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We Sat Down With The First Democratically Elected President of UAW


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 VIDEO  We Sat Down With The First Democratically Elected President of UAW [More Perfect Union] 2023-03-31

 VIDEO  Starbucks Illegally Withheld Raises & Tips from Union Workers, NLRB Says [More Perfect Union] 2023-03-31

The Problems With the Amazon Labor Union [The American Prospect] 2023-03-24

Feds expand probe into migrant child labor in American slaughterhouses [NBC] 2023-03-02

Alone and Exploited, Migrant Children Work Brutal Jobs Across the U.S. [New York Times] 2023-02-26

Steven Greenhouse: 'Old-school union busting': how US corporations are quashing the new wave of organizing [Guardian] 2023-02-26

HC Union Ratifies New Contract [Publishers Weekly] 2023-02-17

In Mexico, US complaints help union organizing efforts [ABC] 2023-02-13

Workers at U.S. outdoor retailer tell union busting to take a hike [UNI Global Union] 2023-02-08

The Anniversary of Roe v. Wade Reminds Us that the Fight for Workers' Rights Continues [AFL-CIO] 2023-01-25


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 VIDEO  We Sat Down With The First Democratically Elected President of UAW 2023-03-31 [More Perfect Union]

 VIDEO  Starbucks Illegally Withheld Raises & Tips from Union Workers, NLRB Says 2023-03-31 [More Perfect Union]

Payne brings message of solidarity, worker power to UAW Conference 2023-03-31 [Unifor]

A New Report Has Very Bad News for White Collar Workers 2023-03-30 [Street]

United Airlines reaches tentative labor agreements with ground workers union 2023-03-30 [AFA-CWA]

In clash with Bernie Sanders, Starbucks' Howard Schultz insists he's no union buster 2023-03-30 [NPR]

 VIDEO  Here's what happened when Bernie Sanders put Starbucks' former CEO in the hot seat 2023-03-30 [Politico]

Union accuses Apple of firing workers in retaliation for organizing 2023-03-30 [Verge]

The president of the United Auto Workers union has been ousted in an election 2023-03-29 [NPR]

Starbucks, Union at Odds Over Hybrid Negotiations 2023-03-29 [USNews]

Union Pacific reaches tentative agreement with largest labor union 2023-03-29 [Seeking Alpha]

Lawmakers set to grill Starbucks' Howard Schultz over alleged union-busting 2023-03-29 [CBS]

Unions are having a moment. So why isn't union membership booming? 2023-03-29 [NPR]

Teamsters Condemn Florida Bill to Kill Public Sector Unions 2023-03-29 [TEAM]

Apple Fires Workers in Escalation of Illegal Anti-Union Intimidation Campaign 2023-03-29 [CWA Canada]

U.S. Union Leaders: We Support the Fight for Democracy in Israel 2023-03-28 [Jewish Labor Committee]

Starbucks, union at odds over hybrid negotiations 2023-03-28 [Saltwire]

Starbucks refuses to sign labor neutrality agreement 2023-03-26 [Bloomberg]

Starbucks Workers Build Steam 2023-03-26 [The Progressive]

Shawn Fain, an insurgent, edged Ray Curry as UAW president after calling for a harder line in contract talks 2023-03-26 [New York Times]

The Problems With the Amazon Labor Union 2023-03-24 [The American Prospect]

Getting the Members into Motion at UPS 2023-03-22 [Labour Notes]

Will tech layoffs silence or galvanise tech worker organising? 2023-03-22 [Equal Times]

Workshop: What to do when your union breaks your heart 2023-03-22 [Labor Notes]

Bandcamp Workers Form Union: 'It’s Not Enough to Get Small Wins Alone' 2023-03-21 [Rolling Stone]

Former Amazon Labor Union staff accuse president Christian Smalls of ignoring contract fight, failure to budget, and organizing in disarray 2023-03-21 [New York Times]

Union of Southern Service Workers Is Organizing Low-Wage Workers Across Industries 2023-03-21 [Teen Vogue]

'Shake up' UAW, purge staff, prepare to strike: Document reveals Shawn Fain's draft plans 2023-03-21 [The Free Press]

UAW Reformers Just Won Control of the Union. They Want to Turn It Into a Fighting Union 2023-03-19 [Jacobin]

Worker struggles with gig economy giants 2023-03-19 [News 24]

Bandcamp Workers Form Union 2023-03-19 [PC Mag]

Starbucks: Poster child for corporate abuse 2023-03-18 [The Bullet]

It’s a New Day in the United Auto Workers 2023-03-17 [Labor Notes]

Google workers hit back at CEO over layoffs: ‘Nowhere have workers’ voices been adequately been considered’ 2023-03-17 [Fortune]

Mexico says Troy-based auto supplier hindered plant workers' rights 2023-03-17 [Detroit Free Press]

Senate barista unionisation hearing: What does it mean for specialty coffee? 2023-03-16 [Perfect Daily Grind]

AFSCME releases new teaser trailer for upcoming podcast covering the 1968 Memphis sanitation workers’ strike 2023-03-14 [AFSCME]

Rutgers faculty authorizes a strike as negotiations continue 2023-03-14 [WHYY]

Temple Strike Ends After Grad Students Accept Deal 2023-03-14 [Inside Higer Ed]

 VIDEO  Numsa marches to US Embassy, demands release of Mumia Abu-Jamal 2023-03-11 [The Citizen]

International Working Women's Day honours a union on strike 2023-03-11 [National Nurses United]

Amazon Labour Union President Chris Smalls on “The New School of Labour” and making history 2023-03-10 [Press Progress]

Why Unions Matter So Much: Is the Democratic Party again starting to pay more attention to them? 2023-03-10 [New York Times]

In new memoir, Berkeley union rep reveals painful secrets in her family and the labor movement 2023-03-09 [Berkleyside]

Resolution: Celebrating Women Who Tell Our Stories 2023-03-09 [APWU]

International Women’s Day: NFFE Honors our Union’s Women Leaders of the Past 2023-03-09 [NFFE]

2023 Women Labor Leaders 2023-03-08 [AFL-CIO]

United Auto Workers challenger holds narrow lead in race for union president 2023-03-07 [Saltwire]

Starbucks illegally fired US workers over union, judge rules 2023-03-06 [BBC]

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