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Top news - Pennsylvania

Philadelphia Greyhound workers resist layoffs, speedup, attack on wages 2020-08-10 [The Militant]

Trash is piling up, but people aren’t blaming Philly sanitation workers 2020-08-04 [Philadelphia Inquirer]

Strippers Strike in Philly 2020-08-03 [Payday Report]

Essential workers running Philly’s Greyhound station are fighting for stronger safety protections 2020-07-29 [Philadelphia Inquirer]

Among Healthcare Workers, Family and Primary Care Doctors May Have Been Most at Risk of Dying from COVID-19 2020-07-28 [Penn Medicine News]

They Warned OSHA They Were in “Imminent Danger” at the Meat Plant. Now They’re Suing the Agency 2020-07-26 [Daily Yonder]

As pandemic unfolded, OSHA complaints around Pittsburgh highlighted supply shortages 2020-07-26 [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]

Union seeks hazard pay for York Cty essential workers, funding for social services 2020-07-24 [York Dispatch]

Union: 100+ Sanitation Workers Have COVID-19 As Trash Piles Up in Philadelphia 2020-07-21 [Yahoo]

Black workers at the Free Library of Philadelphia Get Support from Bestselling Authors 2020-07-10 [ABC]

Carnegie Museum Workers Announce Organizing Campaign to Join USW 2020-07-05 [USW]

City Council Passes Emergency Health Benefits for Frontline Healthcare Workers 2020-07-04 [SWGlobe Times]

Carnegie Museum Workers Announce Organizing Campaign to Join USW 2020-07-01 [USW]

Employees from all four Carnegie museums announce unionization drive 2020-06-30 [Pgh City Paper]

Amid Mass Furloughs, Philadelphia Museum of Art Workers Schedule Union Election 2020-06-27 [Hyperallergic]

100 Black women vote to unionize at Warminster rehab center: ‘We just want to be appreciated’ 2020-06-27 [The Inquirer]

Philadelphia set to be first U.S. city to protect workers against retaliation for calling out coronavirus conditions 2020-06-26 [Philadelphia Inquirer]

Philadelphia Museum of Art staffers seek to unite through AFSCME 2020-06-12 [AFSCME]

‘Black lives matter at work’: Philadelphia sanitation workers to rally for safer conditions on the job 2020-06-09 [Philadelphia Inquirer]

PA AFL-CIO Issues Statement on Job Eliminations at the PA Turnpike Commission 2020-06-07 [My ChesCo]

Confronted by COVID and civil unrest, Philly’s home health workers still show up for a risky job 2020-06-03 [Philadelphia Inquirer]

Poll workers mask up and step up for unprecedented Pa. primary election 2020-06-03 [Lancaster Online]

Philadelphia: Owners close Milk & Honey Market after wage and coronavirus safety disputes with workers 2020-06-02 [Philadelphia Inquirer]

Construction unions have led the way on safe reopening during the pandemic 2020-05-19 [Philadelphia Inquirer]

Pa.’s largest nurses’ union accuses hospitals of misinforming state officials about PPE 2020-05-15 [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]

How workers at a South Philly nursing home managed to get raises and hazard pay 2020-05-14 [Philadelphia Inquirer]

Philly’s essential workers are risking their lives for low pay: ‘I can’t not go to work’ 2020-05-11 [Philadelphia Inquirer]

Philadelphia Union deliver KN95 masks to 4 hospitals as part of Fight for Philly campaign 2020-05-08 [KYW]

Pa. leads nation in virus-stricken meat plant workers, CDC says 2020-05-03 [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]

Acts of Kindness: Laborers’ Local Union 413 deliver PPE and lunches to front line workers 2020-04-28 [DE Cty Times]

SEPTA avoids work stoppage after union presses safety demands 2020-04-23 [Philly Voice]

Philly Workers Organizing During COVID-19 2020-04-16 [Hack the Union]

SEIU nurses says distant corporate owner of Moses Taylor Hospital in Scranton was unprepared for COVID, putting chemo patients, babies at risk 2020-04-11 [Washington Post]

Union: 164 workers test positive for COVID-19 at Cargill Meat Solutions 2020-04-11 [PA Homepage]

Union: York County 911 dispatchers forced to work five 12-hour shifts per week— plus overtime 2020-04-08 [York Dispatch]

PA AFL-CIO Kicks Off Convention on Zoom 2020-04-07 [PA AFL-CIO]

Essential Union Workers Demand Better COVID-19 Protections 2020-04-05 [Your Erie]

Pa. to stop paying 9,000 state employees amid coronavirus fallout 2020-04-04 [Philadelphia Inquirer]

Black Garbage Workers Go on Wildcat Strike in Pittsburgh as General Strike Wave Spreads 2020-03-26 [Payday Report]

Union Grocery Workers and Retail Workers to Get Increased Wages 2020-03-22 [Erie News Now]

Union: Hundreds of Philadelphia airport layoffs amid virus 2020-03-20 [Yahoo!]

