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Saturday attendance levels intolerable in Openreach 2018-05-25 [CWU]

Press report regarding the Grenfell Tower fire 2018-05-25 [FBU]

RMT slams GTR's latest attack on disabled access 2018-05-25 [RMT]

RMT demands action over timetable meltdown 2018-05-25 [RMT]

Charity’s excessive surveillance is harming care of the vulnerable, says UNISON 2018-05-25 [UNISON]

Cabinet Office urged to renegotiate MyCSP contract terms 2018-05-24 [PCS]

UNISON on changes at NHS England and NHS Improvement 2018-05-24 [UNISON]

Sainsbury's pay deal and contractual changes move to the individual consultation stage 2018-05-24 [USDAW]

Big day at the BBC as ballot starts on terms and conditions review 2018-05-24 [BECTU]

UCU agrees recognition deal with Coventry University Group 2018-05-24 [UCU]

Undercover policing Spycops who infiltrated animal rights groups and left parties named 2018-05-24 [Morning Star]

TGI Friday's workers strike for fair pay 2018-05-24 [IUF]

Conference calls for a wide-ranging survey of abuse in the civil service 2018-05-23 [PCS]

‘Bonkers’ government hubs plan condemned by PCS conference 2018-05-23 [PCS]

Universal Credit is causing a hostile environment for thousands of families 2018-05-23 [Unite the union]

Families £900 Worse Off After Brexit Vote 2018-05-23 [GMB]

PCS resolves to use all available means to defend redundancy pay 2018-05-23 [PCS]

BMA backs court case amid fears companies could be handed GP budgets 2018-05-23 [Pulse]

Inflation fall shows Bank was right to hold off interest rate rise, says TUC 2018-05-23 [TUC]

GDPR and health and safety representatives 2018-05-23 [TUC]

Theresa May has only met me once, TUC boss tells journalists 2018-05-23 [Total Politics]

Government was too slow to spot Carillion's trouble brewing – MPs 2018-05-23 [The Guardian]

A new PSA brilliantly captures the frustration of being a woman in the workplace 2018-05-23 [qz]

RCM Wales calls for more support for women around smoking in pregnancy and obesity 2018-05-23 [RCM]

New focus on mental healthc 2018-05-23 [CWU]

End Wage Discrimination 2018-05-23 [GMB]

Devastating news for Tesco Direct staff as the company announces the closure of their Fenny Lock fulfilment centre 2018-05-22 [USDAW]

PCS to launch industrial action ballot after overwhelming national conference vote 2018-05-22 [PCS]

Aslef president tells MPs to get behind Corbyn 2018-05-22 [Morning Star]

TSSA accuses newly appointed Network Rail (NR) boss of crony capitalism 2018-05-22 [TSSA]

RMT confirms strike action on Northern Rail goes ahead Thursday and Saturday 2018-05-22 [RMT]

M&S to close 100 stores by 2022 2018-05-22 [BBC]

UNISON urges government to scrap damaging NHS competition rules 2018-05-22 [UNISON]

How to avoid a drone collision – guidance issued to pilots and air traffic control 2018-05-22 [BALPA]

Civil servants' union boss urges 'significant' strike over pay cap 2018-05-22 [The Guardian]

Fire Brigades Union responds to BBC Panorama investigation's findings on Grenfell Tower 2018-05-22 [FBU]

Qantas accused of dismissing concerns of cabin crew fatigue 2018-05-21 [Travel Weekly]

Ryanair CEO says not expecting strikes but cannot rule them out 2018-05-21 [Reuters]

It’s said Brexit is ‘not going to plan’. Did we ever have a plan? 2018-05-20 [Observer]

How trade unions are gearing up for the fourth industrial revolution - 150 years after the first TUC meeting in Manchester 2018-05-20 [The Evening News]

Winning the pay ballot strategy days 9 or 16 June 2018-05-19 [PCS]

Assaults on Emergency Workers Bill must be widened 2018-05-19 [CWU]

Growth in homeworking has stalled 2018-05-19 [TUC]

Lidl staff need Usdaw to give them a voice at work the campaign continues 2018-05-19 [USDAW]

Tiny IWGB union finds crowdfunding slingshot in David and Goliath battle with Deliveroo 2018-05-18 [The Independent]

Don’t be fooled by Deliveroo’s share handout – 30,000 workers are excluded from its success 2018-05-18 [The New Statesman]

Unite warns over Sainsbury’s Asda merger as competition authority starts probe 2018-05-18 [Unite the union]

National Union of Mineworkers urges 'black death' benefit review 2018-05-18 [BBC]

IWGB President writes to Ernst & Young cleaning bosses to denounce intimidation of workers 2018-05-18 [IWGB]

IWGB wins appeal against Addison Lee 2018-05-18 [IWGB]

This month in labour history

4-05-1926 For the first and so far only time in British history, the TUC calls millions of workers out in a general strike, in support of coal miners. [more]

5-05-1882 Sylvia Pankhurst, suffragette and revolutionary socialist, is born. [more]

10-05-1920 Dockers refused to load arms shipments to be used by White armies in Russia. [more]

14-05-1771 Socialist philanthropist Robert Owen is born [more]

30-05-1984 Miners leader Arthur Scargill, along with 81 other pickets, is arrested at the Orgreave coking plant in South Yorkshire. [more]