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Trump’s Paltry Meatpacking Fine Signals That “Workers’ Lives Are Worth Less Than Pork Shoulders”


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Trump’s Paltry Meatpacking Fine Signals That “Workers’ Lives Are Worth Less Than Pork Shoulders” [Mother Jones] 2020-09-12

Labor Day 2020: Workers are essential [Iowa Labor News] 2020-09-06

Research shows stiffing workers on wages grows worse with recession [NYTimes] 2020-09-05

Amazon's surveillance can boost output and possibly limit unions -study [Reuters] 2020-09-01

World Players stands with athletes in the US demanding racial justice [UNI] 2020-08-30

AFT mobilises for 28 August March on Washington [Education International] 2020-08-28

The labor-busting law firms and consultants that keep Google, Amazon and other workplaces union-free [Yahoo] 2020-08-26

 VIDEO  The American Postal Workers Union President Mark Dimondstein joined All In with Chris Hayes to sound the alarm on the attacks against the USPS [AFL-CIO / FB] For more info 2020-08-14

Strike by game workers in the U.S. results in unprecedented win [UNI Global Union] 2020-08-13

PSI affiliates in the US celebrate the choice of Kamala Harris as Joe Biden's vice president candidate [PSI] 2020-08-13


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Walmart cuts workers' hours but increases workload as sales rise amid pandemic 2020-09-24 [Guardian]

cElectric Vehicles Should Be a Win for American Workers 2020-09-24 [Ctr Am Progress]

Should front-line medical workers get the coronavirus vaccine first? Not necessarily 2020-09-24 [CNBC]

Protect essential farm workers from deportation, farm worker will urge House Judiciary Committee 2020-09-24 [UFW]

Labor Votes 2020 2020-09-24 [AFL-CIO]

Hollywood unions and employers adopt agreement for safe return to work 2020-09-24 [UNI Global Union]

WIRED staff on strike due to unionisation delay, claims senior editor 2020-09-23 [iT Wire]

Actors' Equity endorses Biden 2020-09-22 [Washington Post ]

Hollywood unions announce pandemic agreement 2020-09-22 [Irish News]

'A Silent Pandemic': Nurse at ICE Facility Blows the Whistle on Coronavirus Dangers 2020-09-22 [PSI]

School and Campus Workers Say: Not Until It's Safe 2020-09-21 [Labour Notes]

America Is Lagging Behind the World in Protecting Meat Workers 2020-09-21 [Bloomberg]

With Justice Ginsburg’s death, workers’ rights are at the brink 2020-09-20 [Strike Wave]

Postal workers are catching COVID by the thousands. It’s one more threat to voting by mail 2020-09-20 [Salon]

4 Female Front-Line Workers On Being Pregnant In A Pandemic 2020-09-20 [Vogue]

How older workers can prepare for job loss 2020-09-20 [Star Tribune]

Ginsburg One of America’s Greatest Jurists 2020-09-20 [AFL-CIO]

Workers Fear Cyborgs Will Steal Their Jobs By 2035 2020-09-20 [CBS]

Podcast: Trump's Swamp Kills NLRB 2020-09-20 [UComm Blog]

Saving American Capitalism in an Age of Radical Inequality 2020-09-20 [Am Prospect]

In Memoriam: Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg 2020-09-19 [AFL-CIO]

Trump NLRB upends special status for union stewards 2020-09-18 [Labor Notes]

AFT and RFK Human Rights launch human rights and democracy programme 2020-09-16 [Education International]

Black Labor Week For more info 2020-09-16 [APRI]

Joint Statement by COSATU and SACP: Call for US authorities to stop political persecution of Julian Assange 2020-09-16 [COSATU]

Under Trump, OSHA’s Covid-19 Response Is Failing Workers 2020-09-15 [NYTimes]

Workers’ Health Data Collected for COVID Safety Poses Risk to Labor Rights 2020-09-14 [Truthout]

New PBS film probes construction boom on Latino workers 2020-09-13 [AP]

Dolores Huerta: Sí, Se Puede, Together We Can Build a Better Future 2020-09-12 [So FL Times]

In defense of police unions, which, after all, have a job to do 2020-09-12 [StarTribune]

Trump’s Paltry Meatpacking Fine Signals That “Workers’ Lives Are Worth Less Than Pork Shoulders” 2020-09-12 [Mother Jones]

Times remain hard, especially for low-wage workers 2020-09-12 [MROnline]

Dying for an iPhone: Apple, Foxconn, and the Lives of China’s Workers 2020-09-12 [Labor Notes]

6 Months Later: The Remarkable Work of The Actors Fund During COVID-19 2020-09-12 [Playbill]

Smithfield Fined for Failing to Protect Workers from COVID-19 2020-09-12 [CFO]

Smithfield Foods Cited For Failing to Protect Workers From COVID-19 2020-09-12 [Modern Farmer]

Covid Is Clobbering America’s Farm Workers 2020-09-12 [Bloomberg]

The pandemic is a referendum on the value of work 2020-09-12 [The Globe and Mail]

On This Day of Remembrance, We Must Honor Our Heroes By Addressing The Trump Administration’s Draining Of The 9/11 Fund For First Responders 2020-09-11 [Ring Side Report]

Union battle over New York school re-opening 2020-09-11 [Workersliberty]

Mail-in elections, Zoom meetings and countless texts: Unions are mobilizing during the pandemic, even if it's awkward and messy 2020-09-11 [Washington Post ]

Labor unions plan to turn out an army of poll workers for the election 2020-09-08 [Huff Po]

Covid-19 shows factory food production is dangerous for animals and humans alike 2020-09-08 [The Guardian]

A Rebecca Friedrichs Reader 2020-09-08 [Curmudgucation]

How Central American Migrants Helped Revive the U.S. Labor Movement 2020-09-07 [Maryland Matters]

Unions pledge walkoffs, job actions to support 'Black Lives Matter' before election 2020-09-07 [Fox]

Assange should not be extradited 2020-09-07 [NUJ]

How gig workers are surviving the pandemic 2020-09-07 [CNBC]

Educators support Joe Biden’s stance on workers’ rights and unions 2020-09-07 [NEA]

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