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Today's news - Tasmania

Abets blames Tassie job losses on CFMEU 2017-05-16 [ABC]

AMWU warns Tasmanians to ignore calls from Pauline Hanson to boycott Cadbury Easter eggs 2017-04-13 [Launceston Examimer]

Small step taken in battling Tasmania's aged-care workforce issues 2017-03-28 [Launceston Examiner]

Aged care worker recruitment drive targets migrants, young people in Tasmania 2017-03-27 [ABC]

Not-so fair to be in firing line of Fair Work 2017-03-27 [Launceston Examiner]

Mine worker killed in Tasmania's North West 2017-03-18 [Hobart Mercury ]

Savage River contract worker dies after fall at Grange Resources mine, WorkSafe investigates 2017-03-18 [ABC]

TasWater workers fear job losses, says CEPU boss Trevor Gauld 2017-03-17 [Mercury]

TasWater workers fear job losses, says CEPU boss Trevor Gauld 2017-03-17 [News]

Hobart City Council, Australian Workers Union in talks to equip parking inspectors with body cameras 2017-03-14 [IBTimes]

Union members use public holiday to protest ruling to cut penalty rates 2017-03-14 [Hobart Mercury ]

Unions Tasmania penalty rates rally today 2017-03-13 [Launceston Examiner]

Abuse aimed at ambos concern 2017-03-13 [Launceston Examiner]

AWU welcomes salmon farm getting enviro green light 2017-02-17 [AAP]

Asbestos alert at Royal Hobart Hospital redevelopment prompts calls for fresh audit 2017-02-12 [ABC]

AWU takes Salmon workers to Canberra to lobby for their jobs 2017-02-10 [ABC 7.30]

Andrew Wilkie attacks AWU Salmon Industry campaign 2017-02-07 [Hobart Mercury ]

'Working poor' facing greater struggle to put food on table, says Foodbank Tasmania 2017-02-07 [ABC]

Victorian CFMEU branch donates $50,000 to Tasmanian Labor 2017-02-04 [Launceston Examiner]

Salmon Industry leads the world 2017-02-02 [Hobart Mercury]

Campaigns and Research Officer job 2017-01-30 [Unions Tasmania]

Australian Workers Union launches pro-Tasmanian salmon campaign 2017-01-28 [Launceston Examiner]

Truck drivers memorial 2017-01-24 [TWU]

Aquaculture workers call for protection of salmon farming 2017-01-20 [Hobart Mercury]

State loses 600 more full-time jobs in December 2017-01-19 [Launceston Examiner]

Bipartisan support for union's rally backing Tasmanian salmon industry 2017-01-19 [ABC]

Is LGTF a real organisation - or just a millionaire businessman in disguise ? 2017-01-04 [AWU]

Family upset at mine deaths penalty 2016-12-14 [Hobart Mercury]

Company fined, sorry for Tas mine deaths 2016-12-13 [AAP]

Copper Mines Tasmania fined $225k over deaths of two workers in 2013 2016-12-13 [ABC]

Retail, healthcare and hospitality workers wishing for well paid Christmas 2016-12-12 [Hobart Mercury]

JBS Longford rehires sacked abattoir workers after market turnaround 2016-11-17 [ABC]

Support Tassie Salmon 2016-11-16 [Tassie Salmon. Our Jobs. Our Future]

Sex worker rights, party drug testing backed by Tasmanian Labor members 2016-11-13 [ABC]

Tasmanian children will 'fall through cracks' because of slow rollout of system reforms, union warns 2016-09-09 [ABC]

Union accuses State Government of asbestos ‘cover up’ at Royal Hobart Hospital development 2016-08-31 [Hobart Mercury]

Ashley Youth Detention Centre debate fires up Labor as union calls for support for staff 2016-08-24 [Hobart Mercury]

Ashley youth detention: Union takes aim at Tasmanian Government over treatment of worker 2016-08-23 [ABC]

Unions call for asbestos-free Royal Hobart Hospital site to protect workers 2016-08-17 [ABC]

Abattoir stand down could extend beyond six weeks, Tasmanian minister says 2016-08-11 [ABC]

Workers at JBS Australia’s Longford abattoir stood down amid livestock shortage in Tasmania 2016-08-11 [Hobart Mercury]

Union fears JBS Swift abattoir at Longford may face lengthy shutdown 2016-08-10 [ABC]

My Lyell mine deaths guilty plea 2016-08-09 [Launceston Examiner]

Mine company pleads guilty to health and safety failing that resulted in the deaths of two workers 2016-08-08 [Hobart Mercury]

Mining company admits workplace safety charge over Mt Lyell workers' deaths 2016-08-08 [ABC]

Royal Hobart Hospital asbestos scare prompts union calls for full audit 2016-08-05 [ABC]

Myer Hobart flooding: Unions concerned untrained workers in danger on redevelopment site 2016-08-04 [ABC]

Emergency workers with PTSD seek changes to Tasmanian laws 2016-08-03 [ABC]

Plea date set for mine deaths case 2016-07-29 [Hobart Mercury]

Case against Tasmanian mine deaths resumes 2016-07-29 [Australian Mining]

This month in labour history

1-05-1946 Eight hundred Aboriginal workers walk-off twenty-seven sheep stations in Western Australia, beginning the Pilbara strike that lasts until 1949. [more]

3-05-1927 The Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) is founded [more]

15-05-1905 The Merchant Service Guild of Australasia became the first trade union to be registered under the Australian Commonwealth Conciliation and Arbitration Act 1904 [more]

16-05-1891 Henry Lawson's poem 'Freedom on the Wallaby', written during the great sheep shearers' strike, is published in The Worker newspaper. [more]