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Updated: Friday 24 January 2020, 11:25:32
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UK Local government employers accused of creating 'unnecessary' pay delay [UNISON] 2020-01-23

USA / Illinois Women's March Chicago draws thousands of peoples in Downtown [Patch] 2020-01-22

Israel Israel Holding Pregnant Migrant Worker in Isolation for Months, Defying UN Guidelines [Haaretz] 2020-01-19

UK Brexit: 'No alignment' with EU on regulation, Javid tells business [BBC] 2020-01-18

South Africa Domestic workers fight for national minimum wage [GroundUp] 2020-01-17

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USA Historic bargaining agreement raises WNBA salaries [The Grio] 2020-01-15

Europe Getting real about diversity and talent: 10 recommendations [EFJ] 2020-01-15

New Zealand Two years since equal pay settlement home support workers still struggling [PSA-Te Pukenga Here Tikanga Mahi] 2020-01-14

UK BBC journalist wins landmark equal pay case [EFJ] 2020-01-13

Canada Unifor bargains paid domestic violence leave where legislation falls short [Unifor] 2020-01-13

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USA Fighting for overdue protections for pregnant workers [CBS] 2020-01-13

Global / Switzerland International Training Centre of the International Labour Organization shares AIRF's Video [AIRF Communications Centre] For more info 2020-01-13

Israel Improving the working conditions of preschool teachers' assistants. [Davar] 2020-01-13

South Africa Beauty Zibula - From factory to parliament [IndustriALL] 2020-01-11

UK BBC journalist wins landmark equal pay case [IFJ] 2020-01-11

Global 'Making women visible in occupational health and safety', a new IUF resource [IUF] 2020-01-11

USA / Illinois 'I Expect to Die Because of a John:' Local Sex Workers Fear For Safety But Wary Of Asking For Help [WGLT] 2020-01-10

UK Samira Ahmed wins equal pay claim against BBC [Guardian] 2020-01-10

UK Resounding NUJ victory in landmark equal pay case [NUJ] 2020-01-10

UK Workers' rights under threat from Tory's Brexit Bill, a Scottish minister warns [Morning Star] 2020-01-09

UK / Finland Finland to introduce four-day working week and six-hour days [Independent] 2020-01-06

USA The grooming gap: What “looking the part” costs women [Salon] 2020-01-06

USA Google reckons with an increasingly activist workforce amid accusations of union busting and facilitating human rights abuses [] 2020-01-04

UK Fat Cat Friday - time to deliver fair pay for civil servants [PCS] 2020-01-04

UK Usdaw disappointed that the Government's minimum wage increase fails to deliver £10 per hour [USDAW] 2020-01-01

Canada Newfoundland’s Office to Advance Women Apprentices’ model going national next year [The Daily Commercial News] 2019-12-31

Malawi Workplace sexual harassment cases have reduced [Nyasa Times] 2019-12-31

Nepal No help at home for women migrants who come back with babies [The Post] 2019-12-28

Japan Famed Japan photojournalist targeted young, low-status staff for worst sex abuse: report [Mainichi] 2019-12-28

China They Said #MeToo. Now They Are Being Sued. [The Times] 2019-12-28

Canada / Ontario ONA Files Charter Challenge of Bill 124 - Bill will worsen hallway health care, discriminate against women [ONA] 2019-12-27

Pakistan Home-based workers to mark 10 years of struggle on 30th [The Nation] 2019-12-27

Pakistan 'Poverty plagues home-based workers as the informal economic sector witnesses expansion' [The Tribune] 2019-12-27

Canada / British Columbia Longtime sex workers advocate Jamie Lee Hamilton dead at 64 [CBC] 2019-12-26

Japan Women say #KuToo and ditch high heels [The Financial Times] 2019-12-26

Iran Labor Activist's Twitter Deactivated After Suing State TV Reporter [Radio Farda] 2019-12-26

Canada / Ontario 'Our industry desperately needs skilled workers,' says president of carpenters' union [CBC] 2019-12-26

Pakistan WDF hails passing of Sindh Women Agriculture Workers Bill [The News] 2019-12-26

India / Maharashtra Bitter Truth: Women sugarcane labour ‘sacrifice’ uterus for wages [CanIndia] 2019-12-26

UK 650,000 PIP disability benefit claimants have money cut by DWP [Bristol Live] 2019-12-26

Global How the Modern Workplace Fails Women [Marker] 2019-12-24

Canada Violence against women includes violence against sex workers [ricochet] 2019-12-22

Canada / Newfoundland and Labrador FFAW Holds Regional Women’s Meetings [FFAW/Unifor] 2019-12-22

South Africa 'You can't just fire your domestic worker at will' - SA still hobbled by abusive legacy of domestic work [News24] 2019-12-20

Global Gender equality in public service media: guidelines for building a gender-balanced workplace [EFJ] 2019-12-20

Europe Gender equality in public service media: new guidelines for building a gender-balanced workplace [IFJ] 2019-12-20

South Africa SA still hobbled by abusive legacy of domestic work [AFP/News24] 2019-12-19

South Africa S.Africa still hobbled by abusive legacy of domestic work [France 24] 2019-12-19

Bangladesh Film on Bangladesh’s garment workers spotlights women driving change [The Daily Times] 2019-12-19

Taiwan Baby or a job? Stark choice for Taiwan's migrant workers [Reuters] 2019-12-19

Nepal Competitive Women Leadership needs to be prepared: President Shrestha [GEFONT] 2019-12-18

UK Government must boost wages and living standards for working families [TUC] 2019-12-18

