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AFL-CIO proposes Workers First agenda to the new Biden administration and congress


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AFL-CIO proposes Workers First agenda to the new Biden administration and congress [AFL-CIO] 2021-01-14

Fast-food workers at McDonald's, Wendy's and other chains will strike Friday to demand boosting the minimum wage to $15 an hour [Business Insider] 2021-01-14

AFL-CIO general board calls on Donald Trump to resign or be removed from office [AFL-CIO] 2021-01-10

Yesterday’s Insurrection Was An Attack on Democracy by White Supremacists and Fascists: A message from CWA President Chris Shelton [CWA] 2021-01-08

Violent mob attacks the media during Capitol assault [IFJ] 2021-01-08

Biden chooses Boston Mayor Marty Walsh for Labor Secretary [Bostin Globe] 2021-01-07

Biden Taps Boston Mayor Marty Walsh As Labor Secretary [NPR] 2021-01-07

Largest Federal Workers Union Condemns Anti-Democracy Riots at U.S. Capitol [AFGE] 2021-01-06

AFT’s Weingarten on Betsy DeVos’ Resignation as Education Secretary [AFT] 2021-01-07

Nurses join calls for Trump to be removed: 'Sanctions, accountability needed for failed coup' [National Nurses United] 2021-01-07


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How the Assange extradition threatens journalism 2021-01-15 [IFJ]

New York Hunts Point Market workers threaten strike over wage dispute 2021-01-15 [CBS]

Instacart, Trader Joe’s, Dollar General plan financial incentives to encourage workers to get vaccinated 2021-01-15 [MarketWatch]

How COVID Effect on Workers’ Compensation Claims Has Varied by State, Industry 2021-01-15 [Insurance Jrnl]

These Companies Are Paying Workers To Get Vaccinated 2021-01-15 [Forbes]

Biden’s COVID-19 Relief Package Offers Real Hope 2021-01-15 [AFL-CIO]

California Misclassification: Union Petitions California Supreme Court to Declare Prop 22 Unconstitutional 2021-01-15 [Vice]

Pennsylvania Four Arrested For Unfair Labor Practices – 'It's Really Theft' 2021-01-15 [Patch]

Bipartisan House lawmakers introduced legislation that would block Trump administration’s controversial effort to politicize civil service 2021-01-15 [Gov Exec]

South Carolina SC first responders push for COVID-19 compensation 2021-01-15 [WLTX]

Dollar General to pay workers to get COVID-19 vaccine in retail first 2021-01-15 [East Bay Times]

Google Workers Launch New Union 2021-01-14 [The Bullet / Alphabet Workers Union]

Fast-food workers at McDonald's, Wendy's and other chains in 15 cities will strike Friday to demand boosting the minimum wage to $15 an hour 2021-01-14 [Biz Insider]

Biden’s Path to Winning Back Blue-Collar Workers 2021-01-14 [New Yorker]

The Workers First Agenda 2021-01-14 [AFL-CIO]

AFL-CIO proposes Workers First agenda to the new Biden administration and congress 2021-01-14 [AFL-CIO]

Fast-food workers at McDonald's, Wendy's and other chains will strike Friday to demand boosting the minimum wage to $15 an hour 2021-01-14 [Business Insider]

Nurses endorse impeachment, conviction of Trump 2021-01-14 [National Nurses United]

California Drivers and labor union seek to overturn new California Prop 22 law 2021-01-14 [CNN]

Trumka: Democracy and the labor movement are one and the same 2021-01-13 [Chicago Sun-Times]

The Workers First Agenda 2021-01-13 [AFL-CIO]

Rail unions petition FRA to protect Amtrak passengers, personnel after US Capitol insurrection 2021-01-13 [International Brotherhood of Teamsters]

FAA Administrator steps up enforcement on unruly passengers 2021-01-13 [Association of flight attendants-CWA]

Trumka: Biden must pass the Protecting the Right to Organize Act 2021-01-13 [Nat'l Catholic Reporter]

Illinois Chicago school system locks out some teachers, withholds pay for not returning to in-person instruction 2021-01-13 [Washington Post]

Social Security Unions Urge Biden to Oust Agency Leadership on Day One 2021-01-13 [Gov Exec]

Alphabet Workers Union calls on YouTube to ban Trump 2021-01-12 [Verge]

One In Four Black, Hispanic Workers Have Faced Workplace Discrimination In Past Year, Poll Suggests 2021-01-12 [Forbes]

California Gig workers and unions sue in California Supreme Court to have Prop 22 overturned 2021-01-12 [Wash Post]

Maine Portland Whole Foods workers oppose Chamber lawsuit seeking to halt hazard pay as approved by voters 2021-01-12 [News Ctr ME]

Democracy and the labor movement are one and the same 2021-01-12 [Chicago Sun-Times]

AFL-CIO calls on Biden to appoint racial equity czar 2021-01-12 [The Hill]

Illinois CTU teachers decry virtual lockout, as more covid cases surface in schools 2021-01-12 [Chicago Teachers Union]

Trumka: Workers first agenda will build sustainable economy and stronger democracy 2021-01-12 [AFL-CIO]

