Israeli forces detained Palestinian TV journalists in Jerusalem

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A joint Israeli-Palestinian initiative to reduce worker fatalities in the construction industry 2019-12-15 [Davar]

Israeli forces detained Palestinian TV journalists in Jerusalem 2019-12-09 [IFJ]

EI condemns the temporary closure of the Jerusalem office of the Palestinian Authority Ministry of Education by Israeli authorities 2019-12-09 [Education International]

50 Palestinian workers in a food plant in Atarot Industrial Zone go on strike 2019-12-07 [WAC-MAAN]

IFJ reacts on Israeli attacks against Palestinian journalists 2019-12-03 [IFJ]

A major gain for WAC-MAAN and for Palestinian workers as Labor Court ordains Maya Food Industries negotiate with the union and pay 160,000 NIS in damages for obstructing its drive to unionize the company 2019-12-01 [WAC-MAAN]

Hundreds of journalists stand up against Israeli decision to shut down Palestine TV 2019-11-28 [IFJ]

Journalists stand up against Israeli repression of Palestinian media in Jerusalem 2019-11-27 [NUJ]

Israeli forces raid Palestine TV and production company, order six month closure 2019-11-27 [Committee to protect journalists]

Through the wire — Palestinians risk jail to work in Israel illegally 2019-11-24 [The Times]

Hebron: Palestinian photojournalist looses sight of one eye by Israeli military 2019-11-19 [IFJ]

Trump settlements announcement blatant disregard for rule of law 2019-11-19 [ITUC]

Histadrut construction union bolsters international work 2019-11-18 [BWI]

A Palestinian worker who collapsed during work was thrown down by the roadside by a formean in Maya Foods plant in Mishor Edumimim 2019-11-16 [WAC-Maan]

Journalists condemn court-ordered closure of 59 websites 2019-10-25 [IFJ]

Thank you, UK workers, for standing in solidarity with Palestine 2019-10-08 [Labour List]

WAC-MAAN and Kav LaOved demand to stop automatic dues payments by Palestinian workers to the Histadrut, instead allowing workers to choose to join WAC-MAAN 2019-09-29 [WAC-MAAN]

Over 5,000 new Histadrut members, all of them Palestinians 2019-09-25 [Davar]

PA isn't paying Gaza’s civil servants as it doesn't possess enough information 2019-09-17 [Al-Monitor]

More Palestinians find Israeli work despite conflict 2019-09-16 [AFP]

TUC passes motion for Israel boycott at annual conference 2019-09-15 [Jewish News/Times of Israel]

Palestinian workers in a West Bank settlement strike for their right to choose WAC-MAAN as their union 2019-09-12 [WAC-MAAN]

Hate speech case: Cosatu official's language directly targeted Jews, ConCourt hears 2019-08-28 [News24]

The Decades-old War on Palestinian Workers 2019-08-25 [IMEMC]

Israeli Company Fined for Paying Palestinian Workers 9 Shekels an Hour 2019-08-22 [Haaretz]

More than 5,000 new Palestinian Arab union members in the Histadrut 2019-08-14 [Davar Rishon]

Israeli forces injure 3 journalists at West Bank and Gaza protests 2019-08-10 [CPJ]

Journalist kicked by police officer 2019-08-07 [IFJ]

Israel must stop harassing Palestinian journalist and grant him permanent residency 2019-08-07 [IFJ]

WAC-MAAN signs Collective Agreement at N.A. Metal in Mishor Adumim, Area C 2019-07-31 [WAC-Maan]

Major UK trade union dumps HP 2019-07-29 [The Electronic Intifada]

Israeli soldiers attack journalists with live bullets and teargas bombs 2019-07-26 [IFJ]

Cosatu denounces the US 's attempt to buy off Palestinians with money 2019-06-30 [COSATU]

IFJ welcomes Prime Minister’s commitment to improve journalists’ safety 2019-06-27 [IFJ]

WAC-MAAN - A decade of organizing Palestinian workers in the West Bank Settlements 2019-06-24 [WAC-MAAN]

Palestinian workers might finally have labor courts to settle their cases 2019-05-23 [Al-Monitor]

Reporters without borders: Israel shot journalists intentionally 2019-05-23 [Kia Ora Gaza]

Israeli navy shoots Palestinian fisherman in Gaza 2019-05-19 [Palesinian Information Centre]

Australian and Canadian firms pull out of Israeli settler railway 2019-05-12 [Electronic Intifada]

PGFTU:Gaza's poverty level reaches 80% 2019-05-09 [Ma'an News]

Ashrawi: Targetting defenceless civilians is criminal 2019-05-07 [Ma'an News]

NUJ boss offers support and solidarity in Ramallah 2019-05-03 [NUJ]

Israel Seeks to Increase Enforcement and Protection for Palestinian Workers in Israel 2019-05-02 [Haaretz]

Photo Essay: Gaza Agricultural Worker Etaf 2019-04-19 [Solidarity Center]

U.S. Aid Agency Is Preparing To Lay Off Most Local Staff For Palestinian Projects 2019-04-17 [NPR]

Violent settlers’ assault on the Palestinian unionist Hatem Abu Ziadeh his wife & daughter 2019-04-02 [Challenge]

IFJ condemns teargas bomb attack on photojournalist 2019-03-29 [IFJ]

Palestinian children die in blaze as Israel blocks firefighter access 2019-03-27 [Morning Star on-line]

IFJ calls on Hamas government to stop harassing journalists in Gaza strip 2019-03-19 [IFJ]

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