How Walmart Keeps an Eye on Its Massive Workforce: The retail giant is ALWAYS watching

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New York MTA contract workers push for better working conditions, higher wages 2015-11-28 [NY Times]

Facebook Expands Parental Leave to Match Mark Zuckerberg’s Plans 2015-11-28 [WSJ]

New York Safety Lapses and Deaths Amid a Building Boom in New York 2015-11-27 [NY Times]

California Can Teachers Unions Help Online Charter Schools? 2015-11-27 [Am Prospect]

No Thanks for Poverty Wages, Workers Tell Walmart and Wendy's 2015-11-27 [Labor Notes]

Ford union workers ratify new four-year USA labor pact: UAW 2015-11-27 []

California Teamsters ousted in employee vote at Threshold Enterprises 2015-11-27 [Santa Cruz Sentinel]

Washington Five workers fired after mill strike could get jobs back 2015-11-27 [Albany Times Union]

Maryland A progressive champion in Md. sides with seafood companies over visa regulations 2015-11-27 [Washington Post]

California Sacramento court workers consider strike as labor talks push on 2015-11-27 [Sacramento Bee]

AFL-CIO pledges support in struggle against new US base 2015-11-27 [Ryukyu Shimpo]

Massachusetts Carpenters union targets Braintree school site 2015-11-27 [Boston Globe]

Michigan GOP bills take aim at school union reps 2015-11-27 [Detroit News]

Indiana Truckers, unions mired in legal fight 2015-11-27 [Jnl Gazette]

Clinton wins union endorsements but still struggles to win over hearts 2015-11-27 [Reuters]

Pennsylvania Peters Twp. Teachers, Students Head Back To Class Despite Ongoing Labor Dispute 2015-11-27 [CBS]

District of Columbia Fight for 15 reaches into US Senate Dining Room 2015-11-26 [In These Times]

Maryland McDaniel College food service workers vote for UNITE HERE union 2015-11-26 [McDaniel Free Press]

Obama plans aggressive regulations push in final year 2015-11-26 [The Hill]

Why wage and hour litigation is skyrocketing 2015-11-26 [Washington Post]

Wisconsin Spiros bill attacks worker protections 2015-11-26 [Wausau Daily Herald]

Kentucky Gov Steve Beshear Restores Voting Rights Of Felons 2015-11-26 [Financial CV]

Illinois Coca-Cola Has Taken ‘Egregious’ Actions Against Workers 2015-11-26 [Daily Caller]

Pennsylvania Temple adjunct professors vote to unionize 2015-11-26 [Philly]

Wisconsin UW-Madison delays changes to teaching pay for grad students 2015-11-26 [WI Gazette]

New York Wal-Mart softens hardline stance on fired worker 2015-11-26 [Albany Times Union]

United may offer pilots 13% in bid for labor peace 2015-11-26 [Salt Lake Tribune]

SEIU Local 1107 goes to court, seeking longevity pay for future county workers 2015-11-26 [Review Journal]

New York Prime Healthcare Mgt Violated NLRA During Union Negotiations, Board Rules 2015-11-26 [Law 360]

Ohio ​Union, Metro will meet before potential strike vote 2015-11-26 [Cincinnati Biz Jrnl]

U.A.W. Contracts Change Math for Detroit Automakers 2015-11-26 [CNBC]

US reviews Thailand's trade benefits after labour complaint 2015-11-26 [The Naiton]

Illinois The quiet evolution in Springfield 2015-11-26 [Chicago Tribune]

Review of Thailand's trade benefits with USA after labor complaint 2015-11-26 [Reuters]

Michigan AFL-CIO to rehab, sell up to 300 vacant Detroit homes 2015-11-25 [Detroit Free Press]

Young Workers Still Looking to Get Organized 2015-11-25 [Work Force]

Friedrichs v. CTA lawsuit heats up 2015-11-25 [Examiner]

Fed Up: Stop Breaking Up Families to Undermine Worker Organizing 2015-11-25 [AFL-CIO]

Hillary Clinton Nabs Another Big Endorsement 2015-11-25 [Huffington Post]

New York Faith, labor groups weigh in on Walmart firing 2015-11-25 [Albany Times Union]

In education, for-profit charter schools are part of the problem, not the solution 2015-11-25 [Detroit News]

UFCW Calls For DOJ Probe Over Wal-Mart Worker Surveillance 2015-11-25 [Law 360]

How Walmart Keeps an Eye on Its Massive Workforce: The retail giant is ALWAYS watching 2015-11-25 [Bloomberg]

UFT Pres Michael Mulgrew: The truth about Friedrichs 2015-11-25 [UFT]

Indiana Lawmakers hope for momentum on program to help avoid layoffs 2015-11-25 [Indianapolis Biz Jrnl]

New York Activists Rally to Support Fired Walmart Worker in East Greenbush 2015-11-25 [TWC News]

Massachusetts Solidarity with MFA Guards 2015-11-25 [MA JWJ]

This Thanksgiving, Help Strikers at Kohler in Wisconsin 2015-11-25 [Labour News Network]

Wisconsin Sign here! Local 833 Kohler Workers Deserve a Fair Contract! 2015-11-25 [WI AFL-CIO]

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This month in labour history

1-11-1835 Philadelphia - first general strike in US history - for a 10 hour. [more]

1-11-1919 Some 400,000 soft coal miners strike for higher wages and shorter hours. [more]

2-11-1909 150 arrested in IWW free speech fight, Spokane, Washington [more]

2-11-1920 SPUSA and railway workers' union leader Eugene V. Debs receives nearly one million votes for Presidency of the United States. [more]

5-11-1885 Eugene V. Debs, leading figure in the railway workers unions, the IWW and the American Socialist Party, was born. [more]

9-11-1935 The Committee for Industrial Organization is formed, breaking away from the American Federation of Labor. [more]

10-11-1933 America's first Depression-era sit-down strike occurs at the Hormel food plant in Austin, Minnesota. [more]

12-11-1892 Workers in New Orleans win a 10 hour day and overtime pay, after a four-day general strike led by racially integrated unions [more]

18-11-1938 The Congress of Industrial Organisations elects John L. Lewis as its first president [more]

19-11-1915 Joe Hill, a Swedish-American organiser for the Industrial Workers of the World, is framed and executed for murder in Utah. [more]

26-11-1913 Wobblies Joe Ettor Arturo Giovannitti and Joseph Caruso acquitted for murdering picket Anna LoPizzo during the Lawrence textile [more]

27-11-1884 Anarchist A.R. Parsons addresses a Thanksgiving Day hunger march in Chicago. [more]

29-11-1980 Dorothy Day, suffragist, Christian anarchist, and founder of the Catholic Worker movement, dies today in New York City aged 83. [more]