Miners and gay activists reunite for strike anniversary

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Disability rights protest against DWP 2015-03-02 [CWU]

Cost to claimants of benefit sanctions rockets by 3,000% 2015-03-02 [PCS]

Access to information boss under spotlight 2015-03-02 [PCS]

PCS Credit Union payday loans better than ever 2015-03-02 [PCS]

England Milk supplies in the north of England could be hit over Easter in union recognition dispute 2015-03-02 [Unite]

Anti-blacklisting campaigner Michael Abbott remembered with memorial plaque 2015-03-02 [Liverpool Echo]

“If you don’t vote, you get stuffed” – union backs registration drive 2015-03-02 [USI]

England Ukrainian union call for their burnt HQ to be museum to the Maidan Rebellion For more info 2015-03-01 [Ukraine Solidarity Campaign]

England Slavery in the Donetsk Peoples Republic For more info 2015-03-01 [Ukraine Solidarity Campaign]

Start of East Coast Main Line privatisation marks a costly mistake, says TUC 2015-03-01 [TUC]

Miners and gay activists reunite for strike anniversary 2015-03-01 [BBC]

Trade unionists, faith communities and anti-fascists outnumber UK hate group promoting Islamophobia 2015-03-01 [Guardian]

Survey highlights plight of teachers 2015-02-28 [Education International]

England Doncaster Station East Coast Demo 2015-02-28 [RMT]

Scotland East Coast privatisation protests at Edinburgh Waverely 2015-02-28 [RMT]

On the blacklist: how did the UK’s top building firms get secret information on their workers? 2015-02-28 [The Guardian]

Unions unite against Islamophobia joint TUC-DGB statement 2015-02-28 [Stronger Unions]

Brit TUC urges the Government to support an ILO commission of inquiry into trade union rights violations in Fiji 2015-02-28 [TUC]

Too much unpaid overtime is bad medicine 2015-02-28 [TUC]

£7m bonus for Lloyds chief will outrage taxpayers who bailed out bank, says TUC 2015-02-28 [TUC]

Trade unions oppose proposed ban on sex-selective abortions 2015-02-28 [Catholic Herald]

Mexico’s abuse of workers’ rights highlighted as state visit looms 2015-02-27 [UNITE]

England London Gallery staff on strike against privatisations 2015-02-27 [PSI Global; Union]

Workers contribute £32bn to UK economy from unpaid overtime 2015-02-27 [TUC]

Employees working for free told 'take a break' 2015-02-27 [CWU]

'I’ve never seen such anger' - striking firefighters close down Parliament For more info 2015-02-27 [USI]

March11th Battersea Crane Disaster Hearing 2015-02-27 [GMB]

£7m bonus for Lloyds chief will outrage taxpayers who bailed out bank, says TUC 2015-02-27 [TUC]

Mexico’s abuse of workers’ rights highlighted as state visit looms 2015-02-27 [Unite]

UNISON the voice of ordinary people, shadow minister tells community conference 2015-02-27 [UNISON]

IFJ backs Ukraine-Russian dialogue to end harassment of journalists 2015-02-27 [NUJ]

England NoVoteNoVoice - Registration roadshow rolls into London to find the capital's missing voters 2015-02-27 [Unite]

England Tube worker Karen Guyott 'sacked for having epilepsy', say MPs 2015-02-27 [BBC]

The deadly cost of unemployment 2015-02-26 [Equal Times]

England Strike Looms At Keir East Sussex 2015-02-26 [GMB]

NASUWT responds to Donaldson Review 2015-02-26 [NASUWT]

England Sacked for challenging her boss – RMT members vote for strike in support of colleague 2015-02-26 [USI]

England Knock, knock! Union demands investigation as police visit union activists at home 2015-02-26 [USI]

Northern Ireland UNISON Northern Ireland members vote to strike 2015-02-26 [UNISON]

Wales Unison Wales issues challenge on ambulance times 2015-02-26 [UNISON Wales]

Zero hours figures expose hand to mouth existence of millions behind the UK’s ‘job miracle’ 2015-02-26 [Unite]

England Strike ballot as Tory-run Bromley council plans to dramatically slash its workforce 2015-02-26 [Unite]

Executive pay levels decided by an out-of-touch, overpaid elite, says TUC 2015-02-26 [TUC]

Council and NHS employers must do more to limit zero-hours contracts 2015-02-25 [UNISON]

Zero-hours contracts sum up what has gone wrong in the modern workplace, says TUC For more info 2015-02-25 [TUC]

Zero-hours contracts in four charts 2015-02-25 [Guardian]

British MPs on US mission over National Express bus services 2015-02-25 [ITF]

Unite calls for ‘immediate government intervention’ following bleak oil and gas outlook 2015-02-25 [Unite]

England Kent newsprint firm ‘brutally’ sacks 234 workers today 2015-02-25 [Unite]

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This month in labour history

1-03-1912 The Miners Federation of Great Britain commences the first national coalminers' strike, for a minimum wage. [more]

3-03-1985 A Special Delegate Conference of the NUM votes by 98-91 for a return to work after the year-long miners' strike. [more]