Fast-Food Workers Seeking Higher Wages Plan Another Strike

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Mexican appeals court cancels charges against Napoleón Gómez; USW lauds definitive decision absolving union 2014-09-02 [USW]

Massachusetts A growing group effort to help low-wage workers 2014-09-02 [Boston Globe]

A 21st century labor movement 2014-09-02 [The Hill]

Massachusetts Lessons from the Market Basket Strike 2014-09-02 [Talking Union]

Labor Day Movie Time: Once Were Unions 2014-09-02 [Forward]

Would you sleep well in a hotel bed made by an underpaid maid? 2014-09-02 [Haaretz]

Pennsylvania Union Leaders Look at Labor Day 2014-09-02 [We Are Central PA]

New Mexico Union numbers half of national average as nation celebrates Labor Day 2014-09-02 [KOB]

California Labor Day protest rally targets 2 Fisherman's Wharf hotels 2014-09-02 [SFGate]

Obama tries to rally labor troops for midterms 2014-09-02 [Washington Post]

Minnesota Handsupdontshoot: IWW UPS workers organise against police brutality 2014-09-02 [IWW]

Fast-Food Workers Seeking Higher Wages Plan Another Strike 2014-09-02 [NYTimes]

A Bill to Get the Labor Movement Back on Offense 2014-09-01 [The Nation]

Selling Free Trade with Pseudo-Exact Science: The ifo-Studies 2014-09-01 [GLC]

Colorado 1914: Strike leaders placed under arrest 2014-09-01 [Pueblo Chieftain]

Liberalism and the lack of enthusiasm for reviving the labor movement 2014-09-01 [MSNBC]

Texas Labor Day and the American worker 2014-09-01 [Stephenville Empire-Tribune]

Colorado Labor Day is special 2014-09-01 [Pueblo Chieftain]

Here’s to the American worker 2014-09-01 [The Advertiser]

Happy Labor Day. Are Unions Dead? An interview with Rich Yeselson, labor strategist and expert 2014-09-01 [New Republic]

North Carolina Union, NAACP plan 3 Labor Day rallies across state 2014-09-01 [WRAL]

AFL-CIO joins NAACP for Labor Day rallies in Raleigh, Greensboro and Charlotte 2014-09-01 [The Republic]

AFL-CIO renews commitment to good jobs 2014-09-01 [Times Online]

Labor must recover its lost fair share of economic gains 2014-09-01 [Gazette Net]

Ohio Unions prepared if right-to-work battles surface 2014-09-01 [The Blade]

New Jersey American Labor Museum: Documenting Common Goals of Early Factory Workers 2014-09-01 [Liberty Voice]

Labor Day is an opportunity to reflect on work, education, and the proper role of unions in the light of Catholic social teaching 2014-09-01 [Catholic World]

Jack Fiorito: Unions still have a place 2014-09-01 [Tallahassee Democrat]

The Real Reasons Why We Celebrate Labor Day 2014-09-01 [Forbes]

Do Evaluations Punish Teachers of Needy Students? For more info 2014-09-01 [Diane Ravitch]

California More workers are claiming wage theft 2014-09-01 [NY Times]

Six reasons to kiss a union member 2014-09-01 [AZCentral]

Reconnecting With the Very American Ideal That Labor Rights Are Human Rights 2014-09-01 [The Nation]

Texas The battle over unions continues on Labor Day 2014-09-01 [Detroit Free Press]

Diane Cameron: Organized labor gives us bread, roses 2014-09-01 [Times Union]

More Workers Are Claiming Wage Theft 2014-09-01 [NYTimes]

Labor Day stems from deadly labor strike, but few Americans know the history 2014-09-01 [NY Daily News]

Kentucky Court finds FedEx drivers are employees, not independent contractors 2014-09-01 [Louisville Business First]

Wisconsin Obama speaks at Milwaukee Laborfest 2014-08-31 [AP]

Maine FairPoint not playing fair in labor talks 2014-08-31 [AP]

Lily Eskelsen Garcia, new president of the largest union in the USA 2014-08-31 [LA Times]

California State Superintendent of Public InstructionTom Torlakson will appeal teacher tenure ruling 2014-08-31 [Sacramento Bee]

A Call to Battle for Reluctant Warriors: We just wanted to teach 2014-08-31 [Living in Dialogue]

Will the Teaching Class Take the Lead? 2014-08-31 [Living in Dialogue]

New York 1930s: When Jewish teachers unionized 2014-08-31 [JTA]

Steve Early: Open Shop Trend Makes Organizing the *Organized* Top Union Priority 2014-08-31 [Monthly Review]

Unions fight for American workers 2014-08-31 [Courier-Post]

Why America does not celebrate Labor Day on May 1 - It all started in Chicago 2014-08-31 [Chicago Now]

Alabama AFL-CIO marker a memorial to unions 2014-08-31 [Montgomery Advertiser]

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This month in labour history

10-09-1897 Nineteen immigrant coalminers are shot in the back and killed by deputies in Lattimer, Pennsylvania. [more]

10-09-1897 Nineteen unarmed immigrant miners are shot dead by a sheriff's posse in Lattimer, Pennsylvania. [more]

16-09-2004 The Farm Labor Organizing Committee wins a collective agreement with Mt. Olive Pickle Company on farms in North Carolina after a five-year struggle. [more]