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Myanmar Hotel & Tourism Workers strike over rights violations at the Hotel Tharabar Gate, Bagan  



LabourStart photo of the day.US President Trump is threatening to sell-off the United States Post Office. The postal workers unions have begun to fight back. Here posties in Palatine Illinois begin a public education campaign as part of a national effort. (Photo: C.E. Miller) Click here to see more union news from the USA. .
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Today in Labour History

1980 United States of America The J.P. Stevens textile company is forced to sign its first union contract after a 17-year struggle in North Carolina and other southern states.

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Myanmar Hotel & Tourism Workers strike over rights violations at the Hotel Tharabar Gate, Bagan [IUF] 19-10-2018

Indonesia / USA From the Marriott US picket lines, solidarity with the fight for rights at Marriott Indonesia [IUF] 18-10-2018

Iran Solidarity with trade union leaders arrested after teachers’ strike [Education International] 18-10-2018

Saudi Arabia / Turkey IFJ: End the lies, cover-up and appeasement over killing of Jamal Khashoggi [IFJ] 18-10-2018

Malta One year after Daphne Caruana’s killing, impunity remains [IFJ] 16-10-2018

Iran ITF denounces Iran’s threat of death penalty in truck strike [ITF] 16-10-2018

Turkey Dozens killed during construction of new Istanbul airport, & hundreds arrested in protests [UNI Global Union]  ActNOW!  16-10-2018

Turkmenistan Free Gaspar Matalaev, end forced and child labour! [IUF]  ActNOW!  15-10-2018

Philippines Thugs, army and police attack striking Sumitomo banana workers [IUF] 15-10-2018

Global Nominations for the 2019 Arthur Svensson Prize are now open [Industri Energi] 15-10-2018

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Friday, October 19, 2018:
Union power! at the world transport workers’ congress / Global labour body calls for organizing millions into unions / The LabourStart report about union events around the world / And singing: “Climate change? You knew grandpa, you knew”
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Unions Prepare for Fifth National Protest [TeleSUR] 19-10-2018

Morrison’s attack dog regulator threatens workers with massive fines for attending Change the Rules protests next week [CFMMEU] 18-10-2018

/ Pacific Thank you Shashi Bala Singh for your dedication to education, educators and students in Asia-Pacific [Education International] 18-10-2018

/ Victoria Taxi, hire drivers to sue Uber for ‘hundreds of millions’ in lost earnings [The New Daily] 19-10-2018 17 more labour news stories from Australia today

/ Global Education unionist Jalila al Salman given EI’s Mary Hatwood Futrell Award [Education International] 19-10-2018

Restrictive broadcasting bill endorsed by government [IFJ] 18-10-2018

Twenty-one Day Notice Extended, Possible Strike Action is Delayed Another Ten Days [News 5] 19-10-2018 1 more labour news stories from Belize today

Dozens injured in crackdown on Myanmar garment worker protest [Eyewitness News] 18-10-2018

Garment workers fear EU trade threat but producers optimistic [Euronews] 18-10-2018

/ Ontario Kenora Forest Products to expand production by late November [Kenora Daily Miner and News] 19-10-2018 30 more labour news stories from Canada today

High School Teachers to Join University Strike [TeleSUR] 19-10-2018 1 more labour news stories from Colombia today

Costa Rica
Court Halts Fiscal Reform, Unions to Continue Protests [TeleSUR] 18-10-2018

Trade Unions ask for a change in Europe! [industriAll Europe] 19-10-2018 4 more labour news stories from Europe today

Gov't wins vote of confidence on tougher labor policy, more strikes expected [Xinhua] 18-10-2018 1 more labour news stories from Finland today

When Agricultural Workers Go Hungry [Project Syndicate] 19-10-2018 6 more labour news stories from Global today

Delhi cabinet restores increase in minimum wages quashed by HC [IANS] 19-10-2018 2 more labour news stories from India today

Union protests escalate at Accor's luxury Pullman Jakarta Hotel [IUF] 19-10-2018 1 more labour news stories from Indonesia today

Navy reserve called to fill posts amid crisis [Irish Examiner] 19-10-2018 5 more labour news stories from Ireland today

Korea (South)
Taxi industry holds mass rally against carpool app industry [Labor Today] 19-10-2018 3 more labour news stories from Korea (South) today

EI condemns crimes against girls at the US charity operated school More than Me [Education International] 18-10-2018

Strike Paralyses University of Malawi, Students Worried [allAfrica] 19-10-2018

Workers stage peaceful protest against minimum wage of RM1,050 [The Straits Times] 18-10-2018

Dentists suspend their industrial actions at Mater Dei [Newsbook] 19-10-2018

Garment Workers Remain on Strike Over Abuses in Chinese-Owned Factory [RFA] 18-10-2018

New Zealand
Oil Free Wellington supports bus strike action [OFW] 19-10-2018 3 more labour news stories from New Zealand today

New minimum wage: It’s either N30, 000 or nothing – Organised Labour [Blueprint] 19-10-2018 9 more labour news stories from Nigeria today

52pc workplaces do not pay legal minimum pay to woman workers [The Recorder] 19-10-2018 1 more labour news stories from Pakistan today

Ryanair makes no concessions to Polish union demands on contracts [Euronews] 19-10-2018 2 more labour news stories from Poland today

South Africa
/ KwaZulu-Natal Boss arrested for pouring petrol and burning workers to death over missing gearbox [News24] 19-10-2018 21 more labour news stories from South Africa today

Autumn of discontent in the land of labour harmony [SwissInfo] 18-10-2018

IFJ welcomes a historic agreement to strengthen the safety of journalists in public media [IFJ] 19-10-2018 1 more labour news stories from Tunisia today

Istanbul’s 3rd airport delays opening, pressure on workers increases  ActNOW!  [soL] 18-10-2018 1 more labour news stories from Turkey today

RMT says 32nd day of strike action goes ahead on Northern Rail [RMT] 19-10-2018 15 more labour news stories from UK today

Crimea: Education International saddened by brutal bomb and gun attack [Education International] 19-10-2018

/ New York New York City Council Introduces Resolution In Support Of Count Me In Campaign [Mason Tenders District Council] 19-10-2018 23 more labour news stories from USA today

‘Government Not Responding to Workers’ & Campesinos’ Demands’ [Venezuelanalysis] 18-10-2018

Virgin Islands (U.S.)
WAPA Employees Stage Protest at Legislature [The Source] 18-10-2018 0 more labour news stories from Virgin Islands (U.S.) today