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Updated: Friday 19 July 2019, 06:16:55
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UK MI5 spied on World in Action journalists [Morning Star] 2019-07-18

UK Labour pledges to end in-work poverty in first full term [BBC] 2019-07-17

UK 'We'll end in-work poverty in our first term,' Labour pledges [Morning Star] 2019-07-17

USA Activist: Exclusion of domestic workers from federal labor laws 'a legacy of slavery' [The Hill] 2019-07-17

Spain Ibiza hotel maids to go on strike leaving rooms unclean & beds unchanged [The Express] 2019-07-17

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South Africa Domestic workers fight for workplace injury claims [The Independent] 2019-07-17

India / Jammu and Kashmir Anganwadi Workers, Helpers hold protest, demand revocation of SAC decision regarding disbursement of honorarium [The Reader] 2019-07-17

UK Minimum wage of at least £10 and an end to rip-off youth rates - Usdaw gives evidence to the Low Pay Commission [USDAW] 2019-07-17

UK Unite to work with blacklisted trade unionists to investigate collusion allegations [Morning Star] 2019-07-16

USA / California Legislature passes bill to protect sex workers' rights [The Hill] 2019-07-16

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UK Workers at Sainsbury's Waltham Point to take second round of strike action on 25 July says Usdaw [USDAW] 2019-07-16

UK Landmark pension ruling to apply to all UK public sector schemes [FT] 2019-07-16

USA The Workers in Our Homes Deserve Rights [Common Dreams] 2019-07-16

Canada / Uganda Global Affairs Canada to fund girls’ education project in Uganda [CTF] 2019-07-16

Canada Sex workers advocate for a provinicial bad date reporting system [Victoria News] 2019-07-15

South Africa / KwaZulu-Natal Budget for KZN school sanitary pads gets slashed by R82m [Daily News] 2019-07-12

Canada Harassment widespread in workplaces, finds Statistics Canada [WHSC] 2019-07-12

UK Government needs to do more to 'save our shops' [USDAW] 2019-07-11

South Africa De Beers launches three-year programme for female engineers [The Citizen] 2019-07-10

Ireland 'Change can't be left to chance': tackling the gender pay gap [Guardian] 2019-07-10

Canada Federal government pledges support in fighting workplace harassment [The Law Times] 2019-07-09

USA / Illinois Margaret Blackshere, historic force in Illinois labor and politics, dies at 78. Was first woman to head the state AFL-CIO. [The Tribune] 2019-07-09

Sudan Khartoum’s vulnerable tea sellers face deadlier risks in Sudan’s time of turmoil [The Globe and Mail] 2019-07-09

Taiwan EVA Air cabin crew end strike [The Times] 2019-07-09

USA / California Former Tesla workers claim they were fired for using maternity and sick leave [The Guardian] 2019-07-09

USA 20th Biennial Convention of the Coalition of Labor Union Women, taking place October 15-18, 2019 at the Tropicana Las Vegas [CLUW] 2019-07-09

USA AFL-CIO leadership: the two women vying to be America's top labor official [The Guardian] 2019-07-08

Global Cancel Qatar - The money for the next Men's World Cup would be better invested in the women's game [The Atlantic] 2019-07-08

UK Support staff with menopause or face claims, employers told [The Times] 2019-07-08

USA / Global Megan Rapinoe says equal pay talk must ‘move to the next step’ [The Guardian] 2019-07-08

UK Government should plough money into social care, not tax cuts [UNISON] 2019-07-08

India The Odisha Women Who Pull out Threads for 500 Minutes Every Day [The Wire] 2019-07-07

UK / Scotland Equal Pay Glasgow: Trade union boss warns city council could go 'bankrupt' over £250m new claims [The Evening Times] 2019-07-07

Taiwan EVA Flight Attendants’ Strike Comes to an End [The New Bloom] 2019-07-07

Spain 'Hotels fear us': How Spain's chambermaids are fighting subcontract exploitation [The Local] 2019-07-07

Australia McManus vows to stay on despite calls to step aside over Setka [The Australian] 2019-07-06

Taiwan Flight Attendant Strikers Call for Solidarity [Labour Notes] 2019-07-06

UK / Scotland Lap dancers call to every politician in the city [The Evening Times] 2019-07-06

Australia Attracting and Retaining Women Tradies in Regional Australia [AEU] 2019-07-06

USA / Illinois The strike that brought teachers unions back from the dead [Vox] 2019-07-05

Europe Degendering: how the conception of the ‘woman worker’ changes [LSE Business Review] 2019-07-05

Netherlands Boorish sex tourists are ruining Amsterdam. It’s time to ship them out [The Guardian] 2019-07-05

Netherlands Amsterdam sex workers lukewarm about plans to reform Red Light District [The News] 2019-07-05

New Zealand Union has concerns for Southland caregivers hours under home care services changes [Stuff] 2019-07-05

UK Government must change the law to stop sexual harassment at work, says TUC [TUC] 2019-07-04

Canada / British Columbia Westminster Savings to close unionized branch amid six-month strike [The Star] 2019-07-04

UK Local government services aren’t optional, but the bedrock of a caring society [UNISON] 2019-07-04

South Africa Numsa strike against sexual harassment is a ‘powerful moment in labour history’ [Mail & Guardian] 2019-07-04

Italy / Europe Carola Rackete: nearly L1m raised to help migrant rescue ship captain arrested after police stand-off [Evening Standard] 2019-07-03

