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Iran Support for Iranian labour activists on hunger strike   



LabourStart photo of the day.The CGT is leading a series of strikes and other protests against the Macron government's proposed amendments to France's labour laws. The changes roll back workers' job security and other entitlements that have been in place for decades. (Photo: ) Click here to read more union news from France.
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Iran Support for Iranian labour activists on hunger strike [Guardian]  ActNOW!  19-09-2017

France Workers’ demands ignored as Macron begins labour deregulation [BWI Global Union] 18-09-2017

China First ten years of iPhone a bloody decade of labour abuse ..especially in China [The Conversation ] 18-09-2017

Serbia Qualified, cheap and little protected by law [MENA] 17-09-2017

Canada Ontario Swissport workers strike for at least $15 and Fairness [Rank and File] 17-09-2017

Global / Korea Tell the IOC! No more deaths in mega sports events! Click the link and sign now! [BWI Global Union ] 12-09-2017

France Workers protest Emmanuel Macron's labor reforms [Deutsche Welle] 12-09-2017

Global Cheap labour versus robots, who will sew the clothes of the future? [Equal Times] 12-09-2017

Pakistan Five years on, Baldia factory fire case still at pre-trial stage [LabourWatch] 12-09-2017

France Macron protests: Why are people going on strike? [The Independent] 11-09-2017

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September 18, 2017:
Trade unions working for world peace / Stop the arms trade to support social services
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/ Queensland Deadly September: 2 disasters that shook Queensland [CFMEU Mining and Energy] 19-09-2017 51 more labour news stories from Australia today

RFE/RL Takes Azerbaijani Case To ECHR [RFE] 19-09-2017

/ Burma IFJ concerned Bangladesh detains Myanmar photojournalists [IFJ] 18-09-2017

Workers Continue Eletrobras Privatization Protests [teleSUR] 18-09-2017

Around 1000 workers march for minimum wage [Eleven] 19-09-2017 2 more labour news stories from Burma today

/ Mexico / Ontario G.M. Workers Strike in Ottawa as Mexico Jobs Raise Tension [NYTimes] 19-09-2017 18 more labour news stories from Canada today

/ Hong Kong Joint Statement by HK Labour NGOs: Restore Meng Han’s Freedom, Stop all Surveillance Now [HKCTU] 18-09-2017

New EU Industrial Policy? [ETUC] 18-09-2017

New round of collective bargaining underway [Trade Union News from Finland] 18-09-2017

Lorry drivers take action against government’s labour reforms [The Local] 19-09-2017 4 more labour news stories from France today

GTUC head wins fourth term [OC Media ] 18-09-2017

TUC Backs Workers Demand for Payment Tier-2 Pension Scheme [News Ghana] 18-09-2017

Introducing a special theme series on gender-based violence in the workplace [Open Democracy] 19-09-2017 2 more labour news stories from Global today

Hong Kong
Workers pressured to resign. Fears of financial problems at charity [HK Standard] 19-09-2017 1 more labour news stories from Hong Kong today

Socialist Party: Tesco workers’ strike just [Politics.hu] 18-09-2017 1 more labour news stories from Hungary today

/ Karnataka BMTC workers strike after driver consumes poison [The Hindu] 19-09-2017 3 more labour news stories from India today

Bus Union Considers Mass Strike as Imprisoned Labor Activist’s Condition Deteriorates  ActNOW!  [Ctr for Human Rights] 19-09-2017 2 more labour news stories from Iran today

Pilot holiday roster stuff-up: Ryanair to tell 400,000 passengers of cancelled flights after 'mess-up' [Guardian] 19-09-2017 6 more labour news stories from Ireland today

/ Cambodia Inspectors link Cambodian trainee’s depression to workplace abuse by Japanese co-workers [Japan Times] 18-09-2017 2 more labour news stories from Japan today

Uber, Little, Taxify, Mondo drivers hold protests in Nairobi, cause traffic snarl up in city [The Standard] 18-09-2017

Korea (North)
/ China Workers from North Korea forced to return home due to sanctions in China [DailyNK] 18-09-2017

Cleaners protest late salaries - company violates rules [Arab Times] 19-09-2017

Latin America
Sex worker by trade: how far do human rights go? [Equal Times] 18-09-2017

Appalling Living Conditions in Rural Liberia to Greatly Affect Election Results [FPA] 19-09-2017

Ground staff at Misrata airport postpone strike after appeal from civil society organisations [Libya Herald] 18-09-2017

New Zealand
Sprinting to the polls: Suffrage Day's 124th anniversary [Radio New Zealand] 19-09-2017 7 more labour news stories from New Zealand today

Council of chiefs, labour representatives meet over Zamfara workers’ strike [The Eagle] 19-09-2017 5 more labour news stories from Nigeria today

Strike shock’ from SAS pilots in Norway [News in English] 18-09-2017

Papua New Guinea
ANZ PNG signs new union agreement [LOOP] 19-09-2017

First woman president of Singapore began her career in the legal division of the National Trades Union Congress [Andalou Agency ] 19-09-2017

South Africa
Why private sector needs censure, former minister tells union [Business Day] 19-09-2017 10 more labour news stories from South Africa today

Judge Baltasar Garzon defending the arrested Swedish-Turkish journalist [IFJ] 18-09-2017

Sri Lanka
CEB strike continues as talks fail: Workers’ Union [The Daily Mirror] 19-09-2017

/ Vietnam Did Taiwan police and paramedics leave migrant worker to die? [BBC] 18-09-2017

Trinidad and Tobago
Sexual harassment claims just mischief * [Daily Express] 19-09-2017

/ Ireland / Northern Ireland Social Workers' union rally to back threatened staff in Northern Ireland [Belfast Telegraph] 19-09-2017 15 more labour news stories from UK today

 VIDEO  Coal Mine Workers In Eastern Ukraine Threatened By Rising Water [RFE/RL] 19-09-2017 1 more labour news stories from Ukraine today

/ Maine BIW union representing 760 draftsman and technicians rejects contract, set to strike [Ctrl ME] 19-09-2017 29 more labour news stories from USA today

Workers end 5-day strike after company scraps draconian death leave rule [VN Express] 18-09-2017

‘No income for a year:’ Yemeni professionals endure war without salaries [Al Arabiya] 19-09-2017

Uproar over ‘slavery’ on Zim farms [The Standard] 18-09-2017 0 more labour news stories from Zimbabwe today