North Carolina Tell British American Tobacco Chairman Burrows to Prevent Human Rights Abuses in U.S. Tobacco Fields!

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06-05-2014 Everywhere: National Teacher Day
26-06-2014 Denver: NEA- Representative Assembly
21-07-2014 Philadelphia: National Association of Letter Carriers Convention
22-07-2014 Washington, D.C.: AFT TEACH convention

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LabourStart photo of the day.Monument to the tens of thousands of members of the CNT who were executed by the fascists after the end of the Spanish Civil War. (Photo: D. Blackadder) Click here to read more labour news from Spain.
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North Carolina Tell British American Tobacco Chairman Burrows to Prevent Human Rights Abuses in U.S. Tobacco Fields! [IUF] 2014-04-23

Oklahoma Provides a Win for ALEC’s 50-State Campaign Against Democracy [Bill Moyers] 2014-04-22

Apple, Google, Intel, and Adobe tech firms face $3bn payout over claims they conspired on pay [] 2014-04-20

Walmart on Tax Day: How Taxpayers Subsidize America's Biggest Employer and Richest Family [Americans for Tax Fairness] For more info 2014-04-19

Mississippi Gov Phil Bryant: 'We just don't want unions involved in our businesses or our public sector' [Y'all Politics] 2014-04-18

The Plot Against Pensions--The Pew-Arnold campaign to undermine America’s retirement security – and leave taxpayers with the bill [Our Future] 2014-04-16

Open Letter to CEO of Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.: Respect trade union rights; start collective negotiation with store closure programme affected workers now! [SACOM] 2014-04-15

Nearly 90% of fast-food workers allege wage theft, survey finds [LATimes] 2014-04-14

Vermont With Solidarity in Spades, Bus Drivers’ 18-Day Strike Results in Big Win [In These Times] 2014-04-12

Unionizing in 2014: Let's stop comparing efforts [rabble] 2014-04-11

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Recent attacks on nurses underscore need for Cal/OSHA workplace violence prevention standard For more info 2014-04-23 [Union Review]

Based on Pew and AFL-CIO numbers--Moyers: 'Gov't Is Now A Protection Racket for the 1%,' Krugman: 'Why We’re In A New Gilded Age' For more info 2014-04-23 [Daily Kos]

U.S. finds Mexico & Turkey rebar steel imports dumped 2014-04-23 [USW]

Tell the Department Of Education: I'm not a government ATM. Stop profiting off the backs of students and start providing debt relief! 2014-04-23 [Working Families]

North Carolina Tell British American Tobacco Chairman Burrows to Prevent Human Rights Abuses in U.S. Tobacco Fields! 2014-04-23 [IUF]

New York Countdown begins to Saturday premiere of 'Food Chains' at Tribeca Film Festival in NYC! 2014-04-23 [CIW]

Bernie Sanders: Who Are the Koch Brothers and What Do They Want? 2014-04-23 [Huffington Post]

Oklahoma Gov Fallin Bans Minimum Wage Increases And Paid Sick Leave Laws 2014-04-23 [Think Progress]

Florida Congressman Tells Low-Income Worker: Higher Minimum Wage Is ‘Not Right’ 2014-04-23 [Think Progress]

Tennessee Union Will Keep Fighting To Organize Volkswagen Workers 2014-04-23 [Think Progress]

Louisiana Some New Orleans charters begin exploring teachers unions 2014-04-23 [N. O. Advocate]

Maryland Silver Spring labor college holds final commencement Saturday after four decades 2014-04-23 [Gazette]

The decline of labor unions and the rise of the minimum wage 2014-04-23 [Union-Bulletin]

Georgia UFCW members in Atlanta and Savannah approve new labor contract with Kroger supermarkets 2014-04-23 [Supermarket news]

JetBlue pilots vote to join union 2014-04-23 [ALPA News]

Minnesota Governor Signs Into Law a Phased-In Rise in the Minimum Wage 2014-04-22 [NYTimes]

The Volkswagen case shows why American labor law is broken 2014-04-22 [Washington Post]

Pennsylvania Teachers at Mt. Airy charter vote to allow strike 2014-04-22 []

