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RMT demands immediate action on violence against London transport staff 2020-01-23 [RMT]

TSSA Accepts London Underground Pay Offer 2020-01-23 [TSSA]

South Western Railway - RMT today slammed the government for its total cop out 2020-01-22 [RMT]

Heathrow baggage could disappear into a void as baggage handlers strike over pay 2020-01-17 [Unite the union]

Liverpool mail strike called off after company concedes deal 2020-01-17 [CWU]

Sheerness Docks strike off after GB Terminals drivers accept pay offer 2020-01-16 [Unite the union]

Cops arrest trade unions lawyer on the picket line 2020-01-15 [Morning Star]

Metropolitan Police to face legal action after unlawfully detaining barrister during lawful strike at St. George’s University 2020-01-14 [uvw union]

South East 999 call mergers 'unsafe and unsustainable' 2020-01-09 [FBU]

Hackney school bus staff dispute ends with pay and agency worker win 2020-01-08 [Unite the union]

RMT Rail Gourmet workers at Paddington depot to strike again 2020-01-08 [RMT]

Arriva Rail London is pressing ahead with cuts to ticket office hours across the London Overground network 2020-01-07 [RMT]

Bradford council’s offer to protect libraries and museum service given cautious welcome by Unite 2020-01-07 [Unite the union]

New London electric bus sound could pose dangers warns Unite 2020-01-07 [Unite the union]

Demonstrate for peace in the Middle East 2020-01-07 [PCS]

South Western Railway faces fresh wave of strikes in new year 2019-12-31 [The Guardian]

Skilled Maintainers' picket line at Gosforthr 2019-12-22 [RMT]

M25 facing January gridlock as highways maintenance workers ballot for strikes in pay dispute 2019-12-21 [Unite the union]

Tyne and Wear network brought to a halt by two-day strike 2019-12-21 [chroniclelive]

Liverpool university staff to strike for 48 hours in pay and ‘bullying’ dispute 2019-12-20 [Unite the union]

Tyne and Wear Metro strike action rock solid 2019-12-20 [RMT]

New delays to Liverpool Royal Hospital construction down to government’s failure 2019-12-19 [Unite the union]

Woolwich Ferry staff to strike on Thursday in pay dispute 2019-12-18 [Unite the union]

London's Royal Parks to pay attendants living wage following strikes 2019-12-16 [The Guardian]

Unite members dig deep to show Christmas support for Bromley library campaign 2019-12-11 [Unite the union]

Unite will ‘fight to save’ Clarks’ jobs after firm announces global job cuts 2019-12-11 [Unite the union]

Unite to provide ‘full support’ to Clugston workers after firm collapses 2019-12-08 [Unite the union]

Metro to be completely shut down for TWO DAYS as driver pay row sparks strike 2019-12-07 [chroniclelive]

HMRC Ealing dispute is example of government’s poor treatment of civil service 2019-12-06 [PCS]

In the UK and the US, populism can’t stop a declining steel industry 2019-12-06 [Equal Times]

RMT today issued a fresh call for further talks with South Western Railway 2019-12-04 [RMT]

Wigan council mechanics ballot for strike after 'one compromise too many' on pay and shifts 2019-12-03 [Unite the union]

Woolwich Ferry staff to strike on 19 December in pay dispute 2019-12-03 [Unite the union]

Support members at Ealing Tax Office and help keep jobs local 2019-12-02 [PCS]

RMT action in defence of safety on South Western Railway rock solid 2019-12-02 [RMT]

Whirlpool in a spin as Bristol workforce strikes over poverty pay 2019-11-29 [Unite the union]

Councils in the North West spending £1.4bn a year less on key services than in 2010 2019-11-25 [TUC]

The number of fire fatalities is on the rise in Surrey 2019-11-23 [FBU]

Westex Carpets staff to strike over ‘insulting’ pay freeze 2019-11-21 [Unite the union]

RMT calls for SWR to be stripped of franchise 2019-11-18 [RMT]

Long-running dispute at Nottingham College ends as college agrees deal on pay and workload 2019-11-16 [UCU]

RMT has called strike action on Eurostar in its fight for Rail Gourmet caterers to be paid the London Living Wage 2019-11-15 [RMT]

McStrike: Why unhappy workers walked out 2019-11-14 [BBC]

Private hire drivers union set for huge announcement challenging TfL's position to protect workers 2019-11-11 [Taxi Point]

TSSA Calls For Public Inquiry Into Crossrail Costs 2019-11-09 [TSSA]

Unite seeks urgent talks as Poole print firm is set to close with more than 170 jobs under threat 2019-11-08 [Unite the union]

Journalists warn fresh cuts by Newsquest in Cumbria will 'damage' reputation of titles 2019-11-07 [Press Gazette]

Newsquest job cuts announced in Carlisle and Kendal 2019-11-06 [NUJ]

Sex workers defend Labour's Rother Valley candidate Sophie Wilson over 'anti-woman' allegations 2019-11-06 [The Post]

Peabody housing managers balloted for strike action over erosion of employment conditions 2019-11-05 [Unite the union]

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