The largest private sector strike in years is over. Supermarket workers won

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The largest private sector strike in years is over. Supermarket workers won [Vox] 2019-04-22

Stop and Shop members -- you did it !!! [UFCW] 2019-04-22

Corporate Surveillance: When Employers Collect Data on Their Workers [Slashdot] 2019-04-21

Former Stop and Shop executives say they stand with union workers [Mass Live] 2019-04-19

Stop and Shop supermarket workers in three New England states go on strike [AP] 2019-04-14

Bernie Sanders Calls for Ban on Anti-Union Laws [Courthouse News Service] 2019-04-12

31,000 New England Stop and Shop union workers go on strike, walk off job [WCVB] 2019-04-12

Ford Workers Call for Strike at St. Petersburg Factory Slated to Close [Moscow Times] 2019-04-06

After protests, Google temporary workforce will start getting full benefits [CNN] 2019-04-03

Ohio GM Squeezed $118 Million From Its Ohio Workers, Then Shut The Plant [Bloomberg] 2019-03-31


Other news

Stop and Shop strike: Another Big Victory for Labor 2019-04-24 [TNR]

We talked to two Stop and Shop strikers, a meat cutter from Connecticut and a deli worker from Massachusetts, about why they walked off the job 2019-04-24 [Jacobin]

America’s capitalist democracy is ‘in jeopardy of imploding,’ warns union leader Richard Trumka 2019-04-24 [MarketWatch]

Maine ME AFL-CIO Is First to Support a State-Level Green New Deal Bill 2019-04-24 [TruthOut]

Minnesota Public unions in Minnesota in crosshairs of new legal campaign 2019-04-24 [StarTribune]

U.S. organized labor opposes USMCA in current form: official 2019-04-24 [Japan Times]

California Organizers of the Google Walkout Say They’ve Been Threatened With Demotion 2019-04-23 [Slate]

New York The New Museum's Union Resistance Contradicts Its Radical Inception 2019-04-23 [Jezebel]

Texas USW Blasts Dow Chemical Co. for Locking Out Texas Workers 2019-04-23 [United Steelworkers]

California Ten L.A. port drivers awarded $1.2M in misclassification suit 2019-04-23 [Landline Mag]

Michigan MI AG plans crackdown on worker misclassification 2019-04-23 [Bradenton Herald]

Recovering an erased history: The Chinese railroad workers who helped connect the country 2019-04-23 [NBC]

Supreme Court to Decide Whether Landmark Civil Rights Law Applies to Gay and Transgender Workers 2019-04-23 [NYTimes]

Texas Dow locks union workers out of Houston-area plant 2019-04-23 [KFGO]

NY firm says Stop & Shop strike likely cost company $20 million in sales per day 2019-04-23 [Turn to 10]

Stop and Shop workers scored an important win over the New England grocery chain—and the 2020 Democratic field has taken notice 2019-04-23 [TNR]

Texas Labor groups to Fort Worth schools: ‘We don’t want any outsourced workers’ 2019-04-23 [Star-Telegram]

Oregon The Little Big Union joins the growing movement to transform fast food 2019-04-22 [Waging Nonviolence]

Tennessee Punching In: Volkswagen Looks to Pump Brakes on Union Vote 2019-04-22 [Bloomberg]

The largest private sector strike in years is over. Supermarket workers won 2019-04-22 [Vox]

Pennsylvania In the basement of Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, warehouse workers say they are held to impossible quotas 2019-04-22 [Inquirer]

Pennsylvania As Supreme Court decides to hear LGBT discrimination cases, which workers are protected in Pa.? 2019-04-22 [Philadelphia Daily News]

Minimum Wage Increase Could Help Over 200,000 Workers, Report Says 2019-04-22 [Honolulu Civil Beat]

These 10 States Have Been Hit Hardest by Retail Job Losses 2019-04-22 [Footweat News]

New England grocery chain selling Passover foods reaches contract agreement with workers 2019-04-22 [JTA, via St. Louis Jewish Light]

Stop & Shop Workers End 11-Day Strike With a Tentative Agreement 2019-04-22 []

How women are transforming organized labor 2019-04-22 [Washington Post]

Massachusetts Tentative deal reached between Stop & Shop, striking workers 2019-04-22 [Boston Globe]

