Women workers march in Turkey, 2007.
Turkey: Women workers on the march.

Women workers on strike.

What is International Women's Day?

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Monday 21 April 2014, 11:36:20

Working Women: Daily News

Pakistan Legislation for women workers demanded [Labour Watch] 2014-04-20

Nigeria Teachers’ union condemns abduction of female students [Education International] 2014-04-19

USA Elizabeth Warren: Why Equal Pay Is Worth Fighting For [OpEd News] 2014-04-19

USA The Economic Importance of Women’s Rising Hours of Work [CAP] 2014-04-18

Bangladesh Rana Plaza One Year Later: Living in Constant Pain [Solidarity Center] For more info 2014-04-18

Canada / Ontario Pay equity is a myth in Ontario, says CUPE member [Mississauga] 2014-04-17

Canada / Ontario Equal Pay Day: Ontario’s gender pay gap is growing, says new report [Global] 2014-04-17

Canada April 16 marks Equal Pay Day: women deserve fair pay [NUPGE] 2014-04-16

Canada / Ontario Province must take action on growing gender income gap [CUPE] 2014-04-16

USA Right Wing, 'Pro-Family' Phyllis Schlafly Claims Women Paid The Same As Men Won't Find Husbands [Huffington Post] 2014-04-16

Jamaica Outstanding Woman: An interview to Shandra Harriott, General Secretary of BITU in Jamaica [BWI] 2014-04-14

Bangladesh Union Organizers Allege Intimidation [The Wall Street Journal] 2014-04-14

Asia Organising displaced women [IndustriALL Global Union] 2014-04-14

Brazil Workers call for more rights and greater equality [IndustriALL Global Union] 2014-04-14

Ireland Universities focus on ‘fixing the women’ rather than system to improve gender balance in academia [] 2014-04-13

UK Supermarket staff could win millions in equal pay cases [Guardian] 2014-04-12

Canada / British Columbia HSABC offers scholarships for Summer Institute for Union Women [NUPGE] 2014-04-12

Canada / Ontario Les TUAC Canada célèbrent la Journée de l’équité salariale en Ontario le 16 avril [TUAC] 2014-04-12

Ireland So much for Solidarity - ICTU and sex workers [InfoShop] 2014-04-11

Canada Lana Payne, directrice de la région de l'Atlantique d'Unifor, honorée à titre de « femme à la vision intrépide » [Unifor] 2014-04-11

Canada Why the job market still looks pink and blue [rabble] 2014-04-11

Canada / Ontario UFCW activists mobilize for Ontario Equal Pay Day – April 16 [UFCW] 2014-04-11

Canada Day of Mourning 2014, we need safer workplaces [The Diamond Portal] 2014-04-11

UK / England London - Low-paid carers lobby against pay cut [UNISON] 2014-04-11

Australia / New South Wales Big win for union Blacktown childcare campaign [Blacktown Sun] 2014-04-10

Canada / Ontario Canada's leading union welcomes Ontario government's announcement of Equal Pay Day [UFCW] 2014-04-10

Canada Unifor Atlantic Director Lana Payne honoured as a Woman of Bold Vision [Unifor] 2014-04-10

USA / USA / Washington Ryker Shannon IAM 751Boeing Rosies Machinists, Union Democracy, Tech and Concession Bargaining [LVP] For more info 2014-04-09

UK One in four women do not earn enough to benefit from the latest personal allowance rise [TUC] 2014-04-09

Pakistan Remove gender gap in social safety nets, say labour unions [The Tribune] 2014-04-09

Pakistan Suggestions on labour policy affecting women [Labour Watch] 2014-04-09

UK The women of the miners' strike: 'We caused a lot of havoc' [Guardian] 2014-04-08

USA Wal-Mart Swears Its New Pregnancy Policy Has Nothing to Do With Outside Pressure [Bloomberg] 2014-04-08

Ireland / Global Women central to sustainable future development [Education International] 2014-04-08

Canada / Newfoundland and Labrador Bring Back our Family Violence Intervention Court [FFAW-Unifor] 2014-04-08

Australia Half of all mothers experience workplace discrimination, report finds [Fairfax Media] 2014-04-07

Australia Employer discrimination shame revealed in new survey [ACTU] 2014-04-07

Cambodia Linking the Worst Factories With the Labels [Cambodia Daily] ActNOW! 2014-04-07

Cambodia Labor Ministry, ILO Set Out Plan for Minimum Wage Reforms [Cambodia Daily] ActNOW! 2014-04-07

Indonesia Saudi commentator reveals maids are sold to highest bidder [Saudi Gazette] 2014-04-07

Afghanistan Revered Photojournalist Gunned Down in Afghanistan Election Tragedy [IFJ] 2014-04-07

Ireland Number of women filling top university posts ’unacceptably low’ [] 2014-04-07

Ireland / Global Education International Women’s Conference starts today in Dublin [ASTI] 2014-04-07

UK / England Doncaster care workers strike again [UNISON] 2014-04-07

Ireland Education International’s World Women's Conference 7-9 April 2014 in Dublin, Ireland [Education International] 2014-04-07

Spain / Ireland Documentary on women teachers to be screened at World Women’s Conference [Education International] 2014-04-07

Global Dublin: les femmes, véritable pilier d'un avenir durable [IE] 2014-04-07

USA / USA / Washington The Fight For Railway Safety and The Case Of BLET BNSF Railway Worker Jen Wallis [LVP] For more info 2014-04-07

Australia Eddie Obeid inquiry: ASU leader points finger at Joe Tripodi over Sydney Water privatisation policy [Fairfax Media] 2014-04-06

