Osborne’s economic failure leaves borrowing for 2014/15 £50bn higher than planned

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Lecturers’ union debates call for an international trade union led inquiry into repression 2015-05-26 [The New Internationalist]

UCU leader attacks Tories on strike laws 2015-05-26 [Time Higher Education]

England Downing Street gardeners on strike over pay 2015-05-26 [The Guardian]

England NUJ ballots Newsquest South London for action on jobs, cuts and closures 2015-05-25 [NUJ]

3,000 children enslaved after being trafficked 2015-05-24 [Guardian]

Unions describe TATA Pension Consultation as “a sham” 2015-05-22 [Unite]

Finnish bosses urged to intervene in lift workers’ ‘spy in the cab’ dispute, as two-week strike looms 2015-05-22 [Unite]

Osborne’s economic failure leaves borrowing for 2014/15 £50bn higher than planned 2015-05-22 [TUC]

England GMB Furious As Cranswick A Hull Pork Producer Introduces Mobile Phone Blanket Ban 2015-05-22 [GMB]

Unite members snap ‘solidarity selfies’ in support of Brazilian bank workers 2015-05-22 [Unite]

ATL comment on Nicky Morgan's pledge to build 500 new free schools in the next parliament 2015-05-22 [ATL]

Probation strike date set for 11 June 2015 2015-05-22 [UNISON]

Magnox to cut 1,600 jobs as nuclear lights go out 2015-05-22 [The Independent]

Union members receive more training compared to non-members, says TUC 2015-05-22 [TUC]

IFJ calls on Qatari authorities to respect journalists´ right to report after the arrest of a BBC crew 2015-05-22 [IFJ]

IndustriALL backs British steelworkers 2015-05-22 [IndustriALL Global Union]

RMT suspend all industrial action scheduled for Monday 25th May and Tuesday 26th May 2015 2015-05-21 [RMT]

RMT reinforces message to the public that NR dispute is about the staffing and safety of our railways as talks continue 2015-05-21 [RMT]

TSSA strike action at Network Rail suspended after improved offer 2015-05-21 [TSSA]

Northern Ireland NI Water: Details of pay deal emerge after winter strike 2015-05-21 [BBC]

New poll has no easy answers for Labour but trust and competence key 2015-05-21 [TUC]

Steel workers in South Yorkshire and across UK to vote on strike over pensions 2015-05-21 [The Star]

England Tata Steel Pension Row: Another UK trade union joins fight 2015-05-21 [ZeeBiz]

England Union threatens steel strike over pensions 2015-05-21 [Northern Echo]

6,000 Tata workers to vote for strike action in pension closure row 2015-05-21 [Unite]

Chancellor's extreme cuts risk further damage to productivity and growth, says TUC 2015-05-20 [TUC]

Be careful what you wish for, TUC tells business leaders over EU referendum 2015-05-20 [TUC]

RMT responds to NR threat of legal action over TSSA ballot 2015-05-19 [RMT]

Deflation a threat to weak recovery, says TUC 2015-05-19 [TUC]

House prices rising four times faster than wages 2015-05-19 [TUC]

Rates of Pay & Conditions of Service 2015 - Network Rail 2015-05-19 [RMT]

Mark Serwotka - we must unite like never before 2015-05-19 [PCS]

Bank holiday rail strike facing legal challenge 2015-05-19 [BBC]

ILO: Only a quarter of workers have permanent jobs 2015-05-19 [BBC]

Trade union Unite threatens to cut ties with Labour Party if they elect the wrong leader 2015-05-19 [ABC]

Northern Ireland Voluntary exit for 20,000 Civil Service staff could be blocked by budget stalemate 2015-05-19 [Belfast Telegraph]

England Hundreds of Exeter University support staff face axe 2015-05-19 [BBC]

Living Wage win for cleaners 2015-05-19 [UNITELIVE.org ]

BBC demands explanation for arrest of crew investigating Qatar World Cup 2015-05-19 [BBC]

World Cup sponsors should pressurise Qatar 2022 over workers, says Brit Tory MP 2015-05-19 [Guardian]

Unite's Len McCluskey dismisses idea of union breaking with Labour – video 2015-05-18 [Unite]

Unite union proposes breaking Labour link 2015-05-18 [Unite]

Co-op Party wins continued support from Co-op Group 2015-05-18 [UNISON]

DWP Garston dispute shows campaigning gets results 2015-05-18 [PCS]

Health unions threaten to strike if seven-day NHS means pay cuts 2015-05-18 [Guardian]

Scotland Unite says Scottish Labour leader should do the ‘decent thing’ and resign 2015-05-18 [Unite]

Shall I compare thee to another’s pay? Shakespeare guides on strike 2015-05-18 [USi]

UNISON warns of strikes over Cameron’s seven-day NHS plans 2015-05-18 [USI]

TUC Black Activist Mentoring Scheme 2015-05-18 [TUC]

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This month in labour history

4-05-1926 For the first and so far only time in British history, the TUC calls millions of workers out in a general strike, in support of coal miners. [more]

5-05-1882 Sylvia Pankhurst, suffragette and revolutionary socialist, is born. [more]

10-05-1920 Dockers refused to load arms shipments to be used by White armies in Russia. [more]

30-05-1984 Miners leader Arthur Scargill, along with 81 other pickets, is arrested at the Orgreave coking plant in South Yorkshire. [more]