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California Over 200 hotel workers and supporters protest at Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn


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California Over 200 hotel workers and supporters protest at Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn [IUF] 2023-03-01

 VIDEO  California California senate passes bill to protect fast-food workers [CBS] For more info 2022-08-30

California Farm workers march from Delano to Sacramento in support of UFW bill [CBS] 2022-08-27

 VIDEO  California Gig Economy Hurts Workers - Vote ‘No' to Hold Companies Accountable for Minimum Wage, Other Labor Rights [Human Rights Watch] 2020-10-15

California Heat Waves Prompt Workers To Walk Out: ‘We Weren't Going To Tolerate It' [Huff Post] 2021-07-03

California They risk their lives cleaning hospitals. Now, they are getting vaccinated. ‘I want people to know that we exist' [The Times] 2020-12-20

California Oakland teachers' strike ends with 11 percent raise and halt on charter schools [Sandhills Express] 2019-03-03

California Tesla Workers Contact UAW to Unionize Musk's Lone Auto Plant [Bloomberg] 2017-02-10

California Prop 22 deprives gig workers' minimum wage [Human Rights Watch] 2020-11-09

California More than 8,000 Sutter Health nurses, health care workers set to strike Monday across Northern California [SFGate] 2022-04-18


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 VIDEO California At Apple World Headquarters Workers Want Labor Power! Writers Guild Of American West Rallies With Labor For more info 2023-06-06 [LVP]

California Campus jobs are a lifeline for these CSU students. Some are looking to form a union 2023-06-03 [The Times]

California California drivers and warehouse workers join strikes against Sysco in Indiana and Kentucky 2023-05-31 [WSWS]

 VIDEO California LA Striking Writers and S. Cal Workers Fed Up! They Speak Out About Billionaires & Attacks On Labor For more info 2023-05-28 [LVP]

California $363K in back wages, damages recovered for 125 San Diego construction workers 2023-05-28 [FOX]

California 'Hot labor summer': Los Angeles unions back Hollywood writers 2023-05-28 [Reuters]

California ‘Hot labour summer’: Los Angeles unions back Hollywood writers 2023-05-28 [CyprusMail]

California Stand Up Fight Back! LA Strike Wave As Writers Guild Rally & Other Unions Prepare To Strike 2023-05-28 [Indybay]

California Thousands rally for striking WGA workers in downtown Los Angeles 2023-05-28 [UPI]

 VIDEO California Stand Up Fight Back! LA Strike Wave Grows As Writers Guild & Other Unions Rally & Prepare To Strike For more info 2023-05-28 [LVP]

California Predawn Picket Lines Help Writers Disrupt Studio Productions 2023-05-26 [The Times]

 VIDEO California Life and Struggle Of Harry Belafonte With ILWU Local 10 Retired Secretary Treasurer Clarence Thomas For more info 2023-05-26 [LVP]

California “Your Fight Is Our Fight”: John Leguizamo, Busy Philipps, Tony Kushner and Unions Show Solidarity With WGA 2023-05-24 [The Hollywood Reporter]

 VIDEO California SF Chronicle News Guild PMWG Workers Demand Justice & Living Wages For more info 2023-05-24 [LVP]

California What we learned from the nation’s only stripper union 2023-05-23 [Politico]

 VIDEO California The War On Public Education, Tech & The Writers Guild West With Education Lawyer Kathleen Carroll For more info 2023-05-23 [LVP]

California Common Good a Big Subject in Oakland Schools Strike 2023-05-22 [Labour Notes]

California Popeyes shut down a store after teenage workers said they were asked to skip school and do late weeknight shifts 2023-05-21 [Insider]

California Star Trek actors join writers on Trek-themed picket lines In LA And NYC 2023-05-21 [TrekMovie.Com]

California San Diego: Swami's Cafe Sued After Allegations of Sexual Harassment of Young Female Workers 2023-05-20 [7 San Diego ]

California ‘God only knows how many workers have suffered and died’: Employees urge Cal/OSHA to set indoor heat rules 2023-05-20 [CalMatters]

California Popeyes shut down an Oakland store after teenage workers said they were asked to skip school and do late weeknight shifts 2023-05-20 [Business Insider]

California Strip club dancers to form only US topless union 2023-05-19 [BBC]

California What Californians can learn from the Hollywood writers’ strike and the lack of urgency to end it 2023-05-18 [CalMatters]

California Dancers at Los Angeles bar to become only unionized strippers in U.S. after 15-month battle 2023-05-18 [CTV]

California In a historic step, strippers at an LA bar are poised to unionize 2023-05-18 [NPR]

California Headlines: North Hollywood Dancers Form First Labor Union For Strippers 2023-05-16 [L.A. Taco]

California Strippers and California Club Reach Accord on Union After Long Fight 2023-05-16 [The Times]

California The writers’ strike’s top ally: an F-bomb-throwing Teamster with a Jimmy Hoffa tattoo 2023-05-15 [The Times]

California 2023-05-13 [Patch]

 VIDEO California Striking Writers Guild Member Boots Riley Shout Out To Striking OEA Teachers For more info 2023-05-12 [LVP]

 VIDEO California OEA Claremont Middle School Strike Picket To Stop Bld Trades Workers From Crossing Lines For more info 2023-05-12 [LVP]

 VIDEO California SF ILWU 10 May Day Rally & March To Stop Union Busting By Alcatraz Cruises On Pier 33 For more info 2023-05-07 [LVP]

California Writers like me have shut down Hollywood. Here's why 2023-05-07 [The Nation]

 VIDEO California 'Let's Go Teachers Let's Go!' OEA Teachers Strike, March & Rally for Public Education For more info 2023-05-06 [LVP]

California Oakland teachers union on strike; schools open without them 2023-05-05 [The Star]

California Teachers in Oakland, California, are set to strike Thursday over contract talks 2023-05-04 [CNN]

California 3,000 teachers belonging to Oakland Education Association strike 2023-05-04 [New York Times]

California Workers of the world go for a walk: May Day in San Francisco 2023-05-03 [Mission Local]

California S.F.’s Cesar Chavez Day parade a labor of love for union leader 2023-04-30 [The Chronicle]

California The Teamsters Organized Some Amazon Delivery Workers in Palmdale. What Happens Next Is Complicated 2023-04-29 [Jacobin]

California Amazon Drivers In Palmdale Approve Teamster Contract 2023-04-29 [Vigour Times]

California Hollywood, both frantic and calm, braces for writers’ strike 2023-04-29 [NY Times]

California A group of Amazon drivers just joined one of the biggest unions in the US 2023-04-29 [Vice]

California Gig workers from 15 countries rally for rights in SF 2023-04-28 [Mission Local]

California Workers just beat Amazon in a union battle, but the war is far from over For more info 2023-04-28 [Vox]

 VIDEO California Chicago Transit Authority War On ATU 241 Transit Workers & The Fight For Union Democracy For more info 2023-04-28 [LVPSF]

California Sega of America workers are forming a union 2023-04-25 [Engadget]

 VIDEO California A's/GAP Billionaire John Fisher's Failed Howard Terminal Privatization Deal With ILWU Local 10 Immediate Past President Trent Willis For more info 2023-04-24 [LVPSF]

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