Parliamentary committee passes controversial IT Bill

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Employees Union dissatisfied over board's decision to sell 25% stake 2020-02-26 []

Women are discriminated against in the workplace 2020-02-16 [The Kathmandu Post]

Leadership handover ceremony concludes 2020-02-15 [GEFONT]

Education consultancies and recruiting agencies are forcing students and labourers into taking coronavirus test 2020-02-12 [The Kathmandu Post]

Easy loans in Province 2 for labour migrants could encourage youths to leave country, experts say 2020-02-10 [The Kathmandu Post]

144,000 workers join social security scheme 2020-02-09 []

Workers started operating casino royals, claiming their owners were missing 2020-02-07 []

GEFONT urges for effective contribution based social security program 2020-01-25 [GEFONT]

GEFONT mobilizes all structures to make Visit Nepal 2020 a success 2020-01-07 [GEFONT]

Parliamentary committee passes controversial IT Bill 2020-01-06 [IFJ]

Recruiting agencies charging up to Rs500,000 for security guard jobs once again exposes exploitation of workers 2019-12-28 [The Post]

No help at home for women migrants who come back with babies 2019-12-28 [The Post]

No one can disrupts Social Security Program; President Shrestha 2019-12-28 [GEFONT]

Labor Immigration: let’s make it Aspiration not Compulsion 2019-12-28 [GEFONT]

Court restricts protest activities inside banks 2019-12-27 [The Times]

CAAN workers threaten to halt aviation services 2019-12-26 [The Himalayan Times]

Competitive Women Leadership needs to be prepared: President Shrestha 2019-12-18 [GEFONT]

GEFONT Demands for a safe and dignified workplace 2019-12-17 [GEFONT]

Police attack journalist during South Asia Games protests 2019-12-12 [IFJ]

Everyone must obey the law, Must participate in Social Security: Deputy Prime Minister Pokhrel 2019-12-07 [GEFONT]

Revision in policy makes it easier for returnee migrant workers to access soft loan 2019-12-01 [The Post]

Nepal’s labour migration policy: by men, for men 2019-12-01 [The Post]

Women go abroad for work and return duped and abused 2019-11-19 [The Post]

WHIN focuses GEFONT campaign in Valley 2019-11-19 [GEFONT]

GEFONT Campaign: President Shrestha requests to be proactive in changing Situation 2019-11-19 [GEFONT]

GEFONT campaign for decent work in Surkhet 2019-11-19 [GEFONT]

Manpower development as per technology requires: Minister Bista 2019-11-19 [GEFONT]

No need to be dissatisfied with the achievement: Cde. Rimal 2019-11-19 [GEFONT]

GEFONT conducts High-level policy conference 2019-11-19 [GEFONT]

Tribhuvan University will begin postgraduate studies on labour 2019-11-12 [GEFONT]

Zero to 40% women representation in GEFONT leadership; Smritee Lama 2019-10-22 [GEFONT]

Our ongoing fight beyond border 2019-10-22 [GEFONT]

Divided trade union movements cannot change workers' lives: Vice President Badal 2019-10-22 [GEFONT]

Journalist and union leader threatened for reporting 2019-10-07 [IFJ]

GEFONT models for protecting migrant workers praises 2019-09-29 [GEFONT]

GEFONT financially assists members for treatment 2019-09-29 [GEFONT]

Communication is a special tools in building an organization: Prez Shrestha 2019-09-29 [GEFONT]

Union officials arrested protesting job losses 2019-09-20 [IFJ]

Over 50,000 workers listed in social security fund 2019-09-12 []

Workers protest ADB-funded water project, demanding wages 2019-09-11 [BWI]

Nepal and Malaysia closer to agreement to resume sending workers from Nepal 2019-08-30 []

Female workers subjected to forced labour 2019-08-29 [The Himalayan Times]

Labour minister blasts trade union leaders for hindering SSP rollout 2019-08-26 [The Times]

Activist climbs Everest in ILO convention campaign 2019-05-28 [ITF]

Government drafts harsh provisions to Media Council Act 2019-05-16 [IFJ]

Minister Bista vows to take action against hospitals promoting labor exploitation of nurses 2019-05-12 []

Nepal to sign bilateral labour pact with Turkey and Poland 2019-05-12 [The Himalayan Times]

Panauti initiates measures to address gender wage gap 2019-05-06 [The Post]

Young Nepali unionists demand increased representation 2019-04-10 [IndustriALL]

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