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Anti-union laws favour law-breaking businesses over workers’ rights 2019-09-16 [Queensland Unions]

How do we encourage more women in STEM? 2019-09-16 [Professionals Australia]

NIAA Restructure Consultation 2019-09-16 [CPSU]

Mental health in the workplace 2019-09-16 [CPSU]

Senators weighing up Setka police referral 2019-09-16 [Yahoo]

Holiday leave appeal will go to High Court 2019-09-16 [9 News]

‘It’s slavery’: union takes on Uber Eats after driver banned for being late 2019-09-16 [The Australian]

‘It’s modern slavery’: Uber Eats drivers say they were paid equivalent of $5 an hour 2019-09-16 [News.com]

Sacked Uber Eats worker's Fair Work Commission appeal could change the gig economy 2019-09-16 [ABC]

The Transport Workers Union is taking Uber to court over an unfair dismissal claim by a former Uber Eats driver 2019-09-16 [Yahoo]

'Going to the streets again': what you need to know about Friday's climate strike 2019-09-15 [The Guardian]

'Indoor Planner' - Back to the Future 2019-09-14 [CWU]

World Maritime Day Tuesday 24 September, 2019 2019-09-14 [MUA]

Bench Delivers Opening Round Win for Redundant Seafarers 2019-09-14 [MUA]

Teacher Unions Benefit Schools and Students 2019-09-14 [AEU]

 VIDEO  FSU National Assistant Secretary, Nathan Rees, chats to The Business 2019-09-14 [FSU]

MLC Advice Restructure – Staff Shocked by the Depth of the Cuts 2019-09-14 [FSU]

John Setka uncut refuses Jacqui Lambie's demand to quit 2019-09-14 [The Morning Herald]

Households on Newstart have suffered 'dramatic' rise in poverty over 25 years 2019-09-13 [The Guardian]

The Coalition's union destruction agenda 2019-09-13 [Independent Australia]

Players using PFA as platform to speak about their wellbeing – and seek help 2019-09-12 [PFA]

What is pay like for engineers in 2019? 2019-09-12 [Professionals Australia]

 VIDEO Assange case “sets terrifying precedent”, says lawyer 2019-09-12 [MEAA]

Detention of Vessel in Port of Brisbane Exposes Rampant Exploitation of Foreign Seafarers 2019-09-12 [MUA]

Global Climate Strike 2019-09-12 [MUA]

Civil society statement on domestic nuclear power 2019-09-12 [MUA]

DVA Section Council calls for action on climate emergency 2019-09-12 [CPSU]

Tax lodgement period and escalations 2019-09-12 [CPSU]

ANMF opposes drug testing welfare recipients 2019-09-12 [ANMF]

Union movement united in opposition to internationally unprecedented Ensuring Integrity bill 2019-09-12 [ACTU]

Two workers dead in 24 hours, no action from Morrison 2019-09-12 [ACTU]

Physical and Mental Health of Australia’s Truck Drivers 2019-09-12 [Diesel News]

Wage theft here among worst in the world, top union leader says 2019-09-12 [The Morning Herald]

Coles under pressure over potential worker exploitation in supply chains 2019-09-11 [The Morning Herald]

Everyone’s business: why companies should let their workers join the climate strike 2019-09-11 [The Conversation]

Labor senator calls for secure jobs pledge 2019-09-11 [7 News]

Farmers come to Canberra to warn Government not to rollover on quad bike safety change 2019-09-10 [Mirage]

John Setka to appeal Supreme Court decision rejecting bid to stop ALP expulsion 2019-09-10 [The Australian]

'This is not about Setka': Employers urge Lambie to support union bill 2019-09-10 [The Morning Herald]

John Setka warns Labor he plans to appeal court decision to allow expulsion 2019-09-10 [The Guardian]

Gladstone: Bulk carrier detained; crew owed $64,000 2019-09-09 [MUA]

AusSuper EA – Next Steps in Bargaining 2019-09-09 [FSU]

Survey aims to help improve driver health and safety 2019-09-09 [Big Rigs]

Academics demand Coles/Woolies end modern slavery 2019-09-09 [Macro Business]

The AUWU’s Jeremy Poxon: “They try and paint a picture that they’re creating a lot of jobs, when it’s just not true” 2019-09-09 [The Big Smoke]

Paid personal leave to be accrued in days not hours after important new court ruling 2019-09-09 [The Sector]

There’s an obvious reason wages aren’t growing, but you won’t hear it from Treasury or the Reserve Bank 2019-09-09 [The Conversation]

Chinese Bulk Carrier Detained Over Crew Wages 2019-09-08 [The Maritime Executive]

Message to Coles, Woolworths: Act now to end modern slavery 2019-09-08 [The New Daily]

Pay win for casual home care & disability support workers 2019-09-07 [United Voice]

This month in labour history

10-09-1892 The first train of contractors brought in to scab during the Broken Hill miners' strike arrives and is met with hostility from local men and women. [more]

10-09-1917 Mass meetings of Sydney railway workers express outrage at the unions' capitulation to the government's terms, but nevertheless a return to work from the general strike begins. [more]