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Updated: Saturday 22 June 2024, 12:19:52
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South Africa / Free State SAPU condemns gender-based violence incidents [Power98.7FM] 2024-06-22

Global Maternity and parental provisions in focus on latest #PlayersTalk [FIFPRO] 2024-06-22

Global New report illustrates level of multiple job-holding among elite women footballers [FIFPRO] 2024-06-22

New Zealand Student nurses angered by recruitment restrictions [NZNO-Toputanga Tapuhi Kaitiaki o Aotearoa] 2024-06-21

Canada Elevating Action against gender-based violence [USW] 2024-06-21

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USA / New York National Domestic Workers Alliance celebrates International Domestic Workers Day [QNS] 2024-06-21

India / Karnataka Domestic workers raise their voice, hold ‘application protest [The Mirror] 2024-06-21

USA / Oregon Gail Rosebrook, 1955-2024 [NW Labor Press] 2024-06-21

UK ‘If I was exposed to asbestos, children were too,’ says ex-teaching assistant with lung cancer [INews] 2024-06-21

Australia CPSU says secretive IFAs holding APS back from gender equality [CPSU] 2024-06-20

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India / Kerala SEWA-Union takes out Assembly march to press for hike in minimum wages [The Hindu] 2024-06-20

India Amazon India Warehouse Workers Allege No Relief Provided Even for Menstrual Pain [The Quint] 2024-06-20

Africa ‘Why inaccurate data on domestic workers in Africa persists’ [The Guardian] 2024-06-20

Philippines / Korea (South) Labor groups in Korea, Philippines demand better protection for caregivers, seasonal workers [The Times] 2024-06-20

India National Human Rights Commission of India to take action against Amazon for “grueling working conditions” [Medianama] 2024-06-20

UK Nearly seven in ten menopausal women face workplace discrimination, poll suggests [Morning Star] 2024-06-20

USA / Kansas Wichita nurses at Acension Via Christi to hold rally for patient safety and demand reinstatement of SICU seven [National Nurses United] 2024-06-19

Turkey / Middle East Turkish unions take an inventive approach to fighting gender-based violence in the world of work [Equal Times] 2024-06-19

Canada / British Columbia Immigrant women hit hardest by low wages at YVR, says union [The News] 2024-06-19

Australia / Queensland LNP Views of Women Antiquated, Unsupported [Queensland Unions] 2024-06-19

Global Freedom of association is a human right. Why are garment workers still denied it? [Vogue] 2024-06-19

UK Sexual harassment still ‘rife’ in UK schools, poll of female staff finds [The Guardian] 2024-06-18

UK Sexual harassment and sexism rife in schools [UNISON] 2024-06-18

India / Karnataka Consultations on providing menstrual leave in Karnataka under way [The Hindu] 2024-06-18

Nigeria Seeking relief for domestic workers amid rising abuse [The Guardian] 2024-06-18

USA Angry birders: The union representing Audubon Society workers is pushing for equal pay for women [19th News] 2024-06-17

Lithuania Can Lithuania rein in its widening gender pay gap? [LRT] 2024-06-17

India / Telangana Domestic workers in Telangana demand comprehensive legislation and minimum wages [The Indian Express] 2024-06-17

USA / Global Domestic Workers ‘Level up Their Dignity’: Advancing Rights for Care Workers [Solidarity Center] 2024-06-17

UK Manifesto for a health and safety system fit for ALL workers [Hazards Campaign] 2024-06-17

Africa Breaking down barriers for women miners in Africa [IndustriALL] 2024-06-16

UK / Wales 50 years of TUC Cymru: Campaigning for equality puts the menopause on the map [Wales TUC Cymru] 2024-06-16

Denmark How the Danish men's national team is supporting the women’s side [FIFPRO] 2024-06-15

New Zealand Care and support workers call 'times up', take long overdue pay equity claim to the ERA [PSA-Te Pukenga Here Tikanga Mahi] 2024-06-14

