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ETUC deeply regrets the European Parliament’s decision not to vote on the revision of the Regulations on the coordination of social security systems 2019-04-22 [ETUC]

Journalists Issue Manifesto ahead of European Parliament Elections 2019-04-20 [Total News]

It is time to act on decent work for all e-waste workers 2019-04-17 [IndustriALL]

Putting Europe’s invisible precariat in the spotlight 2019-04-18 [Social Europe]

Tchibo and IndustriALL continue to build industrial relations in the supply chain 2019-04-15 [IndustriALL]

A new step towards Work Life Balance for European workers 2019-04-12 [UNI Global Union]

Work Life Balance: last hurdle for new rights for working parents & carers 2019-04-12 [ETUC]

Workers voice in Commission report on artificial intelligence 2019-04-12 [ETUC]

The future of work – world needs renewed UN ILO 2019-04-12 [ETUC]

Workers' Voice - National UPdates n°12 - April 2019 2019-04-12 [ETUC]

EFJ welcomes EP resolution calling to ensure safety of journalists 2019-03-28 [EFJ]

EU Copyright Directive: mixed outcomes for educators 2019-04-03 [EI]

'Uberized Workers' Ask The EU To Set A Minimum Income To Self-Employed People 2019-03-31 [Forbes]

'Uberized Workers' Ask The EU To Set A Minimum Income To Self-Employed People 2019-03-31 [Forbes]

Many factory workers denied basic human rights, says ILR event speaker 2019-03-28 [Cornell Chronicle]

ETUC supports transport workers’ Brussels demo on March 27 and international action week 2019-03-27 [ETUC]

IFJ/EFJ hail adoption of Copyright Directive and urge EU Member States to adopt laws that ensure fair and proportionate remuneration for journalists 2019-03-27 [IFJ]

Fair Transport NOW! Workers and unions launch wave of coordinated protests and actions across continent 2019-03-25 [ITF]

Workers in 8 EU countries worse off than 10 years ago 2019-03-25 [ETUC]

EFJ renew call for the adoption of Copyright Directive 2019-03-25 [EFJ]

Refinery news roundup: Works, upgrades in focus in Europe as strikes loom 2019-03-23 [Platt's]

Sub-regional Women’s Conference focuses on Campaign to Stop Gender-Based Violence 2019-03-22 [BWI]

Deal on social security: better for mobile & posted workers 2019-03-21 [ETUC]

Speech given by Luca Visentini Tripartite Social Summit 2019-03-21 [ETUC]

European elections 2019: EFJ Manifesto calls to endorse 8 principles for free media 2019-03-21 [EFJ]

EU copyright reform: why educators and citizens should worry 2019-03-20 [Education International]

Trade unions support Action for Climate 2019-03-19 [ETUC]

Trade unions support Action for Climate 2019-03-19 [EFJ]

Start of culture change for whistleblowers? 2019-03-13 [ETUC]

Equality for female staff in the media: we call on media leaders to take action! 2019-03-13 [EFJ]

IFJ and EFJ urge adoption of Copyright Directive and any possible improvements 2019-03-13 [IFJ]

World How International Women’s Day is being marked across Europe 2019-03-08 [Euronews]

ETUC launches Women’s Day call for vote for gender equality in European elections 2019-03-06 [ETUC]

EU Whistleblowing Directive: protection for companies or for whistleblowers? 2019-03-05 [EFJ]

Ukraine’s healthcare system is in need of shock therapy 2019-03-01 [Equal Times]

For a fair and just Company Law Package! 2019-03-01 [ETUC]

ETUC on European Semester Winter Package 2019-02-28 [ETUC]

European elections - A fairer Europe for workers 2019-02-27 [ETUC]

AGEMI is launching new platform on gender and media 2019-02-27 [EFJ]

EFJ study on new business models to promote journalism 2019-02-26 [EFJ]

Students right to demand urgent climate action 2019-02-22 [ETUC]

Agreement reached on European Labour Authority 2019-02-22 [ETUC]

Public service media in the Western Balkans – Ensuring complaint mechanisms and audience engagement 2019-02-22 [EFJ]

Open letter: Making whistleblowing work for Europe 2019-02-19 [EFJ]

Regulating the regulators? Proposed new measures on pesticide authorization in the European Union 2019-02-18 [IUF]

EU Copyright Directive is a step in the right direction but still needs to be improved 2019-02-18 [EFJ]

New copyright directive makes a mockery of journalists' authors' rights 2019-02-18 [IFJ]

Making whistleblowing work for Europe 2019-02-15 [PSI]

Sign the petition to protect whistleblowers in the EU! 2019-02-15 [PSI]

ITF and ETF welcome announcement that Ryanair chairman will step down 2019-02-07 [ITF]

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