7-Eleven workers beaten and forced to pay back wages, Senate inquiry hears

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Pennsylvania USW’s Redmond named to Governor’s Advisory Commission on African American Affairs 2016-02-08 [USW]

Michigan Snyder cuts focused on unionized workers 2016-02-08 [Lansing State Journal]

Autoworkers At Crossroads Between Sanders And Clinton 2016-02-08 [Daily Caller]

AFL-CIO Raise The Wage: Workers Need To Re-Write The Economic Agenda 2016-02-08 [WORT]


Kentucky State needs more revenue after years of constant budget cutting 2016-02-08 [Lexington Herald Leader]

Pullman Porter Museum launches online registry of black railroad laborers 2016-02-08 [Chicago Tribune]

The Labor Movement’s Pearl Harbor Moment 2016-02-08 [CounterPunch]

New York Charter, tax credit groups again outspend teachers' unions on lobbying 2016-02-08 [Politico]

7-Eleven workers beaten and forced to pay back wages, Senate inquiry hears 2016-02-08 [Guardian]

NFL Cheerleader Pay: Ongoing Fight For Minimum Wage Underscores Inequality During Super Bowl 2016 2016-02-08 [International Business Times]

Better pay, workplace rights among top congressional priorities for feds 2016-02-07 [Washington Post]

New Jersey NJ Transit, unions preparing for possible March strike that would shut down train service 2016-02-07 [North Jersey]

Arizona Teamsters on strike against US Foods 2016-02-07 [Tucson News]

Nevada IBEW union in Las Vegas backs Bernie Sanders for president 2016-02-07 [The Daily News]

The Working People Weekly List: Federal deportations, TPP 2016-02-07 [AFL-CIO]

Pennsylvania Locked Out Steelworkers Resolved To Get Jobs Back 2016-02-07 [CBS]

South Carolina Workers take a stand for higher pay at SC Raising Wages Summit 2016-02-07 [CBS]

Is the US ready for a socialist president? Sanders might be about to find out 2016-02-07 [Gurardian]

Minnesota Retail janitors join union janitors in setting strike deadline 2016-02-07 [Workday MN]

California Local efforts to raise minimum wage could take a back seat as cities wait for state to act 2016-02-07 [LATimes]

Missouri Picket Line Continues At Polar 2016-02-07 [Ozarks First]

Washington NLRB says KapStone and union have reached impasse 2016-02-07 [TDN]

Volkswagen's Two-Front Fight: U.S. Regulators and German Unions 2016-02-07 [Bloomberg]

Woman's Letter Defending Her Right to Be a Working Mom Goes Viral 2016-02-07 [ABC]

Call-Center Jobs May Be Exported Under Pacific Trade Pact 2016-02-07 [Bloomberg]

UAW President Bemoans Work Moving to Mexico to Cut Labor Costs 2016-02-07 [Bloomberg]

Listen: President Emeritus of the NH AFL-CIO on Bernie Sanders 2016-02-06 [TMN]

Washington Machinists union workers weigh first contract proposal at Everett Boeing supplier 2016-02-06 [Puget Sound Biz Jrnal]

Connecticut Unions React To Gov Malloy's Layoff Plan 2016-02-06 [WSHU]

Government Employees, Lawmakers to Rally for Fair Wages 2016-02-06 [AFGE]

Louisiana Record number of workers mis-ID’d as contractors 2016-02-06 [Advocate]

Kentucky Judge strikes down county's right-to-work ordinance 2016-02-06 [Louisville Biz First]

The Bernie Sanders Path to Victory in the South: African American Union Leaders 2016-02-06 [The Street]

Tesoro to Pay Steelworkers Union to Pay $8.1 Mln Under Settlement Deal 2016-02-06 [WallStreet.org]

Illinois Thousands rally downtown for Chicago Teachers Union 2016-02-06 [Chicago Tribune]

Minnesota Workers of color to testify on union biases 2016-02-06 [MSR]

The Latest Chapter in AFL-CIO's Discussion on Racial and Economic Justice Comes from Oakland 2016-02-06 [AFL-CIO]

Illinois CTU rejects 1st offer from Chicago Public Schools 2016-02-06 [Huffington Post]

Union membership creeps upward in the South 2016-02-06 [Inst for Southern Studies]

Ohio Union: State 'knowingly endangered health' of Rhodes Tower workers 2016-02-06 [Columbus Dispatch]

California San Lorenzo schools, teachers reach tentative contract agreement 2016-02-06 [CTA]

UAW president bemoans work moving to Mexico to cut labor costs 2016-02-06 [Chicago Tribune]

Arizona Union Workers in Tucson, Phoenix Go On Strike Against US Foods 2016-02-06 [Tucson Weekly]

Missouri Steelworkers Union on strike at Polar Tank Trailer 2016-02-06 [KSPR]

California Labor Fighting Hunger 2016-02-06 [LA Cty Fed Labor]

California NLRB rules in favor of fired Fil-Am nurse 2016-02-06 [Asian Journal]

Illinois CTU members, put on your red shirts For more info 2016-02-06 [Chicago Tribune]

Illinois Chicago Teachers Union Rally 2016-02-05 [WGN TV]

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This month in labour history

4-02-1869 IWW and SPUSA leader Big Bill Haywood is born in Salt Lake City, Utah. [more]

4-02-1919 The General Strike Committee meets in Seattle, and makes preparations for an all-out labour stoppage [more]

5-02-1913 17-year-old Ida Braiman is shot dead by a contractor during the garment workers' strike in Rochester, NY. [more]

6-02-1919 A total of 60,000 of Seattle's population of 315,000 join the general strike on its first day [more]

11-02-1937 The 6 week-long sit-down strike at General Motors in Flint Michigan ends as GM agrees to recognize the UAW. [more]

12-02-1968 Sanitation workers in Memphis begin a strike for recognition. During this strike Martin Luther King Jr is murdered [more]

14-02-1818 Frederick Douglass is born into slavery in Maryland. He will go on to become a titanic figure in the struggle against slavery, and in favour of universal suffrage and women's rights. [more]

19-02-1986 The Farm Labourers Organizing Committee wins recognition at Campbell's Soup farms after years of struggle [more]

27-02-1939 Supreme Court rules that sit-down strikes violate property owners' rights and are therefore illegal. [more]