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Top news - Washington

Washington Farmworkers Ask State Supreme Court For Overtime Pay 2020-08-02 [NPR]

Iron worker to show her strengths on new CBS reality competition ‘Tough as Nails’ 2020-06-29 [The Times]

Seattle grocery store workers demand employers get behind Black Lives Matter 2020-06-26 [KUOW]

A Modest Car Caravan to Downtown Federal Building Raises Awareness to #SavethePostOffice 2020-06-24 [South Seattle Emerald]

I take care of workers in Yakima County, a coronavirus hot spot: ‘The nearest hospital is a few miles away, but most refuse to use it’ 2020-06-24 [MarketWatch]

Health care is the most dangerous profession for Washington workers in coronavirus pandemic 2020-06-21 [News Tribune]

A Labor Council Has Expelled Seattle's Police Union 2020-06-20 [Reason]

 VIDEO 'Movements Work' 2020-06-19 [Democracy Now]

Why a local labor council is threatening to expel the Seattle Police Guild 2020-06-13 [Labor Notes]

Alcoa threatens to close US plant 2020-06-12 [IndustriALL]

Healthcare workers join Puget Sound protests despite their advice about spreading coronavirus 2020-06-09 [KING5]

Frustrated By Delayed Unemployment Benefits, Laid Off Workers Turn To Washington State Supreme Court 2020-06-07 [Northwest Pub Broadcasting]

Covid-19 Opens the Door for Seattle Gig Workers to Win Sick Pay 2020-06-07 [Wired]

Breaking with AFL-CIO, affiliated labour council may vote to expel police union 2020-06-07 [Truthout]

Health care workers take a knee outside Swedish Hospital to support protests 2020-06-06 [KIRO]

Breaking With AFL-CIO, Affiliated Labor Council May Vote to Expel Police Union For more info 2020-06-06 [TruthOut]

Apple Shed Strikes Win Recognition, But the Fight Goes On 2020-06-03 [Labour Notes]

Coronavirus updates: 27 counties approved for Phase 2 of recovery plan 2020-06-01 [KING5]

Lawsuit accuses Mabton dairy, employee of sexual harassment against 8 workers 2020-06-01 [Yakima Herald]

Activists, unions form a caravan to support striking workers 2020-05-31 [KIMA]

Coronavirus, underlying issues drive fruit packing house workers to strike 2020-05-28 [Spokesman-Rev]

Fruit packing house strikes continue; state releases new guidance for agricultural employers 2020-05-28 [Yakima Herald]

Hundreds of Fruit Packing Workers Are On Strike 2020-05-28 [ITT]

'Are Their Apples Worth More Than Our Lives?': Yakima Valley Fruit Workers Strike 2020-05-28 [OPB]

Workers at 6 Yakima-area fruit-packing plants strike over coronavirus concerns 2020-05-28 [Seattle Times]

Kroger offers Fred Meyer workers extra pay after outcry 2020-05-19 [ABC]

Boeing to Restart Production in Washington State With 27,000 Workers 2020-04-17 [NYTimes]

Farm worker unions sue Washington state for safer work conditions due to coronavirus 2020-04-17 [Tri-City Herald]

Univ Wash grad student union throws support behind big business tax, citing housing and economic concerns For more info 2020-04-16 [The Daily]

Washington health care unions demand coronavirus hazard pay for workers 2020-04-09 [KREM]

After a labor strike and a pandemic, Swedish Hospital nurses have a contract 2020-04-07 [Crosscut]

Efforts underway to make sure farmworkers have access to care, information 2020-03-29 [Yamika Herald]

State expands unemployment benefits for workers impacted by COVID-19 outbreak 2020-03-11 [Q13 FOX]

Amazon, Google, Facebook, and Microsoft are asking Seattle-based staff to work from home because of coronavirus 2020-03-07 [Union Journal]

Swedish Medical Center workers end 3-day strike; some workers turned away while temporary replacements finish 5-day contracts 2020-02-02 [Union-Bulletin]

Eight Thousand Hospital Workers Strike in Seattle 2020-02-01 [Labor Notes]

Swedish nurses and caregivers expected back at work by Sunday 2020-01-31 [Puget Sound Biz Jrnl]

Strike by Seattle nurses, staff closes emergency rooms 2020-01-31 [ABC News]