Netherlands Amsterdam's first woman mayor plans red light district overhaul [] 2019-07-03

Canada / Alberta Province-wide community BBQs to highlight fact investing in a universal child care program means investing in women [AFL] 2019-07-03

USA U.S. women’s soccer team needs more than cheers [The Herald] 2019-07-03

South Africa / North West Women stand tall in fight to change conditions at Lanxess mine [The Independent] 2019-07-03

South Africa / North West Women stand tall in fight to change conditions at Lanxess mine [ANA/The Citizen] 2019-07-02

UK There's no duty on UK employers to prevent sexual harassment. That has to change [Guardian ] 2019-07-02

New Zealand Expectant mums scared to give birth in Southland [Radio New Zealand] 2019-07-01

UK / Scotland STUC Youth Conference rejects motion in favour of keeping sexual entertainment clubs open in Glasgow [Common Space] 2019-07-01

South Africa / North West Workers at Lanxess mine to return to work after sit-in [Eyewitness News] 2019-07-01

India / Manipur All Manipur Mid-Day Meal Workers' Union holds conference [e-Pao] 2019-07-01

South Africa Domestic workers: overworked, underpaid and unprotected [The Mail and Guardian] 2019-07-01

India Bitter Ashes - The exploitative practices of the agarbatti industry [Caravan] 2019-07-01

Cambodia Over 400 garment workers to protest [The Post] 2019-07-01

Canada Unions Vow to Protect Reproductive Rights as Fundamental Rights [PIPSC] 2019-07-01

Spain Fresh abuse claims from women picking strawberries in Spain for UK market [The Guardian] 2019-06-30

UK / Scotland STUC Youth Conference demands free sanitary products for all female workers [Common Space] 2019-06-30

India / Nagaland Domestic Workers invisible part of the informal economy [The Express] 2019-06-30

UK / England Lib Dems call for sex work to be legalised as feminists campaign against Manchester venues [The Evening News] 2019-06-30

UK / Scotland Glasgow's equal pay battle: How it played out [The Herald] 2019-06-30

Malaysia MTUC urges govt to ratify treaty [The Star] 2019-06-30

Trinidad and Tobago Nude: Recognise Domestic Workers [TV 6] 2019-06-30

Global Women soccer players’ biggest challenge is changing FIFA itself [Quartz] 2019-06-29

Canada OC Transpo rife with 'toxic' sexism, driver says [CBC] 2019-06-29

Botswana Politician ridicules female journalist on social media [IFJ] 2019-06-28

Switzerland Women’s Strike in Shuts Down Switzerland [BWI] 2019-06-28

Canada / Ontario Unions celebrate ‘tremendously significant’ pay equity victory in Ontario [Canadian Labour Reporter] 2019-06-28

Canada / British Columbia What is the state of B.C.’s women in construction? [The Journal of Commerce] 2019-06-28

UK / Iran Harassment of BBC Persian Service women journalists highlighted at UN Human Rights Council [NUJ] 2019-06-28

UK Court ruling means Government should pay £2.4 billion back to public sector workers [GMB] 2019-06-28

South Africa / North West Boss followed me into mine for sex [The Sowetan] 2019-06-27

UK 1 in 2 women have been sexually harassed at work – Isn’t it time the Government did something about it? [TUC] 2019-06-27

UK Thousands of secondary school posts slashed [GMB] 2019-06-27

UK Unite secures recognition at Peter Pan Nursery and calls off strike action [Unite the union] 2019-06-27

South Africa / North West Women block gates at Lanxess mine as Numsa underground strike continues [The Citizen] 2019-06-26

South Africa / North West SAFTU condemns Lanxess Chrome mine for not taking serious considerations of health and death threats to underground workers [SAFTU] 2019-06-26

Australia Stylists union says planned penalty rate cuts are a woman issue [ABC] 2019-06-26

UK New alliance calls on government to make employers prevent sexual harassment - TUC [TUC] 2019-06-26

Australia FSU and WBC Working Groups: RRR/Consultation and Gender Pay Equity [FSU] 2019-06-26

South Africa / North West Women block gates at Lanxess mine, as underground strike continues [ANA/IOL] 2019-06-26

Ireland Picketing cook up at 4am to make patients' strike rations [Irish Times] 2019-06-26

UK Wahaca restaurant incident prompts renewed call for new legislation on tips [Unite the union] 2019-06-25

UK RMT demands pay justice in the fight for more jobs and training for women seafarers [RMT] 2019-06-25

Australia / Australian Capital Territory UnionsACT to launch Women In Trades program [Unions ACT] 2019-06-25

UK Fighting sexual harassment and standing up for disabled workers [Unison] 2019-06-24

New Zealand Will more babies be born on the side of the road? [Fairfax Media] 2019-06-24

Canada Deal Between Feds, Unions Gives Paid Time Off For Domestic Violence [Huffington Post] 2019-06-23

Canada Pride month: Nia's story [PSAC] 2019-06-23

Canada Deals reached on paid time off for domestic violence victims the ‘beginning of a wave’: Expert [Global] 2019-06-23

India Helping women secure justice and dignity [The Statesman] 2019-06-23

Global ILO: New Treaty to Protect Workers from Violence, Harassment [HRW] 2019-06-22

Canada / Manitoba State of the unions [The Free Press] 2019-06-22