The American South: New efforts to ban tobacco farm child labor

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Wisconsin Informational picket planned outside Bay Shipbuilding 2014-10-23 [Green Bay Press Gazette]

Ohio Group of Akron firefighters request contempt of court order against City of Akron 2014-10-23 [Cleveland]

New Jersey Union defends trying to dissuade Taj Mahal patrons 2014-10-23 [SFGate]

Maine Penobscot County law enforcement union endorses Troy Morton, union president resigns before vote 2014-10-23 [BDN ME]

California L.A. City Council backs union contract for Fresno farmworkers 2014-10-23 [LATimes]

Maryland Calvert teachers union declares impasse 2014-10-23 [Bay Net]

Michigan Labor advocacy group claims race inequality in Metro Detroit's restaurant industry 2014-10-23 [MI Radio]

Illinois unions ask Wisconsin union members to tell anti-Walker stories 2014-10-23 [WISC]

Massachusetts 5 UMass Amherst labor unions rally in solidarity as contract negotiations remain stalled 2014-10-23 [Mass Live]

Pennsylvania Phillips Pet Food workers will vote to form union 2014-10-23 [MCall]

Minnesota Judge won't stop state from negotiating with home care workers union 2014-10-23 [Star Tribune]

Texas Machinists Union Completes Organizing Hat Trick 2014-10-23 [Biz Wire]

Pennsylvania United Steel Workers, other unions rally at Sen. Scott Wagner's office in show of solidarity 2014-10-23 [YDR]

Florida Trayvon Martin’s Mother Urges Women to Go Vote 2014-10-23 [AFSCME]

Illinois Waukegan teachers strike continues 2014-10-23 [Daily Herald]

AFT outlines a three-point strategy on Ebola preparedness 2014-10-23 [AFT]

AFGE requests CDC guidance to protect all public safety workers from Ebola 2014-10-23 [AFGE]

California Union vs. California Farm Workers Fight: Real Controversy or Right-Wing Myth? 2014-10-23 [Reason]

Guitar Center Workers Push for First Contracts 2014-10-23 [In These Times]

Wisconsin Gov. Walker supported by AFL-CIO police unions, organizations 2014-10-23 [Examiner]

Tennessee Secretary of Labor Thomas Perez cites Chattanooga's Volkswagen plant in touting new aproach 2014-10-23 [Times Free Press]

New Jersey Jersey Jazzman: Governor Chris Christie Has Created a Climate of Disrespect for Teachers 2014-10-23 [Diane Ravitch]

American Democracy Group Rebuts Hong Kong Meddling Allegations Targeting HKCTU 2014-10-23 [VOA]

California Stop Lying To Us-Uber Workers Protest At World Headquarters In SF For more info 2014-10-23 [Labor Video Project]

NHS must be protected from impact of trade deal says Nurse Union 2014-10-23 [Royal College of Nursing]

Brit Nurses Union warns over EU-US trade deal 2014-10-23 [Press Association]

New York Building Bridges Radio: Beyond the Climate March - Flood Wall Street with Anne Petermann For more info 2014-10-22 [WBAI Radio's Building Bridges: Your Community and Labor Report]

The American South: New efforts to ban tobacco farm child labor 2014-10-22 [Times Union]

Rhode Island No politics as usual for McKee, Taylor in lieutenant governor’s race 2014-10-22 [Providence Journal]

Massachusetts UMass unions say administration not bargaining in good faith; rally planned 2014-10-22 [Mass Live]

Illinois U46 board reluctant to enter janitors’ labor fight 2014-10-22 [Courier-News]

Stopping A ‘Wisconsin Moment’ in Connecticut 2014-10-22 [AFSCME]

AFSCME Stands with Wal-Mart Workers Who Demand a Living Wage 2014-10-22 [AFSCME]

California County declares impasse in labor negotiations 2014-10-22 [Napa Valley Register]

Nebraska Minimum wage supporters outnumber opponents in public hearing 2014-10-22 [North Platte Bulletin]

Massachusetts Nurses union says Brigham and Women’s cutting staff to unsafe levels 2014-10-22 [Boston Globe]

New York Unions need to help increase minimum wage 2014-10-22 [Washington Square News]

Connecticut Gov. Malloy, Dems Join Pro-Union Rally At Yale 2014-10-22 [Courant]

Nebraska Omaha City Council delays vote on sending fire union agreement to Nebraska labor panel 2014-10-22 [Omaha]

New Jersey Christie is Tired of minimum wage talk 2014-10-22 [Politico]

This Friday, help us spread the word as we launch the first-ever consumer label of the Fair Food Program! For more info 2014-10-22 [CIW]

Union Organises Thousands of Healthcare Workers Attend Ebola Educational Sessions 2014-10-22 [SEIU 1199]

Ebola galvanizes workers battling to join unions, improve safety 2014-10-22 [Reuters]

Connecticut Malloy fires up Yale grad students fighting to unionize 2014-10-22 [The Register]

Ebola galvanizes workers battling to join unions, improve safety 2014-10-22 [Reuters]

Connecticut Inspired By NYU, GESO Reemerges In Force 2014-10-22 [The Independent]

AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka: Scott Walker on way out 2014-10-22 [Politico]

AFL-CIO Urges Workplace Safety Rules After Ebola Failings 2014-10-22 [Bloomberg]

AFL-CIO’s Trumka Demands Ebola Protections for Workers 2014-10-22 [WSJ]

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This month in labour history

2-10-2007 Starbucks Workers Union baristas at an outlet in East Grand Rapids, Mich., organized by the Wobblies, win their grievances after the National Labor Relations Board cites the company for labor law violations, including threats against union activists. [more]

3-10-1932 The state militia is called in after 164 high school students in Kincaid, Ill., go on strike when the school board buys coal from the scab Peabody Coal Co. [more]

9-10-2003 Chicago sanitation workers end a nine-day strike, winning a 28% pay rise. [more]

9-10-1888 United Hebrew Trades founded in New York by socialist shirt-maker Morris Hillquit. [more]

10-10-1933 Four workers are killed by cotton growers during a strike in Pixley, California. [more]

11-10-1873 The Miners’ National Association is formed in Youngstown, Ohio, with the goal of uniting all miners, regardless of skill or ethnic background. [more]

13-10-1934 American Federation of Labor votes to boycott German good to protest Nazi policies. [more]

15-10-1914 President Woodrow Wilson signs the Clayton Antitrust Act, often referred to as "Labor’s Magna Carta,"establishing that unions are not conspiracies under the law. [more]

16-10-1859 John Brown leads anti-slavery raid on Harper's Ferry. [more]

17-10-1939 Labor activist Warren Billings is released from California's Folsom Prison. Along with Thomas J. Mooney, Billings had been pardoned for a 1916 conviction stemming from a bomb explosion during a San Francisco Preparedness Day parade. [more]

18-10-1927 IWW Colorado Mine strike; first time all coal fields are out. [more]

19-10-1980 The J.P. Stevens textile company is forced to sign its first union contract after a 17-year struggle in North Carolina and other southern states. [more]

20-10-1926 Eugene V. Debs, leading American Socialist and trade unionist, dies. [more]

21-10-1902 In the United States, a five-month strike by United Mine Workers ends. [more]

22-10-1887 John Reed, the author of Ten Days That Shook the World, is born. [more]

25-10-1949 Longshore workers in Hawaii win a strike for pay parity with their colleagues on the mainland. [more]