UFCW 21 endorses Bernie Sanders; Medicare For All 2020-01-30 [Kent Reporter]

‘Domestic Workers Bill of Rights’ Measures Introduced in Legislature 2020-01-30 [Daily Chronicle]

Washington Farm Workers Talk Working Conditions With Visiting Mexican Senators 2020-01-30 [NW News Network]

Striking health care workers take to the picket line Tuesday at Swedish Edmonds 2020-01-29 [Edmonds News]

Seattle's Swedish strike gets personal for local workers as Tuesday deadline looms 2020-01-27 [Edmonds News]

Swedish employees to strike for three days next week 2020-01-25 [My Ballard]

Police: Armed man spews ‘KKK’ remarks at Lynnwood Walmart 2020-01-20 [Herald Net]

King, Snohomish County nurses reverse course, announce intent to strike 2020-01-17 [MyNorthwest]

Tentative Agreement reached in Sacred Heart nurses contract negotiations 2020-01-09 [WSNA]

Union ratifies Clearwater Paper contract 2020-01-09 [Lewsiston Tribune]

Sports Illustrated staffers announce intention to unionize 2020-01-07 [KTVZ]

Amazon threatens to fire workers speaking out on climate change without approval 2020-01-05 [Komo News]

This month in labour history

This month in labour history

1-08-1917 Frank H. Little, anti-war activist & IWW organiser is lynched in Butte, Montana. He was on IWW's Exec Board when he was killed. [more]

1-08-1942 American Federation of Musicians strikes against recording companies over royalty payments, most settling within a year. [more]

3-08-1821 Uriah Smith Stephens born. A tailor, he led 9 garment workers in founding the Knights of Labor in 1869. [more]

3-08-1981 The PATCO strike begins, effectively shutting down air travel in the US. 2 days later President Reagan fired 11,000 air traffic controllers and broke the union. [more]

4-08-1997 185,000 members of the Teamsters begin a successful 15-day strike at UPS. [more]

5-08-1981 President Reagan sacks 11000 federal air traffic controllers for striking and refusing his order to return to work. [more]

7-08-1894 Eugene Debs & three union leaders arrested following the Pullman strike. [more]

7-08-1919 Actors Equity becomes a recognised union after stagehands honour actors' picket lines. [more]

7-08-1890 Birth of Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, IWW organiser and founder of the ACLU. [more]

8-08-1881 United Brotherhood of Carpenters & Joiners of America forms & becomes one of the largest trade unions in the US. [more]

9-08-1890 Knights of Labor strike on the New York Central railroad; ends in defeat due to scab labour. [more]

10-08-1935 Transport workers in New York descend on a courthouse with money from their own pockets to bail out Mike Quill, their president, arrested after attending a picket line. [more]

11-08-1828 Workingmen’s Party, first US labour party, forms in Philadelphia. [more]

11-08-1894 Troops force 1200 jobless workers out of Washington, DC, including Jack London & Big Bill Haywood. [more]

17-08-1918 95 members of the IWW were jailed for resistance to the First World War. [more]

18-08-1927 Radio station WEVD - named for IWW labour leader Eugene V Debs – goes on the air in New York City. [more]

19-08-1909 IWW issues first edition of the “Little Red Song Book”. [more]

21-08-1831 Nat Turner's slave rebellion begins, Southampton County, Virginia, 56 slaves executed, 120 killed. [more]

23-08-1970 Led by César Chávez, the Salad Bowl strike, largest farm worker strike in US history, begins. [more]

25-08-1925 The Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters, led by A. Phillip Randolph, is founded. [more]

25-08-1950 President Truman ordered the federal government to seize control of the railroads in order to prevent a planned strike by 1.7m union members. [more]

26-08-1935 United Auto Workers union founded. [more]

28-08-1987 John Sayles's film “Matewan” about attempts to organise a union by coal miners is released. [more]

29-08-1921 West Virginia miners marching to free their imprisoned comrades face state forces and private detectives in the five-day "Battle of Blair Mountain." [more]

31-08-1939 Mexican-American women workers walkout at California Sanitary Canning Company, winning a union contract and wage increase. [more]

31-08-1933 Italian-American labour organizer Giovanni Pippan murdered during organizing campaign of bread wagon drivers in Chicago. [more]

31-08-1999 Detroit teachers start 9-day wildcat strike, winning "books, supplies, smaller class sizes" & 4% raise. [more]