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Boris Johnson’s Brexit dream is to shred workers’ rights and social protections 2019-10-18 [The Guardian]

PCS pay and pensions update 2019-10-18 [PCS]

Norwich print job losses another ‘nail in the coffin’ for Norfolk economy, Unite warns 2019-10-18 [Unite the union]

Buses - Routes have been cut, thousands of bus drivers have lost their jobs 2019-10-18 [RMT]

FBU responds to Baroness Lawrence’s racism allegations on Channel 4 News 2019-10-18 [FBU]

We will always fight for local services 2019-10-18 [Unison]

Child slavery victims being lured back into exploitation due to lack of support amid surge in cases 2019-10-18 [Independent]

Tens of thousands expected to stand together against racism on Wear Red Day 2019-10-17 [Unite the union]

Prospect of Turkish rescue of British Steel raises union concerns 2019-10-17 [Guardian]

TSSA Comment On Johnson Brexit 'Deal' 2019-10-17 [TSSA]

Home Bargains workers win ‘top’ pay deal 2019-10-17 [Unite the union]

Boris Johnson’s deal would be a disaster for working people, says TUC 2019-10-17 [TUC]

New deal is a ‘huge leap backwards’ 2019-10-17 [Unison]

Unemployment figures should be millions higher, says research 2019-10-17 [the Guardian]

Rise in hate crime 'heart-breaking and enraging' 2019-10-15 [GMB]

Dr Who legend backs Asda workers fight 2019-10-17 [GMB]

Shock as 80 Jobs Under Threat in EE Enterprise 2019-10-16 [CWU]

Parliamentary Health Service Ombudsman (PHSO) staff vote for strike action 2019-10-16 [PCS]

Low inflation alongside falling employment is ‘worrying sign’ for economy, says TUC 2019-10-16 [TUC]

Don’t trigger a needless industrial relations meltdown, CWU warns BT 2019-10-16 [CWU]

Royal Mail workers vote to strike in blow to postal service 2019-10-16 [Business Times]

Unions hit out at treatment of Corbyn staff as his office undergoes major restructuring 2019-10-15 [ITV News]

One in four young women scared they will be sacked if they report sexual harassment, study finds 2019-10-15 [The Independent]

Members cheer as 97.1% strike vote announced 2019-10-15 [CWU]

Government’s Brexit threats hitting jobs, says TUC 2019-10-15 [TUC]

RMT on Queen's Speech 2019-10-15 [RMT]

Queen’s Speech – public services will need ‘substantial investment’ to recover 2019-10-15 [Unison]

Unite warns against fair tips bill being yet another dish ‘served up cold’ 2019-10-15 [Unite the union]

There’s not enough funding for social care, and out of hours support and NHS 111 are a mess 2019-10-15 [Unison]

UK to deport academic to Democratic Republic of Congo – which she has never visited 2019-10-15 [Guardian]

Royal Mail workers in Christmas strike threat over pay and working conditions 2019-10-14 [The Scotsman]

Unite Wales to take Ford Bridgend Fight to the USA 2019-10-14 [Unite the union]

Public Ownership Only Way To Replace Rail Franchising 2019-10-13 [TSSA]

Questions MPs must ask those behind the Thomas Cook collapse 2019-10-13 [Guardian]

Rail union RMT on trailed Government Queens Speech announcement on franchising 2019-10-13 [RMT]

Turkey - Our demands – condemning the invasion and suspending the arms trade 2019-10-12 [UNISON]

Thirteen major trade unions urge UK government to condemn Turkey’s invasion of Syria 2019-10-12 [Unite the union]

Unite accuses Skanska of union busting on Crossrail 2019-10-12 [Morning Star]

Schools in deprived areas face further cuts next year, unions say 2019-10-12 [Guardian]

Average UK earners gained just 2p per hour in two years, TUC reveals 2019-10-12 [Guardian ]

BALPA could call off strike if airline agrees to negotiate on new proposal 2019-10-12 [BALPA]

Baby Loss Awareness Week - Working Through Miscarriage 2019-10-12 [GMB]

RMT has secured a massive victory in the fight against poverty pay 2019-10-11 [RMT]

Britain's labour movement condemns Turkish invasion of Syria 2019-10-11 [Morning Star]

Impassioned plea to Gove on Brexit: Time is running out to prove that you care about the jobs of working peopl 2019-10-10 [Unite the union]

World Mental Health Day: Usdaw says 'It's good to talk' 2019-10-10 [USDAW]

BALPA welcomes TUI announcement of jobs for ex-Thomas Cook Pilots 2019-10-10 [BALPA]

Every mind matters 2019-10-10 [NUJ]

Reps meet to discuss best practice, HSE priorities, Climate Change and Health and Wellbeing 2019-10-10 [TUC]

TSSA Calls For Free Water and Healthy Foods On Public Transport 2019-10-10 [TSSA]

This month in labour history

4-10-1936 At Cable Street, London, thousands of trade unionists, socialists and communists throw up barricades to block the British Union of Fascists from marching through the Jewish neighbourhoods of the East End. [more]

6-10-1913 The conference of the Miners Federation passes a motion in favour of a general strike in Britain to support Dublin's locked out workers, with only one vote against. [more]

25-10-1895 Socialist and feminist Edith Lanchester captured by her family and institutionalised for opposing the institution of marriage [more]