Now Gatwick Airport workers are being balloted for strike action over 'poverty pay'

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Now Gatwick Airport workers are being balloted for strike action over 'poverty pay' 2017-02-21 [City AM]

Tube strike: RMT union announces maintenance workers have voted in favour of walkout 2017-02-21 [The Independent]

RMT takes SOS 2020 campaign to Scottish Labour Party Conf 2017-02-21 [RMT]

Unite heartened by MPs’ exchanges backing Vauxhall workers 2017-02-21 [Unite]

BMW pension talks set to continue as threat of industrial action remains, warns Unite 2017-02-21 [Unite]

Response to Pensions Green Paper 2017-02-21 [GMB]

England London - Tube fleet maintenance workers back strike action 2017-02-21 [RMT]

England Planned closure of The London Studios is a betrayal of staff, says BECTU 2017-02-21 [BECTU]

England Gatwick workers to ballot for strike action over poverty pay 2017-02-21 [Unite]

‘No backsliding’ on number of visits to families by health visitors, says Unite 2017-02-21 [Unite]

GM’s U.K. Workers Could Regret Voting for Brexit 2017-02-21 [Fortune]

Ethical Trading Initiative pulls out of the Dhaka Apparel Summit 2017  ActNOW!  2017-02-21 [ETI]

Digitisation and the future of work - what it means for unions 2017-02-21 [touchstoneblog]

England Southern Rail and ASLEF to meet for secret peace talks 2017-02-21 [ITV]

Teacher Recruitment and Retention 2017-02-21 [NUT]

Government must ‘up its game’ to stamp out gender pay gap, says TUC For more info 2017-02-21 [TUC]

Germany encouraged over Opel jobs, but UK union worries 2017-02-21 [CNA]

Pensions consultation must help more workers access good quality workplace schemes, says TUC 2017-02-20 [TUC]

Video - Union vows to fight on for pension justice 2017-02-20 [FBU]

Unite warns of pension theft as government floats final salary pension changes 2017-02-20 [Unite]

Trade union head to meet with Peugeot CEO over Opel takeover 2017-02-20 [RTÉ]

Southern Rail: Union Busting Bullies Exposed 2017-02-20 [Morning Star]

Northern Ireland Businesses 'named and shamed' for underpaying staff 2017-02-18 [BBC]

Usdaw calls on Camelot not to pull the rug from under The Food Retailer as administrators seek a buyer 2017-02-17 [USDAW]

PM 'Ducks Moorside Question' - hoping lights stay on 2017-02-17 [GMB]

England 'Fried Egg' Porter Reinstated 2017-02-17 [GMB]

Ceta Deal Blow For UK Sovereignty 2017-02-17 [GMB]

England Role Of The Guard & Extension Of Doo – Arriva Rail North 2017-02-17 [RMT]

NUT-ATL Amalgamation Interview 2017-02-17 [NUT]

Unite urges Unilever to resist Kraft Heinz ‘predatory’ takeover bid 2017-02-17 [Unite]

Northern Ireland Avoca cafe found to have discriminated on basis of gender 2017-02-16 [Irish Times]

Court of Appeal judgement on PDAU vs Boots case. Collective bargaining as a human right. For more info 2017-02-16 [PDA]

Train drivers reject deal on Southern Rail 2017-02-16 [ASLEF ]

Debenhams tops government’s minimum wage non-compliance list 2017-02-16 [employee benefits]

We can’t let Silicon Valley companies and their spin undermine workers’ rights  ActNOW!  2017-02-16 [Guardian]

RMT strike ballot opens today on Northern Rail 2017-02-16 [RMT]

School Funding Toolkit 2017-02-16 [NUT]

England RMT confirms new strikes on Southern Rail 2017-02-16 [RMT]

Time to prosecute minimum wage cheats, says TUC 2017-02-16 [TUC]

News From Steel Trade Unions 2017-02-16 [GMB]

TUC calls for end to repression of trade union activists in Bangladesh 2017-02-16 [TUC]

FBU deeply disappointed at pensions ruling 2017-02-16 [FBU]

Bad bosses should face jail for ‘wage theft’, says Unite, as 350 employers ‘named and shamed’ over failure to pay… 2017-02-16 [Unite]

Unions said workers had made sacrifices and now the UK Government had to do its bit to help the steel industry 2017-02-16 [ITV]

Ford sewing machinists’ strike in 1968 was not for equal pay 2017-02-16 [Guardian]

McCluskey calls upon government to step up to secure General Motors’ jobs and plants 2017-02-15 [Unite]

Government needs a plan to improve wages, says TUC 2017-02-15 [TUC]

Lowest real pay growth in two years requires action to prevent living standards crisis, says TUC 2017-02-15 [TUC]

Unite statement following the meeting with minister to discuss possible Vauxhall sale to Peugeot – ‘we will not accept… 2017-02-15 [Unite]

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10-02-1972 30,000 Birmingham engineers go on strike in solidarity with striking miners. Thousands of them march to Saltley Gate coke depot, overpowering police to shut the gates. [more]

17-02-2006 Royal Mail workers in Belfast return to work after a successful wildcat strike against victimisation [more]