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Today's news - England

Liverpool University agrees to apply for living wage status 2019-03-20 [UNISON]

DB Cargo - Industrial Dispute over TUPE to Maritime Transport 2019-03-20 [TSSA]

Parliamentary security staff celebrate victory 2019-03-20 [PCS]

Dudley council to adopt Unite’s pioneering construction charter 2019-03-19 [Unite the union]

Booking office ticket sales - Cortes Raises 'Grave Concerns' Over Greater Anglia 2019-03-19 [TSSA]

One in 10 London Underground staff sexually harassed by passengers 2019-03-19 [The Independent]

London Transport bosses hold summit to discuss violence 2019-03-19 [RMT]

Birmingham bins dispute ends as agreement reached 2019-03-18 [Unite the union]

Mark Serwotka to speak at Ealing tax office strike 2019-03-14 [PCS]

RMT warns of Greater Anglia threat to cheap tickets 2019-03-14 [RMT]

Hazards Conference 2019, 26-28th July - Call For Applications 2019-03-13 [TSSA]

Trade union accuse builders on Hooton site of denying workers employment protection 2019-03-07 [Live]

Staff at bearings factory go on strike in work/life balance dispute 2019-03-07 [Live]

 VIDEO Minicab drivers 'go slow' in protest at “sweatshop conditions” working for Addison Lee in Luton 2019-03-05 [Today]

'85% of Coventry council staff experience bullying' 2019-03-05 [GMB]

Unite Swindon branch call on Honda CEO to reverse decision to close plant. 2019-03-01 [Megaphone]

Solidarity from Southport for striking care workers 2019-03-02 [UNISON]

Retail workers in Britain facing high unemployment, thinktank finds 2019-02-27 [Guardian]

DWP: Workers at Universal Credit call centres to go on strike as union calls for 5,000 more staff 2019-02-26 [Teesside Live]

This is why Deliveroo riders went on strike today 2019-02-24 [Manchester Evening News ]

Tommy Robinson not welcome in Salford 2019-02-24 [TUC]

Workers blame Brexit for demise of Honda's Swindon plant 2019-02-18 [The Guardian]

GMB hits back at grotesque slur over Birmingham bin worker compensation payments 2019-02-22 [GMB]

London Underground Pay Claim 2019 2019-02-22 [TSSA]

Rolls-Royce managers in talks over being represented by Unite 2019-02-22 [Unite the union]

£3 Billion Heathrow must make contractors pay living wage 2019-02-22 [GMB]

Unite response to GMB statement on Birmingham bin strike 2019-02-22 [Unite the union]

Deliveroo Couriers to Strike in Manchester 26th February For more info  ActNOW!  2019-02-21 [IWW]

Honda workers 'betrayed' by Swindon plant closure 2019-02-21 [BBC]

Strike ballot opens at Oaklands College 2019-02-20 [UCU]

Firefighters’ campaign halts cuts to fire service in Tyne and Wear 2019-02-20 [FBU]

 VIDEO ‘Completely betrayed’ Unite AGS Steve Turner on Honda Swindon plant closure 2019-02-20 [Unite the union]

Unite will campaign for a viable future for Honda’s Swindon plant 2019-02-19 [Unite the union]

Birmingham bin strike solid on first day of action 2019-02-19 [Unite the union]

Reports Honda to close factory in Swindon with 3,500 workers set to lose jobs 2019-02-18 [Bristol Post]

Reports of Honda’s Swindon closure would be ‘a shattering blow to UK economy’, says Unite 2019-02-18 [Unite the union]

Karl Marx's London memorial vandalized for a second time 2019-02-17 [The Guardian]

Plans for Workers Memorial statue to honour those who died in workplace 2019-02-17 [St Helens Star]

Unite welcomes decision not to sell Devon Ambrosia factory 2019-02-15 [Unite the union]

Parliamentary security staff start strike ballot 2019-02-15 [PCS]

Manchester Royal Mail strike set for next week 2019-02-15 [CWU]

Dagenham cleaners at Ford to vote on three per cent pay offer 2019-02-13 [Unite the union]

Head's union backs pupils strike over climate change 2019-02-12 [TES]

Row breaks out between historian Richard Evans and IWGB over University of London boycott 2019-02-10 [Morning Star]

Bristol workers turn pantomime drama into pay victory 2019-02-09 [Unite the union]

Unite statement on First Group bus settlement in Yorkshire 2019-02-09 [Unite the union]

Patients and staff need honest answers as fresh delays forecast on Midland Met hospital 2019-02-09 [Unite the union]

Talk about Marxist historian under fire for breaching workers' rights boycott 2019-02-08 [The Guardian]

Closure of Cottam coal-fired power station ‘a sad day’ for the workers, says Unite 2019-02-08 [Unite the union]

Karl Marx's London grave vandalised in suspected hammer attack 2019-02-07 [The Guardian]

This month in labour history

1-03-1912 The Miners Federation of Great Britain commences the first national coalminers' strike, for a minimum wage. [more]

3-03-1985 A Special Delegate Conference of the NUM votes by 98-91 for a return to work after the year-long miners' strike. [more]

11-03-2014 Bob Crow - RMT leader died [more]