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Shorten sets 100-day target to boost overtime pay 2019-04-20 [The Guardian]

‘We can stop the spread of disinformation!’ 2019-04-19 [MEAA]

One Network trial stage 2: expansions to commence May & July 2019-04-19 [CWU]

ABCC takes penalty threat to workers’ homes 2019-04-19 [The Australian]

Comm Bank has underpaid 8000 workers by $4.8m 2019-04-18 [The New Daily]

Easter hit: workers lose $80 million during holiday ‘bonanza’ 2019-04-18 [United Voice]

TWU calls for safety in trucking over the weekend after a month of fatalities 2019-04-18 [TWU]

The truth about where the Flight Centre EBA process is at 2019-04-18 [ASU]

Flight Centre Performance improvement plans under scrutiny 2019-04-18 [ASU]

CBA: Think you have been underpaid? 2019-04-18 [FSU]

Bankwest Employees Owed Millions 2019-04-18 [FSU]

More underpayments, secret job cut plans – Industrial Relations at CBA is Broken! 2019-04-18 [FSU]

CBA Employees Deserve Answers - FSU Lodges Dispute with the Fair Work Commission 2019-04-18 [FSU]

Shayne Elliot Squashes Rumours of More Job Cuts at ANZ 2019-04-18 [FSU]

Morrison leaves 1.7 million out of work or underemployed 2019-04-18 [ACTU]

Multiple job holders earn less 2019-04-18 [ACTU]

Fair Work ruling to be revised after union's appeal upheld 2019-04-18 [The Mail]

Morrison’s backers call for end to workers’ rights 2019-04-17 [ACTU]

Morrison must stand up to Commbank on sackings 2019-04-17 [ACTU]

Hospitality workers to feel '$80 million' penalty rate hit over 10-day holiday 2019-04-17 [The Times]

Commonwealth Bank forced to pay back workers $5 million amid IT bungle 2019-04-17 [9 News]

Raise the rate: The AUWU’s Jeremy Poxon talks welfare 2019-04-17 [The Big Smoke]

Tougher penalties for spitters and poo throwers do not go far enough, police union says 2019-04-17 [ABC]

Aged care workers unite – release solutions to aged care crisis 2019-04-16 [United Voice]

Aged care workers unite with release of solutions to the crisis 2019-04-16 [HSU]

Hospitality workers to feel '$80 million' penalty rate hit over 10-day holiday 2019-04-16 [The Morning Herald]

Unions stage global protest against Kimberly-Clark 2019-04-10 [IndustriALL]

Govt misses another chance to support Australian stories 2019-04-15 [MEAA]

Half-hour work stoppages continue through Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 2019-04-15 [CWU]

Nurses and midwives central to provide better health care 2019-04-15 [ANMF]

A Budget that revealed much about the Morrison Government 2019-04-15 [AEU]

Who should I vote for? Policy guide to the 2019 Australian election 2019-04-15 [The Guardian]

Clive Palmer promises to pay back workers' entitlements while denying sacking anyone 2019-04-15 [ABC]

Business group slams union wage call 2019-04-15 [SBS]

MEAA opposes US extradition of Assange 2019-04-13 [MEAA]

FSU Calls on Bank to Value Workers - Matt Comyn needs to fess up on secret plan to cut 10,000 CBA employees 2019-04-13 [FSU]

Change the Government, Change the Rules nationwide door knock 2019-04-13 [ACTU]

Tax collectors without borders program welcomed 2019-04-13 [ACTU]

Thousands march in pay-rise campaign as federal election looms 2019-04-11 [The New Daily]

It’s time to vote to put public education first 2019-04-11 [AEU]

Working people ready to Change the Government and Change the Rules 2019-04-11 [ACTU]

Transport in uphill climb on sleep management: Report 2019-04-11 [ATN]

Consistent approaches to working hours and shift breaks needed, sleep inquiry finds 2019-04-10 [ABC]

We Guarantee Healthcare And Education, Why Not Jobs? 2019-04-10 [The New Matilda]

Unions absent from safety regulator 2019-04-10 [The Financial Review]

Up to 6,000 Telstra employees on strike 2019-04-10 [ARN]

Tens of thousands march in Australia for higher wages 2019-04-10 [France 24]

Most unethical fashion brands exposed 2019-04-10 [The New Daily]

TWU warns of deadly risks as new sleep health report is released 2019-04-10 [TWU]

CA1 Restructure: They’ve Listened! 2019-04-10 [FSU]

This month in labour history

2-04-1874 Workers at Moonta Mines begin a two-week strike that successfully prevents their wages being cut by maangement. [more]

21-04-1856 A day long strike by Melbourne stonemasons wins the enforcement of the eight hour day. [more]