Joint statement of IndustriALL Global Union and industriAll European Trade Union on Israel’s annexation of Palestinian lands

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WAC-MAAN announces a one-day warning strike on July 29, 2020 against Green Net Garbage Recycling in Atarot Industrial Area, Jerusalem. 2020-07-30 [WAC MAAN]

Palestinian Workers Forced to Sleep in Trash-sorting Plant Because Employers Feared Coronavirus Lockdown 2020-07-17 [Haaretz]

Training in e-learning critical as return to education deferred 2020-07-11 [EI]

Joint statement of IndustriALL Global Union and industriAll European Trade Union on Israel’s annexation of Palestinian lands 2020-07-08 [IndustriALL]

IFJ calls on authorities to take action on threats against a woman journalist 2020-06-30 [IFJ]

High Court rejects petition to compensate Palestinian workers hit by crisis 2020-06-08 [Times of Israel]

COSATU condemns Israel impunity and annexation of Palestinian territories 2020-06-04 [Polity]

Unions call on the Canadian government to fight to stop the annexation of Palestinian lands 2020-06-03 [CLC]

Union criticises AP for arbitrary dismissal of senior cameraman 2020-05-30 [IFJ]

Israel’s Annexation of Palestinian Lands Cannot be Allowed to Proceed 2020-05-30 [ITUC]

Letter: The Occupied Territories Bill 2020-05-29 [Irish Times]

WAC-MAAN: Hotline for East Jerusalem workers and jobless during the Coronavirus shutdown 2020-05-28 [WAC MAAN]

Histadrut Chairman to Palestinian Unions chief: The current COVID-19 crisis emphasizes the need for solidarity 2020-04-23 [Davar]

Palestinian Workers Risk COVID-19 or Losing Income For more info 2020-04-23 [Solidarity Center]

Coronavirus 'Disaster' at Israeli Factory Prompts Policy Revamp on Palestinian Workers For more info 2020-04-08 [Haaretz English]

Palestinians worry about expenses as virus blocks way to work in Israel 2020-04-02 [The Times]

Educators in Morocco and Palestine donate wages to COVID-19 solidarity fund 2020-03-27 [EI]

WAC MAAN and Kav LaOved petition Payment Department to stop irregularities in deductions from Palestinians employed in Israel 2020-03-19 [WAC-Maan]

IFJ condemns Israeli army assault on journalists in Beita 2020-03-15 [IFJ]

UNI Global Union & ITUC call on Norway´s Oil Fund to exclude companies in illegal West Bank settlements 2020-03-06 [UNI Global Union]

No compensation for Palestinian journalistshot by Israeli army 2020-02-27 [+972 magazine]

Israeli state was cracking down on Palestinian left as NZ Junketeers visited 2020-02-19 [Redline]

NZ 'journalists' junket on Palestinian corpses 2020-02-14 [Redline]

Bringing justice to Palestine is in our hands 2020-02-06 [John Minto]

Proposals on Israel/Palestine are an affront to Palestinians 2020-01-31 [Scoop World]

NEHAWU rejects the Donald Trump US-Israel plan 2020-01-30 [COSATU]

Call for New Zealand to be forthright in rejecting deal of the century 2020-01-30 [John Minto]

US proposals on Israel/Palestine are an affront to Palestinian rights and dignity 2020-01-30 [ITUC]

Why are Israel’s builders increasingly falling to their deaths? 2020-01-16 [Davar]

500 Palestinian Workers Allowed to Enter Israel From Besieged Gaza 2020-01-15 [albawaba]

PJS records 760 violations against Palestinian journalists in 2019 2020-01-11 [IFJ]

Israel's Top Court Blasts State for Misuse of Palestinian Workers’ Sick Fund 2019-12-26 [Haaretz]

A joint Israeli-Palestinian initiative to reduce worker fatalities in the construction industry 2019-12-15 [Davar]

Israeli forces detained Palestinian TV journalists in Jerusalem 2019-12-09 [IFJ]

EI condemns the temporary closure of the Jerusalem office of the Palestinian Authority Ministry of Education by Israeli authorities 2019-12-09 [Education International]

50 Palestinian workers in a food plant in Atarot Industrial Zone go on strike 2019-12-07 [WAC-MAAN]

IFJ reacts on Israeli attacks against Palestinian journalists 2019-12-03 [IFJ]

A major gain for WAC-MAAN and for Palestinian workers as Labor Court ordains Maya Food Industries negotiate with the union and pay 160,000 NIS in damages for obstructing its drive to unionize the company 2019-12-01 [WAC-MAAN]

Hundreds of journalists stand up against Israeli decision to shut down Palestine TV 2019-11-28 [IFJ]

Journalists stand up against Israeli repression of Palestinian media in Jerusalem 2019-11-27 [NUJ]

Israeli forces raid Palestine TV and production company, order six month closure 2019-11-27 [Committee to protect journalists]

Through the wire — Palestinians risk jail to work in Israel illegally 2019-11-24 [The Times]

Hebron: Palestinian photojournalist looses sight of one eye by Israeli military 2019-11-19 [IFJ]

Trump settlements announcement blatant disregard for rule of law 2019-11-19 [ITUC]

Histadrut construction union bolsters international work 2019-11-18 [BWI]

A Palestinian worker who collapsed during work was thrown down by the roadside by a formean in Maya Foods plant in Mishor Edumimim 2019-11-16 [WAC-Maan]

Journalists condemn court-ordered closure of 59 websites 2019-10-25 [IFJ]

Thank you, UK workers, for standing in solidarity with Palestine 2019-10-08 [Labour List]

WAC-MAAN and Kav LaOved demand to stop automatic dues payments by Palestinian workers to the Histadrut, instead allowing workers to choose to join WAC-MAAN 2019-09-29 [WAC-MAAN]

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