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700 factory workers out in the cold 2020-03-25 [MENAFN]

Five percent salary increments for civil servants 2020-03-06 [Lesotho Times]

Lesotho at the crossroads: New engines are needed to drive growth 2019-11-26 [Daily Maverick]

Striking teachers salaries docked 2019-10-03 [Lesotho Times]

Spies up in arms over delayed wage increases 2019-09-30 [Lesotho Times]

Civil servants' strikes worry 2019-09-10 [Lesotho Times]

Groups force Lesotho clothing factories owner to end gender-based violence 2019-09-04 [People's World]

Rampant sexual abuse in Lesotho factories 2019-09-02 [Lesotho Times]

Agreement to end harassment at Nien Hsing factories, Lesotho 2019-09-01 [IndustriALL]

Lesotho Plan Has All Elements to End GBV at Work For more info 2019-08-20 [Solidarity Center]

Levi, Wrangler to deal with abuse in factories 2019-08-18 [City Press]

Pact Combats Gender Violence in Lesotho Factories For more info 2019-08-15 [Solidarity Center]

Unions in Sub-Saharan Africa strengthened by solidarity 2019-04-18 [IndustriALL]

Organizing diamond mineworkers in Lesotho 2019-04-11 [IndustriALL]

Workers in Lesotho’s ‘Garments’ Sector Threaten Strike 2019-03-23 [Newsclick]

Factory dismisses half its workforce 2018-10-04 [Lesotho Times]

Cosatu throws weight behind teachers 2018-09-19 [Lesotho Times]

Workers get $138 as new minimum wage 2018-08-31 [The Nation]

Blow for workers as court blocks wages increase 2018-08-22 [Lesotho Times]

Rapapa warns of more worker unrest 2018-08-22 [Lesotho Times]

Lesotho: workers celebrate minimum wage victory 2018-08-17 [IndustriALL]

ILO boss visits Lesotho 2018-08-04 [Lesotho Times]

Public authorities must act on education unions’ concerns 2018-08-07 [Education International]

Amnesty bemoans delays in editors shooting trial 2018-07-14 [Lesotho Times]

Lesotho unions demand new minimum wages now 2018-07-01 [IndustriALL]

Organizing the diamond mining industry in Lesotho 2018-05-24 [IndustriALL]

Transport operators, govt headed for showdown 2018-05-14 [Lesotho Times]

Workers plead for PM's address 2018-05-07 [Lesotho Times]

Meet the nurses fighting on the front lines — with no ammunition 2018-03-27 [Bhekisisa]

School heads owed M 52 million 2018-02-07 [Lesotho Times]

Lehakoe catering company workers lose jobs 2018-01-10 [Lesotho Times]

Taxi operators appeal to Thabane 2017-12-30 [Lesotho Times]

Union keeps up wage demands 2017-08-15 [IndustriALL]

Letseng speaks on unions claims 2017-07-31 [Lesotho Times]

Unions reject 7% wage hike 2017-07-21 [Lesotho Times]

20,000 workers protest in Lesotho to save AGOA 2016-12-18 [Just style]

Unions demonstrate to save AGOA 2016-12-01 [IndustriAll]

LCS fires staff union boss 2016-11-02 [Lesotho Tiomes]

Bidvest deal a rip-off 2016-10-02 [Lesotho Times]

Fighting a deadly legacy 2016-07-01 [Lesotho Times]

Women's rights are human rights 2016-08-29 [Lesotho Times]

Fired PS's still await dues 2016-08-23 [Lesotho Times]

Police impound unregistered taxis 2016-07-28 [Lesotho Times]

Teachers threaten strike 2016-07-18 [Lesotho Times]

Editor of Lesotho Times shot 2016-07-13 [IFJ]

Disgruntled teachers petition minister 2016-07-01 [Lesotho Times]

Civic groups reject govt response 2016-06-08 [Lesotho Times]

Alliance scoffs at police warnings 2016-05-21 [Lesotho Times]

Food prices hike needs income increase 2016-05-16 [Lesotho Times]

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