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Enhancing the safety of women journalists in the occupied West Bank and Gaza

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UN: ICC must investigate the killing of journalists in Palestine 2023-09-26 [IFJ]

Al Jazeera presenter’s Facebook profile deleted by Meta 2023-09-13 [IFJ]

Palestine NUMSA march to Israeli embassy against ‘apartheid imposition’ on Palestinians 2023-09-02 [Eyewitness News]

PPSWU: DHL Express and its continued refusal to acknowledge the existence of the Palestinian people 2023-09-02 [Palestinian Postal Services Workers Union]

Enhancing the safety of women journalists in the occupied West Bank and Gaza 2023-08-12 [IFJ]

Journalists assaulted by armed man driving an Israeli ambulance in occupied West Bank 2023-08-05 [IFJ]

Qatar Hamas unable to pay salaries in Gaza after Qatari aid delay, officials say 2023-07-16 [Reuters]

Journalist arrested by security forces over critical social media posts 2023-07-16 [IFJ]

Israel International protection and justice for the people of Palestine, and an end to illegal settlements, demand Global Unions 2023-07-12 [IFJ]

Israel Global unions demand international protection and justice for the people of Palestine 2023-07-12 [BWI]

Israel Global unions demand international protection and justice for the people of Palestine 2023-07-12 [UNI Global Union]

WFTU statement on the new barbaric crimes of the Israeli state in Jenin, Palestine 2023-07-07 [WFTU]

Israel Journalists targeted by Israeli forces during raid in Jenin 2023-07-05 [IFJ]

BWI condemns escalation of violence in Jenin 2023-07-05 [BWI]

Israel The ITUC stands in solidarity with Palestinian workers and urges action to address workers’ rights violations in Palestine 2023-07-04 [ITUC]

Israel ITUC calls for immediate cease-fire and de-escalation in Jenin 2023-07-04 [ITUC]

Palestine High level ICTU delegation returns from fact-finding mission to Palestine 2023-06-27 [Irish Congress of Trade Unions]

Israel Journalists under fire amid escalating violence in occupied West Bank 2023-06-23 [IFJ]

Unions in Palestine Campaign to Enforce New Minimum Wage Law For more info 2023-06-21 [Solidarity Center]

WFTU on the new attack in Palestine 2023-06-20 [WFTU]

IFJ welcomes new PJS leadership and its commitment to strengthen safety and social rights 2023-06-11 [IFJ]

VIDEO Palestine General Strike In Israel, Democracy & Palestinians With Unionist Assaf Adiv For more info 2023-06-08 []

Palestine Postal workers union settles libel case with B'nai Brith after five years 2023-05-26 [CJN]

IFJ president expresses solidarity at PJS congress 2023-05-23 [IFJ]

ITF and Palestinian unions demand that transport workers from both sides are given equal rights 2023-05-20 [ITF]

Journalists union warns against attempt to suspend congress 2023-05-20 [IFJ]

Palestine Victoria AMWU Secretary Mavromatis commemorates Palestinian exile on 75th Anniversary of Arab-Isreali conflict 2023-05-19 [Neos Kosmos]

Gaza workers demand more jobs, pay hike 2023-05-07 [Daiji World]

New Unions: On May Day, Let’s Unite against Apartheid Israel 2023-05-07 [NFTU]

Teacer strikes keep about 2000 East Jerusalem students out of school 2023-04-29 [Haareetz]

Israel East Jerusalem: Bureaucratic hell on their way to give birth 2023-04-22 [WAC]

UN Palestinian refugee agency urges West Bank workers to end strike 2023-04-13 [Saltwire]

Palestine New Zealand must join international condemnation of Israeli brutality against Palestinians at Jerusalem's Al Aqsa Mosque 2023-04-12 [John Minto]

WFTU statement on the Palestinian Land Day and the launching of an international solidarity campaign 2023-04-12 [WFTU]

Gaza UNRWA staff strike, pledge additional measures 2023-04-11 [MEMO]

VIDEO Israel Green Card to Palestinian workers - Abolish the oppressive Permit System that Israel forces on Palestinian Workers 2023-03-21 [MAAN Workers Association]

Women for a just transition, green careers and peace 2023-03-09 [PGFTU]

Israel 'The killing of Shireen Abu Akleh has doubled the fear of going to the field among journalists' 2023-03-08 [IFJ]

Israel After joining MAAN, Palestinians working in a West Bank settlement announce a 3-day strike 2023-02-28 [MAAN Workers Association]

SHaher Saad condemns and condemns the heinous crime committed by the occupation forces in Nablus 2023-02-22 [PGFTU]

Israel Palestinian Authority Denounces Israeli Act on Palestinian Workers' Dues 2023-02-17 [Asharq Al-Awsat ]

The PA's revenue structure and Israel's containment strtegy 2023-02-16 [Al Shakaba]

The Women's department in Rhamallah inspects the conditions of female workers 2023-02-16 [PGFTU]

PJS and Association of Private Radios sign agreement to safeguard journalists' professional rights 2023-02-15 [IFJ]

The WFTU condemns the murdering of Palestinians in the city of Jenin 2023-02-07 [WFTU]

Palestine Educators planting the seeds of hope 2023-02-01 [EI]

Palestinian workers strike as UN agency squeeze hits salaries 2023-01-26 [Saltwire]

Workers strike as UNRWA squeeze hits salaries 2023-01-26 [Al Arabiya]

Shaher Saad meets branch sectretaries and representatives of municipal unions 2023-01-16 [PGFTU]

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