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Today's news - California

Wage theft costs low-paid California workers $2 billion per year 2017-05-28 [SFChronicle]

Unions: Appeal says ruling that vindicated San Diego pension reform could create statewide problems 2017-05-27 [SD Union-Tribune]

Federal judge awards nearly $1 million to five former XPO drivers in misclassification suit 2017-05-27 [Landline Mag]

Workers dangle from cables after partial building collapse 2017-05-27 [The Biz]

Tesla Workers Get Seriously Injured Almost Twice as Much as Industry Average 2017-05-27 [NBC]

Oakland construction accident: 12 workers hurt in collapse 2017-05-27 [SFGate]

Port of Oakland Union Workers Walk Off Job After Noose Discovery 2017-05-27 [teleSUR]

How low-wage immigrant workers are reviving unions 2017-05-26 [High Country News]

Tesla auto workers worry increased production sacrifices safety 2017-05-26 [CBS]

Nearly 5,000 Petaluma students absent amid teachers’ one-day strike 2017-05-26 [The Courier]

U.S. District Court Upholds Labor Commissioner Awards of Almost $1 Million for Misclassification of Port and Rail Truck Drivers 2017-05-24 [California Department of Industrial Relations]

Court Upholds Penalties for Misclassification of Truck Drivers 2017-05-24 [Work Comp Cntl]

Stop Union Busting At KQED-CWA NABET 51 Members Under Attack For more info 2017-05-24 [LVP]

AT&T workers strike in Santa Clara Valley 2017-05-22 [Signal SCV]

CWA Does The Beat At AT&T For more info 2017-05-22 [LVP]

Theater helps janitors union reach contract 2017-05-21 [Guardsman]

Union Workers At AT&T Strike In San Francisco 2017-05-20 [CBS]

Factory Workers At Tesla Are Dropping Like Flies As Work Load Increases 2017-05-20 [Auto Spies]

CWA AT&T Workers Shut It Down At Mobility In SF: $21 K an Hour For CEO $16 An Hour For Worker For more info 2017-05-20 [LVP]

Tesla factory workers reveal pain, injury and stress: 'Everything feels like the future but us' 2017-05-20 [Guardian ]

Arrest UC President Napolitano! UC Workers/Students Protest Corruption, Fee Increases & Privatization-Outsourcing For more info 2017-05-18 [LVP]

Teamsters union threatens strike by weekend at San Benito Foods if demands not met 2017-05-17 [Benito Link]

Undocumented Workers Detained Before Work At Travis Air Force Base Near Sacramento 2017-05-13 [CBS]

Henry “Hank” Lacayo - Labor leader marched with Chavez 2017-05-11 [Thousand Oaks Acorn]

Petaluma teachers, district need to talk 2017-05-11 [Argus-Courier]

L.A. city attorney accuses home healthcare firm of stealing workers' wages 2017-05-11 [LATimes]

Napa County workers say high living costs hurting them too 2017-05-11 [Napa Valley Register]

Mickey Kasparian Removed from San Diego Labor Council by AFL-CIO 2017-05-10 [Ocean Beach Rag]

Former San Diego Union Coalition Leader Forms New Labor Group 2017-05-10 [San Diego Patch]

Senators introduce bill to protect farm workers from deportation 2017-05-10 [KION]

Senators Propose Citizenship Path For Farm Workers 2017-05-10 [CBS]

Workers At Marvin Hier’s Museum Seek To Unionize After Inauguration Speech 2017-05-10 [Forward]

As tensions grow, major labor group splits in two 2017-05-10 [SD Union-Tribune]

UESF Teachers & Staff Demand Living Wages at SFUSD Board-Housing Costs Driving Teachers Out Of S For more info 2017-05-10 [LVP]

Exclusive: Workers At Marvin Hier’s Museum Seek To Unionize After His Inauguration Speech 2017-05-10 [Jewish Daily Forward]

