The Trump Administration’s War on Workers

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The Trump Administration’s War on Workers 2018-02-19 [George Wash Univ]

New York Coworking options expanding: Shared workspace is alternative to working from home 2018-02-19 [Albany Times Union]

Gorsuch deciding vote in key labor union funding case 2018-02-19 [Seattle Times]

West Virginia Charleston WV teachers prepare for work stoppage 2018-02-19 [WTRF]

Virginia State House embraces Medicaid expansion in budget 2018-02-19 [Albany Times Union]

Missouri Wash Univ Grad Workers Union rallies, advocates for summer funding, more leave 2018-02-19 [Student Life]

Nebraska Health care premiums, deductibles are going up for Omaha firefighters 2018-02-19 [Omaha World-Herald]

Maine MeToo movement comes to Augusta 2018-02-19 [Press Herald]

Tips should belong to workers, not their bosses 2018-02-19 [Wash Post]

UAW moves beyond auto industry to colleges, expands by nearly 70K members 2018-02-19 [Detroit Free Press]

How much do workers owe the unions that bargain for them? 2018-02-19 [Pacific Standard]

Minnesota Nurses Association approve of new Red Wing labor contract 2018-02-19 [Red Wing Republican Eagle]

Nevada Parking Valets at Las Vegas Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Win Strong Teamster Contract 2018-02-19 [Teamsters]

Teamsters Leader Condemns Inaction in Helping Dreamers 2018-02-19 [Inside Sources]

New York Scaffold Law helps keep construction sites safe 2018-02-19 [Albany Times Union]

Florida Contribute to Relief for the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Community 2018-02-19 [AFT]

New York Nurses House in Guilderland helps nurses in financial need 2018-02-19 [Albany Times Union]

Apr 20: National Day of Action Against Gun Violence in Schools 2018-02-19 [Network for Public Ed]

RTW just means fewer rights for workers 2018-02-19 [Albuquerque Journal]

Florida State House takes on teacher unions ... again 2018-02-19 [St Augustine Record]

Ohio Shaker Hts is one of the richest school systems in the country. Its schools and teachers union just okayed a 3-yr contract, 2 percent annual raises 2018-02-19 [Cleveland]

New York Airline Catering Workers Demand Better Wages At Newark, JFK, LGA 2018-02-19 [Hoboken Patch]

Wyoming Bill seeks work requirements for some Medicaid recipients 2018-02-19 [Albany Times Union]

West Virginia Local teachers attend rally in Charleston, prepare for work stoppage 2018-02-19 [WTRF]

The Robots Are Coming for Garment Workers 2018-02-18 [MSN]

Trump ambassador pick faced complaints from female workers: report 2018-02-18 [The Hill]

West Virginia Thousands of teachers attend rally 2018-02-18 [WSAZ]

Henry Ford and Elon Musk — Business Practices, Anti-Union Views, Innovations, and Satire 2018-02-18 [Clean Technica]

Behind the minimum wage fight, a sweeping failure to enforce the law 2018-02-18 [Politico]

Texas Father killed after getting caught in industrial shredder 2018-02-17 [WCVB]

Trump Infrastructure Plan Is Great, Unless You Want Actually Functioning Infrastructure: Private partnership model will pour public funds into corporate coffers 2018-02-17 [The Nation]

The Council of Global Unions condemns attacks on labour rights 2018-02-17 [Education International]

Florida Grief and disbelief after school shooting 2018-02-17 [Education International]

Airbnb finds a union it can work with after failed efforts: UAW 2018-02-17 [EBN]

West Virginia Teacher rally leads straight into Saturday event for all WV public employees 2018-02-17 [MetroNews]

Pennsylvania Penn graduate students withdraw their petition to vote for a union 2018-02-17 [DP]

Ohio A left-wing push for working people 2018-02-17 [News Now]

West Virginia Area teachers encouraged after trip to Charleston 2018-02-17 [Weirton Daily Times]

California Oakland Reaches Tentative Agreement With Its Largest Employee Union 2018-02-17 [SFGate]

West Virginia Thousands of public workers anticipated to attend statewide rally in Charleston 2018-02-17 [Register-Herald]

Pennsylvania Jess King becomes the 2nd congressional candidate nationalwide whose campaign workers have unionized 2018-02-17 [Intercept]

California 4 construction workers hurt in LA elevator shaft fall 2018-02-17 [FOX]

Tax cut scoreboard: Workers $6 billion; Shareholders $171 billion 2018-02-17 [CNN]

Should employers keep testing workers for pot? 2018-02-17 [CBS]

California Mercy Medical Center workers want contract before big hospital merger 2018-02-17 [Redding]

Michigan Detroit Workers Join Nationwide Protests to Fight for Higher Wages 2018-02-17 [MI Chronicle]

Illinois Local unions plan talk on Supreme Court's pending ruling on fair-share fees 2018-02-17 [News-Gazette]

New York New Contract Approved, Carpenters’ Union Drops Suit Against NYC 2018-02-17 [NYTimes]

Amazon Is a 21st-Century Digital Chain Gang 2018-02-16 [The Bullet | Marshall Auerback]

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This month in labour history

4-02-1869 IWW and SPUSA leader Big Bill Haywood is born in Salt Lake City, Utah. [more]

4-02-1919 The General Strike Committee meets in Seattle, and makes preparations for an all-out labour stoppage [more]

5-02-1913 17-year-old Ida Braiman is shot dead by a contractor during the garment workers' strike in Rochester, NY. [more]

6-02-1919 A total of 60,000 of Seattle's population of 315,000 join the general strike on its first day [more]

11-02-1937 The 6 week-long sit-down strike at General Motors in Flint Michigan ends as GM agrees to recognize the UAW. [more]

12-02-1968 Sanitation workers in Memphis begin a strike for recognition. During this strike Martin Luther King Jr is murdered [more]

14-02-1818 Frederick Douglass is born into slavery in Maryland. He will go on to become a titanic figure in the struggle against slavery, and in favour of universal suffrage and women's rights. [more]

19-02-1986 The Farm Labourers Organizing Committee wins recognition at Campbell's Soup farms after years of struggle [more]

27-02-1939 Supreme Court rules that sit-down strikes violate property owners' rights and are therefore illegal. [more]