TUC welcomes report by MPs into Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership

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North Sea workers give 'overwhelming' support for strike 2015-03-28 [Reuters]

England ational Gallery: Loach defies artists to back sell-off strike 2015-03-27 [The Morning Star]

Blacklisting report: MPs slam contractors' compensation scheme 2015-03-27 [Building]

MPs blast ‘callous’ blacklist bosses 2015-03-27 [Morning Star]

Scottish Affairs Report into Blacklisting Places more Pressure on Guilty Companies 2015-03-27 [UCATT]

Unite welcomes call for public inquiry into construction industry ‘blacklisting’ 2015-03-27 [Unite]

TUC welcomes report by MPs into Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership 2015-03-27 [TUC]

First steps towards introducing e-balloting for trades unions 2015-03-26 [Liberal Democrats]

Vince Cable draws up plans to let unions vote to strike by online ballots 2015-03-26 [Independent]

Cable bank branch deal represents a 'betrayal' of bank customers 2015-03-26 [Unite]

Self-employed people need more support to protect their living standards, says TUC 2015-03-26 [TUC]

Government must resolve long-term problems for UK coal industry, says TUC 2015-03-26 [TUC]

Pensions reform dogma exposes more savers to rip-off risk, says TUC 2015-03-26 [TUC]

Whistleblowers should be protected not threatened, says TUC 2015-03-26 [TUC]

Aviva takeover of Friends Life must not be merely a staff cutting exercise For more info 2015-03-26 [Unite]

New taxi factory testament to the skills and dedication of the workforce says Unite 2015-03-26 [Unite]

North Sea Job Cuts 2015-03-26 [GMB]

Shrewsbury Pickets papers secrecy ‘unjustified’ – Nandy 2015-03-26 [Morning Star]

TUC welcomes report by MPs into Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership For more info 2015-03-25 [TUC]

Safety fears over unreliable fire emergency vehicles 2015-03-25 [FBU]

England Leeds protest this Friday against Northern and TPE Tender 2015-03-25 [RMT]

England Ritzy workers keep up the pressure as the Living Wage campaign grows 2015-03-25 [The Buzz]

MPs not convinced services are safe under secret TTIP 2015-03-25 [Morning Star]

Sacked Crossrail worker confronts goof Johnson 2015-03-25 [Morning Star]

Unison activists vote to reopen 2015 pay dispute 2015-03-25 [libcom.org]

Rail workers set for strike action after offer of no pay rise for year 2015-03-25 [Mirror]

Northern Ireland Belfast Met staff warned of job losses - Unite 2015-03-24 [BBC]

London TEFL teachers send solidarity to sacked A2Z staff in Dublin 2015-03-24 [libcom.org]

Politicians back CWU call for Government to withdraw adverts trivialising dog attacks 2015-03-24 [CWU]

Deflation threat makes Chancellor’s extreme cuts look like economic suicide, says TUC 2015-03-24 [TUC]

More inspectors needed in constant battle against minimum wage cheats, says TUC 2015-03-24 [TUC]

Sanctions system that sets people up to fail requires urgent reform, says TUC 2015-03-24 [TUC]

EDM calls for inquiry into blacklisting 2015-03-24 [CWU]

Trade unionists moved to tears by health tale 2015-03-23 [The Morning Star]

Osborne isolated by union and business consensus on capital investment, says TUC 2015-03-23 [TUC]

Tax avoidance ‘at the very core’ of firms bidding for major NHS contracts, Unite reveals 2015-03-23 [Unite]

Explosive new book Blacklisted launches at Houses of Parliament 2015-03-22 [New Internationalist]

Will the last public sector worker tell their children what it was like? 2015-03-22 [USI]

Dave Smith charged with obstructing the highway after protesting at Crossrail sacking at Construction Awards 2015-03-22 [USI]

Five reasons 'red' Len won't break the law 2015-03-22 [libcom.org]

Rolls-Royce accused of offshoring engineering jobs via the backdoor 2015-03-22 [Unite]

Education Secretary Nicky Morgan branded 'a disgrace' for teachers union no show 2015-03-22 [Mirror]

Union members could vote for strike action on mobile phones under radical new plans 2015-03-21 [Mirror]

Blacklisting - The next chapter is waiting to be written 2015-03-21 [NUJ]

Unions must be able to fight for workers – even if it means breaking bad laws 2015-03-21 [The Guardian]

School change obscures performance, union leader says 2015-03-21 [BBC]

Len McCluskey issues warning over higher threshold on strike ballots 2015-03-21 [The Guardian]

Budget 2015 roundup from the TUC 2015-03-20 [TUC]

Decent wage growth still not on the horizon, says TUC 2015-03-20 [TUC]

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This month in labour history

1-03-1912 The Miners Federation of Great Britain commences the first national coalminers' strike, for a minimum wage. [more]

3-03-1985 A Special Delegate Conference of the NUM votes by 98-91 for a return to work after the year-long miners' strike. [more]