Walmart on Tax Day: How Taxpayers Subsidize America's Biggest Employer and Richest Family

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26-06-2014 Denver: NEA- Representative Assembly
21-07-2014 Philadelphia: National Association of Letter Carriers Convention
22-07-2014 Washington, D.C.: AFT TEACH convention

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LabourStart photo of the day.Police raided a burlap bag factory in Turkey last week, arresting 91 workers. The workers had been engaged in a series of flash strikes since 9 February.. (Photo: Anon.) Click here to read more labour news from Turkey.
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Walmart on Tax Day: How Taxpayers Subsidize America's Biggest Employer and Richest Family [Americans for Tax Fairness] For more info 2014-04-19

Mississippi Gov Phil Bryant: 'We just don't want unions involved in our businesses or our public sector' [Y'all Politics] 2014-04-18

The Plot Against Pensions--The Pew-Arnold campaign to undermine America’s retirement security – and leave taxpayers with the bill [Our Future] 2014-04-16

Open Letter to CEO of Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.: Respect trade union rights; start collective negotiation with store closure programme affected workers now! [SACOM] 2014-04-15

Nearly 90% of fast-food workers allege wage theft, survey finds [LATimes] 2014-04-14

Vermont With Solidarity in Spades, Bus Drivers’ 18-Day Strike Results in Big Win [In These Times] 2014-04-12

Unionizing in 2014: Let's stop comparing efforts [rabble] 2014-04-11

New York UPS Reverses Firing of 250 Workers That Held a Strike [Slate] 2014-04-11

Bangladesh Factory Safety and the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire [NYTimes] 2014-04-10

Kansas State Eliminates Due Process for Teachers, Expands School Privatization [Diane Ravitch] For more info 2014-04-09

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Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin signs minimum wage hike ban 2014-04-19 [NewsOK]

Executive Paywatch: High-Paid CEOs and the Low-Wage Economy 2014-04-19 [AFL-CIO]

Missouri State House Expected To Try Again To Collect Enough 'Right To Work' Votes 2014-04-19 [St. Louis Public Radio]

Connecticut UConn Graduate Assistants First To Unionize In State 2014-04-19 [The Courant]

Walmart on Tax Day: How Taxpayers Subsidize America's Biggest Employer and Richest Family For more info 2014-04-19 [Americans for Tax Fairness]

Walmart Workers Cost Taxpayers $6.2 Billion In Public Assistance For more info 2014-04-19 [Forbes]

Walmart benefits from billions in government subsidies: Study 2014-04-19 [MSNBC]

Tennessee Chattanooga Area Labor Council To Host Workers Memorial Day Event 2014-04-19 [The Cattanoogan]

Decent wages should not be a political controversy 2014-04-19 [All Voices]

The Obama Administration's 'Scorched Earth Policy' for Urban Schools 2014-04-19 [Badass Teachers Ass'n]

Connecticut UConn recognizes new union representing more than 2,100 graduate assistants across campuses 2014-04-19 [The Republic]

Michigan Labor union attorney seeks Detroit pension commitment 2014-04-19 [WHTC]

Can You Name the Highest Paid CEO in Illinois? 2014-04-19 [Tinley Park Patch]

Indiana Wal-Mart warehouse workers say they worked with no heat, file charges with NLRB over firing of two workers who circulated a petition 2014-04-19 [Chicago Tribune]

Wisconsin Walker's challenger doesn't focus on union rights 2014-04-19 [Independent Record]

Connecticut UConn recognizes new graduate assistants union 2014-04-19 [Newsday]

Oregon Statement about unions' donations to campaigns doesn’t prove true 2014-04-18 [Corvallis Gazette Times]

Colorado Worker-Owners of Argentina’s Hotel BAUEN cooperative face permanent eviction after operating the hotel for the past eleven years. 2014-04-18 [Interview]

The Economic Importance of Women’s Rising Hours of Work 2014-04-18 [CAP]

Colorado Ludlow massacre spurred New Deal labor reforms; 100 years later, union legacy has diminished 2014-04-18 [Daily Reporter]

Amazon Employees In Germany Strike Again 2014-04-18 [Value Walk]

UAW rejects Boeing C-17 labor offer as 'economically inferior' 2014-04-18 [Orange Cty Register]

