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Arkia signs agreement with Histadrut, Eilat flights may return 2020-08-11 [Jerusalem Post]

The goal: Safety Training for Every Palestinian Construction Worker 2020-08-10 [Davar]

Finance minister and Histadrut chair agreed to establish a roundtable forum for representatives of the workers, the employers and the state 2020-08-09 [Davar]

 VIDEO 540 Israeli Airline Employees Protest Company's Likely Closure Amid Pandemic 2020-08-03 [I24]

From Lab Technicians to Nurses: This is How the Workers Became the Responsible Adults of the Crisis 2020-08-02 [Davar]

WAC-MAAN announces a one-day warning strike on July 29, 2020 against Green Net Garbage Recycling in Atarot Industrial Area, Jerusalem. 2020-07-30 [WAC MAAN]

Labour abuse fears rise for Thai migrant workers in Israel under new deal 2020-07-27 [Thomson Reuters Foundation]

Between 2011 and 2020: 'There’s just no safety net.' 2020-07-26 [Davar]

Social Workers Union close in on deal with Finance Ministry after 16-day strike 2020-07-23 [Times of Israel]

Employment service: 3 times more Israelis laid off in last 24 hours than rehired 2020-07-21 [YNET]

Palestinian Workers Forced to Sleep in Trash-sorting Plant Because Employers Feared Coronavirus Lockdown 2020-07-17 [Haaretz]

El Al extends flight suspension, gets union approval for bailout 2020-07-16 [Reuters]

Understaffed and underpaid: Israeli nurses prepare to strike 2020-07-15 [The Post]

Social Workers Strike for Second Week, Finance Ministry Official Calls Demands 'Irrelevant' 2020-07-13 [Haaretz]

The Bank of Israel isn’t concerned about federal debt levels, so why is the emergency COVID-19 relief plan so meager, unclear and undefined? 2020-07-09 [Davar]

Global Ericsson alliance helps win first union contract in Israel 2020-07-11 [UNI]

Global Ericsson alliance helps win first union contract in Israel 2020-07-10 [UNI Global Union]

180 workers now unionized at iDigital, official Apple distributor in Israel 2020-07-06 [Davar]

Protesting working conditions, social workers launch open-ended strike 2020-07-06 [The Times]

Overworked, Underpaid and at Risk, Israeli Social Workers Launch General Strike 2020-07-06 [Haaretz]

Checkmarx to Lay Off Dozens of Workers, Proving Even Unicorns Aren’t Immune to Covid-19 2020-05-18 [Calcalist]

Train Workers Union Sues Israel Railways for Defamation 2019-05-01 [Calcalist]

Teva to Cut Around Half of Israeli Workforce, Outsource Operations 2017-12-13 [Calcalist]

Legal Scholars Ask El Al to Stop Transporting Deported Israel-Born Children of Migrant Workers 2019-08-27 [Calcalist]

Survey finds Israeli tech workers taking Covid-19 salary cuts on the chin 2020-06-25 [Calcalist]

“A Layoff Strategy Costs Money, Recruiting Workers Afterward is Expensive” 2020-05-20 [Calcalist]

Morris Kahn, Yossi Vardi, Urge Netanyahu to Halt Deportation of Israel-Born Children of Migrant Workers 2019-08-20 [Calcalist]

Citing Financial Distress, Israel’s Channel 13 News Fires Dozens of Journalists 2020-07-05 [Haaretz]

Israeli defense powerhouse IAI to stunningly lay off 900 workers 2020-07-01 [Calcalist]

Israeli Social Workers to Launch Strike 2020-07-05 [Jewish Press]

Mass layoffs in offing at El Al firm that made 40,000 kosher airline meals a day 2020-07-02 [Times Of Israel]

With flights grounded, El Al furloughs 500 more employees including 100 pilots 2020-07-03 [Times Of Israel]

El Al Cancels All Flights As Stormy Labor Negotiations Blow Up 2020-07-01 [Yeshiva World News]

Management of the education crisis raises doubts about the government’s ability to deal with an impending second wave. 2020-06-23 [Davar]

Ariel Ya’akobi, chair of the government workers’ union in the Histadrut, is frustrated with Israel's MoF: 'They want to cut wages for 70 thousand workers. 2020-06-18 [Davar]

ECI Telecom labor dispute following a proposed layoff of dozens of workers. 2020-06-18 [Davar]

“The firefighters fight fire, and the fire commissioner fights the firefighters.” 2020-06-09 [Davar]

Young workers in Israel are severely hit by the COVID-19 economic crisis 2020-06-11 [Davar]

Unions launch TV ad on violence against women 2020-06-10 [BWI]

Airports union briefly halts flights due to dispute over resuming travel 2020-06-05 [The Times]

Air traffic resumes at Israel's main airport after brief worker strike 2020-06-05 [Canada.com]

Assisted living facilities prohibit foreign care workers from leaving the premises; the state does not intervene 2020-06-01 [Davar]

Israel’s Annexation of Palestinian Lands Cannot be Allowed to Proceed 2020-05-30 [ITUC]

Workers are at the forefront of this battle 2020-05-26 [Davar]

Histadrut negotiates a return to work plan that saves jobs and protects income 2020-05-22 [UNI Global Union]

Women bear the brunt of the economic crisis following the COVID-19 epidemic: 57.2% of Israeli jobseekers today are women 2020-05-18 [Davar]

Partner is the first Israeli telecommunications company to open its offices at full capacity after two months of COVID-19 lockdown 2020-05-19 [Davar]

A decade of unionization in Israel has changed the rules of the game 2020-05-13 [Davar]

Masses of Israelis have taken to the streets in the past two months and demanded answers. 2020-05-12 [Davar]

Histadrut and employers to the Israeli government: Set an alternative employment model to unpaid leave 2020-05-11 [Davar]

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