Blacklisted construction workers move closer to huge damages payout

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Unite statement on NHS trusts’ deficit in England 2015-10-10 [Unite]

England RMT fury as train company tries to ban union badges 2015-10-10 [RMT]

'These new figures confirm the full extent of the financial misery and chaos in the NHS' 2015-10-10 [UNISON]

One in four workers have had time off because of mental health issues, an Usdaw survey reveals 2015-10-10 [Usdaw]

Trade union bill - vindictive ideological attack on workers' rights 2015-10-10 [PCS]

Social responsibility key to good business, Labour leader says 2015-10-09 [Belfast Telegraph]

Blacklisted construction workers move closer to huge damages payout 2015-10-09 [The Guardian]

Jeremy Hunt forced to backtrack in row over NHS doctors’ contract For more info 2015-10-09 [Guardian]

Usdaw welcomes a u-turn on Northern Ireland pay by Lidl and calls on them to recognise the union 2015-10-09 [Usdaw]

Construction giants confess to host of blacklisting charges 2015-10-09 [Morning Star]

Scotland Scotland's fire fighters to consider strike action 2015-10-09 []

Blacklisting companies accept guilt 2015-10-08 [UCATT]

Blacklisting: Door Opens For Substantial Compensation 2015-10-08 [GMB]

England Hackney traffic wardens to strike for five days over lack of company sick pay 2015-10-08 [Unite]

Landmark legal action paves way for pay outs as construction firms admit to blacklisting 2015-10-08 [Unite]

Further cuts to police forces could jeopardise public safety and lead to more industrial unrest, warns UNISON 2015-10-08 [UNISON]

Low paid still bearing brunt of government cuts 2015-10-08 [PCS]

Major Construction Employers Admit Liability In High Court For Defaming 3,213 Blacklisted Construction Workers 2015-10-08 [GMB]

Construction workers 'in line for damages after firms admit blacklist' 2015-10-08 [Express & Star]

Blacklisting companies accept guilt 2015-10-08 [UCATT]

England Council workers stage strike over job fears 2015-10-08 [The Press]

England Hackney traffic wardens to strike for five days over lack of company sick pay 2015-10-08 [Unite]

Northern Ireland Lidl reverses living wage decision for Northern Ireland staff 2015-10-08 [BBC]

PCS celebrates National Gallery agreement 2015-10-08 [PSI]

World Day for Decent Work - end corporate greed! 2015-10-08 []

GMB Black History Month Event 28th Oct 2015-10-08 [GMB]

On World Day for Decent Work, join the fight against the Trade Union Bill 2015-10-08 [Unison]

General secretary criticises comments on pensioner benefits as ‘despicable’ 2015-10-08 [UNISON]

UNISON’s reaction to the Prime Minister’s speech at Tory conference 2015-10-08 [UNISON]

David Cameron’s legacy will be ‘all too visible to low paid workers’, says Unite 2015-10-08 [Unite]

England Goodyear accused of a ‘sham consultation’ over Wolverhampton closure 2015-10-08 [Unite]

England Sellafield workers win victory for ‘common sense’ in health and safety dispute 2015-10-08 [Unite]

Seriously ill Willesden man had his benefits stopped after he was deemed ‘fit for work’ weeks before he died 2015-10-07 [Kilburn Times]

Blacklisted construction workers given 'core participant' status in Pitchford Inquiry 2015-10-07 [CN Plus]

Northern Ireland Council ask to meet minister over Ulster University jobs 2015-10-07 [Coleraine Times]

Hands Off Council Pensions Funds 2015-10-07 [GMB]

3 Million Oppose TTIP 2015-10-07 [GMB]

NASUWT calls on ministers to poverty proof the school day 2015-10-07 [NASUWT]

Iain Duncan Smith has 'fundamentally failed in his job' 2015-10-07 [PCS]

Northern Ireland NASUWT comments on Equality Commission report into educational inequalities 2015-10-07 [NASUWT]

England Cap Number Of Cabs And Drivers In London 2015-10-06 [GMB]

Tory Plan To Demolish Council Estates 2015-10-06 [GMB]

England Gallery staff back to work with heads held high 2015-10-06 [The Morning Star]

Northern Ireland Lidl 'sacks worker who questioned pay policy on Facebook' - union 2015-10-06 []

Blacklisting victims added to undercover policing inquiry 2015-10-06 [Building]

Javid refuses to talk to Unite about strike compromise 2015-10-06 [Morning Star]

Len McCluskey - Prime Minister we have the solution to your union threshold plans 2015-10-06 [Unite]

Trans-Pacific Partnership good for workers? The big lie 2015-10-06 []

The government has got it wrong over tax credits, says UNISON 2015-10-06 [UNISON]

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This month in labour history

4-10-1936 At Cable Street, London, thousands of trade unionists, socialists and communists throw up barricades to block the British Union of Fascists from marching through the Jewish neighbourhoods of the East End. [more]

6-10-1913 The conference of the Miners Federation passes a motion in favour of a general strike in Britain to support Dublin's locked out workers, with only one vote against. [more]

25-10-1895 Socialist and feminist Edith Lanchester captured by her family and institutionalised for opposing the institution of marriage [more]