Histadrut negotiates a return to work plan that saves jobs and protects income

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Histadrut negotiates a return to work plan that saves jobs and protects income 2020-05-22 [UNI Global Union]

Partner is the first Israeli telecommunications company to open its offices at full capacity after two months of COVID-19 lockdown 2020-05-19 [Davar]

Women bear the brunt of the economic crisis following the COVID-19 epidemic: 57.2% of Israeli jobseekers today are women 2020-05-18 [Davar]

A decade of unionization in Israel has changed the rules of the game 2020-05-13 [Davar]

Masses of Israelis have taken to the streets in the past two months and demanded answers. 2020-05-12 [Davar]

Histadrut and employers to the Israeli government: Set an alternative employment model to unpaid leave 2020-05-11 [Davar]

Histadrut womens movement Na'amat call on the government to act urgently to halt violence against women 2020-05-11 [Davar]

Suicidal thoughts becasue of economic issues in Israel has become much more evident in recent weeks 2020-05-07 [Davar]

Collective agreement signed enabling public sector workers to return to work 2020-05-06 [Davar]

Yad Vashem puts 107 workers on unpaid leave, union sues 2020-05-05 [Jerusalem Post]

FAQ for Israelis returning to work 2020-05-04 [Davar]

Collective agreement brings the Israeli public sector back to work from COVID-19 lockdown 2020-05-03 [ITUC/ Histadrut]

Doctors and nurses working at public health clinics demand full wages for time spent in quarantine 2020-05-03 [Davar]

How do you unionize hundreds of people who work by themselves, 100 meters off the ground? 2020-05-02 [Davar]

Prof. Guy Mundlak: COVID-19 crisis has accelerated processes in the world of work 2020-05-02 [Davar]

The moral triangle: Germans, Israelis and Palestinians in Berlin 2020-04-30 [Opendemocracy]

A minute of silence in memory of nurse Suzy Levi, Israel’s first medical team member to fall victim to COVID-19 2020-04-30 [Davar]

Dr. Ronen Mendelkarn: 'Increase government spending, even in face of rising public debt'. 2020-04-28 [Davar]

Against Israel's new coalition 2020-04-27 [Workersliberty]

Eilat's mayor is brimming with ideas for rehabilitating the city after the COVID-19 crisis 2020-04-26 [Davar]

Histadrut Chairman: Israel has missed a 'lot of economic momentum' during the COVID-19 crisis 2020-04-23 [Jerusalem Post]

Histadrut Chairman to Palestinian Unions chief: The current COVID-19 crisis emphasizes the need for solidarity 2020-04-23 [Davar]

Israeli author Eli Amir: 'People are looking for idealism... That could be the job of the Histadrut' 2020-04-22 [Davar]

Unions and small business owners join forces to demand more governmental aid for small businesses 2020-04-22 [Davar]

Minister of Transport offers cuts in public sector wages as a source for the efforts to deal with the COVID-19 crisis 2020-04-21 [Davar]

Histadrut COVID-19 Update 2020-04-21 [ITUC/ Histadrut]

Israeli tomato growers protest imports from Turkey and Gaza 2020-04-20 [Davar]

Histadrut Chairman: Without proper financial aid, El Al’s workers will face a bloodbath of layoffs 2020-04-19 [Davar]

Trade Union Chairman Arnon Bar-David on COVID-19 and the Government 'What is a state for, if not to care for its citizens in times of trouble?' 2020-04-15 [Davar]

Producing ventilators instead of missiles. This month, a missile production line in a classified IAI compound has been converted into a mass-production line for ventilators 2020-04-14 [Davar]

Public sector workers will remain on COVID-19 paid leave until the end of April. Half the funding will come from the workers' annual leave and half will be paid for by employers 2020-04-14 [Davar]

Histadrut and business sector call for government intervention to save El Al from collapse. 2020-04-08 [Davar]

Coronavirus 'Disaster' at Israeli Factory Prompts Policy Revamp on Palestinian Workers For more info 2020-04-08 [Haaretz English]

A temporary collective agreement in Israir airline will prevent layoffs during COVID-19 crisis 2020-04-07 [Davar]

A unique cooperative in Mitzpe Ramon triumphs over price-gauging during COVID-19 2020-04-06 [Davar]

Chairman of the Histadrut and Chairman of the Business Sector slam Prime Minister Netanyahu on COVID-19 plan: 'Fix the economic plan and start bringing the economy back to business' 2020-04-06 [ITUC / Histadrut]

Solidarity, unions and the needs of society – Israel’s teachers of COVID-19: a case study 2020-04-06 [Davar]

A 47.7 billion shekel increase in public spending for COVID-19 crisis 2020-04-05 [Davar]

Palestinians worry about expenses as virus blocks way to work in Israel 2020-04-02 [The Times]

Histadrut concerned about Israeli COVID-19 Government Economic Plan 2020-04-01 [ITUC]

In Israel, working teenagers find themselves excluded from unemployment benefits 2020-04-01 [Davar]

Supporting the warriors at the frontlines: Get to know the people enabling medical staff to come to work with minds at ease. 2020-03-31 [Davar]

The COVID-19 stimulus plan is not the New Deal Israeli citizens need 2020-03-31 [Davar]

Histadrut fighting COVID-19 2020-03-31 [ITUC]

The shortage of ventilators in Israel is liable to increase the number of victims of COVID-19 2020-03-30 [Davar]

Histadrut youth movement goes online to fight COVID-10 2020-03-29 [Davar]

Histadrut Chairman COVID-19 catastrophe is the country's responsibility, start releasing funds 2020-03-29 [Davar]

Sociologist Prof. Eva Illouz about government responsibility, free market and COVID-19. 2020-03-28 [Davar]

Keeping the Nurses Secure in the COVID-19 crisis 2020-03-27 [Davar]

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