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Top news - Victoria

Protect mental health for paramedics 2019-08-20 [AEA]

Train strikes lifted after 'constructive conversations' 2019-08-11 [The Age]

Metro wins injunction against union but braces for strike 2019-08-11 [AFR]

Melbourne Is About To Cop 2 Days Of Free Public Transport As Metro Workers Go On Strike 2019-08-05 [Pedestrian]

Dairy workers' court action over underpayment hit by surprise counterclaim for rent 2019-07-30 [ABC]

Workers win ExxonMobil strike after 742 days on picket line 2019-07-30 [People's World]

Massive union win! 2019-07-29 [CFMMEU]

ABCC attacks workers in flag dispute while ignoring safety crisis 2019-07-25 [CFMEU]

Zoo members winning the 'lion's share' 2019-07-24 [United Voice]

'How many excuses does George get?': Ex -waitress wants Calumbaris dumped 2019-07-21 [The New Daily]

#WhatthePho? Wages stolen and workers sacked via Whatssap at HochiMama 2019-07-18 [Megaphone]

Complaint lodged over Melbourne eateries 2019-07-17 [Yahoo]

Chinatown restaurant staff got $5/hour, slept in kitchen, union claims 2019-07-17 [The Age]

Victory at ExxonMobil after two-year picket 2019-07-13 [IndustriALL]

Workers exposed to asbestos at the Jeeralang power station in the Latrobe Valley 2019-07-12 [ABC]

Help Drew and Steve pay their unfair fines 2019-07-08 [https://unfairfines.raisely.com/?fbclid=IwAR0MFzIPr1dVaiw_MSx3Qr]

Fighting Corporate Tax Dodgers from the Picket Line 2019-07-06 [PSI]

NUW attacks Fonterra over decision to close Dennington dairy factory 2019-07-03 [The Weekly Times]

Tram drivers threaten strike action 2019-07-01 [The Age]

'I'm the woman at the centre of all this': Setka's wife reveals she was the victim 2019-06-26 [The Age]

Two years on Longford protest line 2019-06-24 [The Times]

John Setka declares war on union movement, 'spineless leakers' 2019-06-18 [Melbourne Age]

McDonalds worker left shaken after 'unprovoked' fire extinguisher attack 2019-06-14 [7News]

Latrobe Valley workers' co-op opens own factory in a bid to create new jobs 2019-06-10 [ABC]

Melbourne Aviation Refuellers Strike for Protected Industrial Action 2019-06-06 [Mirage]

Fonterra under fire in Australia for mothballing Dennington plant 2019-05-30 [Stuff]

Altona site to shut: Union sounds jobs alarm on gas crisis 2019-05-28 [The Morning Herald]

Fonterra Victoria factory closure cost 98 jobs, leaves staff devasted 2019-05-23 [ABC]

50 years on, Clarrie O'Shea's legacy rings loud 2019-05-17 [RTBU]

Uni’s using more casual staff: report 2019-05-08 [Brinkwire]

Victoria gig economy inquiry receives nearly 100 submissions 2019-05-08 [sia]

Wage theft in election spotlight: Melbourne Eat Street theft 2019-05-07 [United Voice]

Gig economy ripping off Victorian workers 2019-05-07 [The West Australian]

Uber on collision course with state government over workers' rights 2019-05-07 [The Age]

Major Chapel St bar network in underpayment scandal 2019-05-06 [Sydney Morning Herald]

Hakeem Al-Araibi to inspire and support community footballers through new Football Victoria and PFA role 2019-05-03 [PFA]

Big win for onwer-drivers and gig workers 2019-05-02 [TWU]

'Starvation wages': No job security for most Victorian university staff 2019-05-02 [The Age]

63% of university jobs in Victoria are insecure 2019-05-01 [ACTU]

Change the Rules: Melbourne Call Nights 2019-04-18 [CPSU]

Broadmeadows injured workers support group 2019-04-16 [NUW]

NTEU and AWU members at Fed Uni strike over wages, conditions 2019-04-11 [The Courier]

Union rally more important than road closures, delays: Premier says 2019-04-10 [The Age]

CBD Chaos: Massive Protest Shuts Down Melbourne 2019-04-10 [10 Daily]

 VIDEO  Union protests: Thousands of workers rally for wage increases in Melbourne 2019-04-10 [SBS]

Premier 'proud' to attend massive union rally 2019-04-10 [9 News]

Thousands flock to CBD as union rally causes road closures, delays 2019-04-10 [Melbourne Age]

Monash University Staff on 24 hour Strike on Wednesday 10 April 2019-04-09 [NTEU]

Workplace regulator pays for mass testing of workers exposed to PFAS 2019-04-08 [abc]

Unions raise Hazelwood job concerns 2019-04-08 [The Express]

This month in labour history

1-08-1990 Founding of the United Firefighters Union of Australia. [more]

2-08-1917 Members of engineering and rail unions across Sydney begin to strike against the time card system, with more workers taking unofficial action the next day. [more]

9-08-1917 The number of workers on strike across Sydney increases to 45,000 when miners and longeshoremen join the action. [more]

12-08-1917 The Australian government informs the people, through the Sunday papers, that "The enemies of Britain and her Allies have succeeded in plunging Australia into a general strike." [more]

14-08-1917 Seamen's Union Vice President W. Daly is arrested and charged with conspiracy to instigate an illegal strike. [more]

16-08-1890 Marine officers walk off their ships in strike action, soon followed by their crews. [more]

17-08-1861 Coal miners in NSW refuse 20% wage cut & walk out; locked out until October. [more]

23-08-1966 Two hundred Gurindji workers walk off their cattle station at Wave Hill, a strike that will last almost a decade and lead to the passage of the Aboriginal Land Rights Act. [more]

24-08-1917 The government declares that the Strike Committee in Sydney shall be considered an illegal organisation. [more]

26-08-1894 Striking shearers burn and destroy the steamship 'Rodney', which had been used to transport scabs on the Darling River. [more]

30-08-1917 First labour martyr Merv Flanagan shot and killed in Sydney during General Strike for yelling 'scab'. His murderer Reginald Wearne ( whose brother was a consevative MP) was never convicted. [more]

31-08-1890 Up to 100,000 workers gather in Melbourne to support the sheep shearers' strike [more]