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Updated: Tuesday 21 May 2019, 13:18:12
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New Zealand Junior lawyers union started after law industry scandal [Stuff] 2019-05-21

UK Nurses call for prostitution to be decriminalised, after RCN vote [The Telegraph] 2019-05-21

UK Nurses vote to back decriminalisation of prostitution [The Guardian] 2019-05-21

Canada How close are we to Alabama? [NUPGE] 2019-05-21

Bangladesh Accord achievements secured [IndustriALL] 2019-05-20

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New Zealand Abortion removal from Crimes Act petition gathers support [Radio New Zealand] 2019-05-20

Ireland Creches struggling to retain staff amid shortage of places [Irish Examiner] 2019-05-20

Afghanistan Mena Mangal: Journalist and women's rights campaigner shot dead in broad day light in Kabul [The Independent] 2019-05-19

New Zealand High school runaway and young mum now a nurse with a masters degree [Fairfax Media] 2019-05-19

Bangladesh Huge workload thwarts women from trade unionism: labour body [The New Age] 2019-05-19

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UK 'Not enough hours in the day' is the focus of the Usdaw parents and carers spotlight day [USDAW] 2019-05-19

Canada Historic Election at CUPW: Postal Workers Elect First Female Black President [CUPW] 2019-05-18

Ireland Protesters urge trade union movement to tackle sexual harassment [The County Press] 2019-05-18

Nigeria Arrest of Sex Workers is ‘Targeted Violence’ against Women, Says WANEP [This Day] 2019-05-18

Canada / Ontario Striking Rainforest Cafe workers plan Women’s March Saturday [The Review] 2019-05-17

New Zealand Insulted by 40 cents an hour pay rise offer [Stuff] 2019-05-17

Australia Union agreements are among possible options for implementing childcare pay rise [The Morning Herald] 2019-05-17

Global Gender-Based Violence at Work Video in Sinhala and Tamil [Solidarity Center] For more info 2019-05-17

UK / England Boohoo refuses to let union talk to workers about representation [Guardian] 2019-05-17

Canada / Ontario Workers United Canada Council announces Striking Rainforest Café workers hold women’s march in Niagara Falls [Workers United] 2019-05-16

USA Video Game Workers See Power in a Union [The New Republic] 2019-05-16

Indonesia The Plight of Indonesia’s Homeworkers [The Diplomat] 2019-05-16

Malawi Midwives give government 30-days ultimatum [Nyasa Times] 2019-05-16

Australia RRR and Gender Pay Equity - Share Your Experiences at Westpac [FSU] 2019-05-16

Mexico Domestic Workers in Mexico Win Landmark Rights Law [Solidarity Center] 2019-05-16

Ireland / Colombia Firm which supplies coal to ESB 'horrified' by death threats against activist who condemned mine's operations [Irish Examiner] 2019-05-15

Ireland Bullying and sexual harassment rife in legal profession, survey finds [Irish Examiner] 2019-05-15

UK GMB demands urgent meeting with Walmart over £12 billion Asda float [GMB] 2019-05-15

UK Employers not doing enough to keep pregnant women safe at work, TUC and Maternity Action warn [TUC] 2019-05-15

Australia Models win private changerooms at this year’s Fashion Week [SDA] 2019-05-14

Philippines / Asia Meet the women succeeding in the fishing industry [Equal Times] 2019-05-14

UK Inequality driving 'deaths of despair' [BBC] 2019-05-14

UK Landmark battle for Asda equal pay back in court [GMB] 2019-05-14

UK Record pay for bankers but most workers still earning less than a decade ago - TUC [TUC] 2019-05-14

New Zealand Access Community Health suspend lowest paid wokers as industrial action begins [PSA-Te Pukenga Here Tikanga Mahi] 2019-05-13

Australia 'You're too pretty' for construction: Bursting through the boys' club [The Age] 2019-05-12

Australia Women most likely to be working multiple jobs: RBA [ACTU] 2019-05-12

Ethiopia Garment workers make clothes for some of the world's largest clothing brands but get paid the lowest [CNN] 2019-05-12

USA Home Care Workers are the Latest Vulnerable Group Under Attack by the Trump Administration [Teen Vogue] 2019-05-11

Ireland Colourful history of country's first nurses' union documented in new book [Irish Examiner] 2019-05-11

India The salary saga of Bengaluru’s garment workers [The Hindu] 2019-05-11

Indonesia Taking on Gender-Based Violence at Work in Indonesia [Solidarity Center] For more info 2019-05-10

Belgium Study shows woman journalists are leaving the job [EFJ] 2019-05-10

Canada / Ontario Windsor-Essex County Health Unit Nurses Vote to Accept New Offer [ONA] 2019-05-10

Global / Australia What She Makes: Oxfam Challenges Australian Brands to Pay Garment Workers Living Wages [Eco Warrior Princess] 2019-05-10

USA Women are filing more harassment claims in the #MeToo era. They’re also facing more retaliation. [Vox] 2019-05-10

UK Sex workers condemn the ‘feminists’ secretly filming strippers in clubs [Dazed] 2019-05-10

UK NatWest hands female worker £150,000 compensation after equal pay row [The Mirror] 2019-05-10

Ethiopia Worker turnover and unrest undermines Ethiopia sourcing [Just Style] 2019-05-10

UK Rudd must ensure workers have a say to benefit from automation, says TUC [TUC] 2019-05-10

