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California California senate passes bill to protect fast-food workers


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 VIDEO  California California senate passes bill to protect fast-food workers [CBS] For more info 2022-08-30

California Farm workers march from Delano to Sacramento in support of UFW bill [CBS] 2022-08-27

 VIDEO  California Gig Economy Hurts Workers - Vote ‘No' to Hold Companies Accountable for Minimum Wage, Other Labor Rights [Human Rights Watch] 2020-10-15

California Heat Waves Prompt Workers To Walk Out: ‘We Weren't Going To Tolerate It' [Huff Post] 2021-07-03

California They risk their lives cleaning hospitals. Now, they are getting vaccinated. ‘I want people to know that we exist' [The Times] 2020-12-20

California Oakland teachers' strike ends with 11 percent raise and halt on charter schools [Sandhills Express] 2019-03-03

California Tesla Workers Contact UAW to Unionize Musk's Lone Auto Plant [Bloomberg] 2017-02-10

California Prop 22 deprives gig workers' minimum wage [Human Rights Watch] 2020-11-09

California More than 8,000 Sutter Health nurses, health care workers set to strike Monday across Northern California [SFGate] 2022-04-18

California Activision Blizzard Workers Accuse Company of Union Busting and Intimidation [Vice] 2021-09-14


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California Alta-Bates Summit nurses to hold strike in Oakland and Berkley 2023-12-23 [National Nurses United]

 VIDEO California The Union Busting War On Apple Workers & NLRB Ruling For Fired Apple Worker Ashley M. Gjøvik For more info 2023-02-02 [LVP]

California UC intends to dock pay of workers who went on strike 2023-01-30 [CalMatters]

California UCLA Lab School Teachers Strike Over Unfair Labor Practices 2023-01-26 [LA Mag]

California Half Moon Bay Mass Shooting: Impact on Our Farm Workers 2023-01-25 [NBC Bay Area]

California Janitors and home care workers demand better pay, labor protections from county 2023-01-25 [San Diego Union-Tribune]

California Davis, California: Baristas Form First Unionized Peet's Coffee in US With Help From Starbucks Workers 2023-01-22 [Common Dreams]

California SAG-AFTRA statement on 'Rust' charges 2023-01-19 [SAG-AFTRA]

California Calif. nursing home workers get $690,000 in denied overtime and break time pay in court order 2023-01-18 [USAToday]

California SF Twitter workers forced to drop class-action suit over severance pay: Report 2023-01-15 [Hindustan Times]

California USC graduate student workers one step closer to unionizing 2023-01-15 [The Daily Trojan]

California Peet’s Coffee Workers Are Following Starbucks Workers’ Lead in Organizing Unions 2023-01-15 [Jacobin]

California Hollywood VFX Artists Are Closer Than Ever to Unionizing 2023-01-15 [CBR]

California California labor head Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher applauds new protections for immigrant workers 2023-01-13 [Labor's Edge]

California Inside the VFX Union Brewing in Hollywood 2023-01-13 [Vulture]

California Historic US research strike ends — but energizes a movement 2023-01-12 [Nature]

California CA Takes a First Step Towards Worker Data Rights 2023-01-10 [Berkeley Blog]

California UFCW Members Applaud Victorious Year for Workers in 2021-2022 Legislative Session 2023-01-05 [UFCW]

California The SWA Meltdown With TWU 550 President Brian Brown For more info 2023-01-02 [WW]

California Tesla told workers not to discuss pay, working conditions: US labour board 2023-01-01 [Economic Times]

California Four months after winning NRLB election, workers at Chateau Marmont win a first contract 2022-12-28 [The Hollywood Reporter]

 VIDEO California How About Living Wages? Three Hundred UFCW5 Members Strike SF Macy's Union Square Store On 12/24/22 For more info 2022-12-26 [LVP]

California Many Rank-and-File UC Grad Student Workers Are Unhappy With Tentative Agreement 2022-12-26 [Truthout]

California Alta Bates Nurses Revolt 2022-12-26 [Labour Notes]

California Alta Bates Nurses Revolt 2022-12-25 [Labor Notes]

 VIDEO California NNU-CNA Berkeley Sutter Alta Bates Hospital Nurses Fed Up With Concession Contracts Hit The Streets For more info 2022-12-25 [LVP]

 VIDEO California Macy's Union Square Workers, San Francisco, Set to Strike For more info 2022-12-24 [NBC]

California UCal grad student workers approve contracts, end weeks-long strike 2022-12-24 [The Hill]

California Workers at Macy's flagship San Francisco store go on pre-Christmas strike 2022-12-24 [CBS]

California Strike by 36,000 University of California teaching assistants, tutors and researchers ends as tentative contracts ratified by two units 2022-12-24 [New York Times]

California Will University of California Academic Workers End the Strike? 2022-12-22 [NYTimes]

California Workers at Hollywood’s Chateau Marmont win first union contract 2022-12-22 [LATimes]

 VIDEO California LA Roofers Local 36 Smith & Community Member Flores Arrested At DeLeon's District Office For more info 2022-12-22 [LVP]

California UCal, Striking Workers Unions Reach Tentative Deal 2022-12-21 [Scientist]

California University of California's striking academic workers begin vote on labor deal 2022-12-20 [Saltwire]

California Striking UC workers begin voting on tentative labor deal with university 2022-12-19 [KPBS]

California University of California reaches deal with striking grad student workers 2022-12-18 [NBC]

 VIDEO California Starbucks Workers Strike100 Stores SF Castro District Starbucks Barrista Kyle Trainer Speaks Out! For more info 2022-12-17 [LVP]

 VIDEO California Union Democracy, Bullying & The Removal Of SF TWU 250a President Roger Marenco For more info 2022-12-15 [LVP]

California How ‘historic’ UC strikes could ignite a new labor movement in California 2022-12-13 [The Chronicle]

California 21,000 northern California Kaiser nurses ratify new four year contract with strong recruitment and retention and patient safety provisions 2022-12-12 [National Nurses United]

 VIDEO California Hundreds of UC UAW Strikers March & Rally In Sacramento At Capitol 'Union Busting Is Disgusting” For more info 2022-12-06 [LVP]

California UAW strike stuns University of California in 10 cities, heading into fourth week 2022-12-04 [The Free Press]

California Biden & Republicrats Union Busting Bill Against Railway Workers & Their Fight For Sick Pay For more info 2022-12-02 [LVP]

 VIDEO California Biden & Republicrats Union Busting Bill Against Railway Workers & Their Fight For Sick Pay For more info 2022-12-02 [LVP]

California How the University of California strike could reshape higher education 2022-11-30 [Time]

California Covina teachers union formally informs Covina Valley Unified School District of intent to strike 2022-11-30 [MSN]

California This Year's Biggest Strike Is by 48,000 Academic Workers at the University of California 2022-11-28 [Labour Notes]

California City council passes ordinance to protect part-time workers For more info 2022-11-27 [KRON]

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