TUC warns Chancellor over resurrecting plans for regional pay

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Scotland Jobs at Scottish Provincial Press at risk, says Unite 2015-07-07 [BBC]

Scotland Fresh talks in ScotRail industrial dispute 2015-07-07 [BBC]

England Tube strike: Talks to resume in night service dispute 2015-07-07 [BBC]

Northern Ireland Pharmaceutical workers' strike 'likely to disrupt medical supplies' to chemists and GP surgeries 2015-07-07 [Belfast Telegraph]

BBC caves into government in second shabby deal 2015-07-07 [NUJ]

England London - Hackney traffic wardens to be balloted for strike action over lack of company sick pay 2015-07-06 [Unite]

Acas talks in Pilkington ‘£3,000-a-year pay disparity’ dispute 2015-07-06 [Unite]

Unite calls for easyJet pay talks to take off 2015-07-06 [Unite]

TUC warns Chancellor over resurrecting plans for regional pay 2015-07-06 [TUC]

Strike action over sacked staff suspended at Sir George Monoux College 2015-07-06 [Waltham Forest Guardian]

Union firebrands battle for leading GMB role in place of Sir Paul Kenny 2015-07-06 [The Independent]

Jeremy Corbyn gets backing of Unite in Labour leadership race 2015-07-06 [Guardian]

Britain's biggest union Unite backs radical left-winger Jeremy Corbyn for Labour leader 2015-07-06 [Daily Express]

Tolpuddle in Tuscany: talking Brexit & Grexit 2015-07-06 [Stronger Unions]

Middle-income families face largest losses from health, education and social care cuts, new study shows 2015-07-05 [TUC]

Labour party - Unite announces Corbyn one, Burnham two in Labour leader vote 2015-07-05 [Unite]

England Wage Protest Sullies Sotheby's London Contemporary Sale 2015-07-05 [arrnet News]

England Sotheby's cleaners banned from work after protest asking for better sick pay 2015-07-05 [The Independent]

England Labour MPs support pay the rate campaign at Wilton 2015-07-04 [UCATT]

Universal Credit reform could lift over 500,000 children out of poverty 2015-07-04 [TUC]

Tell MEPs not to make a bad compromise on ISDS in TTIP 2015-07-04 [TUC]

England Northern Rail workers vote for strike action over zero hours contracts, safety and creation of two-tier workforce 2015-07-03 [Liverpool Echo]

England Ballot records overwhelming vote for action on Northern Rail 2015-07-03 [RMT]

England Ballot records overwhelming vote for action on Northern Rail 2015-07-03 [RMT]

Redundancies - Abellio Scotrail - Network Rail 2015-07-03 [RMT]

Scotland RMT confirms new strike dates on CalMac and Argyll Ferries 2015-07-03 [RMT]

UNISON names new probation strike date 2015-07-02 [UNISON]

New asbestos eradication law to cut mesothelioma death toll called for by Unite 2015-07-02 [Unite]

Pilkington workers angry at £3,000-a-year pay disparity strike in Birmingham 2015-07-02 [Unite]

Injured members secure millions in compensation 2015-07-02 [PCS]

PCS will fight Heathrow airport expansion 2015-07-02 [PCS]

Government urged to give green light to Heathrow expansion to boost jobs and the economy 2015-07-02 [Unite]

700 job cuts at Lloyds 'exposes the myth' that we’re in this together 2015-07-02 [Unite]

Abandoning child poverty duties marks the return of the ‘Nasty Party’, says TUC 2015-07-02 [TUC]

England TUC welcomes report on Heathrow airport expansion 2015-07-02 [TUC]

Trade unionists, blacklisted activists demand police spying inquiry 2015-07-01 [RT]

Northern Ireland 842 civil servants take redundancy 2015-06-30 [Belfast Telegraph]

‘Fat cat’ Dairy Crest boss ‘set to cream off £1.2 million bonus’ in takeover deal condemned by Unite 2015-06-30 [Unite]

England Newsquest London strike pauses for talks 2015-06-30 [NUJ]

Northern Ireland Initial closes its Belfast garments business 2015-06-30 [UTV]

'Go casual' in hot weather, says TUC 2015-06-30 [BBC]

Trade unionists call for public inquiry to examine claims that police spied on them 2015-06-30 [The Guardian]

Poorest taxed for bigger share of pay 2015-06-30 [Morning Star]

Ferry passengers stranded amid Calais strike action 2015-06-30 [BBC]

England Runcorn Strike Ballot 2015-06-30 [GMB]

Relax workplace dress codes to help staff cope with this week’s heatwave, says TUC 2015-06-30 [TUC]

UNISON branches now have access to the Labour Research Department's Payline database 2015-06-29 [UNISON]

Child benefit freeze will cost 3.9 million families more than £2,000 by next election 2015-06-29 [TUC]

UK Government Is Preparing To Hand Over Future UK Nuclear Infrastructure To The Chinese State 2015-06-29 [GMB]

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