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Updated: Tuesday 25 October 2016, 19:28:45

Iceland Women to Leave Work at 2:38 PM to Protest Gender Pay Gap [IR] 2016-10-25

Global Unpaid Care Work: The Overlooked Barrier to Female Labor Force Participation [CFR] 2016-10-25

USA AFL-CIO: Black women will elect the next president [Amsterdam News] 2016-10-25

India / Madhya Pradesh 20,000 Madhya Pradesh nurses on day-long strike [New Indian Express] 2016-10-25

Canada Oxfam report says women still getting shortchanged [NUPGE] 2016-10-24

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Canada / Ontario Perseverance: Woman Plumber Proves Worth [UA] 2016-10-24

India / Tamil Nadu IIM-T canteen worker dies after 'sexual abuse' [New Indian Express] 2016-10-23

UK Gender inequality puts future of teaching profession at risk [Education International] 2016-10-22

India / Maharashtra Four women among five killed in Pune blaze [New Indian Express] 2016-10-21

India / Uttar Pradesh Noida woman sacked for seeking maternity leave, Maneka helps her get job back [New Indian Express] 2016-10-21

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India / Kerala Attack on staff: NFPE stages march [The Hindu] 2016-10-21

Canada / New Brunswick Ex-women's shelter board member raises transparency concerns [CBC] 2016-10-21

Pakistan 12m home-based workers go without legal identity [The Daily Times] 2016-10-21

Canada Pay Equity Review for Rural and Suburban Mail Carriers [CUPW] 2016-10-20

USA / USA / California Stop Workplace Bullying-Speakout and Rally At SF City Hall [LVP] For more info 2016-10-19

Canada Gender wage gap adding to income inequality, Oxfam says in new report [CBC] 2016-10-19

USA / Pennsylvania US Senate hopeful Katie McGinty says good paying jobs is top issue [Workers Independent News] 2016-10-19

Canada / New Brunswick Labour leader resigns from board of Miramichi women’s shelter [The Media Co-op] 2016-10-19

USA / USA / California NNU Labor And Standing Rock And Charters-School Boards and Privatization [WorkWeek Radio] For more info 2016-10-19

India / Kerala Private sector nurses demand pay revision [The Hindu] 2016-10-18

Canada / New Brunswick Miramichi women's shelter board member resigns, cites multiple issues [CBC] 2016-10-18

Sri Lanka / Middle East SL women employed as domestic workers in the Middle East: The bigger picture [Newsfirst] 2016-10-18

Australia / Western Australia Marianka Heumann death: Building chief's letter to German worker's family an 'insult', CFMEU says [ABC] 2016-10-17

Australia / Western Australia Boss under fire for dead construction worker email [West Australian] 2016-10-17

Australia / New Zealand ACTU mourns loss of New Zealand union leader Helen Kelly [ACTU] 2016-10-17

Hong Kong / Philippines Windows break for Filipino helpers [HK Standard] 2016-10-17

Hong Kong / Philippines After five deaths this year, Hong Kong’s Filipino domestic helpers will no longer have to clean windows [Quartz] 2016-10-17

China / Thailand Former Masanjia Labor Camp Whistleblower Flees China For Thailand [RFA] 2016-10-17

Hong Kong / Indonesia Ban on domestic worker window cleaning: Indonesia to join Phillipines [Ejinsight] 2016-10-17

China Doctors, nurses strike in Shandong after murder of paediatrician [China Labour Bulletin] 2016-10-17

New Zealand From the archives: The making of unionist Helen Kelly [Stuff] 2016-10-17

New Zealand Helen Kelly dies, aged 52 [RadioNewZealand] 2016-10-17

New Zealand Civic service to be held for Helen Kelly in Wellington [Radio New Zealand] 2016-10-17

New Zealand Remembering Helen Kelly – Don’t mourn, organise [NBR] 2016-10-17

New Zealand Inspirational trade unionist Helen Kelly dies after brave battle with cancer [TVNZ] 2016-10-17

New Zealand Her last TV interview: Helen Kelly shared her thoughts on Trump, values and respect [TVNZ] 2016-10-17

New Zealand Oscar Kightley: Why Helen Kelly's fight will never stop [Stuff] 2016-10-17

New Zealand Helen Kelly funeral details released [NZ Herald] 2016-10-17

New Zealand Working people mourn Helen Kelly – a statement from CTU president Richard Wagstaff [NZCTU] 2016-10-17

Australia Government to target Labor's Kimberley Kitching in debate over industrial relations bill [ABC] 2016-10-17

Australia / New South Wales Unions members rally for paid domestic violence leave [Professionals Australia] 2016-10-17

Australia / Victoria VTHC writes to The Australian Editor over domestic violence worker leave [We Are Union] 2016-10-17

Australia Sign the petition: The Australian: Stop trivialising family violence now. [Megaphone ] 2016-10-17

Canada Sexual harassment at the workplace needs to be addressed, says psychologist [CBC] 2016-10-17

UK / England Reading council should stop dragging its heels on equal pay [UNISON] 2016-10-17

UK Women drag last equal pay claim council to court, says UNISON [UNISON] 2016-10-17

Canada Labour movement pushes feds to act on pay equity [NUPGE] 2016-10-16

USA Labor Initiative Hopes To Keep Working Women Involved After Election [Nevada PR] 2016-10-15

