Tolpuddle values still define union movement, says TUC

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Royal Mail Road Safety Week: 23 – 27 July 2018-07-21 [CWU]

England Chief fire officer ousted to make way for hatchet job on service, union warns 2018-07-21 [FBU]

Scotland Strike threats to North Sea oil platforms ramp up 2018-07-21 [Reuters]

One Oil Strike Ends Just As Another Is Set to Begin 2018-07-21 [Oil Price]

Scotland UK union to ballot 2,500 offshore oil workers for strike 2018-07-21 [Reuters]

UNISON lawyer wins major human rights award 2018-07-20 [UNISON]

Firefighting, in more ways than one 2018-07-20 [UNISON]

England UNISON members are campaigning to stop their jobs being outsourced from Chesterfield Royal Hospital Foundation 2018-07-20 [UNISON]

England Greater Anglia train guards and drivers agree deal 2018-07-20 [BBC]

England Ambulance workers to strike this weekend 2018-07-20 [The Mail]

England Union accuses transport bosses of waging 'propaganda war' over Sheffield tram workers' strike 2018-07-20 [The Star]

RMT further strike action - London Underground’s Ruislip Depot 2018-07-20 [RMT]

Campaign against agency injustice hots up in Westminster 2018-07-20 [CWU]

UNISON responds to new health secretary’s plans for NHS 2018-07-20 [UNISON]

M&S: Don’t keep your staff in the dark over massive cuts 2018-07-20 [USDAW]

England Tolpuddle Martyrs Festival - Sunday 22 July is free 2018-07-20 []

Tolpuddle values still define union movement, says TUC 2018-07-20 [TUC]

Bye Bye PFI 2018-07-20 [Unionstogether ]

Sign the petition for recognition - Usdaw campaigns outside M&S stores across the UK 2018-07-20 [USDAW]

RMT confirms further strike action to go ahead next week on South Western Railway 2018-07-20 [RMT]

New rail ombudsman - wry response from ASLEF 2018-07-20 [ASLEF]

HSE fatality figures ‘misleading’ 2018-07-20 [EHN]

Airport baggage handling and security staff in UK threaten strikes 2018-07-19 [Euro Weekly]

England Passengers flying from Luton and Manchester face chaos as staff threaten strike 2018-07-19 [The Sun]

Scotland Union hails pay deal to stop ‘needless’ Aberdeen airport strike 2018-07-19 [The Evening Express]

England Sheffield tram drivers under attack in ‘propaganda war’ on eve of Tramlines festival 2018-07-19 [Unite the union]

London Underground Local Elections 2018-07-19 [TSSA]

NUJ calls on BBC to appeal against Cliff Richard verdict 2018-07-19 [NUJ]

‘Salami slicing’ of staff pay and conditions at National Education Union prompts strike action 2018-07-19 [Unite the union]

England Baggage handlers at Luton Airport to strike over pay and poor treatment 2018-07-19 [Unite the unio]

‘Sleepwalking into a nightmare’ as knife crime is at all-time high 2018-07-19 [Polfed]

Buzzfeed staff vote against representation by NUJ for collective bargaining 2018-07-19 [NUJ]

Consumer price inflation, UK: June 2018 2018-07-19 [ONS]

‘Defeat for democracy’ as MPs vote to give away control of trade deals 2018-07-19 [Global Justice Now]

Global Justice Now slams MPs for voting against Trade Democracy 2018-07-19 [Morning Star]

Renewed call for tariff free access to the EU, as British Steel announces ‘strong’ profits 2018-07-18 [Unite the union]

Scotland Number of Glasgow City Council workers on temporary contracts revealed 2018-07-18 [The Evening Times]

rastic cuts to the BBC's political coverage 'a disservice to viewers' 2018-07-18 [NUJ]

As a transgender woman working in the gig economy, I'm humiliated daily 2018-07-18 [The Guardian]

England Sirona care home cancels strikes and walkouts planned for July over dispute with Unison 2018-07-18 [Somerset Live]

‘Unmanageable’ crowds prompt Eurostar staff to strike 2018-07-18 [Financial Times]

UK pay growth slows to six-month low despite record employment 2018-07-18 [Reuters]

NUJ welcomes code of behaviour for Parliament 2018-07-18 [NUJ]

Unite hails defence workers’ determination in securing UK combat air strategy 2018-07-18 [Unite the union]

Shopworkers' voice absent from Government's 'future of the high street' panel - Usdaw disappointed by the snub 2018-07-18 [USDAW]

Major Motion Picture Agreement 2018 – an open letter to film workers 2018-07-18 [BECTU]

There must be no place for far-right and fascist violence and intimidation, TUC writes to government 2018-07-18 [TUC]

Pay growth down again, says TUC 2018-07-17 [TUC]

Civil service unions seek judicial review over government below inflation pay guidance 2018-07-17 [PCS]

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11-07-1977 20,000 join a national day of action in support of Grunwick strikers [more]

17-07-1974 The strike of 400 mostly Asian women workers at Imperial Typewriters in Leicester is called to an end. [more]