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Maryland Apple’s first unionized workers say the company is withholding new benefits


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Maryland Apple’s first unionized workers say the company is withholding new benefits [Verge] 2022-10-29

Maryland Democrats, unions launch push for statewide $15 minimum wage [The Sun] 2018-01-16


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Maryland Apple’s first unionized workers say the company is withholding new benefits 2022-10-29 [Verge]

Maryland Apple is reportedly withholding new benefits from unionized retail workers 2022-10-13 [Yahoo]

Maryland Prince George's teachers win 6-4-3 wage increase and get more paid planning time in new contract 2022-09-27 [Washington Post]

Maryland U. of MD raises minimum wage for student workers to $15 2022-09-04 [Wash Post]

Maryland Workers at MOM's Organic Market in Hampden move to form union 2022-07-28 [FOX]

Maryland Towson workers vote to form first Apple store union in nation 2022-06-29 [Baltimore Sun]

Maryland Apple ready to bargain with its first U.S. store to unionize: source 2022-06-25 [Saltwire]

Maryland Apple would be unwise to fight 'lopsided' union vote, expert says 2022-06-24 [Yahoo]

Maryland Maryland Apple store union vote marks latest in labor drives 2022-06-22 [AP]

Maryland Maryland Apple store workers face hurdles after their vote to unionize 2022-06-21 [NPR]

Maryland Apple workers vote to unionize at Maryland store 2022-06-19 [FOX]

Maryland Apple workers at Maryland store vote to unionise, a first for the U.S. 2022-06-19 [Reuters]

Maryland Apple workers at Maryland store vote to unionize, a first for the U.S. 2022-06-19 []

Maryland Apple Inc workers in Maryland, US vote to join a union 2022-06-19 [Al-Jazeerah]

Maryland Apple retail workers in Maryland to begin voting in historic union election 2022-06-16 [CNN]

Maryland Towson, MD - ‘People are stressed': Apple workers set to begin first in-person union election 2022-06-06 [The Guardian]

Maryland Unions protest lack of labor agreement on Purple Line construction 2022-05-26 [Washington Post]

Maryland Apple Store Workers in MD File for Union Election 2022-05-08 [Bloomberg]

Maryland Apple Store workers in Maryland begin union drive 2022-05-04 [CNBC]

Maryland Sysco workers on strike demand improved working conditions 2022-04-30 [Yahoo]

Maryland Baltimore school bus workers join Teamsters 2022-03-29 [International Brotherhood of Teamsters]

Maryland Wages for workers in the construction trades on city projects make a significant jump 2022-03-26 [AFRO]

Maryland Starbucks workers in Baltimore area join movement to unionize workplace 2022-03-10 [Baltimore Sun]

Maryland Union representation gives library staff ‘greater say' in their future 2021-10-07 [Baltimore Sun]

Maryland Baltimore Museum of Art workers plan to unionize 2021-10-06 [Baltimore Fishbowl]

Maryland Walters museum workers demand inclusive union election, hold rally to up the pressure 2021-08-18 [AFSCME]

 VIDEO Maryland Unemployment Workers Union Hold Rally Thursday Night In Baltimore Over Flagged Claims, Unavailability 2021-07-30 [CBS]

 VIDEO Maryland Unemployed Workers Union continue fight for unpaid benefits For more info 2021-07-30 [WMAR]

Maryland Unemployed Workers Take Push for Unpaid Benefits to Court 2021-07-22 [MD Matters]

Maryland Hogan must “Do the right thing” 2021-07-07 [Metro Wash Council ALF-CIO]

Maryland Judge Schedules Hearing that Could Further Extend Unemployment Benefits, Franchot and Workers Decry Hogan's Moves 2021-07-07 [MD Matters]

 VIDEO Maryland Unemployed Workers Union Files Class Action Lawsuit In Hopes That A Federal Judge Will Reinstate Enhanced Benefits For more info 2021-07-01 [CBS]

Maryland Unemployed Workers Union Blasts Gov. Hogan's Decision To End Additional Federal Benefits 2021-06-05 [CBS]

Maryland Nurses praise Maryland Bill to protect patients from medical debt 2021-06-04 [National Nurses United]

Maryland Many Workers in Md. Don't Have the Right to Form a Union. That Needs to Change 2021-05-20 [MD Matters]

Maryland MD members push for essential worker protections 2021-02-21 [AFSCME]

Maryland Opinion: State's Essential Workers Deserve More Protections on the Job 2021-02-15 [MD Matters]

Maryland Lawmakers Debate Legislation That Would Protect Essential Workers 2021-02-12 [MD Matters]

Maryland Baltimore building explosion injures 23, traps workers 2021-01-18 [AP]

Maryland Baltimore County librarians seek to unionize through legislation that's going before General Assembly 2021-01-12 [Baltimore Sun]

Maryland Baltimore City election workers speak out about not being compensated for their work 2021-01-02 [FOX]

Maryland Baltimore Teachers Union urges parents to boycott school reopening 2020-10-26 [Real News Network]

Maryland Complaint alleges Maryland agency has failed to protect workers during coronavirus pandemic 2020-10-22 [Baltimore Sun]

Maryland MD ends enhanced coronavirus pay for thousands of front-line state employees 2020-09-12 [Baltimore Sun]

Maryland Workers react to end of hazard pay amid coronavirus pandemic 2020-09-12 [WBAL]

Maryland 100+ Baltimore District postal workers test positive for COVID-19 2020-08-04 [WMAR]

Maryland Univ. of Maryland reveals planned return to campus, but campus workers say it's not enough 2020-07-09 [WJLA]

Maryland African American is fired by UFCW Local 994 after pushing for police reform as state legislator 2020-07-02 [Washington Post ]

Maryland Thousands of coal workers lost jobs. Where will they go? 2020-06-24 [E&E News]

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