Wages recovery should be at the heart of government's economic strategy, says TUC

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Maude refuses to condemn HMRC union busting move 2014-11-21 [PCS]

UNISON slams NHS England's £1bn privatisation of critical patients records 2014-11-21 [UNISON]

Legal aid cuts are failing families and adding costs 2014-11-21 [PCS]

24th November Strike In NHS Over Pay 2014-11-21 [GMB]

England 6 Days Strike At Jacobs Liverpool 2014-11-21 [GMB]

England NUJ members under police surveillance mount collective legal challenge 2014-11-21 [NUJ]

Northern Ireland Union unveils jobs-saving proposal for Gallaher’s 2014-11-21 [irishtimes.com]

NUJ members under police surveillance mount collective legal challenge 2014-11-21 [NUJ]

Wages recovery should be at the heart of government's economic strategy, says TUC 2014-11-21 [TUC]

Northern Ireland NI earnings fall as UK average rises 2014-11-20 [BBC]

71 coalition MPs who voted for NHS sell-off linked to health firms 2014-11-20 [Unite]

Unilever Port Sunlight workers battle for living wage for all staff across UK sites 2014-11-20 [Unite]

Hunt’s NHS legacy - ‘I don’t talk to health workers on pay’ 2014-11-20 [Unite]

TUC Education courses now available online 2014-11-20 [TUC]

UNISON welcomes living wage at South East Water 2014-11-20 [UNISON]

GMB 5 Tests On CCTV In Care Homes 2014-11-20 [GMB]

England Union members flock to film screening in Keighley 2014-11-20 [The News]

Gender pay gap highlights part-time pay penalty 2014-11-20 [TUC]

Asda worker would need 6.5 million years to earn the wealth of Asda’s American owners 2014-11-19 [UNI Global Union]

GMB Welcome Vote In Parliament For Tied Tenants 2014-11-19 [GMB]

UK fast-food workers get US lesson in protesting against poverty wages 2014-11-18 [Guardian]

Downton Amazon: is the online retailer driving inequality? 2014-11-18 [Equal Times]

Blacklist protest hits power plant as union man denied work 2014-11-18 [Morning Star]

G20 update: Round the world in 20 unions 2014-11-18 [Stronger Unions]

England The Pop Up Union against privatisation: a postmortem 2014-11-17 [libcom.org]

Northern rail drivers set to strike 2014-11-17 [BBC ]

Unite members at Jaguar Land Rover overwhelmingly reject pay offer 2014-11-17 [USI]

Local gov't dispute over as all 3 unions accept new deal 2014-11-17 [USI]

Defence staff hold four day strike over pay 2014-11-17 [BBC]

Defence workers launch 4 day strike over pay 2014-11-17 [ITV]

ix myths about how the unions are ruining Britain 2014-11-17 [Guardian]

Defence staff to hold four-day strike over pay 2014-11-17 [BBC]

G20 summit: Britain snubs international union campaign on jobs and wages 2014-11-16 [The Independent]

England Refinery workers end wildcat strike 2014-11-14 [Harrogate Advertiser]

Six myths about how the trade unions are ruining Britian 2014-11-14 [The Guardian]

G20/L20 update: Cameron speaks ‘Strine’ but misses out the ‘fair go’ 2014-11-14 [TouchStone]

Scotland Businesses and trade unions unite to oppose corporation tax devolution 2014-11-14 [The Telegraph]

Northern Ireland Derry City Council: protest over threats against council staff 2014-11-13 [BBC]

TUC calls for action on Kobane 2014-11-11 [TUC]

England Humber Refinery workers walk out for a second day in safety row 2014-11-11 [BBC]

The working women’s charter: forty years on, women are still struggling 2014-11-11 [The Guardian]

England Staff at Jacobs biscuit factory to strike over suspension of sick pay 2014-11-11 [The Guardian]

Blacklisting: this looks like another British establishment cover-up 2014-11-11 [The Guardian]

Scotland Yard investigates alleged police briefing of blacklisting organisation 2014-11-11 [Building]

Low-paid workers unable to escape poverty trap - report 2014-11-11 [The Guardian]

Scotland Rail strike threat over toilet waste 2014-11-11 [Herald Scotland]

Aldi aiming to create 35,000 jobs 2014-11-11 [BBC]

Rememberance Day - Justice for Veterans 2014-11-11 [Stronger Unions]

England Professional dancers ‘paid less than box office assistants’ at Royal Opera House 2014-11-11 [The Guardian]

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This month in labour history

1-11-1976 Union of Postal Workers refuses to handle any mail for Grunwick, as the strike at the company continues. [more]

14-11-1913 Sympathy action breaks out in some British ports, like Liverpool, in support of workers in Dublin, but fails to spread. [more]

22-11-1900 2,800 workers at the Penrhyn quarry in Snowdonia, Wales, walk off the job over pay and union recognition. The strike last a staggering three years, one of the longest industrial disputes in British history. [more]

30-11-2011 Millions of public sector workers join the biggest single strike day since 1926, against the government's pension reforms. [more]