The Google union just passed 700 members: The Alphabet Workers Union has grown from roughly 230 employees and contractors last week 2021-01-12 [Verge]

The psychological effects of COVID-19 on hospital workers at the beginning of the outbreak with a large disease cluster on the Diamond Princess cruise ship 2021-01-12 [PubMed]

USDA urged to allocate specific funding to protect essential ag workers 2021-01-12 [Vegetable Growers News]

Ohio Kroger won't require workers to be vaccinated. Grocery chain serves 11 million customers per day 2021-01-12 [Cincinnati Enquirer]

Maryland Baltimore County librarians seek to unionize through legislation that’s going before General Assembly 2021-01-12 [Baltimore Sun]

America, the Not So Beautiful 2021-01-12 [Our Times]

Illinois Illinois AFL-CIO Calls For Legislators To Save Nuclear Plants 2021-01-12 [NPR]

The Google union just passed 700 members 2021-01-12 [The Verge]

 VIDEO Louisiana New Orleans Sanitation Workers Strike For Better Wages 2021-01-12 [KET]

‘I don’t see how a big company like Amazon can be so greedy.’ E-commerce king turns middle-class warehouse career into a McJob 2021-01-11 [Chicago Tribune]

NEA calls for immediate removal of President Donald Trump 2021-01-11 [NEA]

Illinois Chicago Federation of Teachers nurses say schools too unsafe to reopen; classroom teachers find few masks, poor ventilation 2021-01-11 [Washington Post]

Massachusetts Somerville educators demand clear thresholds for in-person return 2021-01-11 [Somerville Times]

Millions left without paid sick leave after Congress let pandemic benefit expire 2021-01-11 [CNN]

Teamsters denounce assault on democracy, mourn murder of U.S. Capitol police officer 2021-01-11 [International Brotherhood of Teamsters]

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This month in labour history

1-01-1966 From 8:02 a.m., a public transport strike spread across New York. After 12 days, the strikers will get a 15% wage increase and other benefits. [more]

2-01-1920 Thousands of US labor activists are arrested in the 'Palmer Raids' during the first Red Scare. [more]

3-01-1917 Trial of labour organizer Tom Mooney begins in San Francisco for Preparedness Day bombing. He was framed & serves 22 years. [more]

4-01-1966 Transport Workers Union of America leader Mike Quill arrested for violating an anti-strike court injunction in 4-day old 35000-member strike. [more]

4-01-1965 Start of victorious 28-day strike by 8000 New York City social workers over better conditions for welfare recipients. [more]

6-01-1916 8,000 workers strike the Youngstown steel mills. The next day, they are joined by their families. The guards fired bullets and tear gas canisters at the crowd. 3 strikers die and 25 are injured. [more]

7-01-1892 100 dead and 150 injured in the explosion at No. 11 mine near Krebs, Oklahoma, when an untrained new hire handles dynamite. [more]

7-01-1920 Five elected members of the New York state assembly belonging to the Socialist Party are refused their seats. [more]

7-01-1939 Tom Mooney of the IWW, after 22 years in prison, is found not guilty of murder. [more]

8-01-1811 A slave revolt takes place on the Louisiana sugar plantations. 300 to 500 slaves march on New Orleans, burning the fields in the process. After 2 days, the military crushed the protest. [more]

9-01-1939 1,700 tenant farm families are blocking the Missouri highway after being evicted from their homes so landowners do not have to share government aid with them. [more]

10-01-1860 Collapse of a Pemberton factory in Lawrence, Massachussetts. 900 workers, mostly Irish, trapped in the rubble. More than 100 dead, more injured. [more]

11-01-1937 Police beat and arrest UAW members during the great sit-down strike in Flint, Michigan [more]

11-01-1912 The 'Bread and Roses' strike began in Lynn Massachusetts. The strike was begun and led by mainly immigrant women. [more]

13-01-1874 Mounted police from the NYPD violently attack a demonstration of unemployed workers in Tompkins Square Park. [more]

14-01-2003 General Electric decides to transfer $ 400 / year from the employer's share of health insurance contributions to each employee. 14,000 of them go on strike for 2 days in protest. [more]

15-01-1929 Birth of civil rights activist and labor movement supporter Martin Luther King, Jr [more]

17-01-1915 The song 'Solidarity Forever' by Ralph Chaplin is first sung, on a hunger march through Chicago organised by Lucy Parsons. [more]

22-01-1969 Black workers at the Eldon Chrysler plant in Detroit march on the autoworkers' union with a list of grievances. The workers had formed ELRUM - the Eldon Revolutionary Union Movement - and they called a strike the next day. [more]

23-01-1913 Joe Hill's song 'Mr. Block', extolling the virtues of industrial unionism, is first published in the IWW's newpaper. [more]

27-01-1850 Samuel Gompers, founder of the American Federation of Labor, is born. [more]

29-01-1834 Federal troops are used to break a strike for the first time in America, on the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal [more]

31-01-1938 12,000 pecan shellers, most of them Hispanic women, strike for higher wages and civil rights in San Antonio, Texas. [more]