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California Activision Blizzard Workers Accuse Company of Union Busting and Intimidation


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California Activision Blizzard Workers Accuse Company of Union Busting and Intimidation [Vice] 2021-09-14

California Heat Waves Prompt Workers To Walk Out: ‘We Weren’t Going To Tolerate It’ [Huff Post] 2021-07-03

California Hundreds of Google Employees Unionize, Culminating Years of Activism [NYTimes] 2021-01-04

California They risk their lives cleaning hospitals. Now, they are getting vaccinated. ‘I want people to know that we exist’ [The Times] 2020-12-20

California After winning Prop. 22, Lyft president says he still wants a deal with unions [LA Times] 2020-11-05

California Prop 22 deprives gig workers’ minimum wage [Human Rights Watch] 2020-11-09

 VIDEO  California Gig Economy Hurts Workers - Vote ‘No’ to Hold Companies Accountable for Minimum Wage, Other Labor Rights [Human Rights Watch] 2020-10-15

California Farm workers are laboring in dangerous wildfire smoke. What is Cal/OSHA doing to protect them? [UFW] 2020-08-27

California 'Everyone tested positive': Covid devastates agriculture workers in California's heartland [Guardian] 2020-08-08

 VIDEO  California Essential Blueberry Farm Workers Strike After Employer Cuts Pay Amid Pandemic [Now This] 2020-06-01


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 VIDEO California SFSU CFA Pres James Martel On The Fight To Defend Professors Abdulhadi, Kinukawa and The AMED Program For more info 2021-11-28 [LVP]

 VIDEO California STOP Union Busting At SFO! Unite Here 2 Members Protest SFO Management Failure To Enforce Labor Laws For more info 2021-11-27 [LVP]

California Food Workers are Striking at LAX on the Busiest Travel Day of the Year 2021-11-25 [Eater LA]

California Republic Services Workers in Orange County Authorize Strike 2021-11-24 [Teamsters]

California U.S. tech execs hone approach to counter unions amid growing worker interest 2021-11-24 [Reuters]

California Kaiser nurses, mental health staff strike in sympathy with engineers 2021-11-22 [The Mercury News]

California Apple tells workers they have right to discuss wages, working conditions 2021-11-21 [Investing .com]

 VIDEO California NUHW Kaiser Eastbay Strikers Picket Kaiser World Headquarters To Stop Attacks On Workers & Patients For more info 2021-11-21 [LVP]

 VIDEO California SEIU UHW Kaiser Workers Join Striking IOUE 39 Members On Picket Line In SF For more info 2021-11-19 [LVP]

California 'Solidarity Forever': 40,000 Kaiser workers set to strike to defend 700 fellow union members 2021-11-18 [Common Dreams]

California What’s the role of unions in the 21st century? 2021-11-18 [CalMatters]

California UC lecturers win raises, concessions in deal that averts two-day strike 2021-11-18 [CalMatters]

California Union to Rally Outside Rose Bowl Ahead of World Cup Site Visit 2021-11-18 [Now]

California Amazon to pay California $500,000 for concealing COVID cases among workers 2021-11-16 [Yahoo]

California Amazon settles California COVID workers notification dispute 2021-11-16 [AP]

California Palomar RN's and caregivers hold information picket to demand priortizing patient safety 2021-11-15 [National Nurses United]

California ‘A slap in the face’: nurses’ strike signals Kaiser’s end as union haven 2021-11-14 [Guardian]

California Interview: Why I’m Voting No on the IATSE Hollywood Basic Tentative Agreement 2021-11-14 [Labor Notes]

California CA Kaiser Strike Averted After Workers Reach Tentative Agreement 2021-11-14 [Patch]

California Apple to Pay Store Workers $30 Million Settlement for Bag Checks That Occurred Off the Clock 2021-11-14 [Gizmodo]

