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Top news - California

Delivery workers are keeping California fed. They say no one’s keeping them safe 2020-03-29 [LATimes]

LA County nurses union demands more masks on the front lines of coronavirus battle 2020-03-28 [LADaily News]

 VIDEO No More 'One Mask Per Shift' ! SF NNU CNA Nurses Demand Real Protection At St. Mary's Hospital For more info 2020-03-27 [LVP]

 VIDEO At Port of Oakland, ILWU Tells SAA We Want Health & Safety For COVID-19 To Protect Our Members and Community NOW! For more info 2020-03-21 [LVP]

Netflix sets up $100-million coronavirus relief fund for Hollywood workers 2020-03-20 [LATimes]

Calif. Calls For Misclassified Worker Benefits Rise Over Virus 2020-03-20 [Law360]

WorkWeek On SF Housing Dean Preston, ILWU Port Safety & UCSF AFSCME 3299 Cancer Cluster For more info 2020-03-20 [WorkWeek]

Cinematographers elect new leader online, as Hollywood unions look to avoid spread of coronavirus 2020-03-16 [LATimes]

 VIDEO ILWU Local 10 and 34 Victory Halting Grand Princess COVID-19 Waste Removal Contaminating Workers and Community For more info 2020-03-16 [LVP]

Tartine Bakery Workers Claim Victory In Union Vote, Management Disputing SF Results 2020-03-14 [CBS]

Stadium workers’ union asks L.A. pro teams to pay wages, benefits during shutdown 2020-03-13 [LATimes]

Local Dignity, Kaiser nurses protest over worker safety amid COVID-19 outbreak 2020-03-13 [Sacto Biz Jrnl]

 VIDEO 'Prisoners On The Grand Princess Petri Dish' Will The Crew Be Quarantined To Die On The Sea? For more info 2020-03-13 [WorkWeek]

Deep Cleaning, Disinfectant And 'Death Stares': LA Public Transit In The Age Of Coronavirus 2020-03-12 [LAist]

 VIDEO UCSF NNU-CNA Nurses Rally On Coronavirus Covid-19 Pandemic-'When Nurses Aren't Safe, Patients Aren't Safe' For more info 2020-03-12 [LVP]

California’s Paid Family Leave Program is Out of Reach for Workers With Very Low Wages 2020-03-11 [CA Budget & Policy Ctr]

UC-Santa Cruz graduate student workers strike after university fires 80 for previous labor organizing 2020-03-09 [Washington Post]

 VIDEO Coronavirus, Worker Dangers and The Crisis In CA with Dr. Larry Rose Former Medical Director Cal-OSHA For more info 2020-03-09 [LVP]

The Labor Strike That Shut Down San Francisco and Kicked Off the City’s Counterculture 2020-03-07 [Bold Italic]

UC’s harsh response to a student strike shows it’s a business more than a university 2020-03-07 [LATimes]

Workers at 'America's Most Influential Bakery' Are Accusing Its Owners of Union-Busting 2020-03-07 [Vice]

Bay Area Workers Quarantined After Contact With Virus-Infected Patients: Union 2020-03-07 [NBC]

Janitors March to Demand an End to Night Shift Sexual Violence, ‘New Deal’ 2020-03-06 [NBC]

Barred From Striking, Airline Food Workers Seek Other Ways to Protest 2020-03-04 [Truth Out]

UC Santa Cruz terminates 54 workers in pay-raise dispute 2020-03-02 [Santa Cruz Sentinel]

Graduate workers deserve livable wages 2020-03-02 [Daily Tarheel]

UC Santa Cruz fires 54 graduate student workers striking for higher pay 2020-03-02 [LA Times]

Striking UC Santa Cruz grad students demanding higher pay just got the opposite 2020-03-02 [Campus Reform]

UC Santa Cruz fires striking grad students 2020-03-01 [The Hill]

UAW 2865 UCB Graduate Students March To Sproul Hall To Demand COLA & Against Union Busting 2020-03-01 [Indybay]

UC Santa Cruz fired 54 grad students who were striking for higher pay 2020-03-01 [WRCB]

Santa Clara County reaches last-minute deal with workers to avoid strike 2020-03-01 [Spotlight]