New Zealand NZNO national bus tour to highlight health budget needs [NZNO-Toputanga Tapuhi Kaitiaki o Aotearoa] 2024-06-13

India / Maharashtra BMC Community Health Volunteers and ASHA Workers on Strike in Mumbai [PSI] 2024-06-13

Canada Flying Under the Radar [Canadaland] 2024-06-13

New Zealand Health NZ asks staff to pay back millions, despite owing them billions [Radio New Zealand] 2024-06-12

India / Haryana No Washroom Breaks For Amazon India Warehouse Workers; 10-12 Hours Non-Stop Work [] 2024-06-12

UK GMB Congress: Workers need paid menstrual leave [GMB] 2024-06-12

UK 70 per cent of carers say work negatively affecting mental health [GMB] 2024-06-12

New Zealand Bus tour aims to connect with nurses and patients around the motu [Radio New Zealand] 2024-06-11

Malawi Attorney-General Chakaka obtains an injunction preventing health workers from proceeding with their strike [Nyasa Times] 2024-06-11

India / Karnataka Women Gig Workers Protest At Urban Company’s Bengaluru Office Over New Work Policy [Inc 42] 2024-06-11

Australia New grants set to close gender gaps in energy and manufacturing [Manufacturers] 2024-06-11

Australia / Victoria Women a winner in Vic gov manufacturing grants [AuManufacturing] 2024-06-11

UK / England Brighton & Hove Council faces thousands of equal pay claims [GMB] 2024-06-11

USA Why Food4Less Workers Are Fighting For Pay Equity [Forbes] 2024-06-11

Sri Lanka At first-ever Workers’ Tribunal: Judges recommend govt. to uphold dignity, rights of plantation workers [The Daily Mirror] 2024-06-11

UK Real living wage and an end to rip-off youth rates – evidence to Low Pay Commission [USDAW] 2024-06-11

Canada / Alberta AFL bestow award on late union leader [Alberta Worker] 2024-06-10

UK BFAWU Conference 2024: New legislation urgently needed to protect workers from sexual harassment, food workers insist [Morning Star] 2024-06-10

Australia Sexual harassment rife in retail work [SDA] 2024-06-08

Nepal Sarita Kumari Sah as the President of NABUN Janakpur [GEFONT] 2024-06-08

Israel / Palestine Significant Achievements of MAAN – Workers Association in Protecting Workers’ Rights Since the Start of the War [MAAN] 2024-06-08

Global FIFPRO's perspective on new FIFA women's football labour conditions regulations [FIFPRO] 2024-06-08

Croatia hildcare workers protest for union rights and collective bargaining [EPSU] 2024-06-08

New Zealand Aged care facilities dropping hours despite shortages [Stuff] 2024-06-08

USA AFL-CIO president supports senate leadership's action on contraception [AFL-CIO] 2024-06-07

Australia Aggression and violence against emergency department workers is rising, research shows [Women's Agenda] 2024-06-07

South Africa / Northern Cape Union pickets dept over ‘harassment, victimisation’ [DFA] 2024-06-07

India / Tamil Nadu In TN’s Garment Factories, Heat Stress Is Leaving Women Workers Sick, Fatigued [Behan Box] 2024-06-06

New Zealand CTU on govt plan to change Holidays Act [Radio New Zealand] 2024-06-06

USA Biden administration pushes for more women construction workers at Intel chips site [Columbus Dispatch] 2024-06-05

New Zealand What's got your goat? Nurses still waiting for holiday pay eight years later [Stuff] 2024-06-04

Nepal / Global Women Unionists to demand Community Health Work is recognised as work at International Labour Conference in Geneva [PSI] 2024-06-03

UK 150 deaths and fatal exposures every year from asbestos in UK’s crumbling schools [iNews] 2024-06-02

Canada / Ontario Janet Baic Looks to Engage Next Generation of Women Activists at Local 9548 [USW] 2024-06-02

