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Today's news - Victoria

Webb Dock blockade continues, gathers momentum despite court ruling 2017-12-14 [SBS]

Police urged to intervene as union picket defies court orders 2017-12-14 [AFR]

Union leaders banned from port picket line in rare court ruling 2017-12-13 [Fairfax Media ]

Statement from Luke Hilakari regarding VICT 2017-12-12 [VTHC]

Court orders end to Webb Dock dispute 2017-12-12 [SBS]

MUA outsourced Webb Dock dispute to other unions - Supreme Court claims 2017-12-12 [The Australian ]

Court orders unions to stop blockading Melbourne port as 1,000 containers remain stranded 2017-12-12 [ABC]

VTHC secretary Luke Hilakari ordered to stop illegal Webb Dock picket 2017-12-12 [AFR]

Truckie assaulted during union strike at Port of Melbourne, court hears 2017-12-11 [ABC]

Touch One Touch All 2017-12-11 [TWU VIC ]

Webb Dock Escalation Met Wirh Escalation 2017-12-11 [ATN]

It should not be illegal for working people to support each other. Statement regarding VICT and the Webb Dock Community Assembly 2017-12-11 [VTHC]

High-profile union leader faces court over waterfront blockade 2017-12-11 [Fairfax Media]

Time For The Community And Media To Stand Up To VICT Campaign Of Lies 2017-12-11 [MUA]

Terminal seeks court order on Webb Dock picket line 2017-12-11 [AAP]

VTHC is launching a fundraising drive in an attempt to buy a remnant of the Eureka Flag.  ActNOW!  2017-12-08 [Ballarat Courier]

Containers stranded at sea as Maritime Union strike blockades Port of Melbourne 2017-12-08 [ABC]

About one-in-three Victorians breathe in second-hand smoke on the job 2017-12-08 [West Australian]

Nurses, firefighters, builders and electricians help to intensify Webb Dock dispute and wharf blockade 2017-12-08 [Fairfax Media ]

Port union picket threatens Christmas 2017-12-08 [AAP]

More than 1000 union supporters join Webb Dock picketline 2017-12-08 [Melbourne Herald Sun]

Webb Dock shut down in union protest 2017-12-08 [3AW]

Ports dispute enters second week and stalls millions of dollars in Christmas deliveries 2017-12-07 [Fairfax Media]

Bring the Eureka Flag to Trades Hall 2017-12-07 [VTHC]

One worker dead, one badly injured, at former cheese factory at Leitchville in Victoria's north 2017-12-06 [ABC]

High Court removes strike protections for unlawful unions 2017-12-06 [AFR ]

CFMEU Union leaders could take fight against blackmail charges to High Court 2017-12-06 [Fairfax Media ]

Union blockade at Melbourne port springs leak as employees return to work 2017-12-06 [AFR]

Unions block Melbourne docks with cars and share bikes 2017-12-05 [The Australian]

oBikes used as blockade in illegal union protest at Webb Dock 2017-12-05 [Melbourne Herald-Sun]

Melbourne’s Chin Chin restaurant cops $9500 back pay on the chin 2017-12-04 [AAP]

Former Chin Chin bartender receives $9,500 payout of unpaid wages 2017-12-04 [ABC]

Echuca abattoir workers may strike again 2017-12-02 [Riverine Herald]

TAFE teachers fight cuts to working conditions 2017-12-01 [AEU Victoria]

Sparkles win 18pc pay rise over 4years 2017-11-29 [The Australian ]

Politicians have heard the quiet voices of dying Victorians 2017-11-29 [ANMF Victoria]

New laws to require major projects to hire Victorian apprentices 2017-11-28 [Fairfax Media]

Foreign Melbourne workers underpaid $45,000 2017-11-28 [AAP]

Spring St to set mandates on local jobs, content 2017-11-28 [AAP]

New laws to require major projects to hire Victorian apprentices 2017-11-28 [Fairfax Media]

Crown Casino: Fourth worker says he was told to tamper with pokies to limit punters winning 2017-11-28 [ABC]

Trapped man freed after Viva incident 2017-11-23 [Geelong Advertiser]

Digital Organiser needed for Hospo Voice 2017-11-23 [United Voice Victoria]

Hospitality workers union claims young employees are being 'robbed' of wages 2017-11-20 [ABC]

Kathy Jackson faces trial over alleged $470,000 Health Services Union fraud 2017-11-20 [Fairfax Media ]

A Former Chin Chin Bartender Says The Restaurant Underpaid Staff 2017-11-20 [Junkee ]

 VIDEO Bartender takes Chin Chin to court over '14-hour days and stolen wages' 2017-11-20 [Ch9]

Former bartender takes Melbourne restaurant Chin Chin to court claiming $9,000 in underpayments 2017-11-20 [Smart Company]

Former Chin Chin bartender claims restaurant underpays workers 2017-11-20 [Melbourne Herald-Sun]

Hospitality workers union claims young employees are being 'robbed' of wages 2017-11-20 [ABC]

This month in labour history

17-12-1918 A march of members of the Australian Workers Union forces the resignation of the Administrator of the Northern Territory, John Gilruth. [more]

23-12-1928 An industrial court decides that timber workers must increase their weekly working hours from 44 to 48, a decision that sparks a 6 month long strike. [more]