Women workers march in Turkey, 2007.
Turkey: Women workers on the march.

Women workers on strike.

What is International Women's Day?

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Monday 24 November 2014, 18:40:26

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Australia VIDEO: Community and disability workers are getting a payrise on 1 Dec because of ASU Equal Pay campaign [ASU] 2014-11-24

Canada 25 Years Later — Remembering the Montreal Massacre and A Call for Action [OSSTF] 2014-11-24

UK Low pay recovery is fuelling in-work poverty, warns TUC [TUC] 2014-11-24

UK GMB Members Rock Solid Support For Second Wave Action In NHS [GMB] 2014-11-24

UK Women earn more than men - until they become mothers [AOL] 2014-11-23

Spain Movilizaciones del Día Internacional para la eliminación de la Violencia contra la Mujer, en las que participará CCOO [CCOO] 2014-11-23

Spain Gaceta Sindical Día Internacional para la eliminación de la violencia contra las mujeres [CCOO] 2014-11-23

UK UNISON survey shows NHS staff are overworked and underpaid [UNISON] 2014-11-23

India / Pondicherry Soldering on without wages for a year [The Hindu] 2014-11-23

Trinidad and Tobago Radical feminist recalls the protest days [The Guardian] 2014-11-22

Pakistan ‘Domestic workers should be included in labour laws’ [Labour Watch] 2014-11-22

Pakistan Home-based women workers gather [Labour Watch] 2014-11-22

Pakistan Under threat: ‘Sexual harassment laws have failed to protect working women’ [Labour Watch] 2014-11-22

USA / California Your health and safety on the job: who's responsible? [California Safe Care Standard Campaign] For more info 2014-11-21

Hong Kong / China Cathay Pacific Airways Flight Attendants Union protests China ban on stewardess over Occupy movement [HK Standard] 2014-11-21

Asia / Pacific Asia-Pacific vows action to accelerate gender equality [JP] 2014-11-21

Canada / British Columbia Who Will Become BC's Next Labour Leader? [The Tyee] 2014-11-21

UK 24th November Strike In NHS Over Pay [GMB] 2014-11-21

Bangladesh Two Years after Fatal Tazreen Fire, Life Worse for Survivors [Solidarity Center] For more info 2014-11-21

UK Gender pay gap highlights part-time pay penalty [TUC] 2014-11-20

Canada Unions have a lot to teach parliament in dealing with sexual harassment [rabble] 2014-11-20

UK TUC Education courses now available online [TUC] 2014-11-20

UK Hunt’s NHS legacy - ‘I don’t talk to health workers on pay’ [Unite] 2014-11-20

Hong Kong New hotline and blog for migrant domestic workers [HKCTU FADWU] 2014-11-19

Australia Why are we working so bloody hard [The Hoopla] 2014-11-19

USA 'I Miscarried on Walmart's Property' [AFL-CIO] 2014-11-19

Pakistan Rights of cottage industry workers [The Tribune] 2014-11-19

Australia Workplace gender equality champion Helen Conway resigns [Women's Agenda] 2014-11-18

Asia To respect human rights, fashion needs business, unions and governments [Guardian] 2014-11-18

Canada / Ontario Oshawa social justice champion Beverly McCloskey dies [Our Windsor] 2014-11-18

Canada / British Columbia La Cour suprême soutient les enseignantes et réaffirme le droit aux congés de maternité [CTC] 2014-11-18

Canada l’Ecole Polytechnique Massacre - Reflecting on 25 years [Unifor] 2014-11-18

Saudi Arabia Factory run by female workers in Saudi Arabia breaks stereotypes [Al Arabiya] 2014-11-17

Global Will the ILO take a stand against gender-based violence at work? [Equal Times] 2014-11-17

Belarus In Belarus, women need not apply for work in 181 occupations [Open Democracy] 2014-11-16

Hong Kong / China The other Occupy Central: Hong Kong's domestic helpers [The Economist] 2014-11-16

Canada / Prince Edward Island Lana Payne parle du programme novateur des intervenantes auprès des femmes [Unifor] 2014-11-16

Egypt Alexandria nurses threaten further strikes [Daily News] 2014-11-15

Libya ITF applauds peace accolade for Libyan port workers’ leader [ITF Global Union] 2014-11-15

Tunisia ITF welcomes reinstatement of Tunisian trade unionist [ITF Global Union] 2014-11-15

China Court Backs Woman Who Sued Cooking School over Employment Bias [Caixin Online] 2014-11-15

Europe / Morocco The fruits of their labour – The low wages behind Moroccan tomatoes sold in European supermarkets [Fairfood International] 2014-11-15

Canada / Ontario Statement by OFL President Sid Ryan on the Death of Julie Davis [OFL] 2014-11-15

Canada La FTQ appuie le contenu de la Déclaration du Comité de la Commémoration du 25e anniversaire de la tragédie du 6 décembre 1989 [FTQ] 2014-11-15

Canada Supreme Court backs teachers and reaffirms pregnancy leave rights [CLC] 2014-11-15

Cambodia / Malaysia Maid MOU drawing near [Phnom Penh Post] 2014-11-14

Canada / Ontario Roxie Baker to receive Agnes MacPhail Award Sunday night from Ontario NDP [The Beacon-Herald] 2014-11-14

Canada Former CBC employee 'frustrated' with union response to Jian Ghomeshi allegations [CBC] 2014-11-14

Spain CCOO y UGT contra la violencia machista UNA LACRA SOCIAL QUE NO CESA [CCOO] For more info 2014-11-14

