New York CUNY Faculty Authorizes a Strike Vote After Half a Decade Without a Contract or a Pay Raise

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New York Building Bridges: Prescribing Medicare for All; Immigration: Exploiting the Politics of Resentment For more info 2015-12-01 [WBAI Radio]

Tennessee Volkswagen to appeal ruling allowing micro union at plant 2015-12-01 [Albany Times Union]

Illinois Coca-Cola workers authorize strike at plants in Niles, Alsip 2015-12-01 [Chicago Tribune]

Texas American Airlines Passenger Service Staff to Get Higher Pay 2015-12-01 [Zacks]

California Walmart opposes Desert Hot Springs plan to hike minimum wage 2015-12-01 [Desert Sun]

California Davis City Council to consider labor contracts for city employees 2015-12-01 [David Enterprise]

Wisconsin State senator to walk a day in someone else's shoes 2015-12-01 [WISN]

Bay Area, D.C. Feds to Receive the Largest Pay Raises Next Year 2015-12-01 [CDN Gov't Exec]

California Unions take to streets, back Magnolia Ranch 2015-12-01 [Appeal-Democrat]

Minnesota Workers occupy lobby of SuperAmerica headquarters 2015-12-01 [Workday MN]

Pennsylvania Pittsburgh attorney says unionizing should be a civil right 2015-12-01 [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]

New Jersey SEIU 32BJ challenges 3 suspensions, 1 firing of airport workers 2015-12-01 [North Jersey]

Pennsylvania ATI Lockout Update: Fighting to Keep Good Jobs in Our Community For more info 2015-12-01 [USW]

Pennsylvania 2,200 union employees of ATI lose coverage 2015-12-01 [Trib Live]

Alaska Labor Relations Agency ruling says city of Fairbanks engaged in unfair practices in contract dispute 2015-12-01 [News Miner]

Hillary Clinton's Modest Infrastructure Proposal May Be Too Modest 2015-12-01 [The Atlantic]

Kentucky Labor Unions Try To Slow Right-To-Work Momentum 2015-12-01 [Heartland]

Arizona Union Employees of Mining Company Asarco Rallying in Tucson Tomorrow to Pressure for a Fair Contract 2015-12-01 [Tucson Weekly]

Tennessee A New Union Election at VW, This Time Without the Furor 2015-12-01 [ABC]

New York Binghamton Mayor David blocks project labor agreement at treatment plant 2015-12-01 [Press Connects]

Hillary Clinton Unveils Sprawling, and Expensive, Infrastructure Investment Plan 2015-12-01 [NYTimes]

Maryland Carpenters union protests contracting abuses at Under Armour 2015-11-30 [Baltimore City Paper]

Illinois St. Clair County Board to vote on correctional officers union contract 2015-11-30 [Belleville News-Democrat]

Illinois St. Clair County judge orders state to pay health insurance costs for home health workers 2015-11-30 [Belleville News-Democrat]

Texas American Airlines customer service and gate agents approve new labor contract 2015-11-30 [Dallas Morning News]

RTW may hurt public employees clout in presidential election 2015-11-30 [Science Codex]

New York CUNY Faculty Authorizes a Strike Vote After Half a Decade Without a Contract or a Pay Raise 2015-11-30 [The Nation]

Labor Demands Will Challenge U.S. Airlines in 2016, Analyst Says 2015-11-30 [The Street]

Clinton clinches Boston mayor’s endorsement and fires up labor troops 2015-11-30 [Washington Post]

2015 UAW talks unleashed frustration despite gains 2015-11-30 [Detroit Free Press]

Fair Food Program takes United Nations Annual Forum on Business and Human Rights in Geneva by storm 2015-11-30 [CIW]

Michigan Hundreds of Detroit Homes Getting Rehab from AFL-CIO Investment Trust 2015-11-30 [Globe St]

New York Millionaire Richard Berman appropriates Black Lives Matter movement for an anti-union campaign 2015-11-29 [NYDaily News]

Teacher Evaluations Fall Off the Education ‘Reform’ Agenda 2015-11-29 [Nation of Change]

Florida Local unions honor El Faro crew lost at sea nearly two months after ship sank 2015-11-29 [Florida Times-Union]

Louisiana Perseverance led Democrat John Bel Edwards on journey to improbable landslide in governor's race 2015-11-29 [New Orleans Advocate]

Billionaire governor and his friends are remaking Illinois 2015-11-29 [NYTimes]

Washington February death of Mabton dairy worker could have lasting impact on diary industry 2015-11-29 [Yakima Herald]

Bernie Sanders Takes On Walmart 2015-11-29 [Political Lore]

An Uber union? Seattle could clear way for ride-app drivers 2015-11-29 [The Times]

Native American Casinos Seek Labor Law Exemption 2015-11-28 [Wall St Jrnal]

Stronger Unions Are the Way to Rebalance Our Economy 2015-11-28 [Newsweek]

Bernie Sanders Hearkens Back to Old-Time Socialist Presidential Candidate Eugene Debs 2015-11-28 [Wall Street Journal]

Bernie Sanders Attacks WalMart on Black Friday 2015-11-28 [Breitbart]

Minnesota St. Paul police union criticizes AFSCME for support of Jamar Clark protesters 2015-11-28 [Star Tribune]

Nikolas Kozloff--Message to Bernie: Stop Frittering Away Your Political Revolution 2015-11-28 [Huffington Post]

New York Dozens protest Walmart worker's firing as company changes story again 2015-11-28 [Albany Times Union]

Illinois Budget battle is about breaking unions 2015-11-28 [Daily Chronicle]

Connecticut UAW, tribes on opposite sides of U.S. labor bill 2015-11-28 [The Day]

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This month in labour history

1-12-1955 Rosa Parks refuses to give up her seat on a bus, sparking the Montgomery bus boycott. [more]

5-12-1955 The two main union federations in the USA merge to form the AFL-CIO, electing George Meany as president, [more]

6-12-1907 The worst mining disaster in American history occurs when an explosion in a Monongah mine in West Virginia kills 361 miners. [more]

8-12-1886 The American Federation of Labor (AFL) is founded by 26 craft unions. Samuel Gompers is elected president. [more]

13-12-1924 Samuel Gompers, founder of the American Federation of Labor, dies. [more]

14-12-1995 Boeing machinists in the US win a pay rise and an imporved health plan after a 69 day strike. [more]

19-12-1907 A group of 239 coal miners die during a mine explosion in Jacobs Creek, Pennsylvania. [more]

21-12-1916 Emma Tenayuca, Mexican-American labour leader, is born. [more]

21-12-1919 Emma Goldman is deported to Russia as part of a post-war crackdown on union and left-wing activists. [more]

23-12-1908 AFL officers are found in contempt of court for urging a labor boycott of Buck's Stove and Range Co. in St Louis. [more]

24-12-1913 The Italian Hall Disaster in Calumet, Michigan, results in the death of 73 Christmas party goers held by striking miners. [more]

24-12-1913 Seventy three striking miners and their families die in a stampede at the Italian Hall in Calumet, Michigan, after an unknown man enters shouting 'Fire!' [more]

26-12-1877 First national convention of the Socialist Labor Party, the first Marxist party founded in the USA. [more]

30-12-1936 The United Auto Workers union stages its first sit-down strike. [more]

30-12-1936 The most famous of the Depression-era "sit down" strikes in the US begins at GM's Fisher Body plant in Flint, Michigan. [more]

31-12-1969 Rank-and-file UMWA activist Jock Yablonski is murdered along with his family by hitmen acting on the orders of union president. [more]