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Today's news - California

SFO Latest Protest Target For TWU American Airlines Mechanics Fighting For A Fair Contract 2017-09-20 [Workers Independent News]

Lawsuit alleges Tesla, other automakers used illegal foreign workers to build plants 2017-09-20 [Daily Breeze]

New law to make CA contractors liable for subs' unpaid wages 2017-09-19 [Construction Dive]

Suit: Tesla, other automakers used illegal foreign workers to build plants 2017-09-19 [Mercury News]

Kaiser Patients In Danger Because Of Profiteering: CNA NUU SF Kaiser Nurses Demand Proper Staffing For more info 2017-09-19 [LVP]

AA STOP TWU Outsourcing/Union Busting! TWU SFO Workers and Supporters Rally For more info 2017-09-19 [LVP]

‘Rick and Morty’ Co-Creator Justin Roiland: “Fuck The Union” 2017-09-17 [Cartoon Brew]

Long Beach officials pushing for new law protecting hotel workers 2017-09-17 [Press-Telegram]

Plan to spend $1.5B in climate money includes boost to possible Telsa Union 2017-09-16 [KCRA]

Union at Last: Westin Long Beach workers reach unionization after two-year dispute 2017-09-15 [Signal-Tribune]

Capture of The Bay Area Air Quality Control District, BAAQMD Executives, Corruption and Workplace Bullying For more info 2017-09-15 [LVP]

Union Power Is Putting Pressure on Silicon Valley’s Tech Giants 2017-09-15 [Bloomberg]

Oakland's City Union backburners precarious workers at their own peril 2017-09-14 [libcom.org]

Democrats choose union over Tesla in cap-and-trade deal 2017-09-13 [Sacbee]

Riverside County spent $1.5 million on replacement nurses during SEIU strike 2017-09-13 [Press-Enterprise]

Families of San Francisco UPS workers file wrongful-death suits 2017-09-13 [East Bay Times]

Napa Valley: Hospital workers fight for their union 2017-09-12 [Beyond Chron]

Why workers’ rights don’t matter in Silicon Valley 2017-09-10 [Guardian]

Will Fresno Unified teachers go on strike? State’s fourth-largest district on edge 2017-09-10 [Fresno Bee]

ILWU casuals protest outside union hall in Wilmington, demanding more work, benefits 2017-09-09 [Press-Telegram]

AFGE Leader Eugene Hudson Jr. Announces Campaign For AFGE National President For more info 2017-09-09 [Labor Video Project]

What SEIU Riverside strike says about political power of labor 2017-09-08 [Press-Enterprise]

New Westin owner recognizes hotel employee union, report says 2017-09-08 [Press-Telegram]

Why a trio of Democratic candidates for governor are dropping by a public union strike in Riverside 2017-09-07 [LATimes]

NNU CNA Flood Healthcare Volunteers, Hearst Owned SF Chron Ban On Political Activities and BAAQMD Failure To Control Pollution and Whistleblowers For more info 2017-09-07 [WorkWeek Radio]

'We Built America' DACA Youth, Labor and Community Rally Against Immigrant Bashing In SF For more info 2017-09-06 [LVP]

Low-wage workers in L. A., union activists rally for higher pay and right to organize without fear of retribution 2017-09-05 [LATimes]

Rallies for $15 national minimum wage planned for Labor Day 2017-09-04 [KTVU]

Unions on a political roll, but see threats on horizon 2017-09-04 [Fresno Bee]

On Labor Day, come meet the workers who make America great: Guest commentary 2017-09-04 [Los Angeles Daily News]

These dockworkers just showed the labor movement how to shut down fascists 2017-09-03 [Salon]

Tesla faces federal labor complaint over anti-union actions 2017-09-02 [Silicon Valley Biz Jrnl]

Union organizers at Tesla allege harassment, intimidation 2017-09-02 [MarketWatch]

Tesla hit with unfair labor complaint: NLRB charges that it coerced and intimidated employees over confidentiality 2017-09-02 [Engadget]

Pacifica WorkWeek On SF-Berkeley Protests Fascists and AFGE Eugene Hudson Jr Struggle Against Corruption and Trump Fightback For more info 2017-09-02 [WW Radio]

NAFTA & Trump's Renegotiations: Meeting and Testimony In Oakland For more info 2017-09-01 [LVP]

Riverside County declares impasse with labor union contract talks 2017-08-31 [Press-Enterprise]

Union representing 7,300 Riverside County workers announces strike plans 2017-08-30 [Press-Enterprise]

Academia needs unions now more than ever 2017-08-30 [Daily Trojan]

Ex-employees accuse LA radio stations of bullying, firing them for joining union 2017-08-30 [LADaily News]

San Diego County's biggest union announces strike date 2017-08-30 [San Diego Union-Tribune]

The Future Of Labor/Technology & Automation of Tech Workers For more info 2017-08-30 [LVPSF]

UBER, Lyft, Taxi Workers, Deregulation and Independent Contractors For more info 2017-08-30 [LVPSF]

Anti-Fascist Berkeley Protest Stops Trump Supporters From Rallying For more info 2017-08-28 [LVPSF]

High-powered voices join dispute at 2 LA radio stations over ‘cheap and sometimes free labor’ 2017-08-28 [LADaily News]

BART defends practice of free rides for workers, families 2017-08-28 [SFChronicle]

Racists cancel in San Fracisco-was union opposition the cause? 2017-08-28 [Oakland Socialist]

Fascists Out Of SF: Trade Unionists And Community Rally Against Nazis and Racists For more info 2017-08-27 [LVPSF]

San Jose Community Organizations Teach Volunteers How to Handle Workplace ICE Raids 2017-08-27 [NBC]

San Francisco dockers call strike to confront white nationalist rally 2017-08-25 [Portside]

This month in labour history

9-09-1890 Brotherhood of Railway Carmen of America created at a convention in Topeka, Kansas. [more]

10-09-1897 Nineteen immigrant coalminers are shot in the back and killed by deputies in Lattimer, Pennsylvania. [more]

10-09-1897 Nineteen unarmed immigrant miners are shot dead by a sheriff's posse in Lattimer, Pennsylvania. [more]

16-09-2004 The Farm Labor Organizing Committee wins a collective agreement with Mt. Olive Pickle Company on farms in North Carolina after a five-year struggle. [more]

17-09-2011 Occupy Wall Street movement is launched with a march in New York City. [more]

22-09-2006 Domino's Pizza workers in Pensacola, Florida form the first union of pizza delivery drivers. [more]

23-09-1886 A coalition of Knights of Labor and trade unionists in Chicago launch the United Labor party, calling for an 8-hour day, government ownership of telegraph and telephone companies, and monetary and land reform. [more]

26-09-1903 The Old 97, a Southern Railway train officially known as the Fast Mail, derails near Danville, Va., killing engineer Joseph “Steve” Broady and ten other railroad and postal workers. Many believe Broady had been ordered to speed to make up for lost tim [more]

30-09-1962 Cesar Chavez, with Dolores Huerta, co-founds the National Farm Workers Association, which later was to become the United Farm Workers of America [more]