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Updated: Saturday 24 August 2019, 04:19:44
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Hong Kong Cathay Dragon cabin crew union leader becomes latest casualty of Hong Kong’s political crisis after her employment is ‘terminated’ [The South China Morning Post] 2019-08-23

Hong Kong / China Cathay Dragon fires flight attendant union chief amid pressure from China [The Free Press] 2019-08-23

Hong Kong Five retired Cathay Pacific flight attendants sue airline for lack of bonuses in 2017, seeking total claim of HK$175,000 [The Financial Post] 2019-08-23

Canada / Ontario Aecon, LIUNA join forces on Women in Trades program [The Daily Commercial News] 2019-08-23

UK / Scotland Edinburgh fringe ‘must do more’ to tackle sexual harassment [Brinkwire] 2019-08-23

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United Arab Emirates Women's union launches Irtiwaa summer campaign for UAE workers [Contruction Week] 2019-08-23

UK / Scotland Edinburgh Fringe Festival urged to tackle sexual harassment as female performers report groping and lewd comments [The Independent] 2019-08-23

New Zealand Gender pay imbalance: Call for PM to take action [NZCTU-te Kauae Kamahi] 2019-08-22

USA / New York Black, Latina women: How to fix NY's wage gap that pays them cents to each dollar a man makes [The Democrat and Chronicle] 2019-08-22

Australia No progress on gender pay gap [ACTU] 2019-08-22

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Somalia IFJ, NUSOJ hold national workshop on gender-responsive journalism to inspire equity [IFJ] 2019-08-21

Canada / British Columbia Pregnant teachers fight to change WorkSafeBC compensation rules [The Mirror] 2019-08-21

Iran Nasrin Javadi, labor activist sentenced to 7 years in prison, 74 lashes [NCRI] 2019-08-21

New Zealand Government must take the handbrakes off, deliver equal pay [PSA] 2019-08-21

UK / Scotland Fringe acts offered rooms in exchange for sex [The Times] 2019-08-21

Australia / Australian Capital Territory UnionsACT acknowledges achievements of Nadine Flood in advancing and defending public sector workers [Unions ACT] 2019-08-21

South Africa Labour department wants salary gap information from companies [Engineering News] 2019-08-21

UK / Scotland The lap dancers who joined a union [BBC] 2019-08-20

Australia Menstrual leave as a workplace right divides women [Stuff] 2019-08-20

Lesotho Lesotho Plan Has All Elements to End GBV at Work [Solidarity Center] For more info 2019-08-20

USA / New York New York City Union Uses Its Size to Leverage Improved Maternity Care [WSJ] 2019-08-20

South Africa Sex workers call on government to decriminalize trade [Africa News] 2019-08-19

USA Sara Nelson: 'Solidarity is a force stronger than gravity [Jacobin] 2019-08-18

Lesotho / USA Levi, Wrangler to deal with abuse in factories [City Press] 2019-08-18

UK Pension age should rise to 75, Tory think tank report says [Independent] 2019-08-18

USA 'There Is a Real Crisis': Domestic Workers Are In High Demand, but the Jobs Have Few Protections and Little Pay [Money] 2019-08-17

UK All-women shortlists must not be ‘meddled with’ [UNISON] 2019-08-16

USA / USA / California Fired UESF Teacher Margaret Reyes Calls Out Bullying, PAR & Discrimination By SFUSD Bd and Superintendent Matthews [LVP] For more info 2019-08-15

Azerbaijan Supreme Court denies Khadija Ismayilova’s request for early end of her probation [EFJ] 2019-08-15

Lesotho Pact Combats Gender Violence in Lesotho Factories [Solidarity Center] For more info 2019-08-15

New Zealand New deal means White Ferns can earn up to $80,000 [Radio New Zealand] 2019-08-14

South Africa Cosatu Women's Day Statement [COSATU] 2019-08-13

Canada / British Columbia Sex worker support groups join forces, hope to create provincial 'bad date' list [The Sun] 2019-08-13

Brazil Campaign launched to Gender Equality [BWI] 2019-08-13

Canada / Bangladesh Loblaws is off the legal hook for the Rana Plaza disaster say the Supremes [CBC] 2019-08-12

India Between high rates of HIV/AIDS and punitive new trafficking laws, India’s sex workers are struggling to assert their humanity [Equal Times] 2019-08-12

UK Asda forced worker to choose: stop caring for disabled son or lose job [GMB] 2019-08-12

South Africa Sex workers speak of rape, corruption and harassment by police [GroundUp] 2019-08-12

New Zealand 'We shouldn't put up with this': Train manager who kicked passenger off train urges Kiwi's to stand up to racism [Newshub] 2019-08-12

South Africa National Women’s Day South Africa: Celebrating Women in Struggle [PSI] 2019-08-11

South Africa How women of Numsa struck a blow [The Citizen] 2019-08-10

UK Real pay cut for millions of lower and middle paid workers, TUC analysis reveals [TUC] 2019-08-10

South Africa What has changed for women since the end of apartheid? [Fin24] 2019-08-09

South Africa NUMSA honours lanxess workers on Womens Day [NUMSA] 2019-08-09

South Africa Army ‘blunderheads’ violate hijab-wearing major’s rights – Cosatu [The Citizen] 2019-08-08

Canada / British Columbia Employees file human rights complaint against luxury hotel [CTV] 2019-08-08

Canada / British Columbia Workers claim Hotel Georgia created 'overly-sexualized' environment, file human rights complaint [CITY] 2019-08-08

Australia 'Putrid' culture in Australian air traffic control could endanger fliers: Report [Stuff] 2019-08-08

