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Updated: Tuesday 26 May 2020, 04:40:52
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India / Karnataka Some garment factory workers receive wages thanks to international pressure [The Hindu] 2020-05-25

UK 29,000 claims a year despite 50 years since Equal Pay Act [The Guardian] 2020-05-25

Nigeria Kaduna health workers begin warning strike over 25% salary deduction [The Guardian] 2020-05-25

Global Global unions launch #GenderEqualNewNormal campaign with a webinar on the impact of the Covid-19 crisis on women [UNI Global Union] 2020-05-25

Canada / British Columbia COVID-19 and Sex Work: A Labour and Health Perspective [MoveUP] 2020-05-24

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Canada RadioLabour's Canada Report May 18-22, 2020: The pandemic and women workers [RadioLabour] 2020-05-23

Brazil Care for those who care for you!Domestic workers’ struggles in times of pandemic crisis [Interface] 2020-05-23

Malaysia Protect Migrant Domestic Worker from the Extreme Abuse and Exploitation, Justice for the Victim! [IDWF] 2020-05-23

Malaysia 'In This Pandemic, We Got Nothing but Solidarity': The Struggle of Migrant Domestic Workers in Malaysia in Surviving the Lockdown [IDWF] 2020-05-23

Global Women workers in the front lines [IndustriALL] 2020-05-23

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Global The COVID-19 response: Getting gender equality right for a better future for women at work [ILO] 2020-05-22

New Zealand Sex workers struggle with contact-tracing [Radio New Zealand] 2020-05-21

Eswatini A woman's healthcare worker experience during COVID-19 [PSI] 2020-05-20

Cambodia Online campaign on ILO Conventions 190 and 183 [IndustriALL] 2020-05-20

Tunisia Garment workers strike over dismissals of union leaders [IndustriALL] 2020-05-20

Philippines Red-tagging of female journalist [IFJ] 2020-05-20

Global Unions file complaint over 'systemic sexual harassment' across McDonald's restaurants [The Hill] 2020-05-20

New Zealand Jacinda Ardern flags four-day working week as way to rebuild New Zealand after Covid-19 [The Guardian] 2020-05-20

UK Non-compliance and enforcement of the National Minimum Wage [Low Pay Commission] 2020-05-20

Australia ‘It’s even worse in Australia’: International unions file complaint against McDonald's over systemic sexual harassment [SBS] 2020-05-19

Global International union coalition demands action to combat sexual harassment at McDonald's restaurants [IUF] 2020-05-19

Global 'Systematic sexual harassment': International labour union files complaint against McDonald's [NewsHub] 2020-05-19

Eswatini State of emergency extension: Nurses demand COVID-19practical action from government [Swaziland News] 2020-05-18

Global COVID-19: G7 nations need to get gender equality right for a better future for women at work [ILO] 2020-05-18

Australia IEUA Speaks on COVID-19 Is Not Gender Neutral [IEU] 2020-05-18

New Zealand Leverage and organization in the struggle against the undervaluationof care and support workers [E tu union] 2020-05-18

Israel Women bear the brunt of the economic crisis following the COVID-19 epidemic: 57.2% of Israeli jobseekers today are women [Davar] 2020-05-18

Cambodia Government should immediately release union leader [IndustriALL] ActNOW! 2020-05-17

Global Global unions launch webinars on women workers and COVID [IFJ] 2020-05-16

Ireland NWCI writes to Equality Commission on exclusion of women returning from maternity leave from TWSS [NWCI] 2020-05-15

New Zealand Budget 2020-Rebuilding together [NZCTU-te Kauae Kamahi] 2020-05-15

Australia / Queensland Police arrest doctor for holding sign supporting refugees [Green Left Weekly] 2020-05-15

UK RCM launches new campaign to offer advice and support to pregnant women [Union News] 2020-05-14

UK Women more likely to suffer from depression since state pension age increase, study finds [Independent] 2020-05-13

Global We Don’t Need Empty Praise: Nurses’ Unions Demand Better Protection, Rights [Newsclick] 2020-05-13

Pakistan Workers protest over jobs and pay [Ecotextile News] 2020-05-13

Italy Why Teresa Bellanova, The Farm Worker Who Became A Minister, Now Fights For Migrant Rights [Forbes] 2020-05-13

UK Brexit: UK-EU trade talks resume ahead of June summit [BBC] 2020-05-12

Ukraine Nursing in the Times of the COVID-19 Pandemic in Ukraine [KVPU] 2020-05-12

Pakistan NTUF, HBWWF protest against illegal lay-offs [The News] 2020-05-12

India Trade unions plan to move ILO about states' proposed changes in labour laws [The Tribune] 2020-05-12

India / Maharashtra Domestic helps fear loss of livelihood post lockdown [The Express] 2020-05-12

UK Low-paid workers more likely to die from Covid-19 than higher earners [The Guardian] 2020-05-12

Bangladesh Workers are returning to factories despite confusion [WWD] 2020-05-12

Canada Can sex workers count on government support during COVID-19? [TVO] 2020-05-11

South Africa Covid-19: Many domestic workers not covered by relief measures [GroundUp] 2020-05-11

Canada / Global For workers who send money to loved ones back home, pandemic job losses mean remittances are drying up [CBC] 2020-05-10

Global Women journalists are suffering greater stress due to COVID-19 , IFJ study says [IFJ] 2020-05-09

Global For a Just, Green, Feminist Covid-19 Response and Recovery [PSI] 2020-05-09

