Wages will take over a decade to recover at current rate, says TUC

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TUC and DGB: Workplace democracy is essential to decent work - the 13th British-German Trade Union Forum 2014-12-19 [TUC]

US-Cuban prisoner exchange is long overdue, says TUC 2014-12-19 [TUC]

Government should invest more in Access to Work, says TUC 2014-12-19 [TUC]

Bosses rush to shore up hated TTIP 2014-12-19 [Morning Star]

Wages will take over a decade to recover at current rate, says TUC 2014-12-17 [TUC]

-- New Video -- Celebrate decent jobs on National Postal Workers Day 2014-12-17 [CWU]

England Ex-Tesco drivers stage Yorkshire demos over ‘unfair dismissals’ 2014-12-17 [Unite]

Unite calls for Acas talks to avoid airport ground handler strike 2014-12-17 [Unite]

Comedian joins London lecturers on picket lines 2014-12-17 [Morning Star]

Building blacklisters taken back to court 2014-12-17 [Morning Star]

Zero-hours workers earn nearly £300 a week less than permanent employees 2014-12-16 [TUC]

Over 80% of voters in PM’s & Health Secretary’s seats demand NHS veto from US trade deal 2014-12-16 [Unite]

Inflation fall shows economic need for wage rises, says TUC For more info 2014-12-16 [TUC]

Give communities the chance to save their local paper 2014-12-16 [NUJ]

England Last Ditch Talks To Avert Xmas ISS Strikes 2014-12-16 [GMB]

Post Office strikes before Christmas 2014-12-16 [CWU]

Open letter from Usdaw calling for respect for shopworkers ahead of the last weekend before Christmas 2014-12-16 [Usdaw]

Northern Ireland Mivan: Redundant construction workers win payout 2014-12-16 [BBC]

Northern Ireland Strike threat over 'draconian' measures 2014-12-16 [BBC]

The government should protect migrant workers from exploitation, says TUC 2014-12-15 [TUC]

Help illegally-underpaid care workers 2014-12-15 [Unison]

Grazia, Unite and West End stars combine forces on equal pay 2014-12-15 [Unite]

Zero-hours workers 'earn less' than permanent staff 2014-12-15 [BBC]

Demand justice for Colombian trade unionist  ActNOW!  2014-12-15 [UNISON]

Scotland Under Murphy Labour cannot be reclaimed. Trades union must not support him ... 2014-12-14 [Herald Scotland]

Post Office workers strike nationwide 2014-12-13 [CWU]

Legal Aid For Domestic Violence Victims 2014-12-13 [GMB]

Scotland Unite reaction to Scottish Labour leader result 2014-12-13 [Unite]

Northern Ireland INTO condemns education cuts 2014-12-13 [INTO]

England Pathology sell-off sparks strike action ballot at London’s leading hospitals 2014-12-12 [Unite]

England Rolls-Royce under fire over Derby and Ansty job losses 2014-12-12 [Unite]

TUC launches guides for would-be parents on new maternity and paternity rules 2014-12-12 [TUC]

Jobs need to be protected as well as the planet, says the TUC 2014-12-12 [TUC]

The world needs a pay rise: Oxfam recognises the union role 2014-12-12 [Stronger Unions]

England Low wages, zero-hours contracts, and self-organisation in London’s Everyman Cinemas 2014-12-11 [libcom.org]

10 reasons to support the firefighters' strikes 2014-12-11 [libcom.org]

England Wall Street Landlord Threatening Eviction of 93 families Buys $6.1 Million Mansion 2014-12-11 [AFL-CIO]

Glencore: unions protest at mining multinational’s misdemeanours 2014-12-11 [Stronger Unions]

Privatisation is a real and growing threat to our NHS, says TUC 2014-12-10 [TUC]

400 plus Staff - Three day strike over pay cuts to hit national housing charity 2014-12-10 [Unite]

RIPA code of practice will not protect journalists or sources 2014-12-10 [NUJ]

England Firefighters complete 24 hours strike; march in their thousands to support sacked colleague Ricky Matthews 2014-12-10 [FBU]

A third of NHS contracts awarded to private firms - report 2014-12-10 [BBC]

Government too trusting of big suppliers, say MPs 2014-12-10 [BBC]

TUC shows support for striking firefighters 2014-12-10 [TUC]

Northern Ireland Law to ban paying for sex passes final stage in Stormont 2014-12-10 [Irish Times]

England Unions and community celebrate UK civil disobedience victory For more info 2014-12-09 [ITF]

Domestic workers rally on Human Rights Day to oppose the return of slavery in the UK 2014-12-09 [Unite]

England Firefighters union to take Bucks fire authority to court over Ricky Matthews sacking 2014-12-09 [FBU]

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9-12-1913 A Special Delegate Conference of the TUC votes overwhelmingly against calling sympathetic strike action to aid locked-out workers in Dublin. [more]