-14

Australia ACTU pursues domestic violence leave claim [] 2015-08-13

USA Labor Union With 90 Percent Female Membership Makes 2016 Endorsement – and It’s Not Hillary Clinton [The Blaze] 2015-08-12

Asia Vulnerable Workers Targets of Gender-Based Violence [Solidarity Center] 2015-08-12

USA 3.2 Million Women to Receive Salary Increases Under New Overtime Proposal [AFL-CIO] 2015-08-12

Global Playing Games With the Rights of Women [GroundUp] 2015-08-12

UK Jeremy Corbyn: Labour’s gift to British women? [Open Democracy] 2015-08-12

USA Paid time off for new parents shouldn't be an exclusive perk for elite workers [NewsDay] 2015-08-12

South Africa / North West COSATU North West calls for an end to women abuse at workplaces on Women’s Month [COSATU] 2015-08-12

Australia Wandering hands [NSW Nurses and Midwives Association] 2015-08-12

Hong Kong / Indonesia Court mulls review plea by Erwiana's ex-employer - re domestic worker abuse [RTHK] 2015-08-12

Indonesia Aisyiyah continues empowering women 100 years on [JP] 2015-08-11

Indonesia Empowering women through organic farming [JP] 2015-08-11