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As a union leader, I've learned one big lesson: Workers can't just rely on promises from CEOs 2019-09-22 [Biz Insider]

Labor Has Only One Candidate: Bernie Sanders 2019-09-22 [Jacobin]

UAW strike puts Trump, GOP in political bind in key states 2019-09-22 [PBS]

GM lays off thousands of workers as plants lie idle in labor union strike 2019-09-22 [NBC]

Low-Wage Workers Gather to Build Power Across Sectors in the South 2019-09-22 [TruthOut]

GM strike talks go into evening; Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders set to visit picket line 2019-09-22 [Detroit Free Press]

Strikers Respond to GM Greed Post-2009 Bail-out: “They Made That Money off Our Blood, Sweat, and Tears” 2019-09-22 [Jacobin]

Nurses, auto strikes may be signs of awakening U.S. unions 2019-09-22 [Blade]

Trump NLRB Moves to Reverse Rule Deeming Graduate Students Employees 2019-09-22 [Harvard Crimson]

SCOTUS gutted workers' rights last year, and the House Democrats just passed a bill to restore them 2019-09-22 [Newsweek]

GM strike exposes anti-worker flaws in US labor laws. Companies have the upper hand. 2019-09-21 [USA Today]

Enlightened capitalism? Tell that to striking workers at GM | Moran 2019-09-22 [Star-Ledger]

Day 1 of Nurse Strike in California, Arizona and Florida: 6,500 National Nurses United members walked out at 12 Tenet facilities 2019-09-22 [Inquirer]

Nurses, auto strikes may be signs of awakening US unions 2019-09-22 [Tucson]

Labor of Love: Documentary shows workers' long, hard fight for respect 2019-09-22 [Winston-Salem Jrnl]

 VIDEO Ending Temp Workers Is at Center of Auto Workers Strike 2019-09-21 [The Real News Network]

NLRB reverses itself again, denies grad student union protection of the law 2019-09-21 [NY Times]

'Truly saved my life': GM workers on strike fight for benefits as automaker's profits soar 2019-09-20 [USAToday]

Amazon Makes 'Climate Pledge' As Workers Plan Walkout 2019-09-20 [NPR]

US: Block Law Endangering Sex Workers 2019-09-20 [Human Rights Watch]

Ohio workers unions cry foul as state plans big cuts to future workers' pensions to fix the underfunded pension system 2019-09-20 [The Plain Dealer]

The Unions Backing Friday’s Global Climate Strike—And What It Means 2019-09-20 [In These Times]

Anti-union tactics at Google contractor 2019-09-20 [IndustriALL]

UNI in solidarity with DHL Express clerical workers on strike 2019-09-20 [UNI Global Union]

Kaiser Aluminum Corporation Announces Appointment of Leo W. Gerard to its Board of Directors 2019-09-20 [Yahoo!]

Striking workers are the ones who saved GM 2019-09-20 [Wash Post]

How the GM workers strike makes Bernie Sanders’s case for Medicare-for-all 2019-09-20 [Vox]

Biden-Sanders Rift Over Health Care Is Front-And-Center At Key Labor Union Event 2019-09-20 [KHN]

GM Just Took Away Our Insurance, But It Can't Stop Our Strike: 'We are damn mad. They have abused our trust, especially when unions are under attack in our country right now.' 2019-09-19 [Common Dreams]

The Strike Against General Motors Is One Front in a Much Larger Class War 2019-09-19 [ITT]

Labor and Climate Activists Are Teaming Up to Push for Green New Deal 2019-09-19 [Truth Out]

GM stops paying for health insurance for striking union workers; talks continue 2019-09-19 [Reuters]

Progressives say GM’s decision to cut off employee health insurance ‘yet another reason why we need Medicare for All’ 2019-09-19 [Raw Story]

80,000 Kaiser workers plan 7-day strike that will affect California, 5 other states 2019-09-18 [Sac Bee]

