More investment in jobs and wages is needed, says TUC

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Northern Ireland Health Minister urged to sort out health unions' pay dispute 2015-01-30 [Belfast Telegraph]

Unite demands action to stop ship honouring Nazi war criminal operating in British waters 2015-01-30 [Unite]

Union warns against Aer Lingus takeover from BA owner IAG 2015-01-30 [BBC]

'League tables are a ridiculous way to judge schools' says NUT 2015-01-30 [NUT]

Don’t punish workers for bad weather, TUC tells employers 2015-01-30 [TUC]

More investment in jobs and wages is needed, says TUC 2015-01-30 [TUC]

Unite demands action to stop ship honouring Nazi war criminal operating in British waters 2015-01-30 [Unite]

Unite’s Executive Council agrees Labour donation of £1.5 million 2015-01-30 [Unite the Union]

Pregnant workers in UK harassed 2015-01-29 [Radio Labour]

Northern Ireland Ambulance staff strike to go ahead 2015-01-29 [BBC]

TTIP cash-cow claim ‘pure astrology’ 2015-01-29 [Morning Star]

Fashion show highlights factory tragedy 2015-01-29 [Waltham Forest Guardian]

Uncertain times for 1,400 O2 staff near Runcorn as takeover talks continue 2015-01-29 [Liverpool Echo]

England Young Care Workers are Looking After Britain's Most Vulnerable People for £3.50 an Hour 2015-01-29 [Vice]

England National Gallery staff to stage five-day walk-out 2015-01-29 [BBC]

TUC launches toolkit for unions to tackle homophobia in football 2015-01-29 [TUC]

TTIP: Regulations Handcuffed 2015-01-28 [Corporate Europe Observatory]

PCS seeks assurances after Ordnance Survey GovCo announced 2015-01-28 [PCS]

NUJ denounces US government's communications data grab 2015-01-28 [NUJ]

Over 2,000 dedicated Tesco staff are devastated to hear that their store is set to close, says Usdaw 2015-01-28 [Usdaw]

England London bus talks urged as more strike dates are announced 2015-01-28 [Unite]

England London Underground drivers vote to strike 2015-01-28 [ASLEF]

GMB on Cycle Superhighway 2015-01-28 [GMB]

McCluskey - Syriza’s victory makes hope possible for millions across Europe 2015-01-28 [Unite]

Unite calls off NHS strike to consult members over pay offer 2015-01-28 [Unite]

National Gallery staff to strike for five days over sell-off 2015-01-28 [PCS]

SIPTU in plea over Aer Lingus sale to British Airways owner 2015-01-28 [BBC]

Northern Ireland Ambulance staff strike off 2015-01-28 [BBC]

It isn’t just blacklisting that’s shameful – so is the cover-up 2015-01-28 [Morning Star]

McCluskey writes to EU Commission: Don't mislead public on TTIP deal 2015-01-28 [Morning Star]

NHS strike halted after Government caves in to union demands 2015-01-27 [The Telegraph]

#HolocaustMemorialDay 2015: Remember the holocaust 2015-01-27 [TUC]

UNISON calls on Caerphilly council to withdraw 'buy out' plans 2015-01-27 [UNISON]

Unite launches asbestos awareness campaign 2015-01-27 [Unite]

Slow recovery linked to low wages, says TUC 2015-01-27 [TUC]

TUC criticises George Osborne for complacent performance in Davos 2015-01-27 [TUC]

Scotland Scotland could become Carbon Capture and Storage powerhouse of Europe 2015-01-27 [TUC]

Unison calls off strike by NHS staff 2015-01-27 [The Guardian]

Scotland Court and prison staff in PCS union strike over pay 2015-01-27 [BBC]

Supporting worker particiption in Vietnam 2015-01-27 [TUC]

TUC launches new guide in 13 languages to combat migrant worker exploitation 2015-01-26 [TUC]

Nurse who contracted Ebola released from hospital 2015-01-26 [The Observer]

Violence, threats and abuse against shopworkers is still a big problem says Usdaw 2015-01-25 [Usdaw]

National Gallery staff vote massively for strikes over sell-off 2015-01-25 [PCS]

HGV - Unite rolls out Drivers’ Charter 2015-01-25 [Unite]

Union explains DLR strike action 2015-01-24 [RMT]

Commuters face more travel chaos as DLR workers prepare to strike next week 2015-01-24 [Evening Standard]

UNISON calls for daily meal service to be kept 2015-01-24 [UNISON]

England NHS England set to strike - what you need to know 2015-01-24 [UNISON]

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