An Epidemic of Wage Theft Is Costing Workers Hundreds of Millions of Dollars a Year

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New York ITF asks NYC council members to support horse carriage trade For more info 2014-09-23 [ITF]

TNTP Shows How to Make Tenure Rare For more info 2014-09-23 [Diane Ravitch]

Washington Internal Documents Give Insight Into Tense Vancouver Port Lockout 2014-09-23 [OPB]

Indiana Lear contract a union victory over tier system 2014-09-23 [NWI]

Wisconsin Trumka decries Walker as anti-union poster boy 2014-09-23 [LaCrosse Tribune]

Tennessee Nashville Symphony, musicians reach labor agreement 2014-09-23 [Tennessean]

The Mysteries of Inequality Are Only Mysterious to Elites 2014-09-23 [TruthOut]

New Hampshire Unusual Victory At Market Basket 2014-09-23 [Labor Notes]

An Epidemic of Wage Theft Is Costing Workers Hundreds of Millions of Dollars a Year 2014-09-23 [Econ Policy Inst]

Why the Minimum Wage Orthodoxy Reigns Supreme 2014-09-23 [Labor Press]

New Jersey 1199-SEIU Nurses on Strike 2014-09-23 [Labor Press]

New York 68, And Sent Home For Wearing A Union Button! JFK Workers Strike 2014-09-23 [Labor Press]

New York Long Island Infrastructure Projects to Create Thousands of Jobs 2014-09-23 [Labor Press]

New Jersey 1199-SEIU Workers Locked-Out at Alaris Health 2014-09-23 [Labor Press]

New York CWA and Workers Center Join Forces to Stop Wage Theft 2014-09-23 [Labor Press]

New York Workers Will Turn The Tide At Airports, Union Leader Says 2014-09-23 [Labor Press]

How New York and Illinois Curb Misclassification While Other States Fall Short 2014-09-23 [Long Island Press]

New Mexico Las Cruces City Council approves increasing minimum wage to $10.10 an hour 2014-09-23 [KVIA]

Washington Ironworker unions file grievances with labor board about Richland freezer facility 2014-09-23 [Tri-City Herald]

Rhode Island Pension foe wins gubernatorial primary 2014-09-23 [Providence Journal]

Railroad union says no to one-person BNSF crews 2014-09-23 [Omaha]

Tennessee Volkswagen global labour reps back UAW at Tennessee plant 2014-09-23 [Reuters]

New Jersey State AFL-CIO files ethics complaint alleging pay-to-play in pension investment decisions by Christie Administration 2014-09-23 [Politicker NJ]

Wisconsin National AFSCME president says Scott Walker is a top target 2014-09-23 [WI State Journal]

Massachusetts Hospitality union recruits African-American workers 2014-09-23 [Boston Globe]

New York After 22 yrs, Am Airlines passenger agents win union representation 2014-09-23 [Labor Press]

We’re heading into a jobless future, no matter what the government does 2014-09-23 [Washington Post]

Media in China condemns American retail giant Wal-Mart for firing food-safety whistle blowers 2014-09-23 [China Labour Bulletin]

Massachusetts Fenway Park Food Workers Vote In New Union Agreement 2014-09-23 [Unite Here Local 26 Hospitality Workers Union]

Washington Seattle Solidarity Network wins restaurant strike 2014-09-22 []

After 11 Years, CNN Techs Finally Get Justice 2014-09-22 [AFL-CIO]

California Golden Gate Bridge Workers Stage ULP Strike 2014-09-22 [AFL-CIO]

Study Takes Down T-Mobile’s ‘Facade of Good Behavior’ Toward Workers 2014-09-22 [AFL-CIO]

Maine 6 Reasons Union Member Mike Michaud is a Candidate Who Cares About Working Families 2014-09-22 [AFL-CIO]

New York Bike Share Workers Join Transport Workers 2014-09-22 [AFL-CIO]

Meyerson: Workers deserve to benefit from their productivity, too 2014-09-22 [Washington Post]

Which Industry's CEOs Are Ripping Off Workers Most? 2014-09-22 [Huffington Post]

Republican Proposal For Labor Law Reform 'A Disgrace,' Says Labor Leader 2014-09-22 [Huffington Post]

CNN appeals adverse NLRB ruling on dismissed contract workers 2014-09-22 [Washington Post]

California Does Silicon Valley Have a Contract-Worker Problem? 2014-09-22 [New York]

New Republican Bill Would Paralyze National Labor Relations Board 2014-09-22 [In These Times]

Michigan At First, These Images Look Like a Bunch of Lazy Workers. But Then, You See They’re Actually Heroes 2014-09-22 [AFL-CIO]

District of Columbia More Than 100 Workers, Environmentalists and Activists Came Out to Tell Oceana Gold/Pacific Rim That El Salvador Is Not for Sale 2014-09-22 [AFL-CIO]

Arizona Landscape worker falls into wood chipper--headfirst 2014-09-22 [Newser]

Amazon Workers Walk Off the Job in Germany Over Wage Dispute 2014-09-22 [NYTimes]

Unions join the climate fight 2014-09-22 [Fortune]

Minnesota Unions will play key role in Dayton re-election bid 2014-09-22 [Star Tribune]

After Leaving UNCF, Labor Union Goes With Thurgood Marshall College Fund 2014-09-22 [Diverse]

Massachusetts Police union, Somerville at odds on Narcan 2014-09-22 [Boston Globe]

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This month in labour history

9-09-1890 Brotherhood of Railway Carmen of America created at a convention in Topeka, Kansas. [more]

10-09-1897 Nineteen immigrant coalminers are shot in the back and killed by deputies in Lattimer, Pennsylvania. [more]

10-09-1897 Nineteen unarmed immigrant miners are shot dead by a sheriff's posse in Lattimer, Pennsylvania. [more]

16-09-2004 The Farm Labor Organizing Committee wins a collective agreement with Mt. Olive Pickle Company on farms in North Carolina after a five-year struggle. [more]

17-09-2011 Occupy Wall Street movement is launched with a march in New York City. [more]

22-09-2006 Domino's Pizza workers in Pensacola, Florida form the first union of pizza delivery drivers. [more]

23-09-1886 A coalition of Knights of Labor and trade unionists in Chicago launch the United Labor party, calling for an 8-hour day, government ownership of telegraph and telephone companies, and monetary and land reform. [more]