Scotland STUC publishes Smith Commission proposals

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Unite members win CAC battle for disclosure of Fujitsu pay structure For more info 2014-11-01 [Unite]

Post Office workers set for pay strike ballot 2014-11-01 [CWU]

Gov't faces fresh health workers' strike 2014-10-31 [Lancaster Guardian]

Scotland STUC publishes Smith Commission proposals 2014-10-31 [STUC]

UCATT NHS members to take strike action on Monday 24th November 2014-10-31 [UCATT]

Health members to stage second four-hour stoppage as pay row escalates 2014-10-31 [UNISON]

ITF welcomes UK North East bus decision 2014-10-30 [ITF]

Staff cuts at army training ranges ‘could put lives at risk’, warns Unite 2014-10-30 [Unite]

St Mungo’s Broadway staff to strike for 10 days in battle to maintain quality services at housing charity 2014-10-30 [Unite]

Hunt’s ‘snub’ to NHS staff on pay sparks four-hour strike on 24 November 2014-10-30 [Unite]

Cutting ESA would be plundering the safety net that workers pay into, says TUC 2014-10-30 [TUC]

England Living wage victory at Curzon cinemas 2014-10-30 [BECTU]

Scotland Statement on the Scottish Labour leadership 2014-10-30 [Unite]

An early birthday present for Thai labour rights activist Andy Hall  ActNOW!  2014-10-29 [Stronger Unions]

Action needed on rise in illness and injury at work, says TUC 2014-10-29 [TUC]

Number of global billionaires has doubled since the financial crisis 2014-10-29 [The Independent]

Tata Steel - Unons call for more time to deal with sell-off 2014-10-29 []

Unions oppose with potential Tata Steel sale 2014-10-29 []

Crane drivers vote overwhelmingly for strike action as construction sites face shutdown 2014-10-29 [UCATT]

Scotland 'Crocodile Tears''blacklist protest Aberdeen 30th Oct 2014-10-29 [GMB]

Brussels Meeting On ISS Woolwich Dispute 2014-10-29 [GMB]

NASUWT condemns the 'tax on learning' 2014-10-29 [NASUWT]

Cameron must condemn modern slavery in Qatar, says the TUC 2014-10-29 [TUC]

Cameron must condemn modern slavery in Qatar, says the TUC 2014-10-28 [TUC]

European firefighters discuss austerity in the sector 2014-10-28 [European Public Services Union]

NUM mourns passing of Emeritus Professor Vic Allen 2014-10-28 [Cosatu]

Wales Health workers in Wales to strike 2014-10-28 [PA]

Scotland Glasgow 'Crocodile Tears' Protest Over 489 Workers Blacklisted 2014-10-28 [GMB]

Thomson Airways’ Christmas flight disruption on cards, as strike vote announced in pay dispute 2014-10-28 [Unite]

UK government turns ‘blind eye’ to offshore helicopter safety and rejects public inquiry 2014-10-28 [Unite]

Time to make work better 2014-10-28 [UNISON]

TUC comment on Resolution Foundation low pay report 2014-10-28 [TUC]

Sports Direct zero hours announcement won’t stop job insecurity, warns the TUC For more info 2014-10-28 [TUC]

Wales NHS staff to strike after 1% pay rise 'ignored' 2014-10-28 [BBC]

Wales Trending India Week Letters Crime Go Green .Wales First World War Sport Homes Showbiz Food & Drink Home News Health NHS 'The NHS runs on the goodwill of its workers, but that goodwill is beginning to run low': NHS worke 2014-10-28 [Wales Online]

Time to make work better 2014-10-27 [Unison]

Public service staff face double the amount of violence 2014-10-27 [Unison]

Wales Welsh NHS strike date set for Monday 10 November 2014-10-27 [Unison]

Frontline nursing staff urged to get flu vaccination 2014-10-27 [RCN]

SERTUC support CGIL action 2014-10-27 [TUC]

Stress tops trade unions' workplace worries 2014-10-27 [WSB]

England Ricky Tomlinson on picketing, prison and new play United We Stand 2014-10-27 [The Guardian]

Scotland 'Yes' supporters leave 'No' unions or say: stop giving our cash to Labour Party 2014-10-26 [The Herald]

Millions face years on the breadline: Britain has more long-term low-paid workers than ever 2014-10-26 [The Independent]

Stress is the UK’s top health and safety concern, say union workplace reps 2014-10-26 [TUC]

NHS blueprint prompts questions on funding and private sector involvement, says Unite 2014-10-26 [Unite]

England Protest as Dudley’s youth services on the brink of destruction 2014-10-26 [Unite]

Scotland Labour must understand the seismic shift in Scots politics 2014-10-26 [Unite]

European trade union salutes strike of prison officers 2014-10-25 [European Public Services Union]

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This month in labour history

1-11-1976 Union of Postal Workers refuses to handle any mail for Grunwick, as the strike at the company continues. [more]

14-11-1913 Sympathy action breaks out in some British ports, like Liverpool, in support of workers in Dublin, but fails to spread. [more]

22-11-1900 2,800 workers at the Penrhyn quarry in Snowdonia, Wales, walk off the job over pay and union recognition. The strike last a staggering three years, one of the longest industrial disputes in British history. [more]

30-11-2011 Millions of public sector workers join the biggest single strike day since 1926, against the government's pension reforms. [more]