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Memorandum on Advancing Worker Empowerment, Rights, and High Labor Standards Globally


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Memorandum on Advancing Worker Empowerment, Rights, and High Labor Standards Globally [The White House] 2023-12-05

UAW Launches Largest Union Organizing Drive in US History [Common Dreams] 2023-12-01

UAW workers ratify contracts with Big 3 automakers [Washington Post] 2023-11-20

BWI welcomes US commitment to protect workers’ rights at home and abroad [BWI] 2023-11-17

Vote on tentative contract with General Motors too close to call as more tallies are reported [AP News] 2023-11-16

Legislators recognize education support personnel play a critical role in providing quality education [Education International] 2023-11-15

'Bill of Rights' Calls for Fair Pay and Good Benefits for Education Support Staff [PSI] 2023-11-15

First Amazon drivers to unionize have been fired and now are striking [The Guardian] 2023-11-13

SpaceX workers face above-average injury rates as Musk prioritizes Mars over safety, report finds [Engadget] 2023-11-12

Hollywood actors strike is over as union reaches tentative deal with studios [AP] 2023-11-09


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Striking workers put major pressure on Tesla that could affect availability: ‘We cannot let it go’ 2023-12-10 [TCD]

Starbucks says it wants to reopen contract talks with 9,000 unionized workers 2023-12-08 [New York Times]

Amazon is cracking down on union organizing, and fired a top union agitator 2023-12-08 [New York Times]

Microsoft to Convert Gaming Staff From Temps to Unionized Employees 2023-12-08 [Bloomberg]

Iron Workers Union Celebrates Record-Breaking Attendance of Women at Tradeswomen Build Nations Conference 2023-12-08 [Ironworkers]

Optimizing equity is key to meeting our infrastructure goals 2023-12-08 [The Labor Tribune]

Tesla strike action spreads across borders 2023-12-08 [IndustriALL]

UAW workers call on their union endorse BDS 2023-12-07 [Peoples Dispatch]

Ascension Seton Hays Hospital Under Scrutiny for Union-Busting 2023-12-06 [LaborLab]

How Labor Unions Help Reduce the Pay Gap for Disabled Workers 2023-12-06 [American Progress]

Labour in a world of re-emerging of geopolitics- China: the “anti-imperialist” dictatorship challenging a US-dominated world order 2023-12-06 [GLC]

A third Wells Fargo branch plans to vote on unionizing 2023-12-06 [Axios]

Union Tradeswomen Go On Hike At Great Falls Park To Start Conference 2023-12-06 [Patch]

How Sandra Day O’Connor Single-Handedly Busted Our Union 2023-12-06 [The Progressive]

The UAW’s Tesla drive is showing the way forward for US unions: go big or go extinct 2023-12-05 [The Guardian]

Labor unions urge regulators to press big U.S. railroads on employment and service levels 2023-12-05 [Trains]

Memorandum on Advancing Worker Empowerment, Rights, and High Labor Standards Globally 2023-12-05 [The White House]

Auto Workers Direct Momentum Toward Organizing Plants Across the U.S. 2023-12-04 [Labour Notes]

Tired of Low Wages and Workplace Violence, Waffle House Workers Are Organizing 2023-12-03 [Truthout]

Why Doctors and Pharmacists Are in Revolt 2023-12-03 [The Times]

New Unions Have Won Historic Elections. Winning First Contracts Is Even Harder 2023-12-03 [HuffPost]

United Auto Workers union calls for 'immediate, permanent cease-fire' in Israel-Hamas war, becoming largest labor union to do so 2023-12-03 [CBS]

Bailed-out major airlines have outsourced ground work to subcontractors. Injuries and fatalities on the tarmac are taking off 2023-12-03 [Am Prospect]

Teamsters forms coalition to unionize Delta Air Lines workers 2023-12-03 [Reuters]

The GOP Showed Again How Anti-Worker It Really Is 2023-12-03 [TNR]

The United Auto Workers Are Looking to Unionize the Whole Auto Industry 2023-12-03 [Jacobin]

United Auto Workers Targets Tesla, 12 Other Carmakers in Organizing Drive 2023-12-03 [Bloomberg]

UAW begins drive to unionize workers at Tesla, Toyota and other non-unionized automakers 2023-12-03 [CBS]

New Unions at Amazon, Starbucks, Trader Joe’s and REI Have Won Historic Elections. Winning First Contracts Is Even Harder 2023-12-03 [HuffPost]

US mediators reject attempt by flight attendants to clear the path for a strike at American Airlines 2023-12-02 [AP]

U.A.W. Announces Drive to Organize Nonunion Plants 2023-12-01 [New York Times]

 VIDEO  UAW wants to expand membership 2023-12-01 [WILX]

 VIDEO  Toyota Indiana and UAW hold second meeting on possible unionization 2023-12-01 [Eyewitness News WEHT WTVW]

Thousands of Autoworkers Launch Campaigns to Join the UAW at More than a Dozen Automakers 2023-12-01 [UAW International]

 VIDEO  Autoworkers at Tesla, BMW and more move to join UAW, union says 2023-12-01 [KVIA ABC-7]

 VIDEO  UAW Announces Organizing BLITZ At 13 Car Manufacturers, Including Tesla 2023-12-01 [The Young Turks]

 VIDEO  UAW will try to organize workers at all US nonunion factories after winning new contracts in Detroit 2023-12-01 [Click On Detroit]

UAW launches bid to organize Tesla and 'entire non-union auto sector' in US 2023-12-01 [Reuters]

UAW Launches Largest Union Organizing Drive in US History 2023-12-01 [Common Dreams]

UAW launches unprecedented push to organize 13 automakers in US 2023-12-01 [Detroit Free Press]

UAW launches union campaigns at Tesla, 12 other automakers in the U.S. 2023-12-01 [CNBC]

Remote workers at Disney Animation look to unionize 2023-11-30 [Kidscreen]

Auto Workers Union Urges Workers At Tesla, BMW And Toyota To Unionize 2023-11-30 [Forbes]

UAW members ratify record contracts 2023-11-29 [IndustriALL]

American Airlines flight attendants union request denied 2023-11-29 [NBC Dallas Fort-Worth]

Opinion: American union workers are tapping into their power and fighting back. It’s paying off. 2023-11-29 [The San Diego Union-Tribune]

Amazon pays a small price to resolve employee Caes Gruesbeck's death - and it's not the first time 2023-11-27 [The Street]

Record profits, record contracts: Autoworkers’ union in the US scores an impressive victory 2023-11-25 [GLC]

Volkswagen becomes the latest automaker to hike wages for U.S. factory workers 2023-11-24 [Reuters]

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