ITF joins unions demanding that search continue for Bourbon Rhode crew

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NPGU welcomes the Government response on miners demands but continuing struggle against wage arrears For more info 2019-10-18 [KVPU]

ITF joins unions demanding that search continue for Bourbon Rhode crew 2019-10-16 [ITF]

Unions Demand that Bourbon Rhode Search Continues 2019-10-15 [The Maritime Executive]

KVPU leader explained MPs threats of labor law liberalization For more info 2019-10-10 [KVPU]

The NPGU demands payment of all wage arrears at coal mines For more info 2019-10-09 [KVPU]

WDDW 2019: KVPU held press conference and meeting with workers For more info 2019-10-07 [KVPU]

Trade Union leaders of three EU Association Agreement countries signed the joint statement For more info 2019-10-02 [KVPU]

Trade unions discussed the possible liberalization of labour legislation For more info 2019-10-01 [KVPU]

Media regulator revokes digital licences of independent TV channel 2019-10-01 [EFJ]

Media regulator revokes digital licences of independent TV channel 2019-09-28 [IFJ]

Global maritime unions call on Sri Lanka to expedite release of Avant Garde Captain 2019-09-20 [MENAFN]

Global maritime unions call on Sri Lankan government to expedite release of Captain Gennadiy Gavryloy 2019-09-20 [ITF]

Court rules to block access to 17 online media 2019-09-19 [EFJ]

Miners continuing protests against wage arrears 2019-08-12 [KVPU]

KVPU calling for Baltabay’s liberation and condemning the repression of independent trade unionists in Kazakhstan  ActNOW!  2019-08-08 [КВПУ]

Traffic on road from Dnipro to Zaporizhzhia blocked due to miners protest in Donetsk reg For more info 2019-08-08 [KVPU]

Radical nationalists stormed press conference at Ukrinform 2019-08-02 [EFJ]

Ukrainian solider sentenced to 24 years in prison for the murder of two Italian media workers 2019-07-19 [IFJ]

IFJ calls on all political parties to commit to defending freedom of speech 2019-07-19 [IFJ]

The Free Trade Union of Railway Workers of Ukraine held an action in Kyiv For more info 2019-07-19 [ ]

Ukrainian soldier sentenced to 24 years in prison for the murder of Italian photographer Andrea Rocchelli in Donbas 2019-07-18 [EFJ]

The Trade Union house Rebuilt 2019-07-10 [BWI]

ITF calls on Sri Lankan government to release Ukrainian seafarer after three years of detention 2019-07-10 [ITF]

Miners stopped the protest in Donetsk region meanwhile their colleagues preparing an action in Lviv Oblast For more info 2019-07-08 [KVPU]

Underground protest at the mine Girska continuing For more info 2019-07-06 [KVPU]

Miners continuing protests. Several state mines stopped their work due to disconnection of the power supply. For more info 2019-07-02 []

Miners protesting over unpaid wages in Vuhledar For more info 2019-06-27 []

Railway workers trade union welcomes 10% wage increase but demands more For more info 2019-06-26 []

Independent trade union canceled strike at the airport after reaching agreement with employer For more info 2019-06-25 []

Journalist Vadym Komarov dies after one and a half months in coma following assault 2019-06-25 [IFJ]

Wage arrears at the state mines amount up to UAH 1 billion 135 million For more info 2019-06-14 [KVPU]

Miners protest over unpaid wages in Lviv region For more info 2019-06-10 [KVPU]

Workers strike planned at the Boryspil International Airport For more info 2019-06-08 [KVPU]

Rail activists unite for workshop 2019-05-30 [ITF]

Two miners killed in the accident in the mine 'Lisova' For more info 2019-05-29 [KVPU]

Fighting for a thousand euros in Ukraine’s metal industry 2019-05-17 [Open Democracy]

Global union pledges support to Ukrainian rail union campaign 2019-05-16 [ITF]

IFJ condemns violent attack on journalist Vadym Komarov 2019-05-07 [IFJ]

Independent trade unions organized demonstration and festival on 1st May For more info 2019-05-02 [KVPU]

The KVPU organized press conference dedicated to the International Labour Day For more info 2019-05-02 [KVPU]

17 workers died in a mine accident in the temporarily occupied territory of Luhansk region For more info 2019-05-02 [KVPU]

The KVPU May Day Statement For more info 2019-05-01 [KVPU]

PROFBUD workers on strike 2019-04-25 [BWI]

Journalists urge presidential candidates to guarantee freedom of speech 2019-03-25 [IFJ]

Trade union demands justice for railways workers 2019-03-21 []

Ukraine: Unions demand strong industry development strategy 2019-03-21 [IndustriALL]

Miners of the PJSC 'Krivyi Rih iron ore plant' protesting underground For more info 2019-03-06 [KVPU]

Ukraine’s healthcare system is in need of shock therapy 2019-03-01 [Equal Times]

Miners protesting underground for four days in the Donetsk region For more info 2019-02-21 [kvpu]

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