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Today's news - England

Durham bus drivers to vote on revised pay offer 2019-01-22 [Unite the union]

Outsourced Whitehall support workers to strike over low pay 2019-01-22 [Personnel Today]

Strike by outsourced staff at BEIS over London Living Wage 2019-01-22 [PCS]

Gatwick Airport facing disruption as guards ballot for action, following decade long pay freeze 2019-01-21 [Unite the union]

RMT to take demands for a fair deal for workers on Brexit ferry contracts 2019-01-21 [RMT]

Uber drivers stage 24 hour strike over employee rights 2019-01-21 [Mareeg Media]

Sheffield rail passengers voice support for striking rail passengers 2019-01-20 [The Star]

Uber drivers stage 24 hour strike over employee rights 2019-01-20 [The Herald]

Birmingham city council accused of using Tory anti-union laws to defend ‘secret payments’ 2019-01-16 [Unite the union]

RMT warns of loss of 1000 cleaning jobs on London Underground 2019-01-15 [RMT]

London minicab drivers protest over congestion charge 2019-01-15 [ITV]

'Great Jobs Award' with Inclusive Economy Liverpool 2019-01-15 [TUC]

Meadow Foods: Chocolate ingredient workers go on strike 2019-01-14 [BBC]

Arriva bus drivers announce new 10-day strike in pay row 2019-01-13 [BBC]

Statement Regarding Settlement Of Claim Against Birmingham City Council 2019-01-12 [GMB]

RMT to hold further protest in Portsmouth 2019-01-11 [RMT]

Industrial Action Ballot Threatened at 'Outrageous' Greater Anglia 2019-01-10 [TSSA]

200 job losses at water heating manufacturer Heatrae Sadia in Norwich is ‘a hammer blow’ 2019-01-10 [Unite the union]

Strike planned at Yorkshire chocolate crumb plant over ‘shoddy’ pay offer 2019-01-08 [Unite the union]

Workers at East Anglia print firm to strike again over two year pay freeze offer 2019-01-05 [Unite the union]

Unite statement rebutting the claims of Arriva Buses in Durham 2019-01-05 [Unite the union]

Birmingham rubbish chaos - what are the bin workers' demands? 2019-01-04 [Live]

Birmingham residents told to leave bins out as industrial action continues 2019-01-01 [ITV]

South Western Railway strike to hit New Year's Eve trains 2018-12-31 [BBC]

South Western Railway strike to hit New Year's Eve trains 2018-12-31 [BBC]

Government’s multi-million taxpayer bailout of South Western Railway on strike days 2018-12-28 [RMT]

Prison trade union says underfunding putting HMP Buillingdon staff at risk 2018-12-28 [The Mail]

Disruption to trains in Devon as as workers go on strike 2018-12-28 [Devon Live]

South Western Railway strikes to go ahead 2018-12-27 [BBC]

Some rail workers are on strike again today 2018-12-27 [The Argus]

NUJ newspaper journalists on strike in Cumbria 2018-12-26 [NUJ]

Addison Lee Drivers file for collective Bargaining in Luton 2018-12-25 [IWGB]

Rail food supply workers stage Christmas Eve strike in bullying dispute 2018-12-24 [The Globe]

RMT suspends Central Line action 2018-12-24 [RMT]

RMT members in continuing fight for safety on SWR 2018-12-24 [RMT]

Cornwall hospital workers speak out about 'bullying' and 'threats' 2018-12-23 [Live]

Rare Beefeaters strike over pensions hits Tower of London 2018-12-23 [The Times-Union]

Beefeaters strike at Tower of London over pensions change 2018-12-21 [BBC]

Cleaners strike at Luton Airport will go ahead over Christmas 2018-12-21 [Unite the union]

London - RMT suspends Boxing Day strike action on Bakerloo Line 2018-12-21 [RMT]

Cheshire waste strikes suspended as workers accept new offer 2018-12-21 [Unite the union]

650 Durham bus drivers to strike for a week in January 2018-12-21 [Unite the union]

RMT warns of loss of 1000 cleaning jobs on London Underground 2018-12-21 [RMT]

First trade union for video game workers launched to tackle ‘crunch’ culture 2018-12-19 [Compelo]

Plans for switch to electric cabs in London a ‘dog’s breakfast’ lacking ambition 2018-12-19 [Unite the union]

GMB Beefeaters Set To Strike After Ballot 2018-12-18 [GMB]

Beefeaters at the Tower of London are about to go on strike 2018-12-18 [My London]

Barrow rail workers stand shoulder-to-shoulder in fortieth day of strike action 2018-12-17 [The Mail]

650 bus drivers in north east suspended their week’s strike action 2018-12-15 [Unite the union]

London - RMT announces Boxing Day strike on Bakerloo line 2018-12-13 [RMT]

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