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Updated: Saturday 1 October 2022, 19:12:56
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New Zealand Members nationwide gear up for week-long boycott of extra shifts [NZNO-Toputanga Tapuhi Kaitiaki o Aotearoa] 2022-10-01

Global C190: Unions in action to stamp out violence and harassment at work [ITUC] 2022-10-01

USA / USA / California Apple Toxic Is It Above The Law? With Whistleblower Ashley M. Gjøvik [LVP] For more info 2022-09-30

Canada Sacred fire lit to honour, remember Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls [USW] 2022-09-30

Ireland Call for solidarity from Women's Conference [Irish Congress of Trade Unions] 2022-09-30

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Iran Anti-hijab protest in Iran: Death toll tops 75 [The Daily Star] 2022-09-28

New Zealand Nurses warned plan to turn down extra shifts next week likely illegal [Radio New Zealand] 2022-09-28

New Zealand Maranga Mai!-rise up-is our plan to save the health system [NZNO-Toputanga Tapuhi Kaitiaki o Aotearoa] 2022-09-26

USA / California Teamsters' Women's Conference concludes in Seattle [International Brotherhood of Teamsters] 2022-09-26

Palestine Palestinian women present their paper at the first conference of Arab trade union women [PGFTU] 2022-09-26

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Ireland New guide launched on gender pay gap reporting [RTÉ] 2022-09-26

Ireland Ireland has ‘stubbornly high gender pay gap’, says ICTU [Irish Times] 2022-09-26

Lesotho Female taxi drivers speak out [Lesotho Times] 2022-09-25

Ireland Domestic violence leave report approved by government [Irish Congress of Trade Unions] 2022-09-25

Canada To achieve gender equality, Canada’s decision makers must prioritize investments in care [CLC] 2022-09-25

Africa / South Africa UNI mentoring programme empowering women in the Southern Africa labour movement [UNI Global Union] 2022-09-23

New Zealand Strippers paying thousands in fines, bonds to be able to perform: 'I was now losing money' [Radio New Zealand] 2022-09-23

USA / Maine Maine Med nurses vote overwhelmingly to ratify first union contract [National Nurses United] 2022-09-23

Iran Photos: Iran protests spread as Internet curbed [Al-Jazeerah] 2022-09-22

Ireland ICTU Joint women's conference 2022: Women in trade unions shaping the future of work [Irish Congress of Trade Unions] 2022-09-22

Ghana #WomenSpeak: Trailblazing for women empowerment [BWI] 2022-09-22

Switzerland Women At The Heart Of Swiss Pension Reform Vote [Barron's] 2022-09-22

UK TSSA says it is a ‘full and willing participant’ into sexual harassment inquiry [Morning Star] 2022-09-22

Ireland Another reason employees don’t want to return to the office: menopause [Irish Times] 2022-09-22

Ghana #WomenSpeak: Trailblazing for women empowerment [BWI] 2022-09-21

Latin America Union leaders from Latin America discuss how to stop gender-based violence [IndustriALL] 2022-09-21

USA Research shows that salary range transparency helps close wage gaps [NWLC] 2022-09-20

Spain Domestic staff fight to end discrimination [Digital JournaL] 2022-09-20

Global International Equal Pay Day: Pay transparency can address the gender pay gap [ILO] 2022-09-19

Canada Equal pay for work of equal value: it�s long past the time for employers and governments to get it right on pay equity [CTC] 2022-09-19

Canada Still fighting for equal pay, gender equality [NUPGE] 2022-09-19

Global McDonald's faces worldwide reports of sexual harassment [Deutsche Welle] 2022-09-17

Global International Equal Pay Day: We need a new social contract to close the gender pay gap [ITUC] 2022-09-17

Australia Compensating early educators critical for Australia’s future [Australian Unions] 2022-09-17

USA / Maine Maine med nurses reach final agreement on historic first union contract [National Nurses United] 2022-09-16

Global International Equal Pay Day [IndustriALL] 2022-09-16

New Zealand Free NZNO membership for nursing students 'an example for government' [NZNO-Toputanga Tapuhi Kaitiaki o Aotearoa] 2022-09-16

New Zealand Sex workers report wide discrimination in everyday life tasks: 'Its traumatising' [Radio New Zealand] 2022-09-16

New Zealand NZNO members silently protest to Andrew Little over 'reneging' on promised back pay [NZNO-Toputanga Tapuhi Kaitiaki o Aotearoa] 2022-09-15

Canada / British Columbia Sexualized violence in Victoria's hospitality sector prompts new safety program [Rock 101] 2022-09-15

Global BWI International Women Committee readies for World Congress [BWI] 2022-09-14

Oman / Sierra Leone Oman: Sierra Leone workers deceived by recruitment agencies, investigation finds [World Gulf] 2022-09-14

USA / USA / California Terrorism, Racism & Union Busting Against SEIU1021 SF General Hospital Workers By CCSF HR/DPH & Mayor [LVP] For more info 2022-09-14

South Africa SAFTU condemns domestic employers who sexually abused their employee [SAFTU] 2022-09-14

Global BWI International Women Committee readies for World Congress [BWI] 2022-09-13

UK Sainsbury's cost of living support for staff of an autumn pay rise, free food and increased discounts [USDAW] 2022-09-13

Global Sex work: a contemporary identity rooted in labour [rabble] 2022-09-11

USA / Minnesota Twin Ports nurses to gather withcommunity supporters ahead of strike [Minnesota Nurses Association] 2022-09-09

