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Nevada Teacher strikes are illegal in Nevada. The union is pushing for one anyway


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Nevada Teacher strikes are illegal in Nevada. The union is pushing for one anyway [Las Vegas Rev-Jrnl] 2019-03-31

Nevada Casino workers in Las Vegas continue weekly picketing [The Times-Union] 2018-07-21

Nevada Las Vegas casino workers prepare for 'citywide strike' after contracts expire [NBC News] 2018-06-01

Nevada 50,000 Las Vegas Workers Are Ready to Go on Strike Over Fears of Robots Taking Their Jobs [Gizmodo] 2018-06-01

Nevada Las Vegas unions vote yes on strike [Honolulu Star Advertiser] 2018-05-27

Nevada Tens of thousands of union workers in Las Vegas casinos vote to strike [SFGate] 2018-05-23

Nevada Two-Tier Minimum Wage Law Survives Challenge [Bloomberg] 2017-03-21


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 VIDEO Nevada US Rail Workers Fed Up & On Verge Of National Strike Over Working Conditions, Health & Safety For more info 2022-09-15 [LVP]

Nevada Lawsuit claims construction worker killed was buried alive 2022-08-13 [WAGM]

Nevada Suncity Issues Arrive in the US as Vegas Union Seeks Federal Investigation 2022-02-10 [Casino]

Nevada State plan to protect workers from extreme heat gets pushback from industry 2022-02-04 [This is Reno]

Nevada How a Union-Busting Behemoth Shook up Nevada's Gold Country 2022-01-14 [Mother Jones]

Nevada NV to make unvaccinated state workers pay insurance surcharge 2021-12-03 [The Hill]

Nevada Teamsters Local 533 reaches tentative agreement to end Keolis strike 2021-10-22 [International Brotherhood of Teamsters]

Nevada Bus driver union responds to Keolis offer to end transit strike 2021-10-10 [News4]

Nevada RTC bus riders face disruptive schedule as strike goes on for second week 2021-10-06 [Reno Gazette Journal]

Nevada Culinary Union to march Friday night on the Strip starting at 5 p.m. 2021-09-24 [8 News Now Las Vegas]

Nevada Wynn LA Table Game Dealers Unanimously Agree on UAW Deal 2021-09-04 [Gambling News]

Nevada Las Vegas teamsters ratify improved construction agreement 2021-08-31 [International Brotherhood of Teamsters]

Nevada Teamsters Laud Ruling That Fired Hotel Workers Are Entitled To Their Jobs, Back Pay 2021-08-16 [Teamsters]

Nevada President's Statement on Successful Conclusion of Teamsters 533 Strike For more info 2021-08-15 [No NV Ctl Labor Council]

Nevada Teamsters local 533 on strike against RTC Washoe bus contractor Keolis Transit 2021-08-05 [International Brotherhood of Teamsters]

Nevada RTC drivers walk out on strike 2021-08-04 [KOLO]

Nevada Mountainview Hospital nurses to picket Wednesday, call on HCA to invest in RN staff and patient care 2021-08-03 [National Nurses United]

Nevada NV had 290-to-1 CEO-to-worker pay ratio in 2020 2021-07-26 [No. NV Biz Weekly]

Nevada Older Workers struggle in Nevada 2021-06-28 [Sierra NV Ally]

Nevada Lawmakers consider proposal to suspend business licenses over unpaid debt 2021-05-25 [NV Independent]

Nevada Teamsters Local 986 pickets for Circa Seven 2021-03-26 [International Brotherhood of Teamsters]

Nevada Did Amazon employee die by suicide inside Las Vegas facility? Workers highlight 'stressful job' conditions 2021-03-03 [MEAWW]

Nevada Healthcare workers share concerns over surges as restrictions ease 2021-02-13 [FOX]

Nevada Healthcare workers plan weekly walkout of Las Vegas hospital due to COVID-19 working conditions 2020-12-03 [FOX]

Nevada Local union plans to ralley weekly until more respect is given 2020-12-03 [One News Page]

Nevada Culinary Workers Union Take Credit For Biden's Win In NV 2020-11-09 [NPR]

Nevada Will Union Workers Deliver Nevada For Biden? 2020-10-22 [The Nation]

Nevada How Essential Food Workers Are Fighting Back 2020-08-02 [Culinary Union 226]

Nevada Las Vegas Workers Gamble With Their Lives: Trump Kills Safety Rules; Hotel, Casino Staffs Suffer the Consequences; Infections Have Run Rampant Since the City Re-Opened 2020-07-31 [DC Report]

Nevada Culinary Union: 352 workers & family members hospitalized with COVID-19 so far 2020-07-18 [NBC]

Nevada Nobody knows how many resort workers are infected— including employees 2020-07-11 [Las Vegas Rev-Jrnl]

Nevada Hospitality Workers Demand Better Protection From COVID-19 Exposure In New Lawsuit 2020-07-04 [Culinary Union 226]

Nevada Culinary Union files lawsuit against major Las Vegas Strip casino companies in order to protect workers from the spread of COVID-19 in the workplace 2020-06-30 [CU 226]

Nevada Nevada workers continue to fight budget cuts, many say they're living paycheck to paycheck 2020-06-27 [NBC]

Nevada Culinary Union in Las Vegas demands more protection for casino workers 2020-06-21 [CDC Gaming]

Nevada Workers at Sahara Las Vegas test positive for coronavirus 2020-06-21 [Las Vegas Sun]

Nevada Despite casinos reopening and tourism activity resuming, many workers remain left behind 2020-06-15 [CDC Gaming]

Nevada Some self-employed workers in Nevada still waiting on unemployment benefits 2020-06-03 [Las Vegas Sun]

Nevada Union nurses at Saint Mary's hospital protest for more COVID-19 protection 2020-05-08 [NBC]

Nevada Helping Hand - Unionists Responding to Crisis in Las Vegas 2020-05-07 [UNI Global Union]

Nevada Nevada's Culinary Union details reopening demands: Workers are not 'rats in a lab' 2020-05-05 [USAToday]

Nevada Las Vegas union demands sick leave, quarantine pay and better protections against coronavirus before casinos reopen 2020-05-02 [ABC]

Nevada What's ahead for unions in virus crisis - concessions or battles? 2020-04-27 [Las Vegas Rev-Jrnl]

Nevada Union that represents Nevada health care workers plans to file charges against OSHA 2020-04-24 [CBS]

Nevada Coronavirus emergency allows for rare union contract suspensions 2020-04-11 [Las Vegas Rev-Jrnl]

Nevada Culinary union members ‘implore' all properties in gaming industry to pay workers 2020-04-09 [CBS]

Nevada The Broader Democratic Socialist Program Won Over Culinary Workers 2020-03-01 [TruthOut]

Nevada Members Of Nevada's Largest Union Defied Their Leadership To Support Bernie Sanders 2020-02-24 [Buzzfeed]

Nevada Nevada service workers union backs Medicare for all 2020-02-19 [MSNBC]

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