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Updated: Wednesday 22 May 2024, 16:08:28
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Argentina Unions challenge the Milei government - Interview with Macarena Grimalt Fernandes, Argentinian trade unionist [LabourStart Podcasts] 2024-05-22

Cote Divoire union campaigns for gender equality in the mines [IndustriALL] 2024-05-22

UK / Scotland GMB blast ministers over lack of intervention on equal pay [The Herald] 2024-05-22

India Trade unions want beedi cess back, seek safety net for workers [The Indian Express] 2024-05-22

Lesotho Female sex workers continue facing discrimination [Lesotho Times] 2024-05-21

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Gambia GPU, Int'l IDEA commence training on gender equality [The Point] 2024-05-21

Australia MUA calls for more women to take up the challenge of a life at sea or on the waterfront [MUA] 2024-05-21

Australia Building women’s careers in male-dominated industries [ETU] 2024-05-21

Cote Divoire UNI Africa launches anti-harassment campaign in Côte d’Ivoire [UNI Global Union] 2024-05-20

UK / Scotland Victory for worker in rape centre gender row [The Times] 2024-05-20

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Australia Unions and aged care peak clash over timing of wage increases [Inside Ageing] 2024-05-19

New Zealand St Kilda care home reduced staff hours 'devastating' [NZNO] 2024-05-17

New Zealand Government's pre-election pay parity promise will need increased budget funding [NZNO] 2024-05-17

Tunisia Tunisian Trade Union Women: Agents of Change [carnegie] 2024-05-17

UK Almost nine out of 10 nurses in England work when ill, survey finds [The Guardian] 2024-05-16

Australia Thousands of Aussies workers to get 'deserved' pay rise [Yahoo] 2024-05-15

Australia Early childhood wage increase welcome – and ‘desperately needed’ [UWU] 2024-05-15

Australia Early educators today welcomed Federal Labor’s Budget commitment to address sector-wide low pay in the female-dominated industry [UWU] 2024-05-15

UK Six-day teacher strike after Ofsted ‘lies’ lead to privatisation threat [Morning Star] 2024-05-15

USA National Nurses United survey finds AI technology degrades and underminds patient safety [National Nurses United] 2024-05-15

New Zealand Strippers 'fired' after complaints about club [Otago Daily Times] 2024-05-14

UK Almost half a million women gagged after workplace discrimination, bullying or harassment [Independent] 2024-05-14

UK Over 430k mothers have been legally gagged in the UK following workplace discrimination, harassment or bullying [Pregnant Then Screwed & Can't Buy My Silence] 2024-05-14

Indonesia New PROTECT project supports women migrant workers and children in Indonesia [ILO] 2024-05-14

USA / Ohio Hearings begin for nurse-to-patient ratio legislation in Ohio [WEWS-5] 2024-05-14

South Africa NUM National Women Structure post-constitutional meeting [NUM] 2024-05-14

UK Watered-down plans to ban sex-pest MPs will put Parliamentary staff at risk, Prospect says [Morning Star] 2024-05-13

UK Far more women becoming too sick to work, TUC warns [Morning Star] 2024-05-13

UK TUC – long-term sickness becomes top reason for women being out of the labour market [TUC] 2024-05-13

Australia Wage rises and super on parental leave a big support for working women and care industries [ACTU] 2024-05-13

Australia The overhaul that Australian workplace culture urgently needs [The Morning Herald] 2024-05-13

USA / Missouri Mother-daughter fire captains make history in Kansas City [IAFF] 2024-05-12

USA / Washington Washington battalion chief paves way for daughter [IAFF] 2024-05-12

USA / Georgia Fire fighter takes daughter along for the ride [IAFF] 2024-05-12

USA Celebrating inspirational women in the fire service this Mother’s Day [IAFF] 2024-05-12

Canada / British Columbia Three Years on Strike and Counting: Canada’s Longest Active Strike Continues at a Vancouver Hotel [Press Progress] 2024-05-08

Canada Pay Equity: 20 years after the Bilson Report [PSAC] 2024-05-08

Tunisia Amel Mannai: Holding the line for women’s leadership [BWI] 2024-05-08

South Africa COSATU rejects with contempt DA’s shocking proposals to cancel women workers’ protections [COSATU] 2024-05-08

Papua New Guinea Fruit pickers under palm return home [The National] 2024-05-07

Germany Community media journalists to report politics through a gender lens [IFJ] 2024-05-07

Lesotho Union vows to fight against discrimination of women [May Day] 2024-05-06

Pakistan Lady health workers in Pakistan amplify their voices on May Day [UNI Global Union] 2024-05-06

Tunisia Amel Mannai: Holding the line for women’s leadership [BWI] 2024-05-06

South Africa / Western Cape City of Cape Town dragged to court over maternity leave [RNews] 2024-05-05

India Gujarat Domestic Workers’ Union call for access to rights, respect and dignity for domestic workers [IUF Asia/Pacific] 2024-05-04

New Zealand NZCTU calls on Govt to reverse disestablishment of Pay Equity Taskforce [NZCTU] 2024-05-04

UK / England FIFPRO, PFA England, Nike & Leeds Beckett University launch project to reduce ACL injuries in women’s football [FIFPRO] 2024-05-04

Global Lucy Bronze: 'Players need to be more aware why ACL injuries happen' [FIFPRO] 2024-05-04

Global Ellen White: Why centralising the player voice is crucial with ACL injury [FIFPRO] 2024-05-04

UK Headteachers demand end to ‘inhumane’ school ratings in England [The Guardian] 2024-05-04

