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Updated: Tuesday 22 October 2019, 18:04:08
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Nepal Zero to 40% women representation in GEFONT leadership; Smritee Lama [GEFONT] 2019-10-22

USA Disney Tries to Stop Female Workers From Joining Together for Pay Bias Lawsuit [Hollywood Reporter] 2019-10-22

UK / Europe How a Tory Brexit could finally unite Britain’s workers [Guardian] 2019-10-22

Global Workers to reclaim their right to disconnect over burnout and gender inequity [UNI Global Union] 2019-10-21

Global Are indigenous textile makers fashion’s latest victims? [Equal Times] 2019-10-21

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UK 'Don't sack 12,000 Asda workers just before Christmas' [GMB] 2019-10-21

Canada / New Brunswick CUPE rallies outside Saint John Laundry over workplace bullying [Global] 2019-10-20

Canada / Prince Edward Island Paid leave for victims of domestic violence will soon be law [CBC] 2019-10-19

Canada / Ontario Arrested while trying to stop the killing of temporary workers [RadioLabour] 2019-10-19

UK Menopause workplace guide launched by UNISON [Unison] 2019-10-19

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USA / USA / California Thousands Hit The Streets In San Jose For Living Wages: SEIU 521 Valley Medical Workers On Strike and Get Support [LVP] For more info 2019-10-18

Canada / British Columbia Workers at four Vancouver hotels agree to higher wages, job security [The Sun] 2019-10-18

Canada / British Columbia New contract ends strike at 3 Vancouver hotels, but workers still off the job at Hotel Georgia [CBC] 2019-10-18

UK Boris Johnson’s Brexit dream is to shred workers’ rights and social protections [The Guardian] 2019-10-18

New Zealand Prime Minister's speech to the CTU Biennial Conference [New Zealand Government] 2019-10-17

Canada / British Columbia Vancouver Hotel Workers Strike Almost Over After Agreement Between Union And Hotels [Narcity] 2019-10-16

Canada / British Columbia Jagmeet Singh Showed Support For BC Hotel Workers By Rallying With Them On The Streets [Narcity] 2019-10-16

UK / Scotland Equal pay lawyer defends cut of ‘millions’ from payouts [The Times] 2019-10-16

UK / England ASDA workers to hand bosses 23,000 strong petition during mass protest [GMB] 2019-10-16

USA AFA Pres Sara Nelson is the face of the militant modern labor movement [Fast Co] 2019-10-16

Bangladesh Workers making £88 Lululemon leggings claim they are beaten [The Guardian] 2019-10-15

UK / Scotland Glasgow equal pay women shocked by legal fees on payouts [BBC] 2019-10-15

Global The #MeToo Movement’s Powerful New Tool [HRW] 2019-10-15

UK One in four young women scared they will be sacked if they report sexual harassment, study finds [The Independent] 2019-10-15

Ireland Employers called on to incorporate menopause into sickness policies [Irish Examiner] 2019-10-14

Canada / Saskatchewan Sask. women earn $4.88 less than men per hour: Statistics Canada [Global] 2019-10-14

Zimbabwe Threat to gang-rape ZCTU boss’s daughter [New Zimbabwe] 2019-10-14

Global IUF and Arla Foods agreement on measures to fight sexual harassment [IUF] 2019-10-11

Africa / Tanzania African women rise for gender equality [IndustriALL] 2019-10-11

UK / Scotland Scottish shopworkers are abused, threatened or assaulted on average over 17 times a year [USDAW] 2019-10-11

New Zealand Women patients pay price as staffing shortages out hospitals on edge [ASMS-Toi Mata Hauora] 2019-10-10

Canada / Newfoundland and Labrador 'It was overdue,' says 1st female elected as FFAW vice-president [CBC] 2019-10-10

Australia Sexual harassment – Kimberley shares her story [HSA] 2019-10-10

Canada Gender wage gap narrows to 13.3 per cent but construction not contributing: StatsCan [The Daily Commercial News] 2019-10-09

Canada / British Columbia Federation of Labour calls for boycott on four Vancouver hotels in support of striking workers [Global] 2019-10-09

Canada Women’s History Month: Looking back, moving forward [PSAC] 2019-10-09

Canada / Quebec Camo-route wants at least 10% of all truck drivers to be women [Teamsters] 2019-10-09

Canada Preventive maternity leave in federal workplaces: A flagrant injustice [Teamsters] 2019-10-09

UK Thomas Cook - Hays Travel Announcement [TSSA] 2019-10-09

South Africa / North West Numsa protests outside court against alleged sexual assault suspect [The South African] 2019-10-08

UK Lincolnshire health visitors’ dispute escalates over council’s ‘divide and rule’ jobs move [Unite the union] 2019-10-08

Canada The wage gap is shrinking: Women earned 87 cents for every dollar earned by men in 2018 [CBC] 2019-10-08

Canada Gender wage gap narrows: women earn $4.13 less than men per hour [Global] 2019-10-08

UK UNISON publicly responds to government consultation on workplace sexual harassment [Unison] 2019-10-08

South Africa Art centre pressured to remove painting by murderer [GroundUp] 2019-10-07

Canada / British Columbia Picketers won't be silenced after Vancouver hotels win court order restricting noise [The Sun] 2019-10-07

Global We made history with the Violence and Harassment Convention – now comes the work of bringing the law to life [Equal Times] 2019-10-07