Hundreds of PHL Airport workers are being laid off amid coronavirus outbreak 2020-03-19 [Philadelphia Inquirer]

Union authorizes strike at Farrell steel plant 2020-03-07 [WKBN]

United Steelworkers agree to continue working under expired ATI contract 2020-03-03 [Trib Live]

We're Out. Pennsylvania AFL-CIO Moves Union Convention From Philadelphia to Pittsburgh Over Labor Dispute 2020-03-03 [Daily American]

APSCUF approves coaches contract 2020-02-09 [Indiana Gazette]

Painters union launches national boycott of PPG in Pittsburgh 2020-02-04 [WITF]

Union Workers Call for Boycott of PPG Paints 2020-01-31 [KDKA]

Appeals Court Blocks Adjunct Union 2020-01-30 [Inside Higher Ed]

Minimum wage increase would benefit more than 2 million workers in Pennsylvania by 2025, researchers say 2020-01-29 [FOX]

This month in labour history

This month in labour history

1-08-1917 Frank H. Little, anti-war activist & IWW organiser is lynched in Butte, Montana. He was on IWW's Exec Board when he was killed. [more]

1-08-1942 American Federation of Musicians strikes against recording companies over royalty payments, most settling within a year. [more]

3-08-1821 Uriah Smith Stephens born. A tailor, he led 9 garment workers in founding the Knights of Labor in 1869. [more]

3-08-1981 The PATCO strike begins, effectively shutting down air travel in the US. 2 days later President Reagan fired 11,000 air traffic controllers and broke the union. [more]

4-08-1997 185,000 members of the Teamsters begin a successful 15-day strike at UPS. [more]

5-08-1981 President Reagan sacks 11000 federal air traffic controllers for striking and refusing his order to return to work. [more]

7-08-1894 Eugene Debs & three union leaders arrested following the Pullman strike. [more]

7-08-1919 Actors Equity becomes a recognised union after stagehands honour actors' picket lines. [more]

7-08-1890 Birth of Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, IWW organiser and founder of the ACLU. [more]

8-08-1881 United Brotherhood of Carpenters & Joiners of America forms & becomes one of the largest trade unions in the US. [more]

9-08-1890 Knights of Labor strike on the New York Central railroad; ends in defeat due to scab labour. [more]

10-08-1935 Transport workers in New York descend on a courthouse with money from their own pockets to bail out Mike Quill, their president, arrested after attending a picket line. [more]

11-08-1828 Workingmen’s Party, first US labour party, forms in Philadelphia. [more]

11-08-1894 Troops force 1200 jobless workers out of Washington, DC, including Jack London & Big Bill Haywood. [more]

17-08-1918 95 members of the IWW were jailed for resistance to the First World War. [more]

18-08-1927 Radio station WEVD - named for IWW labour leader Eugene V Debs – goes on the air in New York City. [more]

19-08-1909 IWW issues first edition of the “Little Red Song Book”. [more]

21-08-1831 Nat Turner's slave rebellion begins, Southampton County, Virginia, 56 slaves executed, 120 killed. [more]

23-08-1970 Led by César Chávez, the Salad Bowl strike, largest farm worker strike in US history, begins. [more]

25-08-1925 The Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters, led by A. Phillip Randolph, is founded. [more]

25-08-1950 President Truman ordered the federal government to seize control of the railroads in order to prevent a planned strike by 1.7m union members. [more]

26-08-1935 United Auto Workers union founded. [more]

28-08-1987 John Sayles's film “Matewan” about attempts to organise a union by coal miners is released. [more]

29-08-1921 West Virginia miners marching to free their imprisoned comrades face state forces and private detectives in the five-day "Battle of Blair Mountain." [more]

31-08-1939 Mexican-American women workers walkout at California Sanitary Canning Company, winning a union contract and wage increase. [more]

31-08-1933 Italian-American labour organizer Giovanni Pippan murdered during organizing campaign of bread wagon drivers in Chicago. [more]

31-08-1999 Detroit teachers start 9-day wildcat strike, winning "books, supplies, smaller class sizes" & 4% raise. [more]