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Ports Australia and TWU in new truck safety commentary 2018-01-18 [Owner Drivet]

Dump corporate tax cut and invest in public services, CPSU tells Coalition 2018-01-18 [Fairfax Media]

Plan to ‘electrocute’ drowsy truck drivers slammed 2018-01-18 [Rockhampton Bulletin]

Court cases threaten to block CFMEU-MUA super union 2018-01-18 [AFR]

Working in extreme heat- MEAA reminder 2018-01-18 [MEAA]

Nadine Flood re-elected CPSU national secretary for another three years 2018-01-17 [Fairfax Media]

PM’s assurances on wage growth worth nothing when employers refuse to act on low wages despite high profits 2018-01-17 [ACTU]

Make Exxon Pay tax in Australia! 2018-01-17 [Make Exxon Pay Coalition]

Aldi makes push for greater flexibility in bargaining in Fair Work case 2018-01-17 [AFR]

 VIDEO Three horrific crashes and a $468,000 wage theft case confirm that the transport industry is in crisis 2018-01-17 [TWU]

 VIDEO Fighting for Safe & Secure Jobs for Safe & Secure Skies! 2018-01-17 [TWU]

CFMEU-MUA merger to create $150m super union 'too big' for the courts 2018-01-17 [AFR]

Union pay rises lag non-union deals as wage growth slumps to record low 2018-01-17 [AFR]

No union, no problem? Not always. 2018-01-16 [Lexology]

Low wages and inequality a result of lost union power 2018-01-16 [The Times]

Lawyer welcomes order for AWU raid document disclosure 2018-01-16 [Lawyers Weekly]

ACTU flooded with gripes over banks’ conduct 2018-01-16 [The Australian]

It’s every day Australians who need a pay rise, not Turnbull’s top political staffers 2018-01-16 [ACTU]

ACTU welcomes Banking Royal Commission confirmation of public submissions 2018-01-16 [ACTU]

Paying a little extra upfront is better than tipping 2018-01-13 [Fairfax Media]

'Sham contracting', debt and distress overwhelm telco repair workers 2018-01-13 [ABC]

Unions to offer assistance with victims’ submissions to Banking Royal Commission For more info 2018-01-13 [ACTU]

Banking royal commission: Australian unions to collect victims' stories 2018-01-13 [Guardian Australia ]

Dominos workers to vote on improved enterprise agreement 2018-01-12 [SDA]

Turnbull Gvt needs to fix real problems with Centrelink 2018-01-12 [CPSU]

ASU to appeal Fair Work Commission's ATO hot-desking decision 2018-01-12 [Fairfax Media]

ASU appeals ATO hot-desktop decision 2018-01-12 [ASU Tax]

Datacom handed sensitive Immigration contract 2018-01-11 [CPSU]

SDA secures overtime rates for casual workers in fast food, retail, pharmacy and hair and beauty 2018-01-11 [SDA ]

Attack on working conditions linked to teachers’ stress 2018-01-10 [Education International]

Australia’s hard line on refugees leads to a cycle of offshore horror 2018-01-10 [Equal Times]

How the body reacts to workplace bullies 2018-01-10 [Fairfax Media]

Great Day for Women’s Sport 2018-01-10 [RUPA]

Female players benefit from new Rugby Australia CBA 2018-01-10 [Daily Telegraph]

Superannuation rules for working women broken 2018-01-10 [AFR]

Federal Government 'deliberately saved' $343m in public service pay dispute, union says 2018-01-09 [ABC]

Who are the workers now? 2018-01-09 [Challenge]

Domino's new pay deal derailed over failure to bargain in good faith 2018-01-09 [AFR]

Attack on working conditions linked to teachers’ stress 2018-01-08 [Education International]

Ballot on new Domino’s enterprise agreement rescheduled 2018-01-08 [SDA]

Workplace tribunal delays vote on new Domino's wage offer 2018-01-08 [Fairfax Media]

How office plants can fight stress and other nasties 2018-01-08 [ABC]

Use of SAS motto not authorised by CFMEU 2018-01-08 [CFMEU]

Protecting theatre workers from sexual harassment 2018-01-08 [MEAA]

MEAA’s Zoe Angus says no excuses when it comes to sexual harassment. Enough is enough 2018-01-08 [Daily Review]

SLOMO laws 'will be nearly impossible to enforce': Police Union 2018-01-08 [WA Today]

'He's calculated and manipulative, a predator': Craig McLachlan accused of indecent assault 2018-01-08 [Fairfax Media]

New ABCC head an organised crime investigator and former AFL umpire 2018-01-08 [AFR]

Sexual harassment isn't a women's issue: it's a workplace health and safety problem 2018-01-08 [ABC]

'He's calculated and manipulative, a predator': Craig McLachlan accused of indecent assault 2018-01-08 [Fairfax Media ]

This month in labour history

2-01-1879 Sacked Austrialian seamen return to work after a six week strike, with the promise of re-employment over the next two years. [more]

3-01-1974 Forty four Victoria Street squatters, including BLF activist Joe Owens, are arrested as property developers try to clear the area for the construction of three skyscrapers. [more]

31-01-1912 A general strike begins in Brisbane in support of thousands of tramworkers sacked for wearing union badges. [more]