Voter suppression is real: Know your voting rights--state by state documentation

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California Trade Unionists At Oakland Climate Rally Call For Public Power For more info 2014-09-22 [Labor Video Project]

The Greening of the Labor Movement 2014-09-22 []

Pennsylvania Nurses at Crozer-Chester Medical Center go on strike 2014-09-22 []

Teachers Teaching Teachers 2014-09-21 [LeftStreamed]

North Carolina Become Alabama in 12 easy steps 2014-09-21 [Charlotte Observer]

Voter suppression is real: Know your voting rights--state by state documentation 2014-09-21 [AFL-CIO]

California New 28-page complaint from ALRB chief prosecutor details Gerawan’s anti-UFW campaign 2014-09-21 [Daily Kos]

Speak out--Darigold workers report not being provided with clean drinking water 2014-09-21 [UFW]

Sure, Organic is Great, But Where's the Label Telling You How Farm Workers Are Treated? 2014-09-21 [Takepart]

California Big-Money Radical Right Groups Help Huge Grower to Avoid Paying Millions Already Owed Its Farm Workers 2014-09-21 [Huffington Post]

Judge: Hobby Lobby Decision Means Polygamous Sect Member Can Refuse To Testify In Child Labor Case 2014-09-21 [Think Progress]

The Gender Wage Gap Is A Chasm For Women Of Color, In One Chart 2014-09-21 [Think Progress]

California L.A. lawmakers could vote next week on wage boost for hotel workers 2014-09-21 [LATimes]

Before Elections, Some Republicans Back State Minimum-Wage Increases 2014-09-21 [WSJ]

New Hampshire NH AFL-CIO Scholarship Essay Series: Raising the NH Minimum Wage Would Strengthen The NH Advantage 2014-09-21 [NH Labor News]

Wisconsin AFL-CIO leader: Workers need across-the-board hikes 2014-09-21 [LaCrosse Tribune]

California CWAers, Allies Give T-Mobile CEO John Legere the Business in San Francisco 2014-09-21 [CWA]

Ohio Why a kindergarten teacher is running for Congress 2014-09-21 [Washington Post]

A Call to Action from a Badass Teacher 2014-09-21 [BTA]

Dignity--Fast-food workers and a new form of labor activism. 2014-09-21 [The New Yorker]

Spitting on the working poor: Living wage surcharges and the nickel-and-diming of America 2014-09-21 [Salon]

Fair trade must work for everyone, not just 1% 2014-09-21 [CWA]

New AmAirlines passenger service agents vote big for union 2014-09-21 [CWA]

A minimum-wage hike finds hope in the heartland 2014-09-21 [YourBreadAndButter]

Climate Crisis Is Every Working Person's Crisis 2014-09-21 [Huffington Post]

Throughout U.S. History, Immigration Surges Have Harmed Black Workers 2014-09-21 [Nat'l Ctr for Pub Policy Research]

Nurse Union Fundraising Drive for Healthcare Workers in Ebola-Stricken Nations 2014-09-21 [National Nurses United]

California Nurse Union Call on Hospitals to Adhere to the Highest Standard of Safety in Suspected Ebola Case 2014-09-21 [California Nurses Association/National Nurses United]

Big drug company, California nurse union helps fight Ebola in West Africa 2014-09-21 [Biz Journal]

Unionised Danish McDonald's Workers get paid double their US colleagies - and get sick pay 2014-09-21 [Business Insider]

Minnesota Union attempting to organize U of M faculty 2014-09-21 [MN Pub Radio]

Michigan Chris Christie coming back for Snyder, AFL-CIO mailing for Schauer 2014-09-21 [MLive]

Kentucky AFL-CIO rallies against KY GOP, right to work 2014-09-20 [Courier-Journal]

Ohio Fights cause lockdown at Reynoldsburg school as teachers strike 2014-09-20 [Columbus Dispatch ]

AFSCME Pres Leo Gerard: Why Labor Matters in the Fight for Racial Justice 2014-09-20 [In These Times]

Ohio Community support of teachers grows as strike looms over class size, merit pay 2014-09-20 [Ed Votes]

Missouri GM to Add Third Shift, 750 Jobs at Wentzville Assembly 2014-09-20 [UAW]

CLUW National Town Hall Teleforum on Voter Registration Sept. 22 For more info 2014-09-20 [UAW]

Remembering the invisible workers of 9/11 2014-09-20 [Washington Post]

Senator Warren, Koch Sisters Lead Rally to Protect Social Security, Medicare 2014-09-20 [AFSCME]

Texas Private Prison Operator Sued by Inmate for Allowing Sexual Abuse 2014-09-20 [AFSCME]

Nuns on the Bus Rolling Out Again 2014-09-20 [AFSCME]

New York Tell Citra Mina to Respect Their Workers 2014-09-20 [UFCW]

In Advance of New Forbes 400 Richest Americans Ranking, America’s Most, Least Generous Billionaires Revealed 2014-09-20 [Making Change at Walmart]

Failure to Heed Concerns of Workers Playing Role in Walmart’s Poor Sales 2014-09-20 [UFCW]

IKEA’s Living Wage Policy Still Leaving Many Workers Behind 2014-09-20 [UFCW]

New York 2% pay increase, retro coming to teachers in early fall 2014-09-20 [UFT]

New York LGBT students get support from Fariña, but more is needed, advocates say 2014-09-20 [Chalkbeat]

New York State still owes city $2.5B for school funding 2014-09-20 [UFT]

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This month in labour history

9-09-1890 Brotherhood of Railway Carmen of America created at a convention in Topeka, Kansas. [more]

10-09-1897 Nineteen immigrant coalminers are shot in the back and killed by deputies in Lattimer, Pennsylvania. [more]

10-09-1897 Nineteen unarmed immigrant miners are shot dead by a sheriff's posse in Lattimer, Pennsylvania. [more]

16-09-2004 The Farm Labor Organizing Committee wins a collective agreement with Mt. Olive Pickle Company on farms in North Carolina after a five-year struggle. [more]

17-09-2011 Occupy Wall Street movement is launched with a march in New York City. [more]

22-09-2006 Domino's Pizza workers in Pensacola, Florida form the first union of pizza delivery drivers. [more]

23-09-1886 A coalition of Knights of Labor and trade unionists in Chicago launch the United Labor party, calling for an 8-hour day, government ownership of telegraph and telephone companies, and monetary and land reform. [more]