2 Utility Workers Hurt In Possible Electrical Incident In Westlake 2017-05-09 [CBS]

Hollywood guilds flex their muscle as union influence declines nationwide 2017-05-09 [LATimes]

Union Raises Free Speech Defense to Boycott Charge 2017-05-08 [Bloomberg BNA]

Teachers seek to form union at charter school chaired by Michelle Rhee 2017-05-08 [Herald-Sun]

Today marks 110 years since SF's Bloody Tuesday, one of America's most violent streetcar strikes 2017-05-07 [SFGate]

Wells Fargo Teller Whistleblower Guitron On Criminal Fraud, Bullying, Racism & OSHA Cover-up For more info 2017-05-06 [Labor Video Project]

Singing Out For 2017 Workers Memorial Day With Labor Musician Jimmy Kelly For more info 2017-05-05 [LVP]

CTA Statewide day of Action Slideshow 2017-05-05 [CTA]

Public schools are for everyone 2017-05-05 [CTA]

May Day protests put spotlight on tech's other immigrant workers 2017-05-02 [CNN]

On May Day 2017 Workers & Their Kids Speak Out In SF - Defend Workers & Immigrants For more info 2017-05-02 [LVP]

Blowing The Whistle On Wells Fargo & J.P. Morgan Yesenia Guitron & Johnny Burris Speak Out On 2017 Workers Memorial Day For more info 2017-04-29 [LVP]

Foster Farms employees protest for better wages, affordable insurance, new contract 2017-04-29 [Merced Sun-Star]

Fired UnivCal IT workers will allege age and national origin discrimination in lawsuit 2017-04-29 [Computerworld]

Landslide forces workers to get out fast 2017-04-29 [FOX]

This month in labour history

4-05-1886 A bomb is thrown during a demonstration against police violence in Haymarket Square, Chicago. The ensuing police riot and trials of anarchists, known as the Haymarket affair, eventually give birth to May Day as international workers' day. [more]

5-05-1886 Nine striking workers are shot dead by the National Guard at the Rolling Mills Steel Factory in Bay View, Milwaukee [more]

6-05-1935 The Works Progress Administration is established by executive order - it will provide work for millions of Americans. [more]

6-05-1937 Four hundred tobacco workers, earning just $3 per week, stage a walkout in Richmond, Virginia [more]

8-05-1926 A. Philip Randolph founds the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters. [more]

9-05-1913 The garment workers strike at Cohoes could become an international incident after it emerges that Italian migrant workers are being forced to break the strike. [more]

11-05-1894 Three thousands Pullman railroad workers in Chicago begin a wildcat strike. [more]

12-05-1902 John Mitchell of the UMWA cals for a national strike, beginning the Anthracite Coal Strike which will last five months. [more]

13-05-1893 Western Federation of Miners formed in Butte, Montana. [more]

13-05-1980 Douglas Fraser of the UAW becomes the first union representative on the board a major US corporation after Chystler's stockholders vote him on. [more]

19-05-1920 A gun battle between the people of Matewan and Baldwin Felts detectives leaves ten people dead. [more]

22-05-1942 In Cleveland the Steelworkers Organizing Committee voted to become a union: the United Steelworkers of America [more]

25-05-1946 President Truman comes within three minutes of drafting the nation's railroad workers into the army to suppress a proposed strike, but the union leaders and employers settle just before the presiden't ultimatum comes into effect. [more]

26-05-1937 UAW organisers are attacked and beaten by Ford security men in Dearborn, Michigan, in an incident which greatly increases support for the union. [more]

28-05-1946 Workers in Rochester, New York, stage a successful one day general strike for the right to form unions. [more]

29-05-1990 The Justice for Janitors strike of ISS cleaners in Los Angeles begins. [more]

30-05-1937 Ten workers are shot dead by Chicago police during a strike at the Republic Steel Mill. [more]

31-05-1921 The Sacco and Vanzetti trial begins in Dedham, Massachusetts. [more]