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The Supreme Court Is Demolishing Decades of Precedent on Workers’ Rights


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The Supreme Court Is Demolishing Decades of Precedent on Workers’ Rights [TruthOut] 2024-07-11

After pivotal 2020 voter drive, US union braces for another fight against Trump [The Guardian] 2024-07-05

Biden unveils rules to protect millions of US workers from extreme heat [The Guardian] 2024-07-02

Supreme Court ruling drastically weakens federal agencies and their ability to protect workers’ rights [EPI] 2024-06-29

Justice Delayed: One Year Since the Murder of Shahidul Islam [Solidarity Centre] 2024-06-25

Teamsters president will speak at the Republican National Convention [AP] 2024-06-22

False Claims on Labor Rights - Seeking US Trade Preferences, Hanoi Insists Workers Can Organize [Human Rights Watch] 2024-05-09

Historic Legislative Victory Heralds a New Era for U.S. Nursing Home Care [UNI Global Union] 2024-05-07

Workers' Memorial Day Statement [North Carolina DOL] 2024-04-28

Nation's largest nurses union stands in solidarity with campus protestors facing crackdowns and arrests [National Nurses United] 2024-04-27


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AFL-CIO highlights the anti-worker foundation of Trump's second term agenda 2024-07-19 [AFL-CIO]

Trump running mate J.D. Vance vows to fight for 'forgotten' workers 2024-07-18 [Reuters]

IAM District 751, Boeing's largest union, approves strike authorization vote 2024-07-18 [Washington Post]

Dollar General will pay $12 million in fines over workplace safety violations like no fire extinguishers, blocked exits, bare wires 2024-07-17 [WCPN]

Cities Want To Give Workers Heat Breaks. States Are Stopping Them 2024-07-17 [Next City]

AFL-CIO president Liz Schuler responds to Trump Vice-President announcement 2024-07-17 [AFL-CIO]

New survey finds over one-third of U.S. workers live paycheck to paycheck 2024-07-17 [Louisiana Radio Network]

Prime Day means injuries for almost half of Amazon warehouse workers, Senate investigation finds 2024-07-17 [MarketWatch]

Why I Took the Teamsters' Fight for American Workers to the RNC | Opinion 2024-07-16 [Newsweek]

HMeyerson: Republican Make-Believe: Playing Nice and Loving Workers 2024-07-16 [Am Prospect]

The rise of the ‘union curious’ 2024-07-16 [EPI]

Amazon Prime Day causes workplace injuries, Senate probe finds 2024-07-16 [Wash Post]

Trump vows to carry out a platform of 'Project 2025' impacting thousands of federal workers in the DMV 2024-07-16 [WUSA]

In blow to Biden, Teamsters consider no endorsement in 2024 race 2024-07-16 [Reuters]

Union workers at downsizing tractor factory weigh Biden vs. Trump 2024-07-16 [Reuters]

Teamsters union president calls Trump ‘tough SOB’ in unprecedented speech at RNC 2024-07-16 [Guardian]

Teamsters president delivers fiery address at RNC, as Republicans flirt with populism 2024-07-16 [Wash Post]

‘Not Beholden To Any Party’: Here’s Why Teamsters Union Boss Sean O’Brien Spoke At RNC 2024-07-16 [Forbes]

Teamsters president’s RNC speech highlights Trump’s efforts to lure working-class voters 2024-07-16 [Politico]

Teamsters Union president addresses the Republican National Convention 2024-07-16 [ABC]

New Law Undermines Unions For more info 2024-07-15 [Diane Ravitch]

GOP convention is no place for union leaders 2024-07-14 [The Sun]

Alaska Air and flight attendants union chiefs have a deal. But will workers agree? 2024-07-14 [The Times]

AFA-CWA International President Sara Nelson Reiterates Support for President Biden and Vice President Harris 2024-07-12 [AFA-CWA]

CBS Pays $3.05 Million in Settlement With Writers Guild West Over Labor Dispute 2024-07-11 []

The Federal Trade Commission's attempt to ban U.S. non-compete agreements: Why and what next? 2024-07-11 [Reuters]

Federal Judge Pauses Overtime Rule 2024-07-11 [NAM]

U.A.W. Monitor Reveals Details About Investigation Into Union Leader 2024-07-11 [NYTimes]

How a Teamster Leader’s Flirtations With Trump Have Divided the Union 2024-07-11 [NYTimes]

Biden breaks from NATO pageantry — and re-election doubts — to shore up labor-union backing 2024-07-11 [AP]

NLRB protections for workers' 'abusive' conduct nixed by US court 2024-07-11 [Reuters]

American Airlines Workers Strike Back Against Corporate Greed 2024-07-11 [MSN]

American Airlines Offers Flight Attendants More Money Than Their Peers at Delta Air Lines in Bid to Break Bargaining Deadlock 2024-07-11 [PYOC]

Supreme Court, siding with Starbucks, makes it harder for NLRB to win court orders in labor disputes 2024-07-11 [CNBC]

4 Ways Unions Make Our Economy and Democracy Stronger 2024-07-11 [CAP]

Why Did the National Education Association Just Lock Out Its Own Staffers? 2024-07-11 [Truthout]

Biden Announces New Rule To Protect Workers From Extreme Heat 2024-07-11 [Huff Post]

Grocery Workers File Union Democracy Lawsuit 2024-07-11 [Labour Notes]

Elon Musk’s X wins $500M lawsuit from laid-off workers who claimed they were owed severance 2024-07-11 [NYPost]

The Supreme Court Is Demolishing Decades of Precedent on Workers’ Rights 2024-07-11 [TruthOut]

AFL-CIO leadership unanimously reaffirms committment to re-electing President Biden and Vice-President Harris 2024-07-11 [AFL-CIO]

Labour leaders urge Congress to oppose anti-worker resolutions in Congressional Review Act 2024-07-09 [AFL-CIO]

Western Global Pilots Request Mediation to Facilitate Contract Negotiations 2024-07-09 [ALPA]

In Sweden, the fight against Tesla continues 2024-07-08 [IndustriALL]

Jane F. McAlevey, Who Empowered Workers Across the Globe, Dies at 59 2024-07-08 [NYTimes]

The US’s first major heat-safety rules could protect 36M workers as temps spike nationwide 2024-07-06 [Sherwood]

Biden cancels remarks at teacher's group convention after strike 2024-07-06 [Reuters]

After pivotal 2020 voter drive, US union braces for another fight against Trump 2024-07-05 [The Guardian]

US unveils measures to protect workers from extreme weather 2024-07-05 [BWI]

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