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Teamsters, FLOC & Oxfam Protest Amazon's Whole Foods Supply Chain Abuses: Whole Foods Must End Abusive Labor Practices in its Food Supply Chain 2020-01-20 [Teamsters]

Union decline hits U.S. in the wallets 2020-01-18 [Observer]

Trump has attacked federal unions. Now, for the first time, he's trying to bust one 2020-01-18 [Wash Post]

The Labor movement must fight for MfA - not employer-based plans 2020-01-18 [Jacobin]

The Labor Movement Must Fight for Medicare for All — Not Employer-Based Plans 2020-01-17 [Jacobin]

Amazon-owned Whole Foods buys food from NC farms where worker abuse is rampant, union says 2020-01-17 [News&Observer]

Game dev union leader: “Dream job” passion “can open us up to exploitation” 2020-01-17 [Ars Technica]

Labor unions turn their back on US-Mexico-Canada trade agreement 2020-01-17 [WNCT]

Trump Labor Department gives big companies the go-ahead to exploit franchise workers 2020-01-17 [Daily Kos]

Pete Buttigieg’s Campaign Used Notoriously Low-Paying Gig-Work Platform for Polling 2020-01-17 [Intercept]

Game Makers Stare Down Major Union Drive 2020-01-17 [Hollywood Reporter]

Mexico Union Threatens Home Depot Strike, Inspired by USMCA Trade Deal 2020-01-16 [NYTimes]

A Paid Leave Update, and a Bill to Improve Feds’ Due Process Rights 2020-01-16 [Gov Exec]

Improving federal law for pregnant workers 2020-01-16 [The Hill]

How unionizing could change the lucrative video game industry 2020-01-16 [KCRW]

AG Racine Announces National Electrical Contractor Will Pay $2.75 Million to Workers and the District to Resolve Wage Theft Lawsuit 2020-01-16 [DC Line]

U.S. Senator Kamala D. Harris Votes Against USMCA in Committee 2020-01-16 [Sierra Sun Times]

Permanent War and Poverty or Widespread Truth Awareness? 2020-01-16 [Global Research]

Sanders Splits From 2020 Candidates in Opposing USMCA 2020-01-16 [Floridian]

Bernie Sanders Won’t Play Your Game 2020-01-16 [The Nation]

1,350 union workers gain full-time status at GM 2020-01-16 [NW AR Democratic Gazette]

Fake News: Trump’s Trade Deals 2020-01-15 [Am Prospect]

Hotel workers union builds single-payer clinic in Queens 2020-01-15 [Crain's NY Biz]

New Book Edited by UMass Amherst Labor Center Faculty Members “Labor in the Time of Trump” Now Available 2020-01-15 [UMass Amherst]

For the Love of God, Ask the Candidates About Unions! 2020-01-15 [New York]

One astounding chart shows how the death of the union has made economic inequality worse 2020-01-15 [Markets Insider]

At the Iowa Debate, Bernie Sanders’s Most Vociferous Opponent Was CNN 2020-01-15 [Intercept]

Puerto Rico Retirees Could Face 8.5% Cut to Pensions, in Latest Blow for Island 2020-01-15 [NBC]

Sanders Doesn’t Support USMCA Because It Doesn’t Address Climate Change and Outsourcing 2020-01-15 [Epoch Times]

Historic bargaining agreement raises WNBA salaries 2020-01-15 [The Grio]

Are Manufacturing Workers in High Demand? 2020-01-14 [Mother Jones]

As Asarco strike enters 4th month, workers in Arizona and Texas remain determined 2020-01-14 [Cronkite News]

Can Workers Still Use the National Labor Relations Board under Trump? 2020-01-13 [Labour Notes]

US states move to stop prisons charging inmates for reading and video calls 2020-01-13 [Guardian]

Gig workers want a seat at the bargaining table. The feds say not so fast 2020-01-13 [Desert News]

Trump Labor Dept. Rule to Curb Lawsuits by Franchise Workers 2020-01-13 [NYTimes]

Retirement And The Laws To Help Older Workers 2020-01-13 [Forbes]

The minimum wage is rising, but these workers are being left behind 2020-01-13 [Star Tribune]

Fighting for overdue protections for pregnant workers 2020-01-13 [CBS]

Bills in several states aim to help those in the gig economy. Some are worried they’ll lose work instead 2020-01-12 [CNBC]

CNN agrees to record settlement in labor dispute 2020-01-12 [Dallas Morning News]

Democratic Party: What happened to the party of labor? 2020-01-12 [Salt Lake Tribune]

CNN agrees to pay $76 million to settle allegations it violated federal laobr law 2020-01-12 [NYT]

Salary confusion, job upheaval, and tensions with management: Hearst Magazines employees talk about why they unionized 2020-01-11 [Biz Insider]

Wearable panic button protects hospitality workers from sexual assault 2020-01-11 [Sun]

CNN Sets Record $76 Million Back Pay Settlement With NLRB 2020-01-11 [Variety]

CNN Agrees to Pay $76 Million to Settle Allegations It Violated Federal Labor Law 2020-01-11 [NYTimes]

UAW Bid to Organize Tesla Going Before NLRB 2020-01-10 [Ward's Auto]

Can Workers Still Use the National Labor Relations Board under Trump? 2020-01-10 [Labor Notes]

Nurses Are Most Honest, Ethical Workers, Gallup Says 2020-01-10 [NJBIA]

This month in labour history

1-01-1966 At 8.02am a transport strike begins across New York City. Strikers will win a 15% pay rise, and other benefits, after 12 days. [more]

2-01-1920 Thousands of US labor activists are arrested in the 'Palmer Raids' during the first Red Scare. [more]

3-01-1917 Trial of labour organizer Tom Mooney begins in San Francisco for Preparedness Day bombing. He was framed & serves 22 years. [more]

4-01-1966 Transport Workers Union of America leader Mike Quill arrested for violating an anti-strike court injunction in 4-day old 35000-member strike. [more]

4-01-1965 Start of victorious 28-day strike by 8000 New York City social workers over better conditions for welfare recipients. [more]

7-01-1920 Five elected members of the New York state assembly belonging to the Socialist Party are refused their seats. [more]

11-01-1912 The 'Bread and Roses' strike began in Lynn Massachusetts. The strike was begun and led by mainly immigrant women. [more]

11-01-1937 Police beat and arrest UAW members during the great sit-down strike in Flint, Michigan [more]

13-01-1874 Mounted police from the NYPD violently attack a demonstration of unemployed workers in Tompkins Square Park. [more]

15-01-1929 Birth of civil rights activist and labor movement supporter Martin Luther King, Jr [more]

17-01-1915 The song 'Solidarity Forever' by Ralph Chaplin is first sung, on a hunger march through Chicago organised by Lucy Parsons. [more]

22-01-1969 Black workers at the Eldon Chrysler plant in Detroit march on the autoworkers' union with a list of grievances. The workers had formed ELRUM - the Eldon Revolutionary Union Movement - and they called a strike the next day. [more]

23-01-1913 Joe Hill's song 'Mr. Block', extolling the virtues of industrial unionism, is first published in the IWW's newpaper. [more]

27-01-1850 Samuel Gompers, founder of the American Federation of Labor, is born. [more]

29-01-1834 Federal troops are used to break a strike for the first time in America, on the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal [more]

31-01-1938 12,000 pecan shellers, most of them Hispanic women, strike for higher wages and civil rights in San Antonio, Texas. [more]