Tennessee UAW Rival at VW Represented by 'Union Avoidance' Expert

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AFL-CIO leader warns it could sit out 2016 fight over trade 2015-05-28 [The Hill]

Illinois Why It Looks Like A Strike Could Be On The Horizon 2015-05-28 [NPR]

Gawker Media, Writers Guild Set June 3 Unionization Vote 2015-05-28 [Variety]

Gawker staff to vote on union next week 2015-05-28 [Politico]

Michigan Is State's Prevailing Wage Law at Risk of Being Tossed? 2015-05-28 [Capcon]

California San Francisco Teachers’ Union Elects New Leadership 2015-05-28 [Beyond Chron]

Illinois A State Employee Strike Could Be On The Horizon 2015-05-28 [Northern Public Radio]

Kansas American Red Cross Workers Choose Teamsters Union 2015-05-28 [PR Newswire]

Wisconsin Postal union representative calls out Wisconsin lawmakers 2015-05-28 [Northalnd News Center]

Postal workers urge FTC to reject Staples-Office Depot merger 2015-05-28 [Sun-Sentinel]

New Mexico Heroic Teachers of Albuquerque Burned Their Evaluations in a Trash Can For more info 2015-05-28 [Diane Ravitch]

Nevada Unions pounce on membership bill in Assembly 2015-05-28 [Las Vegas Review-Journal]

Michigan Ann Arbor teachers union to file unfair labor practice charge against district 2015-05-28 [MLive]

Tennessee UAW Rival at VW Represented by 'Union Avoidance' Expert 2015-05-28 [ABC]

Trumka: Disappointment with Obama is a warning for Hillary 2015-05-28 [USAToday]

California Hollywood Studios Sued by AFM for Recycling Film Soundtracks Too Much 2015-05-28 [Hollywood Reporter]

Musicians’ union suing pretty much everybody for reuse of old soundtracks For more info 2015-05-28 [A. V. Club]

California Labor Pains: SF Unions Still Divided 2015-05-28 [SFWeekly]

Contract Talks Between American Postal Workers Union and U.S. Postal Service Hit Impasse 2015-05-28 [Sys.con Media]

Massachusetts MBTA union fights key provision of Baker plan 2015-05-28 [Boston Globe]

South Carolina Union accuses Johnson Controls of violating labor law 2015-05-28 [The State]

Tennessee ACE, with 381 VW members, bills itself as UAW 'alternative' 2015-05-28 [Times Free Press]

New York Assembly OKs single-payer bill ... but it won't pass in GOP-controlled state Senate 2015-05-28 [Times Union]

New York Otsego union workers reject contract offer 2015-05-28 [Daily Star]

Connecticut Sec'y of Labor to talk up manufacturing jobs 2015-05-28 [Times Union]

Unions plan nationwide trade protests 2015-05-28 [Politico]

California UTR Teachers Rally, Monsanto Challenged and Labor Rights On Smart Phones For more info 2015-05-28 [WWR]

Illinois Chicago Teachers Union will picket to oppose charter expansion 2015-05-28 [Diane Ravitch]

Campaigning With Bernie, Then and Now 2015-05-28 [CounterPunch]

Nevada Collective bargaining planned changes protested by unions 2015-05-28 [Nevada Appeal]

Who Rules America: The Rise and Fall of Labor Unions in ... 2015-05-28 [Googin]

Bernie Sanders blows Wolf Blitzer's mind with a simple idea 2015-05-28 [Daily Kos]

Idaho’s Non-Existent Labor Laws 2015-05-28 [Kuna Melba News]

District of Columbia ATU Demands That The Streetcar Open And Fired Workers Be Rehired 2015-05-28 [DCist]

Rhode Island RI leaders plan toll to fund sweeping bridge repairs 2015-05-28 [WPRI]

South Carolina NLRB dismisses union's complaint against Boeing 2015-05-28 [Komo News]

Illinois Changes made to Rauner's hiring changes legislation 2015-05-28 [SFGate]

American Postal Workers Union urges feds to reject Staples-Office Depot deal 2015-05-27 [South Florida Business Journal]

Why Paid Family Leave Makes Economic Sense 2015-05-27 [Forward]

Steve Early: Why labor should give Sanders strong primary election support 2015-05-27 [Beyond Chron]

California L.A. labor leaders seek minimum wage exemption for firms with union workers 2015-05-27 [LATimes]

Postal workers union pans Office Depot-Staples merger 2015-05-27 [Palm Beach Post]

California San Diego Union-Tribune lays off 178 employees 2015-05-27 [AP]

Why fewer workers are moving for better jobs 2015-05-27 [CBS Moneywatch]

Minnesota MSP Airport workers stage spontaneous protest, walkout over firings 2015-05-27 [Star-Tribune]

Shocker: 40% of Workers Now Have 'Contingent' Jobs, Says U.S. Government 2015-05-27 [Forbes]

Can We Finally Treat Food Workers Fairly? 2015-05-27 [New York Times]

Pennsylvania Union Threatens ACMH With Court Proceedings in Labor Dispute 2015-05-27 [Kittanning Paper]

Bernie Sanders formally launches run for president with attack on 'grotesque' level of inequality 2015-05-27 [Guardian]

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This month in labour history

4-05-1886 A bomb is thrown during a demonstration against police violence in Haymarket Square, Chicago. The ensuing police riot and trials of anarchists, known as the Haymarket affair, eventually give birth to May Day as international workers' day. [more]

5-05-1886 Nine striking workers are shot dead by the National Guard at the Rolling Mills Steel Factory in Bay View, Milwaukee [more]

6-05-1935 The Works Progress Administration is established by executive order - it will provide work for millions of Americans. [more]

6-05-1937 Four hundred tobacco workers, earning just $3 per week, stage a walkout in Richmond, Virginia [more]

8-05-1926 A. Philip Randolph founds the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters. [more]

9-05-1913 The garment workers strike at Cohoes could become an international incident after it emerges that Italian migrant workers are being forced to break the strike. [more]

11-05-1894 Three thousands Pullman railroad workers in Chicago begin a wildcat strike. [more]

12-05-1902 John Mitchell of the UMWA cals for a national strike, beginning the Anthracite Coal Strike which will last five months. [more]

13-05-1893 Western Federation of Miners formed in Butte, Montana. [more]

13-05-1980 Douglas Fraser of the UAW becomes the first union representative on the board a major US corporation after Chystler's stockholders vote him on. [more]

19-05-1920 A gun battle between the people of Matewan and Baldwin Felts detectives leaves ten people dead. [more]

22-05-1942 In Cleveland the Steelworkers Organizing Committee voted to become a union: the United Steelworkers of America [more]

25-05-1946 President Truman comes within three minutes of drafting the nation's railroad workers into the army to suppress a proposed strike, but the union leaders and employers settle just before the presiden't ultimatum comes into effect. [more]

26-05-1937 UAW organisers are attacked and beaten by Ford security men in Dearborn, Michigan, in an incident which greatly increases support for the union. [more]

28-05-1946 Workers in Rochester, New York, stage a successful one day general strike for the right to form unions. [more]

29-05-1990 The Justice for Janitors strike of ISS cleaners in Los Angeles begins. [more]

30-05-1937 Ten workers are shot dead by Chicago police during a strike at the Republic Steel Mill. [more]

31-05-1921 The Sacco and Vanzetti trial begins in Dedham, Massachusetts. [more]