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Today's news - California

How AFSCME’s strike impacted Univ CA classes 2018-11-13 [CA Aggie]

Kroger ratifies contract with UFCW Local 1059, affects Mansfield workers 2018-11-13 [Richland Source]

San Diego hotel workers end 35-day strike with new contract 2018-11-13 [San Diego Union-Tribune]

San Jose Marriott workers reach agreement to end strike 2018-11-11 [Mercury News]

Software Startup Accused of Union-Busting Will Pay Ex-Employees 2018-11-11 [Bloomberg]

These pictures of union members battling wildfires show true heros in action 2018-11-11 [Labor411]

Marriott Worker Strike Ends in Oakland, Continues in SF 2018-11-06 [Eater San Francisco]

For Bay Area sex workers, a new federal law means less safety and more poverty 2018-11-05 [Salon]

Marriott workers reach strike deal in Oakland — SF labor action continues 2018-11-04 [SFChronicle]

Disneyland's laundry used 'gamification' as an 'electronic whip,' leading to worker stress and injuries 2018-11-04 [Boing-Boing]

'Who Is Marshall Tuck' ? With Robert D. Skeels For more info 2018-11-03 [WWR]

Stand By Me: Sun-Maid Workers Win By Sticking Together 2018-11-03 [Labour Notes]

AFSCME Workers Find Their Power on the Picket Line 2018-11-03 [Truth Out]

Stand by me: Sun-Maid workers win by sticking together 2018-11-03 [Labor Notes]

Marriott CEO Slams Hotel Workers Union, Refuses to Attend S.F. Hearing 2018-11-02 [KQED]

Temporary workers at striking SF Marriott hotel allege labor violations 2018-11-02 [SFChronicle]

 VIDEO Marriott Trick Or Treat! SF Unite Here Local 2 Strikers and Supporters Demand Justice On Halloween For more info 2018-11-01 [LVP]

 VIDEO FedEx OSHA FAA Whistleblower Mechanic Brian Gruzalski, OSHA Investigator/Lawyer Darrell Whitman, The Crimes and The Trial For more info 2018-10-31 [LVP]

UC’s refusal to negotiate with union dismisses well-being of workers, students 2018-10-30 [Daily Bruin]

AFSCME 3299 Strike Concludes, But Will the UC System Budge? 2018-10-29 [Guardian--UC]

 VIDEO Islamophobia, The Thin Blue Line and The San Jose Police Department Management For more info 2018-10-29 [Labor Video Project]

Bernie Sanders supports San Diego workers on strike 2018-10-28 [ABC]

Bernie Sanders rallies striking hotel workers in downtown San Diego 2018-10-27 [San Diego Union-Tribune]

39,000 health care workers claim victories in 3-day strike: Univ CA leaders say no deal 2018-10-27 [Sacto Bee]

Google gender pay gap: women advance suit that could affect 8,300 workers 2018-10-27 [The Guardian]

Debate over outsourcing, equity as Univ CA workers strike 2018-10-26 [CALmatters]

Effort to throw out union at USC Verdugo Hills stymied 2018-10-26 [LATimes]

Dolores Huerta urges students to organize, get involved and vote 2018-10-26 [Sun Sentinel]

 VIDEO If We Don't Get It Shut It Down! AFSCME 3299 Workers Strike UCSF Mission Bay And Are Joined by CWA UPTE and Unite Here Local 2 Marriott Strikers For more info 2018-10-25 [Labor Video Project]

15,000 strike at University of California hospitals 2018-10-24 [Medical Press]

 VIDEO UC Regents & Bosses STOP Outsourcing Our Jobs! UCSF AFSCME 3299 and CWA UPTE Workers Picket For more info 2018-10-24 [LVP]

What this week’s strike at UC Davis hospital means for patients, traffic in Sacramento 2018-10-23 [SACBEE]

 VIDEO 'One Job Is Enough' Thousands Of SF Hotel Workers and Supporters Rally and March To Protest Marriott Hotel Bosses For more info 2018-10-21 [LVP]

SF Marriott hotel workers on day 16 of strike: Not leaving until we win 2018-10-21 [KTVU]