Jordan Women's workshop in Jordan [PSI] 2022-09-07

Haiti Haiti Garment Workers Need Four Times Their Wages to Get By [Solidarity Center] For more info 2022-09-07

Palestine The general union signs a co-operation agreement with the Center for Feminist Studies [PGFTU] 2022-09-07

Australia More than 1,000 Australian early childhood education centres to strike for better pay and conditions [The Guardian] 2022-09-06

India / West Bengal Female beedi rollers from Farakka suffer from TB and 'lower-than-minimum' wages [IANS] 2022-09-06

UK Help boost protection for pregnant women and new parents [UNISON] 2022-09-06

UK New PM warned she’ll meet ‘fierce resistance’ if she goes on the offensive over workers’ rights [Morning Star] 2022-09-05

USA / Minnesota 15,000 Minnesota nurses to strike for three days starting September 15th [CBS] 2022-09-04

Asia / Pacific Cement unions focus on organizing and gender equality [IndustriALL] 2022-09-04

Chile Country moves forward in the fight against harassment and violence in the world of work, congress to vote on ratification of ILO C190 [UNI] 2022-09-04

India / Jharkhand Punish the guilty: Bring comprehensive law on domestic workers [CITU] 2022-09-03

Australia We need a parental leave system that supports working parents [Australian Unions] 2022-09-02

Australia ANMF cautions against hasty removal of covid-19 safety measures [NSWNMA] 2022-09-01

Australia / New South Wales NSW nurses and midwives strike for safe patient ratios [GLW] 2022-09-01

Canada / USA How unions are combating domestic violence [Nation of Change] 2022-09-01

Tunisia Advanced workshop for the mobilisation and organisation of women unionists [PSI] 2022-09-01

New Zealand Midwives taking Ministry of Health to court over pay, support [Radio New Zealand] 2022-08-31

New Zealand More than 1300 midwives take Ministry of Health to court over conditions [Stuff] 2022-08-31

New Zealand Community midwives say they had no option left but to take legal action against Ministry [Radio New Zealand] 2022-08-31

Australia Investing in women could generate $111 billion annually [ACTU] 2022-08-30

New Zealand The frontline nurses on second class pay [Stuff] 2022-08-29

New Zealand Primary healthcare nurses to rally today [NZNO-Toputanga Tapuhi Kaitiaki o Aotearoa] 2022-08-29

Canada Love of labour: Newfoundland woman's life in journalism and union leadership made her a natural fit for the top job at Unifor [Saltwire] 2022-08-29

Bangladesh Tea workers return to work after 15 days [The Daily Star] 2022-08-29

New Zealand Primary health care nurses rally for better pay [Radio New Zealand] 2022-08-29

Belize KHMH workers union backs 'brave' nurses [BBN] 2022-08-29

Australia / Northern Territory Toni Childs features in all-female line-up at Freedom Day Festival to remember women of Wave Hill walk-off [ABC] 2022-08-28

Vietnam The women workers of Vietnam’s silk farming industry [Equal Times] 2022-08-28

Ghana Trade Unions call on Ghanaian government and employers to step up fight against violence against women in transport workplaces [ITF] 2022-08-27

UK TUC sets out roadmap to a £15 minimum wage and high wage economy [TUC] 2022-08-25

Canada / Newfoundland and Labrador Status of Women’s Centres Hold Walkouts Calling for Proactive Pay Equity Legislation [VOCM] 2022-08-25

UK / Ireland / Northern Ireland Queen's University supports staff with menopausal symptoms [BBC] 2022-08-23

USA Maine Med nurses overwhelmingly vote 'Yes' to keep their union [National Nurses United] 2022-08-22

South Africa Numsa urges women to unite against gender-based violence [SABC] 2022-08-22

South Africa DENOSA reflects on treatment of women on Women’s Month [The South African] 2022-08-22

UK Usdaw welcomes Labour's pledge to make the minimum wage reflect the cost of living [USDAW] 2022-08-20

Africa Conference discusses feminist ideas on building union power in Africa [IndustriALL] 2022-08-20

Canada / Nova Scotia 'How is that equal?': union rep says female-dominated local offered less than male counterparts [CBC] 2022-08-20

Canada This might be the most consequential election you paid no attention to [rabble] 2022-08-20

Bangladesh Tea workers continue strike for eight consecutive days [Rising BD] 2022-08-20

Canada St. John�s Status of Women Council Awaiting Details of Upcoming Pay Equity Legislation [VOCM] 2022-08-19

USA Google employees demand expanded abortion benefits [HRD] 2022-08-19

UK Author's union issues a 'response and call for unity' following public criticism [Society of Authors] 2022-08-19

Bangladesh Tea plantation workers block highway over pay rise in Habiganj [BD News 24] 2022-08-19

Palestine Jenin governor meets women's department [PGFTU] 2022-08-19

Australia Australia to introduce paid domestic violence leave [PSI] 2022-08-18

USA Chuck Schumer must make the Senate vote on protections for pregnant workers, before it's too late [Daily Kos] 2022-08-18

South Africa Domestic worker who accused her employer of rape has waited four years for justice [GroundUp] 2022-08-18

Africa Conference discusses feminist ideas on building union power in Africa [IndustriALL] 2022-08-18

Canada Progress towards a world of work free of violence and harassment [CLC] 2022-08-17

UK Poorest women in England have same ill health at 60 as richest at 76 – study [The Guardian] 2022-08-15

Bangladesh Tea workers strike against low wages [The Hindu] 2022-08-14