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Washington Union to picket Michelle Obama's Tacoma book event


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Washington Union to picket Michelle Obama's Tacoma book event [KING 5] 2019-03-24

Washington Breaking With AFL-CIO, Affiliated Labor Council May Vote to Expel Police Union [TruthOut] For more info 2020-06-06

Washington Foreign Workers Say They Were Told by Munger and Sarbanand Farms to Pick Blueberries Unless They Were on Their Death Beds [Mother Jones] 2018-02-02


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Washington Farm Workers to Rally at Yakima Court in Windmill Farms Lawsuit 2024-06-11 [UFW]

Washington Boeing pays record $11.5M in wages wrongly withheld from WA workers 2024-05-31 [Seattle Times]

Washington Unions, lawmakers protest Boeing firefighter lockout 2024-05-14 [Reuters]

Washington Boeing locks out fire fighters over push for fair pay 2024-05-12 [IAFF]

Washington Washington battalion chief paves way for daughter 2024-05-12 [IAFF]

Washington Boeing locks out 125 firefighters at its Seattle area plants 2024-05-10 [New York Times]

Washington Boeing locks out its private firefighters around Seattle over pay dispute 2024-05-05 [Wash Post]

Washington Boeing Locks Out Its Firefighters In Labor Dispute 2024-05-05 [HuffPost]

Washington State’s largest labor union endorses ‘uncommitted’ over Biden 2024-03-01 [NBC]

Washington Homegrown Sustainable Sandwiches Fired a Union Organizer—and Sparked an Organizing Drive 2024-02-28 [In These Times]

Washington Strikes and a Boycott Win a Better Deal from Macy’s 2024-02-18 [Labour Notes]

Washington Macy's Washington workers strike for wage, safety and health issues, agree on new deal 2024-01-26 [KIMA]

Washington WSU Student Workers Strike, Get Deal 2024-01-19 [Inside Higher Ed]

Washington Macy's workers launch ULP strike on MLK Day 2024-01-18 [UFCW 3000]

Washington Students demand UW cut ties with Starbucks over union-busting 2024-01-11 [The Stand]

Washington As bargaining continues, Macy's workers prepare for a bigger strike 2023-12-03 [UFCW 3000]

Washington Workers Sue Windmill Farms to Demand Fair Treatment and Union Recognition 2023-11-29 [UFW]

Washington Macy's workers in Washington state to strike for three days from Black Friday 2023-11-24 [Reuters]

Washington Starbucks illegally kept wages, benefits form union workers For more info 2023-10-03 [Bloomberg]

Washington With 3 recent wins, Starbucks union gains traction in Eastern WA 2023-09-21 [Crosscut]

Washington Mushroom workers and community members rally in support of union drive 2023-09-07 [Real Change]

Washington Advocates ramp up support in Seattle for farmworker union recognition 2023-09-03 [The Times]

Washington Healthcare workers to rally at Kaiser Permanente Washington in Capitol Hill 2023-07-27 [SEIU]

Washington It's hot. For farmworkers without federal heat protections, it could be life or death 2023-07-10 [NPR]

Washington Outdoor workers will soon benefit from revised heat protections 2023-07-07 [JJKeller]

Washington NLRB sues Starbucks over treatment of Seattle workers 2023-07-07 [Reuters]

Washington Butting heads: Tacoma Art Museum board and workers differ on who’s eligible to join union 2023-06-24 [News Tribune]

Washington Richland onion processor pays nearly $90K to workers after overtime investigation 2023-06-24 [Tri-City Herald]

Washington Starbucks Agrees to Give Unionized Workers Back Pay for Missed UW Game Shifts 2023-06-16 [Eater]

Washington “American exports sitting idle at the docks” as union actions shut down Port of Seattle 2023-06-11 [KIRO]

 VIDEO Washington Port of Seattle cargo operations 'shut down' amid labor negotiations For more info 2023-06-11 [KING5]

Washington PMA says US West Coast port workers shut down Port of Seattle; workers' union denies claim 2023-06-11 [Reuters]

 VIDEO Washington Growing Anger & West Coast Work Action: ILWU Local 52 Past Pres Gabriel Prawl On Firings In Seattle For more info 2023-06-05 [LVP]

Washington Supreme Court Rules Against Seattle-Based Workers 2023-06-05 [Urbanist]

Washington In blow to unions, Supreme Court rules Glacier Northwest can pursue strike damage claim 2023-06-02 [NBC]

Washington Supreme Court rules against union in labor dispute involving truck drivers and wet concrete 2023-06-02 [FOX]

Washington Seattle Amazon workers plan walkout Wednesday over layoffs, return-to-office mandate 2023-05-31 [KIRO]

Washington Seattle Amazon Workers Plan Walkout Over Return to Office, Climate Concerns 2023-05-28 [Slashdot]

Washington Seattle Amazon workers plan walkout over return to office, layoffs 2023-05-23 [Seattle Times]

Washington Victory in WA mushrooms, but still a long way to go 2023-05-20 [UFW]

Washington Farmworkers continue to speak out about conditions at Sunnyside mushroom plant 2023-05-09 [The Herald]

Washington Efforts to unionize agricultural workers in WA face long-standing hurdles 2023-04-30 [The Herald]

Washington Most gig workers paid sick leave under new Seattle law 2023-03-30 [ABC]

Washington Seattle groups rally against Amazon’s alleged union busting in Kentucky 2023-03-27 [The Times]

Washington Starbucks union fight shows hard road for many toward contract 2023-03-05 [Columbia]

Washington Statement from Alphabet Workers Union-CWA in support of Seattle ordinance to ban caste discrimination 2023-02-23 [Alphabet Workers Union]

Washington After layoffs, ex-Amazon workers wonder about ‘Earth’s Best Employer’ 2023-02-12 [Columbian]

Washington Senators hear from healthcare workers on hospital staffing crisis 2023-01-18 [WSNA]

Washington Ostrom mushroom workers in Sunnyside rally again for union recognition 2023-01-15 [Yakima Herald-Republic]

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