Colorado Teacher: Is This Good for Kids? Why I Resigned 2014-04-18 [Diane Ravitch]

Budget office: Wage boost would cost firms an extra 0.003% 2014-04-18 [Times Union]

Effort to protect farmworkers from sexual assault is gaining momentum 2014-04-18 [CIW]

Tennessee Haslam, others fight UAW's subpoena at VW labor hearing 2014-04-18 [Tennesssean]

Wisconsin Appeals court revives Capitol protest lawsuit: Court of Appeals says judge made errors in dismissing lawsuit 2014-04-18 [Channel 3000]

New York A Sigh of Relief as the Doormen Strike Is Avoided 2014-04-18 [Huffington Post]

Oregon No profit is worth the cost of our lives 2014-04-18 [nwLaborPress]

Michigan CEOs Make 171 Times More Than Average Worker 2014-04-18 [WLNS]

Nevada Downtown Las Vegas unions show force as contract talks continue 2014-04-18 [Las Vegas RJ]

New York Time Warner Cable sues union for role in unlawful work slowdowns 2014-04-18 [Daily News]

California Student academic workers file 2 more unfair labor practice charges against UC 2014-04-18 [Daily Californian]

New York NY Mayor shares support for campaign to unionize car wash workers 2014-04-18 [NY1]

Nebraska State's pay gap second biggest among states, AFL-CIO says 2014-04-18 [Journal Star]

Online retailers in Germany under fire over working conditions 2014-04-18 [Chicago Tribune]

Wyoming Sinclair Refinery Is Fined Again 2014-04-18 [WPM]

Who are the Koch brothers and what do they want? 2014-04-18 [Bernie Sanders]

How much more does a Colorado CEO make than an average worker? 2014-04-18 [Denver Biz Journal]

Texas Statement by AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka Bemoaning Weak Response in Year since West Tragedy 2014-04-18 [eNews Park Forest]

New York Cuomo cuts an M.T.A. labor deal with ‘no fare increases’ 2014-04-18 [Capital NY]

Minnesota State labor force surpasses 3 million 2014-04-18 [Times Union]

Mississippi Republican Gov Phil Bryant signs three bills to limit labor union activities 2014-04-18 [The Republic]

Mississippi Gov Phil Bryant: 'We just don't want unions involved in our businesses or our public sector' 2014-04-18 [Y'all Politics]

Ohio Auto Parts Workers Strike for Recognition, Strategy Is to Shut Down Assembly Plant 2014-04-18 [Labor Notes]

Pennsylvania Jewish labor activists rush to defend teachers at Philadelphia's Perelman Jewish Day School 2014-04-18 [Working In These Times ]

Building Bridges Radio- Dirt from Under the Golden Arches: Workers Take McDonald's to Court For more info 2014-04-18 [WBAI's Building Bridges: Your Community and Labor Report]

Korean Railway Workers Union KRWU Fights Privatization and Union Busting For more info 2014-04-17 [LVP]

California No More Twitter Subsidies-SEIU 1021 SF City Workers Speak Out For Services and A Wage Increase For more info 2014-04-17 [Labor Video Project]

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This month in labour history

10-04-1930 Dolores Huerta, Mexican-American labour leader, is born. [more]

11-04-1934 Frank Norman is murdered by the Ku Klux Klan for organising citrus workers irrespective of their race. [more]

11-04-1974 United Mine Workers President W. A. “Tony” Boyle is found guilty of first-degree murder, for ordering the 1969 assassination of union reformer Joseph A. “Jock” Yablonski. Yablonski, his wife and daughter were murdered on December 30, 1969. [more]

14-04-1939 'The Grapes of Wrath', John Steinbeck's classic novel about itinerant labor, strikes and the Great Depression, is published. [more]

15-04-1889 Birth of labour and civil rights leader A. Phillip Randolph [more]

20-04-1914 As many as 25 miners and family members, including women and children, are massacred by company guards during a strike in Ludlow, Colorado. [more]

21-04-1967 New York Governor Rockefeller signs the Taylor Law, allowing unions in the public sector, but banning strikes. [more]

24-04-1999 The ILWU halts shipping on the West Coast in solidarity with Mumia Abu-Jamal. [more]