Cynical Government attack on safety representatives

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Health minister is ‘slippery as an eel’ as junior doctors’ strike looms 2016-02-09 [Unite]

Northern Ireland We're ordinary workers who are all too often the last defenders of simple dignity and fairness - #heartunions 2016-02-09 [NUJ]

Fantastic work of union reps 2016-02-09 [ASLEF]

Blacklisting victims win £5.6million compensation payout from major construction companies 2016-02-09 [Daily Mirror]

Leaked letter shows ministers recognise large parts of #TUbill aren’t fit for purpose 2016-02-09 [TouchStone]

Cynical Government attack on safety representatives 2016-02-09 [TouchStone]

One in eight people experience violence at work, says TUC 2016-02-09 [TUC]

TUC comments on leaked ministerial letter calling for Trade Union Bill concessions 2016-02-08 [TUC]

Leaked letter reveals panicking Tories are preparing to back down over key parts of Trade Union Bill 2016-02-08 [Mirror]

Anti-Union laws are unfair, unjust and will be unworkable 2016-02-08 [CWU]

BBC unions demand a minimum salary of £20K 2016-02-08 [BECTU]

The TUC’s #HeartUnions week: defending the right to strike 2016-02-08 [Equal Times]

We Demand a Public Inquiry into Blacklisting 2016-02-08 [Morning Star]

Construction workers gear up for High Court ‘blacklist’ trial 2016-02-08 [Business Reporter]

Lives of industrial workers celebrated in Manchester 2016-02-08 [Morning Star]


Violence against health workers unacceptable, says UNISON 2016-02-08 [UNISON]

Because It Is 2016, British Airways Finally Agrees Female Employees May Wear Pants To Work 2016-02-07 [Think Progress]

In Photos: Thousands of Medical Workers Protest Pay Cuts and Longer Hours in London 2016-02-07 [VICE]

Wales UNISON Cymru Wales will warn what society stands to lose with the UK Conservative government’s Trade Union Bill 2016-02-06 [UNISON]

England Protesters to target ME London Hotel’s steakhouse restaurant over alleged service charge scam 2016-02-06 [Unite]

Hospital Protest For £10 Per Hour 2016-02-06 [GMB]

92 Firms Named And Shamed On Minimum Wage 2016-02-06 [GMB]

England Tube station workers' weekend strike called off by RMT union 2016-02-05 [BBC]

Investors use new votes to show concern over boardroom pay, reveals TUC Fund Manager Voting Survey 2016-02-05 [TUC]

TUC slams plan to reduce redundancy payments for sacked public sector workers 2016-02-05 [TUC]

Naming and shaming of minimum wage cheats must continue, says TUC 2016-02-05 [TUC]

Great interest in PCS campaign against HMRC office closures 2016-02-05 [PCS]

UNISON warns outsourcing will not solve NHS financial problems 2016-02-05 [UNISON]

British Airways joins 21st century and drops trouser ban for female cabin crew 2016-02-05 [Unite]

UK union leader Len McCluskey to address influential Oxford Union 2016-02-05 [Unite]

'Total hypocrisy' to cut health department jobs 2016-02-05 [PCS]

Government to retreat from local public services 2016-02-04 [PCS]

Government changes to Sunday trading will strangle retailers in red tape says Usdaw 2016-02-04 [Usdaw]

Women must not be left behind in pensions revolution, says TUC 2016-02-04 [TUC]

Battling to save Europe’s steel and manufacturing industries from China’s unfair trade 2016-02-04 [TouchStone]

International Women's Day - Women's Health in the Workplace 2016-02-04 [TUC]

Scotland Unite warns Scottish government to tackle ‘perfect storm of austerity’ facing Scottish councils 2016-02-03 [Unite]

Scotland Ballot On Glasgow City Council Cuts 2016-02-03 [GMB]

om 500 Job Losses At British Gas 500 Job Losses At British Gas 2016-02-03 [GMB]

The Government is behaving disgracefully by trying to change Sunday trading by the back door 2016-02-03 [USDAW]

Extending Sunday opening hours will be bad for workers and small businesses, says TUC 2016-02-03 [TUC]

Northern Ireland NASUWT: NI's biggest teachers' union rejects pay offer 2016-02-02 [BBC]

England There could be another Tube strike this weekend if crisis talks don’t go well 2016-02-02 [Metro]

England Tube to be crippled this weekend as workers plan to STRIKE for 48 hours 2016-02-02 [Daily Express]

Black workers with degrees earn a quarter less than white counterparts, finds TUC 2016-02-02 [TUC]

England GMB To Ballot Members As Wandsworth And Richmond Councils Issue Statutory Notice To Terminate And Re-Engage 3,578 Staff 2016-02-02 [GMB]

25,165 Local Council Job Losses 2016-02-02 [GMB]

Petition against privatisation of new V&A staff contracts reaches 40,000 2016-02-01 [Guardian]

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This month in labour history

10-02-1972 30,000 Birmingham engineers go on strike in solidarity with striking miners. Thousands of them march to Saltley Gate coke depot, overpowering police to shut the gates. [more]

17-02-2006 Royal Mail workers in Belfast return to work after a successful wildcat strike against victimisation [more]