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Florida Florida GOP Passes 'Vicious' Bill Banning Mandatory Water Breaks for Workers: 'We will see fatalities...'


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Florida Florida GOP Passes 'Vicious' Bill Banning Mandatory Water Breaks for Workers: 'We will see fatalities...' [Common Dreams] 2024-03-10

Florida ‘We're not animals, we're human beings': US farm workers labor in deadly heat with few protections [Guardian] 2021-07-16

Florida ‘Broken by design': Florida labor unions petition for immediate change to unemployment system [WFLA] 2020-05-15

Florida State's largest teachers union sues state over reopening schools [NBC] 2020-07-22

Florida Florida McDonald's Workers Stage Walkout Over Workplace Violence After Viral Customer Attack Video [Newsweek] 2019-01-09

Florida Mar-a-Lago seeks permission to hire 61 more foreign workers on H-2 visas [MSN] 2018-07-07

Florida Grief and disbelief after school shooting [Education International] 2018-02-15


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Florida 14,000 Disneyland employees to vote on union strike 2024-07-11 [The Sentinel]

Florida Farmworker advocates react to Florida law banning local heat protections 2024-07-02 [Spectrum]

Florida New contract for Miami solid waste workers highlights the union difference 2024-06-25 [The Labor Tribune]

Florida Workers sue Disney claiming they were fraudulently induced to move to Florida from California 2024-06-22 [AP]

Florida Brazen Assault on Public Sector Workers Puts Unions in Survival Mode 2024-06-06 [In These Times]

Florida JetBlue accused of anti-union intimidation tactics at Orlando International Airport 2024-04-28 [Orlando Weekly]

Florida DeSantis Signs Bill Forbidding Localities from Having Higher Standards of Worker Protection than State 2024-04-14 [Diane Ravitch]

Florida DeSantis signs bill preventing cities from requiring heat safety protections for workers 2024-04-12 [Tampa Bay Times]

Florida Miami-Dade’s push to protect outdoor workers dies after state ban. What’s next? 2024-03-19 [Miami Herald]

Florida FL Legislators Ban Local Heat Protections for Millions of Outdoor Workers 2024-03-19 [Inside Climate News]

Florida Florida GOP Passes 'Vicious' Bill Banning Mandatory Water Breaks for Workers: 'We will see fatalities...' 2024-03-10 [Common Dreams]

Florida Florida Senate passes bill blocking local rules protecting workers from heat 2024-03-06 [NBC]

Florida Miami area janitors are among the lowest paid. An immigrant-led union has won better wages 2024-03-03 [The Herald]

Florida Immokalee farmworkers created America’s strongest workplace heat rules For more info 2024-02-24 [Wash Post]

Florida Here's the state of Florida's public employee unions 2024-02-20 [WLRN]

Florida FIU professors strengthen their labor union after 'shock to the system' from state purge 2024-02-20 [WLRN]

Florida Tens of thousands of workers in Florida have just lost their labor unions. More is coming. 2024-02-16 [Today]

Florida Stetson art professor says labor unions, history inspired paintings now on display 2024-01-29 [The News-Journal]

Florida Wells Fargo workers unionize in Florida 2024-01-17 [UNI]

Florida Tampa settles lawsuit with feds over parental leave for male workers 2023-12-24 [KVIA / ABC]

Florida Bus and game day shuttle service not affected after JTA mechanics’ vote to strike 2023-12-17 [CBS]

Florida Workers at Third Wells Fargo Branch File For Union Election 2023-12-08 [CWA]

Florida Republicans Scheme to Destroy Teachers’ Unions 2023-11-19 [Diane Ravitch]

Florida CWA Public Workers in Florida Aren’t Backing Down 2023-09-01 [CWA]

Florida Orlando union buster fails to dissuade massage therapists from organizing 2023-08-12 [The Weekly]

Florida As FL continues to bake, Biden announces ways to protect workers from extreme heat 2023-07-28 [Miami Herald]

Florida Miami-Dade County moves forward with new rules to protect workers from extreme heat 2023-07-19 [AP]

 VIDEO Florida Miami-Dade proposal to give outdoor workers extreme heat protections passes first hurdle For more info 2023-07-19 [Health News FL]

Florida Here is how Florida’s E-Verify mandate is already affecting workers, employers 2023-07-07 [WPLG Local]

Florida Hardline DeSantis immigration law causes exodus of migrant workers from agriculture and construction 2023-07-04 [Independent UK]

Florida DOL sues Arise Virtual Solutions customer support service provider for workers misclassified as independent contractors 2023-06-30 [DOL]

Florida FL judge refuses to block union dues change 2023-06-29 [WCJB]

 VIDEO Florida Florida rail workers protest after they say company fired 31 workers for joining union 2023-06-25 [WJXT]

Florida Rail workers protest after they say company fired 31 workers for joining union 2023-06-23 [News4JAX]

Florida In FL, the heat can kill. But there are no laws to protect its many outdoor workers 2023-06-11 [Miami Herald]

Florida Rep. Nixon: New anti-union law is state sanctioned harassment of public sector workers 2023-05-21 []

Florida Local businesses losing workers due to new Florida immigration law 2023-05-20 [WPBF News]

Florida In Florida, agricultural workers are fearful and brace for changes under new immigration law 2023-05-20 [NBC]

 VIDEO Florida How Florida's new immigration law will affect undocumented workers 2023-05-20 [CNN]

Florida Postal service workers protest in Tampa, nationwide 2023-04-29 [WTSP]

Florida Bill Gives Politicians Power to Disband Unions 2023-04-28 [IAMAW]

Florida Tesla broke U.S. labor law by silencing workers, official rules 2023-04-27 [Automotive News]

Florida Tesla broke U.S. labor law by silencing workers, official rules 2023-04-26 [Reuters]

 VIDEO Florida More than 40,000 Disney union workers to vote on contract that bumps pay 2023-04-01 [WKMG]

Florida ‘Wildly Talented’ Disney Workers Target Gender Pay Gap 2023-03-24 [Labour Notes]

Florida FL GOP lawmakers advance bill targeting teacher, public employee unions 2023-03-17 [Tampa Bay Times]

Florida 32,000 Disney World workers reject $1 an hour pay raise, demand $3 an hour to deal with skyrocketing costs near Orlando 2023-02-04 [New York Times]

Florida Orange County Convention Center hospitality workers avoid potential strike, win big raises and pension in new contract 2023-01-26 [The Weekly]

Florida DeSantis Attacks Teacher Unions: Makes it Difficult for Teachers to Join and Remain in Unions. What Should You Expect? 2022-12-31 [Newsbreak]

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