USA / Mississippi ICE raids targeted company whose workers won discrimination lawsuit [Democracy Now] 2019-08-08

South Africa / KwaZulu-Natal Not enough women in top education posts: Sadtu [East Coast Radio] 2019-08-08

South Africa Government needs to act to decriminalise sex work – Human Rights Watch [News24/The Citizen] 2019-08-08

Switzerland Country Needs to Do Better on Gender Equality [IPD] 2019-08-07

USA For equal pay, lean into a union [Pamplin Media] 2019-08-07

Pakistan Call for framing rules to enforce Sindh Home-Based Workers Act 2018 [The News] 2019-08-07

Bangladesh Accord Gets a Lifeline While Workers Organize Wildcat Strikes [Labour Notes] 2019-08-07

UK Honour your living wage promise PCS tells Boris Johnson [PCS] 2019-08-07

India National Women's Conference focuses on ending Violence against Women [BWI] 2019-08-07

South Africa Many women get no maternity leave pay at all, while very few get full pay [TimesLIVE] 2019-08-07

South Africa See which jobs discriminate the most against Mzansi women [TimesLIVE] 2019-08-07

South Africa COSATU condemns the SANDF for persecuting Major Fatima Isaacs for wearing a hijab [Polity] 2019-08-07

UK / England Lincolnshire health visitors step up pay campaign with more strikes and rallies planned [Unite the union] 2019-08-06

UK Landmark UNISON case confirms minimum annual leave for all workers [UNISON] 2019-08-06

UK HMRC pay award 'unfair, unbalanced and inadequate' [PCS] 2019-08-06

Australia Passenger safety at risk from ‘putrid’ air traffic control workplace culture [Yahoo] 2019-08-06

South Africa Initiatives to boost diversity under way as only 15% of mining jobs are held by women [Mining Weekly] 2019-08-05

UK Emma Watson launches workplace harassment legal advice line [Guardian] 2019-08-05

Australia 'Putrid': Sex discrimination in air traffic control could endanger lives, says report [The Times] 2019-08-05

USA / Massachusetts The battle to defend low-income clinic workers and patients [Salon] 2019-08-05

UK New trade minister Liz Truss had private talks in US with libertarian groups [The Observer] 2019-08-04

Australia Sexual harassment needs to be stamped out from behind the counter [The Times] 2019-08-04

UK Women’s pensions fall even further behind men’s [The Sunday Times] 2019-08-04

Canada / British Columbia Hotel Georgia Employees Set To File Human Rights Complaint Against Luxury Vancouver Hotel [Huffington Post] 2019-08-03

Bangladesh Activists demand payment for garment workers by August 4 [The New Age] 2019-08-03

Australia Beefing up security isn’t the only way to make hospitals safer [The Conversation] 2019-08-02

USA / USA / California 'A Work In Progress' The Worker Photography of Joseph A. Blum [LVP] For more info 2019-07-31

South Africa / Limpopo Cosatu Limpopo to embark on schools sanitary towels project in partnership with Old Mutual [COSATU] 2019-07-31

UK Concern grows over ‘corporate courts’ being set up after Brexit [Morning Star] 2019-07-31

UK Deep concern at new Trade Secretary’s commitment to ‘big business freedom’ [Global Justice Now] 2019-07-31

UK Government challenged to rule out ‘corporate courts’ after Brexit, following criticism by influential MPs [Global Justice Now] 2019-07-31

Netherlands Sex workers give red light to leaving famed Amsterdam district [The Post] 2019-07-31

USA / USA / California Hands Off UESF Teacher Margaret Reyes! Protest At SF Superior Court Judge Schulman Hearing [LVP] For more info 2019-07-30

Canada / Ontario Workers and widows in Peterborough, Ont., fight a ‘conspiracy of silence’ to tell their story [The Doc Channel] 2019-07-30

UK More than 4m in UK are trapped in deep poverty, study finds [The Guardian] 2019-07-29

Canada / British Columbia New grant from BC govt. helps distribute sanitary products, collects research on period poverty [NUPGE] 2019-07-29

Canada The founder of #metoo shares her story at #Unifor19 Convention [Unifor] 2019-07-29

Canada Anti-choice propaganda weakens women’s right to safe care [FIQ] 2019-07-29

UK Workers need stronger rights now, not a no-deal Brexit, TUC tells new PM [TUC] 2019-07-29

UK New BBC Radio 4 drama highlights the plight of care workers pushed to their limits [UNISON] 2019-07-29

UK As summer holidays begin, airport's shameful trolly dolly culture revealed [GMB] 2019-07-27

Global IFJ Gender council chair elected to GAMAG board [IFJ] 2019-07-26

Ireland Protecting pregnant employees’ right to return to work [Irish Times] 2019-07-26

Canada / British Columbia Hotel Rosewood Georgia workers allege sexual harassment by guests [CBC] 2019-07-26

UK GMB attacks UK airports for “shameful trolley dolly culture” [Airposrt Technology] 2019-07-26

UK ‘Shameful and dangerous’: Airlines condemned for forcing female staff to wear lipstick, high heels and no body hair [The Independent] 2019-07-26

Canada / British Columbia 'I don't feel safe anymore': Hotel worker union demands safety for women [CTV] 2019-07-26

Taiwan EVA Management Retaliates Against Union After End of Flight Attendants’ Strike [The New Bloom] 2019-07-26

UK A woman’s place is in the leadership of her union [Social Europe] 2019-07-25

India Women stitching garments at home entitled to PF: SC [The National Herald] 2019-07-25

New Zealand NZPFU assisting PSA in pay equity claim [NZPFU] 2019-07-23

UK / Global Is fair trade finished? [The Guardian] 2019-07-23