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South Africa Thousands take to the streets to protest R20 minimum wage  



LabourStart photo of the day.Belgian and global trade unions organized a protest at the Brazilian embassy in Brussels on Monday to demand the release of former President Lula. Trade unions in Asuncion, Buenos Aires, Geneva, Jakarta, Lima, London and Rabat also gathered at Brazilian embassies, following protests in recent days in Madrid, Montevideo, Paris, Rome and Washington, D.C.. (Photo: ITUC) Click here for more labour news from Brazil.
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Kazakhstan / Global Solidarity award to persecuted unions in Kazakhstan [Arthur Svensson International Prize] 25-04-2018

France Train standoff, through the eyes of striking worker [680 News] 25-04-2018

South Africa General Strike Over Minimum Wage Shuts Plants, Disrupts Public Transport [Bloomberg] 25-04-2018

South Africa Thousands take to the streets to protest R20 minimum wage [Mail & Guardian] 25-04-2018

South Africa SAFTU calls general strike on 25 April against poverty minimum wage and attacks on workers’ rights [SAFTU] 24-04-2018

Georgia As Stalin-era factory turns to crypto mining, Georgian workers protest [Eurasianet] 23-04-2018

Liberia Radio and TV journalist Tyron Brown murdered [IFJ] 23-04-2018

Zimbabwe Vice President fires 16 000 striking nurses [PSI] 23-04-2018

Sri Lanka 14 unions to defy ban on May 1 rallies [The Times] 22-04-2018

Global World Bank recommends fewer regulations protecting workers [The Guardian] 21-04-2018

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Wednesday, April 25, 2018:
Bangladesh’s 2013 Rana Plaza disaster / 1,200 young women killed, 2,500 injured / New Accord on Fire and Building Safety
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No negotiations and no strike [The Monitor] 25-04-2018

Sylhet tea-garden workers strike demanding increase of daily wage [The Daily Star] 25-04-2018 1 more labour news stories from Bangladesh today

/ Belgium Protest in Brussels demands freedom for Brazilian ex-President Lula [ITUC] 25-04-2018

/ Quebec General strike at Manoir Sherbrooke [The News] 25-04-2018 19 more labour news stories from Canada today

Union at BHP's Escondida copper mine in Chile says no advance deal likely [Reuters] 25-04-2018

Costa Rica
Unions on Strike this Wednesday over austerity plan [The Star] 25-04-2018

Hospital staff suspend labour shortage strike [The Mail] 25-04-2018

Cabin crew unions give Ryanair June 30 deadline on contracts [Reuters] 25-04-2018 1 more labour news stories from Europe today

Air France cancels Taipei flights amid union strike [The Times] 25-04-2018 1 more labour news stories from France today

Tbilisi metro staff may go on strike [Georgia Today] 25-04-2018

IndustriALL files complaint against Roy Robson as union busting continues [IndustriALL] 24-04-2018

Two garment factory disasters a century apart show how globalization has sapped labor’s power [Quartz] 25-04-2018

/ Delhi Delhi’s factory fires swallow more workers [Newsclick Report ] 24-04-2018 3 more labour news stories from India today

/ Asia Slow progress in the fight against child labour in Indonesia [Equal Times] 25-04-2018

FIFA Called on to Enforce Human Rights [ITUC] 25-04-2018 1 more labour news stories from Iran today

International day this Saturday to remember those injured or killed in the workplace [Leitrim Observer] 25-04-2018 12 more labour news stories from Ireland today

#MeToo Japan: What happened when women broke their silence [BBC] 25-04-2018

Solidarity award to persecuted unions in Kazaksthan [KTR] 25-04-2018

Korea (South)
Last Sunday afternoon in central Seoul... [CINA] 24-04-2018

/ USA AFL-CIO applauds defeat of Mexican labor legislation [World Trace Online] 24-04-2018

We Are Dying Of Hunger- ASUP Cries To Governor Ikpeazu [Sahara Reporters] 25-04-2018 1 more labour news stories from Nigeria today

Pakistan has failed to learn lessons of Gadani tradegy, say unions [IndustriALL] 24-04-2018

/ Philippines Trade Union Violations Revealed In Fact-Finding Mission [Davaotoday.com] 25-04-2018

South Africa
Saftu strike aims to make country 'ungovernable' [The Express-Newsline] 25-04-2018 53 more labour news stories from South Africa today

Teachers Strike Against IMF Imposed Austerity Policies [Newsclick] 25-04-2018

Messages of support for RMT [RMT] 25-04-2018 16 more labour news stories from UK today

/ USA / California  VIDEO  Oakland Education Association Teachers, Students & Parents March For A Contract-A 1% Pay Offer After A Year Of Negotiations For more info [LVP] 25-04-2018 30 more labour news stories from USA today

Aging population prompts Vietnam to look at raising retirement levels [The Express] 25-04-2018

Government reverses decision to fire striking nurses [TimesLive] 24-04-2018 0 more labour news stories from Zimbabwe today