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Histadrut concerned about Israeli COVID-19 Government Economic Plan 2020-04-01 [ITUC]

Supporting the warriors at the frontlines: Get to know the people enabling medical staff to come to work with minds at ease. 2020-03-31 [Davar]

In Israel, working teenagers find themselves excluded from unemployment benefits 2020-04-01 [Davar]

The COVID-19 stimulus plan is not the New Deal Israeli citizens need 2020-03-31 [Davar]

Histadrut fighting COVID-19 2020-03-31 [ITUC]

The shortage of ventilators in Israel is liable to increase the number of victims of COVID-19 2020-03-30 [Davar]

Histadrut youth movement goes online to fight COVID-10 2020-03-29 [Davar]

Histadrut Chairman COVID-19 catastrophe is the country's responsibility, start releasing funds 2020-03-29 [Davar]

Sociologist Prof. Eva Illouz about government responsibility, free market and COVID-19. 2020-03-28 [Davar]

Keeping the Nurses Secure in the COVID-19 crisis 2020-03-27 [Davar]

PM Netayahu revealed the economic theory guiding him in thr COVID-19 economic crisis | The concepts he presented are outdated and ridiculously out of tune with current events, and the Israeli public will be the one to pay the price 2020-03-25 [Davar]

Histadrut Chairman calls out PM for failing to account for the economic side of the COVID-19 crisis 2020-03-24 [Davar]

Workers on the frontline of COVID-19'Follow the Health Ministry's guidelines. It's the best way to help us now.' 2020-03-24 [Davar]

The Histadrut wants an urgent discussion on a safety net for pension savings due to COVID-19 crisis 2020-03-23 [News1]

Coronavirus' economic pandemic: Israel is no light into the nations 2020-03-23 [Davar]

The Public Sector Collective Agreement: Employees will stay home on paid leave 2020-03-22 [Davar]

It is time to assure the citizens of Israel: No one will be thrown into poverty because of COVID19 2020-03-22 [Davar]

Israeli Lab workers call on government to increase funding for COVID-19 tests 2020-03-20 [Davar]

WAC MAAN and Kav LaOved petition Payment Department to stop irregularities in deductions from Palestinians employed in Israel 2020-03-19 [WAC-Maan]

COVID-19 crisis: Permission to employ workers up to 14 hours a day For more info 2020-03-19 [Davar]

COVID-19 'Worse than war' 2020-03-18 [Davar]

Sampling COVID-19 'Like a soldier fighting on the front lines, we are fighting the invisible enemy.' 2020-03-17 [Davar]

COVID-19 crisis: Histadrut and the government have agreed on paid leave for workers in the public secto 2020-03-17 [Davar]

Histadrut emergency headquarters to help trade unions enforce protocols protecting workers' health from COVID-19 2020-03-16 [Davar]

How Israel is failing to address the economic side of COVID-19 2020-03-14 [Davar ]

El Al to place 80% of entire workforce on unpaid leave - report 2020-03-11 [Jerusalem Post]

The growing phenomenon of attacks against bus drivers 2020-03-12 [Davar]

When the president of the AFT met LGBT teachers in Israel 2020-03-05 [Davar]

MOU ensuring employment of crane operators signed 2020-03-03 [BWI]

El Al Layoffs Start With Pilot, Steward Trainees 2020-03-02 [Hamodia]

Four women are revolutionizing industrial relations in one city in Israel 2020-02-23 [Davar]

UN database on companies operating in illegal Israeli settlements welcomed 2020-02-22 [ITUC]

'Working side by side, trusting each other:' the backbreaking and fulfilling work of the dockers at Haifa Port 2020-02-19 [Davar]

Flexible hours are not sufficient to combat gender inequality at the workplace 2020-02-14 [Davar]

Not the way you would like to spend your retirement 2020-02-11 [Davar]

Workers declare a labor dispute over merger between ECI and Ribbon 2020-02-06 [Davar]

Activists return to the streets to demand a raise in disability benefits 2020-02-03 [Davar]

Is there a solution to the high poverty rate among pensioners? 2020-01-27 [Davar]

Despite international criticism, senior officials are pushing for Uber’s entry into Israel. 2020-01-22 [Davar]

Israel Holding Pregnant Migrant Worker in Isolation for Months, Defying UN Guidelines 2020-01-19 [Haaretz]

500 Palestinian Workers Allowed to Enter Israel From Besieged Gaza 2020-01-15 [albawaba]

Israel's Top Court Blasts State for Misuse of Palestinian Workers’ Sick Fund 2019-12-26 [Haaretz]

Work Accident Deaths in Israel Increased 56% in Last Two Years, Report Shows 2020-01-09 [Haaretz]

Why Israel Keeps Deporting Foreign Workers – and Their Kids – Only to Import New Ones 2020-01-21 [Haaretz]

Why are Israel’s builders increasingly falling to their deaths? 2020-01-16 [Davar]

Improving the working conditions of preschool teachers' assistants. 2020-01-13 [Davar]

Histadrut Chief to Treasury: Repeal the policy undermining state employees' right to strike. 2019-12-29 [Davar]

Unions and employers work together to increase Israel’s minimum wage 2019-12-26 [Davar]

Netanyahu Adviser Pushing Plan to Cut Benefits, Wages for Foreign Workers 2019-12-27 [Haaretz]

Union official forcibly prevented from speaking to workers. Tackled to the floor, dragged out of the building and suffering a head wound 2019-12-27 [Davar]

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