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Top news - Tasmania

MONA security guards sacked during coronavirus shutdown 2020-03-19 [UWU]

WorkSafe Tasmania regulator under fire from Greens, unions and activists 2020-03-04 [The Advocate]

'Squatter-like' property owned by Burnie Mayor Steve Kons used to house Tongan workers 2020-02-12 [ABC]

Exploitation of workers in NW 'one of the biggest cases' 2020-02-09 [The Advocate]

Costa condemned for allowing agricultural workers to live in slum-like conditions 2020-02-08 [AWU]

Dozens of farm workers found living in five-bedroom building in Latrobe in Tasmania's north 2020-02-07 [ABC]

Henty gold miner's loader buried after ground below gave way, union says 2020-01-26 [ABC]

Tasmania miner ‘highly unlikely’ to have survived Henty gold mine collapse, police say 2020-01-24 [The Guardian]

Worker missing in mine collapse on Tasmania’s west coast 2020-01-23 [The New Daily]

Jobs must be saved at iconic Hobart pub 2020-01-13 [UWU]

Prisoners Legal Service echoes union's call for Corrections Minister Elise Archer to resign 2020-01-10 [The Advocate]

Remembering the Lake Illawarra 2020-01-08 [CFMMEU]

Correctional Officers commence overtime bans! 2019-12-08 [UWU]

Correctional Officers march off the job over pay and working conditions 2019-11-29 [UWU]

Statement from Unions Tasmania on the Liberal Government’s anti-protest laws 2019-11-23 [Unions Tasmania]

AEU first Tasmanian union to declare climate emergency 2019-11-19 [The Advocate]

Union win: Christmas pay saved for UTAS cleaners 2019-11-13 [UWU]

Premier rejects union claims trade agreements hurt local jobseekers 2019-11-12 [The Advocate]

Superannuation Amnesty Bill Submission 2019-10-10 [Tasmanian Unions]

Casino new starters given crash course in union power 2019-09-28 [United Voice]

Worker dies at Hobart zinc smelter 2019-09-25 [ABC]

Cleaner stands up for thousands in back pay 2019-09-12 [United Voice]

Review of Presumptive Provisions for Private Sector Workers in Relation to PTSD Submission 2019-09-02 [Unions Tasmania]

Sweet victory for Cadbury workers in federal court case 2019-08-22 [AMWU]

Sweet victory for Cadbury workers in Federal Court case 2019-08-21 [Mirage]

Workers get choccies in Cadbury challenge 2019-08-21 [The Australian]

Unions and Labor pushing for more public holidays in Tasmania 2019-08-11 [Examiner]

Tassie members scrap the government pay cap! 2019-08-08 [United Voice]

Patient's relative drives ambulance to hospital amid staff shortages 2019-07-02 [ABC]

Anna Stewart Memorial Project 2019 Applications Open 2019-06-19 [Unions Tasmania]

Women's Conference 2019 2019-06-18 [Unions Tasmania]

Former hydro workers in Tasmania to launch compensation claims over chemical exposure 2019-05-17 [ABC]

Workers rally for a pay rise 2019-05-05 [The Advocate]

Tasmanian unions use May Day rally to tell Prime Minister Scott ... 2019-05-05 [The Mercury]

The Australian Education Union's Tasmanian branch undertakes new course of industrial action 2019-04-17 [The Advocate]

Hobart Bus Drivers to Stop Work on Tuesday 2019-04-16 [RTBU]

Parliamentary Salaries Inquiry Submission 2019-04-15 [Unions Tasmania]

International Workers' Memorial Day Hobart 27 April 2019 2019-04-08 [Unions Tasmania]

Rally to Change the Rules on 10 April 2019 2019-04-08 [Unions Tasmania]

Unions worried about workers' asbestos exposure 2019-04-07 [The Examiner]

Teachers to strike next week over pay 2019-03-27 [Education HQ]

Public holidays are too important for hush-hush reviews 2019-03-25 [Unions Tasmania]

Change the Rules election campaign kicks off in Bass 2019-03-18 [ACTU]

Workplaces (Protection from Protesters) Amendment Bill 2019 Submission 2019-03-14 [Unions Tasmania]

Union claims 20 plumbers have been sacked on the Royal Hobart Hospital site during contractual dispute 2019-02-09 [The Examiner]

Reinstated with an apology 2019-02-06 [United Voice]

Wages growth falling further behind price inflation 2019-01-30 [The Advocate]

No space in Tassie car park for unfair dismissal 2019-01-23 [United Voice]

Health staff off to the UK on taxpayer-funded trip to recruit mental health nurses 2019-01-11 [ABC]

Has the Tasmanian Government painted itself into a corner in the public sector pay stoush? 2019-01-08 [ABC]

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