Single market is best current platform for ‘race to the top’, says TUC

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Northern Ireland Lagan Construction Group: Firms set to enter administration 2018-02-20 [BBC]

The Pimlico Plumbers case is a big challenge to Britain’s gig economy 2018-02-20 [Economist]

Analysis of ALPS 2018-02-20 [NUT]

Single market is best current platform for ‘race to the top’, says TUC 2018-02-20 [TUC]

Fresh strike dates announced in Essex concrete maker dispute 2018-02-20 [Unite the union]

Chancellor’s spring statement - Join our Facebook Live event 13 March 2018-02-20 [PCS]

KFC Chicken Shortage Due To 'Bird-Brained' Contract Decision 2018-02-20 [GMB]

New poll shows public want a Brexit that protects workers’ rights, says TUC 2018-02-20 [TUC]

RMT supports petition calling for East Coast public ownership 2018-02-20 [RMT]

More meat inspectors are needed following Russell Hume scandal, says UNISON 2018-02-20 [UNISON]

Tuition fees review ‘needs to support wider access’ 2018-02-19 [UNISON]

England London- Strike goes ahead on DLR this week in dispute over breakdown in industrial relations 2018-02-19 [RMT]

England Unite claims victory following agreement in marathon Manchester Mears dispute 2018-02-19 [Unite the union]

UNISON and Nursing Times partnership helps support next generation of nurses 2018-02-19 [UNISON]

Owner sentenced after dog bites off postwoman’s finger 2018-02-19 [CWU]

Examples of workers’ resistance at Adelie, Royal Mail, Sofology and XPO 2018-02-19 [AWW]

Home Office has short memory on cop pay and pensions 2018-02-19 [polfed]

Time for a windfall tax on the PFI profiteers, says UNISON 2018-02-19 [UNISON]

Pregnancy discrimination scars lives and careers, says TUC 2018-02-19 [TUC]

England Victory for FBU in Cheshire 2018-02-18 [FBU]

More than a million benefits sanctions imposed on disabled people since 2010 2018-02-18 [the Observer]

Would you work for free to secure a job? 2018-02-18 [BBC]

East Coast petition 2018-02-17 [ASLEF]

Solidarity with education union’s fight over university pensions 2018-02-17 [Education International]

Inside Labour: Pensions - the trigger for worker action 2018-02-17 [Fin24]

Labour movement prepares for TUC march 2018-02-16 [Morning Star]

No to extra red tape, let's admit rail privatisation has failed 2018-02-16 [TSSA]

Shareholders must reject debt-fuelled takeover which will destroy British engineering giant, GKN 2018-02-16 [Unite the union]

Trinity Mirror announce savage job cuts after chief exec brags over profits 2018-02-16 [NUJ]

Wales Tesco Cardiff call centre closes with the loss of 1,100 jobs 2018-02-16 [USDAW]

Online tool helps seafood companies counter slavery risk 2018-02-16 [Thomson Reuters Trust]

Tech startup gives workers the tools to report supply chain slavery 2018-02-16 [Reuters]

Pension Increase 2018 2018-02-16 [NUT]

RMT confirms further 24 hours of strike action on Northern and Merseyrail in fight over guards and rail safety 2018-02-16 [RMT]

Usdaw in talks with Asda over their proposed unfair pension cuts, with nearly 2,000 Northern Irish staff signing a petition 2018-02-16 [USDAW]

TSSA calls for Theresa May to sack Grayling for incompetence 2018-02-16 [TSSA]

England TMASS Babcock staff to strike for three days over pay 2018-02-16 [PCS]

England London Tube cleaners' protest next week in fight for workplace justice 2018-02-16 [RMT]

Northern Ireland Just six extra border force staff, says union 2018-02-15 [Belfast Telegraph]

Northern Ireland Union issues children poverty warning 2018-02-15 [Belfast Telegraph]

Slaves paid less than £2 an hour at Staffordshire factory 2018-02-15 [BBC]

Mandela 8 Liverpool : UNI to celebrate centenary of Mandela’s birth with people of Liverpool 2018-02-15 [UNI Global Union]

Unite in groundbreaking legal victory against bogus self-employment 2018-02-15 [Unite the union]

Fury as fire authority agrees to sack firefighters 2018-02-15 [FBU]

Half a million kids of public-sector workers will be living in poverty by spring 2018-02-15 [Morning Star]

Johnson's Brexit vision 'casually casts aside' workers' rights 2018-02-15 [Morning Star]

PCS repeats calls for staffing increase in Border Force following damning MPs’ report 2018-02-15 [PCS]

Workers’ rights are essential, not ‘intolerable’, says TUC 2018-02-15 [TUC]

150,000 extra children of public sector workers pushed into poverty, says TUC 2018-02-15 [TUC]

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This month in labour history

10-02-1972 30,000 Birmingham engineers go on strike in solidarity with striking miners. Thousands of them march to Saltley Gate coke depot, overpowering police to shut the gates. [more]

17-02-2006 Royal Mail workers in Belfast return to work after a successful wildcat strike against victimisation [more]