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Disney uses its promised $1,000 employee bonus as leverage over union negotiations 2018-03-23 [Salon]

After 5 Months, the #NYCStripperStrike Is Poised to Go Nationwide 2018-03-23 [Jezebel]

Undocumented workers find new ally as unions act to halt deportations 2018-03-22 [The Guardian]

Sneakers and study groups: How the WNBPA advances player rights 2018-03-22 [UNI]

West Virginia Teachers Are Showing How Unions Can Win Power Even If They Lose Janus 2018-03-21 [In These Times]

Teamsters Pres Hoffa: Trump steel, aluminum tariffs will protect American jobs, security 2018-03-21 [FOX]

New Study: Automation Makes Workers So Anxious That They Get Sick 2018-03-21 [Inc.]

The suddenly-hot job market for workers over 50 2018-03-21 [CNBC]

New Proposed U.S. Bill Aims to Prevent Offshoring of Call Center Jobs 2018-03-21 [Little India]

Building Bridges: Oscar López Rivera on U.S. Colonialism After Hurricane Maria For more info 2018-03-21 [WBAI Radio]

Trump Trade Tariffs Not About Helping Workers 2018-03-20 [The Nation]

McDonald's agrees settlement in franchise U.S. labor case 2018-03-20 [Reuters]

Trump's NLRB chief desperate to reach negotiated settlement to avoid implementation of landmark ruling in McDonald's labor case 2018-03-19 [NY Times]

Trump Labor Officials Scramble to Keep McDonald’s Workers From Setting a Precedent 2018-03-19 [Skift Table]

Donald Trump Is Determined to Privatize the Department of Veterans Affairs 2018-03-19 [truth-out]

Put up with harassment for a $2.60 tip? 2018-03-19 [ST]

Coca-Cola turns to blockchain in fight against forced labour 2018-03-19 [thedrum]

Why It’s Dangerous to Give in to Facile Analogies Between the Last Gilded Age and Our Own 2018-03-18 [History News Network]

Teachers in Jersey City begin strike as demands for walkouts expand across the US 2018-03-18 [WSWS]

Educating kids about unions teaches real-world skills 2018-03-18 [Black Enterprise]

Busting 5 Persistent Myths About Gig Workers That Shouldn’t Still Exist in 2018 2018-03-18 [Recruiter]

Trump Labor Board Scrambles to Avoid Pro-Worker Ruling, Lawyers Claim 2018-03-18 [Bloomberg]

Claims by right-to-work supporters like a hollow bunny 2018-03-18 [Las Cruces Sun News]

New Effort Aims to Boost Hollywood Female Union Membership 2018-03-17 [Hollywood Reporter]

Federal employees accuse Betsy DeVos of union busting 2018-03-17 [Detroit Metro Times]

ILR Lecturer: Only one in four workers have decent jobs 2018-03-17 [Cornell Chronicle]

Could the West Virginia Teacher Strike Spark a Labor Movement? 2018-03-17 [WV Public Bdcasting]

Teachers across the country fight for higher pay and benefits after West Virginia's successful strike 2018-03-17 [USNews]

Today*s working women honor their courageous foremothers 2018-03-17 [The Hill]

Inter-jurisdictional comparison of OHS and workers compensation system performance 2018-03-17 [IWH]

Trump administration escalates attack on federal unions with one-sided ‘agreement’ at Education 2018-03-16 [Wash Post]

 VIDEO Teachers' union proud of student walkouts over shootings 2018-03-16 [CBS]

Trump administration escalates war on unions with one-sided 'agreement' at Dept. of Education 2018-03-16 [Washington Post]

A Labor-Based Movement For Medicare for All 2018-03-16 [Common Dreams]

Trumka Argues Job Training Isn’t Enough 2018-03-16 [Inside Sources]

2nd Circ. Wipes Out Novelis Corp Union Bargaining Order 2018-03-16 [Law360]

Union Pacific spies with drones on their railroad workers 2018-03-16 [Drone DJ]

SNAP Helps Workers Supplement Low Wages and Helps Them Between Jobs 2018-03-16 [Ctr Budget & Policy Priorities]

Trump labor dept responds to restaurant worker pressure 2018-03-16 [ROC]

Education key to American workers adapting to a new business world 2018-03-16 [Mercury]

Robots are shifting income from workers to owners 2018-03-16 [Axios]

Toys R Us tells workers it will liquidate and sell or close all stores 2018-03-16 [USAToday]

What If Companies Were Required to Tell Workers What Their Colleagues Earn? 2018-03-16 [Harvard Biz Rev]

Will Employment Keep Growing? Disabled Workers Offer a Clue 2018-03-16 [NYTimes]

By letting unions wither, the Democratic Party has sown the seeds of its downfall 2018-03-16 [TimberJay]

Are Disney Workers Having a Hard Time Making Ends Meet? 2018-03-16 [The Nation]

Disney Workers Fight for a Living Wage 2018-03-16 [NPQ]

Union leaders team up to support graduate student workers union rights 2018-03-16 [Michigan NPR]

We need stronger labor unions to protect the middle class 2018-03-16 [Newsweek]

A new era in American unionism 2018-03-15 [NWLaborPress]

This month in labour history

6-03-1913 Joe Hill's song "There is Power in a Union" first appeared in the @_IWW union's Little Red Song Book. [more]

7-03-1932 Unemployed workers stage a hunger march to the Ford complex at Dearborn, demanding workers be rehired. Police shoot at the demonstration, killing 4 and injuring 60 [more]

8-03-1942 Lucy Parsons, founding member of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW), and powerful orator for women, working people, and political prisoners died. [more]

8-03-1926 Fur & Leather Workers Union (mostly women) went on strike in NYC, enduring beatings by police. They won a 10% raise and a five-day week. [more]

9-03-1910 Westmoreland County Coal strikes begins, ending in 1911. It is known as the 'Slovak strike', as 70% of the miners are Slovakian. 16 people are killed. [more]

11-03-1950 TWU members at American Airlines win 11-day national strike, gaining what the union says was the first severance pay clause in industry. [more]

12-03-1929 Lupe Anguiano, women's rights activist and labour organizer, is born. [more]

12-03-1912 The Bread and Roses strikers won all their demands. The strike was organized by mostly women workers and the Industrial Workers of the World and included 20,000 workers. [more]

13-03-1830 The term “rat,” referring to a worker who betrays fellow workers, first appears in print in the New York Daily Sentinel [more]

18-03-1937 New York City police arrested striking Woolworth's store clerks - mostly women - who had occupied stores demanding a 40-hour workweek. [more]

31-03-1927 Cesar Chavez, Mexican-American labour leader, is born. [more]