More than 1,000 striking hotel workers march through San Francisco 2018-10-21 [SFGate]

Faculty labor union lawsuit against Palomar College enters Escondido mayoral race 2018-10-20 [Coast News Group]

WorkWeek:NAFTA 2.0 USMC The AFL-CIO And Labor For more info 2018-10-20 [KPFA WorkWeek Radio]

Marriott Faces California Labor Inquiry as Workers Strike 2018-10-19 [Bloomberg]

How tech employees are pushing Silicon Valley to put ethics before profit 2018-10-19 [Vox]

'It Gave Me Panic Attacks': CA Hotel Workers Recount Sexual Abuse 2018-10-18 [Patch]

AFSCME Votes to Strike Between Oct. 23-25 2018-10-17 [Bottom Line]

It was like hell: California hotel workers break their silence on abuse 2018-10-17 [Guardian]

Sex worker groups oppose proposed increased massage parlor enforcement 2018-10-17 [The Examiner]

'It was like hell': hotel workers break their silence on abuse 2018-10-17 [The Guardian]

 VIDEO Samsung AI Union Busting In San Francisco-UBC CIA Protest Samsung Show For more info 2018-10-16 [LVP]

39,000 health workers announce when they will picket UC medical centers statewide 2018-10-15 [Sacto Bee]

AFSCME local 3299 announces dates for 2nd Univ CA strike 2018-10-15 [Triton]

Hotel strike grows enters fifth day 2018-10-08 [Fox KTVU]

Dozens of striking Marriott hotel workers arrested including union presidents 2018-10-13 [Fox KTVU]

Union: 41 Hotels Workers Arrested In Ongoing Strike With Marriott 2018-10-14 [SFGate]

This month in labour history

1-11-1962 Strike at New York Daily News by the Newspaper Guild precedes a larger strike at multiple newspapers [more]

1-11-1918 Scab driver crashes a NYC subway train during labour dispute: 97 die, 255 injured. [more]

1-11-1835 Philadelphia - first general strike in US history - for a 10 hour. [more]

1-11-1919 Some 400,000 soft coal miners strike for higher wages and shorter hours. [more]

2-11-1909 150 arrested in IWW free speech fight, Spokane, Washington [more]

2-11-1920 SPUSA and railway workers' union leader Eugene V. Debs receives nearly one million votes for Presidency of the United States. [more]

3-11-1921 Striking milk truck drivers in New York City dump thousands of gallons of milk on the streets. [more]

5-11-1885 Eugene V. Debs, leading figure in the railway workers unions, the IWW and the American Socialist Party, was born. [more]

9-11-1935 The Committee for Industrial Organization is formed, breaking away from the American Federation of Labor. [more]

10-11-1933 America's first Depression-era sit-down strike occurs at the Hormel food plant in Austin, Minnesota. [more]

11-11-1831 Slave rebellion leader Nat Turner is hanged for his role leading a slave revolt 3 months earlier in Virginia. [more]

12-11-1892 Workers in New Orleans win a 10 hour day and overtime pay, after a four-day general strike led by racially integrated unions [more]

13-11-1974 Oil, Chemical & Atomic Workers union activist Karen Silkwood dies in suspicious car crash while driving documents to a reporter. [more]

14-11-1938 Foundation of the National Federation of Telephone Workers (later Communications Workers of America) in New Orleans. [more]

18-11-1938 The Congress of Industrial Organisations elects John L. Lewis as its first president [more]

19-11-1915 Joe Hill, a Swedish-American organiser for the Industrial Workers of the World, is framed and executed for murder in Utah. [more]

20-11-1896 Rose Pesotta born. Anarchist labour activist & only woman on board of Intl Ladies’ Garment Workers Union (ILGWU). [more]

26-11-1913 Wobblies Joe Ettor Arturo Giovannitti and Joseph Caruso acquitted for murdering picket Anna LoPizzo during the Lawrence textile workers strike. [more]

27-11-1884 Anarchist A.R. Parsons addresses a Thanksgiving Day hunger march in Chicago. [more]

29-11-1980 Dorothy Day, suffragist, Christian anarchist, and founder of the Catholic Worker movement, dies today in New York City aged 83. [more]