The Legacy of Eleanor Marx

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The Legacy of Eleanor Marx 2017-01-17 [Jacobin]

Tory Tribunal Fees are Giving Britain’s Worst Bosses a Free Ride 2017-01-17 [Morning Star]

400 ex-Phones 4u staff win £1.4m redundancy pay two years after store closures 2017-01-17 [Belfast Telegraph]

GPs ‘incensed’ by May threat to funding warns Doctors in Unite 2017-01-17 [Unite]

Tackling precarious work and addressing migration concerns 2017-01-17 [touchstoneblog]

London Underground Workers Relaunch Fight Against Cuts 2017-01-16 [The Bullet]

We'll call off cleaners' strike - if GWR ends two tier workforce, says rail union 2017-01-16 [ITV]

Fifty MPs demand anti-strike laws to stop further misery from transport unions 2017-01-16 [The Telegraph]

Tube strike: Londoners warned against 'optimism' as unions and Underground bosses hold new talks 2017-01-16 [IBT]

Funding shake-up risks cuts in most schools, say unions 2017-01-16 [BBC]

Scotland School support staff 'tired and stressed' 2017-01-16 [BBC]

England RMT prepared to suspend strike action 2017-01-16 [RMT]

Secretive mega shake-up of NHS could cost £15 million in management consultancy fees, claims Unite 2017-01-16 [Unite]

Welsh Government Bill to put ‘partnership into practice’, says Wales TUC 2017-01-16 [TUC]

HMRC closure plans 'unrealistic' 2017-01-16 [PCS]

England Derby school support staff start week of action 2017-01-16 [UNISON]

A Life in the Day: Tosh McDonald 2017-01-16 [The Times]

Wales Labour moves to ditch strike rules in NHS and schools 2017-01-16 [BBC]

Aslef rail union boss Mick Whelan: ‘I'm not a great fan of glorious defeats’ 2017-01-16 [The Guardian]

Northern Ireland Recruitment freeze 'puts police at risk' 2017-01-16 [BBC]

Northern Ireland GPs resignation from NHS 'inevitable' 2017-01-16 [BBC]

Eight billionaires 'as rich as world's poorest half' 2017-01-16 [BBC]

What has globalisation ever done for the workers? 2017-01-16 [Stronger Unions]

Working people will judge May’s Brexit strategy on whether it protects jobs and rights at work, says TUC 2017-01-16 [TUC]

‘Fair funding’ must also mean sufficient funding, say education unions 2017-01-16 [NUT]

Wales Welsh government tables bill to overturn Trade Union Act 2017-01-16 [Guardian]

Working people will judge May’s Brexit strategy on whether it protects jobs and rights at work, says TUC 2017-01-16 [TUC]

England Unions and tube chiefs to hold talks aimed at averting further strikes 2017-01-16 [Guardian]

TUC praises Royal College of Midwives leader as she announces retirement 2017-01-15 [TUC]

Echoes of Thatcher's battles with workers in railway battle 2017-01-15 [Reuters]

RMT union baron says workers will 'just break the law' if ministers bring in new anti-strike legislation 2017-01-15 [Telegraph]

Scotland Unite leadership challenger Coyne pledges tough line in support of Trident 2017-01-15 [The Herald]

England Talks on pay, pensions and job security dispute at Fujitsu in Manchester 2017-01-15 [Unite the Union]

MPs right to call for a Brexit that protects working people 2017-01-15 [touchstoneblog]

Good reasons for new years cheer at Airwave 2017-01-14 [CWU]

England Talks on pay, pensions and job security dispute at Fujitsu in Manchester For more info 2017-01-14 [Unite]

GMB Responds to Government National Grid Statement 2017-01-14 [GMB]

England New Government Tsar Must Investigate ASOS Warehouse 2017-01-14 [GMB]

Fire service leading response to flooding as union warns over lack of resources 2017-01-14 [FBU]

'All workers deserve respect, fair pay and decent protections at work.' TUC 2017-01-14 [Independent]

TUC welcomes Brexit Select Committee recognition of value of single market membership 2017-01-14 [TUC]

ASLEF in The Guardian today For more info 2017-01-14 [ASLEF]

Atomic workers set to go on strike this month 2017-01-13 [RT]

England Workers at Atomic Weapons Establishment to strike over pensions 2017-01-13 [Reuters]

Brexit: ICTU fears a race to the bottom 2017-01-13 [Irish Examiner]

England Southern rail conductors' strike to compound drivers' walkout 2017-01-13 [Guardian]

Challenge to Rio over disclosure of information 2017-01-13 [CWU]

Agonising wait at Fujitsu 2017-01-13 [CWU]

Academy's Closure Exposes Tory's Flawed Plan To Privatise Education 2017-01-13 [GMB]

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11-01-1831 Dozens of workers are convicted of machine-breaking during the agricultural workers' rebellion commonly known as the Swing Riots [more]