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Today's news - Tasmania

Mother, 23, is a beacon of female success in a male-dominated world 2018-09-19 [9 News]

Chinese plasterers walk off the job at Royal Hobart Hospital job over visa, pay dispute 2018-09-07 [ABC]

Workers walk at Hobart hospital over pay 2018-09-06 [The Australian]

Public service unions see red over wages cap 2018-08-22 [The Examiner]

Union lashes Tas public worker guidelines 2018-08-07 [ABC]

Union concerns over LGH pressures acknowledged by Health Minister 2018-08-04 [The Examiner]

Cricket Australia sacks worker over series of tweets about abortion 2018-07-30 [Sydney Morning Herald]

Tasmanian public servants threaten strike action over 2 per cent wage offer 2018-05-25 [The Mercury]

Peter Gutwein and the public sector union clash over pay claim 2018-05-24 [The Examiner]

Unions say cap on public servants' wages hurts all workers 2018-05-21 [The Advocate]

Jessica Munday head of Unions Tasmania talks about what drives her. 2018-05-20 [The Advocate (Tas)]

Head of Unions Tasmania talks about what drives her 2018-05-20 [The Mercury]

Unions lining up to pressure Government into lifting 2pc wage cap set in 2011 2018-05-10 [ABC]

ACTU leader to visit Island State for May Day 2018-05-01 [ACTU]

Vale Jill Cooper-Ruzbacky 2018-04-27 [ASU]

Workplace safety laws 'union politics', says Guy Barnett 2018-04-29 [The Examiner]

Casual workers employed on fruit fly crisis not paid for weeks, union claims 2018-03-22 [ABC News]

Industrial Manslaughter laws in Australia are about politics, not safety 2018-02-16 [SafetyAtWorkBlog]

TWU stalwart Ken Griffin retires as Toll delegate 2018-03-05 [TWU]

It’s time for a penalty rates review: Launceston Chamber of Commerce chief 2018-01-18 [Launceston Examiner]

NTEU, UTAS reach in-principle staff agreement until 2021 after long discussion period 2017-12-21 [Launceston Examiner]

Union warns TasTafe not to renew contract with private provider Foundry 2017-12-11 [ABC]

Teachers 'stressed' by staff cuts says union, but Premier calls 'fake news' 2017-12-10 [ABC]

Youth unemployment remaining a concern for the State 2017-12-05 [Launceston Examiner]

Launceston Hospital clad in potentially flammable panels similar to deadly Grenfell fire 2017-12-01 [ABC]

Edith Creek workers eye the future as Murray Goulburn milk plant shuts down 2017-11-30 [ABC]

Teachers' union accused of staff bullying, anti-union behaviour by Australian Services Union 2017-11-28 [ABC]

Call for Tasmanian Government to buy Edith Creek dairy processor, save jobs 2017-11-20 [ABC]

Respect key to public transport safety, says Rail, Tram and Bus Union 2017-11-16 [Hobart Mercury]

Fear of reprisals, boss woes, affecting Tasmanian Justice staff, survey finds 2017-11-16 [ABC]

Restore funding and jobs to gutted Antarctic Division 2017-11-10 [CPSU]

Union confirms remaining Edith Creek workers will receive $4000 bonus to stay until end of month 2017-11-10 [Hobart Mercury]

Report about Edith Creek wages cut deal 'absolutely false': union 2017-11-08 [Advocate ]

NUW dairy workers offer 20pc pay cut to save jobs 2017-11-07 [Weekly Times]

Another attack on champions of the battlers 2017-10-18 [Hobart Mercury]

Murray Goulburn's Edith Creek site has 'genuinely interested' buyer promising local jobs 2017-10-18 [ABC]

Tassie workers win 23% pay rise 2017-10-13 [Hobart Mercury]

Call for PS boost to ease strain 2017-10-11 [Hobart Mercury]

Dairy workers to face unemployment if buyer not found within a month 2017-10-08 [ABC]

Unions Tasmania push for 10 days paid family violence leave 2017-10-06 [The Advocate]

United Firefighters Union of Australia secretary Greg Cooper left legacy of protection for members 2017-10-06 [Hobart Mercury]

Child protection: Union claims Tasmanian baby's death evidence of welfare under-resourced 2017-09-27 [ABC]

Services questioned in Tas baby's death:Union 2017-09-27 [news.com.au]

Industrial Officer in Tasmania 2017-09-26 [UFU]

Abattoir sheds about 40 workers in blow to Tasmania's northern region 2017-09-19 [ABC]

Underemployment a struggle for Tasmanian workers with jobs but not enough hours, union survey finds 2017-09-19 [ABC]

Workers want more hours but can’t get them, says Unions Tasmania secretary Jessica Munday 2017-09-18 [Hobart Mercury]

Jobs survey reveals underemployment and unpaid work key issues for Tasmanian workers 2017-09-18 [Unions Tasmania]

The United Firefighters Union has introduced work related bans for TFS members ahead of bushfire season 2017-09-08 [news.com.au]

Child protection workers make plea to Minister to 'have a heart' and provide more resources 2017-09-06 [ABC]

This month in labour history

10-09-1892 The first train of contractors brought in to scab during the Broken Hill miners' strike arrives and is met with hostility from local men and women. [more]

10-09-1917 Mass meetings of Sydney railway workers express outrage at the unions' capitulation to the government's terms, but nevertheless a return to work from the general strike begins. [more]