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Today's news - Victoria

Dorevitch strike 'threatening patient safety'', state to intervene 2017-08-23 [Fairfax Media]

Health worker viciously attacked over a cigarette at Dandenong Hospital 2017-08-23 [Fairfax Media]

GrainCorp and Australian Workers’ Union industrial dispute escalates 2017-08-23 [Weekly Times]

Fair Work Claims Meatball and Wine Co. Underpaid Staff $14,149 2017-08-22 [Broadsheet]

Dorevitch dispute escalates 2017-08-22 [Gippsland Times]

Indefinite strike action by Dorevitch Pathology workers 2017-08-22 [La Trobe Valley Express]

Locals support locked-out Dorevitch Pathology workers 2017-08-22 [93.9]

Industrial action likely from council staff in union 2017-08-18 [Wangaratta Chronicle ]

Workers bled dry continue to strike 2017-08-18 [Border Mail]

Dorevitch's 600 Vic pathology staff strike 2017-08-18 [AAP]

GrainCorp: Grain handlers begin industrial action 2017-08-18 [The Weekly Times]

Asbestos contamination stops works on Chandler Highway widening project 2017-08-17 [ABC]

Tip truck overhaul promised by Daniel Andrews after spate of accidents 2017-08-14 [Melbourne Herald-Sun]

CFMEU leaders fail in court bid to have blackmail charges quashed 2017-08-14 [Fairfax Media]

TWU applauds Andrew Gvt on tip truck rates move 2017-08-14 [ATN]

Big TWU win 2017-08-14 [TWU]

School cleaning contracts to be slashed in Victoria after workers routinely exploited 2017-08-12 [ABC]

GrainCorp grain handlers take protected industrial action 2017-08-10 [The Weekly Times]

Melbourne cafe suggests 18pc 'gender pay gap' surcharge for male customers 2017-08-08 [ABC]

Union vows two more days of industrial action after 66 workers locked out, including three in Bendigo 2017-08-08 [Bendigo Advertiser]

Union vows two more days of industrial action after 66 workers locked out, including three in Bendigo 2017-08-08 [Bendigo Advertiser]

Pathology workers go on strike 2017-08-07 [Gippsland Times]

Workers rally in the city outside Esso HQ 2017-08-07 [Gippsland Times]

Melbourne Airport security officers voice converns over weapons, assaults and restricted area access: Union 2017-08-07 [Melbourne Herald-Sun]

G4S Security Staff at Forensic Psychiatric Facility Stop Work 2017-08-03 [HACSU]

Stop the wage theft of school cleaners 2017-07-28 [Megaphone]

Unions vow to target former Victorian premier Jeff Kennett and Crown Casino over job cuts 2017-07-25 [ABC]

UGL takes the gas out of Scabby the Rat at Esso's Longford plant 2017-07-21 [AFR]

Luba Grigorovitch: Oh, the places you won’t go with Metro 2017-07-21 [Melbourne Herald-Sun]

Geelong Saleyards: Dozens of workers test positive for Q fever 2017-07-20 [Geelong Advertiser ]

Dainty Sichuan alleged to have paid workers $10 an hour for seven-day weeks, 10-hour plus days 2017-07-20 [Fairfax Media ]

Tipping point - Big TWU win for safe rates campaign 2017-07-20 [TWU Victoria ]

It's an UGLY deal 2017-07-14 [AWU Victoria ]

Former UniLodge caretakers claim $700,000 in unpaid wages 2017-07-11 [Fairfax Media ]

Traumatised police and paramedics call for dedicated PTSD hospital ward 2017-07-08 [Melbourne Herald-Sun]

Grain handlers consider strike action 2017-07-07 [Weekly Times]

Graincorp Action on the Horizon 2017-07-06 [AWU Victoria]

Union background influenced naming of Tolpuddle Goat farm 2017-07-06 [Weekly Times]

Schools axe cleaning company over underpayment claims 2017-07-05 [Fairfax Media ]

Heyfield mill job security remains concern despite government buy-out plan 2017-07-04 [Fairfax Media]

Axe lifted on Heyfield Mill 2017-07-04 [CFMEU]

Unions are ‘in for the long haul’ at Longford 2017-07-04 [Gippsland Times]

State govt to buy mill but jobs may still go 2017-07-03 [AAP ]

Back pay win for Grand Prix workers 2017-07-03 [MEAA]

Hospitality workers and venues pledge to stamp out sexual harassment 2017-07-02 [Fairfax Media]

Grand-prix workers get back pay after working for free 2017-07-02 [Fairfax Media]

Will we ever get to see Victoria’s latest OHS review? 2017-06-30 [SafetyAtWorkBlog]

4 workers killed in one week in Victoria 2017-06-29 [OHS Reps]

Hospital surgeon dies after alleged workplace assault 2017-06-28 [ABC]

Woman falls from horse and dies at Bendigo Racecourse 2017-06-28 [Herald-Sun]

This month in labour history

2-08-1917 Members of engineering and rail unions across Sydney begin to strike against the time card system, with more workers taking unofficial action the next day. [more]

9-08-1917 The number of workers on strike across Sydney increases to 45,000 when miners and longeshoremen join the action. [more]

12-08-1917 The Australian government informs the people, through the Sunday papers, that "The enemies of Britain and her Allies have succeeded in plunging Australia into a general strike." [more]

14-08-1917 Seamen's Union Vice President W. Daly is arrested and charged with conspiracy to instigate an illegal strike. [more]

16-08-1890 Marine officers walk off their ships in strike action, soon followed by their crews. [more]

23-08-1966 Two hundred Gurindji workers walk off their cattle station at Wave Hill, a strike that will last almost a decade and lead to the passage of the Aboriginal Land Rights Act. [more]

24-08-1917 The government declares that the Strike Committee in Sydney shall be considered an illegal organisation. [more]

26-08-1894 Striking shearers burn and destroy the steamship 'Rodney', which had been used to transport scabs on the Darling River. [more]

30-08-1917 First labour martyr Merv Flanagan shot and killed in Sydney during General Strike for yelling 'scab'. His murderer Reginald Wearne ( whose brother was a consevative MP) was never convicted. [more]

31-08-1890 Up to 100,000 workers gather in Melbourne to support the sheep shearers' strike [more]