ETUC statement on the Brexit deal

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McCluskey: Johnson’s deal confirms he cannot be trusted to protect jobs and rights 2019-10-19 [Unite the union]

Letter To All Labour MPs On Johnson's Brexit Deal 2019-10-19 [TSSA]

ETUC statement on the Brexit deal 2019-10-18 [ETUC]

EFJ calls on EU to enhance protection for journalists 2019-10-18 [EFJ]

Umicore and IndustriALL renew Global Framework Agreement 2019-10-17 [IndustriALL]

TSSA Comment On Johnson Brexit 'Deal' 2019-10-17 [TSSA]

Boris Johnson’s deal would be a disaster for working people, says TUC 2019-10-17 [TUC]

New deal is a ‘huge leap backwards’ 2019-10-17 [Unison]

Over 30 best practices collected during ‘Managing Change in the Media’ project 2019-10-17 [EFJ]

It is high time to rebuild collective bargaining in Europe 2019-10-17 [Equal Times]

Low wages prevent rural development in Eastern Europe 2019-10-16 [BWI]

Unions refer first exploitation cases to new European Labour Authority for investigation 2019-10-16 [ETUC]

EFJ and international organisations demand an end to impunity two years after the assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia 2019-10-16 [EFJ]

Impassioned plea to Gove on Brexit: Time is running out to prove that you care about the jobs of working peopl 2019-10-10 [Unite the union]

How can we protect vulnerable workers from dangerous substances? 2019-10-10 [EU OSHA]

EU trade unions and employers want ambitious EU industrial strategy 2019-10-10 [ETUC]

Growing concerns among European journalists on political interference on public service media 2019-10-07 [EFJ]

Third Sub regional Women’s Conference for Eastern Europe and Central Asia 2019-10-06 [BWI]

World Day for Decent Work - 7 October 2019 - Invest in Care 2019-10-04 [ETUC]

Trade Union leaders of three EU Association Agreement countries signed the joint statement For more info 2019-10-02 [KVPU]

England Nissan could drop UK Qashqai production in no-deal Brexit - Employs 7000 2019-10-02 [Guardian]

Claims to be the party of the NHS enough to make the blood boil 2019-10-02 [UNISON]

The ongoing struggle to end gender-based violence in Spain 2019-10-02 [Equal Times]

Time to rebuild collective bargaining in Europe 2019-10-01 [EurActiv]

Commission hearings: Six big questions workers want answered 2019-10-01 [ETUC]

Workers' voice - The ETUC newsletter - September 2019 2019-10-01 [ETUC]

No deal would overwhelm Chancellor’s minimum wage promise, warns TUC 2019-10-01 [TUC]

Government is 'keeping people in the dark' about impact of a no deal, TUC warns 2019-09-29 [TUC]

ETUC fights back against rising retirement age 2019-09-27 [ETUC]

Malta agreement marks EU step towards human decency on migration? 2019-09-27 [ETUC]

EFJ mourns sudden death of devoted union colleague and journalist 2019-09-27 [EFJ]

Where Are Your Ethical Standards, South African Farm Workers Ask European Wine Monopolies 2019-09-26 [Newsclick]

Trade unions can no longer afford to prop up a broken system 2019-09-26 [Equal Times]

No-deal Brexit will have 'seismic' impact, says European car industry 2019-09-24 [Guardian]

RMT demands protection for British jobs and working conditions in latest Brexit ferries moves 2019-09-24 [RMT]

Brexit - Put it to the people 2019-09-24 [GMB]

Trade unions and climate activists unite for action 2019-09-23 [ETUC]

Made in Eastern Europe: Garment workers denied basic rights 2019-09-22 [al Jazeera]

Silence Hate: Young journalists published creative and innovative stories on migration 2019-09-20 [EFJ]

The EFJ will join the global climate strike this Friday 2019-09-20 [EFJ]

New OECD-ITF report: Subsidies in European shipping industry are failing European taxpayers and workers 2019-09-19 [ITF]

National UPdates n°14 - September 2019 2019-09-19 [ETUC]

Open letter to new Secretary General of the Council of Europe 2019-09-19 [EFJ]

European Parliament: EFJ welcomes new mandate of Monitoring Group on democracy and rule of law 2019-09-18 [EFJ]

Lorry drivers to protest at department of transport over dangerous threat to safety regulations 2019-09-16 [Unite the union]

UK petrol production under threat from no deal Brexit, warns Unite 2019-09-13 [Unite the union]

Yellowhammer papers reveal risk of care home closures 2019-09-13 [GMB]

EU must stop Amazon destruction – including through EU-Mercosur trade talks 2019-09-13 [ETUC]

ETUC calls on unions to join climate action ahead of UN summit to achieve just transition 2019-09-13 [ETUC]

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