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Victoria Union calls for manslaughter charges against mine owner after a man killed in an 'avoidable' rock collapse


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Victoria Union calls for manslaughter charges against mine owner after a man killed in an 'avoidable' rock collapse [Daily Mail] 2024-03-14

Victoria WorkCover changes to pass after 'unimaginable' deal [AAP] 2024-03-05

Victoria Construction Workers Set for Major Pay Boost: A Landmark Union Deal [BNN] 2024-02-19

Victoria Dairy workers united ahead of return to work [UWU] 2023-10-21

Victoria Udderly Outraged: Workers Demand Better Conditions in Dairy Strike! [Australian Unions] 2023-10-21

Victoria Dairy workers fight for industry-wide hot weather policies, including paid leave [ABC] 2022-12-26

Victoria Renewable Power to the People – PSI welcomes decision to nationalise energy and speed up decarbonisation [PSI] 2022-10-22

Victoria CUB manager planned to ‘shoot' workers shut out for refusing lower wages [ACTU] 2017-05-18

Victoria AMWU Cadbury members strike at Mondelēz Australia [IUF] 2021-10-09

Victoria NTEU alleges Deakin University committed “systematic wage theft” [The National Tribune] 2022-07-10


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Victoria Public sector workers to receive paid menstrual leave 2024-04-13 [HRD]

Victoria Union calls for major reform after Melbourne Uni fined $75,000 2024-04-09 [NTEU]

Victoria Union claims Ballarat council staff 'worst paid' in Victoria 2024-03-25 [The Courier]

Victoria Contract labour hired for ‘air legging’ in fatal Ballarat Gold Mine collapse 2024-03-24 [The Morning Herald]

Victoria CFMEU secretary slams ‘completely fabricated’ claims by the AWU on Victoria’s Big Build 2024-03-21 [3AW]

Victoria Employer ‘transferred’ safety duties before rock fall killed underground employee 2024-03-16 [Mine Safety Journal]

 VIDEO Victoria Australian Workers' Union speaks on Ballarat Gold Mine death 2024-03-16 [ABC]

Victoria Australian Workers’ Union says mine owners should face ‘strong industrial manslaughter laws’ over Ballarat Gold Mine death 2024-03-15 [7 News]

Victoria ‘Should have been avoided’: miner killed in underground collapse at Ballarat goldmine 2024-03-14 [The Guardian]

Victoria Union calls for manslaughter charges against mine owner after a man killed in an 'avoidable' rock collapse 2024-03-14 [Daily Mail]

Victoria V/Line workers to strike for better pay and conditions 2024-03-09 [Sky]

Victoria University's lavish party for departing boss sparks call for urgent reform 2024-03-06 [NTEU]

Victoria WorkCover changes to pass after 'unimaginable' deal 2024-03-05 [AAP]

Victoria Public Transport Union Criticizes Government Amid Commonwealth Games Cancellation and V/Line Dispute 2024-03-05 [BNN Breaking]

Victoria Rail strike action heats up as union launches Commonwealth Games barb 2024-03-05 [The Age]

Victoria Limit on WorkCover compensation for stress after deal struck with opposition 2024-03-05 [The Guardian]

Victoria Social workers take unprotected industrial action for Palestine 2024-02-28 [Green Left Weekly]

Victoria Longer regional rail strike as dispute deepens 2024-02-27 [The Gazette]

Victoria V/Line workers to stage 13-hour strike, causing 'significant disruptions' to commuters after rejecting pay rise offer 2024-02-27 [Sky]

Victoria Construction Workers Set for Major Pay Boost: A Landmark Union Deal 2024-02-19 [BNN]

Victoria Cleaning contracts don’t wash 2024-02-18 [The Star Weekly]

Victoria Hundreds to strike over pay, safety 2024-02-16 [Newswire]

Victoria V/Line rail workers to strike ahead of Taylor Swift Eras Tour first Melbourne show 2024-02-15 [7 News]

Victoria Commuters told to expect delays following industrial action by Rail Tram and Bus Union members working for V/Line 2024-02-12 [Sky]

Victoria Workers locked out of Maryvale Mill 2024-02-06 [The Express]

Victoria V/Line commuters in regional Victoria facing third month running of strike action as Allan Government urged by union to 'step up' 2024-02-01 [Sky]

Victoria OPAL Australian Paper has not budged in the latest round of Enterprise business agreement (EBA) negotiations 2024-01-30 [The Express]

Victoria Regional Victorian commuters face significant delays after V/Line workers strike 2024-01-25 [9 News]

Victoria V/Line workers strike over pay stoush as commuters warned 2024-01-25 [Sky]

Victoria HACSU to tackle gendered violence in healthcare, supported by WorkSafe Victoria's WorkWell Respect Fund 2024-01-16 [HACSU]

Victoria More train pain on the way for Ballarat commuters as union sets second strike date 2024-01-16 [3BA]

Victoria V/Line workers to strike for the second time after industrial talks lag 2024-01-15 [9 News]

Victoria Maritime union starts year with strike action to defend conditions 2024-01-03 [Green Left Weekly]

Victoria Cleaners’ pay cut in half – Deputy Premier turns his back 2024-01-01 [UWU]

Victoria Mobile speed camera operators to walk off job for two days after failed union talks on pay and workers' safety 2023-12-30 [Sky]

Victoria Triple zero call takers vote for industrial action 2023-12-13 [The Senior]

Victoria V/Line strike halts Victoria's regional rail network, leaving thousands of commuters delayed 2023-12-13 [ABC]

Victoria Victorian commuters face significant delays with V/Line workers set to strike 2023-12-12 [The Guardian]

Victoria School cleaners in Victoria face jobless new year after contract shake-up 2023-12-06 [The Guardian]

Victoria V/Line workers to strike next Wednesday, train disruptions expected 2023-12-04 [The Age]

Victoria Ikon’s issues on full display as Melbourne airport cleaners rally 2023-12-02 [UWU]

Victoria Our plan for better mental health & AOD responses 2023-11-16 [HACSU]

Victoria V/Line threatened with 48-hour strikes as pay talks heat up 2023-11-13 [The Morning Herald]

Victoria Rail union pushes for vote on industrial action 2023-11-13 [The Times]

Victoria Feminist unionists march, discuss struggles for justice 2023-11-06 [Green Left Weekly]

Victoria Crown strike averted after eleventh hour breakthrough 2023-11-06 [UWU]

Victoria A woman’s place is in her union: Anna Stewart Memorial Project 2023 2023-11-06 [HACSU]

Victoria HACSU Women: Elisa Dickenson, Senior Industrial Officer 2023-11-01 [HACSU]

Victoria EnerSys! NEGOTIATE DON’T DICTATE! 2023-11-01 [ETU]

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