USA / Minnesota Union nurses endorse Congresswomen Illhan Omar for re-election [National Nurses United] 2024-05-04

New Zealand Government pay equity proposal a blow for women and community health [NZNO-Toputanga Tapuhi Kaitiaki o Aotearoa] 2024-05-03

Global IFJ Gender Council Midterm Meeting: 'Gender equality is a union issue' [IFJ] 2024-05-03

Australia Ground breaking appointment to TWU National Council [Owner-Driver] 2024-05-03

Bangladesh No progress without workers’ inclusion [The Daily Star] 2024-05-03

Pakistan ‘Need to formalise status of women home-based workers within workforce’ [The Business Recorder] 2024-05-03

New Zealand Pay equity taskforce disbanded, 'no longer required' - Minister [RNZ] 2024-05-03

Global Thailand ties with Brazil in number of sex workers [The Nation] 2024-05-03

Australia Feminised industries need systemic change and targeted pay rises [Australian Unions] 2024-05-02

Australia / New South Wales 100 domestic violence support workers tell NSW Premier what needs to be done [The Herald-Sun] 2024-05-02

Australia / South Australia SA votes down Nordic model sex work reform by single vote [] 2024-05-02

Australia Unions commemorate 50 year anniversary of 1974 Equal Pay Case [ACTU] 2024-05-02

Australia ETU Members – Where Are They Now: Wendy Carr [ETU] 2024-05-02

Australia ACTU calls for interim payrise of 'at least' 9% in key feminized industries [ACTU] 2024-05-01

Australia / Tasmania HACSU: Tas Child Safety Workers are Lowest Paid in Australia [The Times] 2024-05-01

Europe IFJ launches gender-responsive guidelines to cover EU elections [IFJ] 2024-05-01

India Invisible labour, visible resistance: Domestic workers fight for rights [The Leaflet] 2024-05-01

Australia Trade union peak body calls for targeted pay rise for feminised industries [Women's Agenda] 2024-04-29

Australia Unions push for 9 per cent pay boost in sectors dominated by women [The Morning Herald] 2024-04-29

Lesotho Female factory workers in outcry over unpaid maternity leave [Lesotho Times] 2024-04-28

USA Nation's largest nurses union stands in solidarity with campus protestors facing crackdowns and arrests [National Nurses United] 2024-04-27

UK Black and minority ethnic women are twice as likely to be on zero-hour contracts as white men [Morning Star] 2024-04-27

USA / California Unfair practice charge filed against Washington hospital for interfering with striking nurses' labour rights [National Nurses United] 2024-04-26

Bangladesh Rana Plaza: Never Again, Together, We Remember [NGWF] 2024-04-25

Canada / Bangladesh 11 years after the Rana Plaza factory collapse, Canada’s unions honour victims and continue demands to improve conditions for workers [PSAC] 2024-04-25

Europe Empowering Women in Transport: A Crucial Battle for Rights and Representation [ETF] 2024-04-25

UK Unite secures JLR workplace menopause support policy [Unite] 2024-04-25

UK RCN hosts first anti-racism summit [RCN] 2024-04-25

Canada / Bangladesh 11 years after the Rana Plaza factory collapse, Canada’s unions honour victims and continue demands to improve conditions for workers [CLC] 2024-04-24

Canada LEAF celebrates 39 years fighting gender-based discrimination at annual Evening for Equality gala [Law Times] 2024-04-23

Canada / Ontario Blog Series: The 1980s Struggle for Domestic Workers’ Rights [uOttawa] 2024-04-23

South Africa Domestic worker sues pitso for millions of rands over injuries [Gigasiworld] 2024-04-23

New Zealand Nurses union call moves to clamp down on overtime as laughable [Radio New Zealand] 2024-04-22

India / Karnataka No respite for pourakarmikas, Anganwadi workers from heatwave [New Indian Express] Image 2024-04-21

Canada / Nova Scotia Justice Minister displayed profound ignorance of gender-based violence, should resign [CUPE] 2024-04-20

USA / Minnesota The union building trades can be a gateway to wage equality for MN women [Reformer] 2024-04-19

India / West Bengal Political Campaigns Have Overshadowed Workers' Plight in the Tea Gardens [The Wire] 2024-04-19

UK Voices: Banks are closing sex workers’ accounts – but it’ll only push us to take bigger risks [The Independent] 2024-04-19

Canada Pay Equity Commissioner shoots down another bid for equity plan exceptions [HR Reporter] 2024-04-18

Ukraine [Solidarity Centre] 2024-04-18

Canada / Newfoundland and Labrador Advocate Highlights Gender Wage Gap on Equal Pay Day [VOCM] 2024-04-17

Canada / Ontario Why is Ontario’s gender pay gap ‘stuck’ at 32%? [HRD] 2024-04-17

Canada / Ontario Workers at Nipissing Transition House deliver unanimous petition calling for a fair deal [CUPE] 2024-04-16

Australia / New South Wales SWOP NSW and Scarlet Alliance condemn gratuitous and irresponsible reporting on sex work [The Scarlet Alliance] 2024-04-16

Australia Public Servants To Receive Paid Period, Reproductive and Menopause Leave [The Star-Observer] 2024-04-15

UK ‘We’ve been taken for granted for too long’: equal pay strikes by women spread across Scotland [The Observer] 2024-04-14

Australia Childcare workers to get wage boost in budget as Australia battles staff shortages [The Guardian] 2024-04-13

Australia / Victoria Public sector workers to receive paid menstrual leave [HRD] 2024-04-13

USA / New York NYC CLC and UFT Host Labor Women's Power Breakfast [AFL-CIO] 2024-04-13