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California Hundreds of Google Employees Unionize, Culminating Years of Activism


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California Hundreds of Google Employees Unionize, Culminating Years of Activism [NYTimes] 2021-01-04

California They risk their lives cleaning hospitals. Now, they are getting vaccinated. ‘I want people to know that we exist’ [The Times] 2020-12-20

California After winning Prop. 22, Lyft president says he still wants a deal with unions [LA Times] 2020-11-05

California Prop 22 deprives gig workers’ minimum wage [Human Rights Watch] 2020-11-09

 VIDEO  California Gig Economy Hurts Workers - Vote ‘No’ to Hold Companies Accountable for Minimum Wage, Other Labor Rights [Human Rights Watch] 2020-10-15

California Farm workers are laboring in dangerous wildfire smoke. What is Cal/OSHA doing to protect them? [UFW] 2020-08-27

California 'Everyone tested positive': Covid devastates agriculture workers in California's heartland [Guardian] 2020-08-08

 VIDEO  California Essential Blueberry Farm Workers Strike After Employer Cuts Pay Amid Pandemic [Now This] 2020-06-01

California Coronavirus: Hospitality workers union feeds more than 5,000 families at the Forum in Inglewood [Daily Breeze] 2020-04-11

California In California, Gig Workers Are About to Become Employees [Wired News] 2019-09-11


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California California RN's mark Nurse's Week by urging state legislators to pass bills to protect nurses and public health 2021-05-08 [National Nurses United]

 VIDEO California Angela Davis Speaks Out On May Day 2021 In San Francisco For more info 2021-05-06 [LVP]

 VIDEO California On May Day 2021 ILWU Backs Chilean Dockers In San Francisco! Solidarity Has No Borders For more info 2021-05-03 [LVP]

 VIDEO California AFL CIO Executive Vice President Tefere Gebre Speaks At San Francisco May Day Rally For more info 2021-05-02 [LVP]

California Teamsters statement on Appeals Court decision affirming AB5 applies to California truck drivers 2021-05-02 [International Brotherhood of Teamsters]

California Federal court rules California’s gig economy law applies to another group of workers 2021-04-29 [Sacbee]

California Low-wage workers in Oakland and across the state say they feel unsafe at their job 2021-04-29 [Oaklandside]

 VIDEO California Al Rojas Presente! The Struggle Continues: Memorial In Sacramento For Co-founder Of UFWA For more info 2021-04-27 [Labor Video Project]

California Raising Standards for Fast-Food Workers in CA 2021-04-21 [Ctr Am Progress]

 VIDEO California Sacramento City Unified School District, union reach agreement for custodians, food service workers 2021-04-20 [KCRA]

 VIDEO California Union sets strike dates in Sacramento City Unified School District for custodians, food service workers 2021-04-19 [KCRA]

California Newsom signs bill requiring hotels, other companies to rehire laid-off workers when jobs are available 2021-04-18 [KTLA]

California Our Statement Regarding Dominic Foppoli - He Must Go! 2021-04-18 [North Bay Labor Cncl / AFL-CIO]

 VIDEO California The Lessons Of The Bessemer Alabama Amazon Unionization Vote With Journalist Mike Elk For more info 2021-04-14 [LVP]

California Barton RN's to hold two-day strike April 16-17 2021-04-13 [National Nurses United]

California Nurses to hold vigil demanding an end to racist violence against Asians 2021-04-12 [National Nurses United]

California How a Janitors Union in San Francisco Got Over Its Fear and Struck 2021-04-10 [Labour Notes]

California Teachers Against Dying and The Pandemic With Texas AFT Teacher Michael Hull For more info 2021-04-10 [WW]

California Frontline Health Workers Across US Faced Unique Stressors During COVID-19 2021-04-09 [UCSF]

California RN's at HCA's Regional Medical Center of San Jose hold action Tuesday: red alert on unsafe staffing 2021-04-06 [National Nurses United]

California A teachers union in Clovis schools would be ‘historic.’ Why they are trying to organize now 2021-04-06 [Fresno Bee]

 VIDEO California The AFL-CIO, NED and US Labor Imperialism With Kim Scipes For more info 2021-04-03 [LVP]

California New law requiring hospitals to maintain a three-month supply of PPE takes effect April 1 2021-04-02 [National Nurses United]

California Moe’s Books Unionizes 2021-04-01 [East Bay Express]

California Hundreds Of Janitors Walk Off Job In Strike 2021-03-30 [CleanLink]

California San Francisco janitors are on strike for covid safety-and the fight doesn't end there 2021-03-27 [Mother Jones]

California Cal/OSHA finds Alta Bates campus of Alta Bates Summit medical center guilty of eight violations, cites Suter for additional $141,750 2021-03-26 [National Nurses United]

California Former NorCal Amazon employee reveals that drivers do pee in bottles to meet quotas 2021-03-26 [San Francisco Gate]

 VIDEO California Seven Hundred SEIU 87 Janitors In SF Strike For PPE and A Contract: 26 Have Died From Covid For more info 2021-03-26 [LVP]

California Health care workers at Methodist Hospital of Southern California voice patient safety concerns 2021-03-25 [National Nurses United]

 VIDEO California US Labor, The Fight Against Racist Attacks and Xenophobia With Kent Wong UCLA Labor Center For more info 2021-03-24 [LVP]

California US Supreme Court hears oral argument in California case giving organizers access to farmers' property for organizing purposes 2021-03-23 [New York Times]

California Nearly 8,000 of the area’s vineyard and wine production workers have been vaccinated 2021-03-23 [Sonoma West Times & News]

California Nurse volunteers vaccinate thousands in South Los Angelos 2021-03-22 [National Nurses United]

 VIDEO California Solidarity With Bessemer Alabama Amazon Workers! STOP Union Busting In Bessemer & San Francisco For more info 2021-03-22 [LVP]

California Covid, Amazon Billions, and Worker Rights For more info 2021-03-22 [Pacifica CRD]

California Cal/OSHA finds Summit campus of Alta Bates medical center guilty of eight serious violations, cites hospital for $155,250 2021-03-20 [National Nurses United]

California Dandelion Chocolate's employees are unionizing 2021-03-18 [Broke-Ass]

 VIDEO California 'My Working Conditions Are My Student's Living Conditions' SF UESF Teachers Caravan & Rally Protest For more info 2021-03-15 [LVP]

California Hollywood’s Unions Had Their Finest Hour In The Year Of Pandemic 2021-03-14 [Deadline]

California Prioritize California’s farmworkers and provide them COVID vaccines 2021-03-14 [Cal Matters]

California Pandemic exposes corporations’ true aims: Gig-ifying more jobs 2021-03-14 [Cal Matters]

California Kroger To Close 3 Stores In Los Angeles In Response To Approval Of ‘Hero Pay’ Mandate 2021-03-12 [CBS]

California 'It wasn’t until the union was formed and had a legal right to members’ salary data that we were able to document the extent of the inequity' 2021-03-08 [IFJ]

California Nurses call for community action to oppose closure of Sutter Solano maternal child health services 2021-03-08 [National Nurses United]

California Confusion surfaces at L.A. vaccination site as more essential workers become eligible for COVID-19 shot 2021-03-02 [KTLA 5]

California Fresno County now vaccinating food & ag workers, education & childcare 2021-03-01 [ABC 30]

California Confusion over whether food and agriculture workers can be vaccinated in Sacramento County as part of Phase 1B 2021-03-01 [ABC 10]

California John Muir behavioral health centre RN's vote to join CNA 2021-02-26 [National Nurses United]

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