Global We made history with the Violence and Harassment Convention – now comes the work of bringing the law to life [Equal Times] 2019-10-07

USA / Illinois She fixes forklifts, smashes glass ceilings in auto mechanics industry [Chicago Sun-Times] 2019-10-07

Global We made history with the Violence and Harassment Convention – now comes the work of bringing the law to life [Equal Times] 2019-10-07

India / Telangana TSRTC women workers’ Bathukamma celebrations crushed by police at Kushaiguda [The Express] 2019-10-07

India / Madhya Pradesh High court notice to Madhya Pradesh [The Times] 2019-10-07

UK Tesco Sued: “Unequal Pay Is Inexcusable” [Lawyer Monthly] 2019-10-07

Canada Cameron honoured with Air Canada scholarship for women in aviation [Wings] 2019-10-07

Canada Investing in care for gender equality [CLC] 2019-10-07

Canada / Newfoundland and Labrador Women’s Regional Meeting – Clarenville [FFAW/Unifor] 2019-10-07

South Africa / North West Suspect in court for allegedly harassing mineworker [OFM] 2019-10-07

Global Making use of global agreements in the garment industry [IndustriALL] 2019-10-06

Asia / Europe Third Sub regional Women’s Conference for Eastern Europe and Central Asia [BWI] 2019-10-06

Global Videos on Gender Equality Produced by BWI affiliates [BWI] 2019-10-06

Asia Tradeswomen Gather En Masse With Career Growth Agenda [ENR] 2019-10-06

USA How Elizabeth Warren’s Plan For Workers’ Rights Would Help Women [Refinery29] 2019-10-05

UK 1 in 10 women don’t earn enough to qualify for sick pay, TUC analysis reveals [TUC] 2019-10-05

UK End domestic violence – The Day She Closed The Door [CWU] 2019-10-04

Colombia Colombia Women’s Soccer Team Tackles Discrimination [Solidarity Center] For more info 2019-10-04

Latin America / Mexico Skills workshop for women in public transport [ITF] 2019-10-03

USA Hey, NYT, women wear hard hats too [AFLCIO] 2019-10-03

Spain / Europe The ongoing struggle to end gender-based violence in Spain [Equal Times] 2019-10-02

Jamaica Women trade union leaders preparing for the future [BWI] 2019-10-02

Cambodia Road to ruin for Cambodian garment workers [Medium] 2019-10-02

Canada UFCW commemorates Women’s History Month [UFCW Canada] 2019-10-01

Canada / British Columbia Vancouver hotels sue chanting, picketing employees over 'intolerable' noise [CBC] 2019-10-01

UK PCS condemns Farage [PCS] 2019-10-01

UK Four in five schools worse off under government spending plans [UNISON] 2019-10-01

Global Union Women Leaders Urge Nations: Ratify ILO C190 [Solidarity Center] 2019-10-01

South Africa / Western Cape Women harvest fruits of abuse [Mail & Guardian] 2019-09-30

Australia Big win for mum and bub in National Marine Unit [CPSU] 2019-09-30

Global / Iceland Working women earning low wages on the agenda at the #MeToo-conference [Efling] 2019-09-29

UK Universal Credit has been universally discredited by the Tories [USDAW] 2019-09-29

South Africa Public servants and leaders march against femicide, gender-based violence [ANA/IOL] 2019-09-28

New Zealand SEA-UniteSkyCity strikers at Auckland Climate Strike [Unite Union] 2019-09-28

USA / Illinois Strike becomes lockout as U of C Medical Centre tells nurses to disperse [Hyde Park Herald] 2019-09-26

USA Employers illegally used Facebook ads to exclude women and older workers, says EEOC [CNN] 2019-09-26

Global Women Worker Rights Leaders Share Hope for Future [Solidarity Center] For more info 2019-09-26

Canada #MeToo in labour [Rank and File] 2019-09-26

Canada / Prince Edward Island 90% of P.E.I. health care workers report workplace violence in survey [CBC] 2019-09-25

UK Sainsbury's and Argos proposed closures and relocations [USDAW] 2019-09-25

Australia PFA drives governance foundation training for professional female players [PFA] 2019-09-25

UK Sainsbury’s to close up to 70 Argos stores as part of reorganisation [Guardian] 2019-09-25

Australia HSA Ambassador shares her story [HSA] 2019-09-25

Canada How Canadian Sex Workers Feel About That 'Hustlers' Movie [Huffington Post] 2019-09-24

Canada / British Columbia Fourth downtown Vancouver hotel joins “indefinite strike” [The Daily Hive] 2019-09-24

Canada Game on: Women’s hockey union takes 1st tangible step [NBC] 2019-09-24

USA / California Film explores Latina union leader who organized farmworkers [KIMA] 2019-09-24

New Zealand National Council of Women supports pay equity claims for teacher aides [The Herald] 2019-09-24

Liberia Pregnant Women, Baby Mothers Join Health Workers Protest [Front Page Africa] 2019-09-24

Turkey 'I am Domestic Worker Rukiye Şimşek, I Died by Falling from the Window' [Bianet] 2019-09-24

UK Usdaw backs Labour's Ministry for Employment Rights to tackle insecure work and poverty pay [USDAW] 2019-09-24

USA McDonald's faces 25 new sexual harassment complaints from workers [OHS Canada] 2019-09-23

Canada Unions mark Gender Equality Week with election demands [CLC] 2019-09-23