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Today's news - California

SF police union gets openly gay leader and a new style, at last 2018-07-16 [SFExaminer]

Tesla factory workers were reportedly offered free Red Bull, walked through raw sewage to meet Model 3 quotas 2018-07-15 [CNBC]

Musk coerced Tesla workers into not forming a union, National Labor Relations Board claims 2018-07-14 [SLBJ]

Elon Musk Told Workers Tesla Would Allow Them To Unionize If He Could Not Make Them Safe: NLRB For more info 2018-07-13 [Jalopnik]

NLRB: Elon Musk coerced Tesla workers against forming union 2018-07-13 [MarketWatch]

From behind the scenes to picket lines: Why Dignity lab workers want better benefits 2018-07-10 [Sacto Bee]

Bill protecting victims of harassment from retaliation passes Assembly Committee 2018-07-07 [Lake Cty News]

Navy does damage control for Pelosi, Feinstein and Lennar as it continues to claim Treasure Island and Hunters Point Shipyard are ‘safe’ For more info 2018-07-06 [SFbayview]

Field Asset Services workers awarded restitution in misclassification case 2018-07-05 [No CA Record]

SF ICE Protest, Rally Against San Francisco Med Examiner and MTA NEA Pres Barbara Madeloni On Privatization and Charters For more info 2018-07-04 [WW Radio]

Taking on Dirty Power in Richmond, California 2018-07-04 [Indypendent]

Nursing home employees picket for better wages, benefits 2018-07-04 [Record Searchlight]

La Taqueria Pays $600,000 for Wage Violations as Workers Win Reforms 2018-07-03 [Eater SF]

Tesla Labor Battle Over “Fair and Responsible Workplace” Could Affect Taxpayer Rebates 2018-07-02 [Clean Technica]

Now they have a choice. Will California teachers and cops stay in their unions? 2018-07-02 [SacBee]

Now they have a choice. Will California teachers and cops stay in their unions? 2018-07-01 [Sacto Bee]

Nurses Say Anti-Worker Court Ruling Will Not Silence Their Voices to Act to Protect Patients, Communities 2018-06-30 [Natl Nurses United]

CA Teamsters Oppose Public Employee Pension Transparency Act 2018-06-29 [Teamsters]

 VIDEO One Day After Janus: SEIU1021 SF Workers Protest Racist Chief Medical Examiner For more info 2018-06-29 [LVP]

After Supreme Court loss, school-employees unions gird for fight to keep their members 2018-06-28 [LATimes]

Union Workers Rally Outside UC Medical Center in Protest of SCOTUS Decision 2018-06-28 [ABC]

 VIDEO Local labor unions react to Supreme Court decision over union fees 2018-06-28 [KGO]

UAW 2865 Challenges UC Armed Police And Juneteenth Coroner Protest For more info 2018-06-28 [WWR]

'Fair share' union fees struck down, delivering blow to California labor 2018-06-27 [SAC BEE]

Marriott workers will hit the streets in San Diego to demand better pay, working conditions 2018-06-27 [SD Union-Trib]

Hundreds of Caregivers March for Better Pay 2018-06-27 [My News LA]

Santa Monica Business Leaders Seek to Block Proposal to Unionize Restaurants 2018-06-26 [Santa Monica Lookout]

How Silicon Valley workers are organizing against Trump’s immigration policy 2018-06-26 [Vox]

Santa Monica Could Require Restaurants on City Property to Unionize 2018-06-26 [Eater]

How Women Artists Used Their Union To Punish An Alleged Sexual Harasser 2018-06-24 [Buzzfeed]

With court case looming, California unions pack state budget with labor goodies 2018-06-23 [SacBee]

Divided NLRB says CA casino owes union workers bonuses 2018-06-23 [Reuters]

Black Dolls Found in Nooses at San Francisco Construction Site, Workers Say 2018-06-23 [NYTimes]

Amazon Workers to Jeff Bezos: Stop Weaponizing Our Tech 2018-06-23 [Hive]

