England Museum staff strike over weekend and bank holiday pay

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Wales Museum workers strike over changes to weekend pay 2015-08-02 [BBC]

England Sellafield construction workers start work to rule over health and safety concerns 2015-08-01 [Unite]

GMB reaction to EDF announcement 2015-08-01 [GMB]

England Museum staff strike over weekend and bank holiday pay 2015-08-01 [BBC]

Huge Blaze At Migrant Port as Striking Workers Burn Tyres 2015-08-01 [BreitBart]

Calais port blocked again in ferry dispute 2015-08-01 [Reuters]

Striking French ferry workers block Calais port route with huge fire 2015-08-01 [Guardian]

Rio members win legally binding agreement 2015-07-31 [Bectu]

UNISON takes concerns over health and care regulators fee-setting processes to the Professional Standard Authority 2015-07-31 [UNISON]

Alarm bells ring over future of housing staff pensions 2015-07-31 [Unite]

Operation Stack - Relaxing safety laws will put drivers and travelling public at risk, warns Unite 2015-07-31 [Unite]

England Councils quizzed in dispute over ‘undercutting’ pay rates at Teesside energy-from-waste plant 2015-07-31 [Unite]

England RMT on night tube talks 2015-07-31 [RMT]

Budget housing policies will cause 'hardship', says UNISON 2015-07-31 [UNISON]

Send a payday protest letter to DWP 2015-07-31 [PCS]

Johnson ‘engineering’ night Tube dispute 2015-07-31 [Morning Star]

‘We won’t kill this rotten Bill in Westminster’ 2015-07-31 [Morning Star]

‘We won’t kill this rotten Bill in Westminster’ 2015-07-31 [Morning Star]

Communication Workers Union backs Corbyn as antidote to Blairite 'virus' 2015-07-31 [Guardian]

Burnout Britain Mapped: employees missing out on paid holidays by nation and region 2015-07-31 [TouchStone]

Unison backs Corbyn for Labour Leader 2015-07-30 [SkyNews]

England Blackpool fights back against nursery cuts 2015-07-30 [UNISON]

UNISON supports Jeremy Corbyn in the Labour leadership 2015-07-30 [UNISON]

Government plans for unions are 'a strikebreaker's charter' 2015-07-30 [UNISON]

Jeremy Corbyn backed by Unison and Unite for Labour leader 2015-07-30 [BBC]

Moderate trade union comes out for Corbyn 2015-07-30 [The Times]

1.7 million people missing out on their paid holidays, says TUC 2015-07-30 [TUC]

Massive Jeremy Corbyn boost as Unison trade union backs left-wing 2015-07-29 [Daily Mirror]

England Workers sent home for not driving unsafe trains 2015-07-29 [The Morning Star]

Union sues Uber over drivers’ rights 2015-07-29 [The Financial Times]

300,000 more women seeking work than men, says TUC 2015-07-29 [TUC]

Government’s economic plan is failing to deliver across the whole economy, says TUC 2015-07-29 [TUC]

Uber faces legal action in UK over drivers' working rights 2015-07-29 [The Telegraph]

England London Tube Drivers on Strike Over Unsafe Trains 2015-07-29 [Sputnik]

England London National Gallery staff announce all-out strike 2015-07-29 [Reuters]

England Sellafield nuclear plant workers strike over pay dispute 2015-07-29 [BBC]

Pitchford: Another policing cover up? 2015-07-29 [Morning Star]

High Court blacklist disclosure order 2015-07-29 [GMB]

Police undercover inquiry needs to probe links with construction industry ‘blacklisting’, says Unite 2015-07-29 [Unite]

Young people's earning power 'scarred' by older workers staying longer in same job 2015-07-28 [Independent]

UK workers staying in jobs for longer, study finds 2015-07-28 [Financial Times]

More travel disruption at Calais looms as ferry workers threaten new show of force 2015-07-28 [Telegraph]

Sacked spark reinstated after outcry 2015-07-28 [Morning Star]

Frances O’Grady: The first woman general secretary of the TUC on industry, strikes and leadership 2015-07-28 [Director]

More women than men looking for work, claims TUC 2015-07-28 [BT]

300,000 more women seeking work than men, says TUC 2015-07-28 [TUC]

Learning safety and leadership from drama 2015-07-28 [SafetyAtWorkBlog]

Big business ‘will decide government EU policy’ 2015-07-27 [Morning Star]

Sacked Union Rep takes on Bully Bosses 2015-07-27 [Morning Star]

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This month in labour history

6-08-1914 The Labour Leader, the newspaper of the Independent Labour Party, publishes an anti-war appeal to workers. [more]

8-08-1920 The country sees large 'citizen demonstrations' against intervention in Soviet Russia. [more]

8-08-1842 Thousands of mill and factory workers across Lancashire walk out in support of the People's Charter. [more]

9-08-1920 The TUC and the Labour Party agree to move a resolution for a general strike if Britain declares war on Soviet Russia. [more]

11-08-1917 LAbour politician Arthur Henderson resigns from the war cabinet over its refusal to allow workers' representatives to attend the Stockholm peace conference. [more]

12-08-1933 London taxi drivers go on strike against the wishes of their union. [more]

16-08-1819 Yeoman attack a crowd gathered in MAnchester to demand parliamentary reform, in what becomes known as the Peterloo Massacre. [more]

23-08-1976 Fifty workers at the Grunwick film processing plant in north west London go on strike for the right to join a trade union. [more]