Foes of Unions Try Their Luck in County Laws

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Tipping perpetuates racism, classism, and poverty — let's get rid of it! 2014-12-19 [Vox]

Conservative campaign to reshape American law focuses on paycheck-deception laws at the county level 2014-12-19 [NY Times]

Illinois In the Chicago vs. Illinois Minimum Wage Fight, Workers Lose 2014-12-19 [Next City]

New York Workers to Mayor de Blasio: End Employment Credit Checks For the Holidays 2014-12-19 [Demos]

These Workers Just Struck a $185 Million Blow Against Wal-Mart 2014-12-19 [news.mic]

Your Waitress, Your Professor: why do we draw a line between blue-collar and white-collar work? 2014-12-19 [New York Times]

Foes of Unions Try Their Luck in County Laws 2014-12-19 [New York Times]

Arizona Phoenix restaurant chain to pay staff 115k in unpaid overtime 2014-12-19 [Phoenix Business Journal]

Bikeshare workers ignore anti-union campaign, join TWU For more info 2014-12-19 [Laborpress]

US domestic and home care workers show how to make social change happen 2014-12-19 [The Guardian]

New York Building Bridges Radio - Nationwide, Low-Wage Workers STRIKE , also Calling for Justice for Victims of Police Murder! For more info 2014-12-19 [WBAI Radio]

Kentucky Craig sees 'anti-union bias' in MSD complaint 2014-12-18 [Courier-Journal]

California SVMH declares impasse with nurses union 2014-12-18 [Californian]

Tennessee ‘Employee Engagement’ No Substitute for a Union at VW 2014-12-18 [Labor Notes]

California Teachers union lowers pay proposal, prepares to picket LAUSD campuses 2014-12-18 [Daily Breeze]

Kentucky Third county considers right-to-work ordinance 2014-12-18 [WAVE]

Shippers cite wide gap in labor talks with West Coast dockworkers 2014-12-18 [St Louis Dispatch]

Wisconsin Coalition of companies, workers forms to fight right-to-work bill 2014-12-18 [Wilwaukee Journal Sentinel]

New Jersey State AFL-CIO files ethics complaint against firm that employs Christie's wife 2014-12-18 [NYTimes]

New York Leonine Haimson on NYC Teacher Ratings 2014-12-18 [Diane Ravitch]

New York How Can State Officials Know So Little About Teacher Evaluation? 2014-12-18 [Diane Ravitch]

Oregon Portland unions host Christmas party for unemployed families 2014-12-18 [nwLaborPress]

California Gilroy mulls transparency during labor negotiations 2014-12-18 [Gilroy Dispatch]

Harold Meyerson: Democrats need Elizabeth Warren’s brand of populism 2014-12-18 [Washington Post]

Wisconsin Coalition of business owners opposes right to work 2014-12-18 [FOX]

California Unions to push $15 minimum wage in Sacramento, Davis 2014-12-18 [Sac'to Biz Journal]

Petrified Paychecks: Seven ways to raise wages 2014-12-17 [Washington Monthly]

The Impact of Immigration Reform on Low-Income Workers 2014-12-17 [Spotlight on Poverty and Opportunity]

Immigration Enforcement: A Tool to Silence Workers? 2014-12-17 [DISSENT]

Wal-Mart must pay $188 million in workers' class action 2014-12-17 [Reuters]

Democrats should help employees gain some control over their lives 2014-12-17 [The American Prospect]

Massachusetts Janitor layoffs prompts Tufts sit-in 2014-12-17 [Somerville Times]

Wisconsin Willy Street Co-op organizers cancel union vote, allege labor law violations 2014-12-17 [Cap Times]

How the NLRB may expand responsibility for labor violations 2014-12-17 [Reuters]

Wyoming Lawmakers endorse workplace fatality bill 2014-12-17 [Times Union]

With West Coast labor issues, Japan McDonalds limits orders of fries 2014-12-17 [Times Union]

Michigan Legislature passes bill banning college athlete unions 2014-12-17 [Sports Illustrated]

Meyerson--Unions focus now is on new laws, not new members 2014-12-17 [Fredericksburg]

Tennessee Gov Haslam, UAW spar over union impact 2014-12-17 [Times Free Press]

Michigan Lame duck needs to be about roads 2014-12-17 [MI AFL-CIO]

The Rise of ‘Welfare Chauvinism’ 2014-12-17 [NYTimes]

Pennsylvania Citizens’ Voice staff votes to withhold bylines in labor contract dispute 2014-12-17 [Times Leader]

California Two hotel industry groups sue L.A. over minimum wage hike 2014-12-17 [LATimes]

Can Germany Reform American Labor Relations? 2014-12-17 [The Nation]

Nevada Why unions are preparing for assault in Legislature 2014-12-17 [Las Vegas Sun]

Congressional-Executive Commission finds that voluntary compliance on labor standards in toy factories isn't working! 2014-12-17 [Epoch Times]

Pennsylvania Global Labour University at Penn State accepting new applicants for 2015-6 2014-12-17 [GLU]

California No Reporters Allowed By CA DIR Director Christine Baker At Meeting On Cal-Osha & Workers Comp 'Private Event' Funded By Insurance Industry For more info 2014-12-17 [Labor Video Project]

Connecticut Metro-North gets record fine in retaliation case 2014-12-17 [Times Union]

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This month in labour history

1-12-1955 Rosa Parks refuses to give up her seat on a bus, sparking the Montgomery bus boycott. [more]

5-12-1955 The two main union federations in the USA merge to form the AFL-CIO, electing George Meany as president, [more]

6-12-1907 The worst mining disaster in American history occurs when an explosion in a Monongah mine in West Virginia kills 361 miners. [more]

8-12-1886 The American Federation of Labor (AFL) is founded by 26 craft unions. Samuel Gompers is elected president. [more]

13-12-1924 Samuel Gompers, founder of the American Federation of Labor, dies. [more]

14-12-1995 Boeing machinists in the US win a pay rise and an imporved health plan after a 69 day strike. [more]

19-12-1907 A group of 239 coal miners die during a mine explosion in Jacobs Creek, Pennsylvania. [more]

21-12-1916 Emma Tenayuca, Mexican-American labour leader, is born. [more]

21-12-1919 Emma Goldman is deported to Russia as part of a post-war crackdown on union and left-wing activists. [more]

23-12-1908 AFL officers are found in contempt of court for urging a labor boycott of Buck's Stove and Range Co. in St Louis. [more]

24-12-1913 The Italian Hall Disaster in Calumet, Michigan, results in the death of 73 Christmas party goers held by striking miners. [more]

24-12-1913 Seventy three striking miners and their families die in a stampede at the Italian Hall in Calumet, Michigan, after an unknown man enters shouting 'Fire!' [more]

26-12-1877 First national convention of the Socialist Labor Party, the first Marxist party founded in the USA. [more]

30-12-1936 The United Auto Workers union stages its first sit-down strike. [more]

30-12-1936 The most famous of the Depression-era "sit down" strikes in the US begins at GM's Fisher Body plant in Flint, Michigan. [more]

31-12-1969 Rank-and-file UMWA activist Jock Yablonski is murdered along with his family by hitmen acting on the orders of union president. [more]