Ireland Nurses and midwives gather for centenary annual conference [INMO] 2019-05-09

Ireland New Bill allows eight weeks additional parental leave [RTÉ] 2019-05-09

UK 'We need truly affordable housing for low-paid workers' [USDAW] 2019-05-09

Global What unions can do to close the gender pay gap [IndustriALL] 2019-05-09

UK 'Protection for shopworkers against knife crime' delegates at Usdaw ADM urge the Government to act [USDAW] 2019-05-08

Global Anything Other Than Decriminalization Leaves Sex Workers Behind [Truth Out] 2019-05-08

Canada / Ontario 'She spoke our language': Deb Nanson kept sex workers safe in Hamilton and Niagara [CBC] 2019-05-08

Australia / New South Wales How the 'rebel women' of Broken Hill shaped the minimg town and Australia's early union movement [ABC] 2019-05-08

Palestine Ashrawi: Targetting defenceless civilians is criminal [Ma'an News] 2019-05-07

Australia / Queensland Female mine workers asked about toilet habits at central Queensland mine [ABC] 2019-05-07

USA A Sex Workers Union Is Organizing Against Instagram Discrimination [VICE] 2019-05-07

Philippines Feminist groups call for a women’s strike [Bulatlat] 2019-05-06

Nepal Panauti initiates measures to address gender wage gap [The Post] 2019-05-06

Canada / Ontario Pay Equity Decision A Win for Women Working in LTC Homes [SEIU] 2019-05-06

Canada / Ontario Judicial review protects pay equity in Ontario nursing homes [Unifor] 2019-05-06

UK Age-restricted sales are a key trigger for abuse against shopworkers [USDAW] 2019-05-06

Ireland Unpaid parental leave to increase to 26 weeks [Irish Times] 2019-05-06

Canada / USA NHLPA offers support of #ForTheGame women’s hockey movement [Sports Net] 2019-05-05

Australia / New South Wales Nurses and patient at Sydney's Royal Prince Alfred Hospital stabbed in face by woman with scissors [ABC] 2019-05-05

Cyprus ‘Going north no excuse for police inactivity’ [The Mail] 2019-05-05

Bangladesh Sexual Abuse at Workplace: Legal framework inadequate [The Daily Star] 2019-05-05

Grenada GTUC: Child Sexual Abuse and Domestic Violence have a direct impact on the workforce [The New Today] 2019-05-05

Canada Reel Women Seen Wins 2019 Best Foreign Short Film Award [ACTRA] 2019-05-05

Trinidad and Tobago / Caribbean This Trinidadian national heroine is celebrated for her role in the iconic Caribbean workers’ riots in the 1930s [Face2Face] 2019-05-04

Global Women transport workers step up action [ITF] 2019-05-03

Australia How the 'rebel women' of Broken Hill shaped the mining town and Australia's early union movement [ABC] 2019-05-03

Indonesia Home-based workers: One pay check for entire family [The Post] 2019-05-03

UK / England Brexit unfairly targets sex workers for deportation [PRI] 2019-05-03

Cyprus Government defends laws on rights of domestic workers, union says ‘no willingness’ to enforce [The Mail] 2019-05-03

Ghana Push for more women to work in the mortuary - NLC boss to gender activists [Ghanaweb] 2019-05-03

Bangladesh Workers’ cry in workers’ land [The Daily Star] 2019-05-03

Namibia Lone women security guards at risk [The Namibian] 2019-05-03

Korea (South) 'We want to use restrooms freely' [The Times] 2019-05-03

Bangladesh “They don’t give us” - Garments workers’ rights in Bangladesh [The Star] 2019-05-03

Canada / Ontario ONA Celebrates Historic Pay Equity Win; A 13-year pursuit for fairness and equity for nursing home Registered Nurses [ONA] 2019-05-02

USA / USA / California Whose Dock Is This? Our Dock! CWA AFA Pres Sara Nelson At Oakland Howard Terminal May Day 2019 [LVP] For more info 2019-05-02

Ireland / Global Letter: Gender-based violence and work [Irish Times] 2019-05-02

Canada / New Brunswick Nursing home workers stage sit-in at minister's office, hold protests across province [CBC] 2019-05-02

Canada / Ontario Hamilton woman leads 25-city 'general strike' against Ford government cuts [CBC] 2019-05-02

Global How to Fight Sexual Harassment at Work? Empower Women Workers through Trade Unions [HRW] 2019-05-02

Australia Comparing childcare work to male jobs holds women's wages back [SMH] 2019-05-02

Australia Stamping out sexual harassment [MEAA] 2019-05-02

Australia How do the major parties stack up on gender equality? [Professionals Australia] 2019-05-02

Australia Historic pay win for low paid early childhood educators [United Voice] 2019-05-02

Israel Ultra-Orthodox Women Work Less, Earn Less, and Not by Choice, Study Shows [Haaretz] 2019-05-01

Global A Worldwide Movement for Domestic Workers [OSF] 2019-05-01

Indonesia PSI workshop in Indonesia on strengthening women and youth leadership [PSI] 2019-05-01

UK Sex work is work-and its labourers are officially unionizing [Broadly] 2019-04-30

UK #Makeallwomensafe : a campaign changing the terrain for sex workers [Equal Times] 2019-04-30

Australia 'Unique' wage solution only for childcare workers [The Financial Review] 2019-04-30