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ILO launches global communication campaign to promote inequality reduction and social justice

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Teaching in an age of crises: rediscovering the importance of dignity 2023-09-26 [Education International]

ILO opens the 2023 Global Media Competition on Labour Migration 2023-09-26 [ILO]

ILO launches global communication campaign to promote inequality reduction and social justice 2023-09-26 [ILO]

Global TWU unites with trade unions in call for transport reform 2023-09-25 [Owner-Driver]

India Mental Well-Being at Bhopal For more info  ActNOW!  2023-09-24 [AIRF, INDIA]

Young women rising for a better future 2023-09-23 [UNI]

Photos from UNI’s World Congress and Women’s World Conference are online 2023-09-23 [UNI]

Trade unions globally protest union-busting ‘green’ company Ørsted 2023-09-23 [ITF]

Transport unions unite globally to call for safer roads 2023-09-23 [ITF]

Education unionists strategise action against fossil fuels 2023-09-23 [EI]

Ukraine RadioLabour World Report - How unions in Ukraine are coping with the war 2023-09-23 [RadioLabour]

Rising together for LGBTI+ workers 2023-09-22 [UNI Global Union]

TRT Report: How commercial power companies are wreaking havoc in developing countries 2023-09-22 [PSI]

Trade unions across the globe protest union busting antics of Danish energy giant Ørsted 2023-09-21 [MUA]

Global African Trade Unions Advocate for Workers’ inclusion in Debt Discussions 2023-09-21 [ITUC Africa]

Global G20 India: no action, no urgency 2023-09-21 [TUAC]

OECD makes powerful case for investing in education and training 2023-09-21 [UAC]

COP28: put a truly Just Transition at the centre of climate action 2023-09-21 [TUAC]

G20/OECD recognise workforce dialogue and consultation as part of effective corporate governance 2023-09-21 [TUAC]

OECD over-optimistic in forecasting even weak growth 2023-09-21 [TUAC]

International Equal Pay Day: Trade unions in action 2023-09-20 [ITUC]

Leaders at the UN General Assembly pledge to reduce the gender pay gap 2023-09-20 [ILO]

RadioLabour World Report - The battle of the working peoples' songs 2023-09-19 [RadioLabour]

We need mandatory human rights due diligence laws now Add to favourites Read this article in: English 19 September, 2023Presenters at the Mary Robinson Speaker Series on business and human rights concur that debates are shifting from voluntary meas 2023-09-19 [IndustriALL]

Equitable access to the teaching profession is vital to quality education 2023-09-18 [EI]

United Nations High Level Panel forwards urgent solutions to address the global shortage of teachers 2023-09-18 [EI]

BWI renews global framework agreement with Veidekke 2023-09-18 [BWI]

Building workers’ power in China’s Belt and Road Initiative 2023-09-18 [BWI]

Global Multi-stakeholders gather to learn lessons from Lesotho on tackling gender-based violence and harassment at work 2023-09-18 [Equal Times]

Global Canadians showing more support for striking workers amid inflation, corporate profits 2023-09-18 [Global News]

Domestic debt: Do not push the pain further onto workers 2023-09-17 [ITUC]

G20 falls far from workers’ demands 2023-09-15 [IndustriALL]

Global COSATU ready to host 12th BRICS Trade Unions Forum Dialogue in Durban 2023-09-14 [COSATU]

UK TUC urged to fight rising authoritarianism amid global attack on worker rights, ITUC leader says 2023-09-14 [Morning Star]

UK International Equal Pay Day: Trade unions in action 2023-09-14 [ITUC]

How will due diligence legislation impact trade union rights? 2023-09-13 [IndustriALL]

App Workers Seek Level Playing Field For more info 2023-09-13 [Solidarity Center]

UNI Global Union recognized in Vogue Business 100 Innovators list for sustainability leadership 2023-09-13 [UNI]

G20 India: no action, no urgency 2023-09-12 [ITUC]

ITUC General Council: Luc Triangle declared sole candidate for ITUC General Secretary 2023-09-12 [ITUC]

World Day for Decent Work: It’s Time for a Pay Rise 2023-09-08 [ITUC]

Digital shift in media, arts, and entertainment poses new labour challenges, new study 2023-09-08 [UNI Global Union]

Exploitation by App: The New Way of Work? For more info 2023-09-07 [Solidarity Center]

50 million people live in modern slavery 2023-09-06 [Arthur Svensson Prize]

Protecting the Amazon protects us all! 2023-09-06 [BWI]

Global UFCW Women ‘Rise Together’ at UNI Global Union World Women’s Conference 2023-09-05 [UFCW Canada]

Global Asian trade unionists join call to protect the Amazon 2023-09-05 [BWI]

Unions must continue to push UN towards global tax reform 2023-09-05 [PSI]

Japan Unmanned Japanese Stations: Boon or Bane? For more info  ActNOW!  2023-09-04 []

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This month in labour history

13-09-1868 Closure of the 3rd IWA Congress in Brussels. Delegates say it "is not the daughter of a cult or a theory. It is the spontaneous product of the proletarian movement ”(text written by Karl Marx). [more]

14-09-1867 Volume 1 of Kapital is published. The product of a decade of research and redrafting, the book applies class analysis to capitalism focusing upon production processes, making the capitalist mode of production historically specific. [more]

17-09-1871 International Workingmen’s Association begins conference in London, though attendance disrupted by Franco-Prussian war. [more]

20-09-1910 International conference on unemployment at the Sorbonne in Paris. Specialists propose the creation of unemployment insurance in each industrial country. [more]

28-09-1864 First meeting between British unions and 5 French union representatives in London to discuss the creation of the International Workingmen’s Association. [more]

29-09-1863 At a meeting in Saint-Martin's Hall, the IWA adopted the French project which provided for the creation of European sections, under the direction of a Central Committee in London. [more]