As real wages fall, household debt is set to reach record highs

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World labour support after Manchester bomb 2017-05-25 [BECTU ]

England PCS marks 20th anniversary of restoration of union rights at GCHQ 2017-05-25 [PCS]

As real wages fall, household debt is set to reach record highs 2017-05-25 [touchstoneblog]

Obituary: Sir Roger Moore longest serving member of his union 2017-05-24 [BECTU]

Child labour exploitation referrals surge 63%, figures show 2017-05-24 [Independent]

England London - Unite statement on Skanska Crossrail dispute 2017-05-24 [Unite]

BECTU has expressed sadness at the death of Sir Roger Moore 2017-05-24 [BECTU]

A video message from Terry Pullinger, DGS(P) on the Four Pillars of Security. 2017-05-24 [CWU]

Northumberland firefighters demand Tories keep election promises 2017-05-24 [FBU]

Child labour exploitation referrals surge 63%, figures show 2017-05-24 [Independent]

England Hazards 2017 national conference, 28–30 July 2017, Keele Uni, Stoke-on-Trent 2017-05-24 [Hazards Campaign]

Conference agrees for PCS to challenge the enforced changes to pension schemes 2017-05-24 [PCS]

England Strike ballot looms at St Barts over jobs, pay and working conditions 2017-05-24 [Unite]

PCS Annual Delegate Conference starts with a call for co-ordinated action 2017-05-24 [PCS]

SIPTU President offers condolences and calls for solidarity in response to Manchester bombing 2017-05-23 [SIPTU]

Shadow chancellor pays respects to victims of Manchester terror attack in statement to union’s conference 2017-05-23 [RMT]

RMT suspends strike action - 'In light of the horrific bombing in Manchester' 2017-05-23 [RMT]

PCS conference pays respects to victims of Manchester terror attack 2017-05-23 [PCS]

UNISON response to Manchester Arena atrocity 2017-05-23 [UNISON]

A barbaric attack that ruthlessly targeted children 2017-05-23 [FBU]

Right to request fixed hours will be ‘useless’ in combatting insecure work, says Unite 2017-05-23 [Unite]

'Right to request' could mean close to zero action on zero-hours, says TUC 2017-05-23 [TUC]

TUC sends solidarity following Manchester attack 2017-05-23 [TUC]

Sparks down tools on Skanska Crossrail sites 2017-05-23 [Construction Enquirer]

England More than 100 striking Argos workers in Barton to march today in show of strength 2017-05-23 [Burton Mail]

National Taxi And Private Hire Protest 2017-05-23 [GMB]

Tory Manifesto 'Total Shambles' After U-Turn 2017-05-23 [GMB]

Scotland Success For Lecturers As Colleges Agree To 'Honour The Deal 2017-05-23 [EIS]

Our privatised railways are a failure. And the public knows it 2017-05-23 [Morning Star]

McCluskey on Theresa May's dementia tax U-turn 2017-05-22 [Unite]

England London - EHRC strike action moves to the capital 2017-05-22 [PCS]

UNISON statement on certification officer decision 2017-05-22 [UNISON]

Green Party Manifesto 2017-05-22 [NUT]

Record 60% of Britons in poverty are in working families – study 2017-05-22 [The Guardian]

Two in a row: Lecturers score another pay victory over employers with mass campaign 2017-05-22 [Common Space]

England Council housing workers stage demo as strike action goes on 2017-05-22 [ITV]

Train drivers from around the country gathering for ASLEF’s Annual Conerence 2017-05-21 [ASLEF]

Scrap feuds and keep your eye on victory, Unison chief tells Labour 2017-05-21 [Guardian]

Report on care work in west London 2017-05-20 [AWW]

Scotland Scots lecturers call off strike action after 'equal pay' deal with bosses 2017-05-20 [The Evening Times]

England Crunch talks to be held next week as workers consider BMW's 'final offer' 2017-05-20 [The Mail]

Delegates: Renationalise railways to save service 2017-05-20 [Morning Star]

Sports Direct workers - Transline must not be allowed to ‘wriggle out’ of its responsibilities, says Unite 2017-05-19 [Unite]

Northern Ireland Shopworkers celebrate a victory on Sunday trading as Belfast City Councillors back Usdaw’s case 2017-05-19 [USDAW]

England Striking housing workers to protest outside Northwards Housing offices 2017-05-19 [Unite]

Public sector recruitment hovers on the brink of crisis, warns UNISON 2017-05-19 [UNISON]

Tory Dementia Tax Places Burden On Wrong Shoulders 2017-05-19 [GMB]

Blog: Our social care system is in crisis and the Conservative Party just don’t have the answers 2017-05-19 [UNISON]

Why we’ve been taking strike action at the EHRC 2017-05-19 [PCS]

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This month in labour history

4-05-1926 For the first and so far only time in British history, the TUC calls millions of workers out in a general strike, in support of coal miners. [more]

5-05-1882 Sylvia Pankhurst, suffragette and revolutionary socialist, is born. [more]

10-05-1920 Dockers refused to load arms shipments to be used by White armies in Russia. [more]

14-05-1771 Socialist philanthropist Robert Owen is born [more]

30-05-1984 Miners leader Arthur Scargill, along with 81 other pickets, is arrested at the Orgreave coking plant in South Yorkshire. [more]