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The Shifting Class Composition of Unions


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The Shifting Class Composition of Unions [The American Prospect] 2021-04-14

Labor After Bessemer [The American Prospect] 2021-04-14

Walmart's grocery workers died feeding the nation. Now, their families are left to pick up the pieces [NBC] 2021-04-13

Amazon defeats historic Alabama union effort [BBC] 2021-04-09

Amazon Election Results - RWDSU Union Loses [NLRB] 2021-04-09

Amazon union drive in Alabama sees 55% voter turnout [CNBC] 2021-04-08

Education unions join forces to build back better education system [Education International] 2021-04-08

The Fight for the Right to Organize [Jewish Currents] 2021-04-03

Amazon union vote count set to start for Alabama warehouse workers [Guardian UK] 2021-03-30

Elon Musk Ordered to Delete Threatening 2018 [ ! ] Tweet to Tesla Workers, NLRB Rules [Entrepreneur] 2021-03-27


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How the Mainstream Media Abandoned the Working Class 2021-04-18 [WNYC]

How the Bessemer Story Got the Wind Knocked Out of It 2021-04-18 [WNYC ]

Colleges Are Using COVID as an Excuse for Austerity. Unions Are Pushing Back. 2021-04-18 [Truthout]

Legislative fixes for essential worker problems 2021-04-18 [Commonwealth Mag]

U.S. House passes legislation to protect health care workers 2021-04-18 [Atlanta Jrnl-Constitution]

Nurses applaud US House of Representatives passage of legislationprotecting health care, social service workers from workplace violence 2021-04-17 [National Nurses United]

Workplace violence prevention Act will save lives 2021-04-17 [AFL-CIO]

PKrugman: America Needs to Empower Workers Again 2021-04-17 [NYTimes]

Organizing Amazon still a goal for union activists 2021-04-17 [Toledo Blade]

FedEx to 'reevaluate' its policy requiring employees to lock up phones during shifts following Thursday's shooting at a FedEx facility in Indianapolis For more info 2021-04-17 [Biz Insider]

House Passes Bill to Protect Healthcare and Social Service Workers From Violence 2021-04-17 [ASSP]

The BAmazon Loss and the Road Ahead 2021-04-17 [Labor Notes]

Labor movement will not rest in the fight for full equality 2021-04-16 [AFL-CIO]

China: Leader of Delivery Riders Alliance Detained, Solidarity Movement Repressed 2021-04-16 [Labor Notes]

A Worldwide Workers' Revolt Against Amazon Has Begun 2021-04-16 [In These Times]

Call your U.S. Senator: Build Back Better with Unions—Pass the PRO Act! 2021-04-16 [AFL-CIO]

Amazon loss a setback for unions, but what next? 2021-04-15 [Green Left Weekly]

Statement in support of Amazon workers, Bessemer Alabama 2021-04-15 [ACTU]

The failed Amazon union drive in Alabama will be vindicated by history. 2021-04-15 [In These Times]

Senate bill would expand unemployment benefits and pay $250 a week to gig workers 2021-04-15 [CNBC]

To retain workers, Walmart moves more of them full time 2021-04-15 [KY3]

After 3 decades of deregulation failures, AT&T and Verizon workers’ union urges states to regulate ISPs as utilities 2021-04-15 [Ars Technica]

A Fifth of Museum Workers Won’t Return to the Field After the Pandemic, Survey Says 2021-04-15 [Art News]

Economists are ‘lazy’ when studying the effects of racism, says AFL-CIO chief economist 2021-04-15 [Intl Hub News]

Unions eye Brookings, Urban Institute as push to organize think tanks grows 2021-04-14 [Politico]

Study shows 40% of lone rotational workers experience suicidal thoughts 2021-04-14 [Security]

Biden pledged to require businesses to make workplaces safe from the coronavirus on the campaign trail. Now he may not 2021-04-14 [Soapbox]

Amazon workers in Bessemer still made history 2021-04-14 [KY AFL-CIO]

Resources for the Bulk of Nonprofit Workers — Women 2021-04-14 [NonProfit PRO]

America Needs to Empower Workers Again 2021-04-14 [NYTimes]

The Shifting Class Composition of Unions 2021-04-14 [The American Prospect]

Labor After Bessemer 2021-04-14 [The American Prospect]

Country catching up to Bernie Sanders’ way of thinking 2021-04-14 [Boston Herald]

What Amazon Got Away With 2021-04-13 [Slate]

National Nurses United statement on racial justice 2021-04-13 [National Nurses United]

A fair shot-How the PRO Act would've changed the Amazon organizing landscape 2021-04-13 [AFL-CIO]

Why Millions of Unemployed Workers Never Claim the Benefits They’re Owed 2021-04-13 [NextAdvisor]

OSHA Prepares to Issue Emergency Regulations to Protect Workers From COVID-19 2021-04-13 [Insurance Jrnl]

Walmart's grocery workers died feeding the nation. Now, their families are left to pick up the pieces 2021-04-13 [NBC]

Right to Work has failed to live up to conservative hype 2021-04-13 [MI Advance]

Some unions are shifting strategies, wary of the challenges of winning votes site by site. 2021-04-12 [New York Times]

Paid leave for caregivers would be a boost for employers, workers and the economy 2021-04-12 [MarketWatch]

After Amazon: Union tries to regroup in wake of Alabama loss 2021-04-11 [CTV]

Shocking difference in US and Canadian approaches to airline industry 2021-04-11 [IAMAW]

Policy Report Amazon Unionizing Amazon warehouses was never going to be easy 2021-04-10 [Verge]

Amazon's victory against a union drive in Alabama proved workers want better workplaces, but America's labor laws are too broken to help them get that, experts say 2021-04-10 [Business Insider] 2021-04-10 [Vox]

The Force That Can Help Amazon’s Workers? Amazon’s Shoppers. 2021-04-10 [New York Times]

Labor movement welcomes Doug Parker's nomination to lead OSHA 2021-04-10 [AFL-CIO]

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