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Iran Free teacher unionist detained in Kurdistan province  



LabourStart photo of the day.Since the election of a far-right populist President of their country, Brazilian workers have been continuously organizing and protesting government actions. Here public sector workers bring public attention to attacks on their labour rights. (Photo: CLATE) Click here to see more union news from Brazil. .
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Today in Labour History

1910 United States of America Workers at the soon to be infamous Triangle Shirtwaist factory decided to end their five month long strike. They had won higher wages and reduced hours but failed to get union recognition.

2004 Slovakia Police attacked unemployed workers, mostly Roma, protesting welfare cuts. Police beat & tear gassed, then tortured people with batons and electric prods but unemployed kept up struggle & won improvements.

2011 Greece Greeks stage a huge general strike in protest at IMF and EU austerity measures[more]

This week's top stories

Iran Free teacher unionist detained in Kurdistan province [Education International] 22-02-2019

Ukraine 192 miners protesting undeground [KVPU] For more info 21-02-2019

Korea (North) 150,000 workers head to Wonsan in extreme cold [DailyNK] 18-02-2019

Portugal Public sector strike disrupts schools, hospitals [AFP] 17-02-2019

Venezuela Peace, dialogue and respect for human rights - not military intervention [PSI] 15-02-2019

Mexico New trade union confederation underway [Svensson foundation] 15-02-2019

USA In 2018, Labor Strikes Had the Largest Increase of the Last Three Decades. Here's Why [Fortune] 15-02-2019

Bangladesh Bangladesh Government set to throw away Accord achievements [IndustriALL] 14-02-2019

Italy Unions mobilise for 'A future for work!' [IUF] 14-02-2019

Iran / Global Amnesty International, unions protest latest persecution of labour rights activists [IUF] 13-02-2019

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Friday, February 22, 2019:
Unions are helping millions of refugees in Lebanon / Fighting for-profit education corporations in Africa / Labour and the 2019 World Day for Social Justice / And singing: "The Modern Union Maid Song"
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Franchisees advised to steal workers wages, inquiry hears [Guardian Australia] 23-02-2019 11 more labour news stories from Australia today

Win for young workers [ITF] 22-02-2019

Brazilian unions protest against pension reform and promise further action [IndustriALL] 22-02-2019

/ Manitoba Union official tells employment minister she doesn't look fat in her pants during press conference exchange [CBC] 22-02-2019

Unions discuss building power in Caribbean tourism sector [ITF] 22-02-2019

Students right to demand urgent climate action [ETUC] 22-02-2019 2 more labour news stories from Europe today

Collective bargaining the cornerstone of our democracies and trade unions [UNI Global Union] 22-02-2019

/ Global International support for Indian unions over destruction of worker protections [ITUC] 22-02-2019

Labour Court recommends 7.75% pay rise for Bus Eireann workers [RTE] 23-02-2019 1 more labour news stories from Ireland today

PSI holds roundtable on refugees' access to public services [PSI] 22-02-2019

New Zealand
Worklife balance:' An issue whose time has come' [Fairfax Media] 23-02-2019 6 more labour news stories from New Zealand today

Papua New Guinea
Paladin Solutions makes PNG workers redundant, re-hires them for less money [MSN Money] 23-02-2019

The Philippines Enacts UHC and EML law [PSI] 22-02-2019

South Africa
Numsa threatens strike action against IPPs, Eskom unbundling [ANA/IOL] 23-02-2019 13 more labour news stories from South Africa today

Sex workers demand receipts from cops after fines [Swazi Observer] 22-02-2019

YOL-IS CONGRESS: the struggle for bread, peace, and freedom continues [BWI] 22-02-2019

/ England GMB hits back at grotesque slur over Birmingham bin worker compensation payments [GMB] 22-02-2019 9 more labour news stories from UK today

Oakland, LA and more to come: Why teachers keep going on strike [NPR] 23-02-2019 4 more labour news stories from USA today

10 illegally held journalists face special terror court [IFJ] 22-02-2019 0 more labour news stories from Yemen today