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Today's news - Washington

Burgerville Workers May Form America’s First Recognized Fast Food Union After Years Of Retaliation 2018-04-11 [Shadow Proof]

Workers radiation exposure halts nuke plant demolition 2018-04-10 [Peninsula Daily News]

Seattle Teamsters union supports health of families but not soda tax 2018-04-09 [Herald Net]

Workers radiation exposure halts nuke plant demolition in Hanford 2018-04-09 [ABC]

Radiation halts demolition at plutonium plant for Nagasaki bomb 2018-04-09 [The Asahi Shimbun]

Farm workers marching for equal rights in the fields 2018-04-09 [CBS]

Seattle Solidarity Network Scores Quick Win Against Thieving Temp Agency 2018-04-06 [libcom.org]

Home caregivers divided over union-backed bill signed into law 2018-03-30 [King5]

In Seattle, domestic workers don’t have the same protections as others—but that could change 2018-03-20 [Curbed ]

Legislature takes steps to combat suicide among farm workers 2018-03-18 [Yakima Herald]

Unfair labor practices complaint filed by teachers union; issues to be presented to board 2018-03-17 [North Cost News]

Camas responds to firefighters unsafe work environment complaint 2018-03-13 [Camas-Washougal Post-Record]

Help on the way for ill Hanford workers 2018-03-08 [Tri-City Herald]

Law Makes It Easier for Hanford Workers to Get Worker Comp 2018-03-08 [USNews]

The list of pro-union workers fired by Burgerville is mounting 2018-02-28 [nwLaborPress]

State Democratic lawmakers push labor union-friendly bills while Republicans cry foul play 2018-02-16 [Bainbridge Island Review]

Hanford radioactive contamination grows: 6 workers, 2 offices, 36 vehicles 2018-02-16 [Yakima Herald]

State Senate approves pair of union-backed bills after lengthy debate 2018-02-11 [Seattle Times]

Senate passes plan to set up new way to manage home care workers 2018-02-11 [Spokesman-Review]

Freedom Foundation not a friend to working-class families 2018-02-10 [Statesman Jrnl]

Tensions Flare at Capitol After Democrats Try to Pass Pro-Union Bills After Midnight 2018-02-10 [Chronicle]

Package of labor bills could bolster local union membership 2018-02-09 [TDN]

Union-backed bills spark debate on state Senate floor 2018-02-09 [HeraldNet]

Seattle school bus drivers strike continues 2018-02-08 [MyNW]

School-bus contractor is no stranger to labor disputes 2018-02-04 [The Times]

Employees of GBW Railcar Services in Chehalis Protest as Contract Negotiations Get Underway 2018-02-03 [Chronicle]

Foreign Workers Say They Were Told by Munger and Sarbanand Farms to Pick Blueberries Unless They Were on Their Death Beds 2018-02-02 [Mother Jones]

David Rolf is Teaming Up with Uber, Some in Labor Say WTF 2018-01-27 [The Stranger]

New tests show Hanford workers exposed to radiation 2018-01-27 [KOMO]

Amazon’s New Seattle Supermarket Could Be Grim News for Human Workers 2018-01-27 [New Yorker]

Law granting sick time goes into effect in Washington 2018-01-06 [Thv11]

State investigates construction worker's deadly fall in Seattle 2018-01-03 [KOMO]

New changes to the workplace for Washington workers, including minimum wage boost 2018-01-02 [KATU News]

Collective bargaining in public? Not all are in favor of open sessions 2017-12-31 [The Herald]

Teamsters official says Noel Canning workers wanted out 2017-12-28 [The Herald]

Hospital cuts supervisor pay by 10%, eyes staff reductions 2017-12-23 [Becker's Hospital Rev]

As robots take on more work, Amazon invests in warehouse workers' education 2017-12-21 [KUOW]

Several Workers Possibly Contaminated At Hanford Nuclear Site 2017-12-16 [KUOW]

Union, business interests voice support for oil terminal 2017-12-13 [The Columbian]

Union agrees. Some Hanford chemical vapor protection can be reduced 2017-12-12 [The Herald]

States, AFL-CIO Back Seattle's Uber Union Law In 9th Circ. 2017-12-12 [LexisNexis]

Domestic workers launch campaign as Seattle looks at new rights for nannies and house cleaners 2017-12-07 [Seattle Times]

A Green New Deal 2017-12-06 [TRN]

Univ. Of Washington postdocs: Unionize to stop sexual harassment on the job 2017-12-01 [People's World]

Workers finish cleaning up nuclear burial ground at Hanford 2017-12-01 [KOMO]

School bus tries to leave lot through picketing crowd as drivers strike in Seattle 2017-11-30 [News Tribune]

Providence hospice workers union says it will strike 2017-11-24 [The Herald]

The door-to-door union killers: rightwing foundation takes labor fight to the streets 2017-10-27 [The Guardian]

Striking S.S. Steiner workers in Yakima say their rights are on the line 2017-10-25 [Yakima Herald]

Seattle workers accuse airline caterer of backtracking on fines and wages 2017-10-22 [KUOW]

This month in labour history

10-04-1930 Dolores Huerta, Mexican-American labour leader, is born. [more]

11-04-1934 Frank Norman is murdered by the Ku Klux Klan for organising citrus workers irrespective of their race. [more]

11-04-1974 United Mine Workers President W. A. “Tony” Boyle is found guilty of first-degree murder, for ordering the 1969 assassination of union reformer Joseph A. “Jock” Yablonski. Yablonski, his wife and daughter were murdered on December 30, 1969. [more]

14-04-1939 'The Grapes of Wrath', John Steinbeck's classic novel about itinerant labor, strikes and the Great Depression, is published. [more]

15-04-1889 Birth of labour and civil rights leader A. Phillip Randolph [more]

20-04-1914 As many as 25 miners and family members, including women and children, are massacred by company guards during a strike in Ludlow, Colorado. [more]

21-04-1967 New York Governor Rockefeller signs the Taylor Law, allowing unions in the public sector, but banning strikes. [more]

24-04-1999 The ILWU halts shipping on the West Coast in solidarity with Mumia Abu-Jamal. [more]