LabourStart is an online news service maintained by a global network of volunteers which serves the international trade union movement by collecting and disseminating information -- and by assisting unions in campaigning and other ways.

Its features include daily labour news links in 35 languages and a news syndication service used by hundreds of trade union websites. News is collected from mainstream, trade union, and alternative news sources by a network of almost 1,000 volunteer correspondents based on every continent.

LabourStart has been involved in online campaigning for decades and unions around the world now rely upon its ActNOW campaigning system. Tens of thousands of trade unionists have participated in its various online campaigns and more than 130,000 are currently subscribed to its mailing lists.

On 1 May 2020 LabourStart organised and hosted a Virtual May Day -- a 12 hour live video broadcast -- in partnership with the International Trade Union Confederation and all the global union federations.

LabourStart holds Global Solidarity Conferences -- the most recent one took place in Toronto in 2016. Previous ones took place in Berlin, Sydney, Istanbul, Hamilton, London and Washington.

LabourStart also publishes books (in English and French so far).


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LabourStart was founded by Eric Lee, growing out of the website he created in 1996 to accompany the publication of his book, The Labour Movement and the Internet: The New Internationalism. By late 1997, it was running daily labour news from South Korea; in March 1998 that was expanded to included labour news from around the world, and the site was renamed LabourStart. From July 1998 until December 2002, LabourStart was a project of Labour and Society International (LSI).

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