Greece New collective agreement to boost gender equality in State and public media [IFJ] 2024-05-31

Canada Sharon DeSousa elected as PSAC’s first racialized National President [PSAC] 2024-05-31

Australia / New Zealand This year was the biggest WIMDOI we’ve ever had! [ETU] 2024-05-31

Nigeria Amplifying the Silence and Fight Against GBVH in the Workplace [Solidarity Center] 2024-05-31

South Africa Big problems for domestic workers [BusinessTech] 2024-05-30

USA / New Jersey Ana Maria Hill is the first Latina to lead Garden State’s sixth largest labor union [Today] 2024-05-30

Ghana Women Committee of HSWU advocates for removal of taxes on sanitary pads [GBC] 2024-05-30

UK Only Labour has a plan to tackle retail crime after years of Tory failure [USDAW] 2024-05-30

Mexico A woman could be Mexico's next leader. Millions of others continue in shadows as domestic workers [ABC] 2024-05-30

New Zealand Nurses say cuts to hospital-based services will impact care [NZNO-Toputanga Tapuhi Kaitiaki o Aotearoa] 2024-05-29

Ireland Hospital overcrowding an recruitment freeze warrants serious response [INMO] 2024-05-29

Eswatini Unfairly dismissed Swaziland United Democratic Front (SUDF) media officer, Abigal Jele demands over R200,000 compensation, instructs ATUSWA general secretary to represent her [The Swaziland News] 2024-05-29

New Zealand 'Hours of unpaid labour' to qualify: Teachers, health, social workers call for paid placements [Radio New Zealand] 2024-05-29

Canada Sex Workers Denied Day in Court: The Injustice of Litigating Sex Work Law Without Sex Workers [CASWLR] 2024-05-29

Australia MEU women stand strong [MEU] 2024-05-29

Australia PFA partnering with Trailblazers as key football and impact campaign partner [PFA] 2024-05-29

Australia Unless you work at Atlassian, Canva or Google, the tech sector union says workers face a massive pay problem [Startup Daily] 2024-05-28

Australia APS tech professionals bullied, underpaid and looking for a new job [The Mandarin] 2024-05-28

Australia Women in tech are paid 14 per cent less than men, while twice as likely to be harassed [Women's Agenda] 2024-05-28

Australia Employment and Remuneration Trends for Tech, Software and IT Professionals Report [Professionals Australia] 2024-05-28

UK Sex workers in the UK say the financial institutions are waging a war against them [Screenshot] 2024-05-26

Canada Have you experienced gender-based violence? [YFL] 2024-05-26

Eswatini Denmark-based Swaziland United Democratic Front (SUDF) donor, Global Action denies influencing media officer, Abigal Jele's unfair dismissal, says engagement was based on contract [The Swaziland News] 2024-05-26

UK FBU conference 2024 paves way for change with resolution on IVF and strategy to tackle sexual harassment [Morning Star] 2024-05-25

USA How women are changing labor unions [Politico] 2024-05-25

UK FBU paves way for change with resolution on IVF and strategy to tackle sexual harassment [FBU] 2024-05-25

Ukraine Domestic Workers Win As President Signs New Law [Solidarity Centre] 2024-05-25

Europe Bonmati, Bronze and Walsh among players with highest workload ahead of Women’s Champions League final [FIFPRO] 2024-05-25

Europe ROGE25: Player panel ahead of UWCL final to analyse varying degrees of professionalisation in women’s football [FIFPRO] 2024-05-25

Europe Largest-ever survey finds low pay makes Europe’s domestic and home care sector “unsustainable” [UNI] 2024-05-25

Global IFATCA elects first female President and CEO [IFATCA] 2024-05-25

Global IndustriALL women’s committee meeting calls for inclusivity Add to favourites Read this article in: English 23 May, 2024Gender equality achievements, the impact of AI on women workers and strengthening young women’s participation and representation [IndustriALL] 2024-05-23