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Updated: Wednesday 7 June 2023, 20:45:08
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New Zealand Nurses to 'bargain hard' for health and safety [NZNO-Toputanga Tapuhi Kaitiaki o Aotearoa] 2023-06-07

USA / New York Meet the Women Making Change on Broadway [Playbill] 2023-06-07

USA / Texas ‘This is wrong’: Women officers fight for gender equality, reform in El Paso Police Department [The Standard] 2023-06-07

USA / New York Exposure to chemicals puts nail salon workers' reproductive health at risk [The Times-Union] 2023-06-07

USA / Nevada Home Care Workers Win Historic $16 Minimum Wage and Major Funding Increase to Ensure Quality Care [SEIU] 2023-06-07

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Bahrain Garment workers consume insufficient calories [Apparel Resources] 2023-06-07

UK Menopausal women must be free from workplace discrimination, GMB members demand [Morning Star] 2023-06-07

Global Gender equality must be a priority [IndustriALL] 2023-06-07

UK Miscarriages must be included in parental bereavement leave [GMB] 2023-06-05

UK Employers must focus on ‘deeds not words’ when fighting sexual harassment, union warns [Morning Star] 2023-06-05

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UK / Ireland / Northern Ireland TV presenter's BBC employment tribunal case settled [BBC] 2023-06-03

Europe EU makes #MeToo mark [Eurocadres] 2023-06-03

Canada / Newfoundland and Labrador Kenny’s Pond, Tiffany Village workers demonstrate over toxic workplace [Saltwire] 2023-06-03

India / Punjab Anganwadi centres lack basic facilities: Workers [The Tribune] 2023-06-03

UK £300,000 in back pay for council and schools workers in Bolton [UNISON] 2023-06-03

New Zealand Nurses strike over safe staffing is a symptom of a wider disease [Business Desk] 2023-06-02

USA UPS is Failing Women Workers. Can a Contract Change That? [In These Times] 2023-06-02

Sri Lanka Labour Ministry issues clarification on NLAC appointments [Newswire] 2023-06-02

USA Activision Blizzard CEO denies culture of harassment and blames unions for company problems [The Verge] 2023-06-02

UK ‘Three in five nurses have experienced sexual har­assment at work’ [Nursing Times] 2023-06-02

India Wrestlers' Protest: Mass Demonstrations Denounce Delhi Police's Treatment of Protesters [Newsclick] 2023-06-02

New Zealand Nurses union discusses next steps in pay negotiations with Te Whatu Ora [Radio New Zealand] 2023-06-01

USA / Illinois Unions can help reduce violence in Chicago with apprenticeships and jobs [The Tribune] 2023-06-01

Bangladesh 'Make environment of garment factories safe for women' [Prothom Alo] 2023-06-01

Uganda Amid threats and exploitation, Ugandan union strives to organize garment sector [The People's Dispatch] 2023-06-01

India / Haryana Govt employees, trade unions in Haryana back wrestlers’ protest, to take out rallies today [The Express] 2023-06-01

UK TUC – women more than twice as likely as men to miss out on pensions auto-enrolment [TUC] 2023-05-31

India / Punjab Employees stage protest [The Times] 2023-05-31

Cambodia Union leader jailed - shocking abuse of human rights [Arthur Svensson Foundation] 2023-05-31

Sri Lanka Exclusion of women from National Labour Advisory Council comes under fire [The Financial Times] 2023-05-29

UK Gender pay gap for women in their 50s won’t close before 2050, claims Labour [The Guardian] 2023-05-29

India / Punjab ASHA workers’ union protests against govt [The Tribune] 2023-05-28

India / Karnataka Dark side of the grey area [The Mirror] 2023-05-28

Jamaica Techa Clarke-Griffiths elected first female president of 104-y-o civil service union [The Gleaner] 2023-05-28

USA Women’s basketball Is raking in more cash than ever, but the players aren’t [Bloomberg] 2023-05-28

USA Nation's largest nurses union stands in solidarity with writers [National Nurses United] 2023-05-26

New Zealand Nurses to take to stop work meetings to assess latest Te Whatu Ora offer [Radio New Zealand] 2023-05-26

UK Perpetrators promoted while female victims exit music industry, inquiry hears [Yahoo] 2023-05-25

India / Kerala In a first, Kerala will frame Bill for protection of domestic workers’ rights: CM [The Hindu] 2023-05-25

UK / England England strike ballot opens as RCN leader meets health secretary [RCN] 2023-05-24

USA / California SF Chronicle News Guild PMWG Workers Demand Justice & Living Wages [LVP] For more info 2023-05-24

Asia / Pacific Textile unions in Asia Pacific commit to campaign for safe workplaces [IndustriALL] 2023-05-24

UK Joint statement on Retained EU Law Bill [TUC] 2023-05-24

China Women workers in China’s gig economy face discrimination, lower pay, unsafe conditions [China Labour Bulletin] 2023-05-23

Switzerland / Turkey Journalist Pehiran Kaya’s asylum request must be granted [EFJ] 2023-05-23

USA / California What we learned from the nation’s only stripper union [Politico] 2023-05-23

India Why are Indian women struggling with gig economy? [Deutsche Welle] 2023-05-23

New Zealand Employment Court upholds nurses right to strike over health and safety [NZNO-Toputanga Tapuhi Kaitiaki o Aotearoa] 2023-05-23

Australia Course correction [AEU] 2023-05-22

New Zealand Te Whatu Ora takes legal action to stop Gisbourne nurses strike [NZNO-Toputanga Tapuhi Kaitiaki o Aotearoa] 2023-05-21

Korea (South) South Korea wants Southeast Asian domestic workers to support families. But are they welcome? [South China Morning Post] 2023-05-21

