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Top news - England

Sheffield logistics workers to lose jobs at Tradeteam drinks delivery depot - 'Brutal' says Union 2020-05-21 [BBC]

RMT warns of strike action over any cuts to London’s transport system 2020-05-21 [TransportXtra]

TSSA issues lists of demands to protect members following the death of Belly Mujinga 2020-05-14 [Union News]

ASLEF leader calls on commuters to stay off public transport 2020-05-14 [Union News]

Union threatens strike as Londoners pack trains and buses after coronavirus lockdown loosens 2020-05-14 [ABC]

Packed tube trains prompt union anger at Johnson's 'back to work' message 2020-05-13 [The Guardian]

Railway worker, 47, dies of coronavirus after being spat at on duty 2020-05-12 [SBS]

Footballers voice 'genuine concerns' over 'Project Restart' 2020-05-11 [RTÉ]

RMT calls on Sadiq Khan to ‘meet’ Tube cleaners over safety fears 2020-05-05 [Union News]

Unions angry after pay talks for Cornish carers deferred due to coronavirus 2020-05-03 [Union News]

UCU slams University of Manchester over coronavirus job loss threats 2020-04-27 [Union News]

Unite saves hundreds of jobs at Bentley Motors 2020-04-21 [Union News]

Prospect secures furlough deal for National Trust staff on flexible hours contracts 2020-04-11 [Union News]

Hospital workers ‘scapegoated’ over lack of PPE 2020-04-07 [Union News]

ASLEF demands Tube drivers are provided with PPE 2020-04-07 [Union News]

Unite calls for PPE for transport workers as five London bus workers die of coronavirus 2020-04-05 [Union News]

Footballers' union warns players wage cut could harm health service 2020-04-05 [RTÉ]

Premier League announces wage deferral plans 2020-04-03 [Irish Examiner]

The Guardian view on key workers: applause is not enough 2020-03-31 [The Guardian]

Union outrage as company that failed to pay cleaners is awarded new coronavirus hospital contract 2020-03-29 [Union News]

Coronavirus: Government to pay up to 80% of workers' wages 2020-03-27 [BBC]

Win! Bexley waste collection workers secure guaranteed sick pay after strike 2020-03-24 [Union News]

Cleaners at London hospital walk out after contractor fails to pay wages 2020-03-15 [The Guardian]

Cleaners in coronavirus-hit London hospital walk out after private contractor fails to pay wages 2020-03-13 [GMB]

Cleaners at coronavirus-hit London hospital walk out after private contractor fails to pay wages 2020-03-12 [GMB]

Parade and performance in Dorchester to honour Tolpuddle Martyrs 2020-03-05 [Echo]

New film hears voices from Miners' Strike 2020-03-03 [BBC]

South Western Railway strike dates confirmed for March 2020-02-26 [BBC]

Bakerloo Line: Tube warning as drivers go on strike 2020-02-21 [BBC]

Wirral residents facing piles of rubbish as bin workers prepare to strike 2020-02-16 [Unite the union]

Liverpool warehouse workers receive inflation busting pay increas 2020-02-13 [Unite the union]

‘Sick and tired’ London bus drivers vote overwhelmingly in favour of strike action 2020-02-11 [Unite the union]

TSSA welcomes Woolwich Ferry insourcing 2020-02-11 [TSSA]

Cambridgeshire jam maker in contracts’ row 2020-02-08 [Unite the union]

Dispute at Felixstowe docks over outsourcing has been settled, says Unite 2020-02-08 [Unite the union]

Bakerloo line strike: Tube workers to stage two 24-hour walkouts due to 'intolerable' levels of stress 2020-02-07 [Evening Standard]

Exhausted London bus drivers facing race to the bottom as ballot for action to take place 2020-02-04 [Unite the union]

Political journalists boycott No 10 briefing after reporter ban 2020-02-03 [The Guardian]

Workers at Lear Corporation in Sunderland win campaign for trade union rights 2020-02-02 [Northern Echo]

GMB warns over 'dither and delay' on Appledore 2020-02-02 [GMB]

Transport for London workers to strike over paltry pay 2020-01-27 [Unite the union]

Strikes at Coventry University this week 2020-01-27 [UCU]

Woolwich Ferry staff to strike for two days in pay dispute 2020-01-27 [Unite the union]

Free parking for Hackney residents on cards when parking wardens strike over pay and safety 2020-01-26 [Unite the union]

Police branches welcome new maternity support 2020-01-26 [UNISON]

South Western Railway guards vote for more strikes 2020-01-24 [BBC]

RMT demands immediate action on violence against London transport staff 2020-01-23 [RMT]

TSSA Accepts London Underground Pay Offer 2020-01-23 [TSSA]

South Western Railway - RMT today slammed the government for its total cop out 2020-01-22 [RMT]

Heathrow baggage could disappear into a void as baggage handlers strike over pay 2020-01-17 [Unite the union]

This month in labour history

4-05-1926 For the first and so far only time in British history, the TUC calls millions of workers out in a general strike, in support of coal miners. [more]

5-05-1882 Sylvia Pankhurst, suffragette and revolutionary socialist, is born. [more]

10-05-1920 Dockers refused to load arms shipments to be used by White armies in Russia. [more]

14-05-1771 Socialist philanthropist Robert Owen is born [more]

30-05-1984 Miners leader Arthur Scargill, along with 81 other pickets, is arrested at the Orgreave coking plant in South Yorkshire. [more]