Pennsylvania Teachers authorize strike at Khepera Charter School 2014-04-22 [Daily Kos]

NYT: Wage Theft Across the Board 2014-04-22 [NYTimes]

Colorado Sign Petition! Stand with Denver SuperShuttle Workers 2014-04-22 [CWA District 7]

Colorado Denver SuperShuttle Drivers: A 5 Year Fight for Respect on the Job 2014-04-22 [CWA District 7]

Michigan Rite Aid in labor contract agreement with Michigan workers 2014-04-22 [UFCW]

Am Sam store ordered to pay $120,000 back wages 2014-04-22 [Radio Australia ]

Death of wharf worker in American Samoa under investigation 2014-04-22 [RNZI]

Oklahoma Provides a Win for ALEC’s 50-State Campaign Against Democracy 2014-04-22 [Bill Moyers]

Minimum Wage Perspective: CEOs Earn 331 Times the Average Worker 2014-04-22 [Wall St Cheat Sheet]

Tennessee UAW retreats from fight over Volkswagen union vote 2014-04-22 [Washington Post]

New York MTA, LIRR unions prepare final contract offers as strike looms 2014-04-22 [Newsday]

New Mexico Governor Martinez attacks teachers 2014-04-22 [Education votes]

Steven Greenhouse: UAW Drops Appeal in VW Vote 2014-04-22 [NYTimes]

Texas Wal-Mart's Trespass Case May Stick to Union 2014-04-21 [Courthouse News]

California Two nurses stabbed at L.A. county hospitals For more info 2014-04-21 [California Safe Care Standard]

Corporate Watch: CEO Pay by State 2014-04-21 [AFL-CIO]

New York Tentative agreement reached in MTA labor dispute 2014-04-21 [Progressive Railroading]

Colorado The Ludlow Massacre: 'One of the bleakest and blackest episodes of American labor history' 2014-04-21 [Approaching Justice]

Connecticut Grad assistants vote for UAW representation 2014-04-21 [CT news Junkie]

Tennessee UAW drops NLRB case to organize VW plant 2014-04-21 [CNN]

Ohio Auto parts workers strike for recognition 2014-04-21 [Labor Notes]

Tennessee UAW drops appeal in Tennessee vote 2014-04-21 [NY Times]

Raising Our Expectations 2014-04-21 [The Bullet]

How Corporate Giants Suppress Democracy 2014-04-21 [Family Values @Work]

Walmart Managers Won't Tell Workers About their Newly Won Rights 2014-04-21 [AlterNet]

Tipped Workers In A Few States Are Finally Getting A Raise For more info 2014-04-21 [Huffington Post]

CEO compensation rises and income gap widens 2014-04-21 [MDJ]

California Historic Win for Labor and A New Direction in the UC System 2014-04-21 [San Diego Free Press]

Fracking Foes Cringe as Unions Back Drilling Boom 2014-04-21 [ABC]

Sign the petition! Stop Skechers’ sweatshop on wheels! 2014-04-21 [Daily Kos]

Illinois Chicago Unions Divided Over Emanuel’s Move To Gut Pensions 2014-04-21 [In These Times]

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This month in labour history

10-04-1930 Dolores Huerta, Mexican-American labour leader, is born. [more]

11-04-1934 Frank Norman is murdered by the Ku Klux Klan for organising citrus workers irrespective of their race. [more]

11-04-1974 United Mine Workers President W. A. “Tony” Boyle is found guilty of first-degree murder, for ordering the 1969 assassination of union reformer Joseph A. “Jock” Yablonski. Yablonski, his wife and daughter were murdered on December 30, 1969. [more]

14-04-1939 'The Grapes of Wrath', John Steinbeck's classic novel about itinerant labor, strikes and the Great Depression, is published. [more]

15-04-1889 Birth of labour and civil rights leader A. Phillip Randolph [more]

20-04-1914 As many as 25 miners and family members, including women and children, are massacred by company guards during a strike in Ludlow, Colorado. [more]

21-04-1967 New York Governor Rockefeller signs the Taylor Law, allowing unions in the public sector, but banning strikes. [more]

24-04-1999 The ILWU halts shipping on the West Coast in solidarity with Mumia Abu-Jamal. [more]