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Today's news - England

London -Tube drivers vote 9-1 to strike over broken promises 2017-09-19 [Morning Star]

Council lies mean Brum bin strike extended til Christmas 2017-09-18 [libcom.org]

Refuse workers vote to continue bin strike 2017-09-18 [ITV]

Just 1 Person On Duty When Bomb Went Off 2017-09-18 [Morning Star]

Birmingham refuse workers rally amid blacklist accusations 2017-09-16 [Unite the union]

'Strike ahoy’ at new carrier’s Portsmouth base, warns Unite 2017-09-15 [Unite]

Ball firmly in Birmingham council’s court, says Unite 2017-09-15 [Unite]

Sheffield jobcentre campaign continues with fifth week of strike action 2017-09-15 [PCS]

Union in High Court bid to block Birmingham bin workers losing their jobs 2017-09-15 [The Mail]

Desperate Bid To Save Children's Centre 2017-09-14 [GMB]

PCS to host Labour fringe on social security - Brighton at 5.30pm on Monday 25 September 2017-09-14 [PCS]

Co-op Christmas deliveries under threat as Thurrock ‘disability sacking’ row escalates 2017-09-14 [Unite]

Birmingham bin strike could extend into next year 2017-09-13 [Guardian]

'About to blow a fuse': IWW call for support in London warehouse workers campaign 2017-09-13 [libcom.org]

An appeal to Bearded Broz: the Birmingham bin strike 2017-09-12 [libcom.org]

Birmingham city council chief executive should follow in footsteps of council leader and resign 2017-09-12 [Unite]

GMB's 3,000 Sellafield Members Will Strike On Wednesday, 27th September 2017 2017-09-12 [GMB]

TUC condemns Birmingham council for reneging on Acas brokered bin strike deal 2017-09-12 [Unite]

Birmingham City Council leader John Clancy resigns as bin strike crisis deepens 2017-09-12 [Independent]

Bomb threat - Police conclude telephone call was a hoax where TUC conference is taking place 2017-09-11 [Guardian]

Sellafield nuclear plant strike: Talks demand over pay dispute 2017-09-10 [BBC]

A quarter of McDonald's UK workers have seen viral Momentum strike video that cost less than £30 2017-09-10 [The Guardian]

Positive turn to Southall jobcentre campaign 2017-09-09 [PCS]

Oil giant’s training day set for disruption as canteen staff strike 2017-09-08 [Unite]

Sellafield workers ballot for strike action in pay dispute 2017-09-07 [Unite]

PCS members to strike over Southall jobcentre closure 2017-09-07 [PCS]

Unite warns workers will not accept burgers for bucks in Gatwick baggage dispute 2017-09-07 [Unite]

If the McDonald’s strikers’ demands are met, it will be a victory for all 2017-09-07 [The Guardian]

Bank of England resolves its dispute with striking workers 2017-09-06 [The Daily Telegraph]

Members of GMB working at Sellafield Limited in Cumbria have voted to strike in dispute over pay 2017-09-05 [GMB]

Leaked email shows city council leader John Clancy 'misled public over bins strike deal' 2017-09-04 [Birmingham Mail]

‘It’s only the beginning’: UK McDonald’s staff take historic strike action 2017-09-04 [libcom.org]

McDonald’s Strike Sees Workers Walk Out Over Pay, Conditions And Zero-Hours Contracts 2017-09-04 [Huffington Post]

McDonald's faces first UK industrial action 2017-09-04 [BBC]

McDonald's workers to go on strike in Britain for first time 2017-09-04 [The Guardian]

Birmingham - Dispute set to spill out into the new year with council refusing to budge 2017-09-04 [Morning Star]

McDonald's strike: Fears tomorrow's walkout will spread nationwide – and which will close 2017-09-03 [The Daily Star]

Happy Meals on Hold as UK McDonald's Workers Prepare for First Strike 2017-09-02 [TeleSUR]

Bin strikes set to resume warns Unite as Birmingham council issues redundancies 2017-09-01 [Unite]

NUJ responds to Oldham Evening Chronicle closure 2017-09-01 [NUJ]

Picturehouse banned from Freshers’ Fair amid living wage dispute 2017-09-01 [The Varsity]

Cambridge McDonald's workers going on strike for the first time in history 2017-09-01 [The News]

All out! Birmingham bin strike back on 2017-09-01 [libcom.org]

Picturehouse workers vote more than 90% for more strike action 2017-09-01 [libcom.org]

South Western Railway workers to be balloted over strike action 2017-08-31 [RMT]

Embarrassment for DWP bosses as bailiffs move to repossess reprieved site 2017-08-31 [PCS]

Ritzy workers vote for renewed strikes 2017-08-31 [Brixton Blog]

Unite urges cabinet to stand firm and save Birmingham bin deal 2017-08-31 [Unite]

Journeys delayed – but franchise benefits ‘big time’ 2017-08-30 [Morning Star]

Two companies and two men appear in court over death of Ipswich employee at Newmarket roadworks 2017-08-30 [Ipswich Star]

This month in labour history

2-09-1976 All 137 Grumwick strikers are sacked by the company. [more]

11-09-1860 Dockers union leader Ben Tillett was born [more]

15-09-1913 Over 10,000 English railwaymen refuse to handle Dublin goods in an official sympathy strike with locked-out Irish workers. [more]

28-09-1995 Liverpool dockers are locked out by their employer, sparking a two-year struggle for their jobs and livelihoods. [more]