Macedonia Sex workers protest attacks, seek legal status [CITY] 2019-12-18

UK Lower courts can roll back EU laws after Brexit, No 10 confirms [The Guardian] 2019-12-18

South Africa ‘The backbone of this economy’: Fighting for maids’ rights [The Christian Science Monitor] 2019-12-18

USA / USA / California Don't Deny My Patients! 4,000 NUHW CA Kaiser Healthcare Workers Start 5 Day Strike [LVP] For more info 2019-12-17

Ukraine 16 days of activism against gender-based violence [BWI] 2019-12-17

Canada / Saskatchewan Unifor Local 651 opens education fund for murdered woman’s daughter [Unifor] 2019-12-17

Canada / British Columbia MoveUP announces support for decriminalization of sex work [MoveUP] 2019-12-17

Australia Hair salon owners stretched as hairdressers cut loose from industry's underpayment, tough conditions [ABC] 2019-12-17

UK Gender gap will take another 99 years to close as UK slips to 21st place in world rankings [Evening Standard] 2019-12-17

Australia PM called on to protect equal pay funding for feminised caring sector [ACOSS] 2019-12-16

Global / Global AIRF India Campaigns in 96 Languages to Ratify ILO C 190 [AIRF Communication Centre] For more info 2019-12-16

Canada Unifor continues annual donation and support to women’s shelters across Canada [Unifor] 2019-12-15

New Zealand Midwives petition reaches 10,000 [NZCOM] 2019-12-15

UK Boris Johnson's government spends first day fighting to keep trade talks secret [Global Justice Now] 2019-12-14

India / Karnataka Anganwadi Workers Protest In Karnataka In Front Of DC's Office [Republic World] 2019-12-13

Spain These sex workers are fighting for union rights, leaving Spanish feminists conflicted [The Times] 2019-12-13

Australia Dangerous and outrageous – Councils of Social Service condemn proposed funding cut to national voice for First Nations women on domestic violence [ACOSS] 2019-12-13

Australia / Northern Territory Sex Workers Finally Have Decriminalisation: An Interview With SWOP NT’s Coordinator Leanne Melling [SCL] 2019-12-13

Australia McManus says burka no different to dresses heels [Stock Daily Dish] 2019-12-13

Canada Heather Kelley talks about the IAM Canadian Women’s Program [IAMAW] 2019-12-13

Israel Sex workers fall victim to Israeli government paralysis [Al-Monitor] 2019-12-13

USA The New Union Label: Female, Progressive and Very Anti-Trump [Politico] 2019-12-12

Canada Canada must ratify ILO Convention on Violence and Harassment, urges NUPGE [NUPGE] 2019-12-12

USA / USA / California Emergency Life & Death Staffing Crisis At SFGH: SEIU1021 Nurses Speak At SF Board of Supervisors [LVP] For more info 2019-12-12

Korea (North) Women in Samjiyon’s work units fall victim to sexual assault [DailyNK] 2019-12-11

Canada / Manitoba Indigenous Women’s Healing Centre’s first collective agreement includes paid days off for traditional Indigenous ceremonies [CUPE] 2019-12-11

New Zealand All workers deserve bereavement leave following miscarriages and stillbirths [PSA-Te Pukenga Here Tikanga Mahi] 2019-12-11

Canada / Ontario Film on 1970s Push for Equality on Campus [CU] 2019-12-10

UK Fantastic support for the TUC’s 13th Annual Reclaim the Night March and Rally [TUC] 2019-12-10

Canada / Newfoundland and Labrador Office to Advance Women Apprentices opening new career doors for 10 years [The Chronicle-Herald] 2019-12-09

UK ths to women aged 45 or above are at their highest level since records began [RCM] 2019-12-09

New Zealand KFC, Pizza Hut forced to apologize over handling of staff rape and harassment cases [Fairfax Media] 2019-12-08

Canada Statement for December 6, the National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women [USW] 2019-12-06

Canada / Nova Scotia CUPE Nova Scotia Women's Committee calls on province for prevention strategies and services to combat femicide [CUPE] 2019-12-06

Canada National Day of Remembrance and Action to End Violence against Women is December 6 [HEU] 2019-12-06

Canada Thirty years later, we must be better [CUPW] 2019-12-06

Canada / New Brunswick Services of Remembrance & Action to End Violence Against Women [NBFL] 2019-12-06

Canada / New Brunswick NBFL Statement for December 6 National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women [NBFL] 2019-12-06

Canada / Ontario National Day of Remembrance and Action to End Violence against Women is December 6 [ONA] 2019-12-06

Canada National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence against Women: 30 Years Later – We Remember [PSAC] 2019-12-06

Canada December 6 is the National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women [UFCW Canada] 2019-12-06

Canada / Alberta What's behind the United Conservative Party's emerging fury at nurses? [rabble] 2019-12-06

Australia / Taiwan Women forced to perform sexual favors in Australia [The Times] 2019-12-06

Brazil Study: Gender Violence Rife in Brazil Garment Factories [Solidarity Center] For more info 2019-12-06

Canada / British Columbia Hotel workers' union president Zailda Chan forges solidarity by connecting viscerally with the membership [The Georgia Straight] 2019-12-05

Canada Remembering École Polytechnique: National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women [NUPGE] 2019-12-05

Australia / Taiwan 8 Taiwanese women sexually abused in Australia on fruit-picking working holiday [The News] 2019-12-05

Asia / Pacific Asia Pacific Regional Women’s Committee Calls for Ratification of C190 [BWI] 2019-12-05