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Theresa May will try to find compromise with Unison, the TUC, Unite and the GMB 2019-01-24 [BBC]

Don’t plough your digger into a hotel if you haven’t been paid – there is an alternative 2019-01-23 [The Independent]

State Aid Findings Bust EU Myths - Cortes 2019-01-23 [TSSA]

Road users at risk as lorry inspections fall by 37 per cent, warns Unite 2019-01-23 [Unite the union]

Williams Review Looking at Full Spectrum of Rail Options - 'Significant Step' 2019-01-23 [TSSA]

Patisserie Valerie workers latest victims of Bandit Capitalism and government inaction 2019-01-23 [Unite the union]

Women at BBC still paid 'far less than men' - report 2019-01-23 [RTÉ]

Spycops inquiry challenged over hiding officers’ identities 2019-01-23 [Morning Star]

Exclusive: Third of May's cabinet in Davos slammed 'tax-payer funded freebie to sip champagne with the global elite' 2019-01-23 [Talk Radio]

Theresa May to hold Brexit talks with union boss Len McCluskey 2019-01-22 [Independent]

Historic Royal Palaces staff strike over pensions dispute 2019-01-22 [Civil Society]

Thousands of suspected modern slavery victims waiting more than a year for decision from Home Office 2019-01-22 [Independent]

What do Bangladeshi garment workers really really want? A real living wage 2019-01-22 [TUC]

Extend article 50 and avoid no-deal Brexit catastrophe 2019-01-22 [UNISON]

Brexit bites: more than 200 products subject to shrinkflation, says ONS 2019-01-21 [Guardian]

BME teachers face racist abuse, Conference hears 2019-01-21 [NASUWT]

The need to breathe new life into adult education 2019-01-21 [Guardian]

Consultation continues on disputed BT Facilities outsourcing 2019-01-21 [CWU]

Unite: Lack of female facilities 'a major issue' on construction sites 2019-01-21 [Construction News]

Spice Girls T-shirts made in factory paying staff 35p an hour 2019-01-21 [The Guardian]

World's 26 richest people own as much as poorest 50%, says Oxfam 2019-01-21 [The Guardian]

Rail workers strike again - and more walk-outs are planned 2019-01-20 [The Mail]

Seafaring: A Labor of Love 2019-01-20 [Maritime Executive]

President thanks Black members for all their work 2019-01-20 [UNISON]

Jeremy Corbyn expected to back move to block no-deal Brexit 2019-01-20 [Guardian]

Theresa May to consider axeing Human Rights Act after Brexit, minister reveals 2019-01-19 [Independent]

Prentis says ‘no-deal Brexit’ would be disastrous for workers 2019-01-19 [UNISON]

Windrush ‘nightmare’ won’t end until ‘hostile environment’ does 2019-01-19 [UNISON]

No-deal Brexit would be disastrous, firefighters warn 2019-01-19 [FBU]

NUJ reacts to Times and Sunday Times proposals 2019-01-18 [NUJ]

Unite launches campaign to save Springburn rail depot as Gemini Rail serves closure notice 2019-01-18 [Unite the union]

RMT confirms next phase of strike action on Northern 2019-01-18 [RMT]

Women win 12-year equal pay battle with Glasgow city council 2019-01-18 [Guardian]

Why The 2019 Women's March Organisers Want You To Bring Flowers 2019-01-18 [Yahoo]

Private outsourcing firms get £3,500 per household for services – TUC analysis 2019-01-18 [TUC]

IOPC put too many officers through misconduct trauma 2019-01-17 [Polfed]

To Calais with love 2019-01-17 [CWU]

‘Lights going out on UK energy policy’ as work on Wylfa nuclear power station suspended 2019-01-17 [Unite the union]

No excuse for intrusive insurance questions, says BECTU 2019-01-17 [BECTU]

RMT forced to ballot for fourth time under anti-union laws on SWR 2019-01-17 [RMT]

Fears over possible privatisation of NHS cervical screening services 2019-01-17 [Unite the union]

When the nightmares of domestic and sexual abuse come to work 2019-01-17 [Morning Star]

ETUC on House of Commons Brexit vote 2019-01-17 [ETUC]

Four general-secretaries call for general election in the wake of May's brexit defeat 2019-01-17 [Union News]

Unite launches construction period dignity campaign 2019-01-17 [Unite the union]

General Election Needed After Historic Government Defeat - Cortes 2019-01-17 [TSSA]

South Tees NHS trust treating staff with contempt over car parking charges 2019-01-17 [Unite the union]

Time for people to have the final say on Brexit, says TUC 2019-01-17 [TUC]

Inflation falls to lowest level in nearly two years 2019-01-17 [BBC]

Low inflation will only benefit workers if government fixes weaknesses in economy, says TUC 2019-01-17 [TUC]

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11-01-1831 Dozens of workers are convicted of machine-breaking during the agricultural workers' rebellion commonly known as the Swing Riots [more]