Unions declare victory in Stop and Shop strike as workers return to work at supermarkets 2019-04-22 [Hartford Courant]

Leftist memes are everywhere on Instagram. Now their creators are unionizing 2019-04-22 [Vox]

New York Transit Union Calls For More Protection, Harsher Penalties After Subway Conductor Stabbed 2019-04-22 [CBS]

How women are transforming organized labor 2019-04-22 [The Post]

North Carolina Some North Carolina Schools Cancel May 1 Classes as Teachers Set to Protest 2019-04-22 [Epoch Times]

Stop and Shop Workers Win 2019-04-22 [Splinter]

District of Columbia Faculty Association tackles labor and culture issues in its first five years 2019-04-22 [Hatchet]

Stop and Shop members -- you did it !!! 2019-04-22 [UFCW]

Stop and Shop, workers reach tentative contract agreement 2019-04-22 [ABC]

New England Stop and Shop strike is over, union workers head back to work 2019-04-22 [WPRI]

An Ode to Sanitation Workers 2019-04-22 [Jacobin]

How women are transforming organized labor 2019-04-22 [Wash Post]

South Carolina Boeing’s switch to ‘smart machine’ inspectors draws heat from union 2019-04-21 [Post and Courier]

Florida MIA*s Forgotten Workers: Low Wages, Poor Treatment For Many At Miami International Airport 2019-04-21 [CBS]

Wisconsin UW campuses unionized trades employees pursue long, hard fight for a raise 2019-04-21 [Madison]

Corporate Surveillance: When Employers Collect Data on Their Workers 2019-04-21 [Slashdot]

California Bitter Dispute Between Employees and Sanitation Agency Stalls Contract 2019-04-21 [Univ Times]

West Virginia Right-to-work lawsuit could be argued in front of WV Supreme Court this year 2019-04-21 [WV News]

SAG-AFTRA leaders call for closer cooperation between U.S., Chinese media artists 2019-04-21 [Xinhua]

District of Columbia Graduate student workers unionize for better working conditions: Union formed to improve pay, access to student health services 2019-04-21 [Eagle]

Maine Raft of workers’ comp reforms raises alarms 2019-04-21 [Press Herald]

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This month in labour history

10-04-1930 Dolores Huerta, Mexican-American labour leader, is born. [more]

11-04-1974 United Mine Workers President W. A. “Tony” Boyle is found guilty of first-degree murder, for ordering the 1969 assassination of union reformer Joseph A. “Jock” Yablonski. Yablonski, his wife and daughter were murdered on December 30, 1969. [more]

11-04-1934 Frank Norman is murdered by the Ku Klux Klan for organising citrus workers irrespective of their race. [more]

14-04-1939 'The Grapes of Wrath', John Steinbeck's classic novel about itinerant labor, strikes and the Great Depression, is published. [more]

15-04-1973 housands of members of the United Farm Workers union walked out on strike. They were battling the Teamsters union over the right to represent farm workers. The dispute ended with victory for the UFW. [more]

15-04-1916 The newspaper of the Industrial Workers of the World union announced the formation of its Domestic Workers Union in Denver. [more]

15-04-1889 Birth of labour and civil rights leader A. Phillip Randolph [more]

16-04-1970 A white foreman at a Chrysler plant in Detroit threatened to murder a black worker. When the worker complained Chrysler sacked him. 1,000 workers, white and black, walked out on strike in protest until management backed down. [more]

17-04-1944 Members of the militant machinists' union Lodge 68 in San Francisco began an overtime ban in pursuance of a new contract. They ended up fighting the employer, the government and even the Communist Party. [more]

20-04-1914 As many as 25 miners and family members, including women and children, are massacred by company guards during a strike in Ludlow, Colorado. [more]

21-04-1894 A nationwide strike of coal miners against pay cuts began. 145,000 miners walked out, and despite violent repression and facing starvation they held out for weeks and won some concessions. [more]

21-04-1920 The Anaconda Road massacre took place in Butte, Montana, when mine guards employed by the Anaconda company shot 17 striking miners, killing one. All were shot in the back as they tried to flee. No one was charged for the killing. [more]

21-04-1967 New York Governor Rockefeller signs the Taylor Law, allowing unions in the public sector, but banning strikes. [more]

24-04-1999 The ILWU halts shipping on the West Coast in solidarity with Mumia Abu-Jamal. [more]