New living wage agreement with academy trust

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NHS workers back strike action in pay row by 2-to-1 margin 2014-09-18 [The Guardian]

New living wage agreement with academy trust 2014-09-18 [UNISON]

Pride - quirky tale of 'pits and perverts' gets the facts straight 2014-09-18 [Guardian]

UNISON leading the global fight against privatisation 2014-09-18 [UNISON]

England RMT calls for end to cuts as railway worker saves the day 2014-09-18 [USI]

England London Mayor pledges to put pressure on TNT Post over low pay 2014-09-17 [CWU]

OECD Steps On Tax Avoidance Welcome 2014-09-17 [GMB]

TUC welcomes international commission’s report on low carbon growth 2014-09-17 [TUC]

Wales Members at Aberystwyth University on strike from this Friday 2014-09-17 [UNISON]

Today’s low-paid jobs aren’t working, says TUC 2014-09-17 [TUC]

Pride in the union movement - in cinemas now 2014-09-17 [UNISON]

England 6,000 Job Losses In Birmingham City Council 2014-09-17 [GMB]

Cammell Laird shipyard worker strike called off 2014-09-17 [The Wirrall]

Scotland Journalists bullied for covering Scottish independence referendum 2014-09-17 [USI]

Scotland Unite calls for employer flexibility on referendum day as record turnout expected 2014-09-17 [Unite]

6,000 Birmingham city council job cuts are ‘savage’, says Unite 2014-09-17 [Unite]

We all need a pay rise 2014-09-17 [PCS]

Scotland Glasgow Blacklist Protest Over £45m Contract To BAM 2014-09-17 [GMB]

Scotland Nuclear Power Important For Scotland 2014-09-17 [GMB]

Why We Should All Be Proud Of Pride: The Film 2014-09-16 [Huffington Post]

ATL comment on Education Committee report 'Underachievement in Education by White Working Class Children' 2014-09-16 [ATL]

Scotland NUJ calls for end to threats and intimidation of journalists reporting on the referendum in Scotland 2014-09-16 [NUJ]

England NUM investment in Hatfield Colliery good news for jobs and energy security, says TUC 2014-09-16 [TUC]

Low inflation points to wage rises as the priority, says TUC 2014-09-16 [TUC]

MPs back call for proper staffing in the Passport Office 2014-09-16 [PCS]

How the super rich got richer: 10 shocking facts about inequality 2014-09-15 [The Guardian]

RMT protest over threat to jobs, services and safety - rail franchise 2014-09-15 [RMT]

Unite boss warning over funding if Labour woos Lib Dems 2014-09-15 [Guardian]

Getting a fair share for all our members, view from the Unite union 2014-09-15 [Guardian]

Scotland SNP's shame on blacklists 2014-09-15 [Morning Star]

Post Office pay deadlock 'could spark dispute' warns CWU 2014-09-15 [CWU]

Throw out blacklisting Dundee museum construction contractor, campaigners tell Nicola Sturgeon 2014-09-15 [Morning Star]

Scotland New poll - Exceptional participation of working people anticipated in Scottish referendum 2014-09-14 [Unite]

Protest letter over murdered activists in Peru 2014-09-14 [TUC]

Northern Ireland Bombardier cutting jobs in Belfast 2014-09-13 [BBC]

Brit TUC General Secretary Frances OGrady protests to Peruvian Ambassador about murder of anti-logging activists 2014-09-13 [TUC]

Unison says Councillor given massive pay rise for achieving £65m cuts shows “astonishing contempt” for employees lower down the pecking order 2014-09-12 [Morning Star]

MPs claimed more expenses last year than at the peak of the expenses scandal 2014-09-12 [The Guardian]

BBC strike called off after unions reach deal with bosses 2014-09-12 [USI]

England Cleaner drivers embark on industrial action over pay 2014-09-12 [USI]

Brit Union fury at Qatar workers' plight 2014-09-12 [Press Association]

TUC No To EU and US Trade Deal 2014-09-11 [GMB]

Unite urges TUC to demand that David Cameron vetoes health from TTIP 2014-09-11 [Unite]

Unite comment on reports of RBS and Lloyds 'contingency' plans for an independent Scotland 2014-09-11 [Unite]

The decline in regional newspapers threatens local democracy, Cambridge councillor warns TUC 2014-09-11 [Unite]

TUC urges Israel arms ban 2014-09-11 [Jewish Chronicle]

Trade unions declare 'outright opposition' to Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership 2014-09-11 [Morning Star]

Victory - British unions support Gaza, justice for Palestine 2014-09-11 [AIC]

TUC accused of ‘prejudice’ after Israel boycott vote 2014-09-11 [Jewish Week]

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This month in labour history

2-09-1976 All 137 Grumwick strikers are sacked by the company. [more]

15-09-1913 Over 10,000 English railwaymen refuse to handle Dublin goods in an official sympathy strike with locked-out Irish workers. [more]

28-09-1995 Liverpool dockers are locked out by their employer, sparking a two-year struggle for their jobs and livelihoods. [more]