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Bragging, blacklisting and 'lies' - Why Birmingham binmen feel they need to strike again 2019-02-21 [Birmingham Live]

New pilot apprenticeship scheme set for take-off 2019-02-20 [BALPA]

Urge John Manzoni to end the pay betrayal 2019-02-20 [PCS]

Government 'sneaks through' 15% cut to fire service 2019-02-20 [FBU]

TSSA Leads Trade Unionists Rally Against Brexit 2019-02-20 [TSSA]

Zero tariffs will 'smash ceramics trade to pieces' 2019-02-20 [GMB]

Capita TVL members: 80% Yes to pay deal 2019-02-20 [CWU]

Back the Blacklisted Workers Ten Years On 2019-02-20 [TSSA]

GMB opposes Asda-Sainsbury's merger after CMA findings 2019-02-20 [GMB]

Conservative Defections Show May's Brexit Deal is Finished 2019-02-20 [TSSA]

Maritime union RMT on the sale of P&O Ferries to Dubai Ports World 2019-02-20 [RMT]

Government must back workers on pay and job security, says TUC 2019-02-19 [TUC]

Migration to Universal Credit should be halted to protect claimants says Usdaw 2019-02-19 [USDAW]

Unite launches construction period dignity campaign 2019-02-19 [BWI]

RMT suspends South Western Railway strike action after significant breakthrough on the guard guarantee 2019-02-19 [RMT]

FBU responds following Channel 4 Dispatches on Grenfell 2019-02-19 [FBU]

Government must adhere to long-term plan and keep NHS contracts public, says UNISON 2019-02-19 [UNISON]

Labour split is ‘terrible news’ 2019-02-18 [Unison]

GMB responds to hugely disappointing Labour resignations 2019-02-18 [GMB]

Labour offers the hope of change people want 2019-02-18 [Unite the union]

Ditch the deal which will destroy the BBC and cause greater poverty among the elderly 2019-02-18 [NUJ]

Make bosses liable for sexual harassment against staff 2019-02-17 [UNISON]

BBC staff must not be intimidated by Tommy Robinson 2019-02-16 [NUJ]

Bring probation contracts back into public control to avoid further disaster 2019-02-16 [UNISON]

Every victory for our union is a victory for our women members 2019-02-16 [UNISON]

BALPA responds to Ryanair claim of smooth sailing with unions 2019-02-16 [BALPA]

Unite speaks your language with new website support tool 2019-02-16 [Unite the union]

Private probation firms going bust must act as wake up call 2019-02-16 [GMB]

Grayling attacked over 'disastrous' part-privatisation of probation service 2019-02-16 [Guardian]

BALPA responds to collapse of FlyBMI 2019-02-16 [BALPA]

Amazon made an $11.2bn profit in 2018 – and its federal tax bill is $0 2019-02-15 [Guardian]

Explosive new issues emerge with ISS in disputed BT Facilities outsourcing 2019-02-15 [CWU]

Paramedics hit with 'fine for saving lives' 2019-02-15 [GMB]

HCPC decision to increase fees is ‘hugely disappointing’ 2019-02-15 [Unison]

FBU responds to upcoming Channel 4 Dispatches on Grenfell 2019-02-15 [FBU]

Analysis shows civil service pay well below rest of public sector 2019-02-15 [PCS]

Children's school strike against climate change hits 50 schools 2019-02-15 [Morning Dtar]

UK political groups spied on by undercover police 2019-02-14 [Guardian]

Striking workers are bringing back 1970's 'Mindfuck' tactics 2019-02-13 [Vice.com]

Amazon Valentine's card to highlight 'brutal' working conditions 2019-02-13 [GMB]

Tata Steel urged to be a ‘responsible seller’ as joint venture probe nears conclusion 2019-02-13 [Unite the union]

Network Rail changes ignore 'White Elephant' of Private Train Companies - Cortes 2019-02-13 [TSSA]

'Invest in clean energy - don't import power from overseas' 2019-02-13 [GMB]

UNISON calls for overhaul of England’s private housing system 2019-02-13 [UNISON]

HeartUnions - Fighting for fairness 2019-02-13 [TUC]

Universal Credit in chaos as workers ballot for strike 2019-02-13 [Morning Star]

Tory zero tariffs will 'tear heart from UK manufacturing' 2019-02-13 [GMB]

Labour to set out plans to decarbonise UK and fulfil green jobs pledge 2019-02-12 [BBC]

Man wins fit-for-work appeal seven months after his death 2019-02-12 [The Guardian]

Weak public investment is holding back economic growth, says TUC 2019-02-12 [TUC]

This month in labour history

10-02-1972 30,000 Birmingham engineers go on strike in solidarity with striking miners. Thousands of them march to Saltley Gate coke depot, overpowering police to shut the gates. [more]

17-02-2006 Royal Mail workers in Belfast return to work after a successful wildcat strike against victimisation [more]