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Today's news - California

L.A. teachers celebrate their victories as union and district reach a deal 2019-01-23 [L.A. Times]

WorkWeek 1/22/19 On UTLA Settlement, MLK Labor And Support For General Strike Against Slave Labor For more info 2019-01-23 [WWR]

Tentative agreement reached in Fresno County Superior Court workers strike 2019-01-23 [Your Central Valley]

Los Angeles teachers head back to school after reaching deal 2019-01-23 [AP]

Firefighters march in support of striking LA teachers 2019-01-23 [660 News]

 VIDEO Gov Newsom, Cancel The Tetra Tech Contract After Whistleblowers Fired and Criminal Fraud At SF Hunters Point Shipyard For more info 2019-01-22 [LVP]

 VIDEO Stop Privatization and Slave Labor On MLK Day 2019 In SF Workers Speak Out! For more info 2019-01-22 [LVP]

Talks seeking to end Los Angeles teachers strike enter fourth day 2019-01-21 [Reuters]

Stop starving our schools 2019-01-15 [AFL-CIO]

The Radical Organizing That Paved the Way for LA’s Teachers’ Strike: Union Power Caucus 2019-01-20 [The Nation]

Network for Public Education: What Does the UTLA Strike Have to Do With Charter Schools? Everything For more info 2019-01-20 [Diane Ravitch]

Why teachers unions are good for your children 2019-01-20 [LA Daily News]

Sunny optimism rises on fifth day of LA teachers strike 2019-01-20 [Finger Lakes Times]

 VIDEO ‘Don’t under value us.’ Fresno court workers continue strike into fourth day 2019-01-19 [Fresno Bee]

LAUSD Cries Wolf. Board Has More Than Enough Reserves to Cover Teachers’ Needs 2019-01-19 [Diane Ravitch]

Union rallies at City Hall to call attention to SF’s wealth gap 2019-01-19 [SF Examiner]

Los Angeles: First Charter Strike Ever in California 2019-01-18 [Diane Ravitch]

Los Angeles Teachers Strike to Defend Public Schools from the Privatizers 2019-01-18 [Labor Notes]

Red Queen in L.A.: Who Is Austin Beutner? 2019-01-18 [Diane Ravitch]

L.A. School Superintendant: Austin Beutner’s No Superintendent; He’s an Agent of Austerity And Deception 2019-01-18 [Red Queen in LA]

Hundreds of Union Workers Flood City Hall, Request it ‘Close the Gap’ 2019-01-18 [SFWeekly]

The L.A. Teachers’ Strike Is About So Much More Than Wages 2019-01-18 [TruthDig]

Diane Ravitch Speaks at the Los Angeles Teachers Strike 2019-01-18 [NPE]

Oakland teachers plan unsanctioned disruption to protest slow contract talks 2019-01-17 [KPIX]

LA teachers, district resume negotiations amid strike 2019-01-17 [NY Post]

The unique racial dynamics of the LA teachers' strike 2019-01-17 [The Atlantic]

 VIDEO Los Angeles teachers strike leaves 640,000 students in limbo 2019-01-17 [Canadian Labour Reporter]

Pom Wonderful strike exposes a murky world of unequal pay for farmworkers 2019-01-16 [The New Food Economy]

Strike forces Halos grower to roll back farmworker pay cut 2019-01-16 [The Post-Bulletin]

LA Teachers Are Mad About Charter School Growth. Why Won’t Democrats Acknowledge That? 2019-01-16 [The Intercept]

Hollywood Studios, Unions Support Parents and Educators as L.A. Teachers’ Strike Rages 2019-01-16 [The Variety]

WorkWeek On Gov Shutdown Effects & LA Oakland Teacher Strikes & Struggles For more info 2019-01-16 [LVP]

Why Los Angeles teachers are on strike for the first time in decades 2019-01-16 [Youtube/PBS]

Los Angeles teachers strike - day 1 2019-01-15 [UTLA]

