Cameron should end UK’s status as Europe’s exploitation capital, says TUC

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Cameron should end UK’s status as Europe’s exploitation capital, says TUC 2014-11-28 [TUC]

Living standards crisis gives George Osborne £17 billion annual tax gap headache 2014-11-28 [TUC]

Employers should do more to help parents returning to work, says TUC 2014-11-28 [TUC]

Cameron accused of attacking workers as bosses exploit EU labour to drive down wages 2014-11-28 [Unite]

England Sheffield city road traffic electricians strike in pay dispute 2014-11-28 [Unite]

England West End backstage workers agree to new pay deal 2014-11-28 [The Stage]

Four million ‘missing votes’ from young people could decide election, says TUC 2014-11-27 [TUC]

We all love a Black Friday bargain, but please respect shopworkers says Usdaw 2014-11-27 [Usdaw]

Government accused of betrayal over East Coast rail reprivatisation 2014-11-27 [Unite]

East Coast mainline decision puts shareholders ahead of passengers, says TUC 2014-11-27 [TUC]

10 day strike to hit Defence Support Group as pay dispute escalates further 2014-11-27 [Unite]

TTIP threatens to lock in US power and influence over NHS 2014-11-27 [Unite]

ASLEF denounces East Coast sell-off 2014-11-27 [ASLEF]

ORR disagreement resolved 2014-11-27 [ASLEF]

Shining a dim light on trade negotiations 2014-11-27 [TouchStone]

Scotland Public sector and trade unions join to praise legislative programme 2014-11-27 [STV]

It’s working against workfare: Bulky Bob’s and LAMH pull out of Community Work Placements scheme 2014-11-26 [Boycott Workfare]

England PCS campaign has helped to defeat plans to privatise parliamentary security officers 2014-11-26 [PCS]

UNISON urges Welsh Assembly Members to reject 18% pay recommendation 2014-11-26 [UNISON]

Universal credit might still not be worth expense, auditors say 2014-11-26 [PCS]

England Drivers Call On David Mellor To Issue Public Apology For Verbal Abuse Of London Cab Driver 2014-11-26 [GMB]

Northern Ireland Labour Party unveils commission on NI economy 2014-11-26 [BBC]

BG Group's £25m deal for new chief attacked by directors' group 2014-11-26 [BBC]

Wales Assembly members' pay: 'Reject increase', unions say 2014-11-26 [BBC]

Stronger flexible working rights would help overworked and under-employed, says TUC 2014-11-25 [TUC]

British govt plans to smash public sector trade unions European organisation denounces 2014-11-25 [European Public Services Union]

CIPD must act on Mike Emmott over Blacklisting 2014-11-25 [GMB]

GMB Members Rock Solid Support For Second Wave Action In NHS 2014-11-24 [GMB]

Low pay recovery is fuelling in-work poverty, warns TUC 2014-11-24 [TUC]

Pensions review will improve understanding of risk to savers from government's hasty reforms, says TUC 2014-11-24 [TUC]

Huge mobilisation and tremendous public support for the NHS strikers says UNISON 2014-11-24 [UNISON]

NHS pay strike solid as public support swells 2014-11-24 [Unite]

Blacklist fears ‘a huge fuss over nothing’ says HR chief 2014-11-24 [Morning Star]

NHS workers to stage four-hour strike as pay dispute continues 2014-11-24 [Press Association]

England Sheffield IWW campaign improves conditions, ends unpaid work For more info 2014-11-24 [IWW]

Unions hail ‘great victory’ as MPs vote on NHS bill 2014-11-23 [Unite]

NHS Strike - List of UNISON picket lines in England 2014-11-23 [UNISON]

UNISON survey shows NHS staff are overworked and underpaid 2014-11-23 [UNISON]

Firms flouting the minimum wage not prosecuted in the past year 2014-11-23 [Guardian]

Women earn more than men - until they become mothers 2014-11-23 [AOL]

Tackling the UK's “freelance” TEFL scandal 2014-11-22 []

NHS workers are striking for us all 2014-11-21 [TouchStone]

Maude refuses to condemn HMRC union busting move 2014-11-21 [PCS]

UNISON slams NHS England's £1bn privatisation of critical patients records 2014-11-21 [UNISON]

Legal aid cuts are failing families and adding costs 2014-11-21 [PCS]

24th November Strike In NHS Over Pay 2014-11-21 [GMB]

England 6 Days Strike At Jacobs Liverpool 2014-11-21 [GMB]

England NUJ members under police surveillance mount collective legal challenge 2014-11-21 [NUJ]

Northern Ireland Union unveils jobs-saving proposal for Gallaher’s 2014-11-21 []

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This month in labour history

1-11-1976 Union of Postal Workers refuses to handle any mail for Grunwick, as the strike at the company continues. [more]

14-11-1913 Sympathy action breaks out in some British ports, like Liverpool, in support of workers in Dublin, but fails to spread. [more]

22-11-1900 2,800 workers at the Penrhyn quarry in Snowdonia, Wales, walk off the job over pay and union recognition. The strike last a staggering three years, one of the longest industrial disputes in British history. [more]

30-11-2011 Millions of public sector workers join the biggest single strike day since 1926, against the government's pension reforms. [more]