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Dominos underpaid thousands 2019-06-25 [The Australian]

PM plans to review industrial relations 2019-06-24 [The New Daily]

TWU joins ACTU and other unions in legal challenge to Quantas bonus threat 2019-06-24 [TWU]

University of Wollongong Council ignores Academic Senate to approve Ramsay degree 2019-06-24 [NTEU]

Academic freedoms must be enshrined in law 2019-06-24 [NTEU]

Morrison’s secret agenda: an unprecedented attack on workers’ rights 2019-06-24 [ACTU]

Unions mount legal challenge to Qantas bonus threat 2019-06-24 [ACTU]

ACTU sues Qantas over 'discriminatory' bonus scheme 2019-06-24 [The Financial Review]

Qantas sued over “sham” employee bonus scheme 2019-06-24 [Travel Weekly]

PM reviews industrial relations, red tape 2019-06-24 [7 News]

PM’s bid to curb union power, fire up business 2019-06-24 [The Australian]

PM's bid to curb union power 2019-06-24 [The Australian]

Coalition uses Setka scandal to revive laws allowing deregistration of 'rogue' unions 2019-06-24 [Guardian Australia]

Historic global Convention to eliminate violence and harassment at work passed 2019-06-22 [ACTU]

Unions baulk at coalition industrial laws 2019-06-22 [7 News]

Disaster of Sopranos proportions: the Setka tipping point for ACTU 2019-06-22 [The Australian]

Professionals Australia CASA Update 2019-06-21 [Professionals Australia]

Services for Australia 2019-06-21 [CPSU]

Labour hire converted to APS employees 2019-06-21 [CPSU]

TAFE Saved My Life 2019-06-21 [AEU]

Government steps up attacks on working people and their unions 2019-06-21 [ACTU]

Porter steps up attacks on working people and their unions 2019-06-21 [Mirage]

‘Untenable’: CFMMEU secretary quits over Setka saga 2019-06-20 [The New Daily]

Government must act on loss of regional media 2019-06-20 [MEAA]

Members warned as Hollywood impersonation scam reaches Australia 2019-06-20 [MEAA]

Visionstream FWC dispute concludes - process and transparency improvements implemented 2019-06-20 [CWU]

John Setka's deputy quits over 'irreconcilable differences' 2019-06-20 [The Age]

Porter backs deregistration of CFMEU 2019-06-20 [The Financial Review]

CFMMEU heavyweights back Setka, strongly deny Batty criticism 2019-06-20 [The Morning Herald]

John Setka's Victorian CFMEU deputy Shaun Reardon resigns over 'irreconcilable differences' 2019-06-20 [ABC]

Union’s national executive silent on Setka’s future 2019-06-19 [The New Daily]

A Win At The Lost Dogs Home 2019-06-19 [United Voice]

Gig economy survey reveals exploitation of transport workers 2019-06-19 [TWU]

2019 State Budget a trifecta of failure 2019-06-19 [SA Unions]

Professionals Australia marks 50th anniversary of equal pay case 2019-06-19 [Professionals Australia]

Border Force officer dies on vessel 2019-06-19 [News.com]

Preschool teachers demand $100000 salaries in Fair Work Commission 2019-06-19 [The Morning Herald]

Equal pay fight continues fifty years after landmark case 2019-06-19 [ACTU]

50 years after Australia’s historic ‘equal pay’ decision, the legacy of ‘women’s work’ remains 2019-06-19 [The Conversation]

Equal pay fight continues fifty years after landmark case 2019-06-19 [Mirage]

The so-called 'gig economy' changing the Australian workforce 2019-06-19 [SBS]

John Setka's opponents in the unions vastly outnumber his supporters 2019-06-19 [The Morning Herald]

Setka gets backing from group of unions as split deepens 2019-06-19 [The Conversation]

Labor gears up for battle as unions fight to keep John Setka in party 2019-06-19 [The Guardian]

Chicago in one leap for flying kangaroo 2019-06-18 [AIPA]

Trials near for Boeing 737 MAX fix 2019-06-18 [AIPA]

Statement on John Setka 2019-06-18 [NTEU]

Superannuation default fund review concludes: Australian Super selected 2019-06-18 [CWU]

From activism to exile 2019-06-18 [AEU]

RBA raises concerns about high levels of underemployment 2019-06-18 [ACTU]

This month in labour history

5-06-1974 The New South Wales Builders Labourers Federation lists 49 'Green Bans' as part of its campaign of industrial action to protect the environment. [more]

16-06-1886 The Australian Workers Union, widely accepted as Australia's oldest union, was established at Fern's Hotel in Ballarat, Victoria, as a shearers' union [more]

24-06-1929 The six month timber workers strike ends in defeat as workers have to accept a 48 hour week. [more]