Minford view on Brexit and exports lacks credibility, says TUC

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Have your say on DWP pay offer 2016-04-30 [PCS]

Scotland Stagecoach asked to ‘think again’ on plans to close Dundee depot 2016-04-30 [Unite]

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Three of four blacklisting victims groups settle out of court 2016-04-30 [Building]

Britain's biggest building firms agree to pay millions in compensation to 'blacklisted' workers 2016-04-30 [Mirror]

Construction firms strike blacklisting settlement 2016-04-30 [BBC]

Blacklisted workers win compensation from big construction firms 2016-04-30 [The Guardian]

Minford view on Brexit and exports lacks credibility, says TUC 2016-04-29 [TUC]

England Leeds auto plant closure today ‘a betrayal of the workers', says Unite 2016-04-29 [Unite]

UNISON marks International Workers’ Memorial Day 2016-04-29 [UNISON]

Trade Union Bill: Stand up for union rights 2016-04-29 [Stronger Unions]

Cameron Joins Union Boss in Plea to British Workers Over Brexit 2016-04-29 [Bloomberg]

England Health and safety officer sacked in fire hazard dispute 2016-04-29 [BBC]

Grimsby fish firm’s ‘national living wage’ row goes to Brussels – as workers face the sack 2016-04-28 [Unite]

Honda warned over workers’ treatment at Swindon plant 2016-04-28 [Unite]

PCS takes opposition to Land Registry sell-off to Parliament 2016-04-28 [PCS]

Scotland Unite - There must be a full investigation into the Queensferry death at work 2016-04-28 [Unite]

Strong laws - strong enforcement - strong unions is the message for Workers' Memorial Day says Usdaw 2016-04-28 [Usdaw]

Uber under union fire for undermining worker rights 2016-04-28 [ITF Global Union]

Top transport unions condemn National Express over labour violations 2016-04-28 [ITF Global Union]

Union campaign scores a win with big changes made to Trade Union Bill 2016-04-28 [Touchstone blog]

It isn't just about the men... meet the women of Port Talbot's steelworks 2016-04-28 [Wales Online]

Shift work may pose greater risk to women: study 2016-04-28 [Safety and Health]

Is it time for a women's trade union? 2016-04-28 [New Statesman]

Brexit could put millions of people at greater risk of accident or injury at work, says TUC 2016-04-28 [TUC]

Brexit would put millions of workers at greater risk of accidents, says TUC 2016-04-28 [Associated Press]

Militant union boss brands McDonald's 'the devil' in row between fast food giant and Labour 2016-04-28 [The Sun]

Trade union recognition at Vice UK 2016-04-27 [NUJ]

Is the junior doctors’ strike justified? Panel verdict 2016-04-27 [Guardian]

Steel dumping: UK must stop blocking action against China 2016-04-27 [TouchStone]

Scunthorpe steelworker’s mum died after being exposed to asbestos while washing his work clothes 2016-04-27 [Scunthorpe Telegraph]

Victims of asbestos to be remembered on International Workers' Memorial Day in Clydebank 2016-04-27 [Clydebank Post]

England Thousands of junior doctors and teachers march in London 2016-04-27 [Socialist Worker]

Junior doctors' strike: All-out stoppage begins 2016-04-26 [BBC]

Thousands of ambulance workers could follow junior doctors by going on strike 2016-04-26 [Daily Mirror]

Southern rail passengers face two days of travel chaos due to strike 2016-04-26 [Guardian]

Royal Mail should be nationalised, Corbyn tells union conference 2016-04-26 [Herald Scotland]

Northern Ireland BHS: about 200 jobs at risk in NI after firm files for administration 2016-04-26 [BBC]

Tories told ‘stop demonising junior doctors’ and start negotiating, says Unite 2016-04-26 [Unite the Union]

Royal Mail begins crunch pay talks with trade union 2016-04-26 [Financial Times]

BBC bows to Beijing and off-shores Chinese news service 2016-04-26 [NUJ]

The Trade Union Bill heads for a crunch date in the Commons 2016-04-26 [TUC]

ITF welcomes new assistant general secretary 2016-04-26 [ITF Global Union]

Candles at Macclesfield church cannot be lit after health and safety shake-up 2016-04-26 [MACCESFIELD Express]

Tories told ‘stop demonising junior doctors’ and start negotiating, says Unite 2016-04-26 [Unite]

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This month in labour history

6-04-1912 After 37 days, Britain's first national coalmining strike ends. It results in the passage of the Coal Mines (Minimum Wage) Act. [more]

10-04-1984 The House of Commons meets for an emergency debate on the role of police in the miners strike, [more]

15-04-1856 Tom Mann, British syndicalist and a leader of the dock strikes in 1889 and 1911, is born [more]

23-04-1914 First publication of the classic socialist novel 'The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists' [more]