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Win! Hestia pays London Living Wage after Unite campaign


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Win! Hestia pays London Living Wage after Unite campaign [Union News] 2021-03-04

Authors’ unions launch investigation into contribution publishers [Society of Authors] 2021-03-03

Key Workers supported by TUC meet with Conservative Members of Parliament [TUC] 2021-03-01

Defend NEU Exec member Tracy McGuire [NEU Northampton] 2021-03-01

UK Supreme Court’s Uber decision is a victory for all gig workers [Al Jazeera] 2021-02-26

Rishi Sunak must deliver a workers’ budget to ensure a post-Covid recovery [Guardian] 2021-02-25

British-Iranian Labour Activist Detained: Mehran Raoof [Amnesty International] 2021-02-23

Ruling by the UK supreme court on Uber employment status should have ripple effects across the globe [UFCW Canada] 2021-02-23

TUC – young workers 'bearing brunt' of jobs crisis [TUC] 2021-02-23

AMAZON - zero-hours contracts falls flat with warehouse workers 'treated like disposable labour' [] 2021-02-22


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Win! Hestia pays London Living Wage after Unite campaign 2021-03-04 [Union News]

London bus drivers to stop driving overcrowded buses to prevent the spread of Covid-19 2021-03-04 [Unite the union]

RMT welcomes London Travelwatch report 2021-03-04 [RMT]

‘Fire and rehire’ plans for Banbury coffee workers branded as ‘immoral’ 2021-03-04 [Unite the union]

International Women’s Day 2021 2021-03-04 [Unite the Union]

Freeports - RMT today responded to the Chancellor’s Budget statement 2021-03-04 [RMT]

Hestia housing workers victory in London Living Wage battle 2021-03-04 [Unite the union]

Chancellor ‘ducking decision’ to reform social care, says UNISON 2021-03-04 [UNISON]

BALPA welcomes Welsh Government’s backing of aviation sector 2021-03-04 [BALPA]

Major safety concers after Capita slashes fire fighters at Clyde naval bases 2021-03-04 [Unite the union]

Chancellor has ignored public service workers, says UNISON 2021-03-04 [UNISON]

WGGB and SoA launch investigation into contribution publishers 2021-03-04 [WGGB]

Budget 2021 – our response 2021-03-04 [WGGB]

The growing calls for a boycott of the Qatar World Cup 2021-03-03 [Independent]

First eight freeports to lead regional regeneration drive 2021-03-03 [Construction Enquirer]

TUC Women’s Conference highlights how women workers bearing brunt of pandemic 2021-03-03 [Morning Star]

Private-hire drivers strike to remember murdered colleague 2021-03-03 [Morning Star]

Budget 2021: No 'green revolution' from Sunak 2021-03-03 [BBC]

UK workers take fewer sick days in 2020 despite coronavirus 2021-03-03 [The Guardian]

Furlough extension must last as long as needed to secure the recovery 2021-03-03 [TUC]

Fury at aviation being ignored in Budget 2021-03-03 [BALPA]

US to investigate claim of forced labour at Boohoo suppliers 2021-03-03 [The Guardian]

RMT calls for a Just Transition Fund from the Queen’s Coffers 2021-03-03 [RMT]

USDAW urges the Chancellor to provide immediate help to save our shops 2021-03-03 [USDAW]

Authors’ unions launch investigation into contribution publishers 2021-03-03 [Society of Authors]

McCluskey: We'll keep looking for furlough extension to 2022 2021-03-03 [Unite the union]

Chancellor must use the budget to show social care really matters 2021-03-03 [UNISON]

Unions fear huge job losses as 'saviour of steel' hits crisis 2021-03-03 [BBC]

Government accused of ‘insulting thousands of workers’ over axing of union learning fund 2021-03-02 [Morning Star]

Pilots union plea for Budget to back aviation 2021-03-02 [BALPA]

Low paid ambulance staff being put at covid risk by trust’s two-tier PPE policy 2021-03-02 [GMB]

Billionaire hedge fund boss pays himself UK record of £343m 2021-03-02 [Guardian]

Local Councillors sign letter to PM to extend Free School Meals 2021-03-02 [NEU]

Budget - Over half of workers on Universal Credit are struggling to pay bills 2021-03-02 [USDAW]

Tomahawk Steakhouse staff told 'loan firm 10% or they could face sack' 2021-03-01 [BBC]

Education Secretary's cursory dismissal of union learning is an insult 2021-03-01 [USDAW]

Billionaire hedge fund boss pays himself UK record of £343m 2021-03-01 [The Guardian]

Two-thirds of self-isolation support payment claims rejected 2021-03-01 [BBC]

Unite steps in to address Hinkley deskilling dispute 2021-03-01 [Union News]

London Resort cruise ship accommodation plan requires full consultation 2021-03-01 [Unite the union]

Key Workers supported by TUC meet with Conservative Members of Parliament 2021-03-01 [TUC]

Fresh London bus strikes this week 2021-03-01 [Unite the union]

Cuts at V+A will put collections at risk 2021-03-01 [PCS]

Lancashire firm where workers are still owed up to £170,000 in unpaid wages 2021-03-01 [Unite the union]

CRSA Pay - 2% increase for 2021 but NOTHING for 2020! 2021-03-01 [TSSA]

Remote learning - Some pupils will need much more individual support 2021-03-01 [NEU]

RMT research reveals COVID corporate cash grab scandal 2021-03-01 [RMT]

More than 1,000 trade unionists and activists gather in online conference on anti-racist workplaces 2021-03-01 [Morning Star]

Uber accused of using 'loaded questions' in survey of drivers 2021-03-01 [The Guardian]

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