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Washington Breaking With AFL-CIO, Affiliated Labor Council May Vote to Expel Police Union


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Washington Breaking With AFL-CIO, Affiliated Labor Council May Vote to Expel Police Union [TruthOut] For more info 2020-06-06

Washington Swedish Medical Center nurses in Seattle vote to strike, demand ‘equity and inclusion’ [KIRO] 2019-11-19

Washington Amazon’s Seattle Workers Are Planning Their First-Ever Walkout—for Climate Action [Slate] 2019-09-11

Washington Union to picket Michelle Obama’s Tacoma book event [KING 5] 2019-03-24

Washington The list of pro-union workers fired by Burgerville is mounting [nwLaborPress] 2018-02-28

Washington Foreign Workers Say They Were Told by Munger and Sarbanand Farms to Pick Blueberries Unless They Were on Their Death Beds [Mother Jones] 2018-02-02

Washington Federal judge orders pilots striking against Amazon back to work [NYTimes] 2016-11-24

Washington Farmworkers Join Union, as Labor Movement Gains Allies [Equal Voice] 2016-09-17

Washington How The Washington Public Records Act Is Now Being Used To Try And Kill Off Public Sector Unions [Sky Valley Chronicle] 2016-08-18

Washington Labor contractor must pay $7.6M for mistreating farmworkers [Albany Times Union] 2016-05-03


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Washington Pierce County executive vetoes hazard pay for grocery workers 2021-05-08 [KUOW]

Washington 'There is no going back to normal': El Comité to march in support of workers, immigrants' rights May 1 2021-05-01 [KING 5]

Washington Labor board says Amazon illegally fired outspoken Seattle workers 2021-04-07 [Detroit News]

Washington NLRB says Amazon illegally fired outspoken Seattle workers 2021-04-07 [KING5]

Washington Seattle: Current and former Black Amazon employees claim racial discrimination 2021-04-05 [KING 5 ]

Washington Labor board says Amazon illegally fired outspoken workers 2021-04-05 [AP]

Washington Teamsters local 117 partners to vaccinate 500 working families 2021-03-30 [International Brotherhood of Teamsters]

Washington Seattle crowd rallies at Amazon campus in support of Alabama union effort 2021-03-26 [King 5 ]

Washington Judge OKs $4-an-hour pay boost for Seattle grocery workers 2021-03-19 [Oregon Live]

Washington Bill that would phase in overtime pay for agricultural workers moves forward 2021-03-14 [Skagit Valley Herald]

Washington Seattle: Kroger will close more stores over hazard pay laws for workers 2021-02-18 [CNN Business]

Washington King County council members propose hazard pay for grocery workers 2021-02-13 [NBC KING 5]

Washington Health workers and hospitals grapple with millions of counterfeit N95 masks 2021-02-12 [Duluth News Tribune]

Washington PCC Community Markets, union agree on pandemic pay hike for grocery workers beyond Seattle 2021-02-11 [Seattle Times]

Washington This Day In Labor History: Feb. 6, 1919, The Seattle General Strike! 2021-02-07 [Wonkette]

Washington Interview: April Sims 2021-02-03 [IndustriALL]

Washington Google will pay $2.5 million to underpaid female engineers and overlooked Asian applicants 2021-02-01 [Verge]

Washington Twin City Foods Workers Win Union Representation with UFCW For more info 2021-01-29 [KNDO]

 VIDEO Washington Additional hazard pay for Seattle grocery workers could soon be law 2021-01-23 [KIRO]

 VIDEO Washington Washington grocery workers want 'hazard pay' back as COVID-19 cases keep rising 2021-01-23 [KING]

 VIDEO Washington Union wants Washington grocery store workers vaccinated as soon as possible For more info 2021-01-05 [KING5]

Washington The affiliated labor council that breaks with the AFL-CIO can vote to expel the police union 2021-01-02 [Labor News Wire]

Washington Amazon wants its front-line workers vaccinated next 2020-12-18 [Puget Sound Biz Jrnl]

Washington Workers at Fred Meyer in Burien speaking out after 10 employees test positive for COVID-19 2020-12-11 [KIRO]

Washington Hazardous job: Workers’ comp rates to jump at Amazon fulfillment centers 2020-12-06 [Lewiston Trib]

Washington Workers' Comp Rates to Jump in Amazon's Washington Fulfillment Centers Due to Hazards 2020-12-03 [Daily Chronicle]

Washington Is Amazon Fulfilment Center “Picking” Work Dangerous? 2020-12-02 [WA Law Ctr]

Washington Workers’ comp rates to jump in Amazon’s Washington fulfillment centers due to hazards 2020-12-02 [Seattle Times]

Washington Three arrests as protest marches on Capitol Hill for ‘essential workers’ 2020-11-28 [Capitol Hill Seattle]

Washington Coronavirus cases spike among Puget Sound-area transit workers 2020-11-28 [Seattle Times]

Washington 20 Wash. state farms fined for not protecting workers from COVID-19 2020-11-13 [KOMO News]

Washington H-2A workers make up majority of recent agricultural industry cases in Yakima County 2020-11-09 [Yakima Herald]

Washington Wildfire smoke blankets harvest season with no clear rules to protect farm workers 2020-09-20 [Tri-City Herald]

Washington Washington Farmworkers Ask State Supreme Court For Overtime Pay 2020-08-02 [NPR]

Washington Iron worker to show her strengths on new CBS reality competition ‘Tough as Nails’ 2020-06-29 [The Times]

Washington Seattle grocery store workers demand employers get behind Black Lives Matter 2020-06-26 [KUOW]

Washington A Modest Car Caravan to Downtown Federal Building Raises Awareness to #SavethePostOffice 2020-06-24 [South Seattle Emerald]

Washington I take care of workers in Yakima County, a coronavirus hot spot: ‘The nearest hospital is a few miles away, but most refuse to use it’ 2020-06-24 [MarketWatch]

Washington Health care is the most dangerous profession for Washington workers in coronavirus pandemic 2020-06-21 [News Tribune]

Washington A Labor Council Has Expelled Seattle's Police Union 2020-06-20 [Reason]

 VIDEO Washington 'Movements Work' 2020-06-19 [Democracy Now]

Washington Why a local labor council is threatening to expel the Seattle Police Guild 2020-06-13 [Labor Notes]

Washington Alcoa threatens to close US plant 2020-06-12 [IndustriALL]

Washington Healthcare workers join Puget Sound protests despite their advice about spreading coronavirus 2020-06-09 [KING5]

Washington Frustrated By Delayed Unemployment Benefits, Laid Off Workers Turn To Washington State Supreme Court 2020-06-07 [Northwest Pub Broadcasting]

Washington Covid-19 Opens the Door for Seattle Gig Workers to Win Sick Pay 2020-06-07 [Wired]

Washington Breaking with AFL-CIO, affiliated labour council may vote to expel police union 2020-06-07 [Truthout]

Washington Health care workers take a knee outside Swedish Hospital to support protests 2020-06-06 [KIRO]

Washington Breaking With AFL-CIO, Affiliated Labor Council May Vote to Expel Police Union For more info 2020-06-06 [TruthOut]

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