Global #WomenSpeak: Gender equality and climate justice, two sides of same coin [BWI] 2023-05-20

USA / California San Diego: Swami's Cafe Sued After Allegations of Sexual Harassment of Young Female Workers [7 San Diego ] 2023-05-20

USA / California Strip club dancers to form only US topless union [BBC] 2023-05-19

UK Flexible working bill is a “step in right direction” [TUC] 2023-05-19

USA / California In a historic step, strippers at an LA bar are poised to unionize [NPR] 2023-05-18

Global #WomenSpeak: Gender equality and climate justice, two sides of same coin [BWI] 2023-05-18

Canada / Ontario OPS Unified pay equity: what you need to know [OPSEU] 2023-05-16

Switzerland Unions blast low wages for ‘women’s jobs’ [SwissInfo] 2023-05-16

USA / California Strippers and California Club Reach Accord on Union After Long Fight [The Times] 2023-05-16

Germany Christiane Benner To Head Germany's Biggest Union [Barron's] 2023-05-16

Australia Pain, periods, perimenopause: why workplaces need reproductive leave (part one) [On the Job] 2023-05-15

USA / California OEA Claremont Middle School Strike Picket To Stop Bld Trades Workers From Crossing Lines [LVP] For more info 2023-05-12

New Zealand Unions celebrate win in maintaining additional sick leave for community-based support workers at Access Community Health [PSA-Te Pukenga Here Tikanga Mahi] 2023-05-12

New Zealand Celebrate our invaluable nurses [NZNO-Toputanga Tapuhi Kaitiaki o Aotearoa] 2023-05-12

USA / District of Columbia Nurses commerate nurses week in lobbying blitz on Capitol Hill [National Nurses United] 2023-05-12

Papua New Guinea Sr Sebby, an emergency nurse serving with all her heart [PNG Post-Courier] 2023-05-12

New Zealand Kindy teachers accept latest pay offer, while primary teachers hold out for more [Stuff] 2023-05-12

New Zealand Exhausted Gisbourne Hospital ward 5 nurses to strike [NZ Doctor] 2023-05-12

UK Tories’ revised plans to scrap EU laws are still reckless, say lawyers [The Guardian] 2023-05-12

UK Almost two-thirds of young women have been sexually harassed at work, says TUC [Guardian] 2023-05-12

UK Two thirds of young women report sexual harassment, verbal abuse or bullying at work, poll finds [iNews] 2023-05-12

India Police attack, detain journalist covering wrestler protest [IFJ] 2023-05-11

New Zealand Nurses pay the price as area around Christchurch Hospital tops city for parking fines [The Press] 2023-05-11

UK 'Humiliating u-turn' - Ministers to ditch deadline to scrap retained EU laws but say they still have 600 laws that will go by end of year [BBC] 2023-05-10

UK Workers’ rights put at risk by plan to scrap EU working hours rules, says TUC [The Guardian] 2023-05-10

UK Government plans to scrap workplace protections to save businesses £1bn [Morning Star] 2023-05-10

Canada / British Columbia Sex Workers on Making Their Lives Better [The Tyee] 2023-05-08

Canada / Quebec Activism and feminism: feeding the fire [FIQ] 2023-05-08

Hong Kong Gender discrimination is still prevalent in Hong Kong’s workplace [HKLRM] 2023-05-07

UK Majority of NHS trusts provide no dedicated training to prevent sexual harassment [The Guardian] 2023-05-05

Indonesia 20 Years of the PPRT Bill: Deceleration of Domestic Workers’ Value [Modern Diplomacy] 2023-05-05

South Africa Murder of two nurses, allegedly by cop, leaves union shocked [News24] 2023-05-04

Australia Australians in �dehumanising� poverty unable to afford pads or tampons, inquiry says [The Guardian] 2023-05-04

UK Striking nurses 'not going away', says RCN as other unions meet over pay offer [The Guardian] 2023-05-03

New Zealand Nurses say National's health policy 'doesn't go far enough' [TVNZ] 2023-05-03

Asia Building strong inclusive unions in South Asia [IndustriALL] 2023-05-03

Global Safety for all – the need for gender-responsive OHS [IndustriALL] 2023-05-03

UK ‘A recipe for bad lawmaking’ — company bosses slam ‘Brexit bonfire’ bill as poll shows support for stability [Evening Standard] 2023-05-03

UK Unions and women’s groups warn government not to backtrack on tougher sexual harassment legislation [TUC] 2023-05-02

Ireland Women of Honour say draft inquiry terms 'disappointing' [RTÉ] 2023-05-02

Global / India AIRF/NRMU CR & KR Observe May Day In a Befitting Manner. [AIRF, INDIA] For more info 2023-05-01

UK Biggest nursing strike yet begins [RCN] 2023-05-01

New Zealand Fair pay agreement process kicks off for early childhood sector [NZEI-Te Riu Roa] 2023-05-01

New Zealand Fair pay agreement process kicks off for early childhood sector [NZEI-Te Riu Roa] 2023-05-01

New Zealand Fair pay agreement process kicks off for early childhood sector [NZEI-Te Riu Roa] 2023-05-01

Pakistan ‘Behind The Mask’ is Pakistan’s first online interactive documentary on lady health workers [The Daily Times] 2023-04-30

Australia A-League Women: A season that highlights the players’ generational legacy, grassroots connection, and future opportunity [PFA] 2023-04-30

Canada Federal Government is Failing Women, Black and Racialized Workers in the Public Service, Striking Workers Say [Press Progress] 2023-04-29

UK Bonfire of EU laws watered down to just 800 after meeting of Brexit MPs [The Guardian] 2023-04-28