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California Thousands Of CA State Univ Workers Launch Massive Strike


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California Thousands Of CA State Univ Workers Launch Massive Strike [Huff Post] 2024-01-23

California Over 60,000 California Kaiser health care workers prepare for potential strike [SF Gate] 2023-10-03

California UNI Global stands with striking SAG-AFTRA MEMBERS [UNI] 2023-07-28

California Hundreds of union janitors join TV, film writers on picket lines as some lose their jobs at studios: 50 janitors have been laid off as a result of the strike [ABC] For more info 2023-06-16

California Over 200 hotel workers and supporters protest at Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn [IUF] 2023-03-01

 VIDEO  California California senate passes bill to protect fast-food workers [CBS] For more info 2022-08-30

California Farm workers march from Delano to Sacramento in support of UFW bill [CBS] 2022-08-27

California Heat Waves Prompt Workers To Walk Out: ‘We Weren't Going To Tolerate It' [Huff Post] 2021-07-03

California They risk their lives cleaning hospitals. Now, they are getting vaccinated. ‘I want people to know that we exist' [The Times] 2020-12-20

California Tesla Workers Contact UAW to Unionize Musk's Lone Auto Plant [Bloomberg] 2017-02-10


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California The Long Beach Post Is Union Busting in Broad Daylight 2024-04-19 [Jacobin]

California Disneyland performers file petition to form labor union 2024-04-18 [The Associated Press]

California Google fires 28 employees involved in sit-in protest over $1.2 billion Israel contract 2024-04-18 [New York Post]

California Hundreds march in San Francisco’s Mission District to honor Cesar Chavez’s legacy 2024-04-14 [The Standard]

California SPOTLIGHT SF library workers want more security, staff 2024-04-14 [SF Examiner]

 VIDEO California SEIU 1021 SF Librarians Rally & Demand Safe Libraries In 2024 Contract Fight For more info 2024-04-12 [LVP]

California SAG-AFTRA Seeks to Write AI Protections Into California Law 2024-04-10 [Variety]

California ‘Shameful’: Union representing Coliseum workers slams A’s move to Sacramento 2024-04-07 [KRON4]

California CA's fast-food workers are now among the highest paid in the U.S. They still don't make nearly enough to buy a house 2024-04-07 [Morning Star]

California CA bill aims to stop employers from reaching out during off hours 2024-04-07 [The Hill]

California Senator Bernie Sanders joins striking workers at Hotel Figueroa in downtown L.A. 2024-04-06 [L.A. Daily News]

California Los Angeles fast-food workers celebrate new $20 per hour wage 2024-04-06 [CBS]

California SEIU president discusses California fast-food minimum wage hike to $20 2024-04-02 [MSNBC]

California Your guide to California’s new $20-an-hour minimum wage for fast food workers 2024-04-02 [The Times]

California Fast-food workers are now the highest paid in U.S. with new $20 per hour 2024-04-02 [CBS]

California $20 Fast Food Worker Minimum Wage Kicks In 'Fast food companies c 2024-04-02 [Common Dreams]

California $20 fast-food worker minimum wage: Everything you need to know 2024-04-02 [Fast Company]

California Unions and gig workers win fight as Metro denies Lyft bike share contract 2024-04-02 [The Daily News]

California New Contract Ratified by Hotel Workers 2024-03-30 [Beverly Hills Courier]

 VIDEO California IBT Stopped AI & Robots At UPS Said IBT Pres Sean O'Brien At Sacramento Rally Against Robo Trucks For more info 2024-03-29 [LVP]

California Teamsters sound off on name change, RNC donation, and renewed Coors boycott 2024-03-27 [The Reporter]

California CA fast food joints are laying off workers before a new law hikes pay 2024-03-25 [Quartz]

California California wants to protect indoor workers from heat. That goal is now in limbo 2024-03-25 [NPR]

 VIDEO California SF Mayor Breed Attacks City Workers With 2% Offer & More Privatization For more info 2024-03-07 [LVP]

California The power & joy of the first contract 2024-03-01 [California Educator]

California OMCA workers organize joining a national movement for change 2024-02-29 [Broke Ass Stuart]

California Tesla to Face Nearly 6,000 Black Workers in Factory Racism Lawsuit 2024-02-29 [Time]

 VIDEO California SF City Workers Protest Contracting Out & Prepared To Strike As City Offers Only 2% Wage Increase For more info 2024-02-29 [LVP]

California BULLETIN: $425/Hour Consultants Were Hired By Temecula Food Distributor 2024-02-28 [LaborLab]

 VIDEO California ILWU 10 Palestine Meeting on Solidarity & Action: An Injury For One Is An Injury For All! For more info 2024-02-26 [LVP]

California CA State U student workers vote to unionize, creating largest such union in U.S. 2024-02-24 [CBS]

 VIDEO California Stripped For Parts & The Destruction Of The Newspaper Industry with Rick Goldsmith For more info 2024-02-22 [LVPP]

 VIDEO California On Fire! Waymo off The Streets Of San Francisco & California-Safety & Worker Rights First For more info 2024-02-21 [LVP]

 VIDEO California On Fire! Waymo off The Streets Of San Francisco & California-Safety & Worker Rights First For more info 2024-02-21 [LVP]

 VIDEO California SF City Worker Rally Against Outsourcing, Union Busting At SF General Hospital-Time For A General Strike For more info 2024-02-19 [LVP]

California Disneyland characters and parade cast members announce plans to unionize 2024-02-18 [KTLA5]

California CA Fast-Food Restaurant Workers Form a Massive New Union 2024-02-17 [Eater LA]

California Lyft Wants to Run LA’s Bike Share. Workers Are Saying No 2024-02-16 [Jacobin]

 VIDEO California Workers Demand General Strike To Free Palestine At SF Labor Council As Bureaucrats Shutdown Action For more info 2024-02-16 [LVP]

 VIDEO California Corporate Greed & AT&T's Effort To Destroy Landlines In California: CWA9412 Sec-Treas Speaks Out For more info 2024-02-16 [LVP]

California Disneyland Parade And Character Workers Intend To Unionize Over Wage And Working Condition Concerns 2024-02-14 [Forbes]

 VIDEO California Thousands of Trade Unionists Rally For Palestine In Los Angeles & Against Genocide Joe For more info 2024-02-13 [LVP]

California SEIU Launches New Fast Food Workers Union Weeks Before Start Of New $20 Minimum Wage Law 2024-02-12 [CA Globe]

California 'When We Fight, We Win': California Fast Food Workers Launch Union 2024-02-10 [Common Dreams]

California Fast-food workers form new union, first of its kind for industry 2024-02-10 [The Post]

California CA fast-food workers launch new union: ‘They have to listen to us’ 2024-02-09 [Guardian]

California SEIU turns to a century-old tactic: McDonald's fast-food workers to form minority union in California 2024-02-09 [Washington Post]

 VIDEO California UCSF UPTE Optometrists Strike & Rally With AFSCME 3299 State Bargaining Team At UC Mission Bay For more info 2024-02-08 [LVP]

California Unions plan pushback on proposed driverless taxi expansion in L.A. 2024-02-02 [NBC]

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