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Children should learn about trade unions and workers' rights in schools, Jeremy Corbyn - Durham Miners' Gala 2018-07-15 [Shields Gazette]

Coronation Street star had to convince miner's strike campaigner she was northern enough to play her 2018-07-15 [The Irish Mirror]

Union leader attacked after counter-protest to Trump and Robinson rally 2018-07-15 [ITV]

Home Office to allow migrant workers to strike in huge win for workers’ rights 2018-07-14 [The Canary]

Durham Miner's Gala features official women's banner 2018-07-14 [BBC]

Why working people are marching against Trump – and why you should join us 2018-07-14 [TUC]

UK pilots’ union responds with disappointment at Monarch insolvency review 2018-07-13 [BALPA]

No Compensation if £1billion Shipbuilding Deal Stays In UK 2018-07-13 [GMB]

Sleep-in shifts judgment is a huge mistake 2018-07-13 [UNISON]

Poundworld staff devastated by further store closures - Usdaw calls on other retailers to give them a job 2018-07-13 [USDAW]

Why your wages aren't going up 2018-07-13 [BBC]

Unite to unfurl anti-Trump banner in Durham on eve of miners’ gala 2018-07-12 [Unite the union]

M&S staff shocked by an AGM threat of more store closures - Usdaw renews call for recognition 2018-07-12 [USDAW]

Public service trade unions and employment relations in a context of crisis 2018-07-12 [RCM]

Tribunal finds that Ritzy reps were unfairly dismissed 2018-07-12 [BECTU]

Home secretary changes rules to ensure migrant workers can take strike action 2018-07-12 [UCU]

United civil service unions issue joint statement on pay 2018-07-11 [PCS]

BECTU statement: BBC Annual Report 2017-18 2018-07-11 [BECTU]

NUJ responds to BBC annual report following a tumultuous year 2018-07-11 [NUJ]

RMT confirmed that strike action by drivers on the Piccadilly Line has been suspended 2018-07-11 [RMT]

Worrying' Fall In Manufacturing 2018-07-11 [GMB]

Lack of resources hampered Grenfell Tower rescue efforts and continue to affect moorlands operation in North West England 2018-07-11 [FBU]

RMT confirms strike action of transplant train maintenance and stores staff at London Underground’s Ruislip Depot 2018-07-11 [RMT]

Union takes construction companies to court over ‘blacklisting’ of workers 2018-07-11 [Metro]

Blacklisted workers to meet Sir John Mitting tomorrow 2018-07-11 [Morning Star]

Splashmobbers demand an end to privatised water in England 2018-07-10 [PSI]

'Damning' Outsourcing Report Post Carillion 2018-07-09 [GMB]

McCluskey accuses government of playing ‘Russian roulette’ amid Brexit resignations 2018-07-09 [Unite the union]

Raab 'Direct Threat To UK Workers' 2018-07-09 [GMB]

New Brexit secretary Dominic Raab wanted UK to negotiate with EU to scrap workers' rights 2018-07-09 [Independent]

Government’s electric car policy lacks direction, warns Unite 2018-07-09 [Unite the union]

Len McCluskey: there are no union jobs on a dead planet 2018-07-09 [The Ecologist]

Government slammed for focus on lowest price bids 2018-07-09 [Construction Enquirer]

RMT demands urgent recruitment drive on London Underground 2018-07-08 [RMT]

Hospital trust drops plans to outsource NHS staff to private company 2018-07-08 [UNISON]

Disappointment as the 'fair wages for all ages' Bill stalls in the House of Commons 2018-07-08 [USDAW]

Our government of duffers are appalling says union leader 2018-07-07 [Today]

Oilrig workers still at risk, unions warn 2018-07-07 [The Times]

Unite denounces the imprisonment of a blind Colombian peacemaker 2018-07-07 [The Canary]

Piper Alpha: Union’s call for action on 30th anniversary of offshore disaster 2018-07-06 [EDP]

Join the London demonstration against Trump’s visit on 13 July 2018-07-06 [PCS]

Unite members at CITB to plan next steps in head office campaign as minister describes proposals as ‘challenging’ 2018-07-06 [Unite the union]

First he blocked a law against upskirting – now this Tory MP is coming for your rights at work 2018-07-06 [TUC]

HSE releases annual workplace fatality figures 2018-07-06 [HSE]

Unite comment on Jaguar Land Rover Brexit concerns 2018-07-05 [Unite the union]

Hollywood star Michael Sheen surprises first person born in the NHS 2018-07-05 [UNISON]

Government failures risking road users safety warns Unite 2018-07-05 [Unite the union]

Undercover policing inquiry: victims launch legal action 2018-07-05 [The Guardian]

Unite statement on Brexit: No to a second referendum but we will mobilise against an abysmal Tory Brexit 2018-07-05 [Unite the union]

Northern Rail penny-pinching despite goodwill from staff during rail chaos 2018-07-05 [TSSA]

This month in labour history

11-07-1977 20,000 join a national day of action in support of Grunwick strikers [more]

17-07-1974 The strike of 400 mostly Asian women workers at Imperial Typewriters in Leicester is called to an end. [more]