California 21,000 nurses and healthcare professionals will strike against Kaiser Permanente beginning Monday November 15th 2021-11-06 [UNAC/UHCP]

California Thousands of California Kaiser nurses, health care workers plan to strike 2021-11-06 [KTLA]

California As Strike Looms, UC Lecturers Raise the Stakes 2021-11-06 [Labor Notes]

California More than 30,000 Kaiser Permanente healthcare workers prepare to strike 2021-11-05 [Daily Bulletin]

California Kaiser Permanante engineer strike approaching 50 days 2021-11-05 [Times-Herald]

California Kaiser Permanente engineer strike approaching 50 days 2021-11-04 [Silicon Valley]

 VIDEO California 'Voices Of Struggle' At Opening Of Larry Itliong Reseach Center At Poplar, California For more info 2021-11-04 [LVP]

 VIDEO California Deadly Hours & Justice In The Movie Industry with Dutch Merrick, Armorer and Past Pres IATSE Local 44 For more info 2021-11-03 [LVP]

 VIDEO California Dolores Huerta 'History Lesson' On Larry Itliong At Opening Of Center of Larry Itliong Reseach Center For more info 2021-11-02 [LVP]

California Activision Blizzard's CEO took a pay cut. Workers are still angry 2021-10-31 [Protocol]

 VIDEO California We Want Our Jobs Back! Thousands Of Unite HERE2 Workers March In San Francisco For Jobs and a Contract For more info 2021-10-29 [LVP]

California Few working poor get to vote on unions. Can California change that? 2021-10-28 [CapRadio]

California UFWA Farmworker Organizers Struggle In Poplar, CA With Desaree Rojas On WorkWeek For more info 2021-10-27 [WorkWeek]

 VIDEO California No Public Money For GAP/A's Billionaire Owner John Fisher' Stadium! ILWU Members & Community Rally and Speak Out For more info 2021-10-27 [LVP]

California Workers’ Solidarity, Mandates, and the Political Economy of COVID For more info 2021-10-26 [Pacifica]

California 21,000 Kaiser Workers to Strike in Light of Wage Disputes 2021-10-24 [New University]

California Kaiser Permanente health care workers prepare strike vote in Hawaii and California 2021-10-23 [State of Reform]

California Alec Baldwin 'Rust' camera crew describes on-set gun safety issues and misfires days before fatal shooting 2021-10-23 [L A Times]

California Kaiser Permanente engineers in Santa Rosa stay resilient as month long strike languishes 2021-10-22 [The Press Democrat]

California Hollywood film-crew union reaches tentative deal, averting strike 2021-10-18 [Reuters]

California 'They offered 11 cents more': Healthcare workers strike in front of Kaiser Roseville for better pay, workload 2021-10-17 [Fox]

 VIDEO California ILUW Local 10, The Shipping Backlog and The Working Class with ILWU Local 10 President Trent Willis For more info 2021-10-16 [LVP]

California SEIU Local 521: Kern County union workers vote to strike 2021-10-15 [KERO]

 VIDEO California 'Fire Drake' & Hire Faculty! AFT UCB Lecturers Rally & March Against Treatment and Contract Labor For more info 2021-10-15 [LVP]

 VIDEO California Get Vaxed Or Get Fired! SF MTA TWU 250a Pres Marenco On Covid and Termination Threats For more info 2021-10-11 [Labor Video Project]

California California nurses condemn potential end of Bay area mask mandate, call for multiple measures of infection control 2021-10-10 [National Nurses United]

 VIDEO California SF Plumbers & Pipefitters 38 Fight Homophobia & Substandard Wages By Centric For more info 2021-10-08 [LVP]

California CWA wins a major victory against the wireless industry in California 2021-10-07 [CWA]

California WorkWeek 10-7-21 On UC-AFT Lecturers Fight GIG Jobs, UMWA Alabama Miners Strike and US Labor Support For Palestinian Workers For more info 2021-10-07 [WorkWeek]

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