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Texas Texas AFL-CIO on El Paso Shootings, White Supremacy


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Texas Texas AFL-CIO on El Paso Shootings, White Supremacy [Workday MN] 2019-08-05

Texas Charges Against Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones Filed to the National Labor Relations Board by Players Union [WBAP] 2017-10-11


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Texas Texas Soldiers Are Unionizing After Facing Attacks by a Right-Wing Governor 2022-05-10 [Jacobin]

Texas TX AFL-CIO Joins in Amicus Brief to Stop Abbott, Paxton From Reducing Construction Worker Wages 2022-05-10 [TX AFL-CIO]

Texas Workers at Exxon Mobil refinery in Texas vote to retain USW union after lockout 2022-03-15 [Reuters]

Texas Texas Union Activists Fight 'Microtransit' Privatization 2022-03-14 [Labor Notes]

Texas Nurses applaud decision to end Texas investigations of trans youth and their families 2022-03-13 [National Nurses United]

Texas Locked-out Texas refinery workers OK return-to-work pact -union official 2022-03-02 [Financial Post]

Texas Exxon, union reach tentative return-to-work deal for locked-out refinery workers -sources 2022-02-26 [Saltwire]

Texas Nurses condemn Texas attack on transgender youth and gender-affirming care 2022-02-23 [National Nurses United]

Texas Oil refinery workers ratify Exxon labor contract offer 2022-02-22 [Saltwire]

Texas Google will lower pay for North Carolina and Houston. Workers aren't pleased 2022-02-19 [Protocol]

Texas Workers at Alamo Drafthouse Cinema’s South Lamar location branch unionize 2022-02-19 [KXAN]

Texas Exxon makes new contract offer to locked-out Texas refinery workers 2022-02-12 [Reuters]

Texas San Antonio Starbucks en route to be first store in Texas to unionize 2022-02-12 [Spectrum]

Texas San Antonio Starbucks vying to be the first in Texas to unionize 2022-02-11 [SA Current]

Texas Tell Gov. Greg Abbott, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick and Attorney General Ken Paxton to denounce the national Republican Party for proclaiming the Jan. 6 U.S. Capitol insurrection to be “legitimate political discourse” 2022-02-05 [TX AFL-CIO]

Texas Union rejects pay offer in U.S. refinery worker contract talks 2022-01-30 [Financial Post]

Texas Exxon, union discussing proposal to end lockout at Texas refinery 2022-01-30 [Reuters]

Texas Union calls 1% annual pay rise offer for U.S. refinery workers 'ridiculous' 2022-01-27 [Reuters]

Texas One year later, Texas drawing wrong lessons from insurrection, big lie 2022-01-07 [Texas AFL-CIO]

Texas U.S. board impounds ballots in union-removal vote at Exxon refinery 2022-01-02 [Reuters]

Texas Board impounds ballots in union-removal vote at Exxon refinery 2021-12-30 [Saltwire]

Texas Healthcare workers continue facing burnout as omicron variant causes more infections 2021-12-26 [KVUE]

Texas Exxon workers begin a vote on union's future at Texas refinery 2021-11-16 [Reuters]

Texas Exxon tells locked-out Texas refinery workers non-union employees get higher pay 2021-10-29 [Reuters]

Texas Workers in Texas accuse Exxon of union-busting in refinery dispute 2021-10-09 [Wash Post]

Texas United Steelworkers accuse Exxon of union busting at Texas refinery 2021-10-09 [Saltwire]

Texas Fair Wages Are a Start, But the JuiceLand Strikers Continue to Fight for Industry-Wide Change 2021-10-06 [Eater]

Texas Strike! The San Antonio Symphony And Its Musicians At Impasse 2021-10-04 [TPR]

Texas Most employers are monitoring remote workers online activity: survey 2021-10-04 [KRON]

Texas Patrick’s ‘Great Replacement’ Rhetoric Radical, Dangerous 2021-09-18 [TX AFL-CIO]

Texas AFL-CIO leader calls on Exxon to end Texas refinery lockout 2021-09-02 [Reuters]

Texas Verbal and physical attacks on health workers surge as emotions boil during latest COVID-19 wave 2021-09-01 [TX Tribune]

Texas Waco: Healthcare workers protest against vaccine mandates 2021-08-29 [KWTX]

Texas Houston Federation of Teachers Thanks Superintendent for Imposing a Mask Mandate 2021-08-12 [Diane Ravitch]

Texas City of Houston workers ordered to wear masks again, regardless of vaccination status For more info 2021-08-04 [Click2Houston]

Texas Don’t mess with Texas unions 2021-07-31 [Grist]

Texas Why Texas fossil fuel unions signed onto a climate plan 2021-07-30 [Grist]

Texas Could the death of a corporate handout in Texas be a turning point? 2021-07-27 [The Hill]

Texas Workers at Central Texas poultry plant vote ‘overwhelmingly’ to unionize 2021-07-23 [KWTX]

Texas Abbott’s priorities are clear — and we’re ready to fight 2021-07-07 [TX AFL-CIO]

Texas Houston hospital workers fired, resign over COVID-19 vaccine 2021-06-23 [AP]

Texas 153 Houston Hospital Workers Quit Or Were Fired Because They Refused To Get COVID Vaccines 2021-06-23 [NPR]

Texas Hospital workers plan to appeal judge's decision to reject lawsuit against mandatory COVID-19 vaccine policy 2021-06-14 [FOX]

Texas ExxonMobil, United Steelworkers sit down for first meeting in nearly a month 2021-06-11 [12News]

Texas Austin unions see new interest—and social justice demands—from millennials For more info 2021-05-29 [Austonia]

Texas Medical workers sue Houston Methodist over job requirement to receive COVID vaccine 2021-05-29 [ABC]

Texas In Texas, a rare workers’ comp win against meatpacker JBS 2021-05-27 [Fern]

Texas Former JBS employee who contracted COVID-19 wins workers' comp case 2021-05-27 [Provisioner]

Texas Locked-Out Workers to Rally at ExxonMobil for Annual Meeting 2021-05-25 [USW]

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