Amazon denies undercover author's allegations of staff treatment

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Knowledge Lunches Spring/Summer schedule 2018-04-19 [TSSA]

New Westminster bullying probe must not ignore past cases, says FDA union 2018-04-19 [FDA]

Civil servants' union boss hits back at Rudd over Windrush blame 2018-04-19 [Guardian]

England London - Jeremy Corbyn will speak at the march and rally,12 May 2018-04-19 [TUC]

England Anger as Norfolk hospital workers face hefty hikes in car parking charges 2018-04-19 [Unite the union]

Understanding the GDPR 2018-04-19 [NUJ]

Amazon denies undercover author's allegations of staff treatment 2018-04-19 [The Bookseller]

Brothels being given the green light by police as long as sex workers are safe 2018-04-19 [The Telegraph]

Northern Ireland Opinion is shifting decisively against longer Sunday trading in Belfast 2018-04-19 [USDAW]

Overworked healthcare assistants not given proper training or supervision 2018-04-19 [UNISON]

Update your contact details and you could win an iPad 2018-04-19 [PCS]

Trade unionists and anti-racists to hold ‘rivers of love’ rally where Enoch Powell made his racist speech 2018-04-19 [Morning Star]

Windrush generation served us all and made our country a better place 2018-04-19 [UNISON]

Discrimination against men at work: Experiences in five countries 2018-04-18 [Eurofound]

UNISON vows to step up fight on wholly owned subsidiaries 2018-04-18 [UNISON]

Syria bombings – TUC statement 2018-04-18 [TUC]

Usdaw welcomes Debbie Abrahams MP raising Shop Direct with the Prime Minister 2018-04-18 [USDAW]

England Hull College Group UCU members overwhelmingly back strike action over job cuts 2018-04-18 [UCU]

Lynn Henderson’s STUC election shows women on the rise in Scotland’s trade union campaigns 2018-04-18 [PCS]

Inflation fall shows Bank should hold off interest rate rise, says TUC 2018-04-18 [TUC]

Scotland STUC Conference ’18: Blacklisting firms ‘should be barred’ from public contracts, Scottish Labour leader says 2018-04-18 [Morning Star]

Scotland Talks today between TSSA and ScotRail Abellio to try resolve the longstanding dispute over CCTV staff have broken down 2018-04-17 [TSSA]

England Survey reveals justice system in crisis as Unite supports vigil 2018-04-17 [Unite the union]

Workers still £14 a week worse off than a decade ago, says TUC 2018-04-17 [TUC]

British workers are still £14 a week worse off than a decade ago 2018-04-17 [Morning Star]

WorkersWildWest no.7 - A west-London workers' paper 2018-04-17 [AWW]

Scotland ScotRail strike threatens fans' trip to Scottish Cup Final 2018-04-17 [STV]

England McDonalds workers vote for May Day strike action 2018-04-17 []

England Health and safety victory for East London recycling plant workers 2018-04-17 []

Northern Ireland Relaunch for 'older teachers' replacement scheme 2018-04-17 [BBC]

Northern Ireland Brexit reopens old wounds 2018-04-16 [IPS]

Northern Ireland Conductor 'indecently assaulted' on train 2018-04-16 [BBC]

Shareholders are creaming off more cash from outsourced public services, says TUC 2018-04-16 [TUC]

Jaguar Land Rover jobs blow should have ‘alarm bells ringing’ in government, says Unite 2018-04-16 [Unite the union]

Acas conciliators to take industrial action in long-running dispute 16 Apr 2018 2018-04-16 [PCS]

70 years of the NHS, 25 years of UNISON 2018-04-16 [UNISON]

Tesco distribution workers vote to strike over pay 2018-04-16 [Talking Retail]

Stronger trade unions, improved regional policy and an end to austerity 2018-04-16 [Guardian]

NHS trusts are spending millions outsourcing staff to private companies, says UNISON 2018-04-16 [UNISON]

Shareholders at 7 biggest outsourcing companies see dividends rise by two thirds 2018-04-16 [Morning Star]

Scotland Sturgeon facing clash at STUC after FM said some workers 'choose' contracts which make them pay to access their own wage 2018-04-15 [The Herald]

Scotland The new face of trade unions: meet the young workers fighting back against exploitation 2018-04-15 [The Herald]

England Unrest at Royal Opera House as security staff threaten strike action 2018-04-14 [The Stage]

Strikes suspended as union members vote to end pensions dispute 2018-04-14 [The Times]

Two media outlets forced to close following Orbán’s electoral win in Hungary 2018-04-14 [NUJ]

Health and safety issues top the list of Lidl distribution centre staff concerns says Usdaw 2018-04-14 [USDAW]

British bombing of Syria in breach of international law 2018-04-14 [TSSA]

New tool to help tackle gender pay gap 2018-04-14 [BECTU]

Isle of Wight council warned against warned against adopting fire service proposals over safety fears 2018-04-14 [FBU]

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This month in labour history

6-04-1912 After 37 days, Britain's first national coalmining strike ends. It results in the passage of the Coal Mines (Minimum Wage) Act. [more]

6-04-1912 After 37 days, Britain's first national coalmining strike ends. It results in the passage of the Coal Mines (Minimum Wage) Act. [more]

10-04-1984 The House of Commons meets for an emergency debate on the role of police in the miners strike, [more]

15-04-1856 Tom Mann, British syndicalist and a leader of the dock strikes in 1889 and 1911, is born [more]

23-04-1914 First publication of the classic socialist novel 'The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists' [more]