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Nevada Teacher strikes are illegal in Nevada. The union is pushing for one anyway


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Nevada Teacher strikes are illegal in Nevada. The union is pushing for one anyway [Las Vegas Rev-Jrnl] 2019-03-31

Nevada Casino workers in Las Vegas continue weekly picketing [The Times-Union] 2018-07-21

Nevada Las Vegas casino workers prepare for 'citywide strike' after contracts expire [NBC News] 2018-06-01

Nevada 50,000 Las Vegas Workers Are Ready to Go on Strike Over Fears of Robots Taking Their Jobs [Gizmodo] 2018-06-01

Nevada Las Vegas unions vote yes on strike [Honolulu Star Advertiser] 2018-05-27

Nevada Tens of thousands of union workers in Las Vegas casinos vote to strike [SFGate] 2018-05-23

Nevada Two-Tier Minimum Wage Law Survives Challenge [Bloomberg] 2017-03-21

Nevada The Hotel Union fighting the President-elect [Slate] 2016-11-23

Nevada Trump Hotel Workers Campaign for a Union, Over the Boss’s Objections [NY Times] 2016-07-30

Nevada Donald Trump’s Las Vegas Hotel Is Officially Unionized [Think Progress] 2016-04-05


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Nevada How Essential Food Workers Are Fighting Back 2020-08-02 [Culinary Union 226]

Nevada Las Vegas Workers Gamble With Their Lives: Trump Kills Safety Rules; Hotel, Casino Staffs Suffer the Consequences; Infections Have Run Rampant Since the City Re-Opened 2020-07-31 [DC Report]

Nevada Culinary Union: 352 workers & family members hospitalized with COVID-19 so far 2020-07-18 [NBC]

Nevada Nobody knows how many resort workers are infected— including employees 2020-07-11 [Las Vegas Rev-Jrnl]

Nevada Hospitality Workers Demand Better Protection From COVID-19 Exposure In New Lawsuit 2020-07-04 [Culinary Union 226]

Nevada Culinary Union files lawsuit against major Las Vegas Strip casino companies in order to protect workers from the spread of COVID-19 in the workplace 2020-06-30 [CU 226]

Nevada Nevada workers continue to fight budget cuts, many say they're living paycheck to paycheck 2020-06-27 [NBC]

Nevada Culinary Union in Las Vegas demands more protection for casino workers 2020-06-21 [CDC Gaming]

Nevada Workers at Sahara Las Vegas test positive for coronavirus 2020-06-21 [Las Vegas Sun]

Nevada Despite casinos reopening and tourism activity resuming, many workers remain left behind 2020-06-15 [CDC Gaming]

Nevada Some self-employed workers in Nevada still waiting on unemployment benefits 2020-06-03 [Las Vegas Sun]

Nevada Union nurses at Saint Mary's hospital protest for more COVID-19 protection 2020-05-08 [NBC]

Nevada Helping Hand - Unionists Responding to Crisis in Las Vegas 2020-05-07 [UNI Global Union]

Nevada Nevada's Culinary Union details reopening demands: Workers are not 'rats in a lab' 2020-05-05 [USAToday]

Nevada Las Vegas union demands sick leave, quarantine pay and better protections against coronavirus before casinos reopen 2020-05-02 [ABC]

Nevada What's ahead for unions in virus crisis - concessions or battles? 2020-04-27 [Las Vegas Rev-Jrnl]

Nevada Union that represents Nevada health care workers plans to file charges against OSHA 2020-04-24 [CBS]

Nevada Coronavirus emergency allows for rare union contract suspensions 2020-04-11 [Las Vegas Rev-Jrnl]

Nevada Culinary union members ‘implore’ all properties in gaming industry to pay workers 2020-04-09 [CBS]

Nevada The Broader Democratic Socialist Program Won Over Culinary Workers 2020-03-01 [TruthOut]

Nevada Members Of Nevada's Largest Union Defied Their Leadership To Support Bernie Sanders 2020-02-24 [Buzzfeed]

Nevada Nevada service workers union backs Medicare for all 2020-02-19 [MSNBC]

Nevada Why Bernie Sanders’s fight with a union really matters 2020-02-14 [Washington Post]

Nevada In new flyer, Culinary Union warns members Sanders would ‘end’ their health care if elected president 2020-02-12 [NV Indiependent]

Nevada Nevada Gold Mines asks for a vote on unionization at Carlin 2020-02-01 [Elko Daily Free Press]

Nevada Unite Here labor union staying neutral in Democratic primary 2020-01-29 [River Bend]

Nevada Nevada state workers moving closer to collective bargaining after gaining right last year 2020-01-20 [NV Independent]

Nevada Teachers union files initiative to raise Nevada’s gaming tax 2020-01-15 [Las Vegas Rev-Jrnl]

Nevada State's largest teachers union endorses Bernie Sanders 2020-01-14 [BuzzFeed]

Nevada AT&T workers end their strike in California and Nevada 2019-12-15 [Stock Daily Dish]

Nevada Workers owed $105K in back pay on Las Vegas Strip bollards project 2019-12-07 [Las Vegas Rev-Jrnl]

Nevada Why Nevada’s Culinary Union isn’t buying Medicare for All 2019-10-10 [PBS]

Nevada Fiesta Henderson Workers Narrowly Approve Nevada Union Affiliation 2019-09-15 [Casino]

Nevada Nevada AFL-CIO takes stand on train crew issue 2019-09-07 [RT&S]

Nevada NV AFL-CIO calls for mandatory two-person train crews 2019-09-05 [Progressive Railroading]

Nevada Nevada casino workers fight an uphill battle to get – and keep – their unions 2019-08-20 [Guardian]

Nevada Union’s voice helps all workers 2019-08-19 [Las Vegas Sun]

Nevada “We Are Union:” Painters Union Convenes in Las Vegas August 12-15 2019-08-11 [Yahoo!]

Nevada Palms Casino Resort Unionization Struggles Gain Major Political Support 2019-08-08 [Casino News]

Nevada New Penalties for Misclassifying Workers Take Effect 2019-07-04 [Wk Comp Central]

Nevada Pro-Worker Labor Bill Becomes Law in Nevada 2019-06-18 [Teamsters]

Nevada Workers at Fiesta Rancho hotel-casino vote to unionize 2019-06-15 [KTNV]

Nevada Sunset Station Hotel and Casino Workers Vote to Unionize 2019-06-15 [Casino News]

Nevada Nevada Is the First State to Ban Employer Drug Tests for Weed 2019-06-13 [Vice]

Nevada Massive Win for Working People: Nevada Governor Signs Bill Giving Over 20,000 State Employees Collective Bargaining Rights 2019-06-13 [Common Dreams]

Nevada Over 20,000 State Employees are About to Gain Collective Bargaining Rights 2019-06-08 [Route Fifty]

Nevada Unions picketing Circus Circus Reno over pay, allege ‘aggressive union-busting’ 2019-04-18 [Reno Gazette Jrnl]

Nevada Striking teachers unions and reforming Nevada labor law 2019-04-14 [Las Vegas Rev-Jrnl]

Nevada State Eyes Collective Bargaining For State Workers 2019-04-05 [NPR]

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