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The Alan Fels Inquiry into Price Gouging kicks off in Melbourne

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New South Wales ‘Final warning’: Sydney Water workers threaten strike action over summer amid bitter pay dispute 2023-09-26 []

Pay dispute sparks strike at Ingham's poultry facilities 2023-09-26 [WATT]

Tradie migration solution needed to meet renewable energy target: union, industry 2023-09-26 [The Morning Herald]

New South Wales Broken Hill Trades Hall endorsed for World Heritage list bid 2023-09-25 [ENSW]

Queensland Union ramps up attack on Bailey after worker’s roadside death 2023-09-25 [The Times]

Australian and International Pilots Association calls for Qantas chairman Richard Goyder to step down 2023-09-25 [ABC]

Unions confirm Ingham’s strike will continue if no deal is reached 2023-09-25 []

Global TWU unites with trade unions in call for transport reform 2023-09-25 [Owner-Driver]

Court Declares Voy Pty Ltd Took Adverse Action Against RAFFWU Member & Compensation Paid 2023-09-24 [RAFFWU]

TWU joins 50 unions in global call for urgent lifesaving transport reform 2023-09-24 [TWU]

AWU’s gas advocacy vindicated by ACCC 2023-09-24 [AWU]

New South Wales Molycop Waratah closure a sad day for the Hunter, Australian steel industry 2023-09-24 [AWU]

New South Wales Take action: reverse the NSW screen cuts 2023-09-24 [MEAA]

The Alan Fels Inquiry into Price Gouging kicks off in Melbourne 2023-09-24 [Australian Unions]

Victoria EnerSys electricians continue strike for fair agreement 2023-09-24 [Green Left Weekly]

The positive force of student activism for Indigenous Australian rights 2023-09-23 [EI]

New South Wales The Australia Paramedics Association (NSW) renews union action 2023-09-22 [The Leader]

Parmis in peril as chicken workers strike at Inghams 2023-09-22 [The Post]

Western Australia Chevron and unions agree to end Western Australia gas strikes 2023-09-22 [BBC]

Labor unions say they will end strike actions at Chevron's three LNG plants 2023-09-22 [ABC]

Strong, united and growing! ETU National Officers Conference 2023 2023-09-21 [ETU]

New South Wales ETU exposes renewable energy’s dirty secret at Project Energy Connect 2023-09-21 [ETU]

South Australia Workers exposed to lead at Torren Island Power Station 2023-09-21 [ETU]

CPSU members continue to rally for Yes 2023-09-21 [CPSU]

FSU to give evidence at senate inquiry into regional branch closures 2023-09-21 [FSU]

Inghams workers to strike in SA and WA over pay, sparking concerns over chicken shortage 2023-09-21 [7 News]

Western Australia Chevron accepts recommendations from Fair Work Commission in pay stand-off with Offshore Alliance workers 2023-09-21 [ABC]

Workers at Australian poultry producer Inghams to hold 24-hour strike on Friday 2023-09-20 [Reuters]

Queensland Protective services officers at Sunshine Coast hospital have had enough 2023-09-19 [UWU]

Aged care support workers fight for fair treatment 2023-09-19 [UWU]

PFA’s Player Development Program Thrives Amidst Unprecedented Demand 2023-09-19 [PFA]

Save jobs and stop the cuts at ACU: sign the petition! 2023-09-19 [NTEU]

Queensland Cruise Whitsundays offers offensive $1 pay rise – workers to strike again today 2023-09-19 [MUA]

Nursing Peaks Coalition support a Yes Vote to the Referendum on the Voice to Parliament 2023-09-19 [ANMF]

CFMEU asks Bunnings to ban benchtops linked to silicosis 2023-09-19 [The New Daily]

Qantas high court ruling in favour of workers 2023-09-18 [Australian Unions]

Aged care support worker pay rise plea submitted 2023-09-18 [Hellocare]

Workers to strike at Kogan Creek power plant 2023-09-18 []

Tasmania Potential strike at Hobart airport will cause travel plan havoc 2023-09-14 [UWU]

Proposal to introduce major changes to the InfraCo Fixed and Telstra Wholesale businesses 2023-09-14 [CWU]

Federal Decommissioning Roadmap delivers secure future for clean climate maritime jobs 2023-09-14 [MUA]

Multicultural Framework review 2023-09-14 [CPSU]

Historic meeting for Lifeblood ANMF members 2023-09-14 [ANMF]

Developing workplace culture to move from competence to excellence 2023-09-14 [AEU]

State of our TAFE 2023-09-14 [AEU]

Myanmar Prof Sean Turnell calls for sanctions against Myanmar state-owned banks 2023-09-14 [FSU]

ACTU welcomes steady unemployment rate 2023-09-14 [ACTU]

Public service strikes primed to ground high-flying pollies 2023-09-14 [The Mandarin]

Qantas board must be spilled as high court unanimously dismisses appeal on illegal sackings 2023-09-13 [TWU]

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This month in labour history

10-09-1892 The first train of contractors brought in to scab during the Broken Hill miners' strike arrives and is met with hostility from local men and women. [more]

10-09-1917 Mass meetings of Sydney railway workers express outrage at the unions' capitulation to the government's terms, but nevertheless a return to work from the general strike begins. [more]

23-09-1945 Australian wharfies refuse to work on Dutch vessels in support of Indonesia’s Independence. [more]