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Why on earth have social care workers not been getting the National Minimum Wage? 2017-08-19 [Touchstone - TUC]

Why we should still be worried about zero-hours contracts 2017-08-18 [Touchstone - TUC]

From North to South, no community deserves to be abandoned 2017-08-18 [Touchstone - TUC]

Union ‘hails victory’ as Birmingham bin strike called off 2017-08-18 [PSE]

Royal Mail union extends deadline to settle pension dispute 2017-08-17 [The Financial Times]

Britain should remain in customs union, says TUC 2017-08-17 [TUC]

Birmingham bin strike: 'Positive talks' chaired by Acas 2017-08-16 [BBC]

RBS preparing to cut nearly 900 IT jobs, says union 2017-08-16 [Guardian]

Workers are 'begging managers for more hours' as millions struggle with flexible contracts, reveals study 2017-08-16 [Independent]

Today’s Big Ben headlines 'don’t ring true', says TUC 2017-08-15 [TUC]

Cost of living crisis grinds on, warns TUC 2017-08-15 [TUC]

Unite comment on latest inflation figures 2017-08-15 [Unite]

UK wages likely to fall as an average of 24 applicants chase each low-skilled job 2017-08-14 [independent]

UK employers see measly pay growth ahead, companies turn gloomy 2017-08-14 [Reuters]

Twice as many people are sleeping rough in Tory Britain as we thought, alarming new study reveals 2017-08-14 [Mirror]

US tech company becomes first to microchip employees 2017-08-14 [Independent]

Major cabin crew survey reveals tide of drunken and anti-social behaviour on UK flights 2017-08-14 [Unite]

'Black employees with A-Levels earn 10% less', says TUC 2017-08-13 [The Voice]

Newsquest profits and can afford to pay staff more 2017-08-12 [NUJ]

British Airways urged to enter talks or face mounting costs in cabin crew dispute 2017-08-12 [Unite]

Traveller family members convicted of slavery charges 2017-08-12 [RTÉ]

Patients and staff ‘paying the price’ for Theresa May’s premiership, says UNISON 2017-08-12 [UNISON]

Trade union response to steel pension changes 2017-08-12 [Unite]

Income gap between people from rich and poor backgrounds has almost doubled, IFS figures reveal 2017-08-11 [Independent]

Driving examiners to vote in strike ballot over pay 2017-08-10 [PCS]

Sutton Trust report which shows that fewer young people are thinking of going to university 2017-08-10 [NUT]

Low paid workers announce 25 more days of strike action at largest health trust in England 2017-08-10 [Unite]

Latest NHS Stats Show 10,000 More On Waiting Lists, Rise In Bed-Blocking And Falling 999 Response Times 2017-08-10 [GMB]

UNISON comments on government NHS staffing plan 2017-08-09 [UNISON]

Workplace pensions work: three lessons from today’s ONS stats 2017-08-09 [Touchstone - TUC]

Online E - Learning Courses - full range of vocational and training courses, to help our members 2017-08-09 [Unite]

Renationalise failing privatised probation services, say unions 2017-08-09 [UNISON]

Judge: Cartmail acted in good faith to dismiss Coyne 2017-08-08 [Morning Star]

Unite calls on Royal Mail to explain ‘complex’ pension proposals 2017-08-08 [Unite]

Commuter Hell Revealed 2017-08-08 [GMB]

The government’s decision to privatise enforcement puts profits ahead of security 2017-08-08 [Touchstone - TUC]

Student attainment gap must be narrowed to achieve quality education for all 2017-08-08 [Education International]

Unite Scotland joins forces with campaign groups and Fringe workers to launch #FairFringe campaign 2017-08-07 [Unite]

Learn about neurodiversity courses with PCS – dates for autumn 2017-08-07 [PCS]

Higher education: UNISON wins SOAS commitment to end outsourcing 2017-08-07 [UNISON]

IFJ condemns Israel’s announcement to shut down Al Jazeer 2017-08-07 [NUJ]

West London Amazon Flex worker's report 2017-08-07 [AWW]

FTSE100 CEO Wage Would Take Average Worker 160 Years To Earn 2017-08-07 [GMB]

EU citizens facing discrimination over jobs and housing 2017-08-07 [UNISON]

‘I go without lunch and tell my colleagues I’m on a diet’ 2017-08-07 [UNISON]

FBU: NE couldn't properly deal with another Grenfell 2017-08-05 [itv.com]

New union aims to overhaul self-employed workers' rights 2017-08-05 [Guardian]

Poorest pensioners hit by rise in state pension age 2017-08-05 [Touchstone - TUC]

Labour MPs and trade unionists are calling for Jeremy Corbyn to commit to defending free movement when the UK leaves the EU 2017-08-04 [Guardian]

Grenfell public inquiry must listen to us, say firefighters 2017-08-04 [FBU]

This month in labour history

6-08-1914 The Labour Leader, the newspaper of the Independent Labour Party, publishes an anti-war appeal to workers. [more]

8-08-1920 The country sees large 'citizen demonstrations' against intervention in Soviet Russia. [more]

8-08-1842 Thousands of mill and factory workers across Lancashire walk out in support of the People's Charter. [more]

9-08-1920 The TUC and the Labour Party agree to move a resolution for a general strike if Britain declares war on Soviet Russia. [more]

11-08-1917 LAbour politician Arthur Henderson resigns from the war cabinet over its refusal to allow workers' representatives to attend the Stockholm peace conference. [more]

12-08-1933 London taxi drivers go on strike against the wishes of their union. [more]

13-08-1889 The beginning of the great dockers strike [more]

16-08-1819 Yeoman attack a crowd gathered in MAnchester to demand parliamentary reform, in what becomes known as the Peterloo Massacre. [more]

23-08-1976 Fifty workers at the Grunwick film processing plant in north west London go on strike for the right to join a trade union. [more]