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Texas Texas AFL-CIO on El Paso Shootings, White Supremacy


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Texas Texas AFL-CIO on El Paso Shootings, White Supremacy [Workday MN] 2019-08-05

Texas Charges Against Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones Filed to the National Labor Relations Board by Players Union [WBAP] 2017-10-11

Texas Texas Prisoners Organize: Threaten to Strike April 4th with IWW Prisoner Union [IWOC] For more info 2016-03-29


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Texas Former Anadarko workers can sue for overtime 2020-10-22 [Houston Chronicle]

Texas Rule Change Allows Social Workers to Deny LGBTQ, Disabled Clients 2020-10-18 [Spectrum]

Texas Texas allows social workers to deny LGBTQ, disabled clients 2020-10-18 [ABC]

Texas Losing His Grip on Power, Abbott Seeks to Suppress Vote 2020-10-02 [TX AFL-CIO]

Texas In Texas, the lowest-income workers don’t qualify for additional unemployment aid 2020-09-07 [KETK]

Texas COVID-19 takes grim toll on border healthcare workers who demand better protection 2020-08-29 [FOX]

Texas Hundreds of San Antonio Marriott workers to be laid off 2020-08-28 [San Antonio Express-News]

Texas Custodians, cafeteria workers and bus drivers also fear returning to Texas schools 2020-07-30 [TX Tribune]

Texas Workers rally in Austin as end nears for COVID-related federal jobless benefits 2020-07-24 [CBS]

Texas Workers at Loretto Hospital threaten to strike 2020-07-13 [Austin Talks]

Texas Austin teacher union demands class starts online, advises members stay home 2020-07-09 [CBS]

Texas Advocates Say TEA Guidelines Are Bad for Texas Teachers 2020-07-09 [Reform Austin]

Texas Amalgamated Transit Union demands hazard pay for Beaumont Transit drivers 2020-05-08 [KFDM]

Texas Memorializing the Dead in Real Time 2020-04-28 [Rio Grande Guardian]

Texas Treat grocery workers like ‘first responders’ 2020-04-27 [Twin Cities Pioneer Press]

Texas Coronavirus outbreak among DFW Airport ramp workers worries union 2020-04-16 [Dallas Morning News]

Texas COVID-19 In Greater Houston: Houston Coronavirus Cases Spike, Unions Call For Citywide Rent Grace Period 2020-04-07 [Houston Pub Media]

Texas CLAIM DENIED: Quarantined Houston Firefighter denied workers’ comp 2020-04-04 [Click2Houston]

Texas Fighting Coronavirus, Houston Is The Largest U.S. City Without Paid Sick Leave Law 2020-03-16 [Houston Pub Media]

Texas Texas AFT urges state to disperse funding for COVID-19, and local unions urge comprehensive planning for their districts to address the virus 2020-03-11 [Kilgore News Herald]

Texas AT&T, union reach agreement to avert strike in Texas and nearby states 2020-02-23 [Dallas Morning News]

Texas Union Protests Outside Cuellar's San Antonio Office Over His Vote Against Pro-Labor Bill 2020-02-14 [San Antonio Current]

Texas Texas union membership falls to lowest rate on record 2020-02-10 [Chron]

Texas Exxon Baytown refinery union workers reject contract offer 2020-02-03 [Yahoo!]

Texas Exxon Baytown refinery union workers reject contract offer: sources 2020-02-03 [Reuters]

Texas As strike against Asarco enters fourth month, workers remain determined 2020-01-29 [Sentinel]

Texas ASARCO union: 'Not discouraged' after 100 days of striking 2020-01-24 [ABC]

Texas Houston Restaurants Turn To Immigrants Amidst Worker Shortage 2020-01-14 [Houston Public Media]

Texas 103 Years Later: Emma Tenayuca's Push For Labor Rights Still Resonates In San Antonio 2019-12-22 [TX Pub Radio]

Texas The American Federation of Government Employees Sends Open Letter to Senator John Cornyn 2019-11-30 [Commerce Gazette]

Texas Minimum wage workers win big union victory in anti-union Texas 2019-10-22 [Raw Story]

Texas Houston Mayor Turner issues order boosting Houston airport worker wages to $12 an hour 2019-10-10 [Houston Chronicle]

Texas Nurses at El Paso’s Hospitals of Providence East Campus declare victory in organizing campaign 2019-10-04 [National Nurses Union]

Texas What the UAW strike looks like from deep in the heart of anti-union Texas 2019-09-25 [TX Observer]

Texas American Airlines demands mechanics unionpay for 'enormous' financial losses from flight delays, cancellations 2019-08-14 [Dallas News]

Texas Medical workers ask El Paso hospital not to host Trump 2019-08-08 [The Hill]

Texas Texas AFL-CIO on El Paso Shootings, White Supremacy 2019-08-05 [Workday MN]

Texas 100 union catering workers are planning to get arrested while protesting American Airlines 2019-08-03 [The News]

Texas A rule requiring paid sick leave for workers takes effect Thursday in Dallas. Activists are watching 2019-08-02 [TX Tribune]

Texas Efforts continue to create labor union at the Port of Brownsville 2019-07-19 [KVEO]

Texas Rental Market Leaves Many Minimum Wage Workers Without Affordable Options 2019-07-18 [KERA]

Texas Houston airport worker directly urges Houston City Council to support $15 and a union 2019-07-05 [SEIU]

Texas NNU nurses condemn abusive and unhealthful conditions for migrant children in federal custody 2019-06-28 [National Nurses United]

Texas Firefighters stricken with cancer struggle for workers' comp; new law may help 2019-06-07 [ABC]

Texas Lockout continues at Dow Texas chemical plant 2019-05-22 [IndustriALL]

Texas Paid sick leave ordinances stand in Texas, as bill to outlaw them crumbles 2019-05-21 [San Antonio Express-News]

Texas American Airlines asks court to block disruptive 'slowdown' by mechanics unions 2019-05-21 [Reuters]

 VIDEO Texas Challenge To Hoffa's Support For Trump's Tariffs And Trade War With IBT VP John Palmer For more info 2019-05-19 [LVP]

Texas United Airlines to lay off 100 workers in Houston, outsource jobs 2019-05-18 [Chicago Tribune]

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