Workers of the World Can Still Unite

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COP25 blog – 11 December 2019 2019-12-12 [IndustriALL]

The global trade union movement puts the Philippine government on notice: hands off human and trade union rights defenders!  ActNOW!  2019-12-12 [Education International]

COP 25: Educators firmly commit to helping address the climate emergency 2019-12-12 [Education International]

TUAC-OECD LCM: Divided, We (still) Stand – The Urgency of People-Centred Policies 2019-12-12 [TUAC]

Histadrut declares a labor dispute at Samsung importer Sunny Communications 2019-12-11 [Davar]

RadioLabour's World Report for Wednesday December 11, 2019 2019-12-11 [Radio-Canada]

COP25 blog – 10 December 2019 2019-12-11 [IndustriALL]

Workers of the World Can Still Unite 2019-12-11 [Jacobin]

These countries have the longest working hours 2019-12-11 [BusinessTech]

COP25 blog – 9 December 2019 2019-12-10 [IndustriALL]

IFJ marks Human Rights Day by highlighting 49 killings of journalists worldwide 2019-12-10 [NUJ]

Standing with human rights defenders in the Philippines – #StopTheAttacks 2019-12-10 [ITUC]

Today is Human Rights Day - Do something useful 2019-12-10 [LabourStart]

COP25 blog – 8 December 2019 2019-12-09 [IndustriALL]

Increasing number of attacks on academic freedom across the world documented by Scholars at Risks report 2019-12-09 [Education International]

PISA 2018: between performance and well-being 2019-12-09 [Education International]

International Day of Persons with Disabilities: EI calls for inclusion 2019-12-09 [Education International]

PISA results highlight pressures in education systems 2019-12-09 [Education International]

Steps forward with DHL 2019-12-09 [UNI Global Union]

COP25 blog – 7 December 2019 2019-12-08 [IndustriALL]

COP25 blog – 6 December 2019 2019-12-07 [IndustriALL]

RadioLabour's World Report for Friday December 6, 2019 2019-12-07 [RadioLabour]

Statement of solidarity with the popular uprising of people, workers, and students in Iran 2019-12-06 [Amman Center for Human Right Studies (ACHRS)]

COP25 blog – 5 December 2019 2019-12-06 [IndustriALL]

ITF looks at mutual challenges for informal and app-based transport workers 2019-12-06 [ITF]

 VIDEO  AIRF's Solidarity to French Unions For more info  ActNOW!  2019-12-06 [AIRF Communication Centre]

COP25 blog – 4 December 2019 2019-12-05 [IndustriALL]

French rail strike: ITF pledges support 2019-12-05 [ITF]

BWI Global Women News 2019-12-05 [BWI]

Global Safety Conference underscores unions’ role in making work safer 2019-12-05 [BWI]

Unions Shape First Global Standard for Tax Transparency 2019-12-05 [PSI]

COP25 blog – 3 December 2019 2019-12-04 [IndustriALL]

COP25-Climate ambition and Just Transition plans urgently required to tackle climate crisis 2019-12-03 [ITUC]

COP25 blog – 2 December 2019 2019-12-03 [IndustriALL]

As COP 25 begins, NUPGE releases latest environment backgrounders 2019-12-03 [NUPGE]

No journalism on a dead planet 2019-12-03 [IFJ]

Amazon’s unchecked power scrutinised by international group of unions, tax experts, regulators, activists, and legislators 2019-12-03 [ITUC]

High level ITF delegation signs enhanced MoU in China 2019-12-02 [ITF]

COP25 – Climate ambition and Just Transition plans urgently required to tackle climate crisis 2019-12-02 [ITUC]

Global Railway News Updates on 02nd December 2019 2019-12-02 [AIRF Communication Centre]

IndustriALL demands climate action with Just Transition 2019-12-01 [IndustriALL]

Global Railway News Updates on 01st December 2019 For more info 2019-12-01 [AIRF Communication Centre]

 VIDEO  AIRF Condemns the Brutal Rape and Murder of Dr Priyanka Reddy For more info  ActNOW!  2019-11-30 [Indian Express]

Global Railway News Updates on 30th November 2019 For more info 2019-11-30 [AIRF Communication Centre]

 VIDEO  AIRF Invites Everyone to AGM at Chennai 04th to 06th Dec 2019 For more info  ActNOW!  2019-11-30 [AIRF Communication Centre]

RadioLabour's World Report for Friday November 29, 2019 2019-11-30 [RadioLabour]

Securing adequate pensions for all: The challenge of upholding the right to decent, adequate and secure pensions 2019-11-29 [TUAC]

Global Railway News Updates on 29th Nov 2019 For more info 2019-11-29 [AIRF Communication Centre]

40th UNESCO General Conference: Teachers and educators at the core of achieving SDG 4 2019-11-28 [Education International]

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