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Chancellor must not leave social security uprating linked to this month’s low inflation, says TUC


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Chancellor must not leave social security uprating linked to this month’s low inflation, says TUC [TUC] 2020-10-21

Flawed 2021 exam arrangements will lead to inequality, say education unions [Education International] 2020-10-21

COVID-19 vaccine must be managed by NHS and public bodies, says UNISON [Union News] 2020-10-17

Trade union advisory group no substitute for proper engagement with unions and employers [TUC] 2020-10-17

What can we do about Amazon's treatment of its workers? [TUC] 2020-10-15

Joint statement on the Internal Market Bill [TUC] 2020-10-14

‘Influencers are being taken advantage of’: the social media stars turning to unions [The Guardian] 2020-10-10

Job Support Scheme expansion will protect jobs in lockdown areas but ministers must do more [TUC] 2020-10-09

GDP: sector support and a job creation plan still needed, says TUC [TUC] 2020-10-09

TUC: government must do more to end inequality 10 years on from Equality Act [TUC] 2020-10-06


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Outsourcing debate highlights PCS ongoing campaigns 2020-10-22 [PCS]

A national care service is needed urgently to reform social care, says UNISON 2020-10-22 [UNISON]

'Nonsensical' Network Rail contract changes risk track safety and jobs in Nottinghamshire, Sheffield and Scotland 2020-10-22 [Unite the union]

Joint call by mayors, MPs, councillors and trade unions for comprehensive financial package from Chancellor 2020-10-22 [Unite the union]

Government u-turn on immigration bill welcome, now we need action 2020-10-22 [GMB]

Cortes challenges Sturgeon 'Follow Welsh Government's lead and nationalise ScotRail' 2020-10-22 [TSSA]

Welsh rail to be nationalised 2020-10-22 [ASLEF]

Thousands of people refused universal credit 'turning to food banks' 2020-10-22 [The Guardian]

Construction firm NG Bailey accused of ‘union busting’ in wage dispute 2020-10-22 [Unite the union]

PCS demands more workplace safety measures as Covid restrictions increase 2020-10-22 [PCS]

Unite members will be forever grateful to Andy Burham for fighting low-waged corner 2020-10-22 [Unite the union]

UK shipbuilding would be to confirm these ships will be built in UK yards 2020-10-22 [GMB]

MPs' report on Universal Credit five-week wait welcomed by Usdaw 2020-10-21 [USDAW]

Extra support for NHS staff welcome but high vacancy levels don’t help 2020-10-21 [UNISON]

Proposed Transport for London funding deal punishes poorest Londoners 2020-10-21 [Unite the union]

TUC calls for support for jobs in Greater Manchester ahead of new restrictions 2020-10-21 [TUC]

Transport for London punishment 'nakedly political' says TSSA 2020-10-21 [TSSA]

Reports that Government are threatening a total takeover of TFL 2020-10-21 [RMT]

Overhauling care sector is the answer to staff shortages 2020-10-21 [UNISON]

Walsall demonstration to protest at Chamberlain and Hill Castings pay cuts 2020-10-21 [Unite the union]

More PCSOs would be best way to ensure public comply with COVID rules 2020-10-21 [UNISON]

Epidemic of ill health revealed at Heathrow as company presses ahead with huge pay cuts 2020-10-21 [Unite the union]

RMT pledges all-out fight to protect pensions at TfL 2020-10-21 [RMT]

Chancellor must not leave social security uprating linked to this month’s low inflation, says TUC 2020-10-21 [TUC]

Agriculture Bill: Lords win vote to protect post-Brexit standards 2020-10-21 [BBC]

Britain's GCHQ only abolished its colour bar in 1980, the spy agency's authorised history reveals 2020-10-21 [Morning Star]

Internal Market Bill defeated in the Lords 2020-10-21 [Morning Star]

Flawed 2021 exam arrangements will lead to inequality, say education unions 2020-10-21 [Education International]

Machines to 'do half of all work tasks by 2025' 2020-10-21 [BBC]

Save Union Learning 2020-10-20 [NUJ]

PCS seeking clarity over future of government comms workers 2020-10-20 [PCS]

BALPA - sale has been agreed for business and assets of Flybe Limited (in Administration) ('Flybe') 2020-10-20 [BALPA]

Let’s make future Black history a positive one 2020-10-20 [UNISON]

Unions call for transparency in trade agreement negotiations 2020-10-19 [NZCTU-Te Kauae Kamahi]

Unions and Bristol Waste strike deal 2020-10-19 [GMB]

Industrial discontent looming in construction as out of touch employers impose a pay freeze on workers 2020-10-19 [Unite the union]

Tentative welcome for agreement for Flybe being bought out of administration 2020-10-19 [Unite the union]

Employers and unions unite in call to protect 'brilliant' and 'vital' Union Learning Fund 2020-10-19 [TUC]

RMT responds to the Fatal Accident Inquiry into the Sumburgh helicopter tragedy 2020-10-19 [RMT]

Deliveroo workers strike again 2020-10-19 [Workers liberty]

World Menopause Day: urgent workplace action needed 2020-10-19 [GMB]

Government urged not to scrap learning at work 2020-10-19 [ASLEF]

FBU join fight to save union learning programme 2020-10-19 [FBU]

Axing Union Learning Fund is ‘short-sighted and self-defeating’, says Unite 2020-10-19 [Unite]

Privateer's failure hits as Liverpool's hospital beds fill up 2020-10-19 [Morning Star]

The ballot to elect UNISON’s general secretary 2020-10-19 [UNISON]

'Nine in ten workers must reskill' at added cost of £13bn a year, govt warned 2020-10-19 [SkyNews]

Scrapping in-work training fund will harm economic recovery, warn trade unions 2020-10-19 [Guardian]

No one should be profiting from test and trace failure, says UNISON 2020-10-18 [UNISON]

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