Cambodia Hundreds of Cambodian garment workers faint at work [Al Jazeera] 2014-04-05

Australia Unions’ childcare bid at odds with Labor [The Australian] 2014-04-05

Global ITF shares women’s leadership learnings at maritime women event [ITF Global Union] 2014-04-05

Afghanistan / Germany Cold Blooded Killing of Pulitzer-Prize Winning Photojournalist in Afghanistan [IFJ] 2014-04-05

Cambodia Mass Faintings In Cambodian Factories Affect 118 Workers; Food Poisoning And Poor Conditions May Be To Blame [Medical Daily] 2014-04-05

Cambodia Illness, faintings after factory-funded meals [Phnom Penh Post] ActNOW! 2014-04-05

Afghanistan AP photographer killed, reporter injured [Associated Press] 2014-04-05

Cambodia Labor Activists Call Out Nike, Adidas, Puma Over Faintings [The Cambodia Daily] ActNOW! 2014-04-05

Indonesia Female migrant workers used as Malay meth mules [Tempo] 2014-04-04

Indonesia Abused maid to testify in Hong Kong against brutal boss [SCMP] 2014-04-04

Indonesia Migrant worker's 4 months in Borneo jail for burying stillborn baby [Borneo Post] 2014-04-04

New Zealand Workplaces have a role in reducing domestic violence [NZCTU] 2014-04-04

Australia / Western Australia Whistleblower Claims 457 Visa Worker Abuses At Gina Rinehart’s Roy Hill Project [CFMEU Construction] 2014-04-04

Australia / Western Australia MUA calls for workplace sexism allegations to be examined [MUA] 2014-04-04

Global Réunion annuelle du Comité mondial des femmes [UNI] 2014-04-04

Indonesia Women's NGO calls on govt to legislate protection for migrant workers [Jakarta Post] 2014-04-03

Ethiopia IndustriALL women members in Ethiopia unite to fight inequality and to organize more women into unions [IndustriALL Global Union] 2014-04-03

Australia Our nation’s ageing teacher workforce [Australian Teacher] 2014-04-02

India / Uttar Pradesh Call for Action in India After Gang Rape of Journalist [IFJ] 2014-04-02

Global New United Nations (UN) recommendations should help grassroots organisers to improve the status of women transport workers [ITF Global Union] 2014-04-02

South America ITF unions in HIV/AIDS agreement victory [ITF Global Union] 2014-04-02

Asia / Pacific Helen Kelly: 'In many countries, being a trade union activist is risky' [ILO] 2014-04-02

American Samoa / USA Involuntary servitude, anti-human trafficking laws adopted [RNZI] 2014-04-02

Indonesia Big brands exploit Java's 100,000 false eye lash makers [SEA Globe] 2014-04-02

Indonesia Saudi blood price on migrant worker [Globe] 2014-04-01

American Samoa Confusion over wages for domestic help in American Samoa still an issue [RNZI] 2014-04-01

UK / Global Modern day form of slavery - Domestic workers call on Downing Street in visa justice plea [Unite] 2014-04-01

UK Council workers hold pay protest on minimum wage anniversary [UNISON] 2014-04-01

UK In parts of East of England a third of jobs pay less than living wage [TUC] 2014-04-01

UK In parts of Britain nearly half of jobs pay less than the living wage [TUC] 2014-04-01

Canada New survey shows reality of a day in the life of Canada’s shelters for women survivors of abuse [UFCW] 2014-04-01

Bangladesh / UK Revealed: The high-street shops that do not pay their garment workers a living wage [The Independent] ActNOW! 2014-03-31

Australia Once women lose secure, permanent jobs, many never go back [Adele Horin] 2014-03-31

Cambodia / Europe Mega-Brands ‘failing their workers’ [Phnom Penh Post] ActNOW! 2014-03-31

Egypt Death of female Al-Dostour journalist stirs controversy over journalist safety [Daily News Egypt] 2014-03-31

Global Remembering the Ashes of 1911 and Today [VoicesNY] 2014-03-31

Taiwan / Taiwan Taiwan Parliament Occupied By Students Protesting Trade Deal With China-Thousands Including Workers Surround Parliament [LVP] For more info 2014-03-31

Global L’ONU en faveur de l’égalité entre les sexes [FIOT] 2014-03-31

UK Usdaw disappointed by Government failure to properly protect shop and bar workers selling alcohol [Usdaw] 2014-03-30

Australia / Asia Call for Asian nannies to reduce childcare costs [Fairfax Media] 2014-03-29

Argentina Thirteenth ILO member state ratifies the Domestic Workers Convention [ILO] 2014-03-28

Australia / Queensland Can you spare 30 secs to support Mater nurses and midwives - to help deliver a fair pay deal? [QNU] 2014-03-28

UK Minimum Wage Regulations - UNISON launches legal claims against Apex Care [UNISON] 2014-03-28

UK NMC registration fee consultation slammed by Unite [Unite] 2014-03-28

USA Women’s fight for better pay is about more than just money [WaPo] 2014-03-28

USA Sign the petition: Urge Congress to pass the Paycheck Fairness Act [Daily Kos] 2014-03-27

Hungary Working Women and Their Unions in Hungary [The World Post] 2014-03-26

UK Danger - Taxi Deregulation - GMB Fear Public Safety Will Be Put At Risk [GMB] 2014-03-26

Zambia Domestic union commends State for social protection [The Daily Mail] 2014-03-26

Indonesia Aktivis Yogya Saweran untuk Buruh Migran Satinah [] 2014-03-25

Bangladesh One month before anniversary of Rana Plaza collapse: compensation at last [UNI Global Union] ActNOW! 2014-03-25