30,000 LAUSD teachers walk off the job in first strike since 1989 2019-01-15 [San Gabriel Valley Tribune]

 VIDEO Los Angeles teachers union calls for 'massive presence' on day 2 of strike 2019-01-15 [CNN]

 VIDEO SEIU1021 Oakland Schools Classified President Bettie Reed Smith On Charters and The Defense Of Public Education For more info 2019-01-15 [LVP]

Wonderful Company farmworker strike on its fourth day 2019-01-14 [KGET]

The 1 Percent and Privatization: Is the Los Angeles Teacher Strike A Different Kind Of Strike? 2019-01-14 [Forbes]

LA's teachers can teach the working class about the power of labor strikes 2019-01-14 [Guardian]

Tell LAUSD: Stop Starving L.A. Schools! 2019-01-14 [AFT]

 VIDEO Get Up Get Down! Oakland Is A Union Town-Mass March and Rally To Defend Public Education Led By OEA For more info 2019-01-14 [LVP]

Shutdown Forces Some Bay Area Meteorologists to Work Without Pay 2019-01-13 [KQED]

Hollywood Unions Stand In Solidarity With LA Teachers On Eve Of Potential Strike 2019-01-13 [Deadline Hollywood]

Hollywood Unions Stand In Solidarity With LA Teachers On Eve Of Potential Strike 2019-01-13 [Yahoo!]

35,000 L.A. Teachers Prepare to Strike. Here’s what’s at stake 2019-01-13 [Dissent]

Truck drivers awarded $6 million in wage theft suit 2019-01-13 [CDL Life]

Video shows UC Davis employee attack AFSCME 3299 strikers in October 2019-01-13 [CA Aggie]

Teachers Strike Looms As Union, LAUSD Remain at Odds 2019-01-13 [NBC]

Los Angeles Teachers Union Says it is Ready to Strike 2019-01-13 [NPR]

This month in labour history

1-01-1966 At 8.02am a transport strike begins across New York City. Strikers will win a 15% pay rise, and other benefits, after 12 days. [more]

2-01-1920 Thousands of US labor activists are arrested in the 'Palmer Raids' during the first Red Scare. [more]

3-01-1917 Trial of labour organizer Tom Mooney begins in San Francisco for Preparedness Day bombing. He was framed & serves 22 years. [more]

4-01-1966 Transport Workers Union of America leader Mike Quill arrested for violating an anti-strike court injunction in 4-day old 35000-member strike. [more]

4-01-1965 Start of victorious 28-day strike by 8000 New York City social workers over better conditions for welfare recipients. [more]

7-01-1920 Five elected members of the New York state assembly belonging to the Socialist Party are refused their seats. [more]

11-01-1912 The 'Bread and Roses' strike began in Lynn Massachusetts. The strike was begun and led by mainly immigrant women. [more]

11-01-1937 Police beat and arrest UAW members during the great sit-down strike in Flint, Michigan [more]

13-01-1874 Mounted police from the NYPD violently attack a demonstration of unemployed workers in Tompkins Square Park. [more]

15-01-1929 Birth of civil rights activist and labor movement supporter Martin Luther King, Jr [more]

17-01-1915 The song 'Solidarity Forever' by Ralph Chaplin is first sung, on a hunger march through Chicago organised by Lucy Parsons. [more]

22-01-1969 Black workers at the Eldon Chrysler plant in Detroit march on the autoworkers' union with a list of grievances. The workers had formed ELRUM - the Eldon Revolutionary Union Movement - and they called a strike the next day. [more]

23-01-1913 Joe Hill's song 'Mr. Block', extolling the virtues of industrial unionism, is first published in the IWW's newpaper. [more]

27-01-1850 Samuel Gompers, founder of the American Federation of Labor, is born. [more]

29-01-1834 Federal troops are used to break a strike for the first time in America, on the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal [more]

31-01-1938 12,000 pecan shellers, most of them Hispanic women, strike for higher wages and civil rights in San Antonio, Texas. [more]