 VIDEO UAW 2865 UCB Graduate Students March To Sproul Hall To Demand COLA & Against Union Busting At UCSC For more info 2020-02-29 [LVP]

Graduate Student Strikes Are Spreading in California 2020-02-28 [VICE]

 VIDEO SF UESF SFUSD Teachers and Staff Ready To Strike As Superintendent Matthews Threatens Cuts For more info 2020-02-28 [LVP]

AFSCME Local 3299 Endorses Bernie Sanders 2020-02-24 [Univ of CA Guardian]

WorkWeek On Nevada Unite HERE Healthcare for All and Teamsters With John Palmer For more info 2020-02-23 [WorkWeek]

Bay Area Safeway workers hold rallies, call for higher wages 2020-02-19 [KPIX]

Kickstarter workers vote to form first union in tech industry 2020-02-18 [NBC]

 VIDEO Working Class Voices At Bernie Sanders Rally In Richmond: Workers Fed Up with 1% & Corruption of System For more info 2020-02-18 [Pacifica]

 VIDEO Danny Glover & Bernie Sanders In Richmond Call For Working Class Power In Elections Against The 1%. For more info 2020-02-18 [LVP]

A Wildcat Strike Grows Out of a Housing Crisis 2020-02-17 [TNR]

Safeway workers in Northern California may go on strike 2020-02-16 [KRON4]

CA Apple Stores Must Pay Workers During Bag Searches 2020-02-16 [NBC]

Univ CA's Largest Union Endorses Bernie Sanders for President 2020-02-15 [Times of San Diego]

Protesters select Sunset Center's biggest show to picket 2020-02-12 [KSBW]

Workers at Berkeley’s Tartine Bakery unanimously support unionizing 2020-02-12 [Berkeleyside]

LAX workers to stage 3-day fast over wages, benefits 2020-02-12 [LADaily News]

 VIDEO The Impact Of Charters and The Appeasement Policy In Los Angeles For more info 2020-02-11 [LVP]

Facing Skyrocketing Rents, Santa Cruz Grad Students Extend Wildcat Strike 2020-02-09 [Labor Notes]

This month in labour history

6-03-1913 Joe Hill's song "There is Power in a Union" first appeared in the @_IWW union's Little Red Song Book. [more]

7-03-1860 Some 6,000 shoemakers, later joined by 20,000 other workers, are on strike in Lynn, Massachussets. They get wage increases but not recognition for their union. [more]

7-03-1920 “Hunger march” by the unemployed to the Ford factories in Dearborn, asking for help and hiring. Police shoot at crowd, killing 4 and injuring 60 people. [more]

7-03-1932 Unemployed workers stage a hunger march to the Ford complex at Dearborn, demanding workers be rehired. Police shoot at the demonstration, killing 4 and injuring 60 [more]

8-03-1926 Fur & Leather Workers Union (mostly women) went on strike in NYC, enduring beatings by police. They won a 10% raise and a five-day week. [more]

8-03-1942 Lucy Parsons, founding member of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW), and powerful orator for women, working people, and political prisoners died. [more]

9-03-1910 Westmoreland County Coal strikes begins, ending in 1911. It is known as the 'Slovak strike', as 70% of the miners are Slovakian. 16 people are killed. [more]

11-03-1950 TWU members at American Airlines win 11-day national strike, gaining what the union says was the first severance pay clause in industry. [more]

12-03-1912 The Bread and Roses strikers won all their demands. The strike was organized by mostly women workers and the Industrial Workers of the World and included 20,000 workers. [more]

12-03-1929 Lupe Anguiano, women's rights activist and labour organizer, is born. [more]

13-03-1830 The term “rat,” referring to a worker who betrays fellow workers, first appears in print in the New York Daily Sentinel [more]

15-03-1917 The Supreme Court approves the 8-hour day law as rail workers threaten national strike. [more]

15-03-1948 National strike by bituminous coal miners demanding pensions. [more]

18-03-1937 New York City police arrested striking Woolworth's store clerks - mostly women - who had occupied stores demanding a 40-hour workweek. [more]

31-03-1927 Cesar Chavez, Mexican-American labour leader, is born. [more]