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Telstra jobs apocalypse continues with 752 more jobs to be axed 2019-01-23 [CPSU]

Rich lister forced to boost young workers’ pay rates 2019-01-23 [United Voice]

Early Childhood Educators Hold G8 To Account 2019-01-23 [United Voice]

TWU slamS the Federal Government’s tax grab plans of on-demand economy workers 2019-01-23 [TWU]

Death and Disability Insurance Update 2019-01-23 [AWU]

Need help? Seek it out 2019-01-23 [MEAA]

ILO calls for guarantee of basic work rights in changing economy 2019-01-23 [ACTU]

Telstra resumes job cuts with another 750 roles gone 2019-01-23 [CRN]

ALP ‘locks in’ shipping fleet, MUA believes 2019-01-23 [The Australian]

Union calls for Uber drivers and Airbnb hosts facing tax crackdown to be protected 2019-01-23 [The Guardian]

#SaveHakeem: Stop the deportation of a Baharaini refugee 2019-01-23 [Green Left Weekly]

ACTU calls for an inquiry arrest of Australian foootballer Hakeem al-Araibi 2019-01-23 [SBS]

Australians lost more than $10 million to scammers last year. Follow these easy tips to avoid being conned. 2019-01-22 [Professionals Australia]

Advice for Hollywood hopefuls 2019-01-22 [MEAA]

ITF opposes BHP’s decision to end 100 years of Australian shipping 2019-01-22 [MUA]

ABC casual underpayment 2019-01-22 [CPSU]

You're going to start hearing some hard hitting radio ads... 2019-01-22 [CPSU]

Proud to be Public campaign launched in Townsville, Cairns against privatisation of Medicare, Centrelink 2019-01-22 [CPSU]

TAFE in the 21st Century 2019-01-22 [AEU]

Frydenberg offers nothing for working people 2019-01-22 [ACTU]

40,000+ more casual jobs, but no pay rises under Coalition 2019-01-22 [ACTU]

Warning issued to Aussie tradies to take the rest of the week off work as the heatwave hits - and why your bosses are powerless to stop you 2019-01-22 [The Daily Mail]

Stable staff want share of the spoils 2019-01-22 [Racing]

How a default union membership could help reduce income inequality 2019-01-22 [The Conversation]

ITF opposes BHP’s decision to end 100 years of Australian shipping 2019-01-22 [ITF]

Unions right to attack rorted backpacker visa scheme 2019-01-22 [Macro Business]

Australia Expands Pacific Labor Scheme to Win Influence in Region 2019-01-22 [jakartaglobe]

Chronic understaffing in aged care is causing enormous pain and suffering for residents and families 2019-01-21 [ANMF]

Aged care worker voices must be a vital part of royal commission 2019-01-21 [United Voice]

Fewer teachers entering federal politics 2019-01-21 [AEU]

National procurement policy a hard-fought win for local manufacturing jobs 2019-01-21 [AMWU]

Number of Australian billionaires up 30% - wages flat 2019-01-21 [ACTU]

Inquiry needed into Aussie role in Hakeem’s jailing 2019-01-21 [ACTU]

 VIDEO  ACTU calls for an inquiry into arrest of Australian footballer Hakeem Al-Araibi 2019-01-21 [SBS]

Fair Work to decide if you can be sacked for a nap on your unpaid break 2019-01-21 [The Morning Herald]

Australia's rich keep getting richer, with billionaires wealth rising $160b in one year, says Oxfam 2019-01-21 [ABC]

Win for coalminers in Wollongong 2019-01-21 [redflag]

‘No other option’: Telstra braces as employees vote on strike action 2019-01-20 [The Morning Herald]

Calls grow for inquiry into police role in refugee footballer's arrest 2019-01-20 [The Guardian]

Fairer go for local workers, vows ALP 2019-01-20 [The Australian]

No Minister and No Plan for Wages Crisis 2019-01-19 [ACTU]

Morrison Government doesn’t represent working people 2019-01-19 [ACTU]

BHP ignore Labor leader Bill Shorten’s scathing attack on Bluescope Steel’s shipping contract axing 2019-01-19 [The West Australian]

FMG denies union claims rail asbestos removal program is unsafe 2019-01-19 [The Morning Herald]

TWU: Positive Year Ahead 2019-01-18 [TWU]

TWU slams ATA electiopn process as a stitch-up 2019-01-18 [TWU]

Latsko and Toivonen named PFA Players of the Month for December 2019-01-18 [PFA]

PBS spending decreases 3 per cent 2019-01-18 [Professionals Australia]

Farm Workers campaign for amnesty reaches federal conference - audio link 2019-01-18 [NUW]

Statement on the removal of the MV Mariloula & MV Lowlands Brilliance from Bluescope freight services 2019-01-18 [MUA]

This month in labour history

2-01-1879 Sacked Austrialian seamen return to work after a six week strike, with the promise of re-employment over the next two years. [more]

3-01-1974 Forty four Victoria Street squatters, including BLF activist Joe Owens, are arrested as property developers try to clear the area for the construction of three skyscrapers. [more]

14-01-1929 600 union dock workers rushed the scab-filled Mareeba steamship in Port Adelaide. Scabs and police fought the workers, who retaliated with stones, injuring 30 scabs. One scab began shooting into the crowd but was not arrested. [more]

18-01-1929 800 women - mostly the wives of striking Port Adelaide workers - began a march in support of their husbands. The women, many with their children marched to the port to confront scabs, and fought back when attacked by police. [more]

31-01-1912 A general strike begins in Brisbane in support of thousands of tramworkers sacked for wearing union badges. [more]