UK Women earn £8,500 a year less than men by the time they reach their 50s, new TUC analysis reveals [TUC] 2016-10-14

UK State pension age should not rise any further, says TUC [TUC] 2016-10-14

New Zealand Trade unionist Helen Kelly dies [Radio New Zealand] 2016-10-14

Canada / Ontario Nothing to crow about when 36 Sudbury hospital laundry staff lose their jobs, casualties of provincial budget cuts [CUPE] 2016-10-14

New Zealand Helen Kelly leaves a great legacy for women [NZNO] 2016-10-14

Australia / New South Wales Nurse Union campaign finally wins statue for unsung WW1 heroine [Fairfax Media] 2016-10-12

Australia Boots are off as fans of women's football send AFL a message on pay offer [Fairfax Media] 2016-10-12

Australia Jedda puts a female fit on Qantas runway [AMWU] 2016-10-12

Cambodia The “perfect” Cambodian woman [Equal Times] 2016-10-12

Australia Single women can't afford to live in the city and men can. Is that fair? [Guardian Australia] 2016-10-11

Australia Everyday Sexism report: Are girls and young women treated equally in Australia? Most say no [ABC] 2016-10-11

Australia Only One In Six Aussie Girls Feel Valued For Brains Over Looks, New Report Reveals [Huffington Post] 2016-10-11

USA Working Women Deserve Better Than Trump’s Sexism [AFL-CIO] 2016-10-11

Australia / Global Paid domestic violence leave: how do other countries do it? [SBS] 2016-10-11

UK / England School cleaners enter week six of strike over wage cuts [The Guardian] 2016-10-10

USA The Issue That Was Mysteriously Missing From the Presidential Debate [Time] 2016-10-10

USA Women say Trump acted on assaults he bragged about [Workers Independent News] 2016-10-10

USA McDonald's Fight-For-$15 workers also fighting sexual harassment [Workers Independent News] 2016-10-10

UK More than half of Unite's female officers bullied or harassed, study finds [The Guardian] 2016-10-10

Canada Liberal pay equity announcement disappointing [PSAC] 2016-10-10

Canada / Ontario USW Cares: Women of Steel Run for the Cure [USW] 2016-10-10

Asia World Day for Decent Work: Women mobilize for maternity protection [IndustriALL] 2016-10-10

Canada “Working women can’t wait 2 more years for pay equity!” [IAMAW] 2016-10-09

South Africa / Israel NEHAWU calls on Israel to release Women captured illegally in international waters [COSATU] 2016-10-07

Canada Trudeau Liberals delay pay equity for working women [CUPE] 2016-10-07

Canada Two years is too long for equal pay legislation says UFCW Canada leader [UFCW] 2016-10-07

Burma Four national human rights commissioners resign over child domestic workers scandal [Myanmar Times] 2016-10-07

New Zealand Gender pay gap stagnates as government drags its feet on equal pay [PSA] 2016-10-07

New Zealand Official statistics out-women still paid less than men [NZCTU-Te Kauae Kamahi] 2016-10-07

Canada It’s long past time to act on pay equity [CLC] 2016-10-06

Poland Polands abortion ban proposal near collapse after mass protests [The Guardian] 2016-10-06

UK Prime Minister gives no comfort to low-paid working families facing the Universal Credit ticking time bomb says Usdaw [Usdaw] 2016-10-06

Canada / British Columbia Writing our own HerStory [BCGEU] 2016-10-06

India / Tamil Nadu ICF employee dismissed [The Hindu] 2016-10-05

India / United Arab Emirates India imposes curbs on recruitment of female workers [Gulf News] 2016-10-05

UK Breast cancer, my union and me [UNISON] 2016-10-05

UK Usdaw welcomes minimum wage increases and urges workers to check they’re paid the new rate or above [Usdaw] 2016-10-04

India All India Co-ordination Committee of Working Women Under Way [CITU] 2016-10-03

Poland Women strike over planned abortion ban [The Guardian] 2016-10-03

UK New National Minimum Wage rates from 1 October [BECTU] 2016-10-02

Canada Sisters in Spirit Vigils honour murdered and missing Indigenous women and girls [NUPGE] 2016-10-02

New Zealand Midwifery world class system but time to invest and improve [NZNO-Toputanga Tapuhi Kaitiaki o Aotearoa] 2016-10-01

India / Andhra Pradesh Our top priority is to provide safety to women employees of IT firms: Cyberabad police chief [New Indian Express] 2016-10-01

Poland Women to stage all-out strike to protest abortion ban [Independent] 2016-10-01

India / Andhra Pradesh Women workforce declining at an alarming rate, says Tapen Sen [The Hindu] 2016-09-30

India Indian domestic workers demand fair wages, days off and a cup of coffee [Reuters] 2016-09-30

UK Only three out of 700 firms prosecuted for paying below minimum wage [Guardian] 2016-09-29

UK Scrap Child Maintenance Service charges [PCS] 2016-09-29

Philippines IndustriALL Women Philippines push for 120 days maternity leave [IndustriALL] 2016-09-29

India / Maharashtra Women's workplace issues must be board-level agenda [Economic Times] 2016-09-27

USA Labor Is A Women’s Issue [Motto] 2016-09-27

UK GMB Calls For Foster Carers To Join Union [GMB] 2016-09-27