Bangladesh Industrialisation And Female Empowerment: Evidence From The Bangladeshi Garments Sector [Social Europe] 2014-11-13

Australia / Liberia Nurses speak with Liberian Ebola workers on front line [QNU] For more info 2014-11-13

Canada / Prince Edward Island Women’s advocate appointed at Bell Aliant office after union push [CBC] 2014-11-13

Mauritius / Global This Is What a Feminist Looks Like in Mauritius [The Nation] 2014-11-13

Canada / Prince Edward Island Lana Payne speaks about innovative Women’s Advocate program [Unifor] 2014-11-13

Denmark Women protest 17 per cent pay gap [The Star-Phoenix] 2014-11-12

Pakistan Hitting a snag: Lady health workers halt polio campaign to ask for their dues [Labour Watch] 2014-11-12

Lebanon Migrant domestic workers find comfort in drama [Al-Monitor] 2014-11-11

China No Women Need Apply Chinese Women Fight to End Workplace Discrimination [China File] 2014-11-11

UK The working women’s charter: forty years on, women are still struggling [The Guardian] 2014-11-11

New Zealand Court ruling a big win for female workers [Stuff] 2014-11-11

Australia Childcare a key vote decider in Joe Hockey and Chris Bowen electorates [United Voice] 2014-11-10

India / West Bengal Bengal sex workers’ group supports legalisation [The Hindu] 2014-11-10

UK TUC complains to statistics watchdog over George Osborne's claims on women in work [The Independent] 2014-11-10

Egypt Prosecution investigates deaths following nurses’ strike in Alexandria [Daily News Egypt] 2014-11-10

Canada Union 'disappointed' by comments from CBC boss on Ghomeshi allegations [The Star] 2014-11-09

Mexico Strengthening young workers and women in Mexican unions [IndustriALL Global Union] 2014-11-08

Hong Kong / China Domestic workers struggle in risky jobs [Associated Press] 2014-11-08

Africa Patriarchal gender roles leave riskiest Ebola tasks to Africa's female health workers [Al Jazeera America] 2014-11-08

Hong Kong Domestic workers struggle in risky jobs [The Times-Union] 2014-11-08

Canada Up for Debate campaign asks federal leaders tough questions on gender equality [NUPGE] 2014-11-08

Australia / Victoria ‘Sexist’ Metro Trains survey blasted by Rail, Tram and Bus Union [Melbourne Herald-Sun] 2014-11-07

UK Listen to sex workers – we can explain what decriminalisation would mean [The Guardian] 2014-11-07

Australia / Western Australia Domestic violence 'could partly be due to FIFO pressures' [ABC] 2014-11-07

New Zealand With an aging population New Zealand really needs to sort out its issues around funding in the care sector [NZ Herald] 2014-11-06

UK Anim elected as Royal College of Nursing’s first black president [Nursing Times] 2014-11-06

UK RCN announces new President and Deputy President [RCN] 2014-11-06

UK Bold rise in minimum wage needed for both workers and the economy, says TUC [TUC] 2014-11-06

UK Usdaw gives evidence to the Low Pay Commission for an increase in the minimum wage [Usdaw] 2014-11-06

UK / Global Equal Pay Day: Where does the UK stand in global equality rankings? [The Guardian] 2014-11-05

Iran Journalists rally around detained colleague who covered protests over acid attacks on women [Radio Zamaneh] 2014-11-05

India Supreme Court Says Ban On Female Makeup Artists Is Discrimination [NCPR] 2014-11-05

Pakistan Housing for lesser mortals: Plight of female labourers [Dawn] 2014-11-05

UK Holiday Inn owners challenged on broken Living Wage promise [Unite] 2014-11-05

UK UNISON urges government to 'back up words with actions' over illegal wages in home care [UNISON] 2014-11-05

UK / Europe Holiday pay ruling is a victory for workers, says TUC [TUC] For more info 2014-11-04

Ireland ‘I am not a criminal or a victim. I am a sex worker’ [] 2014-11-04

Japan Hospital worker scores big legal win over ‘maternity harassment’ [Japan Times] 2014-11-03

Japan Court cases could give Japanese women greater workplace equality, lessen maternity harassment [ABC] 2014-11-03

UK Living Wage Week kicks off with new rates - and a warning [UNISON] 2014-11-03

UK Ask your MP to help end illegal pay for care workers this Wednesday [UNISON] 2014-11-03

UK Living wages will help the economy and reduce the deficit, says TUC [TUC] 2014-11-03

UK / England One in four workers in the North East earns less than living wage, according to new report [TUC] 2014-11-03

Canada / Quebec Une réponse collective à la défense d’une vision de société en appui aux femmes et aux familles [FTQ] 2014-11-02

New Zealand Mai Chen: A win for low-paid women everywhere [The Herald] 2014-10-31

India Flawed Fabric - The abuse of girls and women workers in the South Indian textile industry [SoMo] 2014-10-30

Cambodia Factory’s workers ordered back to work [The Post] 2014-10-30

Pakistan Speakers want labour rights for 5 million women workers in Sindh [Today] 2014-10-30

Global Will the ILO take a stand against gender-based violence at work? [Equal Times] 2014-10-30

Global ¿Se posicionará la OIT contra la violencia de género en el trabajo? [Equal Times] 2014-10-30

Global L’OIT va-t-elle prendre position contre la violence sexiste au travail ? [Equal Times] 2014-10-30