Today in labour history

Today in Labour History

1937 United States of America UAW organisers are attacked and beaten by Ford security men in Dearborn, Michigan, in an incident which greatly increases support for the union.[more]

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Sunday 26 May 2019, 01:11:26

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Global Beyond meat? What's inside - and behind - the lab-grown protein rush [IUF] 2019-05-25

Global / Italy Global solidarity for port strikes in Italy [ITF] 2019-05-25

USA / Philippines American Call Center Workers Rally for Their Filipino Counterparts [Am Prospect] 2019-05-24

USA Bernie Sanders campaign rallies support at McDonald's strikes across US [Guardian] 2019-05-24

UK Bring British Steel into public ownership to avoid an industrial catastrophe, demands Unite [Unite the union] 2019-05-22

Iran IFJ urges release of two journalists arrested around Labour Day [IFJ] 2019-05-22

Global Unions are flying the flag for equality, diversity and dignity at work [ITUC] 2019-05-21

Global Los sindicatos ondean la bandera de la igualdad, la diversidad y la dignidad en el trabajo [CSI] 2019-05-21

Global Les syndicats brandissent l’étendard pour l’égalité, la diversité et la dignité au travail [CSI] 2019-05-21

Russia Давление, ограничение свободы, запугивание и издевательства: «Нестле» пытается уволить 300 сотрудников отдела продаж [IUF] 2019-05-20

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Today's news: 26.05.2019

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Asia / Pacific Region calls for international action on copyright [EI] 2019-05-25

Australia 'We'll be the resistance': Unions defend the'r campaign, vow to take on Morrison [Sydney Morning Herald] 2019-05-25

Bangladesh Pay wage, fest allowance by Ramadan 20: labour leaders [The New Age] 2019-05-25

Canada / Ontario 'Last night, I went to bed a slave': Charges laid in human trafficking probe in Barrie [CBC] 2019-05-25 21 more labour news stories from Canada today

Chad A quarterly trade union newsletter resulting from successful development cooperation [EI] 2019-05-25

Chile BHP unions join forces to face challenges [IndustriALL] 2019-05-25 1 more labour news stories from Chile today

Ethiopia MoLSA to push for livable wages in ind. parks [The Reporter] 2019-05-25

Global New US charges against Assange could criminalise the work of investigative journalists [NUJ] 2019-05-25 2 more labour news stories from Global today

Indonesia Vicious escalation in anti-union aggression at Indonesian global seafood supplier BMI [IUF] 2019-05-25

Ireland Six months' paid leave for new fathers 'not realistic for most small businesses' [Irish Independent] 2019-05-25 2 more labour news stories from Ireland today

Italy Unions mobilise to defend academic freedom [EI] 2019-05-25

Jordan Union signs major agreement for decent jobs with APM terminals [ITF] 2019-05-25 1 more labour news stories from Jordan today

Kenya Blow to Kirinyaga health workers as Labour Court suspends strike [Capital News] 2019-05-25 1 more labour news stories from Kenya today

Latin America Latin America defines the next steps in the fight against privatization [EI] 2019-05-25

Namibia 2% drought 'levy' irks unions [The Namibian] 2019-05-25

Netherlands NS warns travellers about Tuesday’s public transport strike [The News] 2019-05-25

New Zealand Union win! New Zealand railway workers gain big concessions [ITF] 2019-05-25 4 more labour news stories from New Zealand today

Nigeria Aviation unions suspend strike for 7 days, reopen NCAA offices [Legit] 2019-05-25

South Africa / Western Cape Manhunt after officer killed in Stellenbosch [Cape Times] 2019-05-25 2 more labour news stories from South Africa today

UK / Ireland / Northern Ireland No Stone Unturned judicial review starts Tuesday in Belfast [NUJ] 2019-05-25 5 more labour news stories from UK today

USA / California UFCW says first contract offer from big three grocers ‘unacceptable’ [Press-Enterprise] 2019-05-26 8 more labour news stories from USA today

Zimbabwe ZCTU demands urgent meeting with govt, business, threatens demos [New Zimbabwe] 2019-05-25 1 more labour news stories from Zimbabwe today