New York Columbia Grad Workers are on Strike

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 VIDEO California Oakland Education Association Teachers, Students & Parents March For A Contract-A 1% Pay Offer After A Year Of Negotiations For more info 2018-04-25 [LVP]

Pennsylvania Nurses at First Hospital, Moses Taylor to strike; hospitals say they’ll be staffed 2018-04-25 [The Times-Leader]

New York Columbia Grad Workers are on Strike 2018-04-25 [UAW]

New York Columbia graduate students strike over university refusal to negotiate a contract 2018-04-25 [Wash Post]

Public Service Workers Need Unions More than Ever 2018-04-25 [AFSCME]

Big Week for Workers as More Than 10,000 Working People Join Together in Union in One Week 2018-04-25 [AFL-CIO]

California Tesla factory workers stiffed on overtime, denied breaks: lawsuit 2018-04-25 [Mercury News]

A gig economy that rewards workers also leaves them vulnerable 2018-04-25 [Chicago Tribune]

Florida 2 construction workers rescued after dangling on side of Palmetto Bay building 2018-04-25 [WSVN]

Oregon Portland restaurant workers vote to become first fast food union in the country 2018-04-25 [The Hill]

U.S. is way behind other nations on workers readiness for jobs of the future, report says 2018-04-25 [LATimes]

New Mexico New right-to-work tactic: One piece at time 2018-04-25 [NM Political Reporter]

California Local union wants to be a part of Humane Society contract for San Diego animal services 2018-04-25 [SDGLN]

Disney offering hiring bonuses while unions prepare to return to the bargaining table 2018-04-25 [Dayton Daily News]

West Virginia Workers at Tecnocap enter week 3 of strike 2018-04-25 [WTOV]

Globalizaation, politics, and the American psyche are to blame for decline of unions 2018-04-25 [PS Mag]

New York Honeywell retirees losing health benefits again after court ruling 2018-04-25 [Albany Times Union]

Oregon Burgerville Workers Vote To Become US' First Fast Food Union 2018-04-25 [teleSUR]

New York UFT urges mayor to expand paid parental leave to union workers 2018-04-25 [SI Live]

Disconnect between productivity and typical workers compensation, 1948-2013 2018-04-25 [Workers Comp Insider]

Wisconsin First-ever political campaign staff to unionize? Randy Bryce says yes 2018-04-25 [PoliticFact]

Colorado State Senate bill seeks to punish teachers with jail time should they go on strike 2018-04-25 [Denver Channel]

New York Building Bridges: International Labor Offensive to Free Mumia Abu-Jamal For more info 2018-04-25 [WBAI Radio]

New York Columbia Grad Workers Set to Strike, As Admin Refuses to Bargain 2018-04-24 [Labor Notes]

Starbucks staff in SA will also receive 'racial-bias education' 2018-04-24 [Business Insider US]

PKrugman: We Don’t Need No Education 2018-04-24 [NYTimes]

Massachusetts White-dominated construction unions want more diversity 2018-04-24 [Boston Globe]

Massachusetts Save our jobs: Philips union boss begs Trump for help 2018-04-24 [Boston Herald]

District of Columbia GW Univ Graduate student unionization efforts deserve to be heard by administrators 2018-04-24 [Hatchet]

Michigan Hospital responds to strike authorization vote 2018-04-24 [FOX]

Pennsylvania Federal judge rules county violated labor act 2018-04-24 [Standard-Jrnl]

AFL-CIO applauds defeat of Mexican labor legislation 2018-04-24 [World Trace Online]

General Dynamics Information Technology 'failed' to pay workers $100 million in wages, says CWA 2018-04-24 [St Louis Post-Dispatch]

Connecticut Black Robe Backlash against Gov's nominees for the bench​​ For more info 2018-04-23 [WTNH-TV Channel 8 News]

Massachusetts New opposition group: Sales tax cut will force layoffs, service cuts 2018-04-23 [Milford Daily News]

Low pay, long hours lead some Democratic campaign workers to unionize 2018-04-23 [WCPN]

In a Major Win for Airline Labor, Nearly 5,000 JetBlue Flight Attendants Just Voted to Unionize 2018-04-23 [Truth-Out]

Oklahoma Union leaders: Campaign aims to improve Oklahoma schools 2018-04-23 [NewsOK]

AFT: Basta! Enough with the School Closures. Stand With Puerto Rico Teachers And Parents 2018-04-23 [AFT]

Massachusetts *Super Pumped and Really Excited*: After Day of Nerves, Union Organizers Thrill to New Era 2018-04-23 [Harvard Crimson]

Harvard TAs vote to unionize 2018-04-23 [Yale News]

Union Win Marks Step Forward for Student Labor Movement, Experts Say 2018-04-23 [Harvard Crimson]

Rhode Island Labor organizations rally against wage theft and employee misclassification Station Row project in Providence 2018-04-23 [Uprise RI]

Public Servants Are Losing Their Foothold in the Middle Class 2018-04-23 [NYTimes]

Minnesota Whole Foods Co-op workers vote to unionize 2018-04-23 [Duluth News Tribune]

'People will revolt': Workers say Russia must save sanctions-hit Rusal 2018-04-23 [CNBC]

California Laborers union claims Legend Theatrical failed to pay benefits 2018-04-23 [No CA Record]

Massachusetts UAW Northeastern grad students demand election agreement 2018-04-23 [Huntington News]

Nevada Teachers union launches digital ad attacking conservative Democrat Sisolak 2018-04-23 [Rev Jrnl]

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This month in labour history

10-04-1930 Dolores Huerta, Mexican-American labour leader, is born. [more]

11-04-1934 Frank Norman is murdered by the Ku Klux Klan for organising citrus workers irrespective of their race. [more]

11-04-1974 United Mine Workers President W. A. “Tony” Boyle is found guilty of first-degree murder, for ordering the 1969 assassination of union reformer Joseph A. “Jock” Yablonski. Yablonski, his wife and daughter were murdered on December 30, 1969. [more]

14-04-1939 'The Grapes of Wrath', John Steinbeck's classic novel about itinerant labor, strikes and the Great Depression, is published. [more]

15-04-1889 Birth of labour and civil rights leader A. Phillip Randolph [more]

20-04-1914 As many as 25 miners and family members, including women and children, are massacred by company guards during a strike in Ludlow, Colorado. [more]

21-04-1967 New York Governor Rockefeller signs the Taylor Law, allowing unions in the public sector, but banning strikes. [more]

24-04-1999 The ILWU halts shipping on the West Coast in solidarity with Mumia Abu-Jamal. [more]