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Today's news - Pennsylvania

Union pledges to outlast Cedar Haven owner in four-week-old strike 2017-11-19 [WITF]

Injured workers, widows sue FirstEnergy over fatal power plant incident 2017-11-19 [Post-Gazette]

Memorial service will honor victims of Robena mine disaster 2017-11-18 [The Tribune]

Faculty approve contract with State System of Higher Education 2017-11-18 [Post-Gazette]

Hudson officer challenges firing during pregnancy 2017-11-17 [Pantagraph]

NTSB to rule on cause of Amtrak crash that killed 2 workers 2017-11-14 [The Post]

Pittsburgh Public Schools teachers union rejects fact-finder's report 2017-11-10 [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]

Lawmakers, Wolf administration poised for fight over jobless program funding 2017-11-05 [WHYY]

Coalition of Penn State graduate employees continues to fight to give a voice to graduate assistants through right to unionize 2017-11-02 [Daily Collegian]

Strike continues at Lebanon County nursing home 2017-10-22 [Penn Live]

Workers launch one-day strike at First Hospital in Kingston 2017-10-21 [Wilkes-Barre Times Leader]

First Hospital workers to go on strike Friday 2017-10-19 [Citizens' Voice]

Jobless workers worry Harrisburg has forgotten their funding woes 2017-09-28 [WITF]

Philadelphia IBEW Plans to Sue Big Pharmaceutical Over Opioid Crisis 2017-09-27 [NBC]

Talks between GE and its union end in disappointment. The possibility of a strike hangs in the air 2017-09-27 [Go Erie]

Penn Highlands DuBois nurses vote down union 2017-09-17 [WJAC]

Nurses are unhappy with understaffing at work 2017-09-15 [Inquirer]

Why college resident advisers could benefit from a union 2017-09-12 [The Gruzzly]

HOME NEWS Utilities Employees Credit Union workers support hurricane relief 2017-09-12 [Reading Eagle]

Pitt Grad Students To Ask For Union Vote By End Of Semester 2017-09-12 [WESA]

 VIDEO Pittsburgh workers support Fight for $15 during rally 2017-09-11 [WPIX]

State AFL-CIO official talks about the importance of volunteers 2017-09-08 [New Castle News]

 VIDEO Union Workers Come Together At Philadelphia Annual Labor Day Parade 2017-09-05 [CBS]

Union workers rally in Allentown for higher minimum wage 2017-09-05 [Morning Call]

She didn't quit, she didn't cry, she became a union carpenter 2017-09-03 [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]

Lock Haven University accused in lawsuit of forcing out older employees to avoid paying higher retirement benefits 2017-08-30 [Penn Live]

13 years after vote to unionize, Point Park faculty, university reach tentative contract agreement 2017-08-25 [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]

Allentown Housing Authority union workers authorize strike 2017-08-24 [Morning Call]

Deal Reached To Avert Teachers’ Strike In Keystone Oaks School District 2017-08-18 [CBS]

GE locomotive production jobs leaving Pennsylvania for Texas 2017-08-13 [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]

 VIDEO Pay Disparity In The Newspaper Industry With Cet Parks ED Of Wash Baltimore NG Local 32035 For more info 2017-08-09 [LVP]

 VIDEO '#TN is Not For Sale' CWA Convention Delegates Protest Education Privatization By JLL In Tennessee For more info 2017-08-09 [LVP]

Could academics at Univ Pittsburgh be the future of a historic steelworkers union? 2017-08-09 [The Incline]

Erie School District takes aim at retiree benefit 2017-08-09 [GoErie]

Univ Penn grad students wanted to vote on their labor union months ago. Here’s why they haven’t. 2017-08-08 [Daily Pennsylvanian]

Union leaders rethink their approach 2017-07-25 [WITF]

Largest coal-fired power plant is in trouble and IBEW pres faces ultimate confrontation 2017-07-23 [News Interactive]

Soon-to-be-furloughed Freeport workers denied federal trade impact aid 2017-07-23 [Trib Live]

Airport workers' union says bosses changed tune after Trump election 2017-07-14 [Metro]

A victory for unions 2017-07-13 [Morning Call]

Nexus Construction LLC accused of failing to pay monthly contributions 2017-07-10 [Penn Record]

Fixing Philly: Bringing more minorities into trade unions 2017-07-05 [Metro]

Allentown coated metal workers approve new labor contract 2017-07-04 [Morning Call]

Fragile peace: Crane union may end walkout 2017-07-02 [Philly]

 VIDEO Workers' strike affects Comcast tower, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia construction 2017-06-28 [6abc]

Philly Organizers Urge Chamber of Commerce to Drop Wage Equity Lawsuit 2017-06-28 [Philly Mag]

FBI wiretapped Philadelphia union leader, letters say 2017-06-27 [Allentown Morning Call]

For more than a year, FBI wiretapped labor leader John Dougherty, Councilman Bobby Henon 2017-06-26 [Philly]

Pennsbury Reaches Tentative Deal With Educational Support Professionals Union 2017-06-26 [Levittown Now]

Univ Penn grad students ratchet up the union fight 2017-06-24 [Philly]

This month in labour history

1-11-1835 Philadelphia - first general strike in US history - for a 10 hour. [more]

1-11-1919 Some 400,000 soft coal miners strike for higher wages and shorter hours. [more]

2-11-1909 150 arrested in IWW free speech fight, Spokane, Washington [more]

2-11-1920 SPUSA and railway workers' union leader Eugene V. Debs receives nearly one million votes for Presidency of the United States. [more]

5-11-1885 Eugene V. Debs, leading figure in the railway workers unions, the IWW and the American Socialist Party, was born. [more]

9-11-1935 The Committee for Industrial Organization is formed, breaking away from the American Federation of Labor. [more]

10-11-1933 America's first Depression-era sit-down strike occurs at the Hormel food plant in Austin, Minnesota. [more]

12-11-1892 Workers in New Orleans win a 10 hour day and overtime pay, after a four-day general strike led by racially integrated unions [more]

18-11-1938 The Congress of Industrial Organisations elects John L. Lewis as its first president [more]

19-11-1915 Joe Hill, a Swedish-American organiser for the Industrial Workers of the World, is framed and executed for murder in Utah. [more]

26-11-1913 Wobblies Joe Ettor Arturo Giovannitti and Joseph Caruso acquitted for murdering picket Anna LoPizzo during the Lawrence textile [more]

27-11-1884 Anarchist A.R. Parsons addresses a Thanksgiving Day hunger march in Chicago. [more]

29-11-1980 Dorothy Day, suffragist, Christian anarchist, and founder of the Catholic Worker movement, dies today in New York City aged 83. [more]