The motherhood pay penalty is a 'scandal', says TUC

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Carillion to pay £10.5m to blacklisting victims 2016-08-24 [Building]

Prudential workers vote for industrial action over shift to Mumbai 2016-08-24 [Telegraph]

The motherhood pay penalty is a 'scandal', says TUC 2016-08-23 [TUC]

Fire chiefs slammed as figures reveal 1,000 jobs gone since merger 2016-08-23 [FBU]

Prudential staff vote for industrial action over offshoring to India 2016-08-23 [Unite]

England RMT announces new Southern strike dates 2016-08-23 [RMT]

Women penalised financially for having children 2016-08-23 [UNISON]

Resignation of Ofsted chair 2016-08-23 [NUT]

Delay of decision on Impress's royal charter 'farcical, but predictable' 2016-08-23 [NUJ]

England Southern Rail Staff To Stage 48-Hour Strike In September 2016-08-23 [Sky News]

Northern Ireland Gender pay gap: Trend shows women in NI earn more than men 2016-08-23 [BBC]

BAME workers a third more likely to be underemployed, finds TUC report 2016-08-22 [TUC]

Union sets up network to support members who are EU citizens 2016-08-22 [UNISON]

England Unite serves notice on London’s ‘unethical’ hotel sector with the launch of new report 2016-08-22 [Unite]

England Swingeing government cuts will decimate council services in Bristol, say unions 2016-08-22 [Unite]

Under pressure, underfunded and undervalued 2016-08-22 [UNISON]

England The Deliveroo drivers strike: a milestone in the sharing economy 2016-08-22 [Techworld]

Sacked for reading a book during break 2016-08-20 [NI]

Collective action via social media brings hope to gig economy workers 2016-08-20 [The Guardian]

Taxpayer money paid to private landlords doubles over 10 years, reaching almost £10bn 2016-08-20 [Independent]

Post Office faces possible strikes after CWU ballot on industrial action 2016-08-19 [The Guardian]

England South East housing crisis sparks month-long fact finding tour by Unite 2016-08-19 [Unite]

MPs to discuss workers’ rights post-Brexit 2016-08-19 [UNISON]

Post Office strike vote sparks call for talks 2016-08-19 [CWU]

Campaign demands end to oil sponsorship of culture 2016-08-19 [PCS]

England Unite pledges to battle threat to 325 jobs at Nottingham’s Pizza Factory 2016-08-19 [Unite]

How trade unions help promote equality and diversity in the workplace 2016-08-19 [TUC]

Labour conference could be cancelled in security row, says GMB 2016-08-18 [BBC]

Dramatic increase in fire deaths as firefighter job cuts worsen 2016-08-18 [FBU]

BBC must do more to improve coverage in devolved regions 2016-08-18 [BBC]

Record employment and high profits support minimum wage increase, says TUC 2016-08-18 [TUC]

England Brighton NHS Trust Special Measures Decision 'Comes As No Surprise' To GMB 2016-08-18 [GMB]

Labour Conference At Risk Of Cancellation Over Unresolved Security Row 2016-08-18 [GMB]

England Brighton bus drivers put brakes on strikes to allow talks 2016-08-18 [Morning Start]

England ‘Fresh look’ at management style at Brighton buses welcomed by Unite 2016-08-17 [Unite]

Unite asks BA to think again as 9 out of 10 BA cabin crew vote for industrial action over flawed ‘performance’ system 2016-08-17 [Unite]

England Threat to 350 jobs at Nottingham’s Pizza Factory is ‘hammer blow’ to local economy, says Unite 2016-08-17 [Unite]

London Deliveroo drivers crowdfund protests over new pricing model 2016-08-17 [TechCrunch]

Deliveroo couriers are right to strike: the company’s claims of freedom are a sham 2016-08-17 [Guardian]

5 ways to combat racism in the workplace 2016-08-17 [Stronger Unions]

Working at Sports Direct hurts your health 2016-08-17 [Stronger Unions]

TUC Aid Supports Women Trade Unionists in Nicaragua 2016-08-17 [TUC]

TUC challenges surge in racist abuse following EU vote 2016-08-17 [TUC]

Northern Ireland KFC: McKeever sisters settle sexual harassment claims 2016-08-17 [BBC]

Shift workers more susceptible to infections: Study 2016-08-17 [TOI]

Bob Crow brigade '30 miles' from IS-stronghold of Raqqa in Syria 2016-08-17 [Middle East Eye]

Northern Ireland Staff at Co Down manufacturer Glen Dimplex to strike over pay 2016-08-16 [Belfast Telegraph]

Deliveroo ordered to pay minimum wage 2016-08-16 [The Standard]

Rail fares have risen twice as fast as wages since 2010, finds TUC 2016-08-16 [TUC]

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This month in labour history

6-08-1914 The Labour Leader, the newspaper of the Independent Labour Party, publishes an anti-war appeal to workers. [more]

8-08-1920 The country sees large 'citizen demonstrations' against intervention in Soviet Russia. [more]

8-08-1842 Thousands of mill and factory workers across Lancashire walk out in support of the People's Charter. [more]

9-08-1920 The TUC and the Labour Party agree to move a resolution for a general strike if Britain declares war on Soviet Russia. [more]

11-08-1917 LAbour politician Arthur Henderson resigns from the war cabinet over its refusal to allow workers' representatives to attend the Stockholm peace conference. [more]

12-08-1933 London taxi drivers go on strike against the wishes of their union. [more]

16-08-1819 Yeoman attack a crowd gathered in MAnchester to demand parliamentary reform, in what becomes known as the Peterloo Massacre. [more]

23-08-1976 Fifty workers at the Grunwick film processing plant in north west London go on strike for the right to join a trade union. [more]