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Top news - Florida

Bill proposes annual cost-of-living pay raises for Florida state workers 2020-01-14 [WTXL Tallahassee]

Florida teachers fighting for public education: I stand with you -- Sen. Bernie Sanders 2020-01-13 [Sun Sentinel]

Polk Teachers threatened with firing if they miss work for rally 2020-01-12 [WFLA 8]

Teachers to 'Take on Tallahassee' with a march on the Capitol on eve of 2020 Florida session 2020-01-11 [News-Press]

DMS to give state workers union major contract counteroffer this week 2020-01-08 [FL Politics]

FL rejects union's contract offer, counters with 'take-it-or-leave-it' deal 2020-01-04 [Tallahassee Democrat]

Facing South Florida: MIA Worker Protests 2019-11-25 [CBS]

Florida: Teachers Reject Governor DeSantis’ Bonus Plan 2019-11-16 [Diane Ravitch]

Okaloosa workers announce union campaign 2019-11-02 [Destin Log]

Statewide Teachers Union Visits Gainesville 2019-11-01 [WUFT]

Okaloosa County workers demand action and launch union campaign 2019-11-01 [WEARTV]

ACPS & teachers' union reach tentative agreement on salary increases 2019-10-16 [WCJB]

Disney World workers endure tourists who punch, yell, grope 2019-10-13 [AP]

Accelerated bargaining a bust as teachers union walks out on second day of pay talks 2019-09-18 [FL Today]

 VIDEO This is the last time the people who keep your kids fed and safe got a raise: The union is pushing the district to pay employees a wage that would get them above the poverty level For more info 2019-08-28 [WTSP]

Judge Backs State On Teacher Unions Law 2019-08-12 [WJCT]

Broward restaurants paying thousands of dollars for failing to pay workers minimum wage, overtime 2019-08-11 [Sun Sentinel]

Sysco South Florida Workers Vote 'Teamsters Yes' 2019-08-10 [Teamsters]

Union power in FL leads to mental health win for students 2019-08-01 [NEA Today]

Univ FL graduate petitions for restaurant workers union 2019-08-01 [Alligator]

Revenge of the Poverty-Stricken College Professors Is Underway in Florida. And It's Big -- Unionization With SEIU 2019-07-27 [Splinter]

State labor board says Florida Polytech Univ unfairly targeted four employees for union activities 2019-07-27 [Ledger]

Orthodox Jewish Man Sues McDonald’s For Not Hiring Him Due To His Beard 2019-07-21 [JTA]

Casino Union Members Authorize Strike at Eldorado Resorts Property in Florida 2019-07-09 [Casino]

*I Cannot Buy Food*: Flight Catering Workers Picket For Higher Wages At Miami International Airport 2019-07-04 [WJCT]

Ramp and cargo workers at Miami airport on strike to protest unsafe working conditions 2019-06-28 [Miami Herald]

Ramp and cargo workers at Miami airport on strike to protest unsafe working conditions 2019-06-28 [Miami Herald]

Mouse that roared: Disney characters win local union shakeup 2019-06-25 [AP]

Stressed-out Facebook monitors forced to toil in filth: report 2019-06-24 [NYPost]

Adjuncts question Santa Fe College stance on union 2019-06-19 [Gainesville Sun]

Miami airport catering workers vote to seek a strike. Here are their demands 2019-06-18 [Miami Herald]

How One Union is Working for Paid Parental Leave 2019-06-01 [NEA]

Visit Florida lays off 44 workers in wake of budget cuts 2019-05-24 [Orlando Sentinel]

McDonald’s workers in Tampa join nationwide strike for union rights 2019-05-24 [WMNF]

Health insurance changes loom for state workers 2019-05-05 [Florida Politics]

NASA Workers Warned About Sharing Images After SpaceX Explosion Video Leak: Report 2019-05-02 [Space]

Mar-a-Lago Rejected Americans for Foreign Workers 2019-04-27 [Politcal Wire]

MIA*s Forgotten Workers: Low Wages, Poor Treatment For Many At Miami International Airport 2019-04-21 [CBS]

Florida House Passed Bill Helping Domestic Violence Victims With Unemployment Benefits 2019-04-18 [FL Daily]

At Trump’s Florida Resort Empire, a Quiet Effort to Eliminate an Undocumented Work Force 2019-04-10 [NYTimes]

Republicans and corporate interests pushing anti-union measure 2019-03-07 [FL Phoenix]

Florida sheriff: Spa workers are sex-trafficking victims 2019-02-24 [Boston Herald]

Meet Harv: Agricultural workers may soon be replaced by harvesting robots 2019-02-18 [Washington Post]

New GOP Gov DeSantis Wants Another Voucher Program to Steal Money from Public Schools 2019-02-17 [Diane Ravitch]

Union official complains about member intimidation, disrespect during St. Pete Beach negotiations 2019-01-31 [Tampa Bay Weekly]

Help continues to pour in at the Orlando International Airport for federal workers without pay 2019-01-18 [FOX]

Shutdown hits some US airports: Miami closes a concourse, Tampa sets up food pantry 2019-01-13 [The Straits Times]

Government shutdown, week 4: Miami airport closes terminal in wake of TSA employee absences 2019-01-13 [The Examiner]

Miami airport closes terminal as TSA workers refuse to work without pay 2019-01-13 [AJC]

Miami airport closes a terminal early after more unpaid TSA officers call out sick during government shutdown 2019-01-13 [CNBC]

This month in labour history

1-01-1966 At 8.02am a transport strike begins across New York City. Strikers will win a 15% pay rise, and other benefits, after 12 days. [more]

2-01-1920 Thousands of US labor activists are arrested in the 'Palmer Raids' during the first Red Scare. [more]

3-01-1917 Trial of labour organizer Tom Mooney begins in San Francisco for Preparedness Day bombing. He was framed & serves 22 years. [more]

4-01-1966 Transport Workers Union of America leader Mike Quill arrested for violating an anti-strike court injunction in 4-day old 35000-member strike. [more]

4-01-1965 Start of victorious 28-day strike by 8000 New York City social workers over better conditions for welfare recipients. [more]

7-01-1920 Five elected members of the New York state assembly belonging to the Socialist Party are refused their seats. [more]

11-01-1912 The 'Bread and Roses' strike began in Lynn Massachusetts. The strike was begun and led by mainly immigrant women. [more]

11-01-1937 Police beat and arrest UAW members during the great sit-down strike in Flint, Michigan [more]

13-01-1874 Mounted police from the NYPD violently attack a demonstration of unemployed workers in Tompkins Square Park. [more]

15-01-1929 Birth of civil rights activist and labor movement supporter Martin Luther King, Jr [more]

17-01-1915 The song 'Solidarity Forever' by Ralph Chaplin is first sung, on a hunger march through Chicago organised by Lucy Parsons. [more]

22-01-1969 Black workers at the Eldon Chrysler plant in Detroit march on the autoworkers' union with a list of grievances. The workers had formed ELRUM - the Eldon Revolutionary Union Movement - and they called a strike the next day. [more]

23-01-1913 Joe Hill's song 'Mr. Block', extolling the virtues of industrial unionism, is first published in the IWW's newpaper. [more]

27-01-1850 Samuel Gompers, founder of the American Federation of Labor, is born. [more]

29-01-1834 Federal troops are used to break a strike for the first time in America, on the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal [more]

31-01-1938 12,000 pecan shellers, most of them Hispanic women, strike for higher wages and civil rights in San Antonio, Texas. [more]