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Google accused of breaking labor laws for firing staff behind protests; accused of illegally spying on workers


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Google accused of breaking labor laws for firing staff behind protests; accused of illegally spying on workers [Silicon Angle] 2020-12-03

Chicago Nursing Home Strike: Union Tries To Increase Pressure Before Talks Resume [WBEZ] 2020-11-29

UFCW secures hazard pay for 50,000 grocery workers in the US [UNI Global Union] 2020-11-27

Alabama Amazon Warehouse Workers File For Union Election In Alabama [HuffPost] 2020-11-25

Leaked documents reveal Amazon hired Pinkertons to spy on workers [Input] 2020-11-24

Iowa Meat Plant Managers Suspended After Charges of Betting on Number of COVID Cases [WorkCompCentral] 2020-11-22

Tyson Food managers bet on workers getting Covid-19, lawsuit says [BBC] 2020-11-20

AFL-CIO Looks Forward to Working with President-Elect Joe Biden [AFL-CIO] 2020-11-07

AFGE responds to Biden victory [AFGE] 2020-11-07

How Biden could revamp worker health protections in the midst of the deadly pandemic [Wash Post] 2020-11-14


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Alabama Amazon asks for delay in RWDSU bargaining unit determination, but NLRB rejects the motion 2020-12-03 [Washington Post ]

NLRB rules Google illegally fired, spied on workers trying to organize a union 2020-12-03 [WCPN]

Rights for gig workers are a political issue now, but many of them can’t vote 2020-12-03 [Crain's NY Biz]

Nevada Healthcare workers plan weekly walkout of Las Vegas hospital due to COVID-19 working conditions 2020-12-03 [FOX]

CDC on Vaccine: Health Care Workers, Long-Term Care Facilities Should be First in Line 2020-12-03 [9and10]

California L.A. offers $800 to thousands of restaurant workers struggling during the pandemic 2020-12-03 [KTLA]

Health-care workers and nursing home residents should be the first to get coronavirus vaccines, CDC advisory group says 2020-12-03 [Wash Post]

Apple is lobbying against a bill aimed at stopping forced labor in China For more info 2020-12-03 [Wash Post]

The Teacher Strike: Conditions for Success 2020-12-03 [Dissent]

Nevada Local union plans to ralley weekly until more respect is given 2020-12-03 [One News Page]

New York Union nurses denied entry to hospital, Albany Med says 'not a lockout' 2020-12-03 [InformNNY]

New York New Rochelle health care workers go on strike, demand protection against virus 2020-12-03 [ArkLaTex]

Google accused of breaking labor laws for firing staff behind protests; accused of illegally spying on workers 2020-12-03 [Silicon Angle]

California Antelope Valley Hospital nurses to hold press conference to protest staffing ratios waiver and demanding hospitals prioritze patient safety 2020-12-03 [National Nurses United]

California Nurses to hold information picket and carcaravan at KecK Hospital of USC/USC Norris comprehensive cancer centre 2020-12-03 [National Nurses United]

California California nurses score huge win: State requires hospitals to begin weekly Covid testing of all healthcare staff Dec 14 and all patients now 2020-12-03 [National Nurses United]

White House Now Supports 2021 Pay Freeze, but Only for Civilians 2020-12-03 [Gov Exec]

NAACP, Trade Unions Join Chorus of Folks Who Think Rahm Emanuel Is Trash 2020-12-03 [The Root]

After Biden Win, Nation’s Republicans Fear the Economy Ahead 2020-12-03 [NYTimes]

Biden promises to be ‘the most pro-union president’—and union members in Congress are optimistic 2020-12-03 [CNBC]

Oregon Nabisco threatens more plant closures 2020-12-03 [nwLaborPress]

Washington Workers' Comp Rates to Jump in Amazon's Washington Fulfillment Centers Due to Hazards 2020-12-03 [Daily Chronicle]

Members of SAG-AFTRA sue their own health plan over changes 2020-12-02 [NY Times]

Washington Is Amazon Fulfilment Center “Picking” Work Dangerous? 2020-12-02 [WA Law Ctr]

Delaware High-risk health workers to get first COVID vaccines in DE 2020-12-02 [DE State News]

cHealth care workers overwhelmed amid record coronavirus hospitalizations 2020-12-02 [CBS]

Illinois Healthcare workers in Streator strike for higher wages, better working conditions 2020-12-02 [MyWebTimes]

Amazon should do better by its workers 2020-12-02 [Times Herald-Record]

Georgia Georgia elections official rebukes Trump after threats to workers 2020-12-02 [CBS]

Washington Workers’ comp rates to jump in Amazon’s Washington fulfillment centers due to hazards 2020-12-02 [Seattle Times]

Judge throws out Trump rules limiting skilled-worker visas 2020-12-02 [NBC]

Biden’s New Top Economist Has a Longtime Focus on Workers 2020-12-02 [NYTimes]

House Democrat Calls on Labor Authority to Overturn 'Radical' Changes to Legal Precedent 2020-12-02 [Gov Exec]

Ohio Cleveland Heights-University Heights School District teachers go on strike; picket lines up despite massive winter storm 2020-12-02 [WKYC]

USWNT and U.S. Soccer agree to proposed settlement on working conditions 2020-12-02 [CBS]

Yellen is the right choice of all working families 2020-12-01 [AFL-CIO]

