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Multi-stakeholders gather to learn lessons from Lesotho on tackling gender-based violence and harassment at work

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Global Multi-stakeholders gather to learn lessons from Lesotho on tackling gender-based violence and harassment at work 2023-09-18 [Equal Times]

South Africa Silicosis: the astonishing story of the driller from Lesotho 2023-09-15 [GroundUp]

Africa Global summit praises Lesotho GBVH agreements 2023-08-03 [IndustriALL]

Lesotho COSATU President Zingiswa Losi – Opening Remarks 2023-07-28 [COSATU]

Prominant journalist shot and killed 2023-06-07 [Lesotho Times]

Investigative radio journalist shot dead 2023-05-18 [IFJ]

Lesotho ratifies three ILO Conventions 2023-03-18 [ILO]

More fired civil servants sue government 2023-02-25 [Lesotho Times]

South Africa NUMSA in solidarity with local workers 2023-02-15 [Africa Press]

Lesotho Garment Workers stand Up to Gender Violence at Work, Transform Unions, Communities For more info 2022-12-05 [Solidarity Center]

MMB employees down tools 2022-11-29 [Lesotho Times]

3000 factory workers sent packing 2022-11-08 [Lesotho Times]

Female taxi drivers speak out 2022-09-25 [Lesotho Times]

Polihali strike suspended 2022-08-03 [Lesotho Times]

Road construction faces more labour disruptions 2022-07-08 [Lesotho Times]

Mokhothu promises textile industry reforms 2022-06-18 [Lesotho Times]

IMF blow for civil servants 2022-06-15 [Lesotho Times]

Midwives seek approval to conduct home deliveries 2022-05-19 [Lesotho Times]

Fresh textiles job carnage looms 2022-04-10 [Lesotho Times]

Civil servants, govt in talks over salary dispute 2022-04-08 [Lesotho Times]

COLEPE's court bid flops 2022-03-31 [Newsday]

Civil servants strike looms 2022-03-31 [Lesotho Times]

China Geo workers suspend strike 2022-03-27 [Lesotho Times]

Factory workers, employers deadlocked on wage hike 2022-03-26 [Lesotho Times]

The Construction, Mining, Quarrying and allied workers union-CMQ has petitioned the labour commissioner in the Labour and Employment Ministry to intervene in a dispute between China Geo Engineering-CGC and 20 of its workers 2022-03-25 [PCFM]

Police, teachers, nurses gang up on govt 2022-03-07 [Lesotho Times]

Lesotho Lesotho Teachers Union calls for the release of student president 2022-02-03 [The Swaziland News]

750 workers lose their jobs 2022-01-27 [Lesotho Times]

Lesotho's job cuts entrench poverty, reverse women's empowerment gains: Analysts 2022-01-22 [Lesotho Times]

Teachers strike looms 2022-01-19 [Lesotho Times]

China Geo workers beg Labour Commissioner to intervene in labour disoute 2022-01-16 [Lesotho Times]

South Africa Tšepong nurses' sacking, COSATU outraged 2022-01-02 [Africa Press]

Workers sue China Geo for pay rise 2021-11-25 [Lesotho Times]

Loti Brick lays off workers 2021-11-25 [Lesotho Times]

Tsepong Consortium fails to pay workers gratuities 2021-11-11 [Lesotho Times]

Things fall apart at Tsepong 2021-10-17 [Lesotho Times]

LNA staffers unpaid for six months amid embezzlement allegations 2021-09-14 [Lesotho Times]

Supermarket workers in Lesotho penalized for getting Covid vaccine 2021-09-09 [UNI Global Union]

Factory workers' vaccination commences 2021-08-25 [Lesotho Times]

Levi's, Wrangler supplier lays off nearly half its workers 2021-08-21 [Sourcing Journal]

Jobs carnage 2021-08-15 [Lesotho Times]

Taxi owners demand 10 percent fare hike 2021-07-26 [Lesotho Times]

Massive factory job cuts loom 2021-07-01 [Lesotho Times]

14 percent wage hike for factory workers 2021-06-23 [Lesotho Times]

Nurses strike over non-payment of salaries 2021-06-18 [Lesotho Times]

Government foists low wage increase on garment workers 2021-06-18 [New Frame]

Factory workers return to work amid dismissal threats 2021-06-18 [Lesotho Times]

The near total strike in garment sector enters fourth week 2021-06-12 [Peoples Dispatch]

Lesotho workers strike over government failure to announce wage increases 2021-06-03 [IndustriALL]

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