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500 journalists call on MEPs to ban spyware surveillance

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AI Act: Journalists and creative workers call for a human-centric approach to regulating AI 2023-09-27 [EFJ]

Europe Las 6 de La Suiza (Gijón) visitarán Bruselas este miércoles para reivindicar que hacer sindicalismo no es delito. 2023-09-27 [CNT]

500 journalists call on MEPs to ban spyware surveillance 2023-09-26 [EFJ]

Artificial Intelligence in journalism should be used as a tool, not a workforce 2023-09-26 [EFJ]

CEOs ‘asset-stripping’ economy by failing to reinvest profits 2023-09-26 [ETUC]

Précarité et surveillance : les plateformes numériques ne cessent de s’enrichir grâce aux régions les plus pauvres d’Europe 2023-09-25 [Equal Times]

Precariedad y vigilancia: las plataformas digitales, cada vez más ricas gracias a las regiones más pobres de Europa 2023-09-25 [Equal Times]

BWI affiliates elect new regional leaders, ready to implement new action plan 2023-09-23 [BWI]

Bosnia and Herzegowina BWI European Regional Conference kicks off in Sarajevo 2023-09-23 [BWI]

Europe CGIL demonstration on 7th october 2023 2023-09-23 [CGIL]

SOTEU 2023: The EU more united than ever 2023-09-23 [CESI]

New position on quality traineeships in the EU 2023-09-23 [CESI]

SOTEU ’23 looks to next elections 2023-09-23 [Eurocadres]

Europe Georgia's Road to the European Union' – Georgian Trade Unions Confederation presented initiatives and visions at the joint conference 2023-09-21 [GTUC]

Record rate hike hits workers, helps shareholders 2023-09-21 [ETUC]

Rise in employment masks fall in hours 2023-09-21 [ETUC]

Parliament protects right to strike 2023-09-20 [ETUC]

France En France et en Europe, le 13 octobre, mobilisés contre l’austérité, pour les salaires et l’égalité femmes-hommes 2023-09-19 [FO]

Faire des droits humains la boussole de l’Europe 2023-09-19 [CFDT]

Face au risque de déréglementation, des syndicats français et allemand interpellent la Commission européenne 2023-09-19 [CFDT]

Europe Резолюция ЕС осуждает нарушения прав профсоюзов в Беларуси 2023-09-19 []

Europe Рэзалюцыя ЕС асуджае парушэнне правоў прафсаюзаў у Беларусі 2023-09-19 []

Europe EU resolution condemns violations of trade union rights in Belarus 2023-09-19 []

Europe El BCE le da la estocada al derecho a una vivienda digna 2023-09-17 [USO]

Europe El BCE le da la estocada al derecho a una vivienda digna 2023-09-17 [USO]

Europe La subida de los tipos nos puede llevar a una nueva recesión 2023-09-14 [UGT]

Europe Ante las elecciones al Parlamento Europeo, la Izquierda europea acuerda un marco común para sus programas electorales 2023-09-10 [CCOO]

Europe Trade Unions of Southeast Europe: Responding to all Challenges with joint Forces 2023-09-09 [The Times]

Time to make safer lead limits a reality and protect 1.5 million workers 2023-09-08 [ETUC]

France European court will hear case against French government crackdown on sex workers 2023-09-07 [Euronews]

Commission delays digital social security 2023-09-07 [ETUC]

Europe Black, Asian and minoritised mothers hardest hit by pay penalities For more info 2023-09-05 [LRD: Labour Research ]

Europe Dementia: a hidden issue at work For more info 2023-09-05 [LRD - Labour Research]

The use of AI in electoral campaigns and its danger for democracy 2023-09-05 [EFJ]

Pay failing to keep up with school costs 2023-09-05 [ETUC]

Wildfires in Europe – The Crucial Role of Firefighters 2023-09-02 [CESI]

CESI joins forces with Erasmus University Rotterdam in the frame of the “SEISMEC” project 2023-09-02 [CESI]

SOTEU must tackle ‘social justice emergency’ 2023-08-31 [ETUC]

Europe Greek and Turkish Cypriot trade unions condemn violence in Pyla 2023-08-30 [InCyprus]

Salario minimo, in Europa funziona 2023-08-28 [Collettiva]

SLAPPs increasingly threaten democracy in Europe – new CASE report 2023-08-28 [EFJ]

Europe Le 13 octobre, en France et en Europe, mobilisons-nous contre l’austérité, pour les salaires et l’égalité femmes- hommes ! 2023-08-28 [CFTC]

Summer Travel Hit by Strike-Related Disruption 2023-08-20 [Skift]

Summer travel strikes: When, where and what disruption you can expect in August 2023-08-18 [Euronews]

  JOB   Internship vacancy notice 2023-08-18 [IndustriALL]

Media literacy tools in the age of AI-generated disinformation 2023-08-18 [EFJ]

Collective bargaining for EFJ’s solo self-employed 2023-08-14 [EFJ]

L'analisi: Una tragedia che parla al nostro presente 2023-08-12 [Collettiva]

Europe SHSP becomes a new observer at CESI 2023-08-12 [CESI]

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