Sanctions regime is failing, says TUC

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Academics call on HSE to tighten silica dust safeguards 2014-07-23 [BBC]

Academics hit out at watchdog on safety limits 2014-07-23 [Herald Scotland]

Sanctions regime is failing, says TUC 2014-07-22 [TUC]

More than 1000 workers a year could die due to inadequate silica safeguards 2014-07-22 [University of Stirling]

Lords debate workers selling alcohol, Usdaw calls for Peers to support greater protection 2014-07-21 [Usdaw]

UCATT secures Labour commitments on false self-employment, blacklisting, Pleural Plaques, the Shrewsbury Pickets and Qatar 2014-07-21 [UCATT]

England Unite seeks legal injunction in NHS trust ‘sign or be sacked’ dispute 2014-07-21 [Unite]

Len McCluskey’s message to NHS chief - ‘Stop your war on NHS workers and negotiate’ 2014-07-21 [Unite]

IFJ strongly condemns killing of Palestinian journalist Khaled Hamad 2014-07-21 [NUJ]

One-off independent guidance will not prepare people for new pensions world, says TUC 2014-07-21 [TUC]

UNISON wins support at Labour policy forum 2014-07-21 [UNISON]

ASLEF reaches agreement with Labour on workplace rights, rail industry structure, regional transport, rail freight 2014-07-21 [ASLEF]

Fracking boom: Chemicals, dust and deaths and the new rush for oil and gas 2014-07-21 [Hazards]

North Carolina FLOC leader, British allies take fight for migrant workers to N.C. 2014-07-20 [The Blade]

Freedom and safety of journalists in Gaza must be upheld, says IFJ 2014-07-20 [NUJ]

Northern Ireland Fermanagh public sector workers in low pay protest 2014-07-20 [Fermanagh Herald]

Unions celebrate victory as up to a million workers strike 2014-07-19 [The New Internationalist]

Tory ban 'will make legal strikes near-impossible,' TUC warns 2014-07-19 [The Morning Star]

'Bitter blow' for NATS staff under new Gatwick air traffic contract 2014-07-19 [PCS]

NASUWT comments on 'Trojan Horse' investigation report 2014-07-19 [NASUWT]

BBC strike off as new deal is offered 2014-07-19 [NUJ]

Government fails to listen to politicians on protection of the universal postal service 2014-07-18 [CWU]

PCS fighting fund launches 2014-07-18 [PCS]

England Derby goes back to the 19th century - Royal Derby and Chesterfield Royal hospitals 2014-07-18 [UNISON]

Usdaw stands ready to support staff through the sale of the Co-op pharmacy business to Bestway Group 2014-07-18 [Usdaw]

British pilots express their condolences to the families of the passengers and crew aboard MH17 2014-07-18 [BALPA]

Bring strike ballots into the modern age and let us go digital, says TUC 2014-07-18 [TUC]

Conservative proposals would make 'legal strikes close to impossible', says TUC 2014-07-18 [TUC]

Scotland Dispute over Commonwealth Games pay as many workers plan 'protests' 2014-07-18 [STV]

RMT says continuing Eurostar growth makes a nonsense of Government sell off 2014-07-17 [RMT]

England Strike Ballot - security and safety staff employed by STM Security Group 2014-07-17 [RMT]

England Unite seeks legal injunction in NHS trust ‘sign or be sacked’ dispute 2014-07-17 [Unite]

BBC News cuts - BECTU will oppose compulsory redundancies 2014-07-17 [BECTU]

Relax workplace dress codes to help staff cope with this week’s heat, says TUC 2014-07-17 [TUC]

Action needed to tackle pay gap for workers 2014-07-17 [TUC]

Construction firms apologise over blacklisting of workers 2014-07-17 [BBC]

London Assembly call on Mayor to protect universal postal service 2014-07-17 [CWU]

Argos catalogue launch will be affected by week-long strike 2014-07-17 [Unite]

First ever poll of minimum wage workers confirms poverty pay pricing people out of the economy 2014-07-17 [Unite]

Ed Miliband to resist trade union calls for renationalisation of railways if Labour win next election 2014-07-17 [Independent]

Pay rises needed across the economy, official figures show For more info 2014-07-16 [PCS]

Food Standards Agency (FSA) - background 2014-07-16 [UNISON]

Record low in pay growth raises serious questions about quality of job creation 2014-07-16 [TUC]

Scotland Glasgow 2014: Commonwealth strikes talks held 2014-07-16 [The Scotsman]

England Tolpuddle Martyrs Festival to honour union stalwarts 2014-07-16 [The Echo]

Danger that mutuals act as trojan horse for privatisation 2014-07-16 [UNISON]

1.9 Million Families On The Housing Waiting List 2014-07-16 [GMB]

Newly unemployed and seriously ill will soon wait five weeks for benefit cash, says TUC 2014-07-16 [TUC]

Striking glass workers secure pay success 2014-07-15 [Mark Metcalf writing for UNITE the union ]

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11-07-1977 20,000 join a national day of action in support of Grunwick strikers [more]

17-07-1974 The strike of 400 mostly Asian women workers at Imperial Typewriters in Leicester is called to an end. [more]