Canada / Newfoundland and Labrador Put yourself in their shoes: Let's thank the women on the front line of the pandemic [CBC] 2020-05-09

Spain Sex workers left to fend for themselves under lockdown [Yahoo] 2020-05-09

Brazil Most Brazilian female workers on the front line are experiencing psychic suffering [PSI] 2020-05-08

Global / Korea (South) Jin Sook Lee: Mother. Wife. Activist. [BWI] 2020-05-07

Bangladesh Women and Youths lead online May Day Commemoration amidst pandemic lockdown [UNI Global Union] 2020-05-07

Ireland Female job applicant who was asked if she was married paid €7,500 in compensation [Irish Examiner] 2020-05-07

Europe European Commission urged to stand up for women on the COVID-19 frontline [ETUC] 2020-05-06

South Africa Domestic workers pay high price for employers’ noncompliance [The Citizen] 2020-05-05

UK UK government begins transatlantic trade talks with Washington [The Guardian] 2020-05-05

UK The COVID-19 domestic violence crisis in the UK is a decade in the making [Opendemocracy] 2020-05-05

Global Sue Longley's May Day video [IUF] 2020-05-05

New Zealand NZNO celebrates International Midwifery Day [NZNO-Toputanga tapuhi kaitiaki o Aotearoa] 2020-05-05

New Zealand Happy International Midwives Day [MERAS] 2020-05-05

USA / Connecticut Who was left unemployed by coronavirus? Women, young employees and workers in hospital and hotels were the first to lose their jobs [The Courant] 2020-05-04

India After four test positive, Punjab ASHA workers ask: ‘Why should we put our lives in danger?’ [The Express] 2020-05-04

Liberia ‘We are workers, not heroes’ [GNN] 2020-05-04

Global COVID-19 and Workers’Organizations : Interview with Sharan Burrow… [ILO] 2020-05-04

Angola Trabalhadores da ELISAL voltam a queixar-se de atrasos e ... [Novo Jornal] 2020-05-04

South Africa Domestic workers hung out to dry during lockdown [BusinessLIVE] 2020-05-03

UK / USA 'Reckless' to restart US-UK trade talks in midst of pandemic, campaigners say [Global Justice Now] 2020-05-03

Jordan Non-payment of teacher salaries in the private sector affecting mainly women [EI] 2020-05-03

Africa Nurses in the Frontline This May Day [allAfrica] 2020-05-02

Canada In Memoriam: Canada’s Health Care Workers Who Have Died of COVID-19 [CFNU] 2020-05-02

Canada Unions renew call for National Action Plan on Violence Against Women and Girls [CLC] 2020-05-02

South Africa Not all domestic workers will return back to work under level 4, says union [Cape Talk radio] 2020-04-30

Canada COVID-19 hits equity-seeking workers hardest [CUPE] 2020-04-30

Canada She-cession: COVID-19, care work and the decline of the service sector [rabble] 2020-04-30

Global Women need equal, safe and inclusive workplaces during pandemic [BWI] 2020-04-29

UK PPE 'designed for women' needed on frontline [BBC] 2020-04-29

UK Public support universal basic income, job guarantee and rent controls to respond to coronavirus pandemic, poll finds [Independent] 2020-04-28

Canada Name it, End it - Misogyny and Male Violence [Our Times] 2020-04-28

Canada Sacrifice of health care and social service workers must be valued after COVID-19 ends with stable, better paid work [CUPE] 2020-04-28

Canada Les sacrifices des employés de la santé et des services sociaux doivent être récompensés par des emplois plus stables et mieux rémunérés après la crise de la COVID-19 [CUPE] 2020-04-28

Australia In a post-coronavirus world, will Australia recognise the valuable role women play? [Smart Company] 2020-04-28

UK Has the government failed the NHS? [BBC Panorama] 2020-04-28

UK UK holds a minute’s silence for key worker deaths [BBC] 2020-04-28

Bangladesh Textile workers flout coronavirus lockdown to demand wages [Reuters] 2020-04-27

Global Two crises, one flawed supply chain model: How the imbalance of power in global supply chains harms workers [Workers Rights Consortium] 2020-04-27

Jamaica Household workers dying for lockdown pay [The Gleaner] 2020-04-26

Pakistan NTUF, HBWWF Distribute Ration Among 350 Families [UrduPoint] 2020-04-26

Canada / Bangladesh CUPE joins call to protect Bangladesh garment workers [CUPE] 2020-04-25

Bangladesh / Canada Protect the women who make our clothes: Canada’s unions and civil society organizations call for action [CLC] 2020-04-25

UK / Global Families Against Corporate Killers video for Workers Memorial Day 2020 [Families Against Corporate Killers] 2020-04-25

UK / Global What does Workers Memorial Day mean to you? [Hazards Campaign] 2020-04-25

UK 4 in 5 care workers expect colleagues to quit amid coronavirus danger [GMB] 2020-04-24

UK Care sector should look to the NHS for inspiration [UNISON] 2020-04-24

Ireland Women returning from maternity leave excluded from COVID-19 wage subsidy [Newstalk] 2020-04-24

Global What the pandemic means for women in the garment industry, and how you can help [Fashion Journal] 2020-04-24

Asia For a few cents more [The New Internationalist] 2020-04-24

Indonesia Minister calls women as Indonesia's strength in fight against COVID-19 [Antara] 2020-04-24

USA / USA / California WorkWeek On NNU CNA Nurses Fight For PPE & ILWU May Day [WW] For more info 2020-04-24