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BECTU asks BBC to pause Compete and Compare 2017-03-27 [BECTU]

Battery power no alternative to investment 2017-03-27 [ASLEF]

Stark warning from lead manufacturing body on Brexit pain must be heard 2017-03-27 [Unite]

Govt Must Come Clean Over 'Cosy' Uber Relationship 2017-03-27 [GMB]

RMT reveals that 75% of UK rail now foreign owned RMT 2017-03-27 [RMT]

Take Magnox nuclear plants’ ‘clean up’ back into public control, says Unite 2017-03-27 [Unite]

High street bank Santander skirts ‘zero-hour’ contracts with one-hour deals 2017-03-27 [FT]

Tales of unpaid toil: sanctioned by the Samaritans 2017-03-26 [Boycott Workfare]

Policeman who bought Chesterfield homeless man £2 pack of biscuits faced being sacked Read more at: http://www.derbyshiretimes.co.uk/news/policeman-who-bought-chesterfield-homeless-man-2-pack-of-biscuits-faced-being-sacked-1-8459022 2017-03-26 [Derbyshire Times]

Solidarity that cuts across racial and gender lines: reflections upon the Grunwick strike 2017-03-26 [LSE British Politics and Policy]

Unite response to Jess Philips’ call for candidates to back a women’s charter 2017-03-26 [Unite]

Why Thatcher’s think tank is probably right about pensions 2017-03-26 [touchstoneblog]

The housing crisis is having a serious impact on young workers 2017-03-26 [USDAW]

Millions of UK workers at risk of being replaced by robots, study says For more info 2017-03-24 [Guardian]

Speech and language therapists get ‘collective snub’ from NHS shake-up bosses 2017-03-24 [Unite]

Crane cab Construction chaos looms after crane drivers reject pay offer 2017-03-24 [Unite]

Use Brexit trigger to boost UK autos and defend our manufacturing heartlands 2017-03-24 [Unite]

BT pay deal out to ballot 2017-03-24 [CWU]

Strike action begins at Faslane and Coulport naval bases 2017-03-24 [BBC]

Unite anger as RBS ‘turns its back on communities’ 2017-03-24 [Unite]

UK in the relegation zone for decently-paid maternity leave in Europe, warns TUC 2017-03-24 [TUC]

Irish councillors back local news matters campaign launch today 2017-03-24 [NUJ]

Auditors expose civil service understaffing 2017-03-24 [PCS]

PCS warning over land registration rule changes 2017-03-23 [PCS]

Welfare impact concerns over DWP office closures 2017-03-23 [PCS]

Record car production figures renew Unite’s call for access to the European single market and customs union 2017-03-23 [Unite]

Our thoughts are with the victims of the Westminster terror attack 2017-03-23 [USDAW]

Government urged to secure ‘open skies’ agreement early in Brexit negotiations 2017-03-23 [Unite]

Staff cuts threaten armed forces pay and pensions 2017-03-23 [PCS]

What everyone assumes about rights in the gig economy is wrong 2017-03-22 [Guardian]

Historic step forward: ATL and NUT to form a new union 'National Education Union' 2017-03-22 [NUT]

Supermarket security staff could be guarding Britain’s nuclear deterrent, warns Unite 2017-03-22 [Unite]

AWE workers to strike tomorrow as pensions’ dispute ramps up 2017-03-22 [Unite]

Unilever's £34billion Brand Value Proves Sustainable Capitalism Works 2017-03-22 [GMB]

UK - 'Wants To Have Its Beef And Eat It' in Argentina 2017-03-22 [GMB]

Supply Teacher Conference 24 June 2017 2017-03-22 [NUT]

FTSE CEOs 'earn 386 times more than workers on national living wage' 2017-03-22 [The Guardian]

Sainsbury's announces the closure of their instore phone shops - Usdaw enters into consultation talks 2017-03-21 [USDAW]

Government 'Papering Over Cracks' Of Social Care Crisis 2017-03-21 [GMB]

BMW urged to break pension impasse ahead of further talks 2017-03-21 [Unite]

Debating the future of arts and culture 2017-03-21 [PCS]

'Wake Up Call' Suicide Figures by Occupation 2017-03-21 [GMB]

Unite conference to secure the future of the UK automotive industry 2017-03-21 [Unite]

RMT warns of co-ordinated Government plans to axe rail staff 2017-03-21 [RMT]

Government ‘sleepwalking into another living standards crisis’, says TUC 2017-03-21 [TUC]

DWP members campaigning hard against closure plans 2017-03-21 [PCS]

All Gig Economy Workers Do Not Play Same Tune 2017-03-21 [Huffington Post]

Power to the workers: A reduced supply of labour could help bolster wages and productivity 2017-03-21 [reaction]

Construction must radically reform to reduce high suicide rates 2017-03-20 [Unite]

Unite statement on Tom Watson MP’s claims on Momentum and Unite 2017-03-20 [Unite]

This month in labour history

1-03-1912 The Miners Federation of Great Britain commences the first national coalminers' strike, for a minimum wage. [more]

3-03-1985 A Special Delegate Conference of the NUM votes by 98-91 for a return to work after the year-long miners' strike. [more]

11-03-2014 Bob Crow - RMT leader died [more]