 VIDEO 'Enough Is Enough' SF SEIU1021 African American Workers Rally On Juneteenth and Protest Systemic Racism For more info 2018-06-20 [LVP]

 VIDEO Teachers Using Social Media For Organizing Mass Strikes And Fighting Back For more info 2018-06-19 [lvpsf]

Tesla Severance Offer Draws the Line on Worker-Safety Concerns 2018-06-19 [Bloomberg]

Tesla’s sacked workers must keep mum or lose severance? 2018-06-19 [Mercury News]

Tell KQED to stop union busting 2018-06-18 [Actionnetwork.org]

In California, more and more companies want to recruit autistic employees 2018-06-18 [Equal Times]

En Californie, de plus en plus d’entreprises misent sur le recrutement des autistes 2018-06-18 [Equal Times]

Union protesters seeking higher wages for resort workers march on Disneyland gates 2018-06-15 [The Daily Breeze]

Union protesters seeking higher wages for resort workers march on Disneyland gates 2018-06-15 [OCRegister]

Tesla workers say they pay the price for Elon Musk's big promises 2018-06-15 [The Guardian]

 VIDEO SFSUD Protest Against Union Busting SF Kipp Charter, Privatization and The PAR Program For more info 2018-06-15 [LVP]

Tesla workers say they pay the price for Elon Musk's big promises 2018-06-14 [Guardian]

Did Tesla Management Try To Bust A Nascent Workers' Union? 2018-06-12 [MSN]

Tesla worker claims he was prevented from organizing a union: A hearing seeks to determine if Tesla illegally violated worker federal rights 2018-06-12 [Consumer Affairs]

 VIDEO Reign Of Terror Against San Francisco SEIU 1021 DPH Members And Other City Workers: Speakout At SF Labor Council For more info 2018-06-12 [LVP]

Worker testifies that Tesla stopped him from organizing union 2018-06-12 [Reuters]

This month in labour history

4-07-1840 Tenants in upstate New York issue a 'Declaration of Independence', beginning a five-year Anti-Rent War [more]

5-07-1934 Two strikers are killed fighting police, scabs, and the National Guard during the San Francisco longshoremen's strike [more]

6-07-1892 Striking workers defeat and force the surrender of Pinkerton agents during the Homestead Strike in Pennsylvania [more]

8-07-1966 The largest strike in aviation history begins, shutting down 60 per cent of the US airline industry for six weeks [more]

10-07-1902 112 miners die in an explosion in the Rolling Mill Mine in Pennsylvania [more]

12-07-1933 The Screen Actors Guild holds its first meeting. Among those attending: future horror movie star and union activist, Boris Karloff. [more]

15-07-1959 Half a million steelworkers across the country strike for a pay increase in their new contract [more]

16-07-1934 The San Francisco Labor Council calls a city-wide general strike in support of longshoremen, which succeeds in winning most of the workers' main demands after four days. [more]

18-07-1969 African American hopsital workers in South Carolina win union recognition after a 113-day strike [more]

20-07-1899 Newsboys in New York go on strike against press giants Joseph Pulitzer and William Randolph Hearst [more]

21-07-1877 The government attempts to violently suppress the great railroad strike in Pennsylvania [more]

22-07-1916 A bomb was is set off during a parade in San Francisco, killing 10 and injuring 40. Labour organizer Tom Mooney,and Warren Billings, a shoe worker, were convicted of the crime, but both were pardoned 23 years later [more]

25-07-1907 Trotskyist labor organizer and leader of the 1934 Minneapolis teamsters' strike Farrell Dobbs is born [more]

26-07-1877 Thirty workers are killed in the Battle of Halsted Street Viaduct during the railroad strike in Chicago. [more]

29-07-1970 The United Farm Workers sign their first collective bargaining agreement with California grape growers [more]

30-07-1975 Teamsters leader Jimmy Hoffa disappears from a parking lot in Oakland County and is never seen again [more]