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TWU oppose Toll move at Fair Work after thousands of workers challenge cuts 2017-07-27 [TWU]

UGL dispute at Bass Strait reflates with Greedy the Fat Cat 2017-07-27 [Australian Financial Review]

Radio Blitz: United Voice ramps up fight for penalty rates for club workers 2017-07-26 [United Voice ]

Petition: Clubs Australia-Hands off penalty rates 2017-07-26 [United Voice]

ABS report reveals one job no longer pay the bills, new class of working poor emerging 2017-07-26 [ACTU ]

No consultation on ATO change says industry 2017-07-26 [Big Rigs]

Women unionists lead protest against violence in the workplace 2017-07-26 [CFMEU]

The outdated super rule that’s robbing one-third of young workers 2017-07-26 [The New Daily]

Coalition denies poverty, inequality are major issues 2017-07-26 [The New Daily]

Government's intern plan is just a pathway to poverty 2017-07-26 [Fairfax Media]

Bureau of meteorology to strike over three weeks over pay and conditions 2017-07-25 [The Guardian]

Locked out - Glencore moves to replace Oaky North miners with contractors 2017-07-24 [IndustriALL]

The power and passion of union boss Sally McManus 2017-07-24 [The Guardian]

Truckie travel expenses slashed by ATO 2017-07-24 [TWU]

What is Farm Safety Week really saying about safety? 2017-07-24 [SafetyAtWorkBlog]

Me! Me! Me! – OHS needs to grow up for the new world structure 2017-07-21 [SafetyAtWorkBlog]

The power and passion of union boss Sally McManus 2017-07-22 [Guardian Australia]

Westpac Announce Plans To Close More Branches 2017-07-21 [FSU]

Worker ‘hit by drunk driver’ after car ploughs through roadworks 2017-07-21 [Sydney Daily Telegraph ]

Toll workers threaten to strike after EBA talks fall apart 2017-07-21 [Financial Review]

Women's superannuation not looking so super 2017-07-21 [SBS]

The retirement system is failing our mothers 2017-07-21 [The New Daily]

Nurses and midwives support majority on dying with dignity 2017-07-21 [NSW Nurses ]

Family trust another vehicle for the rich avoiding tax 2017-07-21 [ACTU]

TWU lodges protected action against Toll after agreeent talks stall 2017-07-21 [TWU]

National Day of Action. Support the penalty rates of hard-working pharmacists 2017-07-21 [Professional Pharmacists Australia]

Press freedom concerns with super ministry - MEAA 2017-07-20 [MEAA]

Actors & crew tell Parliament what is needed to sustain screen sector 2017-07-20 [MEAA]

Turnbull needs to address real threats to national security 2017-07-20 [ACTU]

Just five cents a day: the real cost for business to provide paid family and domestic violence leave revealed 2017-07-20 [ACTU]

Can Labor and the unions fix wages running mass immigration? 2017-07-20 [Macrobusiness]

Residents, nurses and carers - losers in Southern Cross ‘blame game’ 2017-07-20 [ANMF]

The dark side of pressuring Australians to work until 70 2017-07-20 [The New Daily]

Backpackers reveal stories of sexual assault, exploitation while working on Australian farms 2017-07-20 [ABC]

Jobs 'black market' underpaying vulnerable workers, audit finds 2017-07-20 [Guardian Australia ]

Bureau of Meteorology faces staff strikes as CPSU industrial campaign begins 2017-07-20 [Fairfax Media ]

VIDEO: Perfection Fresh workers share their struggle 2017-07-20 [NUW]

How 88 days can turn into a nightmare of debt and despair for backpackers 2017-07-20 [ABC]

TWU calls on all state governments to stop ride share rip-off of passengers and drivers 2017-07-20 [TWU]

George Calombaris restaurant pay scandal tests relations with business partner 2017-07-20 [Fairfax Media]

Senate Inquiry Finds Flag of Convenience Shipping Poses Serious Risks To National Security 2017-07-20 [ITF Global Uniom]

Shorten pledges ‘deep’ talks with ACTU over IR laws 2017-07-20 [The Australian ]

Strength in numbers for indigenous workers 2017-07-20 [FNWA]

Strikes forecast for Weather Bureau 2017-07-20 [CPSU]

BOM strike: Bureau of Meteorology staff to take industrial action for next three weeks 2017-07-20 [ABC]

Superannuation retirement savings pay gap revealed 2017-07-20 [ABC]

Thanks for caring, now your Superannuation’s worth half as much as men 2017-07-20 [Women's Agenda]

I will be stuffed': How superannuation sells women short 2017-07-20 [Fairfax Media]

Flawed by design: why superannuation fails women 2017-07-20 [Fairfax Media ]

New report reveals retirement is not so super for women 2017-07-20 [ASU]

This month in labour history

3-07-1892 A 6,000 strong meeting calls for immediate strike action at Broken Hill as miners' previous agreements with employers expire. [more]

16-07-1986 The mining community of Moura was hit with disaster when a massive explosion at No. 4 mine claimed 12 lives. [more]

27-07-1917 A mass meeting of the Amalgamated Society of Engineers in Sydney votes to strike against the introduction of a time card system. [more]