GM cancels all worker health insurance during strike, a sign UAW impasse could drag on 2019-09-18 [Washington Post]

Unionizing Workers Just Accused Kickstarter of Retaliatory Firings in a Federal Complaint 2019-09-18 [Slate]

Walmart likely discriminated against female workers in stores, WSJ says 2019-09-18 [CNBC]

GM workers are on strike to accomplish what Trump couldn’t: They want the automaker to keep good-paying jobs in the US 2019-09-18 [Vox]

Nearly 50,000 UAW workers strike at General Motors in US 2019-09-18 [IndustriALL]

After sharing the pain, GM’s union workers want to share the profits 2019-09-18 [Buffalo Biz Jrnl]

Sanders and Biden battle over health care for union workers as UAW strikes 2019-09-18 [CNN]

Biden and Sanders take fight over health care to union workers 2019-09-18 [Wash Post]

New Food Inspection Rule Puts Workers in Danger 2019-09-18 [Human Rights Watch]

Roiled internally by five month fight with agents, Writers Guild members overwhelmingly reelect incumbent leadership 2019-09-17 [NY Times]

A decade after GM's bankruptcy, UAW members say they have sacrificed long enough and now want a part of the company's hefty profits 2019-09-17 [NY Times]

Nurses to hold one-day strike on 9/20 at Tenet Hospitals in AZ, CA, and FL. 2019-09-17 [nationalnursesunited.org]

GM strikers have one chance: Vote No 2019-09-17 [Labor Notes]

'The Union Is Playing Some Hardball.' Here's Why GM Workers Are On Strike 2019-09-17 [Time]

G.M. Workers Say They Sacrificed, and Now They Want Their Due 2019-09-17 [NYTimes]

Striking UAW workers want Trump to stay out of negotiations with GM 2019-09-17 [CNBC]

This month in labour history

1-09-1907 United Auto Workers president Walter Reuther born. “There is a direct relationship between breadbox & ballot box.” [more]

1-09-1881 William Z Foster born. Labour organizer, leader in Steel Strike of 1919. [more]

4-09-1934 400,000 textile workers start largest strike at the time through most of the US East Coast over wage cuts and speed-ups. [more]

5-09-1917 The Palmer Raids: federal agents seize records & arrest 100s involved with the IWW, including Big Bill Haywood. [more]

9-09-1890 Brotherhood of Railway Carmen of America created at a convention in Topeka, Kansas. [more]

10-09-1897 Nineteen immigrant coalminers are shot in the back and killed by deputies in Lattimer, Pennsylvania. [more]

10-09-1897 Nineteen unarmed immigrant miners are shot dead by a sheriff's posse in Lattimer, Pennsylvania. [more]

16-09-2004 The Farm Labor Organizing Committee wins a collective agreement with Mt. Olive Pickle Company on farms in North Carolina after a five-year struggle. [more]

17-09-2011 Occupy Wall Street movement is launched with a march in New York City. [more]

19-09-1981 More than 400,000 unionists march in Solidarity Day demo in Washington, DC, for sacked striking air traffic controllers. [more]

22-09-1919 A steel strike, led by the Amalgamated Association of Iron & Steel Workers, begins in Pennsylvania before spreading across US. [more]

22-09-2006 Domino's Pizza workers in Pensacola, Florida form the first union of pizza delivery drivers. [more]

23-09-1886 A coalition of Knights of Labor and trade unionists in Chicago launch the United Labor party, calling for an 8-hour day, government ownership of telegraph and telephone companies, and monetary and land reform. [more]

26-09-1903 The Old 97, a Southern Railway train officially known as the Fast Mail, derails near Danville, Va., killing engineer Joseph “Steve” Broady and ten other railroad and postal workers. Many believe Broady had been ordered to speed to make up for lost tim [more]

30-09-1962 Cesar Chavez, with Dolores Huerta, co-founds the National Farm Workers Association, which later was to become the United Farm Workers of America [more]