Today in labour history

Today in Labour History

1930 Spain A general strike begins the revolution that will overthrow the monarchy and replace it with the Second Spanish Republic.[more]

2011 Kazakhstan Massacre of striking oil workers in Zhanaozen.

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Saturday 16 December 2017, 23:10:39

Today's news

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Iran Free Ailing Labor Activist Reza Shahabi [Human Rights Watch] 2017-12-16

Australia Global turmoil spreads to ICTSI flagship terminal in Australia [Justice for Dock Workers] For more info 2017-12-15

Ireland / Europe Ryanair agrees to recognise pilot unions to avert strike [RTÉ] 2017-12-15

Egypt New trade union law undermines freedom of association [AI Monitor] 2017-12-15

Greece Unions Strike as Bailouts to End With Austerity Blitz [US News and World Report] 2017-12-14

Kenya Union members banned from holding elected office, confrontation coming with government [The Nation] 2017-12-14

Kazakhstan Coal Miners' Strike Spreads In Kazakhstan As Workers Stay Underground [RFE/RL] 2017-12-13

South Africa Why changes to labour laws are an assault on workers' rights [The Mail and Guardian] 2017-12-13

USA Alabama Working People Propel Doug Jones to Historic Alabama Senate Victory [AFL-CIO] 2017-12-13

Global Migrant workers expose recruitment practices [Global Cause ] 2017-12-11

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Today's news: 16.12.2017

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Australia / Victoria Twenty years on, a new war on Melbourne's wharves [Fairfax Media] 2017-12-16 16 more labour news stories from Australia today

Austria One dead in Austrian gas hub blast [The Local] 2017-12-15

Bangladesh Settlement reached with global fashion brand in Bangladesh Accord arbitration [UNI Global Union] 2017-12-15 2 more labour news stories from Bangladesh today

Brazil VW says some employees cooperated with Brazil's military regime [Reuters] 2017-12-15 1 more labour news stories from Brazil today

Cambodia Controversial Trade Union Law having desired effect? [The Post] 2017-12-15

Canada / Prince Edward Island CUPE PEI applauds new PTSD legislation [CUPE] 2017-12-15 5 more labour news stories from Canada today

China Beijing evictions leave migrant workers in limbo as winter deepens [Reuters] 2017-12-16 1 more labour news stories from China today

Europe Ryanair brings labor unions on board to avoid holiday strike: B [Click Orlando] 2017-12-16 4 more labour news stories from Europe today

Finland / Thailand Human trafficking charges laid over berry pickers from Thailand [YLE ] 2017-12-15 1 more labour news stories from Finland today

Germany Wage inequality in Germany now at same level as a century ago: study [The Local] 2017-12-15

Global An alliance to put decent work at the centre of sustainable and integral development [Equal Times] 2017-12-15 1 more labour news stories from Global today

Honduras Amid evidence of election fraud, police cracks down on peaceful protesters [ITUC] 2017-12-15

Iran / Global Calls for support of jailed education union leader made around the world [Education International] 2017-12-15

Ireland / Europe Ryanair recognizes unions in historic shift to avert strike [Bloomberg] 2017-12-16 15 more labour news stories from Ireland today

Israel / Global Teva, the world's largest generic drugmaker, is cutting 14,000 workers [LA Times ] 2017-12-15 1 more labour news stories from Israel today

Japan Company will pay part of workers' salaries in Bitcoin [Engadget] 2017-12-16

Jordan Migrant Workers Join Trade Unions after Strike [BWI Global Union] 2017-12-16

Kazakhstan Coal miners carry out strike underground [BBC] 2017-12-15

Korea (South) SNUH to regularize 1,600 irregular workers [K. Times] 2017-12-15

Middle East Arab education unions focus on union renewal and quality education [Education International] 2017-12-15

Myanmar Survey fills information gap on Myanmar garment sector workers [Frontier Magazine] 2017-12-15 1 more labour news stories from Myanmar today

Nepal NHRC says labour rights and HR should not be curtailed [] 2017-12-15 1 more labour news stories from Nepal today

Palestine / Israel Facebook must act against death threats [IFJ] 2017-12-16 1 more labour news stories from Palestine today

Papua New Guinea Health officials and doctors resolve dispute [RNZI] 2017-12-15

South Africa Saftu threatens mass strike if outsourcing is not addressed immediately [News24] 2017-12-15

Sri Lanka Unions in Sri Lanka march for sustainable industrial policy [IndustriALL Global Union] 2017-12-15

Trinidad and Tobago Court decertifies RBC union [The Express] 2017-12-15

Tunisia Nobel prize-winning trade unions are holding the country back [The Economist] 2017-12-15

UK / Scotland RMT confirmed today that members on Orkney Ferries will be taking industrial action in a fight for pay justice. [RMT] 2017-12-16 12 more labour news stories from UK today

Ukraine / Ukraine 94 miners are on trial for an underground protest For more info [] 2017-12-15

USA Trump NLRB Just Had One of Its Biggest Weeks: Moved quickly this week to overturn a host of Obama-era panel decisions [Natl Law Rev] 2017-12-16 25 more labour news stories from USA today

Zimbabwe A First in Many Years. Government Pays Civil Servants On Time [New Zimbabwe ] 2017-12-15 1 more labour news stories from Zimbabwe today