Government must invest to boost growth instead of giving tax breaks to the rich, says TUC

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01-08-2019 --- Various: Future Leaders Programme 2019 (with visit to Auschwitz and Krakow, Poland)
10-08-2019 --- Germany: Organising Amazon: cross border trade unionism study visit
01-09-2019 England Burston, near Diss, Norfolk: 09:00 Burston Strike School Rally
08-09-2019 England Brighton: TUC Congress
01-11-2019 England London: Annual TUC London, East and South East / ACAS Conference

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Government must invest to boost growth instead of giving tax breaks to the rich, says TUC [TUC] 2019-07-17

Government must act to support the economy, says TUC [TUC] 2019-07-16

TUC warns of 'looming skills crisis' as workforce training drops [TUC] 2019-07-12

Government must introduce ethnicity pay gap reporting without delay, says TUC [TUC] 2019-07-10

Unions agree Labour should back remain in referendum on Tory deal [Guardian] 2019-07-09

Unions call for cross-party commission to agree climate emergency plans - TUC [TUC] 2019-07-08

British Airways in talks to avert pilots' strike [BBC] 2019-07-08

Scotland Equal Pay Glasgow: Trade union boss warns city council could go 'bankrupt' over £250m new claims [The Evening Times] 2019-07-07

Government must change the law to stop sexual harassment at work, says TUC [TUC] 2019-07-04

Threat of first national rail strike in 20 years moves a step closer in major dispute over pensions [Evening Standard] 2019-06-28


Other news

MI5 spied on World in Action journalists 2019-07-18 [Morning Star]

Chairman of watchdog probing Labour ‘profited from blacklisters’ 2019-07-18 [Morning Star]

Minimum wage of at least £10 and an end to rip-off youth rates - Usdaw gives evidence to the Low Pay Commission 2019-07-17 [USDAW]

Unite will not tolerate Premiere Handling leaving its workers ‘high and dry’ 2019-07-17 [Unite the union]

Scotland Diageo workers could be set for strike action 2019-07-17 [Herald]

Northern Ireland Sex discrimination: Teacher settles case for £5,000 2019-07-17 [BBC]

Launch of new PCS Organising App 2019-07-17 [PCS]

Industrial change can benefit communities when workers’ voices are involved – TUC 2019-07-17 [TUC]

England Union leaders call for Ruskin College to withdraw threats of staff dismissal and drop charges against UCU reps 2019-07-17 [UCU]

Companies House changes let rogue directors off the hook 2019-07-17 [NUJ]

Government must invest to boost growth instead of giving tax breaks to the rich, says TUC 2019-07-17 [TUC]

Ambulance workers protest against plans to keep them working until they're 68 2019-07-17 [Morning Star]

'We'll end in-work poverty in our first term,' Labour pledges 2019-07-17 [Morning Star]

Labour pledges to end in-work poverty in first full term 2019-07-17 [BBC]

PCS responds to Liz Truss on Pensions 2019-07-16 [PCS]

Union says it will take 'continuous strike action' over pharmacy support workers' pay 2019-07-16 [The Pharma Journal]

Landmark pension ruling to apply to all UK public sector schemes 2019-07-16 [FT]

Public servants need pension certainty, says TUC 2019-07-16 [TUC]

Workers at Sainsbury's Waltham Point to take second round of strike action on 25 July says Usdaw 2019-07-16 [USDAW]

GMB takes battle for pay justice to door of outsourcing giant ISS 2019-07-16 [GMB]

England Lincolnshire health visitors striking over ‘no pay rises’ and erosion of professional standards 2019-07-16 [Unite the union]

England Resounding support from local MPs for striking ISS members in Bootle and Liverpool 2019-07-16 [PCS]

Devolution can offer an opportunity as industrial change takes effect 2019-07-16 [TUC]

Valspar industrial action details announced 2019-07-16 [Unite the union]

Join the rally against outsourcing 17 July 2019-07-16 [PCS]

Government advisor solution to rail franchise chaos - create a new QUANGO 2019-07-16 [RMT]

TSSA Dismisses Williams Rail Review Comments As 'Pure Fiction' 2019-07-16 [TSSA]

Unite to ballot Diageo members for strike action following derisory pay offer 2019-07-16 [Unite the union]

Government must act to support the economy, says TUC 2019-07-16 [TUC]

Northern Ireland Employment rate rises to record high 2019-07-16 [BBC]

Karro Foods workers in Hull go on strike in pay dispute 2019-07-16 [Hull Live]

Sainsbury’s workers to strike over attendance policy 2019-07-16 [Retail Week]

Unite to work with blacklisted trade unionists to investigate collusion allegations 2019-07-16 [Morning Star]

Offshore union RMT to step up pressure for ‎public inquiry into helicopter safety 2019-07-15 [RMT]

UK-wide Amazon Prime Day protests 2019-07-15 [GMB]

England UCU members at Nottingham College announce mammoth 15 days of strike action 2019-07-15 [UCU]

‘Your days are numbered,’ Dave Prentis tells Tories in Durham speech 2019-07-15 [UNISON]

Resistance and Solidarity - Amazon workers demand a better deal this Prime Day 2019-07-15 [UNI]

Unite to investigate claims of collusion with construction blacklist 2019-07-14 [Guardian]

England Hereford and Worcester firefighters enter trade dispute with fire service employer 2019-07-14 [FBU]

Summer travel chaos looms after Heathrow workers announce strike dates in pay dispute 2019-07-13 [Unite the union]

McCluskey tells the crowd at Durham Miners’ Gala ‘don't let this chance slip’ 2019-07-13 [Unite the union]

TSSA Seeks Urgent Thomas Cook Meeting and Jobs Guarantees 2019-07-13 [TSSA]

industry London airports to be hit by series of strikes during summer 2019-07-13 [The Guardian]

TUC warns of 'looming skills crisis' as workforce training drops 2019-07-12 [TUC]

Pilots union BALPA welcomes Thomas Cook restructuring announcement and calls on government to support the plan 2019-07-12 [BALPA]

England Parliament Workers Face ‘Unacceptable’ Abuse, Report Says 2019-07-12 [NYTimes]

TSSA Response To Network Rail Safety Taskforce 2019-07-12 [TSSA]

RMT calls for an absolute ban on contracting out after shocking report 2019-07-12 [RMT]

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11-07-1977 20,000 join a national day of action in support of Grunwick strikers [more]

17-07-1974 The strike of 400 mostly Asian women workers at Imperial Typewriters in Leicester is called to an end. [more]