Scotland STUC publishes Smith Commission proposals

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Gov't faces fresh health workers' strike 2014-10-31 [Lancaster Guardian]

Scotland STUC publishes Smith Commission proposals 2014-10-31 [STUC]

UCATT NHS members to take strike action on Monday 24th November 2014-10-31 [UCATT]

Health members to stage second four-hour stoppage as pay row escalates 2014-10-31 [UNISON]

ITF welcomes UK North East bus decision 2014-10-30 [ITF]

Staff cuts at army training ranges ‘could put lives at risk’, warns Unite 2014-10-30 [Unite]

St Mungo’s Broadway staff to strike for 10 days in battle to maintain quality services at housing charity 2014-10-30 [Unite]

Hunt’s ‘snub’ to NHS staff on pay sparks four-hour strike on 24 November 2014-10-30 [Unite]

Cutting ESA would be plundering the safety net that workers pay into, says TUC 2014-10-30 [TUC]

England Living wage victory at Curzon cinemas 2014-10-30 [BECTU]

Scotland Statement on the Scottish Labour leadership 2014-10-30 [Unite]

An early birthday present for Thai labour rights activist Andy Hall  ActNOW!  2014-10-29 [Stronger Unions]

Action needed on rise in illness and injury at work, says TUC 2014-10-29 [TUC]

Number of global billionaires has doubled since the financial crisis 2014-10-29 [The Independent]

Tata Steel - Unons call for more time to deal with sell-off 2014-10-29 []

Unions oppose with potential Tata Steel sale 2014-10-29 []

Crane drivers vote overwhelmingly for strike action as construction sites face shutdown 2014-10-29 [UCATT]

Scotland 'Crocodile Tears''blacklist protest Aberdeen 30th Oct 2014-10-29 [GMB]

Brussels Meeting On ISS Woolwich Dispute 2014-10-29 [GMB]

NASUWT condemns the 'tax on learning' 2014-10-29 [NASUWT]

Cameron must condemn modern slavery in Qatar, says the TUC 2014-10-29 [TUC]

Cameron must condemn modern slavery in Qatar, says the TUC 2014-10-28 [TUC]

European firefighters discuss austerity in the sector 2014-10-28 [European Public Services Union]

NUM mourns passing of Emeritus Professor Vic Allen 2014-10-28 [Cosatu]

Wales Health workers in Wales to strike 2014-10-28 [PA]

Scotland Glasgow 'Crocodile Tears' Protest Over 489 Workers Blacklisted 2014-10-28 [GMB]

Thomson Airways’ Christmas flight disruption on cards, as strike vote announced in pay dispute 2014-10-28 [Unite]

UK government turns ‘blind eye’ to offshore helicopter safety and rejects public inquiry 2014-10-28 [Unite]

Time to make work better 2014-10-28 [UNISON]

TUC comment on Resolution Foundation low pay report 2014-10-28 [TUC]

Sports Direct zero hours announcement won’t stop job insecurity, warns the TUC For more info 2014-10-28 [TUC]

Wales NHS staff to strike after 1% pay rise 'ignored' 2014-10-28 [BBC]

Wales Trending India Week Letters Crime Go Green .Wales First World War Sport Homes Showbiz Food & Drink Home News Health NHS 'The NHS runs on the goodwill of its workers, but that goodwill is beginning to run low': NHS worke 2014-10-28 [Wales Online]

Time to make work better 2014-10-27 [Unison]

Public service staff face double the amount of violence 2014-10-27 [Unison]

Wales Welsh NHS strike date set for Monday 10 November 2014-10-27 [Unison]

Frontline nursing staff urged to get flu vaccination 2014-10-27 [RCN]

SERTUC support CGIL action 2014-10-27 [TUC]

Stress tops trade unions' workplace worries 2014-10-27 [WSB]

England Ricky Tomlinson on picketing, prison and new play United We Stand 2014-10-27 [The Guardian]

Scotland 'Yes' supporters leave 'No' unions or say: stop giving our cash to Labour Party 2014-10-26 [The Herald]

Millions face years on the breadline: Britain has more long-term low-paid workers than ever 2014-10-26 [The Independent]

Stress is the UK’s top health and safety concern, say union workplace reps 2014-10-26 [TUC]

NHS blueprint prompts questions on funding and private sector involvement, says Unite 2014-10-26 [Unite]

England Protest as Dudley’s youth services on the brink of destruction 2014-10-26 [Unite]

Scotland Labour must understand the seismic shift in Scots politics 2014-10-26 [Unite]

European trade union salutes strike of prison officers 2014-10-25 [European Public Services Union]

Education unions march against austerity 2014-10-25 [Education International]

Northern Ireland Ballymena recycling plant: workers to return next week 2014-10-24 [BBC]

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This month in labour history

4-10-1936 At Cable Street, London, thousands of trade unionists, socialists and communists throw up barricades to block the British Union of Fascists from marching through the Jewish neighbourhoods of the East End. [more]

6-10-1913 The conference of the Miners Federation passes a motion in favour of a general strike in Britain to support Dublin's locked out workers, with only one vote against. [more]

25-10-1895 Socialist and feminist Edith Lanchester captured by her family and institutionalised for opposing the institution of marriage [more]