Thousands Protest Canceled Teacher Contracts in Philadelphia

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New York Baby on Way, Worker Gets Her Job Back 2014-10-21 [NYTimes]

New York Baby on Way, Worker Gets Her Job Back 2014-10-21 [NY Times]

Maryland Jimmy John's Workers Picket in Baltimore 2014-10-21 [LibCom]

Labor Secretary Says U.S. Record On Paid Parental Leave Is 'Dismal': 'We Need To Lead' 2014-10-21 [Huffington Post]

An investigation into the prison labor industry unearths shocking conditions and rampant wage theft 2014-10-21 [AlterNet]

CEO says no gender pay gap at Microsoft 2014-10-21 [Reuters]

Connecticut Candidates face off on early childhood education 2014-10-20 [The Bristol Press]

Connecticut Fund for Teachers to provide unique fellowship opportunity for Norwalk teachers 2014-10-20 [The Hour]

Connecticut ECHN laying off managers while negotiating nurses contract 2014-10-20 [Journal Inquirer]

District of Columbia Our plan to contain Ebola For more info 2014-10-20 [The Huffington Post Blog]

Connecticut Connecticut nurses join call for better Ebola protocols For more info 2014-10-20 [New Haven Register]

New York NLRB Cancels Union Election at Mrs. Green's Natural Market After More Labor Charges Filed Against Employer 2014-10-20 [Read Media]

Pennsylvania 3,000 join Philadelphia teachers’ protest 2014-10-20 [Daily Local]

Colorado UTU Member dies in Colorado switching accident 2014-10-20 [UTU]

Pennsylvania Teamsters Ready To Turn State Around 2014-10-20 [Teamsters]

Report on worst forms of child labor released by US Labor Secretary Perez 2014-10-20 [KCSG]

Pelosi Is Right--We Shouldn’t Have To Wait For A Minimum Wage Increase 2014-10-20 [USW]

California Corporate Titans throw millions into the anti teacher campaign 2014-10-20 [Talking Union]

N.B.A. Players Union Hires New Counsel 2014-10-20 [NYTimes]

Alaska Working families can't afford Dan Sullivan in the Senate 2014-10-20 [Alaska Dispatch]

Pennsylvania UAWU Local 1069 members ratify 8-year contract with Boeing 2014-10-20 [Daily Times]

Thousands Protest Canceled Teacher Contracts in Philadelphia 2014-10-20 [Governing]

Baayork Lee, Actor, Dancer, Choreographer Wins Equity’s Robeson Honors 2014-10-20 [AFL-CIO]

Remember the ‘Rosie the Riveter’ Image Pretty Much Everybody Knows? It's Not What You Might Think 2014-10-20 [AFL-CIO]

Pennsylvania Throngs of teachers gather to protest contract cancellation 2014-10-20 []

New Mexico Santa Fe hospital union accepts 3-year labor pact to end months of heated negotiations 2014-10-20 [Daily Journal]

Ebola: Nurses Union Demands Obama Become Medical Dictator 2014-10-20 [The New American]

'Mostly True' -- Former Sen. Jim Webb says CEOs make 350 times more than workers 2014-10-20 [PolitiFact VA]

Boilermakers union honors Richmond woman for shining light on discrimination that it once practiced 2014-10-20 [Contra Costa Times]

Why pension funds go to risky investments 2014-10-20 [Washington Post]

Responding to Ebola 2014-10-20 [SEIU]

SEIU President Henry Calls On Employers To Support, Prepare Workers to Beat Ebola Virus 2014-10-20 [SEIU]

Ebola Outbreak: Airline Unions Demand Better Protection for Cabin Crews 2014-10-20 [International Business Times]

Airlines not doing enough to protect cleaners: Union 2014-10-20 [Forbes]

Pennsylvania Labor dispute in Oxford joins long-running lockout in Lebanon 2014-10-19 [Insurance News]

Montana Striking unions battle for better conditions 2014-10-19 [Great Falls Tribune]

Pennsylvania SRC contract slam hurts those most essential 2014-10-19 [Philly]

On your left! Working Families to prod Dems 2014-10-19 [Philly]

For nurses union, Ebola scare is just another fight 2014-10-19 [Philly]

California Teachers union battles Sacramento City Unified over health benefits 2014-10-19 [Sac'to Bee]

Union Charges Airlines Not Doing Enough To Protect Aircraft Cleaners And Passengers From Ebola 2014-10-19 [Forbes]

Vermont Child care organizing is in full swing 2014-10-19 [AFT]

Michigan Just the Facts? Not from Rick Snyder For more info 2014-10-19 [AFL-CIO]

AFL-CIO Equity Index Fund Tops $5 Billion—Housing and Building Trusts Create Jobs, Build Communities 2014-10-19 [AFL-CIO]

Alaska Why Dan Sullivan Is Wrong for Alaska's Workers 2014-10-19 [AFL-CIO]

Low-Wage Workers Get Two Big Wins, One Each in N.Y. and D.C., in Two Days 2014-10-19 [AFSA]

California Gov Jerry Brown Vetoes Pro-Farmworker Bill 2014-10-19 [AFSC]

Department of Labor to Aggressively Pursue Misclassification Matters 2014-10-19 [JD Supra]

Teamsters, Highway Safety Groups Sue Feds to Force Tougher Rule for New Trucker Training 2014-10-19 [AFSA]

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This month in labour history

2-10-2007 Starbucks Workers Union baristas at an outlet in East Grand Rapids, Mich., organized by the Wobblies, win their grievances after the National Labor Relations Board cites the company for labor law violations, including threats against union activists. [more]

3-10-1932 The state militia is called in after 164 high school students in Kincaid, Ill., go on strike when the school board buys coal from the scab Peabody Coal Co. [more]

9-10-2003 Chicago sanitation workers end a nine-day strike, winning a 28% pay rise. [more]

9-10-1888 United Hebrew Trades founded in New York by socialist shirt-maker Morris Hillquit. [more]

10-10-1933 Four workers are killed by cotton growers during a strike in Pixley, California. [more]

11-10-1873 The Miners’ National Association is formed in Youngstown, Ohio, with the goal of uniting all miners, regardless of skill or ethnic background. [more]

13-10-1934 American Federation of Labor votes to boycott German good to protest Nazi policies. [more]

15-10-1914 President Woodrow Wilson signs the Clayton Antitrust Act, often referred to as "Labor’s Magna Carta,"establishing that unions are not conspiracies under the law. [more]

16-10-1859 John Brown leads anti-slavery raid on Harper's Ferry. [more]

17-10-1939 Labor activist Warren Billings is released from California's Folsom Prison. Along with Thomas J. Mooney, Billings had been pardoned for a 1916 conviction stemming from a bomb explosion during a San Francisco Preparedness Day parade. [more]

18-10-1927 IWW Colorado Mine strike; first time all coal fields are out. [more]

19-10-1980 The J.P. Stevens textile company is forced to sign its first union contract after a 17-year struggle in North Carolina and other southern states. [more]

20-10-1926 Eugene V. Debs, leading American Socialist and trade unionist, dies. [more]

21-10-1902 In the United States, a five-month strike by United Mine Workers ends. [more]

22-10-1887 John Reed, the author of Ten Days That Shook the World, is born. [more]

25-10-1949 Longshore workers in Hawaii win a strike for pay parity with their colleagues on the mainland. [more]