 VIDEO California 74th Anniversary Of The Oakland General Strike and Lessons For Today With Gifford Hartman For more info 2020-12-01 [LVP]

Alabama Amazon warehouse workers in Alabama file for union recognition 2020-12-01 [People's World]

Larry Willis, head of AFL-CIO's Transportation Trades Department, dies in a cycling crash 2020-12-01 [Washington Post ]

LA Progressive: How Mitch’s Do Nothing Republicans Are Killing Us For more info 2020-11-30 [KY AFL-CIO]

New York As COVID-19 Surges, Some Trader Joe’s Workers Say They're In A “State Of Terror” 2020-11-30 [Gothamist]

Up to 87 million workers could lose access to paid leave next month if Congress doesn't pass another coronavirus relief package For more info 2020-11-30 [Biz Insider]

Connecticut With COVID-19 surging in Connecticut, health care workers at local hospitals feel the anxiety rising 2020-11-30 [Hartford Courant]

Trump races to weaken environmental and worker protections before Jan. 2 For more info 2020-11-30 [CT Mirror]

District of Columbia DoorDash to pay $2.5 million for misusing worker tips 2020-11-30 [KMOV]

Illinois COVID-19 In Illinois: Striking Infinity HealthCare Nurses Hold Rally Downtown 2020-11-29 [News Break]

Illinois Nurse's plea to take COVID seriously brings city council to tears 2020-11-29 [ABC]

Chicago Nursing Home Strike: Union Tries To Increase Pressure Before Talks Resume 2020-11-29 [WBEZ]

New York Albany Med nurses rally ahead of planned strike 2020-11-29 [News Break]

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This month in labour history

1-12-1946 130,000 Oakland, USA workers go on general strike. [more]

1-12-1955 Rosa Parks refuses to give up her seat on a bus, sparking the Montgomery bus boycott. [more]

3-12-1946 Department store salespeople and demonstrators in Oakland, California call a general strike. [more]

3-12-1866 The 10-hour day comes after a strike in the textiles industry in Fall River, Massachusetts. [more]

4-12-1970 Cesar Chavez sentenced to 20 days in jail for not calling off United Farm Workers boycott of lettuce grower Bud Antle Inc. [more]

5-12-1955 The two main union federations in the USA merge to form the AFL-CIO, electing George Meany as president, [more]

6-12-1907 The worst mining disaster in American history occurs when an explosion in a Monongah mine in West Virginia kills 361 miners. [more]

7-12-1896 In Chicago, 11 activists found the National Union of Steam Engineers of America; the forerunner of International Union of Operating Engineers. [more]

8-12-2001 230 jailed teachers in Middletown Township, NJ, ordered freed after agreement to end 9day strike & enter mediation. [more]

8-12-1916 Bernice Fisher born. US civil rights activist, union organizer, original founder of Congress of Racial Equality. [more]

8-12-1882 Birthday of Thomas Joseph "Tom" Mooney was an American political activist and labor leader, who was convicted with Warren K. Billings of the San Francisco Preparedness Day Bombing of 1916. [more]

8-12-1886 The American Federation of Labor (AFL) is founded by 26 craft unions. Samuel Gompers is elected president. [more]

13-12-1924 Samuel Gompers, founder of the American Federation of Labor, dies. [more]

14-12-1995 Boeing machinists in the US win a pay rise and an imporved health plan after a 69 day strike. [more]

14-12-1852 American Socialist Daniel De Leon born. Trade union organiser, journalist and Marxist theoretician who died in 1914. [more]

19-12-1983 Greyhound bus strike ends when members of Amalgamated Transit Union ratify a contract that slashes wages & benefits by 15% [more]

19-12-1907 A group of 239 coal miners die during a mine explosion in Jacobs Creek, Pennsylvania. [more]

21-12-1916 Emma Tenayuca, Mexican-American labour leader, is born. [more]

21-12-1919 Emma Goldman is deported to Russia as part of a post-war crackdown on union and left-wing activists. [more]

23-12-1908 AFL officers are found in contempt of court for urging a labor boycott of Buck's Stove and Range Co. in St Louis. [more]

24-12-1913 Seventy three striking miners and their families die in a stampede at the Italian Hall in Calumet, Michigan, after an unknown man enters shouting 'Fire!' [more]

25-12-1904 Philip Vera Cruz, labour leader & activist in Asian American civil rights movement, is born. Co-founder of United Farm Workers' Union. [more]

25-12-1910 Bomb destroys part of the Llewellyn Ironworks in Los Angeles where a bitter strike is ongoing. [more]

26-12-1877 First national convention of the Socialist Labor Party, the first Marxist party founded in the USA. [more]

27-12-1943 President Roosevelt seizes railroads to avoid a national strike. [more]

29-12-2006 More than 15,000 United Steel Workers members at 16 Goodyear Tire & Rubber plants end an 86-day strike, ratify three-year contract. [more]

30-12-1899 In the back room of Behrens’ cigar shop in Sedalia, Missiouri, US, 33 railroad clerks form Local Lodge Number 1 of the Order of the Railroad Clerks of America. [more]

30-12-1936 The most famous of the Depression-era "sit down" strikes in the US begins at GM's Fisher Body plant in Flint, Michigan. [more]

31-12-1969 Rank-and-file UMWA activist Jock Yablonski is murdered along with his family by hitmen acting on the orders of union president. [more]