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Today's news - Tasmania

Former hydro workers in Tasmania to launch compensation claims over chemical exposure 2019-05-17 [ABC]

Workers rally for a pay rise 2019-05-05 [The Advocate]

Tasmanian unions use May Day rally to tell Prime Minister Scott ... 2019-05-05 [The Mercury]

The Australian Education Union's Tasmanian branch undertakes new course of industrial action 2019-04-17 [The Advocate]

Hobart Bus Drivers to Stop Work on Tuesday 2019-04-16 [RTBU]

Parliamentary Salaries Inquiry Submission 2019-04-15 [Unions Tasmania]

International Workers' Memorial Day Hobart 27 April 2019 2019-04-08 [Unions Tasmania]

Rally to Change the Rules on 10 April 2019 2019-04-08 [Unions Tasmania]

Unions worried about workers' asbestos exposure 2019-04-07 [The Examiner]

Teachers to strike next week over pay 2019-03-27 [Education HQ]

Public holidays are too important for hush-hush reviews 2019-03-25 [Unions Tasmania]

Change the Rules election campaign kicks off in Bass 2019-03-18 [ACTU]

Workplaces (Protection from Protesters) Amendment Bill 2019 Submission 2019-03-14 [Unions Tasmania]

Union claims 20 plumbers have been sacked on the Royal Hobart Hospital site during contractual dispute 2019-02-09 [The Examiner]

Reinstated with an apology 2019-02-06 [United Voice]

Wages growth falling further behind price inflation 2019-01-30 [The Advocate]

No space in Tassie car park for unfair dismissal 2019-01-23 [United Voice]

Health staff off to the UK on taxpayer-funded trip to recruit mental health nurses 2019-01-11 [ABC]

Has the Tasmanian Government painted itself into a corner in the public sector pay stoush? 2019-01-08 [ABC]

Christmas Win - Time To Care For Family 2018-12-19 [United Voice]

Teachers to stop work over pay 2018-11-13 [Education HQ]

Public servants ramp up industrial action over pay dispute 2018-11-07 [ABC]

Nyrstar tipped to shed 12 jobs from Hobart smelter, prompting concerns for worker safety 2018-11-07 [ABC]

Thousands protest in Tasmania over pay 2018-10-24 [The News]

Teachers to head Tasmania-wide strikes 2018-10-24 [The Daily Mail]

Public sector workers to walk off the job today 2018-10-24 [ABC]

Strike action to close schools across the state as teachers step up pay-fight battle 2018-10-23 [The Mercury]

Nyrstar's falling share price, job cuts have unions worried about Hobart plant's workforce 2018-10-18 [ABC]

Public service threaten major strike action in bid to break Government's wage cap 2018-10-03 [ABC]

Workers at Australian Cadbury factory are replaced with robots as dozens of jobs are slashed to buy $20million machines that wrap Flakes and Twirls 2018-09-28 [The Daily Mail]

Mother, 23, is a beacon of female success in a male-dominated world 2018-09-19 [9 News]

Chinese plasterers walk off the job at Royal Hobart Hospital job over visa, pay dispute 2018-09-07 [ABC]

Workers walk at Hobart hospital over pay 2018-09-06 [The Australian]

Public service unions see red over wages cap 2018-08-22 [The Examiner]

Union lashes Tas public worker guidelines 2018-08-07 [ABC]

Union concerns over LGH pressures acknowledged by Health Minister 2018-08-04 [The Examiner]

Cricket Australia sacks worker over series of tweets about abortion 2018-07-30 [Sydney Morning Herald]

Tasmanian public servants threaten strike action over 2 per cent wage offer 2018-05-25 [The Mercury]

Peter Gutwein and the public sector union clash over pay claim 2018-05-24 [The Examiner]

Unions say cap on public servants' wages hurts all workers 2018-05-21 [The Advocate]

Jessica Munday head of Unions Tasmania talks about what drives her. 2018-05-20 [The Advocate (Tas)]

Head of Unions Tasmania talks about what drives her 2018-05-20 [The Mercury]

Unions lining up to pressure Government into lifting 2pc wage cap set in 2011 2018-05-10 [ABC]

ACTU leader to visit Island State for May Day 2018-05-01 [ACTU]

Vale Jill Cooper-Ruzbacky 2018-04-27 [ASU]

Workplace safety laws 'union politics', says Guy Barnett 2018-04-29 [The Examiner]

Casual workers employed on fruit fly crisis not paid for weeks, union claims 2018-03-22 [ABC News]

Industrial Manslaughter laws in Australia are about politics, not safety 2018-02-16 [SafetyAtWorkBlog]

TWU stalwart Ken Griffin retires as Toll delegate 2018-03-05 [TWU]

It’s time for a penalty rates review: Launceston Chamber of Commerce chief 2018-01-18 [Launceston Examiner]

This month in labour history

1-05-1946 Eight hundred Aboriginal workers walk-off twenty-seven sheep stations in Western Australia, beginning the Pilbara strike that lasts until 1949. [more]

3-05-1927 The Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) is founded [more]

15-05-1905 The Merchant Service Guild of Australasia became the first trade union to be registered under the Australian Commonwealth Conciliation and Arbitration Act 1904 [more]

16-05-1891 Henry Lawson's poem 'Freedom on the Wallaby', written during the great sheep shearers' strike, is published in The Worker newspaper. [more]