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Negotiations on telework/right-to-disconnect end without agreement.

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Europe Demonstration: Together Against Austerity For more info  ActNOW!  2023-12-13 [ETUC]

Negotiations on telework/right-to-disconnect end without agreement. 2023-12-03 [Eurocadres]

EPSU statement on the situation in Palestine and Israel 2023-12-01 [EPSU]

Education Trade Unions Leading the Fight Against Gender-Based Violence and Harassment 2023-11-29 [ETUCE]

Join the workers of Europe on 12 December 2023 in their demonstration for a fair deal for workers against austerity 2023-11-29 [ETUCE]

Employers reject EU cross-sector telework rights. Implement sectoral agreement on digitalisation and telework now! 2023-11-29 [EPSU]

EPSU Newsletter: European employers pull the plug on telework negotiations, feeding the narrative of the far-right 2023-11-28 [EPSU]

Thousands of Amazon Workers Strike on Black Friday 2023-11-28 [Democracy Now]

Violence against female journalists: Don’t allow it, prevent it! 2023-11-28 [EFJ]

elework: Legislative action needed by EU Commission 2023-11-28 [ETUC]

The EU struggling to lead on AI transparency and accountability 2023-11-25 [FIA]

European Parliament adopts a Legislative Report on an EU framework to improve the living and working conditions for Artists and Cultural Professionals 2023-11-25 [FIA]

Net Zero Industry Act: CESI supports European Parliament’s quest to anchor decent work in public procurement 2023-11-25 [CESI]

Directive must be concluded on gender-based violence 2023-11-25 [Eurocadres]

Italy EPSU Women’s Conference adopts Rome Declaration For more info 2023-11-24 [EPSU]

EMFA: why do governments refuse to be transparent about their relations with media companies? 2023-11-24 [EFJ]

AI: Transparency must be put back at the heart of the AI Act 2023-11-24 [EFJ]

Violence against female journalists: Don’t allow it, prevent it! 2023-11-24 [EFJ]

Denmark Strategies for Attracting and Retaining Early Childhood Education Staff: joint event of ETUCE and BUPL 2023-11-22 [ETUCE]

Net-Zero Industry Act: Europe risks falling behind US on social standards 2023-11-22 [ETUC]

Cancer survey shows need to protect outdoor workers 2023-11-21 [ETUC]

  JOB  Europe EPSU is looking for for a secretary / administrative assistant For more info 2023-11-21 [EPSU]

Europe Amazon workers from Italy, Germany and the U.S. to join GMB strikers in Coventry, UK 2023-11-20 [UNI Global Union]

Europe Turkey: Europe’s rubbish dump 2023-11-20 [Equal Times]

1.5 million protected from lead cancer risk 2023-11-17 [ETUC]

Real wages falling despite inflation-busting profits 2023-11-17 [ETUC]

Ireland Ireland facing EU fine over work-life balance rights 2023-11-16 [RTÉ]

Feature: Newsletters and podcasts are on the rise for local media in Europe 2023-11-16 [EFJ]

Europe A representative of Belarusian trade unions took part in the Eastern Partnership Forum 2023-11-16 []

EPSU Newsletter: Public service workers continue to demand respect and decent pay For more info 2023-11-15 [EPSU]

Governments urged to reject renewal of glyphosate approval 2023-11-15 [IUF]

Women in the EU still get paid 13% less than men - Commission 2023-11-14 [RTÉ]

Gender Pay Gap in the EU remains at 13% on Equal Pay Day 2023-11-14 [EC]

Europe COSATU deeply dismayed by baseless fearmongering by DA on agricultural export license requirements to European Union and Great Britain 2023-11-13 [COSATU]

Palestine Unions intensify actions of solidarity with Palestine 2023-11-12 [PD]

Work fatalities: Where does it happen the most in Europe? 2023-11-12 [Euronews]

CESI contribution to second-phase social partner consultation on quality traineeships now available 2023-11-11 [CESI]

IMF hitting wrong target on inflation 2023-11-09 [ETUC]

Open letter: “We refuse to let the anti-SLAPP directive be a missed opportunity” 2023-11-09 [EFJ]

Europe Irakli petriashvili, the president of the Georgian Trade Unions Confederation, responds to the recommendation issued by the European Comission regarding the granting of candidate status to Georgia 2023-11-09 [GTUC]

Europe Can the EU visit tip the scales for workers' dignity? 2023-11-09 [The Daily Star]

Uber and unions face off over EU gig work law 2023-11-09 [Politico]

USA Unions Are Finally Teaching Elon Musk a Lesson in Europe, and the U.S. Could Be Next 2023-11-09 [VICE]

New data on Teacher Salaries and Attractiveness of the teaching profession: OECD's Education at a Glance 2023 Report 2023-11-09 [ETUCE]

EMFA: EFJ joins coalition calling for safeguards for independent public service media 2023-11-08 [EFJ]

EPSU Newsletter: social dialogue summit in Val Duchesse For more info 2023-11-06 [EPSU]

AI Act being blunted? 2023-11-04 [Eurocadres]

End impunity for crimes against journalists 2023-11-03 [EFJ]

Food costs still rising far quicker than pay 2023-11-03 [ETUC]

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8-12-1989 The European Council adopts the "Community Charter of the Fundamental Social Rights of Workers": pay equity, freedom of association, collective bargaining, equal treatment between men and women, etc. [more]